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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  August 7, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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you to wait at all. with our new xfinity my account app, you can troubleshoot technical issues, request a call back or chat with an expert via twitter. can you wait just a second? hey, can you move please? i hate sheep. introducing the xfinity my account app. ♪ good morning i'm erika von tiehl. i'm ukee washington. we have woman is dead in upper darby and policear couple's two children. we will have a live update from syma chowdhry in a bit. but first lets check traffic and weather together and we will start with kate, good morning. >> good morning, ukee. a nice day coming our way. this is a running theme for us as we round out the rest of this workweek. how is the weekend looking? there may be a hiccup to dodge out there, we will talk about that scenario and what it might mean, all coming up, bob. 5:30.
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we have been dodging construction cones for the most part overnight, crews getting a lot done last night lets go outside live at the 42 freeway headlights coming in towards philadelphia, rush hour picking up for gang from south jersey. we will check rest of the roads and mass transit coming up next, good morning. a mother is murdered and her children kidnaped. >> law enforcement in three states are on the hunt for suspect who took those children. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is it a the crime scene to tell us more about it, syma. >> reporter: that is right, woman found dead and two children found missing and police are looking for her husband. he has been identified as keith belajonas. police say they were called to the 200 block of abby terrace around 2:30 this morning, they have found a with man in her 30's in the second floor apartment. she was shot once in the head and she may have been stabbed as well, neighbors told police they heard a scuffle before seeing belajonas leave the apartment with the two little boys around the ages of four
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and six. police say family fridays staten island or long island and may be heading there right now with the children. i talk to one neighbor who said family as lived here less than a year and just a few days ago they heard the couple arguing. police say couple had been married since 2011. neighbor living below told police he heard the man leaving with the children. >> one of the children state is mommy dead, is mommy dead and out the door they will go. the male is described as a white male, 6-foot, in his 30's, light complexion, blue eyes. >> again, police issued an amber alert. they believe belajonas is driving a gray 2006 nissan path finder with pennsylvania tags jdh-7477. again, police believe keith belajonas may be heading up to insuring right now. here on the scene they are
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waiting for a search warrant to enter the apartment. we are live at drexel hill, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". right now 5:33. lets get traffic and weather together. how are we looking. >> in the bad at all just beautiful. this will be a gold star kind of of days where we have low humidity. nice and warm but nothing oppressive at all just comfortable outside. full sunshine to go witt. grab your sun glasses e we are looking at a beautiful sunrise. you'll be on the road for another half an hour or so and that sun glare may start to bug you. storm scan three is all clear we have a couple of clouds that have since made their retreat in the last few hours of this loop here on the satellite. we have radar layer on top here but you got to zoom it out a bit to even find much of anything in the way of wet weather at this point. so, although there may still be a residual sprinkle in the poconos, overall we have beautiful weather. we will look at the tropical satellite and berta is in longer even a tropical storm,
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it has become a post tropical system that is gone and in longer an issue in terms of the being an actual named system but we have to watch out for rip current risks to continue here today. highest risk is yesterday and today is still maryland rate at least. so just be extra cautious taking advantage of the nice weather and head to the shore. in atlantic city it is 63. 69 degrees at philly international. confidentable start to the morning for most of you, a little cool up toward mountainous terrain here and as we mention there had may be an isolated shower around in the day. keyword there is isolated, something that is worth a mention but mostly with sunshine throughout the day. eighty-one at the shore the nice afternoon, philadelphia blight and sunny and it is again just beautiful outside with temperatures in the seasonal mid 80's, bob over to you. 5:34 on this thursday morning. starting to get up, get out, grab your coffee and in the bad at all. mess of construction crews pack up. they have a lot donnas we look
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live at 422, coming back to this spot later on after rush hour. headlights eastbound in towards king of prussia area looking good at the moment. no problems on the the blue route, 476 making our way from mid county down through i-95. heading for the bridge? well, burlington bristol has a lot of activity overnight, traffic moving again after a test opening and then a real opening, but no problems at the moment, cross ago this burlington bristol. we have an accident in skippack harleysville pike at cross road. otherwise majors 55 across the board looking good coming down i-95 no problems on the schuylkill, paving project frequent last night complete and lanes on the, all have the lanes on the expressway are opened into philadelphia on the 42 freeway coming in from new jersey north bound just watch for a late running crew right near the the atlantic city expressway. mass transit looking good with no delays, ukee, back to you. our time 5:35. lets get a check of business news and your amazon delivery
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could be soon coming sooner. >> also how many people will be paying for, people. money watch's jill wagner joins us to explain that rather confusing line and another story as well, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee and erika. fbi announced it is investigating a sign's tack on u.s. is a company that does background checks on federal employees, meaning that the personal and financial information of thousands of government workers could be at risk. federal government suspended most background checks until investigators can assess damage. here on wall street markets stabilized after another big drop on tuesday, yesterday the the dow jones gain nearly 14 points, nasdaq was up two. you could find yourself paying more for that coffee as people magazine hit the news stand parent company time inc. is testing idea of charging people more for the magazine for how it's a fluent areas across the country are. the magazine is currently price add the $5.99
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nationwide. get readied for one day deliver friday amazon. on line retailer is spanning the services to philadelphia along with new york city, dallas, washington d.c., indianapolis and baltimore. it is through retailers new get to it date feature, cost between six and $10. we will never have to leave the house to shop anymore. ukee and erika. >> get to it day, right now. >> i like that. >> yes. >> so great to be in my pajamas. >> yes. 5:37. more than 1 billion pag words worldwide could be in the hands of russian hackers. >> likelihood is that many of us are already victims. sumi does reports on how to better manage your pass word. >> reporter: another major on line security breach and another call for internet users to change their pass words. even if you follow best practices like having unique pass words for different sites pass words can still be vulnerable. >> creating a pass word no matter how tricky or complex
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it is not something to rely on to stop a devoted hacker from getting to your data. >> reporter: constantly changing them can make it trick toy remember, combination of letters, numbers, symbols. pass word managers like last pass and one pass word app can help you keep track. >> you looking in the past word manager and it auto generates and manages your pass word for you. >> reporter: tech companies have begun looking beyond pass word incorporating bio metric sensors to unlock devices, fingerprint scanners are already on the 5s and samsung s5. your phone's camera could be soon use as a retinal scanner. >> is there other things they can use to identify you, uniquely then even on your fingerprint. >> reporter: toronto base cod is developing a device to your heartbeat town lock everything from your car tour computer. you won't to have rely on your memory to remember all of those pass words. in san francisco i'm um isi does for c-net to the come cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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security company that discovered the theft would not name companies affect because of non-disclosure agreements but they reportedly range from fortune 500 companies to small web sites that is, erika. federal authorities investigating how a with man was able to sneak on a plane in san jose without a boarding place. marilyn heartman plead nod contest to trespassing charges yesterday. sources tell cb. news that the six two-year old duck behind a family to get past tsa security. she then got past a southwest gate agent to board a flight to los angeles. she was arrested after that flight attendant did a head count and realized an extra passenger on board. hard to believe that can happen because you know how careful they are. >> very careful so true. coming up this morning hawaii continues to prepare for the arrival have of a couple of hurricanes. we will have very latest. it is president like you have never seen or heard him before, don't miss, his version of fancy. he is so fancy.
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>> so excited for that. i can't wait. i'll tell you what today will be a day to take advantage of, we have a nice pattern settling in for a time, i'll tell you how long and then we will talk about a potential for weekend spoiler we will have full
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police for search for keith
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belajonas. authorities say belajonas is a suspect in the death of his wife and he now has two young children with him. belajonas was last seen driving a gray nissan pathfinder. three buildings damaged by fire in camden that happened earlier today and investigators are searching for cause of that fire at spruce and douglass street. we are told there were no injuries. philadelphia police continue their search for killer of the 46 year-old jogger connie maclean murray. her body was found in penny pack park tuesday morning. an autopsy revealed that she was strangled. so far police have no suspects or motive for violence. coming up on 5:43. here's traffic and weather together, katie. >> good morning, we will start things off in the central pacific here where we have been talking about duo of hurricanes making essentially a beeline here towards hawaii. we will take you on a tour of the track that is we are expecting here in a second but look at this, it is rare to see this. it is no that the rare to see two name systems in the opened
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waters of the pacific but certainly that we have got two hurricanes and they are both basically moving right towards hawaii. that is a big deal. lets talk about the track is here. we do have two hurricanes, neither are category three to make them a major hurricane but regardless they have strong winds associated with them, right now iselle is category one, category two is what we have for julio here, we will take you on a look for each track. iselle poses biggest concern for big island of hawaii especially. we expect it to make land fall tonight as a category one hurricane. so near helo for example a lot have flooding, not to mention power outages, and roads getting washed out because of this. meanwhile julio is expect to clip to the north east which is good news it should in the make a direct impact but there may be strong wind and surf in hawaii in the meantime. yes they are dealing with quite a bit toward hawaii islands where as we have settled into a beautiful
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pattern. nothing to see here on storm scan three. we have high pressure in place. killed front long gone no longer an issue for us. throughout the day we can expect to see sunshine, low humidity, nice day, 85, nice, warm, comfortable in less with low humidity. tonight will be a good excuse to forgo that air conditioning we are dropping down to 64 degrees, nice and comfortable sleeping weather. looking forward to the forecast, so tomorrow will look lovely. by saturday we have a disturbance nearby that could try to sneak in. keep it operate mystic and keep sunshine in there but might see a shower. we will let you know. in the meantime we will keep you in the mid 80's slately below seasonal, bob, over to you. >> i say we bring tent to ukee's house to play it safe on saturday in case we get that shower sneaking in. we don't want barbecue to get wet there. right by girard avenue maybe some fog, haze maybe my contacts are all foggy here
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but coming into philadelphia, the brake lights tapping here through girard avenue. lets go tout king of prussia, malvern area i know it is there somewhere. ninety-five southbound no problems at all between woodhaven and center city. 422 looking good working your way toward king of prussia interchange. but for the gang in south philadelphia trying to use i-95 ramps front and oregon at intersection there hello to tony luke from his 9:00 to 3:00 you will see construction crew is a that the big intersection right there where ramps come into play for i-95. they are working north on the northeast extension just above lansdale interchange look out for. that bridges we have had a couple openings at burlington that is back to normal and rest of the bridge lease fine. throughout the day stay tup date with the bridge opening and traffic backups, new app titled your drive, down load it for apple or an crowd devices by going to cbs drive. ukee, back to you. philadelphia police need
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public's help to catch a knife wielding suspect wanted for back to back convenient store robberies. take a good look at this surveillance video. police say suspect hit a 7-eleven and wawa minutes a apart early sunday. wawa convenient store on frankford avenue and morell park. he didn't get monday you there. then he hit wawa on state road in torresdale. philly police are looking for suspect stole from a wal-mart on sunday this happened around 9:00 o'clock sunday night at store at franklin mills mall. the suspect went in the safe taking cash, in one was injury. traveling memorial for victims of gun violence makes a stop at rhawnhurst presbyterian church. the memorial includes 201 shirts for all philadelphians killed by gun violence in 2013. each shirt has been name, age and date of death. organizers say memorial is a reminder that there are real people, behind the numbers. people in hawaii they are bracing for a hurricane making its way toward the island.
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hurricane iselle is expect to make land fall this evening. it is forecasted to bring damaging wind heavy rains and rought seas. it could be the first hurricane to hit the state in american 20 years. red cross officials say they are worried how the storm will impact much needed supplies. >> we could probably catch enough water that people will survive but it will be food problem and food situation. is there limited amount of the food on the island at anyone time. >> once the cell passes, hawaii is not out of the clear just yet, hurricane julio is gaining strength and that is expected to pass north of the island. 5:47 right now a quinnipiac university poll shows hillary clinton is edging out governor chris christie on his home turf. 50 percent of new jersey voters said they would vote for clinton over christie if the presidential election was held today. 42 percent of voters say they with pick the new jersey governor.
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>> ♪ >> i wonder how someone has this much time to put this together, you heard it right, president covering fancy by iggy a sale y latest video from barracks dubs, they put together many of the president's speeches searching for those little word. >> that takes time. well worth the wait. that takes a lot of time. >> fast lane. >> yes. >> that was good. >> we will play more later. time is 48:00. >> is there plenty more to come. >> including is justin beiber running for cher any of wisconsin, that story and more coming up. >> but first here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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longhorn knows what happens whthings get interesting.s. introducing new steaks across america, like the new kansas city bbq sirloin for $12.99 or the texas 3 chili pepper ribeye, drizzled with onion straws. longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak.
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we can see the sky line of center city philadelphia. beautiful morning, around the tri-state area. katie has your forecast, bob's looking at your traffic, we will check it out. >> let's do it right now ukee does that sound good. >> let's do it, 5:51. why not. >> sky is clear, nice and warm out. >> i was digging johnny nash there. >> yes, indeed. >> it is not what i wanted to start off with, hang on, we're working on it, hold on, reload, i will walk in, how is that. >> walk on in. >> maybe a little early. oh, i'm up, sorry.
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>> lets look at storm scan three. wide zoom does show high pressure is in place for us but we have this disturbance, heavy rain, thunderstorms, moving across missouri. this is slow to move but as it does head our way it will potentially, potentially mess with our weekend a bit here. generally expectation is it slides east and hopefully will continue to move to the south east but at least through delaware there is a shot by saturday we will have a shower. we have to keep an eye on that. for now we have wall to wall sunshine beautiful weather expect here today as well as tomorrow. area shore points we have 81, sunny, pleasant water temperature in the low to mid 70's. uv index is high. that will mean you will be tempt todd jump in the water but maryland rate risk remains for us out there. keep that in mind. today in and keeping it going tomorrow, bob. >> 5:52. good morning on a thursday. we are off to a good start.
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roads are dry, mess of the construction has been pick up. lets look live at 202, good morning to malvern through the work zone here two lanes opened between 401 up to chesterbrook with the construction crews overnight pick up and we are ready for morning rush hour. septa trolley tunnel blitz continues here, where all of the subway surface trolleys are diverted between fourth yet and market over to the market frankford line and for a trip into downtown. i met with septa yesterday. they have made improvements down here. they have put a big covering over the walkway so when we did get rain anyone that has to transfer from the trolleys over market frankford line don't get wet. they have extra security as well. they are doing a good job as they fix up the stations in the tunnel there. so maybe a few extra minutes added to your trip if you use trolley touring the day. 422, both directioning between oaks and king of prussia interchange watch out for construction beginning around 9:00 o'clock and that new
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project along county line road from 611 over to york road continues, stay there we will be right back.
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ms. winnie earle: kids inse paterson face lots of obstacles - but nothing can stop their determination. mara: my dream is to be a pediatric nurse. ms. earle taught me if i work hard - i can do anything. ms. winnie earle: mara had so much potential, it was my job to help her reach her goals. mara: now, i'm headed to college to study nursing!
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ms. winnie earle: there are so many talented kids like mara - and they all deserve to live their dreams. beiber is running to be the next sheriff in wisconsin. >> this is adam beiber not justin beiber. campaign is heating up adam beiber says he hopes voters will look the at his goals for sheriff's office and in the the last name that he shares with the pop star. he is not sure how you that last name will affect the race they but both candidates will find out on election day, august 12th. >> how about that. >> you are cruising down, beiber for sheriff. >> just a bit. we will keep you updated. coming up on "eyewitness news", we will continue to follow breaking news an amber alert and manhunt after a delaware county woman is murdered. also plans to sell revel casino put object hold, find out why today's auction will not happen as planned. and, they are creepy, they are crawling and they are
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coming to philadelphia thiss weekend, and our studios. >> what? >> we have a sneak peak at insect invasion for bug fest don't miss this, coming up in the next hour. >> got a big can of raid in here. >> don't say that they will runaway. >> we will be right back good morning.
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there is an amber alert and they were taken following hear mother's brutal murder. >> good morning everyone. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry joins us live from the scene in drexel hill where we have just learn that the children's name, syma. >> reporter: that is right police have given the children's name christopher
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and robert belajonas but they do not know just yet if keith belajonas is the biological father. their mother was found fatally shot in the second floor apartment. right now they are looking for the man keith belajonas. they say he is armed, dangerous, possibly with two semiautomatic weapons. again they are looking for a man named keith belajonas. they say he drove off with two young boys after the shooting, this happened on the 200 block of abby terrace around 2:30 this morning. police found woman in her 30's in the second floor apartment and she was shot once in the head, she may have been stabbed as well. neighbors told police they heard a scuffle before seeing belajonas leave with the two boys age four and six. police say belajonas is from new york and he may head there right now with the children. i talk to one neighbor off camera and they say that they believe the family has been here for less than a year. this is what superintendent l


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