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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 8, 2014 2:37am-3:08am EDT

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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> developing right now at 11:00 the president gives the go ahead for air strikes in iraq. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> and i'm chris may. this is a dramatic escalation of america's involvement in the bloody civil conflict in iraq. these air strikes would target
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an islamic group known as isis. isis swept through northern iraq earlier this year seizing military hardware and overrunning cities. now, they have trapped 40,000 members of an ethnic group on a mountain. us dropped food and water there today. the president has authorized these air strikes if isis fighters advance on that mountain. >> when we face a situation like we do on that mountain, with innocent people facing the prospect of violence on a horrific scale, when we have a mandate to help in this case a request from the iraqi government, and when we have the unique capabilities to help avert a massacre, then i believe the united states of america cannot turn blind eye. >> now the white house says tonight that it did consult with congress before authorizing these air strikes. we will continue to follow this late breaking story tonight and have the very latest for you on "eyewitness news" this morning starting at 4:30. more questions than answers in upper darby to note after
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police say a mother is murdered by her husband who then killed himself. police believe the couple's children witnessed that violence tonight one of the victims friends spoke to our natasha brown. >> this is just a tragic domestic case. two children lives hang in the balance both their parents are dead and they're lives are now forever changed. like many throughout the delaware valley, this woman who chose not to be identified was jolted awake by the piercing sound of an amber alert via her cell phone. >> 2:30, 3:00 o'clock in the morning didn't make much of it i look at it. >> report roar the alert would become personal in matter of hours when she realized her high school classmate had been murdered allegedly at the hands of her husband her children abducted by their father. >> i automatically saw the last name i knew who -- new like right and then who -- what happened. >> reporter: christina bella jonas graduated from bonner prendie hoy school in 2005. her classmate shows us her picture on her cell phone a far
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cry from the crime scene on this day as authorities removed her body. >> didn't seem like that kind of a guy. i didn't really talk to him much. >> police say keith bella joans in stabbed and shot his wife and side their home. then sped off to staten it land with their two sons robbing a cvs store once he got there. >> he then leaves the kids there and goes not too far away and they find his car on the street up in staten island. >> the kids were found safe but bella jonas was later fund after taking his own life. >> i feel heart broken for the sons because the sons have to know what the father did. and they'll have to live the rest of their lives having up until who knows how long having nightmares of actually seeing this in front of them. report roar police say all signs indicate that the two children ages four and five watched as their mother was murdered. >> trendy school community from 2005 class of 2005 are going to be praying for her every day and we're going to be getting through this together as a family and as community. >> we were able to speak with the having tim's grandfather who tells us that his son the
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victim's father is currently in new york trying to get the two children back here in this area. at the upper darby police department, natasha brown, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> tonight an increasing reward and increasing frustration in the search for the person who killed a north philadelphia mother. police returned to the scene near pennypack park today where connie mcclain murray's body was found tuesday morning. they removed some possible evidence but they're still looking for murray's cell phone. murray was murdered after she went for a walk monday night and today police say this investigation generated no leads and detectives admit the case is frustrating. >> frustrated right now because this is a horrible crime that they want to solve obviously like all of them. nonetheless, i mean they got a lot of work to do and they need lot of help. >> late today investigators took this homes will man in for questioning. he was found in the woods and is cooperating were police. new tonight a rally at love park to encourage communities to end violence across the city.
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organizers say they're especially concerned about recent gun violence and its impact on children in philadelphia. in the past month, eight children have been killed on city streets. >> right now, hawaii is in the bulls eye. there are currently two hurricanes bearing down on the islands. meteorologist kathy orr is keeping her eye on the situation. kathy, what's the latest oh on that track report roar we are hours away from historic landfall. this is iselle and iselle is going to make landfall over the big island of hawaii overnight tonight. it will be the first time ever that a named storm a hurricane has made landfall there. amazing picture you can see the two storms but iselle is eminent maximum sustained wind of about 75 miles an hour it will make lapped fall overnight with about sixisms of rain the possibility of mudslides and then continue tomorrow as tropical storm farther away from the islands. it is an mazing site to see the surf building over the course of the day today. residents are feeling the impacts of the hurricane as the
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strong winds whipping everything up. the store shelves are vacant as well as the streets. i spoke with friend of mine whose vacationing in hawaii about the situation there today. >> people are taking precautio precautions. the local stores are out of water. they're out of milk. we were in hile yesterday we saw a lot of people boarding up their glass. definitely worried about these two storms. >> the good news is, the second hurricane julio will go to the north of the hawaiian islands over the weekend. but it will certainly be devastating for some folks come tomorrow morning. chris for now we'll send it back to you. >> okay, kathy. thank you suspect is in custody after a man is shot with a cross bow. we're going to show you a puck cher of this having tim with a warning you may find it disturbing. but, remember, he is okay and recovering. this is 35 year old angel sorano with the arrow lodged in his leg. he was involved in some sort of confrontation in his wildwood
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apartment and hobbled outside after being injury. shop owners saw him and called 911. >> very, um, you know, impressed because he was walking out without saying nothing. just he didn't say help or something like that. just walking. >> sorano' landlord says he had just moved in with his girlfriend and he had caused no trouble. police did arrest one person for tampering with evidence. but that are still looking for the actual shooter and trying to stab a motive. tonight three men are behind bars accused in a nationwide scam targeting grant parents. this alleged scheme originated in our area spencer compass, and two others are being head on $1 million bail. police are still looking for a fourth suspect. concerns wesh from brooklyn. that exam starts with phone call from scammer claiming to be a family member in need of
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emergency money. >> today's arrest should be allowed and clear notice if you try to victimize our senior citizens you are going to pay a steep price. >> anyone who thinks they were examined by those suspects should contact the attorney general's organized crime section and we've got that number for you on the i-team section of >> the cream mated remains of nine victims of the 1978 jones town massacre have been found inside a closed dover funeral home. investigators are now looking for their relatives. the discover row was made on the property of the former minus funeral home. a total of 38 containers were discovered last week. all but five had been clearly marked and identified. >> new details in the fight against ebola. us officials ease restrictions on experimental drug to test the deadly disease and recent human testing there were safety issues with the drug tkm ebola. lawmakers on capitol hill today
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cut their vacations short to attend a hearing about that crisis. the outbreak is spreading in at least four countries right now. officials number shows nearly 1,000 people have died since march. two americans infect the with ebola romaine in ice laying at emory university hospital in at license at a. they received an experimental drug called z map g now to the future of philadelphia. we know the city is already preparing for a possible papal visit neck year. and now it's getting ready to make a rush for a presidential convention. when the balloons drop at the 2016 democratic national convention will they drop in south philadelphia? city leaders want to host the event and they're ready to make their pitch. >> the key to getting to pennsylvania avenue is winning pennsylvania. everyone knows that. and most of that road is paved right through philadelphia. >> the city is among five finalists for the dnc competing with brooklyn, phoenix, columbus and birmingham, alabama. >> philadelphia holds the distinction hosting the first political convention at
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independence hall and the 2000rnc when republicans nominated george w. bush. he had ren dollar was mayor when the gap came to town. >> we have a reputation dating back to live aid as being the city that comes through for big events. >> staging a convention is not cheap. the expected price tag for this four-day party is innocent million dollars. but federal government kicks in 50 million for security and additional costs will be paid for through private donations leaders predict if philadelphia is selected it won't cost the city a dime. and the ben if it's for the region will be enormous. >> overall economic impact is probably somewhere upwards of $225 million. obviously the lion share of that will be in philly but the suburbs in and hotels will benefit as well. >> they'll tour the convention center, the wells fargo center and hotels around the area. which would need to com date not just convention nears but 15,000 members of the media. >> also going to see how
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walkable and easy it is to get around philadelphia and again historic things that are here you can't see anywhere else. >> now just the process of bidding on the convention could cost as much as 900 thus san dollars. but the city again promises that money, too, will come through private donations. a decision is expected next ye year. new video for you next of an incredible inferno burning out of control and burning lots of cars. >> kathy. >> in the weather, it is quiet for now. but for how long? i'll show you that with the seven day. >> they knocked on our door and said her roof was about to cave in. the price to fix it, the numbers bounded all over. i'm jim donovan. coming up what you need to know before hiring a roofing contractor. >> and this woman made headline last night for her alleged bold security breach. to night she's back under arre arre
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>> new at 11:00 o'clock tonight enormous junk yard fire in
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texas. this is in arlington right between dallas and fort worth. crews were initially called out on a report of a brush fire but the flames spread quickly through that yard and consumed dozens of old vehicles which complicated the efforts of firefighters. so far there have been no reports of injuries. >> well it was psalm brrr seen at dover air base in delaware today as the body of major general harold green arrived home. soldiers received his body in what is known as a doug knifed transfer. general green was killed tuesday in an tack at a military training camp in of a begun st stan. his father learned of his son's death when another of his sons called. >> i heard reference to military major general being killed and knowing there were and thee in afghanistan and one was our son he check. >> general green was shot by an afghan military police officer. opened fire on more than a dozen people at camp cargo west of kabul much eight other americans were wounded.
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four seriously. security forces returned fire and killed the gunman. >> a woman jailed yesterday for sneaking on to a southwest plane in san jose and flying to los angeles has been arrested again. obviously they'll be on the watch for me so i wouldn't dare a item this again. >> so that was marilyn hartman promising to stay out of trouble but she didn't quite do that. police spotted her scouting out several terminals at lax and they arrested her. she violated her probation about visiting the airport. >> a consume mr. woman. a woman received a knock the her door. she was told her roof was about to cave in. those roofers tried to get her to pay thousand more than than she should have. jim donovan has more on ways to protect yours and make sure you don't fall for a home repair rip off. >> reporter: whether you live in a row house or single family, it's due to damage or just old age the price to replace roof
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can be all over the map. >> we found prices rang rangingm $5,400 to over $20,000. the same roof for the same work. >> reporter: that doesn't surprise rita. >> he said, you know your roof is going to fall in on your he head. >> rita signed a $21,000 contract after a roofer knocked on her door. >> i think most people shop around but we really panic. >> kevin brass lower says high pressure sales tactics aren't uncommon with roofing companies. >> by getting -- getting built fell bids you increase your chances of getting a low price of saving thousands and thousands of dollars. >> in rita's case -- >> everybody said to me, you know, this is crazy. one of my friends said to me you better call jim donovan. >> i recommended rita cancel the contract while she still had the chance. instead the company came back with lower price. sort of. >> the price wept from $21,175 down to 143. so i said to him upping what i would like to get a few more
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estimates. and i said now will you honor this price if i cal you back? he said no, at that point it will be 26,000. >> instead rita hired kanga roof part of a brooks in levittown. >> checkbook readers given the company top mark for quality. >> we really do strive for good grades across the board. >> rita now has her new roof and saved thousand of dollars. making 83 on roar side problem solve. >> problem solved. >> three days to cancel any home improve many contract when that contract is signed in your home. if you're looking to row place your roof get at least three estimates. i've a ranged for cbs-3 viewers to have free access to checkbooks ratings on dozens of roofing companies for the next week. visit or follow me on safe book and twitter. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> well, a nice night it there. you've got good video to take a
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look at. we were down the shore today in wildwood and then took a trip to ocean city to see what it was like there. beautiful evening on the boards and in the city just a great night to be outside. hope you had the chance to enjoy it. if you didn't, you're going to have a few extra days to do so. this is what it look like late this afternoon early evening. people did not want to leave the beach in ocean city or even in wildwood. the boards were packed, of course, in ocean city every thursday is family fun night. carre yolk key and food and everyone wants to be outdoors. >> you were there. why not? that's what i ask you more of the same coming up this weekend serving up very nice forecast. take look at storm scan3. we'll show you what's going on. first a live look at the boards now. not quite as busy but still looking good. we're looking at clear skies through the overnight. and see the clouds to the south. far weather high pressure dominating our weather keeping the clouds down towards virginia, west virginia and the
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showers will stay to the south as well as long as that high pressure takes care of us we're in the clear for the weekend. our live neighborhood network takes us to northeast philadelphia airport where the temperature is 83. ben sal let me 78. 68 in lumberton, new jersey. that's at the south jersey regional airport. and at dover air force base look at that, 72 degrees. so temperatures varying depending on where you are. the winds are light and the skies are clear. poconos down in the 50s. fall like come tomorrow morning. allentown 66. in reading. 66 in millville. 65 in atlantic city. and 73 in philadelphia. so during the day on friday just great day to get a jump start on the weekend. great day just to find aning cues to be outside. high temperatures in the 80s. the same goes for saturday, there's the area of high pressure on our forecast map. there is the area of low pressure that will stay to the south even on sunday. and then looking good for monday still as this goes offshore but as it does it could bring us a few extra clouds especially sunday threw south jersey and delaware.
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so be aware of that. i've seen this before. this tries to sneak northward and give us some extra cloud cover but of course we'll keep you posted and that over the course of the week and. overnight it will be clear and pleasant the low temperature 64. for your friday great the high 85 degrees. pretty sum pell forecast for us. down the shore improvements in the water. the rip current risk will be l low. another gorgeous beach day uv index will be at nine. and of course saturday looking good as well with a temperature of 76. if you're heading to the pock nose, no problem. friday, saturday and sunday nothing but sunshine. high temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. and on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast and shore cast sunny until further notice. that goes until tuesday afternoon. that will be our neck chance of a shower or storm. same goes for wednesday and then thursday, sunny again with temperature in the 80s. notice those shower temperatures are in the 70s. still hot down the shore today. get updates on the forecast any time with a new cbs philly app check live radar, severe weather or sunny weather.
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share your storm pictures or shore pictures with us download the app now on i tunes coming soon to android. >> with the a forecast like that a lot of pretty picture. sun sets preferred. >> thanks kathy. >> for boeing a pretty average team a lot of talk about the phillies. >> a lot of things going on. we finally made a trade and then of course that means that somebody had to be called into action because the guy we traded was supposed to be the starting pitcher. >> ut-oh. >> planes, trains, automobiles. i'll tell you how he got there. there's the guy. we'll talk
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>> it was quite day for sean o sullivan he started the day in toledo with the iron pigs and got a call to join the phillies. jumped on the plane, got here just in time to start tonight against the astros. he had a problem with chris carter. he hit two, works run homeruns. sean gave up five in six innings of work. in the emergency star.
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phillies trailed five to one in the eighth and scored five runs. the big below came from big piece ryan howard his 13th career grand slam to give the phillies the lead. ryan with eight rub bees in the series jonathan papelbon came in and got his 94th career safe in phillies uniform. tying tug mcgraw for fifth place on the all time save list. fills complete the sweep of the estrous six to five. >> being in that situation right there, i wasn't trying to hit a homerun. i was really just trying to get one run across. trying to find battle to get marlon at the plate. it work out. >> hernandez was the schedule starter tonight but he was traded to the dodgers for two players to be named later. the phillies signed roberto to one year deal in december. he was going to be a 43 agent after the season so they let him go. he got right to work. starting for la tomorrow against milwaukee. >> all right. phillies start four game series
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top again the mets. you can hear the game on 98.1 wogl and 1210wpht first pitch at 7:05. eagles fans excited about the season. tomorrow they'll get that first look at the 2014 birds and they play they are first preseason game against the bears. starters will play about 10 to 15 snaps before the reserves come in and tri to impress the coach. this is the first game action for the eagles since the play off loss to the saints in january pga championship. not a great start for four time champions. tiger woods tee shot there got wet. shot three over 74. britt turn open champion mcilroy shot five under 66 he made five birdies on the back nine after double bogie on the tenth. lee west war, kevin chappelle, ryan palmer share the lead at six under par. >> all right.
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>> tomorrow note at this time you'll hglesave eaootball highlights. >> oh, boy. >> how about it? >> can't wait for that. >> wahoo! >> it will be fun. still to come tonight -- hip, hip, hooray! the big day for one of these gallons. look at that mouth. we'll tell how
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♪ >> a big birthday bash at the philadelphia zoo this afternoon. >> happy birthday to you. hope birthday to you. >> help birthday dear una. >> un alt the hippo celebrating her 25th birthday. there she is. >> were you would you! >> una arrived at the philadelphia zoo when she was just two years old. as special treat una and her roommate sidney treat to do watermelons and their usual apples and greens. there is still time for you to wish u inform a a happy birthd birthday. her celebration runs through this weekend. happy birthday, u inform a. we'll be right
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>> we thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. "eyewitness news" returns in the morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and erika von tiehl. for beasley, kathy and every unhere at "eyewitness news" i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean.
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you can always find us at the late show with david letterman is next with guest jason sigel. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪


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