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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 14, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> new tonight at 11:00, on the road to a championship. "eyewitness news" with our little league heroes eyeing a world series title in williamsport. >> developing right now, a possible end to the stalemate word of a tentative deal between septa and regional rail electrical workers.
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and breaking news tonight. violence breaks out at a benefit concert for peace. police say a man was shot outside the dell music center in strawberry morning much this happened during a hiphop performance calling for an end to violent in the city. the vick tum was hit in the stomach and leg and rushed to the hospital where he's now in critical condition. >> and there are new details at 11:00 o'clock in the unusual crash that claimed the life of a popular community leader today. township supervisor dr. robert white died shortly after he was hit by a truck just outside a grocery store. this happened in west goshen chester county and tonight "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco has more on white's life, his service and what happened this afternoon. report. >> just a terrific terrific individual. >> reporter: he was known as bob by his neighbors and those in town who are remembering all he did and not the tragic way he died. >> sounded like a horrible car crash and as soon as we saw the building down basically we ran over saw him laying like his
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feet were on like the sidewalk still and his body was still through the wall. >> reporter: around 12:30 wednesday dr. white had gone to shop rite on his lunch break to pick up a few things for his wife. when a woman driving this pick up struck and killed him while backing up. >> when he was coming out of the store, a female operator of a pickup truck um, came through the parking lot in reverse striking him and then going through the store wall. >> it's just sad. like, he was just going she was a mess. >> reporter: the west goshen town supervisor had served the town since the '80's first as planner, in '92 he was elected supervisor. dentist for four decades. always involved with the town's finances and building projects. >> neighbors who would catch up on town business when they'd see him oh and nightly walk with his wife can't believe he's gone. >> we feel that it is going to be big loss here. yup. he really cared.
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>> west goshen township did release a statement saying they're saddened by this loss their thoughts and prayers are with dr. white' family. that driver is fully cooperating with the police investigation. in west goshen, diana rocco cbs-3 eyewitness news. >> now to the developing details of a tentative deal between septa and regional rail electrical workers. the possible agreement calls for an 11-point 5% raise for the workers. they've worked for five years now without a contract. septa officials are planning to hold a board meeting on monday where the contract could be signed. but first it has to be ratified by ibew. as for the regional rail engineers union septa officials say the two sides are quote narrowing their differences. >> new at 11:00 o'clock night making history. philadelphia's taney little leaguers are in williamsport tonight and they're getting ready to kick off their pursuit of a world series title. yewitness news" reporter jan carrabeo is with the team on the
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road to a championship. >> reporter: for the first time ever, little leaguers from center city philadelphia steal the spotlight in williamsport. >> never thought we can make it here but it's not dream. it's reality now. >> reporter: they've arrived and thousands came out to welcome the taney dragons to the home of the little league world series on wednesday evening. >> i think they're great. and i think they're going to go far. >> reporter: the team has been an inspiration as the first urban philadelphia team to make it to williamsport they've proven that even with few resources, success is possible. >> even if you played on a top field the bad hop that you take will help you get better for the good fields. >> there's mope know day have you. the 18th girl ever to play in the world series and she's the ace pitcher to boot. but there's more room for improvement. >> i nee hits. >> champion form the dragons took their first cuts in the williamsport batting cages today. side by side with some of their
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competitors. >> every team here is pretty good. >> i'm not ruling anything out with this group. >> reporter: for our taney dragons many say the best part of this tournament so far is only from our country but from the rest >> the world. they're just kids, a picture here, a friendly racee, while they these great peome >> all the while inspiring theilliam port. jan carrabeo cbs-3 it witness news. >> inspiring a lot of people. you can cheer on the taney dragons from philadelphia city hall friday afternoon. the city is going to hold rally for the little luge guess at 2:00 o'clock and then they'll broadcast the game on big screen in the city hall courtyard. >> new tonight a warning for homeowners. police in montgomery county are investigate a string of burglaries. as natasha brown tells us, the thieves have taken a liking to abington township. striking their four times since the beginning of the month. report. >> whoa came down the laptop was missing i noticed something had happened. >> reporter: something had happened a burglar had invaded her home in the 1500 block of
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grow vain ya road while she was sleeping in the oveight hours of august 11th. >> this whole plant was removed from the window. the screen was pushed all the way up and he had pride the window open. >> reporter: the signs were there. this victim who didn't want to reveal her identity had been the victim of a home invasion burglary. her laptop stolen, her purse gone. her sense of safety shattered. >> were you scared? it's unnerving that s could have been in the home and i'm upstair sleeping and anything could have happened. >> reporter: this woman shared her story, but abington police say there are other victims whose homes were also burglarized that same night. >> i am surprised usually this is a very quite and save neighborhood. >> reporter: between of house of 12:15 and 2:45am someone pushed open an unlocked window on a home in the 1900 blo welsh road stealing anism pad and same scenario on the 1700 block of edge hill road with the suspect gaining ent unlocked rear window.
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>> our doors are locked all the time. >> reporter: surveillance cameras captured these images of a suspect during an tempted break in on august 2nd in the 200 block of morton road. this vick testimony now has an alarm system. more cautious now than ever. >> because you're in a suburban neighborhood it does not keep you safe from crime. >> reporter: well police do believe that the suspects may be traveling either on foot or on a bicycle. they're not sure at this point but get in and out of neighborhoods fairly quickly. they're urging residents right now to make sure that the doors and windows of their homes and cars are locked at all times. we're live here at the abington township police department, natasha brown cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> natasha, thank you. >> we now know it was family member who trade to rob the home of a murdered mother in northeast philadelphia. couldn't know mur rye was found dead last tuesday. her husband has been charged with her murder. we learned tonight one of two men accused of trying to break
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into her home overnight was her nephew. police have not charged the two suspects with attempted burglary burglary. >> "eyewitness news" was at tonight's prayer vigil for keisha william. she was the north philly mom killed in the carjacking crash that also claimed the lives of three of her children. friends and family gathered at germantown and allegheny at the the spot where that crash happened on jul 25th. her funeral will take place tomorrow. two men are now facing murder charges and today one of them jonathan rosa said in court he wants the family's forgiveness. >> we've got update for you on an mazing act of kindness you saw on "eyewitness news" earlier today. a woman who a woke to found her tires slashed as a brand new set of rubber on her car tonight thanks to the generosity of a stranger. >> i'm just so grateful for it. >> reporter: dottie is going sleep with a smile on her face. on the same day she woke up with tears in her eyes. >> my son has brain damage and i have to go visit him every day i go visit him in hatboro for
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eight hours. >> reporter: dottie couldn't make that trip wednesday because all four tires on her car were slashed overnight one of 10 cars targeted by a vandal on akron street in frankford. for dottie who is disabled it was more than an inconvenience. >> that would take me like six months to year to save money up for tires. >> reporter:nd pat a complete stranger living 30 miles away. she heard dot toepieces story. >> it touched my heart. >> she caused the cbs broadcast center and offered to pick up the tab. >> you're kidding me? really? oh, my god that's so great. >> as "eyewitness news" cameras rolled dottie heard the good news. >> thank you so much whoever you are. >> and when pep boys got the call they stepped up and split the cost. >> thank you so much. >> a few hours later dottie's car was on its way for repairs. free of charge. >> somebody that can do it should help you.
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it all comes around in the end. somebody will do something nice forme again. that's all. >> wednesday night the car and its four fresh tires was back on akron street ready to reunite a mother and son a grateful dottie had one promise for pat. >> i will pay it forward. i promise because you did a great thing for me. you really did. >> police are still searching for the person responsible for the tire slashings tonight but they do believe this is an isolated case. "eyewitness news" in millville where all that heavy rain we had led to high waters. nearly 5 feet in some spots. flooding damaged several basements in the area. turned backyards into ponds. residents spent this try day trying to get the cleanup effort underway. >> that same weather system created a big mess on long island. some areas there got more than 13-inches of rain in just six hours. businesses and the worse of it struck during the morning rush.
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trapping some people in their cars. now around here, we're starting to dry out. kathy? >> unbelievable. unprecedented rain there in long island. weather wise we're looking at the rain long gone thankfully quiet for now. frontal boundary will be coming our way tomorrow. i'll show was that means and of course an update on the weekend coming up as well. >> and no more nightmares or strange dreams. what you're doing right now could determine what you see in your sleep tonight. how you can change your dreams. it's a story worth staying up for. >> then some dramatic video of a traffic stop that saved a woman's life. >> plus, what was behind tonight's special tribute to robin williams? when "eyewitness news" returns. ♪
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z >> breaking right now in missouri. clashes between police and protesters in the town of ferguson. this video is just in from our sister station kmov. crowds of people protesting the
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shooting death of 18 year old michael brown reportedly began throwing molotov cocktails at officers. police responded by firing tear gas. the situation has been very tense in ferguson since saturday when brown was shot dead by a police officer. new at 11:00 o'clock tonight members of the democratic national campaign committee getting a taste of true american history. we were there as members of the selection committee visited independence hall for a candlelight tour. mayor michael nutter was there as was former governor ed rendell and senator bob casey. they joined their party leaders. >> well that really capped off long day for the committee who toured many of philadelphia's landmarks and venues. earlier hundreds of philadelphians greeted democratic party officials as they arrived for the first day of their two-day tour. they enjoyed some cheesesteaks down in south philadelphia. but they also prepared to ask city leaders some tough questions about the city's ability to host the convention.
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>> we're very focused on the financial, logistical and security issues around hosting any convention. we're concentrate concentrating on those three areas and work wig the team here to answer questions in those areas. >> civic leaders say they are confident they can raise the $80 million they'll need to host the convention. a public tribute tonight for robin williams. broad kay dimmed its lights in memory of the late comedian and actor. it went dark for a minute the only ill lump night 98ed sign his photo. died monday morning takeing his own life after a long battle with depression. >> and watch now as a traffic stop becomes a life saving mission for one police officer. officer jason gates of cal la moo matt zoo michigan on patrol when he pulled the woman over for running red light. now, at first he thought she was trying to get out of a ticket. until he realized she really needed help. >> i dislodge the item from her throat by hitting her on the back.
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when that didn't work, i got her out and used the heimlich for the first time in my nine year police career. it work. >> the woman thanked officer gates with a big hug there and gates says he was just glad he was there to help. we have new details in the story of a condo association fight in cherry hill. the association has now changed its mind about car magnets used for kidney donor advertisements. the signs read honey bee needs a kidney. those signs for honey bess tick who suffers from an auto immune disease. the society hill association sent her mother a warning letter threatening fines saying that the magnetic signs violated their rules. well now the association is giving the magnets out. >> they have made an exception in this case and now i -- they an e blast that went out to the community saying anyone wishing to purchase a bee and get one of
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these signs for their car should contact the office. >> libby tells thus while the experience with the condo association has been trying, it has renewed her faith in people. she says she's gotten a lot of support from her community. >> what you're doing right now in the minutes before you go to bed could determine your dreams. might sound strange but there are simple behaviors and simple changes you can make to alter what you see in your sleep. health reporter stephanie stahl shows us how. dreams can be crazy and scary and recurrent. >> one where i'm late for class and i didn't study for test. forgot to get dressed or something like that. >> that's popular dream. being naked in front of people. infidelity too. one study found the most common nightmare was a spouse cheating. >> there's some scenes we're not sure they do recur mostly fear based or an expectation that you haven't quite met. >> doctors don't have lot of science on dreams, but there are some accepted theories and what cause certain kinds of dreams.
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what about nightmares? >> i see -- >> any type of food kicks you up your metabolism which can make your brain more active. >> something spice is he is not good. it will interrupt your sleep in general. >> alcohol can affect your dreams. a of the few drinks you'll dream less when you first go to bed but then -- >> people start to have vivid dreams later on that may disrupt sleep and may have you more nightmares also having a fever can affect dreaming and some medicines like blood pressure pills can cause nightmares. others think sleeping in a cold room causes bad dreams. there's no evidence of that. but -- >> little bit cooler temperature seems to help a lot of people sleep better. >> experts say dreams can be meaningless or reflective of what's happening in your life. the first step to understanding your dreams is remembering them. keeping a pad next to the bed and writing them down write away can help. i'm stephanie stahl cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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>> okay. here's a dream question. >> uh-huh. >> do you mean dream in color? >> hmm. >> think about that. >> i don't believe so but who notice. >> we'll fine out tonight. in dreaming of nice weather for the weekend. >> i dream about like vacation and sunny weather i dream in color. >> blue water. absolutely. weather wise we're looking at a very pleasant night. crack the windows. some cooler weather and have some sweet dreams outside it is very comfortable. take look. outside down the shore we're looking at atlantic city. it will be a very busy weekend because we have some decent weather coming up. on storm scan3 we have a clear skylight winds at the moment and temperatures that will be cool cooling down into the 60s which is very pleasant for this time of year. our live neighborhood network takes us across the region. we'll start off in cape may county. cape may courthouse where the temperature is 79. lumberton at the south jersey regional airport 73. at girard college in philadelphia it is 72 and blue bell in the winkfield airport 73 degrees.
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still quite comfortable in the city at the airport we're looking at 74 degrees. 69 in millville after all that rain last night. a nice dry day expected tomorrow tomorrow. allentown, 69. the poconos 62. and look at what is off to the west. state college 62. pittsburgh 59 degrees. a taste of fall in that city. future weather shows a clear sky tonight. through tomorrow morning. then we have a weak front moving through tomorrow. it's going to set off few spotty showers or sprinkles during the afternoon. and into the evening. we're not all going to be seeing them but you'll see some clouds and where there's clouds there could be a few sprinkles. in the wake of that front it will be pleasant for your thursday expect a mostly sunny sky with the exception of a few showers or sprinkles. in the wake of that front we get into a northwesterly prevailing wind. temperatures in the 70s. plenty of sunshine for friday. and it gets even warmer high pressure slides to the south on saturday. and then we'll watch another fast moving system from the great lakes we saw it a lot earlier in the summer scattered shower or thunderstorm expected
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on sunday afternoon. with that next system. overnight it will be mainly clear to partly cloudy.ol and comfortable the low 62. during the day on thursday, sunnyh that front. the high temperature 8s. s ve dayea forecast and letwo that's just about it. lotsrday sunlee day we'll have a shower or storm on -- tuesday rather and then onnesdaymperatures bouncth'&réun mshinee s.speaki o w the >> very focused on little league a alra local team bringing home the softball championship >> out staning. ork continuener the ngla.heg upfk
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one more day of join practices for eagles and patriots. friday night they meet in
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preseason game number two. maclin left practice with a mild hamstring pull but he's fine and should be able to play on friday. th $ey wor downpour this morning but the birds still enjoying the quality competition competition. >> practicing with them for these two days and then tomorrow and playing in the game i think it's basically like playing three preseason games against the pats which i think is great. i like practicing wit of fame quarterback tom brady. last year he put on a clinic against the birds defense. this year,y. >> last year when we p this situation i think we were 10 days into camp so to expect to us perform yesterday like we were going to do a year ago we would be wayehin terms of we're wayhead of where we were last year at this time. >> now the phillietfts with lgate start tonight against the angels angels. they are out west fightings lead two-one in the fifth inning of play.tle league softbaleam from robbinsville, county, new jersey. they beat louisiana four-one to win the little league world
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series. last year they lost in the semi finals tonight they finish the job and they are the champions. wayo go. >> sixers schedule is out. they star the season on the road against the pacers. then for the second straight year the home opener will be again the heat. deceímber will be fun with champions spurs and kevin duran first jand the sixers close out theiamil 15th at thetcz wells fargosn
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>> all eyes on the sky today down the shore. >> big crowds as always packing the beach for the annual atlantic city air show. hundreds of thousands oohed and ahhed as thunder over the boardwalk unfolded before their eyes. this is of course the largest air show on the east coast and one of ac's building guest events open year. us air force thunderbirds did not diss appoint with their precision, they're back this year after a one-year hiatus. great show an good time had by all. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> thank you for watching white news at 11:00. we return tomorrow morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and erika von tiehl. for beasley kathy and everyone here at "eyewitness news" i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica don't. the late show with david letterman is >> announcer: the following is
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