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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  August 9, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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i had a good shot here to about four feet. bill: here's your second at the 16th. >> this was 7-iron. i had to hit a hard draw from 195 to get it there. but because it was downwind, i wanted to hit something hard. and it just stuck. stuck right there. still couldn't get it inside my playing partner, bernd, he hit some iron shots. this putt here after eagle, looks like it's going to swing and dive right in there and just missed the lip. it would have been nice to finish with another eagle but i'll take a birdie and be a few book. bill: you're saying you're playing the best gol of the year right now. what do you like about your game? >> things started to kind of click. i started to get the ball in play more. started to hit better iron shots. started to putt better. my short game came back.
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then i'm more patient, i don't have to go out and force things and show up on the first tee wond forget my game is going to be there. i show up on the range ready and knowing what's going to happen and what to expect. bill: four birdies in the last five holes, 67, congratulations, good luck tomorrow. phil mickelson looking for his seventh pga championship. lowest scoring average in pga history, he's right there. jim: at the 18th. just a moment ago. while we were hearing from phil. third shot for palmer. nick: landed in the fringe. just -- social security a steep, sticky slope there, didn't make t. jim: tomorrow, early coverage coming your way from tnt at 11:00 eastern, then it switches over to cbs coverage, to the
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finish. we'll be here beginning at 2:00 eastern time tomorrow. the final day of the year, major championship golf. special thanks to the metlife blimp for providing unique perspectives. [the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of the national captioning institute inc., which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any transcription or for any errors in transcription.] [captioning made possible by cbs sports division] nick: you've got to thread the drive down the fairway, that's a good half a club up the hill with the center of the green that repels left and right. jim: a long par attempt for palmer. nick: it's too really good, solid shots to make the four. jim: steve stricker drove it
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here at 18, it was unplayable, had to take a drop and ended up making a putt from about the same point you see palmer. actually it was on the other side of the cup, made. stricker is at eight under at 6 , he's also not to be ruled out tomorrow system of many possibilities. looking to that second page of the leaderboard. names back there like scott and furyk and westwood, could be a come from behind charge. rory mcilroy looks to be in position here to strike at the 18th. nick: plus there's too many players at the top who you would believe, rory, fowler, they're all going to move forward so for the seven unders, they've got to do something crazy, shoot 64 to post a score that scares the living daylights out of the leaders.
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jim: this for par. just gave one away at 17. hat's big. he had a share of the lead for a while on the back nine. nick: can't go backwards one shot because the other guy goes forward two. jim: furyk will be next. rory and jason wait back on the fairway for the green to clear. that's a par for jim. his last birdie came at the
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10th. he was drafting just a shot behind the lead at the time. ended up playing the last eight oles two over. >> 208 yards for jason day, up the hill. the wind a little bit into but mostly off to the right. 4-iron. >> that makes sense to me, david. at least it's not a 7 oinch. >> he doesn't think he got it all and he didn't. >> just thrusts his belly at the ball a touch too much sometimes.
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jim: will this be another famous 5-iron for rory? what's the club, david? >> i don't know. just over 200 yards left nick: the famous 5-iron. jim: a club that's delivered some of the biggest moments of his career, the 5-iron. >> that was 5-iron. >> might have missed it. jim: he's concerned. >> oh, sticks in the bank and it also comes back down in the bunker. >> just cut it a smidgen thin. jim: let's go right back down to bill. bill: with ricky fowl -- rickie fowler, 67 today, bogey-free a patient kind of round for you today. >> yeah, it was -- i hit it very well on the back nine and kind of had to be patient, couldn't press. and had to accept the pars. i had a lot of good putts a few misreads. didn't get a whole lot out of the round but played a lot of good golf. >> you've been in this position before, all year long, anything
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you've learned from those previous experiences that will help you tomorrow? >> i mean, it obviously sounds cliche but the patience is key. shot by shot. the biggest thing for me this year is going through the process and the process the week before to make sure i'm ready to play in the major. the process before each golf shot to make sure my caddy and i have the right conversation. >> looks like you'll play with phil mickelson that will be a relaxing sunday. >> we'll have a good time, that's for sure. >> rickie, thank you very must have. good luck tomorrow. rickie fowler, 67 today. jim: he'll be in the next to last pairing. here's the mcilroy shot. >> no divot. >> didn't quite compress it.
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jim: how close was it to getting up and over? nick: stenson made it right on the edge of the green, just a yard. but it's an easy bunker shot. he lines his bunker shots up. so we won't be surprised if it disappears. jim: looking back at the interview with rickie he, looks comfortable now. it's been such a banner year for him in all these majors, to come out and keep repeating these solid rounds with the most pressure situations of the year. >> after his swing changes earlier, i can empathize with him. i went through that moons ago.
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i can understand it. to learn to rotate your arms and change your body from tilting to rotating is a massive, massive move. let's see if rory can jar this one. >> nice, clean lie. jim: zimmed under a little too much. -- zimmed under a little too much. nick: firm, wet sand. jim: and now day follows him into the bunker, steps in for his shot. his third. nick: another really good, aggressive bunker player. >> this one is a good deal easier. it's on the upslope. he can just thump that sand wedge in behind it and up in the air. nick: an awful lot of practice swings.
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>> very steep into that one. it was a little too steep. picked it up, hit the soft sand on the upslope. jim: tonight on cbs, "unforgettable," "person of interest," and "48 hours." jim: europeans have won this
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championship three of the last six years. harrington, kaymer, and mcilroy, of course, at kiawah 2012. and an all european final pairing tomorrow with rory and wiesberger. they'll either go into the final round tied or rory will be one in front if he holds it. nick: with this putt, he could miss it right. jim: he's got the lead alone. the way he reacts, that was really important to him. >> how about that intensity charge from after the 12th. jim: he birdies three of the last four.
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final round pairing. mcilroy, three-time major championship -- champion, going for back-to-back major wins here. it will be his fourth, still at the age of 25. doesn't turn 26 until next may. wiesberger just making a cut for the second time at a major. in his career. nick: do you get the feeling he's comfortable leading majors? enjoys it, relishes it? jim: i think you said it too. he's got this ability to kick it into some sort of overdrive kind of when he dials it in. when he needs it. jason day looking for the same finish. this for birdie. they both get up and down from out of the bunker. for birdies. and day pulls even with mickelson in a tie for fourth.
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that was some adventure out there today wasn't it? jason having to go upstream for a while, downstream on the second, making a -- making a pretty sensational par at the second. rory had some early struggles. seemed to be fractionally off until late stages when again he went into that mode we've seen a few times before. again, 2:00 eastern time, tomorrow, we'll have the fifpblee round coverage with tnt starting the day at -- the final round coverage with tnt having coverage starting at 11:00 a.m. what are you looking for tomorrow nick? nick: the great thing is, so many players are playing great. the international leaderboard.
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rory makes six birdies every day. can they beat him? jim: they've had already two great finishes at valhalla in pgas past. maybe there's another one in store for us tomorrow. if saturday is a harbinger of what to expect tomorrow, you don't want to ms. it. wiesberger from out of nowhere, what a performance by him today. 65. rory mcilroy sits on top of the world of golf and on top of the leaderboard through 54 holes at the pga championship. we'll see you tomorrow here on cbs.
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>> i'm natasha brown. next on "eyewitness news" president obama updates the crisis in iraq. how long he says u.s. airstrikes will continue. we've got the very latest on the conflict. plus an suv slams into a building in cape may. why this accident could have been much worse. justin. >> and the forecast will stay warm and pleasant through the rest of the weekend. how long does it las
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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> right now on "eyewitness news," president obama addressing the crisis in iraq. he says there has been some progress but also says u.s. military involvement could last for several more months. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks so much for joining us. in just the past 30 minutes or so the military announced american aircraft conducted four more airstrikes on iraqi militants taking out armored carriers and a truck that was firing on civilians. today u.s. cargo planes dropped more supplies. cbs news correspondent wendy gillette has the latest on the conflict. >> reporter: the u.s. military made a second humanitarian air drop food and water to thousands of iraqis saturday who are trapped in the mountains of northern iraq by the islamic militants meth as both eyes sis and isil.
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kurdish tell verb showed kurdish forces delivering additional aid. members of a religious minority group under attack by extremist. a small number of refugees were able to scramble aboardane. some cried overwhelmed by their ordeal. president barack obama addressed the crisis before leaving for a two week vacation on martha's vineyard. >> we feel confident that we can prevent isil from going up a mountain and slaughtering the people who are there. >> reporter: the president also said an international effort is under way to figure out how to rescue the thousands of stranded kurds. the u.s. launched airstrikes on friday near the iraqi kurdish capital. the president told reporters there's no timetable for additional military action. >> i don't think we're going to solve this problem in weeks. if that's what you mean. i think this is going to take some time. >> reporter: the president called the military campaign a
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long term project but has promised that combat troops won't join the fight. wendy gillette for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> of course stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the crisis in iraq and the united states involvement. you'll find updates any time at and happening now, the community is gathering to remember the victims of a deadly carjacking crash in philadelphia. three kids were killed and their mother died from her injuries on thursday night. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is live in north philadelphia with the details. matt. >> reporter: natasha, a vigil for the fourth and final victim in this crash wrapped up not long ago. we can tell you what remains that of vigil behind me here at the intersection of germantown and allegheny avenues where this crash happened. as we said, this is to remember the fourth and final victim of this crash. we have a picture of her. that would be the mother of the three children killed in this crash passed away thursday night after fighting
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to survive for two weeks. she was selling fruit for her church with three of her children when they were struck by an out of control suv. that suv was stolen by two men moments earlier with both men now in prison facing multiple murder charges. saturday mourners gathered once again at the scene of the crash to remember keisha as they had done many times already for her children. they remembered a woman they called kind hearted and dedicate d to her kids. she leaves behind two more children, ages 12 and 13 who are not injured during this crash. natasha, you know that we've been covering this story for the past two weeks or so. this is maybe the third or fourth vigil i've been at personally but you get the feeling from these people here at tonight's vigil that this will be the last one as this community tries to begin to move on. live in north philadelphia tonight, matt rivers, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> matt, thank you so much. a 24-year-old man is in critical condition after a gunman shot him in the face four times in north philly. the shooting happened on the 2900 block of north park
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avenue at 9 o'clock this morning. right now a search is under way for the gunman, also the motive behind this shooting. and take a look at this eyewitness cam photo here. a car crashed into a building in west cape may, new jersey, about 10 o'clock this morning. the professional property services office on the 600 block of park boulevard was damaged. police say 59-year-old sylvia bird light interwas behind the wheel. there were no injuries and the crash is under investigation. patrick mcguire is charged with attempting to lure a former student in a sexual relationship. prosecutors say mcguire taught the now 15-year-old girl when she was a student in eighth grade at memorial middle school. a detective posed as the girl and set up a meeting with mcguire on thursday. he was arrested and is currently being held on $100,000 bail. former eagles player irving fryer meantime must soon decide whether to plead guilty or go to trial in a mortgage fraud case.
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fryer faces a five year sentence under a plea deal in burlington county. his mother eileen mcgee has been offered a three year sentence. they have until august 21st to accept the plea deal. fryer is charged with conspiring to steal $1 million through a mortgage scam run by william barksdale who has been sentenced to 20 months in prison. an absolutely beautiful summer day. it was great weather for the annual festival in south philadelphia. so can we keep this beautiful stretch going for the rest of the weekend? we can only hope so but let's check in with the authority, meteorologist justin drabick joining us now with our first forecast. hey, justin. >> that's right, natasha, not bad at all for early august on this weekend. temperature on the warm side. we have the sunshine but humidity on the low side. here we are high temperatures today mid 80's, pretty much close to this time of year so a warm comfortable day all across the delaware valley, it was great up in the poconos at 78 for the high. even down towards the shore we did reach the 80's.
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here's where we are right now. still pretty nice. low 80's for the inland spots. 75 in mount pocono, 76 in wildwood. and mid 70's at the atlantic city airport. some suburbs little bit cooler to our north at 79 in quakertown, 82 in pottstown and in willow grove. dewpoint temperatures are pretty low, they're in the 50's right now. you don't see this a whole lot during the month of august but enjoy it, keep those windows opened. pleasant air mass continues through tonight into your sunday. storm scan3 nice and quiet, maybe a few fair weather clouds this evening. they'll dissipate keeping skies mostly clear tonight. this sets up for another nice day on sunday. little warmer. we get up to about 88 degrees for philadelphia, plenty of sun, pleasant at the shore, low 80's and we keep in the low 80's in the poconos and still that humidity level stays on the low side. so pleasant conditions to finish the weekend. how long does that last? we'll talk about our next storm chances in the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. natasha. >> justin thank you so much. now people in parts of hawaii are picking up the pieces following hurricane iselle. but the island is still bracing for a second soaking
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from hurricane julio. cbs news correspondent bigad shaban has more. >> we have ice over here. >> reporter: hundreds lined up in hawaii's big i'll land to get free water and ice after tropical storm iselle went through. lisa lost electricity two days ago. supplies of water and ice ran out before he got to the front of the law. >> i was standing here almost two hours and they say they don't have enough. >> reporter: iselle made her mark along the big island's east coast. wind gusts up to 85 miles per hour uprooted trees and brought down power lines leaving a large rural swath of the aisle lands in the dark. hawaii is keeping a close watch on hurricane julio. it's expected to weaken over the next couple days but it will still be close enough for the state to feel its outer bands. for now business owners in the aloha state are getting back to work and nearby hilo the fish market a big island staple for more than a century is now back open. manager kyle sumner says the
7:26 pm
storm forced him to board up and close his market for two days and he could take another financial hit. >> with our product, when we get it, it's usually about 18 hours old so from there we have about 72 hours to move it so right now we're in that last tier so today prices were about half of what they were a couple days ago. >> reporter: sumner is hoping to sell his fresh fish before it goes bad or before hurricane julio threatens business. bigad shaban for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, the three day ceasefire in the gaza conflict shattered by a barrage of rockets. we've got the latest on the crisis in the middle east coming up. also straight ahead it's considered one of the toughest curfew laws in the country but not everyone is on board. we'll tell you where parents will have to pay the price if their kids are not off the street. an archaeological dig in camden county. we'll tell was historians looking to find. straight ahead in towards the first eagles preseason game, it is in the books, so what does chip kelly and the
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>> ♪ >> got a story you would like us to investigate? e-mail your ideas to cross border attacks continue following the collapse of a three day truce aimed at ending the war between israel and hamas. israeli airstrikes struck more than 20 targets. the strikes hit houses mosques
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and training sites. egyptian led efforts to secure a long term ceasefire are now in doubt after officials said an israeli team would not rejoin negotiations unless rocket fire from gaza stopped. eight firefighters who suffered burns while battling a wildfire in northern california have been released from the hospital. the crew was injured on friday night while fighting the fire. an evacuation order has been issued. flames are threatening dozens of homes. and a judge denies general motors motion to dismiss a wrongful death case against the automaker. a trial date is set for april 2016. the family of a 29-year-old nurse who died in 2010 in a crash near atlanta sued gm alleging a faulty ignition switch unexpectedly shut off the engine and caused her to lose control. they settled last year with gm for $5 million but


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