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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 13, 2014 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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all four tires slash leaving this disabled woman from the jewelry box in the elmwoodark. this happened on friday. johnso police are still searching for brown. than sandusky a former assistant fs'ootball coach isast caused flood to go day. this is the northern stathe wake of the s philadelphia's own taney williamsport tonightetting ready to take their place little "gíywillia have h a chance to talk to each other big games. they will start tomorrow our team has been here since monday. they are in the blue and maroon sitting at the table. dream, it is real willty now. >> reporter: they have made history but it wasn't history. thinks culmination of a lot of hard work. >> there was a night i didn't orter: taney dragons are first ever team from urban fill to make it to th >> when we work as a team and unit. >> reporter: and they have her ace pitcher monet davis. >> i don't judge teams by how how they look but i jureply the game. that is every team here that is pretty good. now mone is 18th girl to play i this tournament and t that has happened, we will have much more from up in
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williamsport, jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. >> that looks like happiest place on earth out there. far. >> birthplace little league shockingbout his children, we will be right back mara: it's easy to lose your way in a place like this. ms. winnie earle: kids in paterson face lots of obstaclesdyzc ñs delines were announced on how doctors in pennsylvania should prescribe medication in emergency departments. three on your side reporter steph pain but opiates create a euphoria and addictive and increasingly deadly. people become addicted to heroin because it is cheaper and easier to ovdosealits in of
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25 to 64, more people are heroin and opiate guidelines for pain treatment in emergency departments. goal to effectively manage pain and identify people who abuse drugs. >> those who are currently addict to prescription opiates are going to find it harder to get them drugs. >> reporter: under new guidelines amount of drugs prescribed should be limited and not exceed seven days. opiates should be the lowest dose manageable long acting drugs should ab avoided and non-opiate alternatives shoulnes, the next steps, in fighting prescription drug abuse in a allowing them to track what patients. idinghanks ut to help fight autism, "eyewitness news" at long horn steak house in bensalem bucks county. long horn isor children with autism. the thevent will also;ariv children nice >> we also have have some fun while dining out. >> there is still time to be part of it, fundraiser lasts tilets take a look at the heading eastbound out of the area of expressway we haver'í. delay definitely schuylkill
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expressway at 14 miles an hour, 18 on i-95 northbound you havedo pockets where we little bit better but southbound not quite. we are jammed fromelphia down through the the vine and one direction is in south philadelphia so lots of folks will be heading down there for sure. traveling 476 southbound on the blue route expect high volume5 jersey on 73, fleming pike be careful of that, no major problems for mass transit. now back to the desk. a unique one airline is calling white knuckle flier. devastating flash flood led part of the nebraska hospital under water as gallons of water burst through the the doors, beasley. work continues in new england for the eagles and patriots. one more joint session tomorrow leading to friday's preseason game number two. i will tell but an injury and birds will tell what you they are getting out of the competitive work out coming up in
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back on "eyewitness news", incredible video of flash flooding at a nebraska hospital, you can see flood waters just burst into the the lock doors, of the cafeteria at this hospital in concern i this happened on saturday but the video was just released to day. and, thankfully no one was hurt and water did not get in any of the patient areas. in washington state another wild weather president caught on tape, took just five minutes, for this dust storm, to turn daylight into almost total darkness. drivers on interstate 90 in
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the town of ritzville had to pull over and these are pretty rare in washington but they do occur regularly we're told in arizona. and kate what are those those are haboobs. >> haboobs. >> yes. >> i remember, you skipped over that. >> i was than the quite sure, haboobs. >> very common in arizona they all know about haboobs not very common in washington state. >> nor in philadelphia. >> i can't remember if i ever forecasted any haboobs. we will keep it that way. we do have beautiful weather in the forecast, moving forward, and, outside, right now, we will take you outside to the campbell's, and and and, ben franklin bridge, a beautiful site a gorgeous evening, here in the city of philadelphia also, down the the shore here is our live neighborhood network camera. this is from middletown ship high school in cape may courthouse you can see looking out towards the bay and ocean
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with just a few puffy fair weather cumulus clouds outside. cotton candy clouds we call them. 78 degrees there right now in cape may courthouse. this area got a soaking last night. not so much today. here's storm that produced those problems that double barrel low, that circulation around the main upper low here over eastern canada a. this area took on its own personality so to speak lots of heavy rain tapped into gulf moisture and we've got soak in southern new jersey, delaware and then of course long island last tonight the but now just stray instability showers as our next front comes through. we have a secondary boundary swinging through here tomorrow producing yet again the chance for, some cooler temperatures by the even of the week. you see wind have pick up cool air starts to, come in the region. we are at 28 at the airport miles an hour wind. 25 miles an hour in wilmington millville and 23 miles an hour at the moment in trenton. but it is nice and warm. 84 degrees at the airport. eighty-one wilmington. eighty in wildwood. nice comfortable evening.
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low 80's along the the shore points as well. nice night to take a walk on the beach. brighter days ahead that secondary boundary that moved through tomorrow most of the day sunny, a stray sprinkle in the afternoon and cooler on friday. almost a little autumnal 70's on friday, high pressure moves east on saturday meaning it does get warm with highs back to the lower 80's. the lets look at your beach forecast heading down the shore, great thursday mostly sunny and pleasant 86 inland, closer to 80 on the immediate coastline. seventy-eight friday sunny and nice with very low humidity. here is tonight in the city partly cloudy, cool and comfortable. sixty-two the overnight lows and leave windows cracked and let breeze blow in tonight. for tomorrow mostly sunny that little weak surface front will swing through in the late afternoon and evening hours. don't be shock if the stray shower hits you on the way to work and flip windshield wipers, but otherwise we are fine and look at this stretch friday 79, sunny and beautiful. back to the the lower 80's to start the weekend. i will have
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welshing a wet work out for eagles and patriots, they practiced in a steady downpour today, jeremy maclin left practice after a mild hamstring pull. he says he will be fine and should be able to play on friday. tomorrow will be the final joint practice and the eagles are enjoying the quality competition. >> obviously for them tomorrow and then playing in the game, it is basically like playing three preseason games against the paths which i think is great. i like practicing with other teams. you get a different look. you get tired of hitting your own guys after so many weeks. >> aj burnett takes hundred dollars for phillies as they wrap up that series with the angels. they had a two to nothing lead
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in the sixth inning when angels erupted for seven runs and companiesed to victory. antonio bastard owe gave up five runs and los angeles dodgers beat the phillies, for the eighth straight time, seven-two was the final. >> angels that is. >> they can get back on track tonight with late night baseball. >> thanks very much. coming up in the next hour a traffic officer thought woman he pulled over was trying to get out of the ticket but he didn't know was he would end up saving her life and it was all caught on camera. atlantic city's biggest event air show over the ocean but on the boardwalk protesters, coming up why some people are upset about a tax rate increase. and then new at 6:00 tonight the largest air show of its kind and traditional picture is back after being grounded last year, we will tell you where all eyes were on the skies.
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i'm chris may, a west goshen township supervisor is killed when a pickup truck crashes in to a shop rite grocery store and it happened on west chester pike this afternoon, the person has been identified as doctor robert white. right now police are questioning the woman who was driving that truck.
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in the 5800 block of akron street in frankford residents awoke to find their tires slash. ten cars were hit. police are investigating tonight. philadelphia pulls out all of the stops hoping to lure the democratic national convention to town in 2016, convention committee members are touring the city's historic landmarks and venues today among them pat's steaks in south philadelphia. kate? and chris, much nicer weather outside this afternoon and we have got a stretch of nice conditions, throughout the the end of the week, temperatures stay on the cool side below average with lots of sunshine and a great saturday on the way. make your weekend plans accordingly and keep in mind afternoon thunderstorm is possible on sunday. i will have your full seven day forecast coming up in a bit. breaking news right now "eyewitness news" has just learned governor chris christie will convene a bipartisan summit of state and local leaders to discuss the future of the atlantic city. this will take place
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september 8th. in the meantime "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live with more on the latest challenges facing that city, cleve. >> reporter: well, air show just ended. it was a huge success by all accounts but there was a group of people out here today that wanted visitors to know about the real struggles happening here in atlantic city. >> unaudible. >> reporter: newly formed atlantic city tax appealers group is protesting a 29 percent property tax increase in this years budget. this comes after a 22 percent increase last year. >> somewhere along the line, someone has to step up, and that is what we are going to do. >> reporter: problem is total value of properties in atlantic city has been slashed in half over last four years. with the revel, show boat and trump plaza all scheduled to close soon things will get worse. atlantic city mayor don guardian says his administration has found 12 and a half million-dollar in spending cuts but that is not enough to make up for lost
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revenues. >> they have realize that had they are angry and upset at 29 percent increase. i'm a taxpayer. i'm upset too. all i can do is continue to reduce cost of government in atlantic city. >> reporter: wednesday new jersey local finance board gave final approval for city's budget including the tax increase. the state also approved just fewer than 20 million-dollar in aid to atlantic city but there was bad news, casino revenues dropped 6.6 percent in july compared to last year. the atlantic city alliance plans to take out full page ads showing crowds of non-casino visitors are coming. linda steel from the local naacp says plans for atlantic city's future must make local residents >> we have continued to be here and be herec%q want reporter: governor christie says the summit whichwill september 8th will include local representatives from the labor board as well as some local politicians but all their input about the the future of atlantic city. in the atlantic city i'm cleve
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bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks very much. as of last week wilmington delaware recorded 16 homicides, that is six more then it had seen at this time has year. now as our erika von tiehl tells us governor jack markell is living up to a promise he he made about doing something about the violence in his state. >> reporter: it is not what wilmington wants to be known for: gun violence. the just overnight two gunman opened fire in a home sending three people to the hospital. just the the latest shooting in an increasingly violent city. >> at what time this was a rare thing. >> reporter: according to the fb tonight. 2012, more than half of the delaware's violent crimes happened in wilmington. now, they have a new team to start cracking down on illegal guns. governor jack markell announced formation of the new gun investigation unit focusing on wilmington. >> far too often gun violence is committed by shooters prohibited from owning guns. it is critical that we trace the source of these weapons and punish those involved in the illegal gun sales. force.
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their goal to track dow where illegal guns are coming from and, in turn, curb guncrime. grass rootsheer the worst gun violence. and they have two teams trying to keep them from a life of crime. >> we hope we can make a difference. if we get one it is a good thing. >> reporter: every thursday night brother lemont ex hits the the streets to promote peace, something he has seen disappear since he was a child in the area. >> i could not hide a 9-millimeter in my romp. the these young guys are 516, 17 years old having guns. i could even hide a sandwich in my room. >> reporter: one on one he makes a difference and like wilmington's mayor has high hopes for the new unit. >> together we can lick this thing. >> reporter: in wilmington, i'm erika von tiehl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, more on a developing story we told you how a pick up went out of control in west goshen and killed a west goshen township supervisor at a grocery store that truck crashed in the shop rite in the 1100 block of west chester pike and that is where
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"eyewitness news" reporter dianaory latest on this, diana? >> reporter: jessica, sad day here, townaí%( is mour loss of a beloved officiafter what be a freak accident. this afternoon. it happened here in the shop rite parking lot. you can see crews boarding up the wall at this hour. we are told by police at 12:30 a woman driving a pickup truck backed up at a high rate of speed in this parking lot. police say doctor robert white was pinned in between the truck and the wall. he was later pronounced dead at the hospital. whiteys a retired navy veteran. he was recently rehe elect to a six year term as west goshen township's supervisor. a position he had held since 1992. >> doctor white, always had west goshen as interests at heart. again for that much of a dedicated life of volunteer serviceally shows his character. he really enjoyed working with our planning commission and he was very heavily involved with the budgeting and finance on a yearly basis and to ensure
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that west goshen town ship provided best services and best quality of life in your area. >> reporter: now there was a supervisor's meet ago this was scheduled for tonight that has been since canceled, west goshen township has released a a statement saying they are saddened by all of this and their thoughts and prayers are now with white's family. he does leave behind a wife and two sons police say that the driver of that pickup truck is cooperating. live from west goshen township diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> diana thank you. 129 additional u.s. military advisors are now on the ground in iraq. white house says they will not see combat, the advisors are dealing with the crisis in northern iraq where isis militants trapped thousands on mount sinjar. crews have been air dropping supplies but it has not been enough. >> the situation is a genocide that is taking place against a very small religious minority in iraq. >> reporter: some have managed to escape to refugee camps in
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syria. u.s. has deployed more than 850 troops to iraq in the past two months. a police officer saves a woman from choking and the whole thing is caught on camera. take a look as officer jason gates of michigan performs the the heimlich maneuver on a woman he pulled over for running a red light. he says at first he thought she was just trying to get out of a ticket but then he realized would the man needed help. >> i kind of dislodged the item from her throat, hitting her on the back, and when that he didn't work i got her out to use the heimlich for the first time in my nine year police career. it worked. >> dit ever. woman thanked officer gates with a big hug. he says he was just glad he could there been to help. consumer warning before you you make dinner what you need to know about a chicken nugget recall. wow. also why some of robin williams close friends feel that a medical procedure from
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2009 may have triggered his depression. a 14 year-old boy gets a real bargain from wal-mart, he was there for four days without ever being detect, we will tell you how he did it coming up, kate? sunnies shining on a breezy wednesday evening and we are entering a sunny stretch through the end of the week. we will cool down. i'll have numbers with y
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the social media company started testing video ads within tweets, they will own play when users manually start them. the move comes as instagram and facebook, its parent company, also focus on making their sites more friendly to video ads. flying is about to get a little more cuddly, british airways is launchings the paws and relax channel in september. the the in flight entertainment will show programs featuring cute and cuddly cats and dogs and other creatures. company ceo says that the company hopes the the channel will help calm nervous flyers and rowdy kids.
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well, trend to go day we have a sweet selfie, dancing police and a baby going gaga over a gadget. lets start with what you really could consider to be one of the sweetest, selfies ever, the brainchild obfuscate middleton's younger brother james. he calls his business, its prints instagram and facebook photos right there on to marshmallow. a box of nine, cost $25 it can be shipped to the u.s. in three days. i just wouldn't suggest putting them around a campfire. hang on to those. check out these officers and their moves you probably won't see them on dancing with the stars anytime soon but they are not too bad. one of these moves called the octopus, anyway it is part of the community outreach program in kansas city a dance off between teens and police officers, in the bad there. up next, a baby going gaga over a gadget. >> ♪ >> very into it.
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maybe baby's proves that the love of the remote starts at a very young age. he can barely keep his emotions under control. every time his parent holds that gang net front of him he gets so excited and when they take ate way he gets a very sad look on his face, look there he is. >> i have that reaction when i lose my reaction. >> i know, you think where sit. >> now we know it happens when you are just this big. >> starts early. >> indeed it does.
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well, three on your side with a chicken nugget recall today frozen nuggets are made by purdue and packaged as apple gate naturals chicken nuggets this he were sold in stores across the the country. purdue has received several complaints from customers who say they found small pieces of plastic in those nuggets. recall effects packages with the best before date of february 5th 2015. a teenage runaway lives inside wal-mart in texas for four days. the 14 year-old set up two campsites one in the baby stroller aisle, the other behind several stacks of paper towels and toilet paper. employees discover his hidden compound. customers never net ised the campsite so he made a makeshift bed and stored his necessities he took from store shelves. >> never expected that someone is living there and been
5:34 pm
living there for four days, that is crazy. >> boy reportedly wore diapers instead of going to the bathroom but he was afraid of getting caught. at the time he was living with his aunt while his parents were out of town. he has a history of running a way. well, it is a beautiful day, beautiful afternoon in the delaware valley much different this time yesterday when it was raining across the area and flash flood warnings in effect. now we are looking at sunshine temperatures in the lower 80's at whitefield elementary school where sunnies shining and again currently 80 degrees there but temperatures are more comfortable in some spots we're in the 70's in norristown at audubon he will meantry school. lewis at university of delaware 80 degrees. in cape may county airport 81 degrees right now. we are seeing the breeze pick up this afternoon as well and showers moved by to the north and cooler air starts to rotate from the north and west. you can see a few showers who went through poconos and upper lehigh valley earlier.
5:35 pm
now they have fizzled. we are seeing a few storms moving in the new york area hudson river valley but for us everything is looking quiet right now. it was all part of the larger scale storm that brought devastating flooding last night and this morning to portions of new jersey and long island. now you can see they are hit with heavy rain over portions of vermont and new hampshire right now into down east maine and canadian mar times center of the low just spinning very slowly across portions of the great lakes. secondary front that will try to swing through with this as we head through day tomorrow and reenforce cool air that we will be feeling for remainder of the workweek. lets go all around the region. hyper local. temperature wise 80 in wildwood. cooler 79 in newark delaware. swedesboro at 81. eighty-four at philadelphia international airport. a comfortable 78 in malvern. seventy-nine in chalfont. twenty-eight for voorhees. we are seeing some 70's allentown at 77. q town at 75. doylestown 78. mount pocono sits at
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68 degrees. lets look at future weather. we have a chance for sprinkle here this evening as i just showed you on storm scan three most of these are staying off to the north, tonight and will clear skies throughout the overnight hours. watch thomas we get in the day tomorrow most of the day is sunny dry and beautiful. not even a cloud in the sky in the morning but clouds will bubble up here in the afternoon and as that secondary boundary comes through here's 3:00 o'clock. notice how spotty they are. mostly doesn't see anything but it could get hit with the quick downpour and moves on through here's 7:00 o'clock with some showers in south jersey and skies clear again as we head into our friday. as far as poconos are concerned for your thursday isolated shower in spots cool day up in the mountains just 69 degrees. friday looks better, sunny and nice, seven on for poconos and 74 degrees on saturday. the closer to home in the city of philadelphia partly cloudy, cool comfortable at 62 for overnight low, leave a window opened tonight. for your thursday mostly sun which a stray shower at 80 degrees. the as we get in the
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eyewitness weather seven day forecast and shore cassy think you'll like it, it will feel like fall on friday highs in the 70's. saturday we have 83 degrees with sunshine, beautiful start to the weekend. thunderstorms on sunday. then another chance for rain on tuesday. now, tomorrow make sure you tune in for this, kathy orr in ocean city for orr at the shore for 105 annual baby parade. lie forward to this every year, live tomorrow at 5:00 and 6:00, jessica. pop superstar justin beiber pleads guilty to misdemeanor charges of careless driving and resisting arrest. they stem from his arrest in miami beach seven months ago. plea deal means beiber will to have attend a 12 hour anger management course and shell out 50 you this dollars in fines and make a charitable contributions. dui charge against beiber was dropped, beiber was not present for today's court hearing. close friend of robin williams believes that heart surgery had something to do with the depression that led to his death. >> insider's kevin frazier has more from hollywood including
5:38 pm
reaction from williams children on their father's passing. >> my heartbeat was like... my cardiologist said that is not g my latin friend said no, you can dance to that. >> he had been feeling some sadness over the last few months. >> reporter: first hand observation from his robin's best friend of 37 years, and fellow comic rick overton. he claims robin's mental state deteriorated after his 2009 open heart surgery to replace his valves and correct irregular heartbeat. >> people get mad how could do you that? it wasn't him at this point. the real robin williams we love and know was that man we have for decades, and hold on to that memory and separate it from this decision because they are different guys. >> reporter: despite desperation robin felt in his heart he always felt love and fatherly pride for his three children zachary codey and
5:39 pm
zelda. >> i a zelda williams what i great name for a girl, that is magical, pretty amazing. >> reporter: that was she and robin in 2011. yesterday she broke her silence saying quote i feel stripped bear, my last day with him was his birthday, and i will be forever grateful that my brothers and i got to spend that time alone with him sharing gifts and laughter. he he was always warm even in his darkest moments. shortly after posting that heartfelt message some of her fathers exhibited cruel bye by cyber bullying her of photo shopped images. she has taken a break from twitter and instagram accounts. that was kevin frazier from the insider, he will have very latest on the death of robin williams tonight at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. still a head on "eyewitness news" meet a woman who steps up to help others. in this weeks story of brotherly love a woman who has not yet adversity stop her from helping feed the hungry,
5:40 pm
i met her and have her sto
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one of those is jewish relief agency which helps 3,000 families. "eyewitness news" anchor ukee washington met one volunteer needed help her self but still gives back every month. >> once a month in this northeast philadelphia warehouse all ages and all abilities pack thousands of boxes of food. >> we're backing almost 25 tons of food every month. >> it will not the get pack and deliver by itself. >> 80 percent are jewish so food is kosher pasta, canned good serial, it to people of
5:44 pm
any age. almost every packing day you'll see lisa toll and her smile. i met lisa at her home in penny pack park. >> i will go hug ukee washington. >> you can hear her story. >> i know what it is like to go to bed hungry and give the last best of food to my children. in this great country of ours it should not be. >> despite chronic illness lisa has been volunteering for eight years. until it heals she cannot go back to work as a school bus attendant. she has other part-time jobs but money is tight so women helps the hungry every month is now getting food herself. >> ways not a recipient when i first started. but thank god they were there because i am now. >> executive director amy says the world needs more people, like lisa. >> if we can just, cologne her, it would make the work of it that much easier. there is over 3,000 people we deliver too. and if we don't do it, who
5:45 pm
will. >> lisa says sharing her story is her way of advocating for the poor, and a the hungry. if you would like to help jewish relief agency wants to hear from you, go to cbs and search for brotherly love. i'll see you in the morning. i'm ukee washington, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> at 6:00 a crash outside a chester county grocery store has claimed life of the long time township supervisor, we're live with the details on the investigation, and how that victim is being remembered. plus, rolling out the red carpet, from cheese steaks to history, city leaders blew representatives from the democratic national committee in hopes of landing 20916 democratic convention, kate. we are drying out across the the area as cooler air moves in from the the north and west, we have very pleasant conditions to get us through the rest of the workweek but does it last through the weekend? i will have your seven day forecast coming up at 6:00:
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>> they are back, air force thunder boards roar above the boardwalk. we will take you to the largest air show of its time. now on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. developing now at 6:00 o'clock, a long time community leader, is killed, in an unusual crash outside of chester county super mark and right now police are interviewing the driver involved.
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