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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  August 13, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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this morning in, police in west deptford, new jersey are
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reviewing this new surveillance video to track down the person who fired several round at the police station. some of these bullets event went through a door and now a hefty reward is offered to find a gunman. flash flooding, much of the nation is drying out and cleaning up this morning, we will take a look at the areas hardest hit. first though lets check with katie and bob and get traffic and weather together. good morning, bob. >> very same system that affected us brought in flooding and many other big cities across the united states. we will track this system for you, you can still see activity, but we are still starting to clear out. we will time that transition for you, coming up in a few minutes, bob. 5:32. everything is wet from all that rain, you may encounter down tree branch or trash can lid blowing around the neighborhood but things are quiet, except right here an accident on the lincoln drive, between the kelly drive, and gypsy lane, you can see one car there slowly passing the police vehicle. we will check out rest of the
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roads and mass transit coming up next, erika, good morning. >> it is expect to be a wash out wednesday across parts of the northeast. more flooding is expect a day after powerful storms dumped several inches of rain in an hour in some places. don champion shows us some of the hardest hit areas. >> reporter: before sunrise, wednesday the rain already started soaking the new york city. from pennsylvania, into new england, flash flood watches are posted as an uneasenablely strong weather front pushes through the north east. tuesday, the same front dropped 3 inches of rain in an hour in parts of the maryland. joy's car was almost swallowed by rising water. >> it was very scary sitting in the car watching water get higher and higher. >> reporter: not far away in the parking lot at baltimore's airport some passengers returned to find their cars submerged. tuesday night near raleigh-durham, north carolina
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drivers in the only braved flash flooding but severe thunderstorms in the region, even down trees and caused power outages. near pittsburgh so much rain fell this weekend 60-inch storm drain run off pipe collapsed causing this sink hole that swallowed a car. in detroit people are still drying out after storms soaked the city in 6 inches of rain. there was so much water pumping stations in the bankrupt city could not even keep up because thieves stole critical copper pipes on highways more than a thousand cars were abandoned. a soggy situation parts of the northeast are bracing for. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". how about that, flooded roads are par for the course when so much rain moves in during so little time and swallowed cars in cumberland county as well including this one on delsea drive-in millville. police tell "eyewitness news" they have received several calls for flooded out basements. on the the atlantic city boardwalk rain came down in sheets yesterday evening.
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even the tram cars could not provide passengers from getting, soaked. just a mess out there. >> very busy. our time 5:35. here's traffic and weather, katie. >> crazy stuff, this storm system is so large and so slow to move. that is part of the problem we saw as we saw in don champion's package there. it struck so many different cities. when we look at this wider zoom the the core of circulation, guys is up across canadian border. that is where your low pressure is situated in quebec there. we have been watching frontal bound drizzle associated with this area have low pressure swinging through big city after big city after big city. you could see it is all starting to have move into the north east. this will even up being a soggy day much like we had yesterday for new evening lab specifically. we zero in our area, this is our transition day. i cannot promise you will not see a shower but we're basically done. worse is absolutely over.
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even at this point we have much more of a break. look at these totals. millville my goodness you guys absolutely win out for one of the highest totals we have seen here just shy of 9 inches in total. that is updated from what we showed you earlier because we did get new information in. 8.92 inches of rain. unbelievable. meanwhile we will take a look outside whitefield elementary school where by comparison we didn't have anywhere near those totals but still damp road where you can see reflection and sheen off the pavement there. 70 degrees the current temperature. modest more westerly component to the wind and eventually starts to turn more northwest ter liz with time to allow knott just the clouds to break apart but you that humidity to drop off. today in the city of philadelphia we are going for, 84 later on, 5:36 on this wednesday morning. off to a good start. roads are wet. light volume so far. we have one accident on the stretch of the lincoln drive.
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lincoln drive between kelly drive and gypsy lane. anyone that drives the lincoln drive or has driven the lincoln drive you know it is rough drive to begin with on a dry day let alone we will throw some water on there and then, of course, we have low hanging trees, one vehicle, here squeezing by the police car, on the left-hand side. on i-95, that is not the case,
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. >> right you your own song. needless to say, already raised well over $100,000. i think that's skype for 100 bucks, if you're a huge fan of kenny log inches, skype chat pretty cool. >> police in west depford hope surveillance video will lead them to the suspect who opened fire, on their police station. ng by the station, someone fired seven rounds at the police station, early yesterday morning, some went through a door. one went through a window, into the office of the department's deputy chief. thankfully, no one hurt, a $25,000 reward is being offered for information. and, vineland police now looking for white pick-up truck, wanted in a deadly hit-and-run. we have a lock at the surveillance photo here. police calling this truck a
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vehicle of interest. forty-nine year old armando lopez hit on west landis avenue near delsea drive sunday night. police say lopez had made it across nearly all four lanes. he was struck just feet from the sidewalk. and, the search continues for a hit-and-run driver, who mode down a teenager on bike in oxford circle. it happened just after 7:00 last night, at roosevelt boulevard, and levick street. the victim was treated at children's hospital, for a leg injury. philadelphia police are looking for a charcoal colored nissan pathfinder sped away from the scene. tough week for molly wood. the we mourn the death of another legend. up next remembering lauren mccall. >> also this morning, there are new detetails in the death of robin williams. what investigators found when they went inside his home. and, some very cool video of a gigantic turtle being rescued off the jersey shore. that fellow 800 pounds, i'm told, 800.
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katie? >> and we are looking ahead thankfully to day of transition here in the delaware valley. still obviously rain over my shoulder, the brunt of the system now done. not completely in the clear. we will go over some rain totalsment talk about what the rest of the week has in store. full details straight ahead. >> ♪ >> katie and i are the only ones in the studio that know this song. >> yes. >> and i think the men are proud of that fact. >> one direction fans will be swooning to this song when the group takes the stage at the lincoln financial field tonight and katie we have some good news. >> you want to know why? >> what? >> there are tickets still available. >> sweet! >> i think i did hear this song before. >> you have heard the song. >> i heard her on the commercial withdrew breeze, that commercial. >> come on. >> drew brees? ya, did he this?
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>> we'll be back. >> ♪
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>> three people in christianna hospital with gunshot wounds after two men barged into wilmington area home and open fire no motive for the violence, made no arrests.
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>> also, policeay surveillance video say they could help find the suspects who robbed 7-eleven in frankford. pistol whip a clerk. clerk now being treated for his injuries. >> cumberland county south jersey heavy rain, flooded roads. there are warnings and watches in effect, right now, in many areas around our region. >> just past 5:43. the latest on this rain, and we check in with kate. >> i thankfully, starts to go see a the loft watches, warnings, and advisories, begin to go out of effect. in part because the storm is pulling away. a loft times somewhat delayed reaction when dealing with all of the water that fell across southern new jersey, especially, it will take a little time for all that flood water to completely recede. here is a look at storm scan3, nice wide zoom. if you look closely, here is the actual center of circulation, you can see, sort of the clockwise, or i should say, counter clockwise flow around the low. and the frontal boundaries that were associated, that's what has to drag through
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before in the clear with this. so yes, there will likely still be lingering shower around, but overall the worse is absolutely over. that came last night this is until 8:30 this morning, the delayed reaction that can take place sometimes when dealing with just trying to let flood waters recede. so, this is a spot that got hit hard here. across southern new jersey, and even into central portions every new jersey, pine land areas, just got absolutely clobbered with the rain overnight, and thankfully we can report again that it is all pulling away here, yes, very likely going to be left with few lingering residual showers, enough link earning instability, can see it almost anywhere today, keep in mind just model, some of you really any of could you see that shower chance before it is all said and done, but specially north and west, then we clear out, northwest breezes will take over, when that winds comes out of the northwest, you know what that means, drier air mass, more comfortable air mass, and temperature starts to reflect that. it will feel a lot more comfortable for you into tomorrow or into the overnight even as early at that point.
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by tomorrow, secondary front comes in. may even be shower around the poconos, but overall, this is not a bad forecast. expecting more sun today than what we saw yesterday, that allows us to heat up bit more readily to 84. >> eighty-four tomorrow, next secondary front coming in. then we see temperatures take very modest hit behind it friday. but friday, saturday, both look absolutely beautiful. bob, over to you. >> sound good. 5:46. morning, live look at the ben franklin bridge, coming into philly. you can see the damp, the glare on the road surface here from the headlights. that's a sign that everything is damp and wet from all of the rain that we had yesterday. so just use some caution rolling out of the driveway. live look at the roosevelt boulevard, construction project cancelled because of the weather. so we don't have any cones down. we do have that uneven surface, between ninth and adams avenue on that inner drive to look out for. the rest of the majors, 95, the schuylkill expressway, in good shape, as you head in toward philadelphia. traffic lights out. wissahickon and walnut lane. and as we mention, the big concert tonight, tonight,
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tomorrow, and friday, three back-to-back concerts here, at lincoln financial field in south philadelphia all three nights, will impact our evening rush hour, the big one will be friday, also have to contend with shore traffic headed through south philly, trying to get to that walt whitman bridge. otherwise down in delaware, looking good up and down 95 and 495, and mass transit running with no delays. ukee, back over to you. >> hollywood mourns the loss of another legend actress lauren mccall has passed at the age of 89 after a stroke. flowers, messages of sympathy mark the film legend star on the hollywood walk of fame. mccall screen siren who roast to fame during golden age. vanita my err has a look at her life and career. >> i went to a loft trouble to get you out of here. >> that's why i didn't go. >> lauren bacall became a star in her very first film, playing opposite humphrey boeing art in to have and have
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not. delivered one every her most famous lines in history. >> you know how to whistle, don't you, steve? you just put your lips together and blow. >> and she perfected her trademark look. chin down, eyes up to the camera, look that actually came about by accident. >> i would always say i was really nervous, i had no confidence in myself. so i found my head would shake, i found that the only way i could keep it still would be to just hold my head down and then look up. >> born betty joan, the daughter of jewish immigrants and first cuss town israel shimon peres, as a teenager became a modem. it was this picture that caught the eye of director, howard hawks. he changed her name to lauren, and her career took off. her film debut made her one of hollywood's leading ladies. also met her future husband, bacal was 19 when she met bogrtt. >> what will your first step be? >> the usual one.
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>> i didn't know there was an usual one. >> they starred together again in the big sweep and later in key largo. >> oh, there you are. >> while the couple continued making movies, they also started a family, having two kids. but in 1957, bogart died every cancer. bacal said she never got over the loss. she was briefly engage today frank sinatra, later married jason rowbarred. kept her career alive, got tony awards for her broadway performances in applause and woman of the year. and got an academy award nomination for the mirror has two faces. >> i should have never encouraged you to speak. >> bacall once worried hero bit ooh area would be all about bogard. just the opening act in a career that lasted decades and made her one of the last of the stars of hollywood's golden age. cbs-3, "eyewitness news". we now know more about the death of robin williams. investigators say, the actor
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commit dollars suicide, by hanging himself in his home in california. he also cut his wrists, and a pocket knife was found near his body. the actor's personal assistant found him monday in a bedroom. williams was 63, and had been struggling with severe depression. the los angeles clippers have finally changed hand. ceo steve ballmer now the owner of the nba team. los angeles judge confirmed the $2 billion sale. ballmer takes over ownership from donald sterling, who unsuccessfully fought his estranged wife over the sale. the nba by the way banned donald sterling of course for life after he made racist comments, that were recorded. now, more than ever tablets are becoming an essential school supply. >> notebooks, etch a sketch? >> handy for reading, light weight enough to car any your backpack all day. in this morning's tech minute, kara tsuboi tell us about the
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tablets that will give you your best bang for your buck. >> for students, a tablet that seems to cover the basic needs, the samsung galaxy note. feature can run programs time sane justly, great for studying and working on projects. ideal for jotting down notes. the 10.1 starts around $300. 800-dollar microsoft surface pro three, the work horse of the tablet category also bodes laptop functionality. fold back up for easy portable. for those students already toting iphone, love the mack boo pro, keep it in the apple family with ipad mini. light weight, portable design, echo system will run you about $400 f your student is in need of e reader hard to top the functionality and price of the amazon kindle. extensive tech book library, clocks in at only $125. car a dubois, cnet do. com.
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cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> lighter than those books we used to car any back packs. >> times are changing. >> i'm telling you, they are, really are. we'll be right back withh some incredible video of 800-pound turtle rescued at the jersey shore. >> 800 pounds? >> 800 pounds, huge. >> we'll be male announcer: hit tmaryguide and mapyways to explore all the beauty, history and culture along our 18 byways and other driving tours. order yours today at land of wonder.
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male announcer: commemorate the wtraveling celebrational as the chesapeake campaign visits town festivals up and down our shores. visit presented by at&t. maryland. land of discovery. >> back on "eyewitness news" with great video from the us coast guardment check out the water there. along with some marine mammal standing center, worked together to rescue 800 pounds leather back turtle. that turtle was trapped in a fishing net. the video was shot saturday, 30 miles off the coast, of brigantine, new jersey. now, some of them held the turtle you can see there while others work to loosen the net. as soon as the turtle was free, turtle went back right back to the ocean. >> back home. >> cruising back. >> indeed. >> let's get the forecast,
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katie, more rain this morning? >> i still think seeing lingering showers, but the worse is over. i think you can get away without umbrella but you probably have to flick the windshields wipers handful of times, especially i78, perhaps traveling out toward new york sit, will still be lingering damp roads at very minimum here. and also, we've got lingering clouds. live look for you right now outside middle township, cape may courthouse, there are obviously clouds, sunshine trying to glimmer through. one of the transition days. high hits 84 in philadelphia. we will get some sun, don't be surprised if you get few showers, too. bob? >> 5:55. triple five's on the clock there this morning on wednesday. going outside, roads are damp and wet as katie mentioned, probably have to flip the windshield wiper at least once before you pull out of the driveway to clear the raindrops off. then if you hit a puddle or two along the way, all of the roads are damp like here on the blue route headed down toward the schuylkill expressway, some mid-day work coming to malvern, lancaster avenue, right at the paoli pike today. and watch for some extra volume headed to ac.
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the atlantic city air show kicks off at noon today. we will check in with mass transit and the airport whehen we come right back.
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videos of the ice bucket challenge are flooding facebook and time lines and on twitter feeds, too. >> now even new jersey governor is getting involved. >> governor christie enlisted the help of his children to dump the ice bucket. true to the challenge, he call on senator cory booker. facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg, and jimmy fallon, to do the same. it is all for great cause, helping to raise awareness and money for the als foundation. >> i'm not one to back down from a challenge, ukee. >> what? >> in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", that's coming up this morning, i head out to the skydeck for the ice bucket challenge. see me get soaked, and see who i call out as well as one of them is in the studio right now. >> oh! >> everybody's look liking
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