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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 13, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> breaking news, just god this video into our video lincoln drive car overturned, injuring the driver. th is right near gypsy lane where the drive has that big curve some of you may know about. slick roads may have played factor. "eyewitness news" has learned 51 year old woman in the car was taken to the hospital with head and neck injuries. >> and at this hour, flood watches and warnings remain in effect throughout much of the area. heavy rain, turned roads into rivers overnight. some drivers like one in millville, cumberland county, to be rescued. also getting several reports of basements flood in the that area. down the shore, atlantic
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city broke a rain record. check out the boardwalk. it was flooded. swamped. the rain was coming down hard and fast. the worse is behind us, though but we are expecting more wet wet they are morning. >> we head out to katie out on the skydeck. no umbrella for you though. >> thankfully. really at this point if we see any lingering showers at all very scat nerds nature. won't be coming through, with the kinds of intensity what we saw last night thankfully. south new jersey, into the pinelands region, you just absolutely got clobbered from this storm system. let's take a look out there. i want to show you what's currently happening on storm scan3. like i said, many of us in a lull at this point. there have been couple of showers here and there most notably up toward i78 lehigh vale, but now you can tell the heaviest of the rain continues to pull away at this point. and, we're really just left with the transition mode. that needs to take place here. the winds need to shift. humidity needs to drop off. a lot of times when it comes to flooding do you have residual sort of delayed
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reaction from that flooding, because the water just needs time to recede. still flood warning posted specifically for portions of southern new jersey, into atlantic county, back toward cumberland, just clipping salem there. rain amounts like we mention atlantic city, broke a record yesterday, daily record, atlantic city pick up over five and a half inches every rain. barnegat light over 3 inches, the list goes on. of course this is very short list of the many locations that pick up inches of rainfall. as we take a look around the region today temperatures definately milder than they were yesterday. expecting the mid 80s from philadelphia down to the shore. simply because we should again, get little more sunshine out there. so while yes you may still have lingering sprinkle or shower overall, it is quieter day. i do think you can get away without the umbrella. bob? >> morning, 6:03, on this wednesday morning. we've had kim of problems this morning. weather-related. we showed that you accident earlier this morning on the lincoln drive. now dealing with a crash here on i-95. this is i59 southbound, right near the walt whitman bridge,
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the camera shaking little bit. but this vehicle across sideways across what would be the left lane, and this is going to impact everyone coming from center city heading south down toward the stadium area, maybe even approaching philly international airport. so if you are leaving northeast philadelphia, get going. if you are using 95, to head to the airport. the 42 freeway, starting to pick up volume coming in toward philly. all of the roads are damp, wealth, maybe puddle or two along the way wipers certainly used once or twice to get all of the raindrops off the windshield. traffic lights are not working, wissahickon avenue, at walnut lane. accident we showed you on the lincoln drive that's been cleared. lincoln drive is open between the kelly drive and gypsy lane. but again just use some caution, all of the roads are wet, slippery, this morning. out here kennel square, downed tree along interested l mill road right off route 52, otherwise, the speedometer readings not bad along the blue route the schuylkill, or i-95, and mass transit looking good with no delays. erika, back over to you.
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>> updating breaking news, we've been following this all morning long the search on for two gunmen who opened fire in wilmington, sending three people to the hospital. police tell "eyewitness news" the two men burst into a home on block of north monroe street, just after 11:30, and they began shooting. the three victims were rushed to christianna hospital. there is no word right now on the suspect's description or a motive. >> police are looking for two men this morning after violent armed robbery in frankford. officers responded to the scene on the 5,000 block of oxford avenue around 3:00 this morning, where two men robbed and pistol whipped the clerk. the victim was taken to temple hospital in stable condition. detectives are looking at surveillance video right now being hoping to identify the suspect. well, "eyewitness news" has learned motorcycle crash on the pennsylvania turnpike has killed an off-duty philadelphia police officer. authorities in millville cumberland county say seth lost control yesterday afternoon and hit a guardrail. officer was assigned to the
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philadelphia police department 39th district. erika? >> 6:05, south jersey police department becomes victim of drive-by shooting. now, authorities hope a large reward will help catch the person who targeted those officers. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry joins us now with the west depford police department with more. syma good morning. >> reporter: good morning, police serve and protect our community, but now they are the ones that need protection. a reward has increased to more than $25,000 to catch the person who shot up the west depford police station. west depford police didn't have to travel very far for this crime scene. someone fired seven shots at the police station around 4:00 tuesday morning. five of the bullets hit a door leading inside the station. another one, went through the deputy chief's offers window, fortunately, he wasn't inside at the time, but a shift the supervisor was just few doors down. >> he did a great job taking cover, hitting rushing out the back door, he was very
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vigilant and experienced overswear 19 years spear yes sir. >> police work to go enhance this grainy surveillance video they say shows the suspects dark colored sedan. they say the video also shows the same vehicle casing out their headquarters from the nearby library parking lot. police have stepped up patrols in the area. authorities say they'll do whatever it takes to catch the shooter. >> we're going to follow up every lead that we have. every contract that we've made over the past couple of weeks. >> again, the reward has increased to more than $25,000. if you have any information contact police. live in west depford syma chowdhry cbs-3, "eyewitness news". syma, thank you. now, here is a look at other news events happening today. preliminary hearings for jonathan rosa and corneilius crawford are on the schedule. two face murder charges in connection with july carjacking and hit-and-run that claimed the lives of a mother and her three children. hearing scheduled for two penndot employees accused of
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corruption. prosecutors say the two men conspired to steel millions meant to maintain state roads and bridges. and the annual atlantic city air show takes off today. the air force thunderbirds parachute jumps and other spectacular events are just part of all of the activity and all of the fun in atlantic city. erika? >> love those air shows. city officials are putting philadelphia's best face forward as it makes its pitch to host the 2016 democratic national convention. committee members will be in town for the next two days, visiting venues and landmarks. city leaders are confident philadelphia's experience in hosting party conventions will give us a edge. >> i'm praying that we will get this thing, a lot of hard work, we tried to get it four years ago, three years ago now ready to go, i ask rendell to be the cheerleader, best cheerleader we had. he agreed. i think we'll be successful. >> committee members invited to run up the rocky steps of the art museum, got to do that when you're in town. philadelphia competing with
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brooklyn birmingham, columbus and phoenix. >> got to take a picture with the rocky statue. no doubt. another atlantic city casino is folding, revel will shut down in less than a month leaving some 3,000 workers without a job. ac's newest hotel and casino will close its doors on september 10th. revel is just one of three casinos shutting down over the next few weeks. local businesses and others close by wonder are worried very worried, the closures will impact their sales. but neighbors trying to stay hopeful. >> you know, there are so many people that are concentrating on making this happen. then, in a few years we will look back and say you know what, atlantic city, that was close, but look at us now. >> showboat announced its closing its doors at the ends of this month. trump plaza will shut down less than a week after revel on september 16th. 6:09 right now. justin bieber takes plea deal in the florida straight racing case. so, what's next for the star? that's coming up. >> also ahead take a look at the video from a hospital in
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nebraska. what happened during flashflooding? unbelievable. >> also, a police officer was ready to give out a ticket, instead, he delivered the heimlich. that's coming up next.
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>> justin bieber may be sinking different tune in his miami dui case. will agree to plead guilty to lesser misdemeanor charges in exchange prosecute letters drop the more serious dui charge. he will also have to attend private anger management classes, as a requirement of the deal, and mark a charitable donation. the mother of ron goldman is auctioning her right to collect $9 million in a wrongful death suit against o.j. simpson. sharon listed the judgement on the website judgement
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marketplace. com. she waited 17 years for simpson to pay up, but now a winning bidder could take on the risk of collecting from the ex-football star. right now simpson remains in a nevada prison on robbery conviction. erika? >> ukee, flood waters, know no boundaries security footage. water rushing into nebraska hospital. 9 feet of water burst through the lock cafeteria doors. as you can see right there tables and chairs, just floating away in the water. now, luckily the flood waters did not reach any patient areas, and no one was hurt. but the clean up is going to take a while. look at that. wow. some scary moments also, after pittsburgh woman back her car right into a sinkhole. natalie huddleston leaving tanning salon when she felt a thump. she started calling for help, when she realized she was trapped in that sinkhole. luckily, salon owner helped pull her from the driver side window. no one was injured. it took crews several hours to recover the car.
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katie, we certainly had a loft rain yesterday and flooding, too, right? >> we absolutely did. certain locations specially through the pine land areas south new jersey in general got absolutely clobbered here. we will look at the last three hours, you can see where all of this rain has come from. long island right now is where it is at. where some of the heaviest rain falling. again this is three-hour loop. and you really haven't seen things let up at all across central portions of long island here, that is basically what we had here, through the overnight. now, at this point, i can tell you this much. the worse is over. there is obviously however still little bit of lingering showers out there. you know, somewhat hit and misty point. generally confined to the northern counties, right now you can still see the damp boardwalk left behind here, put things into motion, in the live neighborhood network at the boardwalk plaza couple of folks brave enough to go on out in the warmth and humidity. and at this point, we are seeing at least the sun start to try peak through the clouds. damp sands damp boards left behind, but again the worse is done at this point.
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lingering shower for you otherwise, we do brighten up. see some sunshine, will allow us to warm up readily than yesterday. eighty-four in the city. might even get warmer down the shore today. however, we're going to see our next secondary front coming tomorrow. that could mean shower for the poconos, otherwise, everybody else gets some sunshine and temperatures are knocked back a smidge by friday. bob? >> good morning everybody 6:45, live look at accident here barely make out the front end of this vehicle, as the camera shakes a little bit. but it is 95 southbound, near the walt whitman going to show you the back up here, this is all south 95 from pretty much south philadelphia around the curb, head in the toward the stadium area where that left lane is taken out. so if you are leaving northeast philly, center city, headed south down toward the airport, get a move on. you got a back up here already on the southbound side. 422 not bad at all all of the roads wet and damp from the rain we had yesterday. schuylkill looking good.
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big -- actually next three months concert crazy here, one direction in town, both today and tomorrow in the evening at lincoln financial field, friday night the same stage, same spot, luke bryant. so the next three evenings rush hour will be impacted with concert fans headed into south philly. ukee, back to you. >> here is a look at today's headlines on cbs-3. slick roads may have played factor in this crash on lincoln drive. fifty-one year old woman was injured when her car overturned near gypsy lane. >> also, there are flood warnings and watches in several areas in our be careful when you head out to work this morning. tore clerk being treated for his injuries. we'll be right back.
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>> on the health alert another west african nation has closed its boards nerve attempt to halt the now the measures has left many travelers stranded trying to get back to their home country. the ebola virus killed over 100,000 people in four west african nations so far this year. well, it wasn't your typical day on the job for one february safety officer in michigan. jason gates says he notice add woman was choking when he approached the car. at first he thought just trying to get out after ticket. but then he realized how serious the situation really was, so did he, that he pulled that struggling woman out. and tried to help dislodge food in her throat. >> i got her out. i used the heimlich for the first time in my nine-year police career. i'm just glad for her that i was able to help her in that
6:20 am
moment. >> oh, no kidding. officer gates said heto get pulled over at that moment. can you imagine covering and having something stuck in your throat? perfect person to come along. >> fourteen year old in texas has not said why he was living in a wal-mart. >> that teenager now back in the care of his baby strollers. he stockpile pet. he had a fish with him. customers were flabergasted. >> wal-mart, someone living there, has been living g therefore four days, that's crazy. >> i'm wondering what his parents think and how come he didn't come home? or why aren't they worried about him? >> no owns to that question so far. the boy was staying with relatives when he disappeared. has not said anything about the matter. but four days in wall smart. >> much deeper story i'm sure. get your popcorn ready not for to.cer star, traded fan's popcorn. >> neat to see. also, ukee i'm not one to back down from a challenge. >> that's true. >> specially with the als ice
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>> just past 6:23. showers still out there? >> i think a few sprinkles if not flat out shower out and about. but the brunt of this storm now new england issue. you can see over specially long island, portions of rhode island massachusetts and now it is their problem. so, this has been a system obviously that's been dealing a very rough hand of weather to a lot of locations for us, though, skies are starting to clear out. our transition day so while yes may still be lingering shower, perhaps headed to the atlantic city air show, looks like decent day certainly by comparison. your eyewitness weather three day forecast, quickly checking on that, more sun tomorrow. can't rule out shower up toward the poconos bob? >> 6:24. good morning to i-95 here, southbound we're jammed solid, from columbus boulevard, down through broad street, an accident, in the left lane, right near the stadium area. so, get a move on if you are headed down toward the airport. this delay in your way. traffic lights out here. south of wilmington, along
6:24 am
273, the old baltimore pike, new traffic pattern at the lansdale interchange. where ever one entering lansdale, from the sumneytown pike, have to go through that one lane traffic pattern. and expect a lot of extra traffic in some extra volume. headed to the ac air show today. we pick up volume on the atlantic city expressway, up and down the parkway through the shore towns. ukee, back to you. >> thank you another late night for the phillies they face the angels tonight, first pitch at 10:05. back east. now, last night the phillies were up two-nothing after this, six hunk inning rbi. why marilyn bird, but in the bottom of the sixth, the angels led off with homerun by coal calhoun went onto score seven runs in the half inning. angels beat the phils final score seven to two. a.j. burnett goes for the phils in tonight's final game of the two-game series. monet davis and the taney dragons will take part ine there, live reports scheduled
6:25 am
5:00 and 6:00. later today. she will be a eighth grader next month, but getting a lot of attention from pro athletes and fans across the country and even challenging dodgers cy young award winner clayton kershaw to pitch off. he heard about it. >> congratulations on making it to williamsport, awesome such a fun opportunity. and i heard you're ready for a pitch off. i don't know exactly what that means. but i'm prepared. i'm ready for whenever you can make it out to la. just let me know. >> let's go at it, see who can throw the most strikes. big supporter of the team, south philly's dragons face the team, don't forget, from south nashville friday in game one, of the world series tournament. let's go dragons. fantastic. >> that was nice he responded. win or lose, the dragons will be bringing home memories and souvenirs no doubt from williamsport. >> wait until you see the
6:26 am
souvenir, this happened sunday night after the lms game between the dynamos. watch it there. seattle star clint dempsey who also played on the us world cup team, praised the traded shirt for popcorn. >> great trade for everyone involved. >> look at mom's reaction, the best. because the kid is just looking okay, taking your shirt off? >> i wish we could slow that down and watch it develop. >> a player comes over to say hi imagine that? >> that's great. coming up in the next half hour every "eyewitness news" this morning weaver a lot to talk about. we are mourning the death of another hollywood legend. >> i went to a loft trouble to get you out offer. >> that's why i didn't go. >> yes. >> remembering lauren bacall. her un mistake takable role. >> flashflooding causing trouble across our area. kately have the details. >> traffic and weather together on the 3's at the bottom of the hour.
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". flooded roads are par for the course when so much rain moves in, and so little time. cars in cumberland county, delts i drive, millville police tell "eyewitness news" also received several calls for flooded out basements. on the atlantic city boards walk, the rain camedown in sheets yesterday evening. look at. that will even the push carts could not prevent passengers from experiencing the elements. oh my. good morning everyone, not just the philadelphia area dealing with this wild
6:30 am
weather. >> no, flooding swarmed carson roads, from michigan to maryland. it is really across the states. rescuers saved trapped drivers from those rising waters. >> before sunrise wednesday the rain alreadyed soaking new york city. from pennsylvania, and into new england flashflood watches are posted as an unseasonably strong weather front pushes through the northeast. tuesday the same front dropped 3 inches of rain in a hour in parts of maryland. joy's car was almost swallowed by rising water. >> it was very scary. sitting here in the car watching the water get higher and higher. >> not far from an airport being some passengers returned to find their cars submerged. tuesday night near raleigh north carolina riders not only braved flashflooding but severe thunderstorms in the region, even downed trees and caused power outages. near pittsburgh, so much rain
6:31 am
fell this week, a 60-inch storm drain runoff pipe collapsed, causing this sinkhole that swallowed a car. in detroit people are still drying out after storms soaked the city in 6 inches every rain. there was so much water some pumping stations in the bankrupt city couldn't even keep up because thieves stole critical copper pipes. on highways, more than a thousand cars were abandoned. a soggy situation parts of the northeast are bracing for. don champion, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". trafficking. let's get more, katy? >> thankfully, a storm system that's pulling away from our area. as we just heard in the package, this is also a storm that's not completely done at least with the us. we start things off taking you outside. what a nice just trade off we're getting here today. it certainly is still a transition day but a breath of fresh air on the way for us both, you know, with the sunshine and also with the comfort level that we will get, of course we have the air show going on in atlantic city
6:32 am
today. looks like the weather will, in fact, cooperate for folks headed out that way. looking at storm scan3 nice wide zoom to show you the storm in its entirety, again all of the heavy rain now moving into specially southeastern new england actual center of circulation is actually still up across canada though, over quebec. we really have been dealing with the frontal boundaries with this, look how much rain. this is unbelievable. not a typo in millville yes you almost will 9 inches of rain absolutely crazy stuff. middletown pick up over three we pick up over 2 inches in everybody got hit by something yesterday. as we go through the forecast for the rest of the day any clouds that are throughout are really going to try to break apart for sunshine. it is going to as a result warm up bit more readily. should hit eight had degrees later today. could there still be left over shower or sprinkle? absolutely. but do you need umbrella? absolutelycessary. bob? >> problems on i-95 again new spot, new location, let's go outside. live look right now, this is i-95 northbound,
6:33 am
tractor-trailer accident here in the middle. right near the commodore barry bridge. now, what you are looking at here is the tractor-trailer center lane, you got one, two cars here, and right here is the blinking brake light after vehicle that is casino of sideways, and front of the tractor-trailer. police aren't even on the scene here yet. you can see people walking around this, just happened, as katie was finishing up. actually here comes either a police vehicle or a firetruck, actually, coming up the wrong way on i-95 here to assist actually, a firetruck backing up on 95 here, to actually get to the accident scene. let's go back a camera, which will show us the delay. bamm we're jammed solid northbound again approaching the commodore barry bridge, with the accident here, so if you are headed northbound this morning, trying to get up to the airport that is in your way, maybe use route 291 will be the best alternate. taking the airport, from the back ends, and then, inbound on the schuylkill expressway,
6:34 am
the head lights coming around that belmont avenue curve. starting to see some volume pop around the board with rush hour underway. mass transit though, looking good. erika, back to you. >> police in west depford want you to take good look at surveillance video help them track down who ever fired on their police station. investigators believe that this grainy video shows the car involved in yesterday morning's drive-by shooting. a dark colored sedan was seen driving by the station. moments later someone fired seven rounds out of the window at the police station. some bullets went through a door, another went through window right into the office of the department's deputy chief. no one was hurt. $25,000 reward is now being offered for information on that shooter. >> violent -- vineland police have description of vehicle in connection to deadly hit-and-run. have you seen this truck in this surveillance photo? calling the white pick up a vehicle of interest. forty-nine year old armando lopez was hit on west ladies avenue near delsea drive sunday night.
6:35 am
police say lopez had made it across nearly all four lanes. he was struck just feet from the sidewalk. and philadelphia police continue their search for the driver of a charcoal colored nissan pathfinder that hit a teenager on a bike and just drove away. happened in oxford circle at roosevelt boulevard and levick street just after 7:00 last night. victim treated at the hospital for leg injury. disable veteran throws himself out after window to escape flames. "eyewitness news" on the scene of the 1,000 block every meadow lane in chester. officials say the fire broke out in a second floor apartment around 7:00 last night. the tenant, who was in wheelchair, fell about 20 feet to the grounds. he was taken to the hospital for observation. at this point, he's over at the crozer-chester medical sentiment we don't know if there are any burns to the body. did have injuries to his upper torso. >> firefighters quickly had the fire under control. only one unit was damaged. there is in word on what may
6:36 am
have sparked the flames. she was among the last of the old-fashioned hollywood stars. actress lauren bacall has died. >> you know how to whistle don't you, steve? you just put your lips together, and blow. >> that husky sultry voice was her trademark. to have and have not, key largo, and the big sleep she created on screen magic with humphrey boeing art her husband, until his death in 1957. bacall's long career brought two tony's and specials carp. she died at her home in new york after a stroke, lauren bacall was 89. well investigators say robin williams committed suicide by hanging himself. he also had cuts on his wrists and a pocket knife was found near his body in his home in california. the actor's personal assistant found his body monday in a bedroom. williams was 63, and had been struggling with severe depression. >> los angeles clippers have finally changed hands.
6:37 am
former microsoft ceo steve ballmer, now the owner of the nba team. a los angeles judge confirmed ged wife over that sale. >> when i gott the finale of the clippers hear who i am challenging next. >> wait. did you it yourself? aren't you supposed to have somebody throw it on you? >> throw it on yourself or somebody throw it on. >> with the element of surprise? >> just announce it. wait for the story ukee, come on get all the fact. after the break. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> one direction takes the stage at lincoln financial field tonight. there are still tickets available. enjoy the show, family. go ahead get your dance on. we'll be back. ♪ ♪
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>> back with thise 36789 little more of region wide zoom here. the brunt o>]bvious%wly of this storm system, and the frontal boundary most specifically, that brought us all of the heavy rain last night. that's now off obviously pushing off to the northeast. will still be lingering shower for you here today. don't need the umbrella, though. this is our day of choice observations. while the winds is still westerly in atlantic city, still coming straight up from the south mount pocono, everybody eventually sees that twisting take place, where the wind will be more northwest across the board and that will also a threw to feel a lot more comfortable to us. always trade off with the pollen report. when we have ugly weather a lot of times it means your pollen issues aren't going to be affecting your allergies that is what happens here today. even though do start to see sun, still enough moisture that helps wash away that pollen so the levels remain
6:40 am
low today. tomorrow they start to spike up. over the next few days it will be ragweed nettle, grass continue to be t+y''$÷he primary issues when it comes to pollenment lecasng at the seven dayorecast today. that means we can warm up more readily. little weak secondary front comes alongomorrow. roy the far right lane isade open. trolley tunnel blitz continues here with all of the subway surface trolleys, 40th and market. and it will be concert crazy over the next couple of days. tonight, tomorrow, big concert, one direction lincoln financial field. flu-like brian, all of the concert volume will impact our evening rush hour. so keep that in mine, whether you are going to the concerts or the stadium area or not. it will impact you if you are headed through 95 or the schuylkill there. >> here is a look at today'sg headlines, 51 year old woman being treated forehea and neck injuries after her car overturned near lincolnmington home and opened fire.
6:41 am
three people inside that home were wounded. >> another breaking story right now police say two men robbed this 7-eleven convenience store in frankford earlier today and pistol chipped the clerk. the check is expected to be okay. police say surveillance video may help them identify the robbers. well across the country people are soaking themselves with ice water but it is not because the summer heat is getting to them. >> no, they are drenching themselves for good cause. to raise awareness of als. now, i looked into how this viral trds too. >> it seems you can't check inhecking out your friends gleefully dumping buckets every ice water on themselves. the man who started the chilling challenge, 29 year old pete. >> we never thought something that would stay within the als lou gehrig's disease in march of 2012. the one time capta o after his diagnosis. shortly thereafter, he began and he is still getting the, and singer
6:42 am
lance bass. and it is working. the als association says, donations are sky-rocketing. >> we really are seeing what we meant to do. people are talking about als. >> okay, you new this was coming right? i'm erika von tiehl. and i am taking the als ice bucket challenge. oh! okay. i'm now challenging you katie fehlinger, "kyw news radio" jim mel worth my buddy craig down at c about bs in miami. pretty good august in miami. okay guys, challenge accepted? >> miles. challenge accepted? >> fehlinger? >> bring it! >> bring it? >> bring it on. >> i have the bucket still. >> i brought my own! >> you got your own snuck. >> i have ukee's bucket. >> that's right, you got my duct -- bucket. >> i'm telling you, that ice water, but for a great cause.
6:43 am
>> up 600%. >> that's the bottom line. that's wonderful. >> even new jersey governor chris christie getting involved. check this out. >> governor christie enlisted the help of his kids, who lifted the ice bucket. >> you like, that you don't know when it is coming. >> no, no? true to the challenge he called on senator cory booker, booker facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and jimmy fallon to dot same. >> looking forward. >> take him up on that challenge. >> he didn't move. he just folded his arms, bring it. >> that happens. >> time 6:49. let's see what's coming up on cbs this morning charlie roads joins us with your preview. good morning to you. >> hey, good morning ukee, erika. i can't see you but i can hear you. seems like you're doing the right thing. >> indeed. thanks for ac part of t thank you, sue -- sir. >> here in ferguson, missouri, another person shot by police overnight.
6:44 am
plus cbs investigation into possible surround gusty scam. bill king perspective parents out of hundreds every thousands of dollars. this girlfriends wanted sign, posted around new york city. meet the man who is taking his quest for love to the streets. that and more, the news is back in the morning we'll see in you about ten minutes. >> taking it to the streets really. all right. >> thanks, charlie. talk to you a little later. >> ♪ ♪ >> congratulations due to christina richie gave birth to baby boy. thirty-four year old actress and husband welcomed their first child. the couple met on the set after show called pan am. and married last october in new york city. there is no word on the babe he's name orbiter day. >> also, new familiar face in madame tuesday owe museum in london. check it out. better known as ransom in downtown abby, the newest addition. his wag figure we're told took two years to make, cost
6:45 am
marathon $250,000. >> is that perfect or what? >> all of them are. >> when you don't move, they can't tell which is which. >> even down to the wrinkles in the pants. >> every little detail. >> that's something. >> this will get me through to the next downtown abby season. one a year? >> check him out. take a short break be right hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here!
6:46 am
you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a whil it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
6:47 am
dumped inches upon inches of rain on our area last night make slow retreat. see the brightest colors now confined over long island, but it is basically out of our hair other than few lingering clouds, or perhaps again a shower here and, there but you don't need the umbrella today. >> 71 degrees the current temperature at philadelphia international. generally still feeling that humidity out there too. but with time, the wind is going to shift more northwesterly, allow for some more sunshine, which also means we get cha bit more readily. shooting for mid 80s philadelphia down toward the shore points up in the poconos, again lingering shower here and there will keep you back to the mid 70s back t tractor-trailer, approaching the commodore barry bridge. only this right lane is open. wife penndot police, firefighters on the scene. within this delay, it looks like there was another accident that occurred within the delay here.
6:48 am
so we are bumper to bumper as we go to the next camera. this will show us that delay here. again, stacked up for about 3 miles. there is the exit for the commodore barry. so just north of there. anyone coming north headed up toward philly international this morning you may want to jump off and go route 291 would be your best bet to get to the airport on time. an accident on the kelly drive right at the fountain green drive. traffic lights out wissahickon and walnut lane. and a crash in cheltenham at washington and twp. line. ukee back over to you. >> thank you new mayor in small minnesota town who some say is a little rough around the edges. >> meet duke, the new mayor small village about 200 miles northwest of minneapolis. there was no campaigning for the selection. everyone pretty much knows each other. the town has 12 residents. they each ponied up 1 dollar. >> he didn't have half as many votes as duke did.
6:49 am
he won by landslide. >> that's a little rough getting beaten out by a dog? >> you're right. >> after his big win duke was treated to little tlc at the groomers. as far as the mayor's salary, local pet store donate ago year's supply of kibbles to rewards him for his service. >> sir duke. >> coming up on the sister station "cw philly", talking about the eye challenge. but do you have hear who refused, wait a minute, what was that? >> just saying, keep going. >> i thought were you talking about me? >> read this. >> refused to take the challenge. >> who would do that? >> real. >> i also, looking for love in a very unusual place. >> why that man, hitting the streets, to find sole mate and response he is getting after plastering his picture all around the neighborhood. >> you can find the "cw philly" don't forget on comcast xfinity channel 13 or hd811, also verizon fios channel 16 or hd516. and on rcn channel 17, or
6:50 am
hd1017. >> and reminder to join us early every morning we start things off at 4:30 a.m. on cbs-3. >> once again it wasn't me. >> no, for the record, ukee has not refused the chall ♪ ♪ ♪here i am. rock you like a hurricane♪ fiber one now makes cookies.
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good morning. it is wednesday, august 13th. we are twaking severe weather ahead for many. another police shooting overnight in missour as your world in 90 seconds.
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