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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 11, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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americans drop humanitarian supplies. religious members of a minority trapped on a mountain. protests against police in a st. louis suburb after an officer fatally shoots an unarmed teenager. but the peaceful demonstrations get out of hand as some turn to looting and vandalism. tragedy on the track. nascar star tony stewart hits and kills a fellow driver during a race. 13-year-old monet davis leads her team to the little league world series. >> and monet davis and the little leaguers, a complete game and ticket to williamsport.
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this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, august 11th, 2014. good morning. i'm marlie hall. this morning police are trying to restore calm to the streets of ferguson, missouri. the st. louis suburb erupted in violence overnight following a vigil for an unarmed black teenager who was shot and killed by police. local officials report widespread property damage. >> reporter: looters ransacked darkened scores and ran through the streets of ferguson, missouri, late sunday night where anger is running high following the death of 18-year-old michael brown at the hands of a police officer. angry protesters faced off against police in riot gear. earlier in the day, an emotional crowd gathered at police headquarters calling for justice. >> this is going to be a long journey for us and a battle
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because no one is really telling us the truth of what happened to my nephew. >> reporter: the shooting occurred near an apartment complex in the predominantly black suburb saturday afternoon. st. louis county police chief john belmar said it all began when the officer encountered two people, one of whom was brown. he says somehow a struggle began when one of the men pushed the officer as he was trying to get out of his squad car. >> after that the officer came back out of the car. he exited his vehicle, and there was a shooting that occurred where the officer, in fact, shot the subject. >> reporter: crenshaw lives in the neighborhood and says the officer shot brown multiple times, even after he put his arms up. >> he shot him in the face and in the chest and he fell down and shot him multiple times. >> reporter: the st. louis county police department is handling the investigation. the civil rights division have been instructed to monitor the
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developments. michael brown's mother says she doesn't understand why police didn't use a including or taser to control her son. the county executive says he'll ask the fbi to investigate. for the fourth time since last week, united states forces bombed islamist fighters in northern iraq. thousands of refugees fleeing the militants are crossing the border from syria into iraq. late sunday, a defiant prime minister nuri al maliki said he would not step down and accused the iraqi president of violating the constitution. susan mcginnis is in washington. good morning. >> reporter: marlie, good morning. the u.s. government says these airstrikes in northern iraq have been effective so far, and u.s. involvement does seem to be increasing. there is word from u.s. administration officials that the u.s. is now directly arming the kurds, kurds -- now, the president is warning these
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airstrikes could go on for months. kurdish forces battling islamic militants claim they've retaken two towns after forces spent weeks retreating. the reinvigorated fighters are receiving help from the u.s. military which carried out more airstrikes on sunday. u.s. central command says u.s. fighter jets and unmanned drones pounded islamic targets, destroying a mortar position and armored vehicles. >> we're going to continue to support the iraqi security forces in every day that we can. >> reporter: the u.s. also dropped more food and water to tens of thousands of religious refugees stranded on a mountaintop in western iraq. these christians and yazidis fled their homes after militants forced them to decide, stay and convert to islam or be killed. the united nations calls the situation a humanitarian disaster and fears it could get worse.
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thousands of desperate yazidis fleeing militants in syria are making their way to iraq. >> i escaped from the mountain. there's thousands of people. >> reporter: president obama said the airstrikes could go on for some time but continues to insist he has no plans to put u.s. combat troops on the ground. now, secretary of state john kerry in australia said today he's urging the people of iraq to remain calm and said that there should be no use of force among different factions through this political kreis. and he said the u.s. government stands with the president of iraq. marlie? >> susan mcginnis in washington. susan, thanks so much. this morning the latest truce between israel and hamas appears to be holding. new talks aimed at reaching a lasting peace resume today in cairo. the gaza cease-fire began sunday evening. a similar egyptian negotiated cease-fire collapsed last week. nearly 2,000 palestinians and nearly 70 israelis have been killed in a month of fighting.
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the family of race car driver kevin ward jr. says they are still trying to understand what happened. ward died after being hit by a car driven by nascar star tony stewart at an upstate new york racetrack. don dahler has our report, but a warning, this report contains graphic video some may find disturbing. >> reporter: on the 14th lap of the super sprint race, kevin ward jr.'s number 13 car was on the outside portion of the track when tony stewart, in the number 14 car, squeezed ward into the wall. the 20-year-old spun out and blew a tire. ward then got out of the car and began walking along the track gesturing as stewart's car neared. >> oh, he hit him! >> reporter: medics arrived within seconds. ward who had been racing sprint cars since 2010 was pronounced dead an hour later.
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ontario county sheriff is overseeing the investigation. >> there is no evidence in hand or no facts that would support a criminal charge or support criminal intent. >> reporter: but the incident has raised questions about whether stewart's actions were deliberate. he has had physical altercations with drivers in the past, and his former sponsor, home depot, criticized him for his anger issues. jeff covers racing for "usa today." does this fit in with tony stewart's on-track reputation as being an aggressive driver? >> i think he's an aggressive driver but not like that. i mean, when they say aggressive driver, maybe he's battling for position or blocking a guy. but to take a guy out like that, i don't -- you know, i think that's kind of a whole different level of classification. >> reporter: stewart was still angry shortly after the helmet-throwing incident two years ago and made a statement that could come back to haunt him. >> checked up twice to not run over him, and i learned my lesson there.
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i'm going to run over him every chance i got. >> reporter: stewart nicknamed smoke was involved in an accident last year at this same track. he only returned to racing in february after losing the rest of last season when he suffered a broken leg in a dirt track race. initially stewart's team manager said the three-time nascar champion planned to race at the nascar event at watkins glen. grigg zipadelli was quoted as saying "we are business as usual," which angered some. the team later reversed position. >> this is a very tough, emotional time for everybody. that being said, we feel that as a group tony will not drive today. >> reporter: tony stewart released a statement that read in part, "there aren't words to describe the sadness i feel about the accident that took the life of kevin ward jr. my thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and everyone affected by this tragedy." stewart is not only a driver, he's also the multimillionaire owner of his team. he doesn't have to race in those smaller events. he says he does so out of love for the sport.
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but it's unclear when he will return behind the wheel of a race car. don dahler, cbs news, watkins glen, new york. a flash flood watch is posted for parts of south carolina this morning following a weekend of deadly flooding. a woman was killed and a man is missing after they were swept away by rising water late saturday near greenville. up to six inches of rain fell in just a few hours. coming up on the "morning news," speaking out. a woman repeatedly punched by a california cop reacts to seeing the video of her beating for the first time. and roller-coaster rescue. dozens get stuck 45 feet in the air. this is the "cbs morning news." this portion of "cbs morning news" sponsored by silk. silk helps you bloom.
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only just for men has airactiv. the only technology that uses oxygen in the air to get rid of gray while leaving the natural variations in your hair. no ammonia. no peroxide. no overcoloring. just air... just you... and the look you want. just for men. it's a shocking video that continues to garner backlash. a california highway patrol officer beating a woman along a busy road. now the alleged victim is speaking out as a legal action against the officer moves forward. carter evans has her take on what happened. >> could you tell me what you remember about those moments? >> he just pulled me, brutally threw me down, beating me, banging me, trying to beat me to death, take my life away for no reason. i did nothing to him.
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i don't know why. >> reporter: marlene pinnick has spent the last month recovering. in july she was tackled and punched repeatedly by a california highway patrol officer on a los angeles freeway. a portion of that incident was captured on camera by a passing driver. >> what's he doing that for? >> reporter: pinnick claims this is the first time she's watched the entire 41-second video. >> i didn't know why it was happening. prior i had said nothing to him. >> reporter: but the video does not show what happened in the moments leading up to the altercation, and it's still not clear why pinnick who's been homeless for five years was w d wandering on the freeway in the first place. what were you doing before you were confronted by that officer? her attorney interjected. >> we realize that there's an interest in what she may or may not have been doing, but i'm going to instruct her not to answer that question at this time. >> reporter: the california highway patrol took pinnick to a hospital for a mental evaluation. >> my hand was handcuffed behind my back. and he just tossed, threw me in
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the car and drove off with me. >> reporter: the officer's report said pinnick ignored his commands and walked into oncoming traffic. after the video was made public, chp commissioner joseph farrow tried to calm community outrage. >> my response as well as the response of my entire command staff was one of grave concern if not shocking. >> reporter: that was the last public comment from the highway patrol. while the investigation continues, the officer has been assigned to desk duty. marlene pinnick has now filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the officer. her attorney wants him to face criminal charges. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. still to come, why you won't be getting some disney movies from amazon. and playing with the big boys. a 13-year-old girl mows them down, pitching her team into the little league world series. jim's hair is perfect. so's his serve. but like up to 90% of us, jim falls short in getting important nutrients from food alone.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. on the cbs money watch, amazon's dispute with disney. and 50 million reasons why buzzfeed is celebrating. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. you may not be able to preorder your favorite disney orders from amazon. the online retailer is blocking some disney preorders on dvd. the squabble is part of amazon's effort to demand pet better terms from his vinders. they're in a similar dispute with a publisher and only recently resolved another with warner brothers. the move is expected to hurt disney profits. investor are hoping the momentum continues after late-week gains. the dow added 57 points last week.
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the nasdaq is up almost 18 points, and the s&p gained 6. buzzfeed is about to get a big boost. the website closed an investment deal with venture capitalist firm anderson horowitz. it's worth $50 million. buzzfeed plans a major expansion in the coming years focused on more high-quality content. and turtle power dominated the box office this weekend. "teenage mutant ninja turtles" nabbed the top spot in its debut weekend with $65 million. paramount already announced plans for a sequel. "guardians of the galaxy" dropped to second with $41.5 million. and "into the storm" came in third with $18 million. anne-marie? >> jill wagner at the new york stock exchange. jill, thanks so much. make it two majors in a row for golfer rory mcilroy. he overcame late challenges from phil mickelson and rickie fowler to win the pga championship in louisville. mcilroy sinks a ten-inch putt on the 18th hole to seal his fourth
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career major victory. and he stays on his game during the trophy presentation, making a nice catch of the lid when it falls. and the boys of summer gathering in williamsport, pennsylvania, for the little league world series better move over. monet davis pitched her team to victory in the mid-atlantic regional championship game. she struck out six and only allowed three hits in a complete game shutout for her philadelphia-based team. davis will be the 17th girl in the little league world series in 68 years. this is the "cbs morning news." a gogurt in there. well mom's not here today so we're doing things dad's way. which means i get... two. (singing) snack time and lunch. (singing) snack time and lunch. gogurt because lunch needs some fun. where the reward was that what if tnew car smelledit card and the freedom of the open road? a card that gave you that "i'm 16 and just got my first car" feeling.
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hoeere's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. it's not the thrill a number
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of roller-coaster riders were expecting. two dozen people including seven kids had to be res cued near th top of a stuck six flags roller coaster in maryland on sunday. it took five hours to get them down from the joker's jinx. no one was hurt. the park still doesn't know what caused the ride to stop. a bird apparently flew into the engine of a jetblue flight that was taxiing to take off from puerto rico. the engine caught fire, and the 186 passengers were evacuated. flight 704, a twin-engine airbus, was headed to new york's kennedy airport saturday night. passengers said they tried to open the emergency exits but were stopped by the crew. no major injuries were reported. and you're not seeing things. the moon looked a little bigger overnight. the supermoon is shining overhead. that happens when a full moon is closest to earth. the next supermoon will happen and coming up after your
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local news on "cbs this morning," the latest on the crisis in iraq. this is the "bs morning news." your joints work hard for you... give them the edge they deserve. new edge from osteo bi-flex® with joint shield™ helps strengthen your joints.° new edge... so you're always ready for action. find it in your vitamin aisle. losing your chex mix too easily? deploy the boring potato chip decoy bag. with a variety of tastes and textures,
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a professor at syracuse university has done something no one has ever seen before. he's grown one tree that will produce 40 kinds of fruit. jeff glor has his story. >> reporter: sam's nursery is a workshop, laboratory and easel all rolled into one. and here he's at work on his masterpiece. a single tree that grows 40 types of fruit. this springtime rendering of what the blossoms will look like is getting attention worldwide. >> it's very flattering. it's amazing, yet it's also overwhelming. so there will be varieties of blossom earlier. >> reporter: van akin, an art professor at syracuse university, grew up on a farm in pennsylvania. a few years ago he learned new york's agricultural experiment
4:26 am
station. 125-year-old institution that preserves and produces fruit was going to rip up its entire stone fruit orchards. so he set out to find a permanent home for varieties that trace back thousands of years. >> when i started, it was a matter of essentially collapsing an entire orchard down onto one tree. that was the practical application for it. >> reporter: that's what this tree is, an entire orchard in one. >> yes. yeah. actually, it's a couple orchards in one. this is the first of the european plums. so that's an early laxtin. >> reporter: an early laxtin? >> yeah, it's from england about 17 -- it's like 18th sentry. >> reporter: i feel historic. growing multiple stone fruits like peaches or plums on one tree is possible because what van akin does perhaps better than anybody is graft. >> so to start the tree, you make a cut. you can see that i cut it so these two pieces line up.
4:27 am
>> reporter: in essence, tricking a tree into adopting a new limb. or in van akin's case, dozens of them. the tree of 40 fruit has been growing for nine years. 14 are installed around the country. most in public places like this one at the center of the syracuse campus. that's burgundy. >> reporter: alive and edible. van akin says his project has grown beyond expectation. perfect. >> there's a pastor in norfolk, virginia, that did a sermon. and a big part of the sermon was using the tree of 40 fruit as a symbol. and to me that was amazing that it reached that far. >> reporter: there's something about it that's biblical. >> oh, definitely. you know, i liken it to the tree of life. it's the beginning of a story. >> that was jeff glor reporting. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," we'll go live to iraq in the
4:28 am
aftermath of the u.s. airstrikes. we'll also get an inside look at isis. plus, more on the latest controversy. and charlie rose shows us his chops with the pops. the "cbs this morning" cohost acts as maestro for the legendary orchestra. that's the "cbs morning news" for this monday. i'm marlie hall. have a great day.
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. today is monday, august 11, good morning, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erica von tiehl. stories we're following today, funeral today for 46 year old connie mcclane murray, day after her husband confessed to strangling her at pennypack park. we're live with the details. >> still no word on whether criminal charges will be filed against race car driver, tony stewart, stewart struck and killed another driver after that driver got out of his car, to confront him this weekend. >> and, for the first time ever, philadelphia sends a little league time to the world series. the taney dragons won on national tv last night clinching a spot in williamsport, we're soaks cited for them. >> that was a great double


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