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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 13, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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good morning. >> i obviously do not need the umbrella right now. it is more hit and miss. the worst is absolutely, done. don't worry about any additional flooding concerns but with that said we do still have a number of advisories and warnings that we have just mentioned that we will walk you through. storm scan three shows wide zoom here and actual center of circulation with the storm that brought us all this rain well up a across quebec here but what we need to have happies a cold front to get out of here. when we zero in on our area you can see we certainly do still have lingering rain out there, primarily at this point confined just east of the 476 corridor there heading up the northeast extension but the brunt, it is done, again there may be a lingering shower as morning progresses but a lot of times we have a delayed reaction with flooding. is there i still a flood warning that stays in effect until 8:30 across southern branch of new jersey here where we got hit with inches upon inches of rain.
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lets look at the numbers. we have mentioned atlantic city. that is a daily record squashing the previous record setback in 1901, we got five and a half plus inches there, nearly 5 inches in chats worth, barnegat light over 3 inches. 2 inches is certainly enough in woodbine to have led to flash flooding. here's where we stan right now, wind shifting, haphazard at the moment. we have west, north east, south south east but it is a shift, yesterday was straight up out of the south east if you with time we will see a cooler air mass begin to take over but we will see more sunshine and we will start to feel humidity dropping off. it is not too terrible on the sky deck, i can tell thaw much but we do expect to see it get more comfortable as the day goes on. bob, back into you. everything is wet from the rain we had last night so be ready for that rolling out of the driveway, maybe wipers once or twice on your way to the office. lets look live as we say good morning to northeast philadelphia, i-95 right here
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near cottman avenue headlights north bound between cottman avenue and academy road. the let's go downtown a live look at vine street expressway no problems in or out of center city. rest of the major roadways off to a quiet start, schuylkill expressway looking good in problems here on 422, rolling in to king have of prussia davisville road, and watch for the traffic lights, police are on the scene there and high water from rain closing route 77, this morning right at bridgeton avenue in the heart of the bridgeton, use route 606, into south jersey or philadelphia, light role so far, on both 55 and 42 and just watch ites specially on the construction zones, it is tough to see lane markers in the dark. when roads are wet, otherwise mass transit looking good, ukee, back to you you. police in delaware are on the hunt for two men wanted in a triple shooting in wilmington. police say it was just after
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11:30 when two gunman opened fire inside home on the 400 block of north monroe street and then than ran away. all three victims were rushed to the hospital. police are interviewing witnesses, there is in word what sparked the shooting. more breaking news search for two suspects who held up a flange for 7-eleven this morning, pistol whipping the the clerk. "eyewitness news" on the 5,000 block of oxford avenue and right now police are analyzing surveillance video, neither suspect wore a mask, the clerk is in stable condition we're told and is expect to be okay. well, this morning philadelphia police are mourning loss of one of their own, police officer seth stillfox of the 39th district died yesterday in the motorcycle crash. it happened along the pennsylvania turnpike in newville cumberland county. officer stillfox was 33 years old, erika. police in south jersey remain on high alert one day after someone riddled the west deptford police department with bullets.
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fortunately in one was hurt in the brazen ago of violence. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry joins us from the police station with surveillance video of that suspect's car, syma, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police are calling this suspect brazen and say they cannot believe that this person had the audacity to come here and shoot up the west deptford police station. now a reward of more than $25,000 is being offered for that person's arrest. business deptford police didn't to have travel very far for this crime scene. someone fired seven shots, and, five of the bullets hit a door leaning inside the station. >> he did a great job getting cover, he didn't get rushing out the back door. >> he was very vigilant or experienced officer with 19 years experience. >> police are working to enhance this grain i surveillance video they say shows, the dark colored sedan.
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they say video also shows, the same vehicle casing out their headquarters from the nearby library parking lot. police stepped up patrols in the area and authorities say they will do whatever it takes to catch the shooter. >> we will follow-up every lead that we have, and every, and every contact we have made, over past couple weeks. >> and again, the reward has increased to $25,000. if you have any information, contact the police. we are live from west tend forward syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". happening today a preliminary hearing for two men charged in the hit and run deaths of the mother and three children last month. suspect, jonathan, and cornelius crawford are accused of carjacking a 45 year-old woman in germantown and sexually assault ago this victim. they lost control of the reek will and hit keisha williams and her three children. children died that day, their mother passed last week. happening today, the city of brotherly love is pulling out all of the stops to
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convince committee mens to bring 2016 democratic national convention right here. the the convention's committee members are in town over the next few days, they will hit all of our local historical landmarks and venues to make sure philadelphia can pull off the event. they say that they are confident that they can. >> we tried to get it three years ago but now the mayor says he is ready to go and i asked rendell to be the the cheerleader which he is the best cheerleader we have and he agreed. i think we will be successful. >> committee members are invited to hit the iconic rocky steps at the art museum. we will see if they will run up them or not. philadelphia is competing brooklyn, birmingham, columbus and phoenix. well, atlantic city's newest casino will be soon closing its doors. revel announced it will shut down september 10th leaving more than 3,000 employees without a job. "eyewitness news" reporter elizabeth hur looks at the impact the close another could have on and off the the boards. >> reporter: from saint georges pub in brigantine. >> everybody is upset.
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>> reporter: to this ought owe repair in galloway. >> huge impact. >> all eyes are on their neighbors in atlantic city with revel the latest casino to confirm, it is closing, the the atlantic club closed in january, show boat is next and then revel and trump plaza are set to close in september. the immediate impact the loss of some 8,000 jobs from the boardwalk. >> it is going to be a trickle effect because you will have people that cannot afford to go out to eat anymore. >> there are every day customers, and it has been hard all around for everybody. >> reporter: for now managers at saint georgees pub remain hopeful as does tara who works at revel. >> it is it, i will be okay. >> reporter: revel officials in the meantime issued a statement which read in part while we continue to hope for a sale of revel in some form, through the pending bankruptcy process, revel cannot avoid an orderly wind down of the business at this time. back in galloway, the mayor who also owns three businessness town was the ultimate impact, still
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unclear, he too chooses to remain optimistic. >> the the vision i would have is you know, there is so many people that are concentrating on making this happen. then in a few years we will look back and say you know what atlantic city that was close but look at us now. >> reporter: it is true the the mayor of atlantic city as well as casino experts we talked to they all agree, revel may be closing but they fully expect this building to be revived in some form, but they all told us, stay tune. reporting from atlantic city i'm elizabeth hur, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> looking to get outside after yesterday's rain you may want to head to the shore. thousands are expected to attend the atlantic city air show today. watch all of the action, for free from anywhere on the beach, boardwalk and the fun does in the stop there, a week full of events for the whole family, runs through saturday. those are always so much fun. >> they have taken news reporters up from time to time. >> was that. >> no i i'm not going up there
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with that roll. >> that looks like so much fun to me. >> that roll are you serious. >> before lunch, not after lunch. >> anytime for me. >> our time 5:09. causing trouble in other parts of the country but no where as dramatic as nebraska where flood waters suddenly rush into a hospital, we will show you more next. also ahead hollywood mourning yet another ledge then morning actress lauren bacall has died, we will look back at her incredible career. and, justin beiber grease to plead guilty in the florida street racing case but what does that mean for the troubled star? find out where he is headed next when we come back, katie? of course, we have a lot of rain, you can still see it over my shoulder here but what are we left with at this point? are we done yet? in short, we're not, i'll have the reason why but we will talk about much nicer weather down the road, full
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it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake.
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i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at justin beiber voids prison time by accepting a plea deal in his miami dui case. the associated press and my aim hurled are both report ago this beiber will plead guilty to misdemeanor charges and dui charge will be dropped. but, as a requirement have of the deal he will have to have attend private anger management classes and make a charitable donation. after waiting 17 years for o.j. simpson to pay a nine million-dollar wrongful death judgment ron golan's mother is selling her right to the carbon line. sharon roofo listed judgment on judgment a winning bidder would now take on the risk of collecting from the ex-football star. meanwhile simpson has been in placed in nevada prison since 2008 on the robbery and kidnapping convictions, ukee. they caused flash floods
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for a reason. security footage shows moment flood waters came rushing in the nebraska hospital. 9 feet of water burst through the locked cafeteria doors sending tables and chairs float ago way like something out of the film. luckily in one was hurt and the the flood waters did not reach any patient areas. well, imagine backing out of the parking lot feeling a thump and noticing you are going deeper and deeper in to a sink hole, that is what happened to a with man in pittsburgh. natalie called out for help when she could not get out of her car. someone came to her rescue pulling her out of the driver's side window. officials say yesterday's rain in that area, could be, to blame. 5:13. here's traffic and weather on the three's. that rain is wreaking havoc. >> it did, part of the problem was this was a system and still is a system that is moving very sluggishly, so, you know, we have seen systems come through with moisture before but when they sit over you longer then other ones do
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they obviously can dump more rain because they have more time to work with and that is kind of what ended up going on. we will look at storm scan three, take a look back to yesterday, at 5:10 or so in the morning. we were already dealing with rain across berks county, lehigh valley. we have got a break late in the morning, mostly in new jersey didn't have anything for a few hours but then here's what brought flooding to baltimore. that heavy dose of rain the in the d.c. area, similar scenario, and all of it just moved right over new jersey and delaware. now as a result we will end up with inches upon inches of rain in those spots. here's where we will stan right now. you can see lingering rain but for the most part we have since started to clear out. there is a break in the cloud cover, if you look up to the sky here right now and a little bit of moon light shining through. just a little. it doesn't mean we are done just yet. dew points are still high is there still moisture in the atmosphere and this front isn't completely gone. keep in mind bench mark where it feels humid is 65.
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just that we are above that in most spots means it is feeling humid out there but levels of pollen do stay low. it is a nice trade off there. ragweed is in the picture for us, so is, the nettell and grasses but we will spike on friday because high pressure takes the lead and it will sit in place here for a couple days. tomorrow is there a secondary front that comes through. i could see a shower around pocono region as day goes on but we should stay dry and sunny every where else and then come friday 79 degrees. little bit of the drop off, because of that front and it should be a really nice day, bob, over to you. 5:15, good morning. pretty good shape on our major roadways, everything is dam from all that rain yesterday. lets go outside to one accident, this is along the lincoln drive, between the kelly drive and gypsy lane, lincoln drive is a tough road to begin w throw some water and overnight you can get slippery here. watch for police on the scene at the the lincoln drive near kelly drive.
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schuylkill expressway looking good, live look here at south street no problems from south philadelphia all the way out to king of prussia, we're in good shape there. down tree in the neighborhood just outside of kenneth square, mill red shut down off of route 52. watch it as you are coming out through neighborhoods there could be a down tree, a tree branch or debris in the roadway from the storms that rolled through yesterday, and on the overnight, where we're the the trail blazers, first ones out of the house here this morning. lancaster avenue route 30 at paoli pike, watch for construction beginning at 9:00 o'clock today for the gang in delaware. no problems up and through wilmington. keep in mind though that extra volume still using i-95 north to avoid the north 495 closure. if you head south, down towards wilmington you are in good shape no problems up and over that delaware memorial bridge and the the 42 freeway again looking good, heading in towards philadelphia, and mass transit running with no delays, erika, back to you. we have some breaking news right now topping our headlines, police in wilmington are searching for
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two gunman. we're told they opened fire inside a home earlier this morning. three people inside were injured, they are now at christiana hospital, and at this hour. philadelphia police are searching for the robbers who pistol whipped a clerk at this 7-eleven in frankford. the clerk was in the seriously injured and police hope surveillance video will help them track down the suspect. and another 130 u.s. troops are in iraq. they will advise government officials on the humanitarian crisis facing thousands of displaced iraqis. your time is 5:17. surprising discovery inside a wal-mart store. find out what was found living in the baby aisle when we come right back. also ahead what started out as a routine traffic stop ended with the police officer saving a driver's life, dramatic video of what was happening behind the wheel, next.
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on the healthwatch another west african nation has closed its border in an attempt to halt spread of the deadly ebola virus. they closed boarder with see era leon and liberia but now
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it has left many travelers stranded trying to get back to their home country. the ebola virus has killed 1,000 people in four west african nations so far this year. as the ebola crisis continues to ravage west africa one u.s. company is working to make its experimental vaccine available to human. new link genetics in iowa has sign a contract with the u.s. department of defense. cot says the newly developed vaccine has been 100 percent effective when tested on primates, they will use their contract money to put a rush on human studies, and clinical trials. well, it started as a routine traffic stop in michigan but ended with an officer saving a driver's life and the whole thing was caught on camera too. when officer jason gates approached the car he noticed the woman was choking. gates said she thought she was trying to get out of the ticket until he realized she was barely breathing because she had a piece of sausage lodged in her throat. >> i got her out and used
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heimlich for the the first time in my nine year police career. i'm just glad that i was able to help her in that moment. >> you can see her reaction afterwards. officer gates says woman was very thankful after she calmed down a bit. he says he didn't do anything special he was just simply doing his job. >> protect and serve right there. >> texas teen is back in the care of relatives after he was found living inside of a wal-mart. >> do you believe that good 14 year-old had been there for four days. he lived in the aisle with the baby strollers. he took guidance from the store from eat and drink and during daylight hours he even changed his clothes every couple hours to avoid detection, and get this, he then had a pet fish with him. customers just could not believe it. >> wal-mart there is someone living there and been living there for four days. that is crazy. >> i'm wondering what his parents think and how come he didn't come home or why aren't they worried about him. >> good question. authorities say the boy lived
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with relatives but was staying with other relatives when he disappeared. he has mountain said anything about the matter at least not publicly. there is no indication right now that wal-mart will press any charges but that is a good question why isn't the family war that i had this boy went missing. >> there is a deeper story to that. aim he she your there is. 52:00 two. big parade for tanen dragons and world cup star gives the jersey to a young fan. we will that have next in sports. also, school will be back in session before we know it, kids putting their fingers in the ear right now. don't want to think about it this morning we are getting a lesson in the best tablets for students. stay tuned for that coming up. we will
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we have our traffic and weather together and we will check with katie. more rain today, katie.
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>> we have a lingering shower out there. it is transition day for our area while there will still be a lingering shower or pocket of steady rain the worst is over. i can at least come bearing that better weather news. down the road it looks so much better in time. in atlantic city we have air show going on today that looks like it will be a much better day, yes, lingering shower is still possible and still see lingering rain, flat out rain, at this point moving along 78 if you are perhaps heading east bound towards new york city. otherwise just some lingering damp roads on that northeast extension and every where else. today is brighter. we should see more sun then yesterday. we will warm up more readily to 84. tomorrow a secondary cold front comes through, i think we will keep sunshine across most of the board it will knock temperatures back on friday and i cannot rule out a shower here and there up towards poconos tomorrow. otherwise this is pattern that only gets better with time, bob. >> 5:26. we're in good shape. we're wet behind the ears. be ready for rain drops on the
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windshield rolling out of the driveway. live look at lincoln drive and kelly drive an accident and police are on the scene. 422, 202 in good shape rolling in towards king of prussia this morning. busy next couple of nights in the stadium area. we will take one day at a time, one direction tonight, pack nothing lincoln financial field. that will impact our evening rush hour, big time, parents dropping the kids off, where are we going to go after we drop the kids off? >> you name it. >> we're going to the concert man, come on. >> we will drop ukee and katie off at the concert later on tonight. mass transit looking good. here's ukee with a look at sports. i'm laughing up here. phillies play another late game tonight, angels 12 game winner jared weaver tossed the first pitch 10:05 eastern time. marlon byrd two out, rbi put phillies up two to nothing in the innings inning but angels got back in it big time.
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coal calhoun hit a home run. by the time half inning was over, age a also scored seven runs. that was your final seven-two. aj burnett gets start for fightins later tonight. thirteen year-old monet davis and taney dragons will take part in williamsport's little league world series parade today. "eyewitness news" will be their life, on the scene, at 5:00 and 6:00 o'clock. check it out. monet is only the 13th girl to take part in the williamsport tournament. she's challenging los angeles dodgers superstar clayton kerr shaw to a pitch off. >> congratulations on making to it williamsport. such a cool thing for to you do such a fun opportunity. i heard you are ready for a pitch off. i don't know exactly what that means but i'm prepared, or ready whenever you can make it out to l.a., let me know. >> i'm thinking 20 pitches and can throw the most strikes. >> i like it.
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>> they are celebrating south philly superstar, taney plays a team from south nashville from williams villone friday. let's go dragons. good luck. can't wait for friday. >> i can't wait for the pitch off that would be great. dragons are likely grabbing souvenirs they can to remember their trip to williamsport. >> young soccer fan got quite a souvenir the other night too. it happened sunday night after the mls game between seattle sounders and houston dynamo. do you see what happened there, the mom looked shocked, u.s. national team star clint dempsey gave a fan for a handful of popcorn. >> wow, what. >> do you see soccer star come over and start doing this, yes. >> that was pretty wild. >> just for some popcorn. >> is what up. >> our time 5:28. >> coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news",, flash flooding caused big problems in our area and all across the nation. we even broke some rain records in our area overnight.
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we will take a look at the best video for you. also this. >> you know you kiss, you just put your lips together ape blow. >> that must be one of her most famous lines. >> no question. >> remembering a legend that huskie voice was her trade america and she was call the look but do you know how lauren bacall got her start in hollywood. this morning we will look back at her career. bob and katie return with traffic and weather together. we will do it of course on the three'
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