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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 7, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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their phones this morning a mobile amber leather sent out by state police. their first indication that something was very wrong. just a few yards off the the block joseph galloway heard screaming, he rushed outside around 2:30 a.m. >> i seen the kids. he was already in his truck. he took off or whatever. and then before you know it police were all around here. >> reporter: he didn't know it at the time but he watch as kill belajonas sped off with his four and five-year old sons moments have after police say he shot and stabbed his wife cristina belajonas killing her inside her home. >> if i could have stopped him, i would have with you i'm not a cop. i probably would have got in trouble myself. >> reporter: belajonas sped north, heading toward stat en island. he stopped at cvs there where his brother work. >> he sticks up his brother, he takes cigarettes, money and beer. he then leaves the kids there. >> reporter: kids were safe quickly taken into police custody. belajonas drove to the nearby street where he shot and held
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himself. motive peers to be a domestic dispute. police described what belajonas had written on his facebook page not long before the crime happened. >> we had an argument, she was cheating on me. i won. >> reporter: all signs also indicate that children watched, as their mom was murdered. >> as they were walking out one of our witnesses tells thaws one of the little boys is mommy dead. >> reporter: cristina belajonas grew up in delaware county and until a week ago worked as nurses assistant at a nurses home. the back on the street neighbors were heart broken over the crime. >> especially to a child, it is very, very upsetting. >> reporter: police tell us that the home that the family was living in was nearly uninhabitable it was so dirty. no word where the children will be living moving forward but we know they have extended family in the immediate area we're live from drexel hill tonight, matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". is there developing news tonight cremated remains of nine victims of the 1978 mass
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cult suicide murder in jones town, have turned up in a former funeral home in dover, delaware. right now search is underway for more possible remains on that property. of the former minus funeral home. the jones town remains were among 38 containers remains discovered last week, all but five have been clearly marked and identified. in a statement dover police say that the division of forensic science took possession of all remains that were located on the site. they say staff will continue to work to identify the remaining remains and make notifications to family mens or arrangements for final disposition. authorities are back at the scene where a jogger was murdered in northeast philadelphia they are trying to retrace the victim's steps hoping to find new clues. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao is live with more on $21,000 reward being offered in this case. >> jessica, that reward is up
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to $21,000, this is as investigators return to the scene for third straight day on the edge of penny pack park. they have meticulously been going through this wooded area where 46 year-old connie maclean murray was discovered dead earlier this week and as time goes away, search for clues intense files. philadelphia parks and recreation crews brought in today to clear some of the thick brush in the area where police say a married mother of two was found strangled, investigators continued to collect clues that could lead to 46 year-old connie murray's killer. >> it is very scary, plus we walked down there with the kids and it is just so close to home, it is unbelievable. >> reporter: on the scene all day thursday the search involved k-9 units which searched the woods, and the marine june that it walk the creek in penny pack park. homicide detectives were spotted searching railroad track nearby but spent most of the day walking the trails near the scene on home and
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convent avenues. maclean murray was found strangled in the shallow brush in the northeast philadelphia park early tuesday morning. >> it is scary, we're used to be able to leave the door opened and now you think twice. >> reporter: investigators tell "eyewitness news" they are still searching for her head phones and cell phone and they believe that cell phone was turned off. investigators continue to review surveillance video in the area, detectives tell us one clip shows maclean murray speaking with someone in the car. late today investigators took this man from the woods in for questioning. he is homeless and cooperating with the police. >> poor woman and her family, i hope they catch whoever did it. >> reporter: and police are still investigating, and interviewing witnesses. they are still trying to track down exact whereabouts of maclean murray on last evening jog they believe they have that down authentic. the work has wrapped up tonight but it will start backup tomorrow morning. police are bringing in heavy machinery to clear a lot of these woods. they want to make sure neff
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not left anything undiscover. reporting live from northeast philadelphia, jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". authorities in montgomery county air waiting autopsy results to determine how an elderly couple died. police found body of the eight two-year old man and his eight two-year old wife on the 100 block of linfield road in trap last night after family members called and asked him to check on that couple n foul play is suspect. very unusual story out of wildwood for you today a man is in custody and police are looking for another after a man is shot in the leg, with a crossbow. as "eyewitness news" reporter noel mcclaren tells us police arrived and found victim with the arrow still in his leg, we want to warn you you may find some of the images in this story disturbing. >> reporter: when they saw a guy walking down the sidewalk with an arrow, stuck through his leg, neighbors thought he was playing a practical california joke. >> i couldn't believe that this happened. >> reporter: but prosecutors say these shocking photos are
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real, and that 35 year-old angel sirano was shot with the cross bow here inside of his schillinger avenue apartment. >> this is first time we ever had an attempted homicide using a cross bow. >> reporter: shop owners across the street saw him hobbling toward them, leaving behind a bloody trail. they sat him down outside and called 911. >> we are very impressed because he was walking without saying nothing. he didn't say help or anything like that. just walking. >> reporter: clean up is still underway, for the local businesses who called 911. they also are remaining on guard as police continue to search for one of the suspects. >> it is very scary, you know. >> reporter: we visited the complex where he was struck. his landlord tells us he just moved in with his girlfriend and never caused any trouble. >> this was somebody that you would think you are renting to
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a guy, a seven year-old, a pregnant seven or eight month-old you are rent to go decent people. >> reporter: police have already arrested a 29 year-old wildwood man for tampering with security cameras and while they search for another man who fired the cross bow the shop owners who helped him are hoping sirano has a speedy recovery n wildwood noel mcclaren for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, philadelphia police are searching for a serial bank robber tonight. take a good look at this surveillance photo. police say suspect held up wells fargo on castor avenue in oxford circle yesterday. he handed the the teller a threatening note but took off without any cash. a magnitude 4.5 earthquake rattles hawaii's big island and two hurricanes are now churning in that direction. quake struck this morning on the north tip of the big island, there have not been any reports of any significant damage, in the meantime people in hawaii getting ready for
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the storms. hurricane iselle is expected to pass over the island as a category one hurricane and it could bring up to 12 inches of rain. hurricane julio a category two will hit after that, that storm is expect to brush the state with the outer band and will likely weaken to a tropical storm. here at home a beautiful day to be down the shore, meteorologist kathy orr joining us live from wildwood with the first forecast and latest on these storms in the pacific, kathy? absolutely, guess contact right new we have a gentle breeze on the boardwalk in wildwood but pretty hot. temperatures near 80 degrees, when you are away from the water it feels warmer and rip current risk will be moderate for rest of the afternoon. near wildwood there was one rescue but water in the quite as severe as it has been past couple days when surf was quite heavy. you can see behind me boards are busy. will weekend hold? we will look at. that lets check out iselle and julio two hurricanes heading towards hawaii island.
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imminent threat is iselle packing a punch, category one with the max wind at 75 miles an hour moving west northwest at 16 miles an hour. look at the track, it is forecast to cross the the big island of hawaii late tonight with flooding rain and gusts up to 75 miles an hour. hurricane strength gusts andj3 then go to the south as a tropical storm afterwards when it weakens. then julio a category two storms is expected to go north of the islands by sunday as a tropical storm. most hurricanes just brush by but you this time iselle will take a direct hit which is very rare. we will have a weekend update for and talk about our next chance of storms. back here live, in one is going anywhere today because it is too much of a beautiful day. they will be out here until night falls. i'll see you later in in the broadcast. >> can't blame them looks great down there, thanks very much. still to come on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 south africa's trial of the century is finally at its
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even. lawyers present their closing arguments in the oscar pistorius murder trial. a clear present danger, cdc issues its high's leather for ebola crisis. we will have the latest on the virus that is expected to get worse. while summer is entering its final stretch is there still more swim time ahead and parents shouldn't get too confident about their children's abilities in the water. consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with the late sum are warning about pool danger, next.
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now that it is august a lot of kids have spent plenty of time in the swimming pool but parents shouldn't get too confident when it comes to letting kids swim. >> consumer reporter jim donovan has water safety reminders. >> reporter: summer is entering final stretch but in our area there is still more swim time ahead. according to the consumer products safety commission drowning is the second leading cause of death for children between five and 14 years of age. by this point in the season many children have have had swim lessons or camps but reminders about pool safety should be on going. >> we teach children if they have long hair, you need to tie your hair back, do not swim near a drain, if a cover is coming loose in a pool, that that pool needs to be shut down, until it is repaired, because, you can become stuck. >> karen cone lost her six year-old son zachary to drain entrapment and since channeled her energy in sack sag
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foundation which will hold a total of 25 cam answer cross the country this summer teaching young swimmers age five through nine their abc d's of pool safety. a, an adult should always be nearby. b, don't climb over barriers like fences or gates, if a pool is closed. c, classes like swim lessons and cpr, and d, drain safety. now parents should avoid distractions when children are in the water which is sometimes easier said than done. don't read a book, don't rely on life guards, don't check your phones, make sure your eyes are on your children. the that is most important. i think we get lulled in the sense of well, kids will be swimming for past month or two and it just like no, you have to keep your eyes and watch them like a hawk. >> it happens so fast. >> i have a five-year old who has become will a good swimmer but i have to remind myself you just can't rely on that. >> yes, great advice, thanks, jim. still ahead on "eyewitness news" he has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor but it is not stopping him
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from marrying woman of his dreams. wish upon a wedding he and his bride tied the knot in philadelphia today, we will have their story coming up, beasley. phillies made a move sending tonight's scheduled starting pitcher to the dodgers and then they called lehigh for help and they hope new starter makes it to the ballpark in time.
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shore time, it was just a gorgeous day to day and good news it looks like this sunny weather is here to stay for a while. >> we like that. the kathy orr is live in wildwood for orr at the shore. kate bilo here in the studios. we will start with kathy. >> well, i have some special guests behind me. you know them, you grew up with them and there is a whole other generation that loves them the harlem globetrotters, yeah. this is tnt, she went to temple, a temple grad, of course, scooter over here. we will meet them, talk to them and ask them why they are here, coming up, but first we have to talk weather, do you want to hear about the the weekend. >> yeah. >> all these people here enjoying weekend because it will be one of the best this entire summer. take a look, we will take to you storm scan three and show you what is going on, nothing locally but we have showers and storms over midwest and illinois and that will go to
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the south. high pressure will protect delaware valley and we are going to be seeing conditions that will be very favorable for the shore. lets take a look at the temperatures in philadelphia, 81. allentown 81. trenton 82. and in wilmington it is 81 degrees. the pretty comfortable. now down the shore pretty nice as well barnegat light eight 16789 ocean city 80. it is 80 degrees in wildwood and feels hot in the sun away from the beach. ocean water temperature is 75 degrees. if you are coming down the shore it will be beautiful. we are expecting sunshine each day 79 on friday. seventy-six on saturday, and 75 degrees, on sunday. back here live i'm joined by bull bullard, also a member of the team. how are you doing. >> i'm doing great how but. >> can you spin that while we're talking. >> lets see this trick, will you teach me how to do this. >> what is the best part of traveling with the harlem globetrotters. >> having fun. great locations in wildwood
5:20 pm
convention center, we play here tomorrow and sunday. tomorrow and saturday at 7:00 p.m. tickets are still available. in the area come on out, we love you. we will see your beautiful faces. come on out. >> how tall are you. >> i'm 6 feet four. >> on a good day. >> why am i taller sorry. >> i'm busted. >> i had to bring my latter to talk to you. >> a ladder. >> more on par with tnt but she's much faster with me. this is tnt maddux better known as fatima, you played for temple under the famous don cheyney, philly's own, how do you feel. >> it has been, wonderful. not only am i, a young girl can do anything but i can show them night in and night out,. >> you guys will show me a quick trick. >> let's do it. >> we have a few second but i want time press kate bilo back at the station. >> ready. >> now, watch what i can do,
5:21 pm
watch this kate. >> there you go. >> i try. >> i did not miss high school basketball team. at least you can help me do. that kate, back to you. >> i'm dually impressed with that kathy, that was amazing, and you can go back and play basketball now that was pretty good. nice stuff there i love ladder trick. lets take you through time lapse video on our live neighborhood network. the notice sunshine earl ter day in kutztown. watch the afternoon these puffy fair weather cumulus clouds pop up. that happened because we have cool air in the upper atmosphere warming up the ground air starts to rise and that causes included formation. it is just those puffy clouds, that is an indication that there are fair weather clouds, we are not talking about rain or anything like that with those clouds. we will take to you lower merion high school in ardmore along montgomery avenue no problems or seeing sunshine or temperature there of 78 degrees. lets take a peak at dew points, a measure of how
5:22 pm
comfortable it is. this is what you want to look at when you are factoring in humidity, better measure of humidity then relative humidity here. we are at 55 for dew point in the city. fifty in allentown. mount pocono dew point of 48 degrees, and, tomorrow's dew points will be in the low 50's, and that puts us right on the awesome scale here. 50-degree dew point in early august, almost unheard of. it will be fantastic with high pressure overhead highs in the 80's and lots of sunshine there is system kathy was referencing here saturday into sunday. in mostly suppressed to the south. i wouldn't be shock if the shower picked up here in the delaware beach on sunday, a few more clouds on sunday but it looks like we will escape from that system relatively unharmed. if you are heading to the poconos what a beautiful forecast. seventy-six on friday, and 78 on sunshine with both days this coming weekend. closer to home mainly clear and pleasant tonight 64. tomorrow, sunny and beautiful just an ideal summer day to be
5:23 pm
out and about 85 degrees. here is you're witness weather three day forecast and shore cast and we are looking at overnight lows in the 60's, comfortable weather overnight, beautiful conditions during the day, just a few more clouds on sunday i'll let you know when showers creep back in with the seven day coming up in a bit, for now stay tuned we will be right back.
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look at all these people.
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imagine a world where they all switch to geico. a world full of savings. imagine... ♪ hold on, still imagining. ♪ all right, i'm done. [ male announcer ] geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. roberto hernandez was to start tonight for philadelphia
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is begins the astros but he was traded this have afternoon to the dodgers, for two players to be named later. the phillies called up, shawn sullivan from lehigh valley, they hope he will get to the ballpark in time to start. last night phillies scored five runs in the first inning, ryan howard with the big hit a two run double. big piece is four for ten were four rbi's. chase utley homered, ben reveer had four hits. phillies beat astros ten-one. eagles landed in chicago for tomorrow night where they will face bears in the first preseason game. the starters will play ten to 15 snaps before reserves get in the game and try to impress coaches. this is first game action for the eagles since the playoff loss to the saints in january. i will go out there and have fun, you know, get back in the flow of things, get in the timing, and get the the actual hit a couple times. just kind of get rust off a little bit. >> good stuff, here we go.
5:27 pm
we have been waiting, it is here. >> everybody has a count down clock to that game tomorrow night. we're all looking forward to it. coming up in the next half an hour an emergency hearing about ebola what lawmakers say is only way to get control of the deadliest out break in history. after more than 40 days of proceedings, the dramatic oscar pistorius murder trial is coming to a close, we will have an update. then new at 6:00 it is oldest residential street in the country and now you can call it home, right now several homes are for sale on philadelphia's he will fret's alley, we will take you inside to see how to own a piece o
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i'm jessica dean and here are the top stories, man takes his own life after poce say he killed his wife, and then kidnaped their children from their drexel hill home, police say keith belajonas dropped off his children in new york before committing suicide. authorities returned to the scene where a jogger was found murdered in northeast philadelphia, they are looking for new clues. a $21,000 reward is now offered for information leading to an arrest in the death of connie maclean murray. police say cremated remains of nine victims of the 1978 jones town massacre were discovered at the former minus funeral home in dover. they were among 38 containers
5:31 pm
found and officials are working to notify relatives, kate? it has been a beautiful day across the delaware valley but take a look what is happening on storm scan three. this area of low pressure to the the north and stains built showers and clouds just starting to pop up here on storm scan three. i want to thank kim, who was an eyewitness to weather who told me on my facebook page they have been seeing spring unless delaware county around aston area and you can see not being pick up on radar. these are light sprinkles here and there but you sometimes get this when you have cool air in the upper at the months fear like what we are feeling today. i'll have your full forecast and check with kathy down the shore when we come back in a bit. for now, chris, back over to you. body of the two star american general who died in an attack in the afghan military training camp is new back on american soil, major general harold green received what is called a dignified traps fur, this morning. army honor guard carried body of general green after it arrived in dover air force base in delaware, secretary of the army john mchugh, there to
5:32 pm
solute the the fallen solder. green's family anso walk on to the c17 cargo plane to thank the crew. >> our prayers are with the green family as they are with all of the gold star families and those who ago files so much for our nation. >> reporter: general green graduated from the u.s. army war college in carlisle, in 2003, long with his wife. >> this is kind of doublely tragic for us, as two members of our college family have been profoundly affect by this tragedy. >> reporter: green, a two star general, is highest ranking u.s. officer killed in combat since vietnam, died during an inside's tack during a military training academy in afghanistan on tuesday. investigation is underway, but officials believe that an afghan solder hid in the bathroom with the nato assault rifle and then opened fire from a window on coalition troops, making a site visit. green was killed and eight other americans were wounded with a german general and two afghan generals. green will be buried at arlington national cemetery
5:33 pm
next week. secretary of state john kerry made an unannounced visit to afghanistan meeting with afghan leaders including both presidential can states, abe the current president, hamid car sigh. congress is supposed to be honorary zest, and ebola out break in west africa. tara marginner is in washington with the very latest. >> we have to stop the source in africa. >> out break in four west african countries has killed nearly 1,000 people since march, soldiers are enforcing quarantined areas. cdc has activated the highest level of emergency response, allowing more resources to be sent to west africa, including 50 infectious disease experts. >> it doesn't mean there is an increased risk to americans
5:34 pm
but it does mean that we are taking an extensive effort to do everything that we can to stop the out breaks. >> two americans doctor kent brantly and nancy brightbol working to treaty bowl a contracted the disease. they are now in an isolation unit at emery university hospital in atlanta both received an experimental drugs called zmap but that drug won't be shipped to africa anytime soon. >> the plane fact is that we don't know whether that treatment is helpful, harmful or doesn't have any impact. >> reporter: doctor friedman says focus needs to be on identifying and isolating those who have been infected. tara marginner for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news", and cbs for very latest on the ebola out break. well, closing arguments finally got underway today in the the oscar pistorius murder trial. prosecutors claim that pistorius repeatedly lied on the stand about the night he shot and killed his girlfriend
5:35 pm
remember a steenkamp. pistorius long believed she was a burglar. closing arguments will continue tomorrow when the olympic sprinter's defense team gets the turn before the judge. three day cease-fire appears to be holding as egypt works to broker a deal to end fighting between israel and palestinian group hamas, negotiators finished meeting with the israeli delegation in cairo and they are currently in talks with the palestinians. israel has said it will not ease blockade of gaza unless and until hamas gives up weapons. cease-fire is set to end on friday. russia is retaliate ago begins new economic sanctions from the u.s. and europe. russian president vladamire putin has ordered a ban on imports of meat, milk, fish, fruits and vegetables for one year. that is more than a billion dollars worth of business but that represents a fraction on of all u.s. agriculture exports. obama administration says ban will do nothing but hurt putin 's own people.
5:36 pm
good evening, everyone. would say right now we are dealing with the plane old rush, hopefully it stays that way. this is 422, this is as you are traveling westbound, out of the gates of 202, and really out towards royersford it is length of that westbound delay. so you will want to give yourself more time. heading in the eastbound direction approaching area of 202 and once you try to make your way towards the the schuylkill that is another sore spot. taking a look at i-95 at cottman avenue right the through construction zones that is ramp right there heading northbound we are seeing delays approaching the vine out through to cottman. if you're traveling southbound if you are traveling southbound, approaching betsy ross bridge down through vine street expressway you are slow and then again approaching south philadelphia for phils game tonight and thursday has become the new friday for shore travelers because we are seeing delays up and over the walt whitman bridge as well and definitely higher then we are used to seeing especially on a thursday. as we look at our speed sensors 18 is your average on i-95, definitely in the red
5:37 pm
there and on the red on the eastbound side of the schuylkill expressway. not only around vine street expressway in center city but between 202 and 476. now traveling the blue route there goes your 27 miles an hour as well, basically, delayed southbound from the mid county toll plaza and all the way down to i-95 northbound we are also delayed between 95 and media and quick look into new jersey southbound on the 42 eastbound trying to get to the 42 freeway on the walt whitman bridge and southbound 295 from 73 all the way down to the area of the 42 freeway, chris and jessica. >> all right vittoria, thank you. still to come a weird request for super bowl half time show. >> then hippo at philadelphia on is getting a lot of attention today. we will take to you a big celebration. trend to go day hundreds of ducks ordered in to a barn, wait until you see how a russian farmer brings his feathered friends firmly in line. kathy? i'm meteorologist kathy
5:38 pm
orr high five, yeah. watch the tram car please. we are busy down the shore right outside wildwood convention center, a big show this weekend the harlem globetrotters if you are heading down the shore great to take in the show or the beach, we will have the forecast from the city to the shore coming up as "eyewitness news"
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$1.146 billion. compared to hbo's 1.141 billion. netflix has fewer subscribers than hbo but does not have to split revenues like hbo does. netflix executives have cited hbo as a model as it moves into original programming. trending now, a duck whisperer okay. we don't know what he is saying but the ducks, watch them they certainly do they rush to huddle together and they march in formation into this russian bar. >> wow. >> video has since gone viral with more than 2 million views on you tube. now, you're taking a look at work of the inspiring monkey photographer, the monkey snatched camera ofvid sls of photos in indonesia in 2011. this selfie is now at center of a copy right battle, group
5:42 pm
behind wikipedia posted image on line and he wants it taken down but wikipedia foundation thinks the monkey owns theco ri. what would you think about seeing weird al on the super bowl half time show? well, american 50,000 period think it is a good thing they have cited a petition asking nfl to make weird al the show's head liner. the his parity album, shot to number one when released a few weeks ago. weird al, it is not beyonce. >> i would be surprised to see weird al at super bowl unless he was sitting in the stands. >> i think i would bet on that. >> big bet. >> we will be
5:43 pm
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5:45 pm
take a look at the scene in wildwood who would not want to be there, we're all jealous of those lucky enough, to be on the beach today or on the boardwalks or where ever they may be, like this person. >> like kathy orr, living the dream right now. >> we will get to her in just a in minute but first lets talk to kate bilo in the cbs-3 weather center, kate. >> well, take a look behind me at skies cam three live over center city and you can see a few clouds bubbled up here generally indication of cool air in the upper atmosphere. we have area have of low pressure over new england causing a few clouds and a stray sprinkle driving you may
5:46 pm
have to swipe your windshield wipers once or twice this evening and sprinkle comes through, otherwise we are quiet. we can see what is happening, low pressure i talk about in new england and canadian maritime. here's trailing cold front that turns into a stationary boundary and merges with this storm and becomes a warm front. this is off to the west and that is passing by to the south, as we head into the weekend. temperatures are comfortable outside, this evening, we're at 80 in wildwood, 82 millville, 80 in cherry hill, 81 at airport. eighty in chalfont and malvern. seventy-nine woodstown and pottstown and reading in the upper 70's. quakertown sitting at 77 this evening. great night for music fest in bethlehem and lehigh valley. look the at hurricane iselle heading towards big island of hawaii. outer bands making their way in hilo, fit hits as a hurricane and makes land fall as a hurricane it will be first time since 50's but may be just a strong tropical
5:47 pm
storm. it will cause problems with very strong wind and heavy rain as that storm heads towards hawaii. closer to home things more quiet here as we go in our friday. beautiful day tomorrow, and then storms to the south. notice on saturday clouds creep in but then high pressure wind the battle. storm, suppressed to the south an we enjoy a sunny, beautiful weekend once again one of the nicer weekend of the summer. we have had a lot have nice weekend, this summer so far. mainly clear, pleasant. star lit sky. we are at 64 degrees. good night to let the the breeze blow in. for your friday sunny, beautiful. doesn't get much better than this. eighty-five defreeze in the city. kathy will have forecast for the shore but where ever you are this weekend city shore poconos you will love the weather. take a look, friday and saturday we are in the mid 80's, both days, sunday 83 and partly sunny. machine looking good, 82. better chance for showers and thunderstorms returns to the forecast next tuesday and
5:48 pm
wednesday. down the shore is where we will find kathy orr and she live from the top of wildwood where they are, globe trotting, behind her, hi kathy. >> it the is a beautiful afternoon to be outside, folks on the beach since early hours of the day and now on the boardwalk right outside convention center with the globetrotters. look at this crowd, are you guys enjoying the show. >> yeah. >> we will tell but globetrotters and shows, clinics and everything but first we have to talk about the weather. you can see on storm scan three we have a few sprinkles especially in delaware, gloucester counties, otherwise we will zoom in the convention center where it is sin, breezy and temperature in wildwood is 80 degrees. ocean water temperature comfortable as well. atlantic city 75. wildwood 75. rip current risk is maryland rate, low tomorrow and lewis delaware water very warm at
5:49 pm
77. our forecast over next couple days looks great. friday coming down the shore to get jump start on the weekend great day. temperature 79. uv index nine. rip current risk low the saturday beautiful again 76 degrees. uv at nine. rip current risk low. northwesterly winds coming southeasterly. back here live i want to introduce you to an 88 year tradition harlem globetrotters, we have bull, we have scooter, and we have fatima maddux bet even in other as tnt. i want to talk to tnt. she went to temple. temple grad. she's the the ninth woman in the whole history of the harlem globetrotter. that is amazing. congratulations. >> thanks very much. i'm having a great time. i'm honored to be part of the ledgendry team. >> what sit like to work with these guys. >> it is a lot of fun. i walk in the door with two brothers and now i have 30. >> they will protect you. >> for sure. >> will you show south more
5:50 pm
tricks. >> we will get you a pass on. >> are you ready. >> she's red. >> i want to you go around the back. >> around the back. >> between the legs. >> hold it out. >> and like that. >> it is go to look just like that, red i. >> now we have to talk about the fact that they are holding clinic is here for kids. it is all about the kids. can we invite youngsters out? come on kids if you want to see a few little tricks or learn a few tricks. clinics will be over next couple days in the morning while globetrotters are in town and you can come out, space is still available and here comes the tram car but in the meantime we want to show what you is going on this weekend. we will look at graphic here. we have harlem globe trotters in wildwood for three more shows, tonight friday and saturday, some tickets are still available, so if you are down the shore, please come and check it out, of course,
5:51 pm
track weather anytime with our new cbs philly weather app and it will be beautiful this weekend. we are looking forward to it. that is very latest from wildwood everybody say back to the studio. >> back to the stood ohio. >> how is that. >> you are not quite tnt but you are a fire crashing, you are on your way. keep working on your game. >> i'll tell her that. >> thanks, kathy we will see you later on. >> visitors to the philadelphia zoo got a chance to see a big birthday bash today. >> another hippo turning a big two -five. reporter john mcdevitt from our sister radio station kyw news radio, was at the party. >> reporter: birthday irrelevant una, 25 year-old hippo, led way to the pool party as she and her roommate cindy went for a swim. there was no cake but melons thrown in the water for special snack. betsy is lead keeper of the african planes exhibit. >> we gave them water melon so
5:52 pm
they had a special treat that is not something we would normally give them. he they enjoy that in the pool. big excitement it floats so they have to monkey around to get to eat it. >> reporter: they got that greens and april tolls fill their big bellies. >> happy birth the day dear un a. >> reporter: group of children from the zoo's daze camp sang happy birthday to un a among them thomas st. joseph of anima. >> they live in water. they eat grass. >> reporter: una has had 23 birthday celebrations at the zoo, she arrived when she was two. you cano a happy birthday, party extended throughout the weekend. john mcdevitt for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> she doesn't look a day over 25, 20. >> right. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" wedding pros pitch into throw a dream wedding and it is all for a couple facing a terminal illness. >> jessica was with the brother.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
when the philadelphia wedding community, heard of a terminally ill man in his love story they had to help. >> i was there as couple exchange their vows today, surrounded by friends, family and faith that they will be together for many more years to come. ♪ >> under bright blue skies, and a string group played melony gaskins walk in the new life with her groom pierre freeman. >> for now to be joined. >> moment is bitter sweet, 2008 pierre's doctors found an inoperable brain tumor. >> they told me i should have have been dead six years ago and they told me recently i got three months to a year to live. >> reporter: with all of the medical bills pierre and melony could not afford a wedding so these vendors are
5:57 pm
giving them a wedding free through non-profit wish upon a wedding a classical group, flowers, photographer. >> they donated their time, their services, their product. >> reporter: stratus lounge and hotel monaco opened their doors for the couple for their big day. >> we had people come into help with us this as well. >> reporter: vendors estimate this wedding would have cost 20 to $25,000,. >> you have the biggest heart of any man i have ever met. >> reporter: philadelphia's chapter of wish upon a wedding has hosted four weddings so far this year for couples facing terminal illness. >> you you may kiss your bride. >> reporter: a day for happiness, and hospitals. >> happy together, and, really leaning into it. >> i feel strong, and i'm so happy. >> we saw people that love you the most, what is that like. >> reporter: pierre could have have moved a little faster.
5:58 pm
>> he is a slow mover. that is why it took so long. >> reporter: but with gladness in their heart pierre arrived. >> reporter: we're wishing them absolute the best. there are more couples facing a terminal illness and wish upon a wedding want to hear from them. to reach them go to cbs and search brotherly love. >> what an a nation couple and amazing story. >> it was an honor to be there, great. >> that will do it9:00. >> at 6:00 unthinkable tragedy from delaware county, to new york, a father, is accused of killing his wife, kidnapping their two young boys, and taking his own life, we will have the details of a crime spree that has left a communityshaken. >> plus authorities call it the grandparent scam, tonight four people are charge in the scheme that sold tense stole tense have of thousands of dollars from seniors, how did it. discovery that shocked the world we will tell what you was found at the site of the old delaware funeral home.
5:59 pm
historic streets, beautiful house for sales, that comes complete with tourist, we will talk about that, coming up. it is a a gorgeous day down the shore, breezy conditions, temperatures in the 80's and the board are pack but will weather stay this way, we will have the forecast, coming up from the city to the shore for the the weekend, all next for "eyewitness news" 6:00, right now at 6:00 o'clock a young, mother, murdered, her husband, spe killer, flees before killing himself. two children are now left without parents and a community is asking, why did this all happen. >> good evening i'm yes, sir contact dean. i'm chris may. police believe that those two young boys witnessed their mother's murder, inside family's drexel hill apartment.
6:00 pm
that sparked an amber alert that came to an end, on staten island. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is live in drexel hill with how the investigation stand right now joseph galloway and saw that, drive off his block. >> i did see the kids. he was already in the truck. he took off or whatever. and then, before you


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