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tv   Eyewitness News at 8am  CBS  August 17, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> police have cure few over a weekend of violence, all over the shooting death of michael brown. we'll go live to ferguson, missouri, for the latest situation overnight. new this morning, flames tear through a vacant auto body shop in south jersey. why investigators are calling this fire suspicious. and, a big change is coming to the philadelphia skyline. the iconic letters, are being removed from a center city building, this morning. well, good morning, everyone, today is sunday, august 17th, i'm elizabeth hur, and the time right now, 8:00 here in center city philadelphia. let's head over to meteorologist, carol erickson in the eyewitness weather center. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, liz. a lot of even numbers out there. 8:00, 07 degrees, and we're going to eight a. so there go the even numbers. we are looking at some pretty nice weather out there, as we move on through the rest of the day, not stellar, but
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still fairly nice moving through the rest of the afternoon, we do start with some clouds, however, center city philadelphia, notice that, billy penn, he's keeping a watchful ion what will be the changes to the pnb bank sign, as we move through the morning, we head out now to the allentown, or rather the reading area. notice, that the roads, if you look far enough into the distance, you'll and able to see couple every roads, they're wet. but no puddles on the playground. that sort of limits how much moisture they've seen up there. you can see on storm scan3, we've seen some showers moving on through that area. that's going to be continuing as we move through the morning, they'll mover on through. not heavy but out there. see them start to move into the trend on area. also, another area of some showers, bucks county, picking up some of at the corner every montgomery county as well, expect to find. that will then moving to the south, also seeing some that started over the bay, and now moving into atlantic county, or rather, cape may county, soon to be moving out of cape may county.
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but route nine, you might pick up couple of showers over the next couple of minutes as that system moves on through. we have temperatures that are close to 70 degrees, through philadelphia, at the airport, and they are 71, atlantic city, 72 in wildwood. sixty-three in allentown, and the temperatures has not changed in the poconos at 58 degrees. we will reverse those numbers, though, as we move through the afternoon. eight a degrees, with that slight showers chance everywhere in the area, this computer model showing at 10:00 o'clock we could be finding couple through philadelphia, few more, even, at 1:00 o'clock, but most of the area, you can see, most of the time, staying dry, but couple of those showers still moving on through, we'll finish out the time line, let you know what the week looks like as we plow through the month of august. liz? >> thank you, carol. rolling now in ferguson, missouri, dozen defy the mandated curfew imposition dollars by governor jay nixon requiring all to get off the streets by midnight. now, police used smoke and tear gas to disperse crowds protesting the fatal shooting
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of an unarmed black teenager. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry, is live in the cbs-3 sat center with the very latest. good morning, syma. good morning, liz, officials say the curfew did not go as planned, as well as they had hoped for. now, protesters refuse to leave the streets between the hours of midnight and 5:00 a.m. and by the time the curfew was lit dollars, one person was critically injured, and seven people were arrested. >> after a week, police enforced curfew for the town, protest verse to leave the streets between midnight and 5:00 a.m. but many didn't heed the warnings from police. overnight, seven people were arrested. this after police used smoke bombs, and tear gas, to control the crowds who refiles today disperse. at one point, one protester came out with a gun. >> employed smoke, several smoke canisters
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>> we got report of shooting victim near the quirk trip and red's barbeque. as they approached red's barbeque, they did deploy tear gas all the red's barbeque at that point. >> violence quickly turned to them as shooter targets add police car. >> also, a police karat that location was shot at. we can't confirm it was struck just yet. but police car was shot at. >> all of the unrest in nerve ton started last weekend when an officer shot and killed michael brown. since them, received state assistance to help control the protest he is. first night of the curfew led to seven arrests one person injured. >> i was disappointed in the actions of tonight as p of you
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know the crowds, the crowds we've had the past two nights. shooting victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition. shooter still on the looms. as for the seven people arrested they'll be charged with failure to disperse. live in the sat center, same chowdhry, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> tellies leaders from various black community groups did what they can to help urge people abide by the curfew. we continue our coverage with cbs news correspondent omar villafranca, joins us live from ferguson, missouri, omar? >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. you are absolutely right. community leaders, church leaders, elected leaders even members of of the new black panther party were out at the protests before the midnight curfew, and they were urging people still protesting peacefully, saying go home, follow the curfew, urging them, young folks there, go home, go home to your parents
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have, a night at home. of course small group, who didn't want to listen to one of the confrontation with police officers, and that's exactly what happened. elizabeth? >> looking at the scene behind you it, looks quiet, but what is the situation right now? >> the curfew has been lit dollars. it was lifted at 5:00 a.m. local time. and it is pretty quiet right now. that is few cars that are out on the road. people getting ready to start their sunday mornings, and head to church. but what obviously the protest also continue later on today, we want to see what the mood is going to be like, because it is to has been tense early on, and last night after they dispersed the crowd as you saw in the earlier story works he want to see how people are reacting. reaction varies per day. so hopefully we'll have some more peace and calm as we did thursday night into friday when captain ron johnson took over the situation, but we'll have to just wait and see. very fluid situation here. >> absolutely, and we trust that you will keep us posted. thank you once again, omar
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villafranca recording for us live from ferguson, missouri. >> philadelphia skyline is changing, iconic pnb bank letters are coming off the one south broad building near city hall this morning. helicopter will be used to remove the 16-foot high letters from the skyscraper. pnb bank stands for the former philadelphia national bank, which brought the building in the 1950's, and put its name in lights on top for all to see. and this here is a live look at the building, take a good look, later today those letters will be gone. and roads surrounding the building are closed right now, and will be until about noon, so if you are traveling in this area, be sure to give yourself some extra time. >> new this morning, police are investigating a suspicious
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fire in riverside, new jersey, the vacant auto body shop caught fire around 2:30 this morning. now, authorities say mort lands' auto body shop 400 block of pavilion avenue vick on the ten years. eyewitnesses told police, that they saw someone running from the burning building. the cause of this fire is under investigation. meanwhile, a car crashes into a firetruck in camden, new jersey, that car was severely damaged as you can see, at broadway and ferry streets last night. the driver of the car was taken to cooper university hospital no word on their condition, told nine passengers suffered nine or injuries. cause of this crash is also under investigation. >> also happening, investigation no a gruesome discovery in the delaware river. a fisherman found human remains, floating in the river
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near the 4800 block of ft. mifflin road yesterday morning. now, the marine unit was called in, tan removed the remains and right now the medical examiner is working to identify the victim. four young children killed in a fire on gesner street in southwest philadelphia last month, have been laid to rest. small caskets line the front of devine mercy parish chester avenue. family, friends, remembered four year old twins, marie and maria boa, four year old patrick san yeah, and one month old taj >> rest in perfect peace and may the light ... >> officials have released a report on this fire sake the flames gannon a porch and 13 homes were destroyed.
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>> coming up, more details merge about the murder of robin williams, warning for anyone logging on line to learn more. jim donovan shows us how scam artists are taking advantage of the tragedy and leaving you a victim. and also, ahead, the pope has been so busy on his road trip to south korea. he did something he never does. what forced the holy father to skip evening prayers that's next. stay with us.
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oh, hi there bill. hey! are you in town for another meeting? yup, i brought my a-team. make the most of the weekend before it's gone. this is my family. this is joe. hi joe! hi there! be a weekender and book your stay at hampton. feel the hamptonality. two suspect are under arrest, charged in the abduction of amish sister in
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up-state new york. now, police believe the crime was premeditated, with the intent to physically harm or sexually assault the girls. reporting, the case has thrust the normally reclusive amish community into the national spotlight. >> police believe the 39 year olds steven howell, and 25 year old nicole lured the girls into their car using, quote, coersion tactics. >> saint laurence county sheriff, kevin wells, think abductors had a plan. >> motive was to victimize, to take these girls from their home, to vick time eyes these girls. >> abduction happened last wednesday night in new york, rural town near the canadian border. twelve year old fanny miller and her seven year old sister deal ya were selling vegetables at the family roadside stands. witness says a car pulled up, and the girls disappeared.
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>> about 24 hours later sisters reappeared on neighbor's doorstep, about 15 miles from where they had been abducted. >> dropped bye-bye tap tours, able to verbalize to the investigators, some different facts about their time in captivity. and with those details, it was instrumental in us being able to make the arrest. >> initially complicated the massive search for police, is that there are no pictures of the sisters. the amish reject certain technology. the secretary the sisters belong to, prohibits photos. investigators are now searching the home of the suspects who have been charged with first degree kidnapping. they're trying to determine if the couple had planned to abduct more girls. >> cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, also in new york, racing gets underway again, at the motorsports park in up-state new york. this just one week after a driver died there.
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saturday was the first race at the dirt track since kevin ward, jr., was struck and killed, by a car driven by nascar's tony stewart. last night, drivers and fans held orange glow sticks, in tribute of ward. now, authorities are investigating last week's incident but said they've no evidence of criminal intent by stewart. and in the meantime, the death of robin williams has stunned a lot of people and many have log on line looking for more information. well, now there is a warning about scammers, trying to take advantage of that curiosity. "3 on your side" consumer reporter jim donovan shows you how to avoid becoming a victim of what is being called click jacking. >> reporter: comedian robin williams was loved by millions, and when worth of his death spread people immediately began posting messages on facebook and twitter with some of those posts aren't what they appear to be. >> social media posts are
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being provided linking to videos, claiming that it is unreleased police footage from the time of his death. or information where you can see his last words before he died. >> but if you click on those links, it takes you somewhere you don't expect. it is known as click jacking. >> if you do click, it will either likely lead you to a video player, where it asking to you download the latest version in order to view the information. your really just download ago virus. or it may take you to a survey that you have to complete by doing that they'll have your information that they can sell to companies for solicitation and you will just ends up being put on a number of different spam lists. >> now, click jacking isn't something new. and it doesn't always involve a sad news event like robin williams' death. there were similar scams last year when kate middleton gave birth. reporting for "3 on your side", i'm jim donovan.
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well, something unusual for pope francis on his trip to south korea. he actually skipped evening prayers, while running late during one of his events. now, the pontiff had a very busy day, though, he celebrated mass before hundreds of thousands of people in saul. vatican spokesperson said he was behind schedule because he stopped to personally greet and bless around 60 disable children and elderly residents at a local community. here at homes, south jersey priest is the latest to except the ice bucket challenge. father joseph daniel is the pastor of holy child parish in runnemede camden county. and as you just saw there, he got soak for a very good cause. the ice bucket challenge, raises awareness and money to help fight als. father daniel is challenging eagles quarterback, nick foles now. and the rules, if you didn't know, they're simple. except this challenge or donate $100 to the als
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association. >> and the time right now, 8:17, 8:18. carol, i'm not sure if you have been challenged, but it is going viral on line. >> no, i'm ready to write a check, how much. rather than face the ice. you know, we have some clouds over us right now, we started the morning clear, these clouds have been moving into the area, clouds over philadelphia, it is still -- but showing you the picture in atlantic city right nowment look at these raindrops that we're seeing, all courtesy of little system that popped up over the bay, and when it crossed cape may county, now up into atlantic county. so there are few light showers out there, there are more to the north, let me show you on storm scan3, so you get the idea, here's what we saw just now on the lens, here it is on radar. notice how this just pops up. boom, boom, boom. goes across, soon to be off the coast. we have another area of some showers, and these are associated with front that they're in advance after front, but associated with
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that. they are light. they are moving slowly, ever so slowly, to the south. and also, very much an eastward progression on these. there is a chance that we could be finding couple of light showers as we move through the afternoon hours. through the philadelphia area, as well. but, most of the day is going to be dry. but maybe not totally dry. our temperatures comfortable, 59 degrees, up in the poconos, right now, you have 12-mile per hour winds. that won't make it feel even little cooler. 69 degrees out at the airport in philadelphia, 6-mile per hour winds, and 71, in atlantic city, just little bit inland. and you have just little bit after breeze going on there. otherwise, the temperatures today, i think, are some nine, 10 degrees warmer than they were yesterday morning at this point. we have 63 degrees, in trenton, yesterday it was 53 degrees. sixty-five in wilmington, 69 degrees out at the airport in philadelphia. sixty-three up in allentown. so, nice start to the day. the dew points, depending on where you are, if you are north of the city, they're low. if you are south of the city, you're dealing with some
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fairly humid conditions, atlantic city, has almost 70 degrees for your dew points. so that's pretty high. you'll feel that sick i necessary in the air. i think generally, though, today, once we get rid of some of the showers, and the front gets to progress a little bit more through, we will start to see the winds coming from a northwesterly direction, than is a much more refreshing direction front is slow to move through. may be finding showers late monday according to this computer model i'm about to show you and possibly early tuesday. otherwise, notice those showers, computer pretty good at picking that up. it totally missed these, so it is not always right in every location, as we say every weekends. which means, it is probably likely couple every showers are going to be out there. not necessarily in these exact spots, few more around 2:00. few more around 4:00. but they're widely scattered as you can see, then we also get some sunshine out there. the next thing we will be
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watching for is the possibility of some showers monday afternoon, through delaware, is that possible in the extreme southern sections every new jersey it is possible, forecast is saying for us. and then after, that looks like wednesday will be a very nice day. you may be headed to the beaches today. why not? with ocean temperatures in the middle 70s, and air temperatures that will be right about 80 degrees or so. how about 82? in the poconos, 57 degrees. every location, just slight chance of picking up a shower as we go through the afternoon. that does include philadelphia at 85 comfortable degrees today. 65 degrees tonight. then the next couple of days, we don't see any 90's on this, we may be finding 09 again, maybe next week, but for this week low to mid 80s at most, not bad week. couple of shower chances tuesday, thursday, and friday. liz? >> not a bad week, i'll take that, thank you, carol. time right now 8:21. time to check the roads, let's head out to ann evans at the cbs-3 traffic centerment good morning, ann. >> good morning, liz, focused
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on the center sit skyline this morning, iconic pnb bank letters coming down today, helicopter will be used to remove the 16-foot high letters, from the building, road closures are in effect in and around center city during the removal, and we will talk about them right now. market street shutdown between the 11th street and city hall. thirteenth street shutdown between chestnut street and arch street along with 15th street between chestnut and aarp. , brought street between septa and arch. septa operating in the area of city hall will be detoured due to the street closures. we move the traffic cam from pnb bank to the ben franklin bridge there you go. no delays or problems on the ben franklin, the walt whitman looks good, if you are headed to the shore doing fine on the 42 freeway, and 55, a.c. expressway building, so is the garden state parkway. building volume, but everything is moving. and that is the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center. i'm ann evans, now, back to you, liz. >> thank you, ann. well, there is still much more ahead. stay wit
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>> ten top 20 r&b hits in the 19 60s, including, holds on, i'm coming, and soul man. well, sam, one of the original soul men; still performing, and cbs sunday morning anthony mason caught up with him. and here is a preview of the interview you will see coming up a little bit later on cbs sunday morning. >> in the 19 60s sam more one half of soul music explosive duo.
8:26 am
>> double dynamite, sulton's of sweat. >> i had no act. >> what do you mean,. >> go out there, preach, scream. really didn't have snow stealth, but like the four tops -- >> it worked. >> it did, it did, my dear friend it, did. >> rolling stone magazine ranked at one of the 100 greatest voices of the rocker a. developed in church, as a boy. >> in the beginning you wanted to be a preacher. >> day. i would get out there on saturday's, put a table out front, and i had a comic book, my bible. and i think i repeated the lord's prayer about 40 times. that was fine.
8:27 am
where my mother took issue with me, when i would come from around my pulpit and pass the hat. >> i love the bible part. >> the bible, yes. archie. >> archie? singer sam moore and a look back at the life and career of robin williams. that's this sunday morning, right here, on cbs-3 at 9:00 a.m. in the meantime, coming things here on "eyewitness news", showers, this sunday. you can see them on our camera lens at the shore, carol is tracking the very latest for you, stay with us, we will be right back.
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>> today is sunday, august 17th, good morning, everyone, i'm elizabeth hur. the time right now 8:30 here in center city philadelphia. now, let's head over to meteorologist, carol erickson in the weather sent. you called it, the showers are here. >> yes, the showers are here, and they're not heavy, though, liz, that's the good thing. because it is the weekends. i know a lot of beam like to see some rain, and we are seeing a little bit. but it is fairly light. just a weaken, and so many people have plans. but still i don't think these are the kind of showers that will really change your plansment little glooming looking at the ben franklin bridge, with the gray skies, as we move to the shore, notice the raindrops, on the lens here, but, they're starting to dry out a little bit and the sky starting to brighten, as well there. going up toward the reading area, 68 degrees and you've seen enough to pick up puddle or two on the playground at the whitt fields elementary school.
8:31 am
storm scan3, also, showing what we're dealing with. you can see showers, light because we're not looking at the yellow, orange on there, right now just green. you see it to the north. you see showers moving off the coast of atlantic city at the present time. head to the north. closer look. see through doylestown, picking up few showers upper providence also picking up some, trenton, just about to get some of the showers. and we move down to the atlantic city area, notice those showers, that moved across cape may, now they're off the coast. that's good trends for weekend. we have temperatures, 69 degrees out at the airport in philadelphia, 63, trenton, 56 degrees in wilmington, it is a fairly mild start. >> nice finish, eight a degrees, with that, slight shower chance that will carry from spot to spot. >> not every place, look at this, one is will lot have already died out. >> you might finds others.
8:32 am
>> liz? >> thank you, carol. well, developing right now, in ferguson, missouri, the first night of a mandated curfew ends with several protesters, getting arrested. now, police used smoke and tear gas to disperse crowds, who were protesting, the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live in the cbs-3 stat center with the latest on this storiment good morning, syma. >> good morning, liz. off initials missouri disappointed with the outcome after implementing curfew in ferguson. started mitt night but crowds did not want to disperse this week of unrest comes in ferguson, protest had to leave between the hurt every midnight to 5:00 a.m. many didn't want it dust percent overnight, seven people were arrested, now, police officials say at one point, one protester came out with a gun, and a shooting did occur, leaving one man injured
8:33 am
>> all of the unrest in ferguson started last weekend, when police officer shot and killed michael brown, and unarmed teen. since then local authorities have received assistance, from state police. now, police did not need to use any force to control protests for the past two days, but thinks he is call ate dollars during the curfew. >> i was disappoint the in the actions of tonight. as many of you know, the crowds we've had for the last two nights, citizens obeying, protesting again curfew from midnight to 5:00 a.m. by the end of it one man shot, taken to the hospital in critical condition, now the shoot is her still on the loose, seven people were arrested, and will be charged with failure to disperse. liver in the sat center, syma chowdhry, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, and syma, some
8:34 am
people in our philadelphia area are expressing solidarity with the protesters in ferguson. a peace rally held at 20th and godfrey in ogontz last night. now this rally was organized by members of the philadelphia edge community development group. and happening today, philadelphia's skyline is changing, the iconic pnb bank letters, are coming off of the one south broad building near city hall later this morning. a helicopter will be used to remove the 16-foot high letters from the skyscraper, pnb bank if you didn't know stands for the former philadelphia national bank, which brought recalled building in, around 1950 and put its name in lights on top for all to see. and this year is a live look at the building, take a very good look, later today, those letters will be gone. roads, surrounding the building, are closed right now
8:35 am
and will be around noon. so if you are traveling in this area, be sure give yourself some extra time. and also happening today, philadelphia is cheering on the taney dragons, and the little league world series, the team is resting up for its big game today after beating nashville, four to nothing, in williams port on friday mo'ne davis pitched a shut out, the first female player in the little league world series history to do so the dragons will face texas tonight, there will be a pep rally to watch, watch party at philadelphia city hall starting at 6:00 p.m. and in the meantime, we should note here, another local group of young baseball players are already world series champs. this video is of the marlton reds, after they won the 2014 cal cal ripken ten year old worlds is her neice winchester, virginia, beat team from southeast lexington, kentucky by score of nine to one.
8:36 am
congratulations to the marlton reds. >> lots of music, food, fun, for the entire community in overbrook saturday. "eyewitness news" at the fourth district day festival. councilman curtis jones encouraged residents to sign up for the block captain program. currently there are more than 300 block cams in the fourth district working very hard to keep that community safe. in is the first year for this event. >> the sound of smooth jazz filled cecil b. moore avenue in philadelphia. "eyewitness news" at the eighth annual jazz on the avenue, a free community music festival. cherry gregg of "kyw news radio 1060" was on hand for to co-host, features various artists from around the region as well as food and health and wellness vendors. and it was a perfect weather day for the bay at a regatta. "eyewitness news" also at the
8:37 am
schuylkill river the bay add a regata the nation's oldest and largest rowing competition for athletes with physical disabilities. everything was free, including music, craft, and smacks. so much more still to come. coming up, in, we'll check in with "face the nation"'s bob schieffer for a look ahead at today's broadcast. stay with us.
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8:39 am
>> "face the nation" will be coming your way little later this morning at 10:30 here on cbs36789 but joining us right now, live with a preview, in washington, is the moderator and cbs news chief washington correspondent, bob schieffer. good morning to you, bob. hey, good morning, elizabeth. we will be talking this morning to missouri governor jay nixon, and also, the new president of the naacp,
8:40 am
colonel william brooks. and the interview of course will be about what is going on in ferguson, missouri. they had more trouble down there last night. quiet most of the evening. but when they imposed the new curfew, at midnight, there were, again, demonstrations, one person was shot, not by the police, that has been established, they don't know who shot him. but, there were protesters, that person, i'm told, did not die, but was seriously wounded. so, we've a lot to talk about on this story. this is not a story, just about ferguson, missouri. it is about us, it is about every town in america and the culture, ooh years since they signed the civil rights billment obviously still a long way to go on that. >> so absolutely from politics to protests, i'm sure you have a full show, and we will be watching, thank you, for that,
8:41 am
bob. thanks, elizabeth. thank you. still to come this morning, gray skies over center city, carol is track the very latest on some pop up showers today. that is coming up next. also, ahead, no more nightmares or strange dreams. what you do before bed could determine what you see in your sleep. three things you can do to change your dreams, and even get better night's sleep. and check this out. a car underwater in a backyard pool. how the drivers shoes caused this crash when we come right back. so stay with us.
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at ikea, we don't just we design good mornings. little experiments. big ideas. brighter ways. and better tomorrows you can take home today. imagine if everyday was just a little bit better for everyone.
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and back on "eyewitness news", the no dog gets left behind organization is expanding its reach to help veterans in need. a fundraiser was held at north penn dfw post yesterday. volunteers have work to reunite military members with dogs that they bonded with, while deployed in iraq and
8:44 am
gaff stand. now, those dogs are being used to help vets suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders. it helps the soldiers deal with anxiety, and the stresses of being home after being in a war zone. the dogs are service dogs, service dogs, they help them when they're out, and their high levels of stress come up. >> well, the initiative is called save a dog save a veteran. and it costs $13,000 to connect a dog with a veteran. in the meantime, dozens every dog owners brought their pets out for a special blessing in bolivia yesterday. a roman catholic priest held a special outdoor mass, to celebrate saint robing's day, the patron saint of dogs. the blessing was followed by a procession through the streets, now, saint roke born in prance in the 13th century and said to have been saved by a dog who brought him food when he contracted the plague. okay, so, you might just
8:45 am
be waking up, but think about this before go to bed tonight. what you do in the minutes before you turn in for the night could determine your dreams. it might sound strange, but there are simple behaviors. >> simple changes to make to alter what you see in your sleep. health reporter stephanie stahl shows us how. >> dreams can be crazy and recurrent. >> like i didn't study for a test. >> maybe forgot to get dressed. >> that's a popular dream, being make in front of people. >> found most common nightmare was a spouse cheating. >> some scenes we're not sure why but do recur, mostly fear or expectation you quite have met. >> trent don't have a lot of science on dreams, but there are certain things about dreams, what about nightmares? >> if i eat seafood late at night. >> any type of food kicks up your metabolism, which can make your brain more active.
8:46 am
>> jalapino pizak something spicy, not good, will interrupt your sleep. >> alcohol can affect your dreams, after guy drinks, dream less when you first go to bed. then? >> people start to have vivid dreams later on that may disrupt sleep, may have even more nightmares. >> also, having a fever can affect dreaming and some medicine like blood pressure pills can cause nightmares. others think sleeping in a cold room causes bad dreams. there is no evidence of that but? >> cooler temperatures seems to help people sleep better. >> dreams can be meaningless or reflective of what's happening in your life. the first step to understanded g your dreams is remembering them. keeping pad next to the bed, writing them down right away can help. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, good to know. meantime, in california, a close call for an elderly man, who ended up in his pool still in his car. take a look at this video, the driver hopefully -- said his
8:47 am
flip flops got caught under the pedals causing him to crash you there the garage door and lands in a swimming pool. he made it out of the pool himself before rescue christ are crews arrived, thankfully he was not hurt. >> wow. talk about close call. >> tell them what time it is. it is 8:47, carol. now you may talk. >> they can keck their phones and watch and set it accordingly. now he, most people have so much stuff, stuffed in front of their garage it, would stop any carve going forward. 'd clean garage. look what happened! we've got some blue skies, seen gray skies, also seen some rain showers, but look what's happening right now, we move to the shore areas. all of the little showers that were, you can see, one, two remaining, drops of moisture from some showers that went by, but look at the skies now in atlantic city, looks absolutely beautiful. things are changing, one of the reasons i'm saying don't
8:48 am
change what you're doing today, just because you might see a shower, just keep on with your outdoor plans, because these showers will be leaving soon, where ever you are. we haven't seen any down through rehoboth beach. look at the people on the board walk in rehoboth beach: also on the beach, so nice looking start to the day in that location. we have seen with storm scan3, though, notice these showers, but they're starting to thin out, die out, but also starting to press into the philadelphia area. so that's why cannot totally rule out a shower here. the ones that brought few little sprinkles to atlantic city now off the coast. and we have some clouds, around, but we will be in and out of the clouds, and spot or two of a shower today. that will be the extent of it probably. 69 degrees out at the airport, 63 trenton, 56 degrees in wilmington, comfortable temperatures still in the 50's, though, 59 degrees, almost 60, in the poconos, and already, 73 degrees, down in wildwood. so the temperatures are showing as wide a variety of conditions as the weather is this morning. because we've got either showers, or sun, or a quick
8:49 am
change over from one to the other, and that's going to be the trends with this front moving very slowly through the area. temperatures will be mild today, about eight a degrees, then tomorrow we'll be at eight a degrees, as well. feel the humidity low tomorrow. looks like nice day coming up. low pressure rides along this front. even as early as monday late afternoon, areas to the shower might see shower, at least on one of the computer models. tuesday afternoon should be okay. few showers, moving on past, this is a look at 11:00. >> this computer model says we've got few clouds, we've got some breaks of some sunshine, by 2:00 this afternoon, few other areas, pick up some light showers, other areas are seeing clouds, and some seeing sun. by the time we get to 5:00 o'clock, a few little spots of showers, sunshine, cloud or two, you get the idea, the weather you're having, maybe they're not having, couple of towns over. and then by the time we get to
8:50 am
tomorrow, i want to show you this. this is 3:00 in the afternoon. computer model says kent county, delaware, maybe even right along cape may county irks picking up couple of showers. so we'll continue to monitor that to see whether that happens. and otherwise, by the time we get to the rest of tuesday, and wednesday, things are looking pretty nice. ocean is warming up, into the 70s. so this is a day you'll probably have your feet in the ocean, at least as far up as your feet probably. eight an in philadelphia, shore, 82, poconos, 75 degrees. in every location, that chance after spotty shower here or there. eight a, today, tonight, 65, and then the next couple of days, we have temperatures that will be in the low to mid 80s at most, humidity will start to pick up, though, on tuesday, and a chance of a shower on tuesday, especially early, the way it looks now, thursday and friday, liz? >> well, thank you, carol. the time right now is 8:51. time to check the roads and
8:51 am
highways with ann evans at the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning, ann. >> good morning, liz. and our traffic cam is focused on the center city skyline, at that iconic pnb bank, a building in the pnb bank bank, those letters are coming down today, helicopter will be used to remove the 6 feet high letters from the billing at one south broad right near city hall this morning, road closures are in effect until noon during the removal of the the road closures are as follows, market street shutdown in center city, between 11th street and city hall, 13th street shutdown in center city between chestnut street and arch street along with 15th street between chestnut and arch and broad street also between chestnut street and arch. septa also affected bus routes that operate in the area of city hall will be detoured, due to the street closures. now, specific detours for routes four, 27, 31, 44, 124 and 125 and others have been posted at we move the traffic cam to
8:52 am
much busier picture here. this is the schuylkill at south street. no delays on the schuylkill this morning. the south street bridge, right in the middle of your screen, that looks fine, of course the gorgeous center city skyline at the top of your screen, and the schuylkill is behaving itself through philly, and its suburbs, on to the ben franklin bridge, which is right here, well, we had our ben franklin bridge, but we're actually at the mid kelly -- mid-county tolls. mid-county tolls are all in good shape this morning. no problems on the pa turnpike. doing all right further up on the new jersey turnpike as well. and that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center. i'm ann evans. now, liz, back to you. >> thank you for that update, ann. meantime, dozen coast down the hill for the annual adult soap box derby races in portland. the 17th annual event brings builds ers, spectators, builders together to competement only few rules apply to building your car. it has to have at least three wheels, no propulsion,
8:53 am
functioning brakes, probably good to go. this year's track was more than a mile long, with three turns. now, how would you like to be a contestant on the amazing race? racing around the world for a chance to win a million dollars. now, there is a casting call this friday, from noon to 3:00 at trump taj mahal in atlantic city. we have all of the details for you at call. also, diner in fillly once again be deck naught white for the third annual diner, or as the french would like to say, dine on blanc. we have a chance for to you win a pair of tickets. for this one, head to cbs-3 facebook page. where you can end tow win those tickets, the location for this will be kept secret until the date of the event. we will have monday for you on this event tomorrow morning on "eyewitness news". stay with us, we'll be right back.
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>> carol is here with spotty showers now? >> we've seen some. showed that you picture little earlier of the shore, where we had the lens all covered, take a look at it now. that is lot different looking. so, the raindrops are gone, we still have couple of clouds, but also getting sun breaks, and i think that will be the trend for the day. almost every place, you might see shower, it won't last long, shouldn't be heavy, moves on out. you can see on the eyewitness weather seven day forecast that we have temperatures today summer like, 58 degrees, about 4 degrees warmer than it was yesterday. sun, clouds, can't rule out shower, but it is not a game changer, it is not a planned changer. so just keep on with your plans, and let that little shower come down if it is going to. tomorrow same temperature, probably without the showers, and unless you're well south later in the afternoon, and
8:57 am
through delaware, you might pick up shower, and then the rest of the week it is very comfortable temperature wise into the 80s. >> comfortable temperature wise, that's all we need to know. >> it is august at its best. >> thank you. well, that's it for "eyewitness news" for now. we may be signing off here on tv as you know we're always on sunday morning with charles odd good is next, have a great day, everyone. >> ♪ it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake.
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