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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 4, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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l of gunfire. >> now, police tell us the driver was shot seven times. >> "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry at the scene in west oaklane with more on this investigation. syma? >> that's right. police believe the shooting happened here on the 7100 block of george and road. police say the suspect or suspect were on this side of the road here on the sidewalk shooting at a park car that was across the street. it the year old man was in the drivers seat, 25 year old woman was either getting in or out of the car when ten shots were fired, a little before 3:00 this morning. the woman was hit once in the leg, medics pick her up here on the street. she was taken to einstein hospital and is in stable condition. after shots rang out the victim in the forwards forward crown victoria drove few miles, and crashed the vehicle on east cheltenham avenue in cheltenham township. he was shot seven times, in the torso and both thighs. >> and the vehicle that we found, the driver in, ford
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crown victoria, has at least ten gunshot holes all mainly grouped dight be driving the vehicle. >> we do have video of the second scene. police say victim crashed into park van as he drove down the wrong way on one way street. that pan was taken to einstein again with seven gunshot wounds. he is in critical condition. right now police are looking to neighbors for help, maybe they saw something they heard something. but, so far no description for the suspect or suspect, in motive for the shooting. live in west oaklane syma chowdhry cbs-3, "eyewitness news". same, a thank you. also this morning overnight fire in olney sends a woman to the hospital with burns. fire broke out in the rear of this home on the 300 block of ashdale street. we're told firefighters had tough time battling the blaze due to some clutter inside that house. but, they were able to get the upper hand in about 30 minutesment the fire marshall's offers is
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investigating a cause. happening today, a final farewell for three children killed in a carjacking crash. funeral services started 11:00 a.m. at the north philadelphia seventh day adventist church wex oxford street. nba hall every famer, charles barkley, reportedly offered to help pay for the services. fifteen year old kira williams, seven year old terrence moore, and ten year old joseph read, were killed on july 25th. their mother survived but remains in vet call condition. two arrested and charged. a look at some of the other news events happening today. pennsylvania governor tom corbett meets lawmakers about the proposed cigarette tax could help the philadelphia school district cut into its $81 million budget shortfall. education activists will rap i in harrisburg today as well. >> bail hearings set for today for six philadelphia narcotics officers charged with corruption. the officers allegedly stole money and drugs from drug dealers. >> and today is the deadline to smith bids to buy the revel
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casino in atlantic city. atlantic city's mayor said last month there are six potential buyers. own verse threat toned close the casino next month if there are no buyers. 6:03, your traffic and weather together. katy? >> ukee, we've been in the midst of pretty cool pattern for the standards as every late. and specially through the course of the weekends temperatures got held back very readily, just because there was so much cloud cover. nothing real toy allow us to warm up. we realize so much on the solar heating this time of the year to help get that warmth going. but, you know, we starting to steam up here and heat up with the days ahead. now, meantime, there is some fog out here to deal with. which we will talk b but we take you back in time, look at where we've come from. normally we would be still topping off at about 87 degrees, on these particular days of the year. and the last couple of days we barely even got you to 80 degrees on most days. so even the course of the weekend pair of seven's apiece, both saturday, sunday, the best we can muster up. storm scan3 you got to look
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real closely, if you do, you will see very thin vale of cloud cover that's since settled in. fog, and low-lying cloud cover, always really difficult to detect on a saturday light. sure enough, that's the case this morning. don't be surprised if you run into some intermittent patchy but locally dense fog out there. meanwhile, right now that winds is very, very light. where do you see picking up little bit more in the pocono region, that fog may thin out little more quickly but the most calm winds where you will ends up with the worse in terms of the fog. meanwhile around the region as whole today we should brighten up. look out the window, oh, man another dreary day. don't let it fool you. eventually that sun will break through, will win the bottle -- battle, although coy see very isolated key word isolated shower perhaps rumble every thunder later today. bob, we send it into you. >> 6:04, monday morning, off to pretty good start as you rub your eyes and grab your coffee and your keys. and let's roll video of the news van on the scene after brand new bridge, about open today. this is the girard avenue bridge, that goes up and over
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aramingo avenue, which eventually will then connect you to richmond street. all part of the i95 reconstruction project there in the background, as we go to the maps, again there is will impact everyone from the neighborhood, in a good way. you have now have access to go up and over aramingo onto richmond street. sometime today penndot will pull the barriers away and we will be rolling and in business. in glennside, an accident, rice mill road right at church road. no problems here on the turnpike between philly bensalem over toward the valley forge interchange in pennsburg, though, downed tree jerry ville pike right at st. paul's church road. for the gang coming back from the poconos, you will have extra volume, we had the pocono 400 we had music fest up there plus the weekends somer time volume. coming back from the shore you're dealing with some fog along poor shops of the atlantic city expressway, parkway, even portions every route 47. and it is the first work day for septa's trolley tunnel blitz, all of the trolleys are diverted at 40th and market, from there, the market frankford line will take you
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into center city. ukee, back over to you. breaking new from the middle east. >> has moved most of the ground troops out of the gaza strip, humanitarian cease-fire is now underway. but, as susan macinnis report it, does not necessarily mean the fight something over. >> started seven hour humanitarian cease-fire this morning, but officials say the trues does not apply to any areas in gaza, where troops are still operating. israel said it will responds if it is attacked during the window. the latest cease-fire follows international pressure to halt the fighting, israeli ground troops started leaving gaza on sunday. >> say destroyed most of the hamas built tunnels with israel. >> we've scaled down some of the presence indeed, urged palestinians in certain neighborhoods to come back to their homes. >> before this lull in the fighting, air strike near united nations school where 3,000 palestinians took
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refuge killed ten people, sunday. >> has to be respected by all parties. >> israel claims it was targeting three terrorists, the united states says it is appalled by what it calls a disgraceful attack. susan macinnis, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". autopsy results are expected sometime today for delaware county woman whose death is being called suspicious. upper darby police discover 38 year old m griffin's body inside her home early monday morning. her loved ones tell "eyewitness news" that she compete in the pageants, and had just graduated from college, with a nursing agree. that was my everything, that was my everything. >> if anybody know anything, please come forward, it is okay comfort. we have no answer. >> working to track down griffin's exboyfriend. meanwhile family members tell
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us that her car a dark gray 2014 dodge avenger we're told it is missing. they believe who ever is responsible for her death has it. philadelphia police in connection with shooting death of three year old. authorities arrested douglas woods shortly after that shooting friday. little girl caught in the gunfire. three other adults were also shot. >> wild video out west, destructive river of mud rushes through neighborhoods. seymour of t the devestation left behind from the flashflooding. also, stopping the ebola outbreak what we ned to do to prevent deadly virus from spreading as another infected patient gets ready to arrive in the u.s. >> plus, major water crisis, almost half million people told to avoid drinking tap water. we have the new test results just released overnight.
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>> foggy start to the day in many regions, but when the sun does come, you don't want to get burned. doctor rob in the house with the abc's of spf. and just how much lotion you really need to use. everyone will be back.
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new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at people in southern california cleaning up this morning after severe thunderstorms flooded streets and tinkered mudslides. at least one person is dead,
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and emergency crews are trying to reach others, who are stranded. the latest from new york. >> roads in the san berdino mountains quickly turned into rivers of mud. this van nearly disappeared. >> our cabin was you open up the door, just take step out and it was like a river. >> in forest falls, the mudslides wiped out anything in their path, and cut off roads. >> it was raining so bad that that entire mountain went down. >> at least one person died in mount balancesy. mountain emergency crews are now work to go clear roads and rescue anyone still stranded. >> cbs-3, "eyewitness news". coming up on 6:13. of course devestation out west, we had some rain, but nothing like that. >> thankfully it wasn't anything that far caliber.
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we did have very heavy rain across delaware over the course of the weekends, john town actually had daily records of rainfall yesterday. but only inch and a half or so. so yes, it was sort of small small change by comparison. >> not causing flooding. >> exactly, yes. but we are still going to be dodging, you know, maybe a spotty shower, storm later today, which we will talk b start things off with quick check on storm scan three you know, we have this stalled frontal boundary as part of the reasonable we've been dealing with wet weather issues, but now that is basically out to sea. problem is we're still casino of in this squeeze play, will eventually be another frontal boundery that comes through by wednesday, specifically, maybe as early as tuesday night but specially wednesday. and then we start to see things clear out calm down, and we actually ends up with real pleasant weather to wrap up the week. meantime, we have got little fog out there little dreary initially, but we are going to see brighter day un fowl. just give it time. i promise you you will seeing more sun sun today. next cold front on the way. meantime, bertha makes its closest path to the jersey
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shore, the delaware beaches tuesday night into wednesday. so it is casino after active pattern, without any major impacts on our area. which is good. we start off with the fog sun will shine, high hits 86. drop to 68 tonight under couple of clouds, could be a very isolated shower or storm but that's just it, it would be so spotty, most of you are dry, don't worry about umbrella today. tomorrow flirts with 90. by wednesday we seymour showers, storms, develop as the result of the next cold front. and then we clear it out. thursday friday, look awesome. bob, over to you. >> good morning everybody 6:45, live look, hey who took 95, behind me here, live look as the fog starts to roll in here. this is i-95 in northeast philadelphia. for the gang leaving say bridge street, cottman avenue, headed south the headlights working your way past girard avenue. so again the fog starting to impact that i-95 corridor this morning, we've seen the fog down the shore also going to see the fog out here, along the 30 bypass, not as thick here, as you work your way
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inbounwou project begins today along county line road. they'll milan pave about 15-mile stretch of county line road from right here, 611 all the way over to york road. >> another project, both directions at the zero observation interchange, crews will pop up at about 9:00 and put down the cones throughout the day. otherwise, 202 north coming out of west chester no problems as of yet. the schuylkill expressway, looking good between conshohocken and downtown. ukee erika, over to you. >> thank you. breaking news begins this look at today's headlines police searching for suspects in a double shooting on germantown avenue in west oaklane. a man is in critical condition, a woman is stable this morning. also, a woman is injured in a house fire on ashdale street in olney. a search for the cause is underway but firefighters say a large amount of clutter hindered efforts to control that fire. >> and funeral services are today for the three young victims after north philadelphia carjacking and hit-and-run a week ago friday. the children's mother remains in critical condition.
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two men are in custody in connection with the crime. we'll be right back.
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>> tomorrow night in south philly, the phillies take on the astros. yesterday wrapping up with the nash nash nationals. cole hamels against the nats, and he went seven innings struck out six. and allows just one un your
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honor run. but the nats added on with a three run ace to win this one, four-nothing, phillies lost. >> the dragon staying hot in the mid-atlantic reasonable zero regional play in connecticut. won their second from newark, delaware, eight to four. starting pitcher moan a davis struck out ten hitters. go girlment next up for the dragons the new york colony tomorrow. are you ready for some football family? check out andre williams who had running touchdown to get things start in the last night's hall of fame game in canton ohio, new york giants beat the buffalo bills in practice play, 17 to 13, very first pre-season game on the football calendar. speaking of football, eagles first pre-season game this friday in chicago against the bears. the birds are back at the nova care complex for training camp today. it is on. erika, back to you. >> thank you ukee. don't get burned by the sun this summer. doctor rob here helping you pick out the right sunscreen.
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also, you don't have to break the bank for good times with friends this summer. we're on your side helping you entertain for less. we'l
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erika, might be little dreary start, looking out the window oh man looks he can accurately what it look like yesterday. just cloudy, dreary, but i promise you this cloud cover is going to have a chance to thin out. we will get some sunshine, and have a chance to sort of brighten up, warm up for that matter. storm scan3 all basically in the clear right now the problem is we have a relatively calm winds and we've also got some moisture in the atmosphere, so allowing fog to form in quite a few locations but starting to see some breaking apart of the include cover already. and at the shore line today rip countries being is moderate.
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so i want you to be careful. some of the choppy surround every out there. but it looks like pretty decent beach day overall. while some of you could pick up on a very isolated shower, we have to throw that mention in eventually again more sun than anything later today. tomorrow looks hot steamy, great pool day actually, wednesday, few showers or storms start to move in, that will be courtesy of our next colds front boy did bob's ears perky when i said good political day. >> i tried to catch ukee's eye there, but he is not weighing to me. >> headlights leaving town coming up the hill in toward belmont avenue. light volume so far and the roads are dry midday work though coming to 422 they'll be working on on the ramps to 202, this is that new project boy those ramps got to get those potholes and those craters fill up. they'll be out there later today. otherwise good shape. no problems, as i just showed you on the schuylkill, blue route looking good. south on 95, starting to see
6:24 am
some delays at girard avenue. we have thick patch of fog on this whole 95 corridor here, from northeast philly on down, for the gang coming up from say wilmington, or coming back from the delaware beaches keep in mind, 495 north still closed, the southbound side is open. and no problems up and over the area bridges. erika, back to you. >> thank you. not what we want to think about, but the number of summer weekends is dwindling. vacation for the kids, may feel like your bank account is shrinking too. >> as "3 on your side" consumer reporter jim donovan finds out still plenty every time between now and labor day to host simple summer gatherings without breaking the budget. >> every good host wants to please every guess but catering to every taste and preference can be time consuming, and costly. jonathan known as the cocktail guru, he is suggesting serving one simple signature cocktail, that way instead of stocking full bar you can cut expenses. >> i tree get as much of an
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idea what everyone likes there are some common ingredients that pretty much everyone likes i think. lemonade, who doesn't like lemonade? classic tropical ingredients are really great. sort of for the wide audience. and just flavors of the summer banana, coconut all of these things. >> another way to make a drink special, add inexpensive garnish that also adds flavor. hoses can take the same approach to foot. items easy for guests to self serve or to share he would pair his spice lemonade cocktail with something like this shrimp sausage and pepper dish. >> the hint every spice to compliment the and dewey sausage, some pep nerves there some bell peppers sweet peppers that, there i think, just really work well, perfect meal perfect cocktail food pairing. >> and make enough for leftovers, when cooking on the grill. it could save you the fuel costs of firing up again for another meal. reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. >> well, that was delicious. >> that looked very good. >> when is jim having us over for his signature cocktail and shrimp sausage combination?
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>> lemonade. >> that looked delicious. coming up in the next half however, following breaking news after two people are shot overnight. >> also, some revealing information about the vice president, hear what an author says joe biden likes to do in his down time. >> and bob and katie return with your traffic and weather together on the 3's back in two minutes.
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more on breaking news, man and woman are hospitalized,
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following a double shooting in philadelphia's west oaklane neighborhood. >> good morning, everyone, police say the male victim shot at least seven times. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry, in west oaklane right now with more. syma? >> that's right. police say the shooting happened here on the 7100 block of georgian road. little before 3:00 this morning, we do have video whatever it looked like earlier. police say 29 year old man was in the drivers seat of a car, and a 25 year old woman was either getting in or out of a car when ten shots were fired. now, the woman was hit once in the leg she was taken to einstein hospital. she is in stable condition. now, after the shots rang out the victim in the for forwards forward crown victoria drove few miles and crashed shot seven times in the torso and both sides. >> ford crown victoria has at least ten gunshot holes. mainly, in the drivers door, and in the door jam around the
6:30 am
driver door and several of the windows of the vehicle were shot out. >> and here's video of the second scene. the victim crashed the ford crown victoria on east cheltenham avenue in cheltenham township. a few miles from the shooting. now, police say the victim crashed into a parked van as he drove down the wrong way on a one way street. he was taken to einstein, as well again with seven gunshot wounds, and he is in critical condition. right now police have been talking to neighbors hoping to get a little bit more information. but they say there has been so far no description of the suspect, or suspects, and so far, no motive for this shooting. live in west oaklane syma chowdhry cbs-3, "eyewitness news". syma thank you. also new this morning house fire in olney sends a woman to the hospital with burns. it happened along the 300 block of ashdale street around 2:30. we're told a large amount of clutter in the rear of that home entered firefighters' ability to fight the flames.
6:31 am
it was placed under control in about 30 minutes. the cause remains under investigation. also, in west oaklane, two month old baby is dead, and his father is behind bars. the child who lived in the 6200 block of old york road, had injuries to his body, including, the ribs and skull. the baby was in critical condition, and on life support since friday. police say he died of his injuries yesterday. twenty year old brian armstrong charged with aggravating assault and other offenses, being held on $5 million bail. one person is injured after crash ago jeep into a building in northeast philadelphia. surveillance video captures the moment the jeep hit the wall. it happened just before 7:00 last night. at cottman and castor in burholme of the the driver taken to area torresdale hospital. an investigation is underway to determine how it all happened. more breaking news gaza accusing israel of breaking its own cease-fire.
6:32 am
gaza official says forces carried out strike on house in gaza city 20 minute after the cease-fire took effect. israel called for seven hour cease-fire to open humanitarian window forayed for god a. >> -- gaza. >> coming up on 33:00. >> good morning, everybody very happy monday to you. this is one of those days where we can be talking about things figure tiffly and literally. because sometimes you wake up on a monday morning in a fog and we actually have some fog for you out there right now. so have to wipe the eyes, get you out the door, thankfully will eventually brighten up. storm scan3 think about satellite it, doesn't pick up on fog very easily, but you can tell things relatively calm quiet do, still have a frontal boundery nearby. same stalled one that brought in moisture over the course of the weekend but it is now taught sea. we still sit in this unstable air mass so with moisture to work with, again light win fog has really developed nicely through the pine land
6:33 am
areas specially. look at that, millville, you can barely see your hand in front of your face, similar scenario out out tore atlantic city but it has gotten dramatic willingly better if what the most recent readings at last check at philadelphia now above 3-mile visibility, and much bet nerve allentown as well. that's a spot down to about half mile at one point during the morning. so with time, the clouds are going to help scour out any cloud cover. the lighter the wind, the easier the fog will have a time of settling in, but you can see that even just the 6-mile per hour winds speed, up at mount pocono. will help get rid of the worse of any fog. so, winds is actually your friends on morning like this. but around the region, as a whole, special to see sunshine, 86 degrees the expected high in the city. i can't rule out just isolated shower perhaps rumble every thunder, but generally speaking, we are looking at, a, brighter day b a warmer day, and c pretty quiet day overall. bob, we send it over to you. >> reminds me of the nemo fish are your friends. >> not food.
6:34 am
>> erika knows every line to that movie. >> 6:34, good morning. >> having fun on a monday, socked in with some fog. news van on the scene every brand new bridge that will be opening today. the girard avenue overpass over aramingo avenue in the neighborhood, brand new concrete ready to take the tires later on today penndot will move the signs across, and open up business. so going to the maps. again, the girard avenue bridge, goes over after mink owe area avenue, will connect motorists from the neighborhood to richmond street. that's been long time coming as that construction project has been on for couple of years. >> rice mill road at church road, an accident, downed tree blocking portion of the jerry ville pike in pennsburg right at st. paul's church road. >> we had music fest, pocomoke 400, coming back from the shore this morning, you will have some fog to contends with along portions. atlantic city expressway, heavy fog along all of the shore towns as you roll up the
6:35 am
garden state parkway. gang coming out every wildwood, back door, route 47. also socked in with some fog and you can kind of see the fog moving in through center city taking over the corridor. so far on the benny working your way in toward philadelphia, but some fog here, even on the roosevelt boulevard, right near hunting park avenue. otherwise, mass transit looking good, with no reported delays. erika, back over to you. >> mothered america have missionary expected to fly back to the u.s. tomorrow. now, this plane headed for liberia to pick up nancy she was diagnosed with ebola on july 25th, while doing missionary work. >> explains what you us needs to do in order it prevent the outbreak from cominger. >> we know how to stop it here. now really protect ourselves the single most important thing we can do is stop it at the source in africa. that's going to pro them and protect us. >> will join colleague doctor
6:36 am
kent about thely in the infectious disease at the emory university hospital. brantly's wife says her husband's condition is improving. >> ohio waterman enters its third day after tests show talks in jermaine in the water supply. toledo mayor michael collins says he's keeping their the re vick seaning this place at least through 8:00 a.m. this morning. >> allergy from lake erie could be to blame for the toxic water. >> supposed to allow judges to keep people they consider dangerous behind bars. they would also allow for the release of low-level sus tech even if they could not afford bail. now the senate has approved both measures. well happy birthday president obama. he turns 53 today. what's becoming annual birthday tradition, the president kicks off the celebrations with round of golf with some childhood friends over the weekend. the president got in 18 holes
6:37 am
before escaping to the maryland mountain. he is back at the white house this morning. new tell all book says vice president biden likes to swim in the buff and the first family detail doctor arnold kessler claims he swims nude at both his homes in washington, d.c. around delaware. in the book kessler also writes biden often asks for decreased security meaning lack of means he is considered the seconds worse assignment n secret service after hillary clinton. all right, 6:37 right now. tens every thousands every people pack the beach in atlantic city for free concert featuring country superstar lady a. >> over 60,000 people turned out for sunday bashon the beach. atlantic city tourism officials hope events like this one will be major part of the shore town's feature even during the winter months.
6:38 am
>> to think the hotel rooms aren't filled, that's wrong. >> first step in the right direction. >> officials say in order to survive atlantic city needs to become less about casinos and more about entertainment nightlife, and high-end dining all moving forward 60,000 people, two times in one week? >> everybody had a great time. that's what it look like. >> hey i'm sure you heard the advice before. don't let your children play too many video games. turns out may not be so bad after all. the big benefit for children and how long they should play. staying safe in the sun confusion about sunscreen. >> ♪ ♪
6:39 am
>> wells fargo center will be hopping tonight. katie per any town for the first of two concerts, we've check, there are still some tickets available. and in case you want to rock out with katy perry it. >> right now 6:39. we'll be right back.
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>> a man in critical condition. a woman is in stable condition. >> woman suffered minor burns in a house fire in olney. she in stable condition, at temple hospital. firefighters say they had a hard time gettinghia school budget set in the spotlight, in tom corbett meets lawmakers about the proposed cigarette tax that could close some of the school district's budget shore falls. activists plan a rally in harrisburg today as well. right now coming up on 6:43, traffic and weather together. katy? >> good morning, erika good morning, everybody take you out to the eastern pass i have being, tracking major hurricane, actually, root now, called z. l. out over the open ocean water at the moment. what i want to show you here, the track it will take. if you are prank lucky enough to have hawaiian vacation scheduled, you want to pay close attention to this, not very often that huey has to
6:43 am
deal with any direct impact, from tropical activity, now even though to does lock like minish, it is still at this point making a bee line, for the hawaiian islands there again, is the storm system on the satelite with very well defined eye, again currently major category three hurricane, we on the other end of the spectrum here, out over the open ocean water dealing with bertha, still tropical stor achieve hurricane status today. meanwhile pollen report, grasses, chenopod, ned needles, meeting high range of the pollens the next couple of days, today we start off with some fog skies gratedly going to thin out in terms of cloud cover, we get more sunshine, there is a possibility that some of you pick up on just very isolated shower perhaps rumble every thunder by tomorrow as we flirt with 90 degrees, we get more sunshine, and then on wednesday, our next cold front comes along not necessarily a major frontal boundery but it is going to knock back the humidity, knock back the temperatures for us, and as we wrap up the week, actually real nice weather to look forward tonight bob, over to
6:44 am
you. >> sound good. 6:44, live look at i59 near girard avenue. folks headed out of northeast philadelphia, got to deal with some fog this camera actually little closer to the road surface, so you can't pick it up. but we're socked in with some fog in portions along i95 from northeast philadelphia down into center city. going out to the blue the schuylkill expressway, you kind of see the haze in the back gown, so hit and miss, comes up on you thick and fast. so be aware that far as you roll out of the driveway this morning. the first monday morning rush hour of the septa trolleyall of the subway surface trolleys are diverted at 40th and market, septa taking two weeks to do some work upgrade some of the equipment, some of the hands rales, and upgrade some of the stations along the way so until august 18th, all of the trolleys will be diverting to 40th and market streets. then midday work coming to 422, both directs cents at the oaks interchange. and septa -- penndot today begins new project along county line road, it is that 15-mile stretch between route
6:45 am
611 and york road. so watch for some dusk kick up there, beginning today, for the next couple of weeks. for the gang coming back from say the delaware beaches don't forget, 495 north still closed, through that construction zone. don't forget too, you can stay to up date with all of those construction zones new app titled your drive. download the app for the iphone android devices by going to drive. erika, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. >> no problem buddy. cbs health watch this morning playing video games may not be so bad for children after all. a new study shows playing games for less than an hour a day can actually help children dealing with hyperactivity and under standing peer relationships and empathy. british researchers found these benefits went away and even turned negative, the more children play computer, and console games for more than three hours a day.
6:46 am
with the number every skin cancer cases on the rise, us surgeon general sounding alarm about pro ticking our skin. but, when it comes to picking out the right sunscreen, can be bit confusing so family fist action doctor rob dan off here to let us know what we need to know. doctor rob thanks for joining us. >> first thing we look at is the pff -- spf. how much do we need. >> fifteen to 50 really watch it means, if you have spf of 15 pro terms zero preact you against uvb rays. effective in blocking the rays. if you get spf of 30, about the seven -- 97%. spf50, 98%. so throwing a bay money buy buying real high spf. >> the 100 up? >> we don't node. that will basically 15 to 30, perfect. but you need to get what's called broad spectrum. we have to protect against uva. spf, which causes burns but
6:47 am
uvb rays causes skin to look older. >> so broad spectrum is the word to look for. whenever i put on sunday block i put on a bunch because them pale. how much do we need to put on? some people put on a little and think they are okay. >> like icing on a cake. i said you don't need that much. but i brought awe little sample. >> you s chocolak da vanilla icing. 2-ounce container, we actually need 1 ounce at a time. i put a little tape here. this is 1 ounce. every time we put this on, it looks like a lot. but we have to repeat this about every two hours. and most every us do not use a lot. so for kings, i get a syringe it spoonfuls. fill it up. say parents, use this, put it on your finger, be sure put it on your body. i know you are using enough. if we use too little, note tech tiff. >> kids can get wigly so the spray ones sounds attractive r they as effective? >> grain point. no, we don't want to use t
6:48 am
they are effective. here is the thing we can breathe that in. if you spray on windy day we never want to spray it on the skin, don't know how much you get it. use it, spray it on the hand then put it on their body. but people with asthma or breathing problems don't use the spray, in fact, i tell people don't use it at all get the lotion. >> very good. eggs prayings dates quickly. we ned to watch out for those? >> yes. eggs prayings dates only last about three years, if if he change color, what looks good, get new sunscreen no expiration date, only use it for the season and get new one. most have eggs breaks dates. >> okay, last but not least we're both somewhat fair. we know we have to use sunscreen, but really all skin tones. you need to put it on? >> any skin tone, no matter what skin tone color you have you are people of color caucasions we need sun glock. anyone can get skin cancer. it is increasing. get ingredients sing oxide titanium dioxide, the bells will protect any of us. >> and broad spectrum. >> and really try stay out of the sun as much as we k but if in the sun use the sun block
6:49 am
sunscreen. >> good to know, doctor rob thanks so much. ukee, over to you. >> thank you both. let's get preview with charlie roads. good morning to you. >> good morning, ukee, ahead at emory hospital in atlanta where ebola is getting treatment and the direct of infectious diseases joins us, they will tell us about the upcoming tests on an experimental treatment for the virus. plus barry peterson went to san sass for closer look at the newest prague, smuggling from colorado, ceo in studio 57, ahead of major expansion will make the company's crafts available in many more places. all of that, and more, the news is back in the morning. see in you about ten minutes. >> you got it, charlie thanks so much. one more check of traffic and weather together on the 3's first though, here's a look at what's coming up tonight here on cbs-3. good morning.
6:50 am
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>> quick check on what's happening over the course of this coming week. week ahead offers up some sun some clouds, both today tomorrow. tomorrow looks like brighter of the two days, which means also going to heat up, little bit more readily. today possibly just isolated shower storm. don't be surprised by that if you see it. most every russ dry. then wednesday comes along more widespread coverage every showers, storms, courtesy of the next cold front. that cold front will hook us up with nice end to the week, so truly will be some real pleasant weather to look forward to. meanwhile, as we take quick check of storm scan3 that classic ground clutter showing up for us, again more than anything just some low-lying cloud cover couple of spots this morning, and your eyewitness weather three day forecast bridges in temperatures much more seasonable of the standards at this point of the year. we can expect 86 today again that shower or storm chance very isolated, but will be there, tomorrow, more sun than anything. and that means we will have real good shod to flirt with 90 degrees. bob, we send it over to you. >> hey, good morning
6:54 am
everybody, 6:54, live look at route 202, in malvern, chester county where the construction zone, two lanes between route 401 all the way up through chesterbrook, light volume so far here, this morning the crews are out working last night, finishing offer another stretch. as you can see the clouds kinds of rolling in through west chester we are dealing with some fog hit and miss here this morning i59 portions of fog woodhaven into downtown, schuylkill expressway running slow from con show who can never through center city about 20 minute trip there. crash in the neighborhood, bethel church road right at old schuylkill road. big concert as we mentioned katy perry, at the wells fargo center tonight, so that's going to impact our evening rush hour. that crowd headed into the stadium complex of course, if you want to save some time on the roads septa is kicking in with extra service with the sports concert express the concert express trains tonight on the broad street subway. ukee back over to you. >> thank you sometimes when you're playing a game, you get little dirt on the uniform. >> yes, you want to get a little dirty right? but, with this game staying
6:55 am
clean, just not an option. looks like fun though, check it out, mud ball. game created in the crow asian village, first you have to completely cover yourself in mud, just roll around, then you play two halves each two minutes long, of soccer, but you do get to wipe somebody's eyes. created two years ago when local soccer competition was interrupted with rain. we saw one person there getting his official assistant wiping his eyes for, one thing you're loud, then back to playing. >> well, she not covered though, hold on. main just getting started? roll around. >> that had to hurt. >> oh, my. >> check that hip. my goodness, and there was literally a diamond in the rough this weekend, at the wgc bridgestone invitational. sergio knocked the diamond right out of the woman's ring when he hit her in the gallery, sprayed his driver a little bit. sergio signed a ball as a consolation, and helped look for that diamond. he also got a contact information, if he couldn't finds the diamond so he could
6:56 am
replace it. how about that? thankfully they did find the diamond, after a short search. but roy mcelroy got the real jewelry when he won the tournament. he played well. >> i like to say that name. >> fun to say. good guy too. >> absolutely. >> he is. >> hey coming up in just a couple every minutes, more local news weather and tract on our sister station the "cw philly". you can find it on comcast xfinity, channel 13, hd811 also on verizon fios channel 16 or hd516 or there is more on rg. reminder to join us bright and early every weekday morning, we kick things off 4:30 right here on cbs-3. coming up next on cbs this morning, more details on the second american patient sick ' bowl a how he is doing. also john lapook on measures being taken inside the the us to help prevent the spread that
6:57 am
far virus. >> keeping it alive on
6:58 am
6:59 am
good morning. it is monday august 4th 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." thunderstorms turn deadly in california. thousands cut off to the world by mudslides and flash flooding.
7:00 am
>> people in the midwest enter a third day without clean water. plus fallout from legalized pot. it's creating a new kind of drug trafficking. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> we opened up the door and it was like a river outside. >> looks like the roads are completely washed out here. >> flash floods in california. >> thousands are stranded in


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