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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 13, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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testing. they are saddened by their loss and their thoughts and prayers where white's family. he does leave behind a wife and two sons. live from west goshen township i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". this just in one of two men accused of trying to break into connie murray's northeast philadelphia home overnight, has been identified as her own nephew. police have now charged the two with attempted burglary, murray was found dead in penny pack park last tuesday morning, police say her husband has confessed to that crime. well, philadelphia is
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trying to land itself in the political spotlight again, the democratic committee is in town right now, sampling the sites for the party convention. city is pulling out all of the stops hoping to land it. "eyewitness news" reporter noel mcclaren is live at the sport complex in south philadelphia with what the the group spent this day doing, noel? >> reporter: well, with five cities, still vying to host the 2016, democratic national convention, the cities still on to bring it right here to philadelphia to the wells fargo center. >> kissing up to the democratic national convention committee with a little brotherly love, the fanatic... the cheese stakes and the music of the mummers, all part of the fanfare, but it was down to business, at xfinity live where dnc executive director amy davey ran down the list of her top priorities for picking a host city.
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>> we are very focused on the financial, logistical and security issues around hosting any convention so we are concentrating on those three areas and working with the team here to answer their questions. >> governor rendell says city won't be paying to play host, but instead city funds will have to be raised separately but philly has done that in the past with rnc in 2,000. >> we raised 68 million-dollar in cash and contributions in 2,000. i think we can easily replicate that. >> reporter: it is something dnc committee will be paying close attention to as they tour the town. >> we are working to see what funds are available and what the host committee would put together and how much it will cost to host a event of this magnitude report report mayor nutter says there is working to donnas brooklyn, birmingham, columbus and phoenix are still also in the running, to play host. >> to get this far is significant but we still have, certainly much more work to do and they have a whole lot more questions and it is our responsibility to answer those
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questions, in the committee, the kind of comfort that ultimately, from our perspective, would result in the recommendation. >> reporter: today's activities concluded with the tour of reading terminal market and candle light tour of independent hall, and continues tomorrow morning with a tour of the comcast center. we are live in south philadelphia noel mcclaren for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> you can see pictures of the dnc tour and get more philly's push to land this convention, if you log on to cbs well, a lot of clean up today after a lot of rain fell in parts of the south jersey, "eyewitness news" in millville, cumberland county where at one point the water rose nearly 5 feet. flooding damage several basements in certain parts and it turned on backyards into ponds. residents got a dry day to help their clean up efforts today, and meteorologist kate bilo will let us know just how long we will stay dry in her forecast coming up in a few short minutes from now.
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now to the story that had a lot of people talking to day, several people on akron street in the frankford section of the city woke up to flattened tires this morning but in the even, generosity rosa above the vandalism. charlotte huffman is live there now with the heart warming story, charlotte. >> gist contact police are still looking for person responsible but tonight we have a story for but how sometimes the bad in one person can bring out the good in another. meet dottie roy. >> there are good people out there. there really is. >> reporter: and meet pat patriceo. >> she deserves it, i knew nothing of her story. >> reporter: two strangers living miles apart brought together by a crime. you see, roy woke up this morning to find all four of her tires, slashed, leaving her with no car, and, no money to pay for repairs. >> that will take me like six months to a year, to fix money up for a tires. >> reporter: that is when patriceo who heard roy's story on kyw news radio step into
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help. >> it just touched my heart. >> reporter: she called our station and offered to pick up the tab. >> you are kidding me, really, my god, that is so great. >> reporter: "eyewitness news" cameras were rolling when roy got the good news. >> thank you so much, whoever you are. >> reporter: patriceo called pep boys who stepped up and split the cost. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: a few hours later, roy's car was on its way to the shop, free of charge. >> i have no idea. >> reporter: because patriceo it is not about paying for tires, it business paying it forward. >> somebody that can do it should help you. i mean it will all come around. it will all come around in the even. someone will do something nice for me again, that is all. >> i want to thank you. you are my angel. you are my angel. you are my -- i say thank you, love you. >> police are still looking for the person looking for that person responsible but say it is isolated case.
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live, charlotte huffman for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". great story there, thank you. new at 6:00 an alert for abington residents about a string of burglaries and other crimes, these photos were taken by surveillance camera on the back deck of the home on morton road. police say this person tried to break into several homes and a car in that area >> leaned in and said, quote i want to ask for forgiveness from the family. keisha williams and her three children were killed. no family was in court to hear rosa's plea. penn state trustees, voted to day to support a settlement with the ncaa over the school's handling of the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. that settlement, calls for all 60 million-dollar at penn state will pay in fines to be
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spent, in pennsylvania, and, go through assist victims of child sexual abuse. ban on bowl games, scholarship reductions and other penalty will remain in effect. sandusky a former football coach is serving a prison term for sexually abusing, ten boys. philadelphia's own taney dragons are making some history in williamsport. >> they made it to the little league world series and before they get down to work playing on friday there is a celebration to be had. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao is live with the dragons in williamsport where party is in full swing, jen. >> reporter: that is right, jessica, it is all fun and games tonight. competition does not the start until tomorrow and our dragons do not take the field until friday. but all 16 teams from across the country and across the world are right here, mingling, you can see our taney dragons there in the blue and marine talking to the team from japan. we were able to catch up with our team earlier today and
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their team leader, 13 year-old mone davis. despite her impressive performance on sunday she said she still has room to improve. >> i will need to get more big hits, because in the regionals i was not doing so well. >> reporter: with their official little league world series bats, philadelphia's taney dragons got in their first cuts today in the williamsport batting cagees. >> i never thought we could make it here, but it is not a dream but reality now. >> reporter: they have made history but it was not history. this was a culmination of a lot have of hard work. >> if there was a night, we within like why are we hitting tonight. >> let's go up to the cage. >> reporter: taney dragons are first ever team from urban philadelphia to make it to williamsport, how. they say they have the right combination. >> they work as a team and unit. >> i think we persevered when we were down, our heart and we just played our game. >> and they have her, ace pitcher mone davis. >> you won't see her out
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there. >> 07 miles an hour face ball, she struck out six to lead her team to the shut out victory in the championship site will on sunday. >> complete game and ticket to williamsport. >> what are chances on the world series stage. >> i don't judge teams how they practice and how they look. i judge them how they play the game. that is every team here, is pretty good. >> yes, bring people together from all over the world. >> i always notice how japan seems dominant and now, we will share a bathroom with japan and we meet the caribbean kids. >> and they say, meeting these kids from around the world has been their favorite, experience, so far, mone is actually bunking with the only other girl playing and that girl is from canada. they are actually the 17th and 18th girls to play in the little league world series and they are only the third time that two girls have played in the same tournament, so definitely exciting times in
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williamsport. live from williamsport jane carabao, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". very exciting, thanks very much. so many of us want to cheer on the dragons and maybe we can make to it williamsport. there will be a pep rally at 2:00 at city hall courtyard and the game will be shown on the big screen. now mayor's office is promising surprise guest at that pep rally. atlantic city boardwalk. it is not a storm but hundreds of thousands pack the beach and boards, for this, something that they did not get to see last year. kate. we are keeping a close eye on the weather and it looks like things have cleared out just in time and drying out through tonight as all that heavy rain moves away, so will it stay away, for weekend that is big question and i have the answer coming up, beasley. eagles, continue joint sessions with the patriots in new england and cowboys join sessions with the raiders for a fight breaking out. near the spec taters. i'll show what you one raiders fan did to a cowboy, with a
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helmet that he snatched. coming up in sports.
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are doing right now, could determine what you dream tonight. there are three things that you can do to change those dreams, and even get a better night sleep. see this story before you head to bed tonight, only on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. the atlantic city air show always wows the crowd, thousands gathered to watch pilots and demonstrations high over the boardwalk. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan tells us that this years air show did not disappoint. >> reporter: there were prop planes that tumbled and jets that soared. but below hundreds of thousands of people, ooed and aaed at 2014 atlantic city air show thunder over the the boardwalk. >> amazing. you can't have a better location for an air show. >> reporter: marry bet caller took in the sites with their nephew nick whose aviator sunglasses made him look the part of the next generation of dare devil pilots. >> i like how it is all
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amazing and has planes, with the stunt planes and stuff. >> reporter: thinks largest air show in the east coast with private and military pilots showing off their aircraft maneuvering capabilities. some highlights included the golden nights parachute team and air force thunder birds who weren't around last year because of sequestration. >> we have been here two or three years and loved it. happy to have thunderbirds back report report family friendly festival is the biggest summer event. she this year comes a day after the announcement the revel casino will close and layoff more than 3,000 employees, with millions of dollars in advertising, being spent to attract non-casino visitors mayor don guardian says it is encourage to go see the huge crowds. >> the air show, concerts, the the try at alongs, miss america pageant. that will be atlantic city in the future. >> reporter: with this year drawing big crowds organizers are hoping it will bring in big money. in the past, air shows has raised more than 40 million-dollar in the city. i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". it is a stunt that has gone viral now we are talking about the als ice bucket challenge. >> ready, go. >> there they go, geico sky typers took part challenging atlantic city thunder over boardwalk air show performers at the air buses. if they don't complete the challenge in 24 hours they must make a charitable donation. it was, you know, at least not cold out there. >> the weather is not too bad for ice bucket challenge. >> it is summer, you can handle it. you dry off. we have nice weather, cooler weather but still not as cold as it would be, in the challenge in the middle of january and february and things looking nicer out there throughout the the next couple days. rain buckets last night but now we have dried out, breezy and pleasant this afternoon. we will take you to the roof campaign this is sky cam three mounted on the roof here at
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cbs-3 studios in spring garden and it looks beautiful in center city. a few puffy clouds we have seen clouds erode throughout the course of the day, the clouds this morning, afternoon was a power struggle between sun and clouds and new we are sitting pretty on a wednesday evening, great night to be outside. storm scan three shows not a lot going on. there are light sprinkles moving in long island and area you don't need a, sprinkle, 13 inches in portions of long island near islip, over 13 inches there heavier rain is over new hampshire moving into portions of southern maine. storm still has us in its grip as far as influence is concern. we have breezy, breezes, wind north and west here this evening, and wind are picking up, as that storm moves away. it is 82 at the airport. seventy-nine for trenton. eighty-one millville. wind have accelerated this evening. i noticed it stepping outside on the sky deck an hour ago and wind gusting to 28 miles an her right now at the airport. 25 miles an hour in wilmington, lancaster and
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millville. it is breezy but comfortable night. take a look the at future weather. we are not expecting more in the way of scattered showers this evening, tomorrow starts out beautiful, sunshine, across the board, for the most part but watch the the afternoon. couple spotty showers popping up here at four or 5:00 not a big deal they are very isolated but don't be shock if they get caught in one tomorrow afternoon. record days lie ahead. mostly sunny beside that stray shower. friday is cooler. highs in the 70's with sunshine, beautiful day, saturday warmer with highs back in the 80's. quick look at our resort forecast, temperatures in the inland area down the shore will get in the mid 80's in some spots but mostly right along water closer to 80. friday same story sunny and nice down the shore at 78 degrees. here is your poconos forecast and, boy things look cool and comfortable. almost fall-like in the mountains. sixty-nine tomorrow. seventy on friday. 74 degrees with unis shine on saturday. here in the city partly cloudy, cool, comfortable tonight. sixty-two.
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for tomorrow we are looking at 80, mostly sunny with a stray shower. i want to mention tonight's sunset at 7:59. we are in the 7:00 o'clock hour. those days are shorter, as we head toward the end of summer. but look at the even of the week beautiful near 80 thursday and friday, saturday warmer, and make those outdoor plans for saturday, mostly fine sunday. just a thunderstorm in the afternoon. the monday partly sun i another chance for storms on tuesday but tomorrow will be beautiful and kathy is heading down the shore, it is thursday. time for orr at the shore tomorrow in ocean city for 105 annual baby parade always a great time and definitely tune in tomorrow for that. >> i can't wait to see that. >> kate, thanks. >> yep. good evening, everyone. we have major action going on in south philadelphia, one direction is in town, and you know what that means. ninety-five northbound is jammed approaching the philadelphia international airport, all the way down through that broad street exit. look at the platt bridge high volume here as well. give yourself some more time.
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we have that same volume southbound on i-95 making your way out of far northeast philadelphia. all the way down through the city. watch for delays traveling on the schuylkill expressway, usual spots you hit during rush hour you drop down to 14 miles an hour and take a look at 476 heading out of the mid county toll plaza and making your way down towardsville 'nova high delays there as well. as we look into malvern traffic lights are out at lancaster pike and phoenixville pike so give yourself more time stay with us here on the ahhh! what is it? there are no marshmallows in this box of lucky charms!
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well, one more day of of joint practices between the eagles and patriots before friday night's preseason game. jeremy maclin left practice after a mild hamstring pull, says he will be fine and
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should play on friday. last year future hall of famer tom brady shredded eagles secondary. this year birds are standing call giving brady fits. >> we had a lot of guys still learning things and learning the scheme where as this year we're working techniques out because we all know what the plays are. we now how we're reading things and guys are playing aggressive up front. everything is clicking right now. we want to put it out on the field on dame day. >> eagles and patriots are not only teams practicing together. cowboys and raiders in joint sections in california. a fight broke out at the end of the pass play yesterday and players started scuffling. mala moved begins the the fence within fan grabbed a helmet and helped his favorite team by busting a cowboy upside the head. bw web tried to retaliate but coaches stepped in and stopped the madness. phillies wrap up a short two game series with the angels tonight in l.a. aj burnett takes the ball. marlon byrd's two out rbi put
6:26 pm
phillies up two to nothing the in the fifth inning. angels got back in the the bottom of the sixth. coal calhoun led off with the home run. by the time it was over the angels had scored seven runs and beat phillies seven-two. more news when we come right back. this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", they will look at rains, leaving flooding on the nation's longest island, find out where that weather system is headed next and remembering a true legend from the golden age of hollywood, here now with the "cbs evening news" from new york is scott pelley.
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>> pelley: tonight, suburbs submerged. a record summer rainfall stops traffic into america's biggest city. don dahler is in the flood zone. american troops land in iraq for a possible rescue of refugees surround bide terrorists. reports from david martin and holly williams. >> don't shoot! >> pelley: a third night of violence in suburban st. louis. protesters demand the name of the officer who fatally shot an unarmed man. mark strassman is there. and edward r. murrow. >> every once in a while i see a reference to you as "the look." how did you earn that perceptive title? >> pelley: remembering lauren bacall. >> i cannot believe that the life i lived was lived by me. ( laughter ) captioning sponsored by cbs


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