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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  August 12, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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shoulder. >> 5:29. this morning the death of robin williams has silenced one of the most famous voice. >> his legacy will continue to live on in the hearts of so many that he touched with his laughter. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is in our satellite center right now with more, the tribute to pour in. syma? >> that's right. many expressing shock, after learning about robin williams' death, from hill wood, to right here in philadelphia, fans mourning the loss of this legend. now, news of the actor's death spread quickly, many fans showed to up his house, in northern california, to lay flowers and pay their respects. now, that was also the scene in los angeles, many folks dropped off flowers, notes, shared their thoughts about this comedic idol. for many robin williams was icon, enjoyable to watch on tv and the big screen, for others, he was inspiration. we talked with actors in hollywood, right here at home, who want to follow in his footsteps. >> i was -- after i saw robin
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williams, and just his ability to light up the screen and just he was electric. >> fill say city where there is a huge comedic community, a the love people probably hoped at some point they would have the chance to meet robin williams, and they won't have that opportunity any more. >> and, williams had just signed onto do mrs. doubt fire two which will likely now be canceled, but did he have several other projects in the works n and we have those details coming up a little late he err in the show. erika, ukee? >> thank you so much. robin williams played big role in the this past television season starring in the crazy one. >> can you be serious? >> maybe for a second. sorry. >> i went to hill wood this spring to spends a day on the s i spoke with williams and co-star sarah michelle geller, both had praise, big time praise, for each other and their co-star. >> he is a legend. but he is to us but not in his own minds, if that makes
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sense, the most kind, most gentle soul would do anything for anyone. he is literally the man that would give you the shirt off his back. >> oh, i experienced that first-hand. robin williams also told me one every his favorite people in the world that made him laugh was comedian back in the day, many of you may remember, fellow by the name of jonathan winters, he called jonathan winters a rebel without a cause. you can say the same thing for robin williams. he made so many people laugh on and off the set. by the way cbs issued a statement on the loss of robin williams. it reads, a world has lost the comic genius, gifted actor, and beautiful man. we will remember robin williams as one of the unique talents every his time, who was loved by many, but also as a kind, caring soul, who treated his colleagues and co-workers with great affection and respect. it continues: our heartfelt thoughts and sympathies go out to his family, loved ones, and friends. williams was nominated for an oscar for his role in dead poets society. that movie actually filmed at
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st. andrews school in middletown, delaware, school released a statement saying williams brought humanity and humor to the school during his time filming there. more on robin williams throughout the morning. right now, here's your traffic and weather together. >> today will actually ends up being our most active weather day. today, pretty much the whole day that has some sort of impact on us here, as we will be dodging some wet weather, or looking ahead to the next rounds that's on the wayment we start things offer by taking you out to storm scan3, little snapshot for you here, heavy rain currently falling across portions of berks county, up toward 78, headed towards the northeast extension becomes to get hit with heavier rain, seeing the showers come down steadily along that particular highway. we zoom out, see they're in somewhat after break in the action, it is not going to be a very long lull, however, because we are waiting arrival of passage of the next colds front. that cold front is what's going to help get some up lift going, may end one severe
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weather, along the way, special through the western half of the delaware valley, a possible n terms every rainfall, since august 1, of this month, obviously, so far we've just had couple of tents of an inch of rain here, hasn't really been all that much. normally we would have already had over an inch. we are below average right now, no where close to the threshold required if we were to see drought. so this will be much needed rain, but it isn't anything that's going to lead to any widespread major flooding, may be flashflooding, however, once this gets underway. now, to the board walk plaza other last couple of hours, a lot of people actually out and about enjoying the boardwalk here, you can see couple of folks already running this morning, sort every trying to beat the wet weather. steamy outside, but not raining yet, in quite a few locations, but that will not be the case as the day goes on. eventually everybody gets hit by this. i would highly suggest some kind of rain gear. we're only seeing temperatures later on today climb to the upper 70s, the clouds, the rain of course, really limiting the amount of sunshine we will see, bob, over to you.
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>> i have my cbs-3 umbrella hat. did you gets yours? we have that in the prize closet. i'll get that for you 567:89:35, good morning, everybody, where your umbrella hat, open up the sun roof. starting to see some drops fall here in center city, so about to see the unfolding of a yucky morning rush hour. but, the crews are out full force, last night, our cameras were there on the roosevelt boulevard, as this big project began. as they milan pair the roadway, they will be working on the inner drive of the roosevelt boulevard, they began last night here at ninth street. ninth and adams, phase number one, so the inner drive closed on the overnight, then when they open it back up at around 6:00 in the morning, you will have that uneven surface, the manhole covers are going to be exposed, so little bit of speed bullet p, not good for your alignment or for your tires as you roll up and down the roosevelt boulevard. here is a live look, right at ninth street. you got some left over crews still here, but looks like they got traffic moving again to expect delays north and
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south on the boulevard for the next couple of months. here is live look at the 42 freeway, starting to see pockets of volume come in toward philadelphia, approaching i-295. then on the northeast extension northbound, construction crews are still with us, right near the lansdale interchange. otherwise, the bridges look fine, and mass transit running with though delays. ukee, back over to you. >> bob, thank upment time 5:36. in business news this morning, the newest player in hollywood. >> and also the newest item on burger king's menu. money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, jill, good morning. >> good morning, ukee, erika. here on wall street the rally continued, as tensions seem to be cooling off between russia and ukraine, do you finished up 16 points yesterday, the nasdaq was up 30. chat keith a browns international may have buyer. the banana producer received a by out offer from two brazilian companies, the deal worth about $611 million. investors responded by driving up shares 30%.
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we're learning more today about what buzz feed will do with its $50 million investment money. the social news and entertainment website is getting into the movie business. they're creating buzz feed motion pictures. it produce everything from short, 62nd clings, to feature lent films. and working in conjunction with hollywood studios. now, buzz towed will also expand to some serious news flash forms including some more international news. and chicken fries are hashing again in the burger king coup. they are exactly what they sound like, chicken peas z in the shape of french fries. fast-food chain removed them from the menu two years ago, but customers took to social media to demand bk bring them back. those chicken fries are on the menu while supplies last. ukee, erika? >> do sound good. >> i never had them. >> i'm waiting nor mc rib to come back. sadly, no.
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>> erika, take to social media. you never glow start that campaign. >> tell them you want them back. >> just may have to. processed pork loin, all right. >> thanks, jill. right now 5:38. some positive news on the philadelphia school front. a top pennsylvania lawmaker came to philadelphia, he is thereto discuss the cigarette tax the city needs for its cash strapped school system. pennsylvania health imagine -- house majority leader met with superintendent doctor william hite. after their meeting at school district headquarters, he said he believes schools will open on time. after governor tom corbett advanced the district 26 a million dollars. >> the advancement of the money does, it is of relevance, because it allows all the of the doors to open up as they should, at the proper time. >> majority leader was very concerned about what happened and what's happening here in philadelphia. majority leader also gave us some assurance that is he is going to work very hard to
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ensure that decline cigarette tax bill was passed. >> says there is bipartisan support for the cigarette tax to help the school district. but, the house wants a clean vote on the tax, one that does not include items not related to funding schools. an ohio grandmother sparks social media fire storm over pair of pictures she calls a joke. jacky posted this photo on facebook of her two month old granddaughter with a pacifier ducted taped to her cheeks, and another of the baby in a roasting pan with potatoes. not everyone thought the pictures were funny. police visited the family out of concern of potential child abuse. >> it started over just a joke. you know, put a little bit of tape on the pacifier, because we wanted to share it with the friends. everyone that knows us knows we play around like that. >> she also said she has learn her lesson will not be posting any more posed photos of her granddaughter on line. just can't be doing that in
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general. >> don't be duct taping your babe. >> i right now 5:39. robin williams leaves behind dozens of hit movies and tv shows. >> but he was also working on new project just before his sudden death. now we have sneak peak at what's coming to theatres lalater this year. >> plus, the taney dragons are on their way to the little league world series this week. now they are getting some advice from some well healed and well known big leaguers. katie? >> and erika, looks like the wet letter clear up in time for the dragons out in williamsport. but today here at home it is an active weather day. talking heavy rain, potential for severe weather, and temperatures that can barely warm up at all. full details in your full forecast on the other male announcer: the magic of the bay is waiting. coastal villages,s scenic waterways and the land of our national anthem along the star-spangled banner national historic trail. there's an adventure waiting for you in maryland. land of discovery.
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as the chesapeake campaign visits town festivals up and down our shores. visit presented by at&t. maryland. land of discovery. a lot of people have lost a friends, the death of robin williams,. >> he really just made that movie. >> that he did. such wide spectrum consideration do it all. >> such arrange. >> indeed. >> well, he touched so much lives, fans gathered to pain their respects outside the colorado home of one of williams' most memorable characters. a study -- steady stream of supporters stopped by the mork and mini boulder, others you saw left flowers, messages of sympathy.
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williams got his big break in the enduring alien mork in 1978. >> now, williams legacy lives on in classic roles, but he also left behind several new movies, that have not hit theatres yet. including the third installment in the night at the museum triligy. >> i have no idea what that means. >> williams surprises his role as teddy roosevelt in night at the museum, secret of the too many. due out in theatres in december. now, we also received these new pictures of laughing williams, see the smile on his face there, on the set of merry friggin christmas. comedy about man spending the holidays with his estranged family. that movie will be released in november. so, we have at least more to look forward to to enjoy. >> great work. >> now, never before social media, twitter certainly playing a role in sharing our remembrances. >> we asked of you to tell us your favorite movie. brett baker picked good
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morning viet nam. tweet inspired him to become an armed force broadcaster now his portrait hangs in the pentagon. david, al lad and, tweeting the jeannie, needy say more he probably watched it norman any other mover when i was a kid. >> hashtag, your move chief. >> i their. >> yep. >> connect with cbs philly facebook or twitter pages, use the hashtag cbs-3, let us know what your favorite robin williams movie is. and also, why, too. >> all right, just past 5:43, want to get traffic and weather together. first though we want to check out some flooding, check out storm 4 inches every rain, leaving some of the city streets, and the highways, completely un water. you can see how high that water is, and the tractor-trailer almost completely submerged, to pull over there. police are urging drivers just to stay off of the roadway, and i know, katie we're expecting rain today.
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is that same system? >> absolutely; yep. very good transition therefore us here, we have already start today see heavier rain picking up here in berks county specially, lehigh, northampton, and i would say right now, if you are headed north or headed west, running into heaviest this morning, but this is not it. even as likely and little lull, which you can already see here, there will still be some showers, some thunderstorms, fire up almost any time. now the key here, we have severe weather threat. shear at least the leading edge of the colds front. see how dramatically skies clear out in the back side of this, still see also some of the heavy rain, at least clipping lower michigan. but where ever you end up with some sunny breaks today, that is where you want to be aware of the best potential for severe weather. so, west of the delaware vale, if see sunshine today, that's where we actually have the slight risk for severe weather today, that's where you may end up with the best chance to see some of the big three of
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the severe weather threats that we have looking at win, hail, tore made i can activity, low chance, but still chance. right now the storm prediction center gives it 5% chance for us to even see brief tornado. depends on sunday shine, if the clouds break apart, your best chance. we will all get in on downpours at some point, most every us mainly tonight already seeing that up through the northwestern suburbs, rain amounts, by this early evening, may have over an inch , right now, possibility to pick up more, before said and done, up toward mount pocono region, so so that would be just enough to possibly lead to some flooding, at minimum flashflooding, and essentially all day event, the period for all of us, heaviest the rain, mainly tonight. so it, might help you sleep, tore might keep you awake, one or the other. but looks like that's the time frame where the heaviest, most
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widespread rain will affect us, but the whole day just a little dicey. >> get over it today. >> i'm with you. >> i'm with you. apparently. >> i never have a problem get took sleep. >> neither do i. >> you give me a pillow, bamm, i go to bed before the kids. stant crazy? >> no, we understand. >> they put me to bed. >> can we get a picture that far at some point? >> sure, i'll have that for you tomorrow. live look at the roosevelt p.m., lots of activity happening here over the next couple every months, right now good shape. headlights southbound, between hunting park avenue, down toward the schuylkill expressway. it is that northbound side where they started between ninth and adams, the inner drive will be the scene of the uneven pavement, it goes all the way up to the pennsylvania
5:48 am
turnpike. but looking good right here, let's go downtown, live look at the vine expressway, right near eighth street. no problems or delays, the roads are dry right here, starting to see little sprinkle, as katie just showed us on storm scan3, moved through the area, so the road conditions are going to change as we roll through the morning rush hour. construction south on the new jersey turnpike, right near exit number seven, and mass transit looking good. erika, back to you. >> thank you, philadelphia's taney dragons are waking up in williamsport this morning, getting ready for their first game in the little league world series on friday. >> taney! that's right, the young stars have captured the area's attention with their impressive play. "eyewitness news" reporter mat rivers shows you, they even made an impression on some big leaguers. >> the boys and girl of summer. phillies own taney dragons book their ticket to williamsport behind another shut out performance by pitcher monet dave us. >> glad to see somebody from
5:49 am
pennsylvania if there. >> the team might already be in williamsport. >> i hope you guys win the game. >> but they weren't far from the minds of fans at monday's game. >> i saw in them the toughness ingredient to get them this far. >> local umpire, said her fast booed is as fast as tides dollars and remembering asking her catcher for a favor. >> please, do not miss that baseball. >> for your sake. >> yes. >> the taney team wins all over the place, and monday, the 50-50 ravel proceeds went straight to the team. >> speaking of phillies, the city proud of you, no matter what the outcome is, but have a chance to do great things. just go there, enjoy it. >> even the big leaguers were talking about their little counterparts. >> be ready for the moment. have fun, play hard, bring a
5:50 am
championship to philadelphia. >> it is the much needed good news for a city that's had a rough summer. we have covered a lot of vigils for a loft children taken too soon. so beyond shut-outs, and strikeouts, this team is just a bunch of kids having fun, exactly with a kids should be doing, in the summertime. >> they need this to show that, you know, you could have a good time. it is okay to laugh. it is okay to have a good time. >> we asked taney's coach what his expectation for his team are over the next few days, and he said, look, the goal has always been to make it to williamsport. anything they do while they are there, just icing on the cake after great summer. outside of citizens bank park, matt rivers, "eyewitness news". >> wow they need. >> this we all need this. >> goal accomplished, they've made it. >> by the way the dragons aren't the only baseball stars in the news this morning, you have to see the incredible catch a fan made from the stands. >> this is a good catch. also ahead, bob and katie have one more check on your traffic and weather together on the 3's, and that is wet start to your morning, but will you need the umbrella all day?
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katie has the answer whether we come right back.
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>> 5:53. looking at a wet day. do you think it will be a wash out for us? i know we have to bring the umbrella. >> i would say you definately want to have the umbrella ready to go as soon as you hit the road. even though we will see certain periods of time produced likely the heaviest and the of rain, most widespread amounts every rain, this will be one of those days where it is kind of off and on throughout the day. very well define storm system out here right now. we look at storm scan3, at the local level, already, seeing some heavier doses of rain up through the northern most suburbs, certainly some showers, though, through southern new jersey, i would say, cape may county, for example. but watch for off and on any time today. 79 degrees your expected high today. we are expecting the potential at least for some severe weather. be aware sunshine, if you see
5:54 am
the clouds break, you have better chance for that instability to be produced. by tomorrow we are starting to clear out. bob. >> morning, everybody, 5:54, starting to see rain move through the area, depending upon where you step out the front door, and where you're going. wipe letters get used at some point during the morning rush hour. here is live look at i95, right near the girard point double decker, in the background, folks on the right here headed down toward the airport. if you are headed to the airport this morning, no delays at the moment. but as that rain rolls through, i'm going to bet awe jelly donut that we will start to see some delays throughout the day at philly international. live look downtown, the schuylkill expressway, the skyline looking good in the background, no problems or delays here, at least, at the moment. and we have an accident along the bethlehem pike right at wise avenue. we'll check mass transit with welonghorn knows what happens when you cross state lines. things get interesting. introducing new steaks across america, like the new kansas city bbq sirloin for $12.99 or the texas 3 chili pepper ribeye, drizzled with onion straws.
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>> we just have to slow awe great play from yesterday's brewers-cubs game at wrigley fields. >> this great play was not on
5:57 am
the field. it is a long drive by brewers mark reynolds, watch the catch by 65 year old mike pull end, sitting in the back row. do you see that? back row of the bleachers, wearing his glove. good thing he brought it with him. he brings it back, incredible catch. there it is, one more time. oh, man. >> perfect, 65 and he's got skill. >> oh, and he also pulled a switch. he catch the game ball, through back a a spare. >> the switcheroonai. >> we'll be right back.
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good morning, everyone, this morning, we remember an actor whose comedic style made him one every television and films' brightest stars. >> robin williams found dead inside his bay area home yesterday, where officials believe he took his own life.
6:00 am
an official cause every death will be determined following an autopsy. that is schedule for later today. williams reportedly suffered from severe depression. last month, the oscar winner announced he was reporting to rehab for the treatment of substance abuse. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry joins us now from our satellite center more on how the world is reacting to the lost after icon. syma? >> that's right. shock and saddened, that's how many are feeling, this morning, from fans, to celebrities, many folks sharing their thoughts on robin williams. >> you do ... >> reporter: fans all over the country mourning the loss of a comedic legend, layers flower at robin williams home and his star on the hollywood walk of fame to honor the actor who passed away suddenly. >> my hero has passed. i just wanted to be a part of it and near it and near


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