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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 15, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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transporta'=tion living withf their schoolf. building. >> reporter: district is facing an 81 million-dollar budget gap and still banking on passage of the cigarette tax but needs more help. >> we have made a case to the that they need agree in changes particularly in benefit structure. >> reporter: philadelphia federation of teachers said they offered adjustments last year anded. district tens of millions of dollars in savings. we have been to the we're willing ton.ouncedybthaob]tqñoreporting live outside rictneerñeño right nowlive in to take this one taney dragons wrapped up a four to nothing victory over the team from tennessee. we have video to show you taken just moments ago right after mone davis struck out the final batter for that tennessee team, teammates mobbing her there near the third base side. the game had no shortage of highlights for the taney dragons, starting with a towering home run, by jar sprague-lot with two men on and as you can see that it was and great way for
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the dragons. then after that, of course, as it has been all summer long mone time, mone davis star right-hander threw smoke for six innings retiring first six batters on the have the game while only giving up a handful of hits. it was another masterful performance for the young laid hoy i can tell you is the most popular player at this tournament. the crowds for today's game were biggest we have seen here so far and would i imagine mone had something to do with that. fans were talking about her. they came here all the way from philadelphia for both her and the entire experience here in williamsport. >> mone is awesome. it is awesome to see aout there doing what she's doing. it is awesome to see. >> we have been coming over here for 30 plus years. oh yes. >> we are a very good fans of thee up yesterday, a day earlier then 3:00 o'clock game for today. it is very inspiring and exciting. >> philadelphia is naturally sports crazy so where ever a winner is, we go to. >> reporter: speaking of winners we are expect to go hear from the manager of the
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taney dragons alex wright as well as three of his players yet to be name. i would imagine ine the taney dragons won today they will opponent on sunday night, would i imagine the entire city is looking forward to that one. we're live from williamsport matt recent fans in recent weeks. hundreds of supporters boarded charter buses in southwest philadelphia this morning heading to williamsport. it seems like follow action cross philadelphia are all fired up about their hometown team city hosted a pep rally outside city re "eyewitness news" meteorologist kate bilo joins us live. what a great s support, kate, lots of love for this team. >> the crowd was going crazy here in the last inning. everybody had their signs like this one and it was just such a great scene here in the courtyard at city hall and one of the taney dragons biggest fans joins our ma michael was the 3ame amaz congratulations, mone pitched beautifully today, two hitter, and, you know, they started off in the first inning with
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that three run home run, really set the tone and face of the game. she shut down that team pretty effectively, got the insurance run but i just really enjoy watching our young people doing very positive things. they are having fun. they are great students. they are getting wonderful support from their parents and from the community. so it was a really enthusiastic crowd. i'm glad we were able to put this together. >> how cool to have a group of people come together for such a thing on a friday afternoon. >> friday afternoon in august one of philadelphia's little league teams is in the world series. so big shout out to the anderson monarchs, the whole taney baseball youth organization, the the coaches and, again, this is demonstration of when adult do the right thing with children, support them encourage them in their growth and development not only in sports but of course in their academics you see what can happen. we cheer them on, they are already state champions so they are already champions,
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here for us and we wish them every success as the tournament goes on and as world series goes but for today, taney dragons. >> go taney dragons thanks very much, mr. mayor. it was a great day to be out here. lets look at video from earlier, footage we shot when we got here. you can see how crazy the crowd was. they were all excited. people are cheering let's go taney over and over and over especially in the last inning, couple of strike outs there, very exciting stuff and it has been a beautiful day here in philadelphia. temperatures are only in the 70's right now low to mid 70's across the region. it has been feeling fantastic and for the the rest of the afternoon we will stay cool, comfortable, it is quieter here now back here live but it has been a beautiful day nothing but sunshine and great vibe for our taney dragons as they go all the way in the little league world series. reporting from the city hall courtyard i'm meteorologist kate bilo for "eyewitness news". >> just a perfect day, thanks very much. keep it right here for
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continuing coverage of the taney dragons get very latest anytime at cbs there are more details. police released the name of the officer who fired the fatal shots along with new evidence. that the teen was a suspect in the crowd. omar villafranca is in ferguson with the new developments. ferguson police say unarmed black teen shot and killed sat take was a suspect in the convenient store robbery. they say 18 year-old michael brown, 6-foot 4 inches and 292 pounds, stole a $49 box of cigars. >> we have a lot of freedom of information requests, for this tape and at some point it was just determined we had to release it. >> reporter: disclosure of the robbery came as officials released name of the officer who shot brown, six year veteran darren wilson, the the timing ignited more frustration in this community.
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>> come on, man, be for real, only just now finding out now. >> reporter: police chief acknowledged officer wilson confronting brown was not related to the robbery. >> they were walking down middle of the street blocking traffic. >> reporter: brown's family and protesters are accusing the nearly all white police force of trying to draw attention away from the shooting. >> you don't think you are a veteran of the police force you know how to approach a suspect. you don't start shooting nobody. >> reporter: highway patrol captain ron johnson who kept demonstrators calm thursday night said he will be back out in the crowd tonight working to keep protests peaceful. omar villafranc ac bs news, ferguson missouri. officer wilson is on paid administrative leave tonight, attorney general eric holder says his justin department will conduct a civil rights investigation into that shooting. now to atlantic city where police are investigating a deadly elevator accident in a high rise apartment. "eyewitness news" here at the new york apartments on north
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new york avenue this morning. investigators say a repairman was doing maintenance work when he fell down an elevator shaft. police say victim was 25 year-old brian jacone from the bronx, new york area "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan will have much more on this story coming up at 6:00 o'clock. four young victims of the southwest philadelphia row house fire will be remembered at a wake this evening. four year-old twins, maria and marry he'll bow was and patrick sonya and seven week old taj jackie, died in that massive blaze that consumed home on guess inner street more than a month ago. fire officials say that they are close to determine a cause of that fire the funeral for the children will come tomorrow. roxborough fire station on ridge avenue is back in services tonight it had to close down last winter after investigators detected hazardous fumes, inside. well, fumes detect are generally associated with petroleum products and fuel
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gases. well, now the fire department has installed raid on detectors and they have removed an exterior fuel tank. coming up next at 5:00 swimming for his life incredible video shows a man coming a little too close toly to a shark in the water. plus... pretty terrifying that you cannot sit outside from a children's museum. >> for this mother of 2a fun trip to the please touch museum turns frig children are confronted by a stranger shouting and demanding money. hear her story coming up. but first dozens sickened from a mosquito born illness in our area health reporter stephanie stahl is on your side today with information on a promising vaccine. kathy? everyone saying it is feeling like fall but do you really mind, because summer will make a quick return plus checking on some weekend rain it is all next as "eyewitness news"
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on the cbs-3 health watch this friday evening, some new information about a possible new treatment for mosquito born virus that has sickened dozens of people in our area. >> well, three on your side health reporter stephanie stahl joins us details with the promising vaccine out. >> reporter: researchers are encourage about this, nearly 600 cases of chicken gonya have have been reported in the united states this year. there are 51 cases in new jersey, 14 in pennsylvania, and one in delaware. as cases increase health officials are testing a new vaccine to prevent the illness. people air arriving back to philadelphia international
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airport with more than just their luggage, some are sick with the chickengunya virus. >> it is not acquired or caught in philadelphia. >> reporter: doctor caroline johnson with the philadelphia health department, says local travelers have been symptomatic after traveling to the caribbean, mainly to the dominican republic. >> the typical fever, headache and flu-like illness very quickly involved into a striking arthritic type disease. >> reporter: as virus spreads an experimental vaccine to prevent chicken gunya is showing promise. researchers at national institute of allergy and infectious diseases inject 25 volunteers with the vaccine and found antibodies developed and lasted in the participants for at least 11 months after their last shots. >> we have tested it to see if it is safe which it apparently is, and to see if it induces kind of immune response you would predict would be protective. and, that is good. >> reporter: next step is to
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test the vaccine in a much larger group and if successful it would be available to people who live near out breaks or those who frequently travel to those places. >> recovery is very typical but it can be a painful condition to live through, so it is, best to avoid it. >> reporter: now there is no evidence that mosquitoes carrying the chicken gunya virus are in our area and it cannot be spread from person to person. this is different then west nile virus which has been reported in our area in both mosquitoes and in people. it is important to avoid mosquito by the this time of the year. we have more information at cbs click on health. >> take all precautions that you can, steph, thank you. good evening, everyone. if there is anything more pesky than a mosquito bite it is probably traffic. the admiral wilson boulevard westbound is jam, as we head up and over ben franklin bridge. i know luke brian is in town in south philly and i think
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everybody is just trying to move on over to i-95 once you get through are delayed heading down towards sports stadium, you're just not doing great. we will take you elsewhere to the 42 freeway seven. i was talking to my produce are mike about this. it looks like a morning rush. he is right. look at the 42 freeway north bound jammed heading out of the area of 55 up and over the walt. heading down the shore notice the 42 is light here but definitely not approaching walt whitman bridge and up and over. it does open up at this point around creek road. looking at our wide speed sensors reflecting a very heavy rush hour friday night, 17 is your average on i-95. look at the that delay stemming back toward street road in the southbound direction, two on your schuylkill. high delays eastbound on the pennsylvania turnpike between valley forge and willow grove and it is just not great out there. chris and natasha. well consumers beware there is a new warning about a banking scam that is popping up in our area. also ahead just the thing
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that you don't want to see when you are flying off in the sunset, trend to go day a passenger jet takes off into some unfriendly skies, a pack night in sports, we have full highlights from the taney dragons afternoon win and birds in new england tonight for preseason game number two. eagles and patriots
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it is so beautiful out. >> no doubt bit. >> yes, a lot to be thankful for and eagles play tonight. >> yes, hat trick, but that is four already. >> it is a good thing. >> i'll spread a little glum news now. >> no, don't rain on our parade or weekend. we could have a few showers over the course of the weekend but it is not anytime immediately soon. lets look outside where it is a beautiful afternoon. fair weather cumulus clouds out there. it is a great evening, to be outdoors, but it is sweater weather, make sure, and, temperatures will fall very quickly. our live neighborhood network takes us to the beach patrol headquarters in margate the where it was a busy afternoon on the beach. seventy-five right now. wind north at five. a lot of people enjoying friday, maybe ending their vacation or starting the the weekend, why not. our storm scan three is showing cloudiness especially to the north, we have a weak disturbance creating cold air
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in the upper levels of the atmosphere. warm air due to the daytime heating and that is creating, some cloud cover but this will erode, of course, as sun gets lower in the the sky and sunsets and we will lose that heating, not much heating in the poconos today, however, only 60 degrees. allentown at 70. philadelphia is 76. that is our high so far. seventy-four millville. cape may 74. seventy-five stone harbor. ocean city 76. rare we will see same temperature in philadelphia and ocean city and, and influence for today so temperatures will be the same. you can see a gorgeous friday will translate into a chilly night and some places like reading and also allentown they will be close to the record lows because of the clear skies, and light wind overnight tonight. we will be down in the 50's for philadelphia during the afternoon saturday we will bounce back feeling more like summer for your saturday. here we go again with a fast moving system for sunday
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bringing showers and maybe afternoon thunderstorm. the exact timing is uncertain but we do have a better chance of some wet weather on sunday. so if you are going to have any outdoor plans, saturday is a done deal, it is a slam dunk. overnight clear and school, low temperature of 59. for your saturday sunny and beautiful. high of 85. down the the shore great beach day in the mountains a perfect day as well for saturday some showers sunday, monday look for mostly sunny skies and temperature of 70 degrees. uv index high on saturday down the shore temperature 80 degrees. eighty-four sunday. still chance for late day showers or evening saturday 85. sunday 86. is there your huge scattered showers or storms, not a wash out, monday 82 degrees, partly sunny skies. that is your three day forecast we will be back with
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after a few days of joint practices between eagles and
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patriots teams will meet on grid iron as preseason match up number two for the bird. we are looking live at grill let stadium in foxboro massachusetts kick off time at 7:30. we will see how nick foles looks tonight, rough outing in chicago throwing two interceptions and just three series. good test for birds defense as they go up against tom brady and one of the best offenses in the national football league. they are the talk of the town taney dragons begin play at little league world series this afternoon. they will open up with tennessee in round one of the nationally televised doubly limb nation tournament. taney didn't waste anytime top of the first, dragons go deep jared sprague-lot hits a bomb to left field, three run shot and taney jumped out to the early lead but this was the the story mone davis put on a show. the first of eight strike out, high and wide with a nasty little change up. she has a great arsenal of pitches, this time she went for speed a four seem fast
5:24 pm
ball right down the middle. davis went the distance a complete game shut out six innings, eight shut outs two hits, roy halladay line from 2010. taney won the game four to nothing. phillies continue a five game california swing tonight in san francisco, with cole hamels on the mound. the game can be heard on our sister station, 98.1 wogl and 1210 wpht, first pitch is 10:15 p.m. from san francisco. just a great outing, just a great day, mone is technically flawless. this is like cole hamels flawless, the release. it is impressive. >> twitter here is there a superstar that we are seeing coming alive here in philadelphia. great story. >> thanks, beasley. still to come at 53:01 woman's frightening encounter outside please touch museum. >> then look at this beach
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goers on edge here after a swimmer find himself just feet away from the great white shark. philadelphia catholic church commissioned a local artist to create an icon for world meeting of families i'm pat ciarrocchi coming up you'll meet him. and then new at 6:00 o'clock tonight a day after robin williams widow revealed he was in the early stages of parkinson's is there a brand new study from a local university that links the disease
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i'm chris may with the top stories for you. philadelphia public schools will open up on time on september 8th, but at a cost. school district outlined budget cuts that includes scaled back transportation support, a fewer school police officers and a reductions of sanitation services. well, earlier today police identified ferguson missouri police officer who shot and killed an unarmed teenager. his name is darren wilson a six year veteran of the force. investigators released this videotape as evidence that the teenager, 18 year-old michael brown had been suspected of robbing a convenient store just before he was shot. it is unclear if officer wilson will face charges. they keep winning, just a short time ago philadelphia's taney dragons won their opening game in the little league world series the team led by pitcher mone davis defeated tennessee four to nothing in williamsport, kathy? >> in weather we're talking
5:29 pm
about fair weather clouds out there. these clouds will clear and it will be chilly overnight tonight, in fact tomorrow morning, we are talking about near record lows in some spots, especially north and west of the city, summer reline going on to summerup later on in the broadcast, natasha. >> new at 5:30 a family outing to the children's museum turns into a frightening. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live at the police touch museum with the details on this one for us walt. >> reporter: it was a peaceful happy moment shattered mother with her two children at the top steps to the main entrance when a man approached begins screaming demanding money. the mother terribly frightened and police searching for the man whom they believe was an aggressive panhandler. >> pretty terrifying thaw cannot sit outside, 10 feet from a children's museum. >> reporter: for this mother who asked we conceal her identity a trip to the please
5:30 pm
touch museum with the six and four year-old children suddenly turn frightening when a man confronted them shouting and demanding money. >> he was screaming and throwing his hand up on the air. >> reporter: sitting on the top step reading to her children she now scrambled to protect them. >> he could have very easily taken myself and my children. just take my wallet out, grab it and run. >> there was a supervisor right in the area, he responded, got there within minutes. >> reporter: captain pat says police and museum officials reacted immediately searching for the man they believe was an aggressive panhandler. >> we take that very seriously. we encourage people to come to places like please touch museum. >> reporter: museum officials issued a statement reading in part over past few weeks an aggressive panhandler has been seen in the fairmount park area. information about th been reported to the philadelphia police department. whatever he was up to, thisothority because more people that do, the the more likely
5:31 pm
he will get caught. late this afternoon there wasa possible sighting of the from here near the philadelphia zoo. so far nobody in custody. police emphasize if you have encountered this man please contact them and tell them what you know, so they are able to get him off of the streets. live from the please touchfcj museum fairmount parkation of that loc thbuhaprress fromfr over. tens of disaster in which nearly 300 people died. mostly high school studetrip. privatelurvivors and tho who died on board that ferry. >> preparations are underway for a hoped visit during the world meeting of families set for next year. >> that includes the creationigious icon to be used to promote the the world meeting. chester county artist thommission and tonight pat ciarrocchi tells us his artist als his mhese days all day neil saints. his mission is sacred that was anna and joachim. >> they have been asked to icon of the holy
5:32 pm
family. september 2015 gathering in philadelphia which is expected to be center piece of pope francis first papal visit to the united states. >> the thought of him seeing the work is, it was added a certain level of anxiety to the creation. >> reporter: carlen reveals a copy of the black and white sketch. his painting will be an icon in oil, on canvas. the finish piece will be unveiled in early september. >> it is very humbling and exciting to be asked to do this for the global catholic community. >> reporter: as an artist with the sacred mission you might think neil carlen was born in the catholic tradition, in fact he chose catholicism four years ago. he converted, to cot lickism in the middle of finding his artistic calling. >> when someone looks at this if i'm being true to my mission and vogues it is to have this piece guide them towards the divine. >> reporter: the icon will be prominently used to promote the world meeting of families,[+ww original on exhibitb+kwat the cathedral
5:33 pm
to divinely inspire. pat ci>8ñoarrocchi , last week stewart hit and killed a fellow driver during a dirt track race in new york. no crimina charges have been filed but investigators are looking into this incident. team announced instead of stewart jeff burton will drive the number 14 car this sunday at michigan international speed way. good evening everyone. still dealing with a major, major rush. it is definitely slow on i-95 traveling in the southbound direction, take a look here, we have disable truck blocking the right-hand lane approaching the area of woodhaven. if you are heading southbound you'll be delayed back toward street road but doesn't get any better but as you continue down towards south philadelphia awe will be sluggish for sure. we have shore traffic, luke brian is down in south philly tonight at the link. we have a lot going on. on the northbound side, she go through the the construction zones and definitely northbound i-95 up and over%= the area of the girard point
5:34 pm
bridge heading down towards the stadium. look the at the ben franklin bridge making your wayfail we are jammed here admiral wilson boulevd, very heavier ast expressway gewe have 11 i-95 maneuvering around the airport, 16 traveling around girard avenue, 13 on the schuylkill expressway. high volume between 202 practically down towards university and then 18 on 476, give yourself more time and watch out for an accident at 70 and 130. vittoria woodill. three on your side with a new banking scam popping up in our area. >> then fasten your seat belts it could be a bumpy ride, trending today, a jet takes off into unfriendly skies. and he may be the youngest participant yet in the als ice bucket kathy? can't wait to see that. in weather we are looking at a cool night tonight, a chilly start to the weekend but it will not stay that way, plus a few showers to talk about, we will have it coming up with the seven day as "eyewitnes
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well, a live look now from williamsport, where the taney dragons are holding a press conference and there she is, pretty much the star of the game pitcher mone davis speaking now about what turned out to be a stellar performance by her in this game in williamsport. they won the game four to zero. we are so proud of them. let's listen in. >> i didn't even expect that so if i do things in baseball, hopefully i can be a successful pitcher. >> mone, do you consider yourself a role model. i saw jkids on that hill that
5:38 pm
said they wanted to be you some day, what does that feel like? >> very unreal. i never thought at the age of 13 i would be a role model but, i always wanted to be a role model but being a baseball role model is really cool and: >> there she is 13 year-old mone davis a ledgend, she has hopes of the city on her shoulders. we will keep you posted on the progress of the taney dragons. well, trend to go day, a swimmer, gets up close and personal with the shark, curious critter has a encounter with the camera and plane filled with passengers takes off near funnel cloud. we will start in manhattan beach, california where several great white sharks could be seen swimming near the coast and at least, one came too close for comfort.
5:39 pm
life guards were alerted but they were electing not to clear the the water. welshing now to something cuter, this is a marm ot which someone with a go pro camera in the glazer national park. green peace was there shooting a time lapse video of climb waning when this guy showed up to say hi, gave the camera a few links and then continued on his way. and finally probably the last thing you want to see when you are in the air a picture of your plane, framed up in front of the funnel cloud this ryan air jet was taken off from london yesterday when the picture was snapped. funnel cloud did not disrupt the flight and meteorologists say it never actually reach the ground but yes something you certainly don't want to be close by. >> yeah i would be like can you speed up just a little bit. >> get back on the ground. >> absolutely. >> we will be right back. this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake.
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rg u n findv itat washington avenue columbus philadelphia, cherry ar fantastic. we have seen great blue harrings, we have seen, you know river foul ducks, and geese, and a lot of other bird like that. >> reporter: with all of the trees, and greenery it is easy to forget in this new park that you are in the middle of the the big city. that is one goal the is to spur private development south of washington avenue, a formula that worked full service restaurants opened in mid december. >> a third park ú pier 68 is expect to open next summer.
5:43 pm
cherry greg for kyw news radio cbs-3 "eyewitnessáews". wellewill talk now abmuftou targeting yocxbka,>> everything is working now, at picture from campbell's home of the river sharks a few weather clouds out there, live neighborhoods"g8 network takes to us the point pleasant beach very beautiful afternoon. temperatures are comfortable. feels alitt isinding though becau tsnsref coçkmputer and when we ing, sunsets, all of this cloud is al allentown 70 mount pocono 60 degrees, 76 in philadelphia, a high temperature so far. we should be invuqngton is 75. look at the air that is scranton 66. stat college 66. we are talking about cool tonight. so we will good b the ay on saturday, high pressure to the south, we will get into that southeasterly wind flow that will be warming us up, more humid, warmer, summer returns for saturday. all eyes on our next weather system area of low pressure that will bring showers on and off during the day on sunday. there is some debate on when
5:44 pm
this rain will come in some computer models saying late some saying early. here's future weather this starts the clock at midnight on sunday and you can see showers moving in with heavier to the north and west of philadelphia, in the morning and then this shift down to the south by noon you're seeing a few spotty showers, maybe shower down the shore clearing to the north and then enduring the evening a few more showers to the south. so this could change over the next couple of days. this is type of thing if you have anything outdoors plan for sunday check in over course of the weekend carol and justin will be here and update you on the situation for sunday. we will more on "eyewitness news" tonight at is 11:00 as well. tonight the low temperature of 59 degrees. cooler in the suburbs for your saturday, sunny and beautiful. high temperature of 85. it looks great down the shore as well. tomorrow's high temperature 80 degrees. even if you are heading to the poconos no issues with temperatures in the 70's and a few showers on sunday. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast and shore cast 80's on sunday,
5:45 pm
monday, tuesday until further notice, each day we are looking at sunshine, then a few scattered storms. it will get unsettled next week as well. that is a look at the seven day forecast now back to the news desk. >> the kathy thanks very much. >> sorry for confusion off to the top we will get things rolling in the right direction once again. camden county three-year oldies calling out pretty big stars for ice bucket challenge unaudible. >> who do you nom nate. >> unaudible. >> who else. >> great characters he took the challenge himself and dj lance, big bird and elmo it is time to man up he has challenge you, ice bucket challenge raise's wearness and money to fight als. rules are very simple here, except a challenge or donate
5:46 pm
hundred dollars to the als a so,. well new at 5:00 a warning about a new phone scam targeting your personal information. >> yes, scary here. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan joins us to tell us thousand starts. it starts with the phone call and recorded message. >> reporter: that is right, we have gotten several reports about this from viewers and members of our "eyewitness news" staff. i want to be sure everyone is on guard for this. recorded message claims to be from the fraud detection department in one case it is specifically mentioning barclay's bank. it says your account has been lock or temporary hold placed on your card and asks for to you punch in your account number for assistance. earlier i spoke with skype, adam le vine founder of identity theft 911 who explained what can happen if you punch in your account numbers in response to this sort of call. >> our purpose toys gather all of the data they need. they are getting your credit card numbers, your expiration and your security codes. this is perfect for a card
5:47 pm
transaction. they are very sophisticated. they are getting the numbers in the order you are punching them in and what comes out is a real valid credit card that they can use immediately. >> or a debit card. i have said it before and said it again no bank will cold call you and can for your account information. if you get this sort of call hang up, call your bank using the number on the back of your credit or debit card to be sure nothing is wrong with your account. by the way irs phone scam is still happening in our area if someone calls you claiming you owe money to the irs demanding payment, hang up, it is a scam. if you owe money irs won't call by phone but by mail. i heard this barclays thing including our floor manager today. so be on the look out and hang up on them. >> you have to be careful. thanks, jim. >> have a a good
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5:50 pm
action franchise makes a big return to the box office this weekend and after two decades a popular book finally hits the big screen. >> entertainment tonight nancy odell has this weekend a's new releases. >> reporter: this week arnold
5:51 pm
and sly are joined by new faces in the expendable three oscar winner jeff bridges and merrill streep star in the young adult classic the giver. >> the way things look and the way things are are very different. >> the the giver presents a strange world for emotions are repressed and memories preserved by a single person played by jeff bridges. merrill streep leads the community and believe it or not this is their first movie together. >> this is such a pro and at the same time, so kind of vulnerable and opened and sensitive and, you know, she was just a eye to work with. >> reporter: two powerhouses on the set young co stars were intimidated even superstar taylor swift. >> he could not be more kind and friendly and just engaging. >> reporter: and talk about intimidation. >> good to have you back. >> no better place to be. >> sly and gang are back for expandable three and they are
5:52 pm
as tough as ever. >> very physical way of making films. may not be smartest way health wise, but it is a thrill when you do it at night you ice down and hurting. >> reporter: new faces include antonio banderas, kelce grammar and harrison ford all facing off against new bad guy mel gibson. >> we had a falling out. there is an ordinariness to it every man quality to it and tongue and cheekness and they are not taking themselves too seriously with the whole thing. i think therein lies the at peel. >> reporter: for entertainment tonight i'm nancy odell now back to you in the studio. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 hometown pride after a big win in the little league world series, we are live with the taney dragons and reaction from mone davis and her mom. plus teachers, parents and students now know that schools will open up on time in december but a at what cost? we will break it down in a live report coming up, kathy. heading out tonight grab a
5:53 pm
jacket or sweater, it will cool down big time but it will not stay that way this weekend plus a few showers to add to the weekend forecast all coming up with the seven day. and just a day after robin williams widow revealed that the actor was dealing with the early stages of parkinson's disease there is brand new research from a philadelphia hospital linking the the disease with depression, we will take a closer look next on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. they are still on their feet, it is over complete game for mone davis. >> big hits, superstar pitcher taking the the little league world series by storm, mone davis and taney dragons dominate in their bay buy game. good evening i'm chris may. >> i'm natasha brown. taney dragons shut out little leaguers from nashville, tennessee and mone davis mode
5:54 pm
down batter after batter. she was unstoppable. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is live in williamsport with reaction to this huge win,
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