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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 13, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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> tonight, our eyes is on the tomorrow. williamsport witness news on the atlantic city boardwalk. the rain came down in sheets there this evening. also we were in wilmington, the rain there not as severe, but the umbrellas were still up. developing at 11 a flash flood warning in effect. i'm chris may. >> let's get right over to kate.
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where are the trouble spots right now. >> well, chris and jessica, the trouble spots remain in cumberland county, now also portions of atlantic county as well. heavy rain continues to move through the area. it almost looks to me as if the center of low pressure is trying to develop off the delmarva. try to pivot that band of rain a little bit closer to philadelphia and into central new jersey, but again the areas that are hardest hit include portions of cumberland county. we're still tracking showers and storms along the old front. we are far from done yet. let's zoom in again on the heaviest spots. you can see the heavy red and orange shading there indicating where the heaviest rain is currently falling and it does include the city of vineland, right along hammonton. millville has had an insane amount of rain tonight.
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numerous cars reported stranded on 47 in millville and vineland. the millville airport, get this has had over a half a foot of rain tonight, six and a half inches and more is still falling there now. the flash flood warning has been extended to include much of atlantic county. you're all in a flash flood warning for at least the next hour or two. millville 6.57 inches of rain so far tonight. middletown, delaware, 3.05. glass go, 2.33 and about two inches of rain in odessa. the low moving areas of heavy rain continues. watch those smaller streams and creeks. i'll have more and better news and the rest of your forecast coming up. chris x back over to you. >> kate, thanks very much. this is a big system and it dumped several inches of rain to
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our south. this is video of a rescue from cease incorporate ton, m. heavily flooding also caused travel delays at the airport today. > here's a messy situation in detroit. an entire highway had been flooded. they had to remove the muddy cars and clean up that road. today revel folded its hand in atlantic city. revel will close its doors on september 10. the latest list of failed shore casinos. this one will lead to 3,000 lost jobs. let's take a look at the impact that this will have beyond the boardwalk rvelings from st. george's public in brigantine. everybody is really upset about it. to curt did i's auto repair in galloway. all eyes are on their neighbors
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in atlantic city. revel and trump plaza are set to close in september. the immediate impact the loss of some thousand 8,000 jobs from the boardwalk. it's going to be a triple fact because you're going to have people that can't afford to go out to eat anymore. it's been hard all around for everybody. for now managers at saint george's public remain hopeful, as done tara may. revel officials in the meantime issued a statement which red in part, while we continue to hope for a sale of revel, in some form through the pending bankruptcy process revel cannot avoid an ordinarily wind down of the business at this time. back in galloway, the mayor who also owns three businesses in town with the ultimate impact still unclear, he, too, choices to remain optimistic.
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>> there are so many people that are concentrating on making this happen in a few years we're going to look back and say, at luntic city, that was close, but look at us now. they all agree, revel may be closing, but they fully expect this building to be revived in some form. so they all told us, stay tuned. reporting in atlantic city, i'm elizabeth hur, eyewitness news. > governor chris christie was one of those who bet on revel before it opened. revel never turned a profit. new at 11 tonight, the governor spoke about revel's future during a trip to maine. >> listen, i don't think that's a done deal. we'll have to see. the fact is, the casino business has become a very competitive business. when atlantic city was built up to the extent it was, it was the
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mow knopliest of the mississippi. tonight, hollywood is mourning the loss of yet another of its legends, the actress lauren what california has died. she partnered with her then husband hum friday bogart in classics like key largo and to have or have not. lauren shied not only on screen, but on stage. she died in her home in new york. lauren was 89. > we learned of her passing as the entertainment community continued to mourn the death of robin williams. we heard more about the battle he fought for years behind the laughter. >> the call came in just before noon on monday. >> the caller was distraught and
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indicated at that time there was an apparent suicide due to a hanging. just minutes later robin williams was pronounced dead. >> according to mar rine county officials williams' wife left her home thinking her husband still asleep. assistant found williams after the actor wouldn't answer the door. first responders discovered superficial cuts on williams' wrists. >> superficial wounds were not the preliminary cause of death. for years williams battled depression and addiction. earlier this summer he checked into rehab in an effort to maintain his sobriety. >> he was open about his struggles. that quick with it and unparalleled was remembered by by friends. >> he's gone way too soon. he was very talented. the national port trait gallery in washington d.c. celebrated
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the beloved comic with a photo from 1979. and then there were the fans. robin williams' name was tweeted 8 million times as news spread about his death. for so many, this was the tweet that said it all, from the motion picture academy, a phot oaf aladdin hugging jeanie, voice by williams, the caption, jeanie, you're free. >> officials now await the results of a toxicology report and that could take two to six weeks. >> coming up in just a few minutes, a closer look at depression and why something as simple as a person's age. today they visited saint andrew's school in delaware. that is where many of the shots were shot from pow et cetera of society. my most vivid memory is of --
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sort of like a dual memory, one of him in a circle of young actors giving them sticks. they were just rolling with laughter. the other side of that was watching him sort of standing off by himself for an extended period of time. the film robin williams played an english teacher who in expired his students to be individuals and seize the day. you can stay with eyewitness news and cbs for the latest developments. you can share your favorite memories,. new at 11:00 tonight a daring escape from a fire for disabled veterans in chester t. eyewitness on mode owe lane. the flames started in a kitchen inside of epa apartment on the second floor. the tenant whose wheelchair bound threw himself out a window to escape the flames falling about 20 feet. firefighters quickly brought the fire under control. only the one unit was damaged.
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also tonight a search is underway for a hit and run driver who hit a teenager on oxford circle. this happened around 7:00. the victim is being treated for a leg injury at chop. philadelphia police are looking for a charcoal color nissan pathfinder that sprinted away from the scene. an off duty police officer died on the pennsylvania turnpike today. authorities say that 33 year old set lost control and hit a guardrail. officer sell fox was assigned to philadelphia's 39th district. tomorrow, philadelphia will make its most important pitch yet in an effort to host the 2016 democratic national convention. we'll have some committee members here. let's take a look at some of the places they'll be visiting tomorrow. they'll tart the day at rad son blue. and then they'll have some lunch
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at pat's stakes. followed by reading terminal and independence hall. this is all part of the two-day tour to check out the city. city leaders are confident that philadelphia experience will give the city a boost. we tried to get it three years ago, but now the mayor said he's ready to go and i asked remember del to be the cheerleader and he agreed so i think we'll going to be successful. philadelphia is competing with brooklyn, birmingham, columbus and phoenix. > a trip to see the dragons in the little league hot series is the hottest ticket in towns. fans are filling up buses to williamsport to seatly l l leaguers in action. it starts off with a parade and the first time is on friday. be sure to stop by
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you can buy hats and everything you need to cheer on the drag once. >> still on the way, a story you can't afford to miss, the new type of identity theft that could leave you broke and even make you sick. >> millions fell victim last year. >> why criminals are trying to get their hands on your insure and answer card. caught on video, a turtle in danger and the coast guard action that set it free. > we still got heavy rain pushing through the area tonight and to tomorrow morning, but then the sunday returns. >> the eagles and new england practicing with the patriots. leading up to preseason game friday nievment i'll tell you why these games are very important beyond the xs and os. terrifying moments caught on tape as a baby stroller rolls onto subway tracks. coming right
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back on eyewitness with remarkable video from the us coast guard. they worked to rescue an 800-pound leather backed turtle. the turtle had become trapped in a fishing net. it was about 35 miles off the coast of brigantine. some held the turtle while others worked to loosen the neck. they were successful. the turtle was free and back down into the ocean. very grateful. do you remember seeing these atop the brooklyn bridge? now two artists present germany are claiming responsibility. they replaced the american flags with these faded white banners, the incident experimentally exposed security issues. the artists say that they switched the flags early on july 22 to commemorate the german ruing.
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he is the architect of the brooklyn bridge. >> just continue bieber is headed for more anger management courses. they will agree that bieber will agree to a plea deal in connection with his dui charges. bieber will have to attend private anger management classes. we return now to the coverage of the death of robin williams. williams had a long history of depression and substance abuse and both of those things can race the risk of suicide. but experts we talked to say his age could have also been a factor. williams was 63 years old and experts say suicide amorning adults is hire. psychologists say it's important to talk about mental health issues and let people know there is help available. they may drink alcohol or use drugs as a method to escape from
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the stress of reality in life and in combination with each other we know there's a significantly increased risk for sue sigh. if you need help or if someone you know needs help you can go to cbs it has a hotline that is tafd around the clock. we have an important warning about your identity. we all know who protect our passwords, our bank accounts and of course our social security, but there is another card in your wallet that is a hot ticket for thieves. >> in the wrong hands, it could be worth a fortune. it is of more val unyour credit card. it provides access to our most personal information. it's the health insurance card and the identities of those people are worth money to them and it's a lucrative process. anyone can steal your insurance card and use it to pose as you to get free medical treatments and more. visit a doctor, to take out prescriptions. more and million people were victims of this type of identity
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theft in 2013 alone. it's a crime that is on the rice. they point to the high cost of healthcare as a contributing factor. what's worse few people even realize they've been victimized until it's too late. you receive a bill from a doctor for a service that you never received even a written notice for medical death. there's more than identity theft. you may be treated when you're not conscious, when your family is not around and there's nothing more to go around than what is in your medical records. if that medical record is not accurate, wrong decisions can be made. this is why we need to protect our identification card. review your medical records as well as your medical bills. look at the date of service. look at the provider's name. if that doesn't look like someone that you have seen or associated with your care, then ask the question. medical identity theft can also
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put you at risk of being denied future insurance because of a preexisting condition, one that you don't actually have. well, now to a terrifying scene caught on tape, a baby stroller goes into a sub line. a child is inside. this happened just last month in london. police just released the video today. the baby's father apparently left the bottom to help other family members and a gust of wind blew it toward the tracks. they jumped down, and just seconds later the train pulled up to the platform. in the end everyone was okay. kate is here with us now. the rain ceps coming. >> it just keeps reforming over the same spots and now millville which has already gotten over six inches of rain they're under a severe thunderstorm warning. a lot going on in the weather tonight. we've got everything from flooding rain to again now a
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severe thunderstorm warning to eel to right about. we'll start with a look at storm scan 3 and you can see our south and east zones, portions of delaware and south years i. we do still showers and storms in western and central pennsylvania that are still heading our way and a little bit of rain has tarted to intensify over but, county. the rain up around reading which is starting to push in. what i want to do now is zoom in on cumberland county. some spots have seen over six inches of rain. this little hook shape, that is a strong to severe thunderstorm. it is moving into portions of atlantic county. we do have a severe thund warning for that cell. it doesn't look like much much. the areas included just south of vineland, millville, biewn a, and that goes through about 12678. 30:00 a.m. this storm in addition to the very heavy rain could have wind
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gusts in excess of 60 miles per hour. just a terrible night down across portions of cumberland county with a flash flood warning remains into effect. it goes for about until 2:00 a.m. you see the ping and purple shading that's five plus inches of rain. in millville that number was actually from earlier. we've had six and a half inches of rain and it is still raining. at the boardwalk plaza you can see the rain came in and then it let up and then it came back in. it was a very active day for many of our shore points, especially to south and east. again, cape may and atlantic county is hardest eat. you can see showers and storms will continue right through the overnight and into the early morning, but the good news is once we get through this it turns much nicer for the remainder of the week with temperatures back into the low 80s and pleasant conditions expected as we head through our
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thursday and friday. so it clears out tomorrow. tomorrow some morning rain down the shore and then sunshine, breezy and pleasant at 82. we could get some rain and even a rumble of thunder at 70-degrees. tomorrow after a morning shower or two we'll get sunshine back. 84 will be the high. the shore, much nicer conditions thursday and friday. mid 80s and sunshine this even. we're back to heat and
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> eagles fans, a little surprised by the penalties and interceptions in last week's preseason opener in chicago. the sloppy play was to be expected given the fact that they don't tackle our block live in practice, but there is a plan. they are using preseason games to get in life tacking and blocking form. the birds in new england practicing with the patriots leading up to preseason game
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number two friday at fox borrow. practicing against one of the best coached teams in football and maybe the best quarterback. >> he's a competitor so he's going to come out and compete every time he's between the white lines. it's great for us to go out there. the eagles prioritize their goals and they have two that must be achieved in training camp. teach assignments april get the millionaire assets to the regular season healthy. i'm expecting the time against the pats to up the intensity. that should cut down on the penalties. i'm expecting the players to bond the way living and training away from home does for teams, especially important now that they trained at home at the novacare complex. >> at this time in training camp to, to be able to work our scheme and we're really not game planning, but work our scheme against a different opponent, it's very valuable for us. >> the eagles eat smart, get the
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proper rest they have an interpersonal skills giew are you which is to help the players interact in the most effective way. the 75 per hour fast ball helped the drag once to the little world series. congratulations on making. that's awesome. i heard you're ready for a pitch off. i don't know exactly what that means, but i'm prepared. i'm ready for whenever you can make it out to la. let me know. she plays sports in south philly. the first game is friday afternoon. go craig
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tomorrow is a big day in at
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atlantic i be city. spectators will pack the beach for thunder over the boardwalk. today they practiced the us thupped storms practice session. officials are hoping that practice makes perfect and so do we. hundreds of mesh of america's best wheelchair athletes are competing right here in philadelphia. the national veterans wheelchair games are underway. eyewitness news at the pennsylvania convention center where the opening ceremonies were held tonight. the games are open for military vets who use wheelchairs for sports competition. it contains 18 sports events. good luck to everyone. we'll be right back.
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> thanks for witnessing eyewitness news at 11. it continues tomorrow tomorrow. you can always find us at cbs fill the late show with david letter man is next. the late show with david letter man is next. have a great night. >> if you've ever wanted to go out there and learn how to make big money flipping houses or learn how to accumulate profits with rentaus


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