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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  August 18, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> national guards on its way to help restore order, police say they've been dealing with more violence including several shootings, reports every looting and sad level in ferguson, missouri. >> multiple molotov cocktails thrown at police. at that time police deployed tear gas and attempted to disperse the crowd to stop the
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violent action. >> at least two, three people have been injured in shooting and have been eight arrests. now, we will continue to follow of course all of the developments in ferguson, and bring you updates as soon as they become available. >> also this morning, three down, nine more to go why crews were not able to take down the iconic letters on this building. >> good morning, everybody, well, we actually looking ahead to another decent day, we stick start the week. problem is this is pattern that may begin to go gradually downhill. >> we'll discuss why coming up in the next few. >> casino of waiting for this morning rush to head downhill. let's head outside quickly, we're in the clear, doesn't matter where you are traveling, looking at the roosevelt boulevard, boulevard looks great. rest of the majors, but again, things will definitely change, as soon as the sun comes up, the rush comes n we'll keep you posted. >> thank you, day at work turns violence, group of young
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men attacked a philadelphia park ranger. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan joins us now in love park, and clever, hearing that tourists in the park at the time captured this incident on their cell phones, on video >> sitting here eating a cheese steak in love park when he saw the worst in society. one of the park rangers trying to enforce the no skating rules when group of skateboarders surrounded him, take a look at the video, police show us that the park ranger was in a defensive posture, as that group surrounded him, most of the teens were just yelling, but one took it to the next level punching then tackling, repeatedly kicking the philadelphia park rangerment police say fortunately that ranger was not seriously injured. we spoke with one of the eyewitnesses, who spoke with us last night, via skype. he says that many of the people watching including him they didn't intervene. he says, mostly because he was surprised and then he wanted to capture video evidence for
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police. >> i figured the police were already called, so the video would be helpful to them. everyone else that witnessed this that was also recording they all left after it was over. >> we stayed. >> police say this is ongoing investigate, no words on any arrests. cleve bryan. >> traffic and weather together on 39's. >> good morning, everybody. well, we are actually off to pretty nice start. we had real nice friday overall the weekend, shaping up to be pretty nice, we got couple of showers obviously rolled through yesterday. but, then eventually skies cleared outment beautiful afternoon. hopefully were you able to make the most of t another day will feature nice weather, well here you have it. served up on silver platter, nice clear sky to kick start the work week ahead eventually
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it has to go downhill, if only it could stay nice all the time. but we obviously need the rain at some point, and we need to have systems move through. here is the next one that may clip us. so today i think high pressure generally keeps control, rules the roost, but the leading edge of the cloud cover you see southwest of dc may nudge in through delaware, skew little bit of that sunshine, but, we even take you back in time here at the boardwalk plaza, been very quiet night. just couple of people walking up and down the board here through the overnight. we continue i think to keep a clear sky at least initially >> i could see shower by late tonight. meantime, we're off to cool and very comfortable start, you can see, still somewhat of a northerly component tort wind flow, especially out toward atlantic city. keep in mind it won't be breezy day, even though the win flow comes in from the northwest, doesn't mean it is windy, just means that's the direction that the air is trailing. so, that's going to make it
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feel real nice out there. another pleasant day. later tonight, like i said, coy see shower perhaps out toward delaware, maybe south new jersey, getting clip by, that but not enough that you would need umbrella certainly again with it coming overnight, not huge deal. tomorrow also still partly nn morning, everyone, still looking pretty good out there. not too much to complain about at all. making my job today filling in for bob quite easy. let's take a lock at the roosevelt boulevard. no delays northbound, southbound, to or from the schuylkill expressway around the broad street area, maybe headed out of northeast philadelphia, all-in-all it is a great great ride. southbound commuting would be the headlights here headed down towards the schuylkill. again really nice ride on the roosevelt boulevard. really goes without saying, that it is going to be like that, so far, on all of our majors, 95, right around the philadelphia international airport, southbound, northbound commuting, no problems here as a wport, not sy major delays, again more good news. we take a look within your western suburbs, traveling on 202, 422, the blue route, northeast extention, pa turnpike, all moving real
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well. averaging speed censors in the 50's, so, just, you know, this morning, it is okay. hopefully it stays that way. back normal the 13, 11, ten, 34, 36 trolley. they've been on bit of different schedule these past couple of weeks. natasha. >> thank you, so much. well the time is now 5:36. and it is time for business news this morning. new tag for facebook posts. >> also, a price break for one wireless carrier customer, always happy to hear about the price brace. jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange with the details. good morning. >> good morning, erika, natasha. sprint look to go attract more customers by cutting prices. the nation's third largest wireless carrier is expected to announce new pricing plans this week. new ceo says he wants to make every custom nerve america think twice about signing up to a competitor. according to the wall street journal, sprint has one
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pricing plan in chicago, unlimited talk, text, date, a for $50 a month. well, here on wall street, vince ers are watching janet yellen discusses the economy this week. on friday, the dow dropped 51 points, the nasdaq gained 12 overall though a big week on wall street. the markets rebounded from previous losses. and, facebook is testing a new tag for posts. satire. it will be used to mark fake news stories that come from sites like the onion, facebook says some users gave feed bag, wanted better twi distinguish make news articles from real ones. and, shake shack reportedly getting ready to go public. the fast-food chain is known for hamburgers, and milkshakes, and of course, insanely long lines. it started out of hotdog kiosk in new york madison square park, back in 2004. and the company will likely bring in $20 million in earnings, next year. there are three shake shacks
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in philadelphia, and a massive one in king of prussia by the mall. natasha, erika? >> oh, i walked by one a few times a week, oh, so telling it. want nothing there. >> can never have enough shake shack in your area. thank you. >> yes, those chocolate and vanilla milkshakes, god. >> got to love them. >> they're good. >> today meantime president obama expected to meet with advisors on the military campaign in iraq. the us is helping kurdish forces try to regain control of the mozul damn, with military strikes in the area. avis lamb i can extremists took over the territory. ko imresint taking break from his summer vacationo deal with some escalating issues including the situation in northern iraq. with the help of us air strikes, kurdish fight verse retaken a portion after strategic damn that is her afters large part of the country. with fears that failure to secure the damn could threaten its interests in the area, the us conducted around two dozen
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air strikes on isis targets over the weekend. >> because they are moving like guerrilla moving in here to there and there to there. >> some residents continued to flee their homes. but residents of make org have returned. air strikes near the curds i shall capitol have successfully pushed back extremist fos cents. >> i'm rally happy to be home, he said, but there is no water, part of the town has no electricity. kurdish forces may have been held back for the time being. but the majority of the enormous damn remains in the hands of islamic militants. the stability of the region remains at steak. ko im, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". pope francis ranks up his inaugural visit to asia held a mass to ends the youth day. sixth gathering of the young catholics from all across asia. thousands cheered for the pontiff who also prayed for peace on the korean peninsula. this was the first time the head of the catholic church has visited south korea in 25
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years. >> the high flying removal of iconic sign in philadelphia hits a snag. now that's what it looks like as crews attempted to remove the pnb bank sign off center city highrise. helicopter and crews were task with taking down all 12 letters, from the top of the building on south broad. now, they've been up therefore 60 years. the work was a little harder than expected and went slower too. crews are only able to take down three of those letters. >> the building it self is history more than pnb bank bank. >> this is actually a restoration, because it wasn't there, as part of the building originally. so, by taking it down, you're restoring some of the history of it. >> contractors are expected to meet later today to decide on timetable to take down the remaining nine letters. america's first zoo takes a huge leap into the 21st century. coming up: we'll take you on tour to see how the philadelphia zoo is changing things up. trying to to attract new
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generations of visitors. >> also, words is jennifer laurence has new boyfriends. we'll tell you who it is ahead. katie? >> boyfriends? it's boy-friend. >> we've got pretty nice day actually underway, guys, we kick start the work week. it is a pattern that will eventually however starting to downhill. i'll tell when you the next best chance for wet weather makes a return to the forecast. stay tuned, c ms. winnie earle: kids inse paterson face lots of obstacles - but nothing can stop their determination. mara: my dream is to be a pediatric nurse. ms. earle taught me if i work hard - i can do anything. ms. winnie earle: mara had so much potential, it was my job to help her reach her goals. mara: now, i'm headed to college to study nursing!
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ms. winnie earle: there are so many talented kids like mara - and they all deserve to live their dreams.
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>> breaking news, the governor of missouri ordered the national guard to restore order in ferguson. protesting over the police shooting of unarmed black teen. protests now in a second week. >> jury selection expected to start today in the trial every christina, she is charged abducting five year old girl from a west philadelphia kindergarten class. >> the taney dragons are moving on in the little league world series tournament in williamsport. yesterday the dragons came from behind to beat texas in walk-off style. they play a team from vaguest on wednesday. >> oh, got to cheer them on. right now 5:43, we want to get traffic and weather together. >> we start things off here, erika, nice wide zoom. things still looking very quai net williamsport where the kids continue to play here. i think really just ends one nice day overall. you can see shall obviously some activity to track in the atmosphere, namely frontal boundary somewhat stalled out. new piece of energy starting to move along. that might clip the area,
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specifically through delaware, southern new jerse later on tonight. otr piece of energy mover in by mid week. so that's kind of the synopsis tore us -- for us at home. quick check on the tropics. we do have area of potential for development. can you pick it out? you might not be able tonight let's is her know on the spot. it is this one. bigger isn't always necessarily stronger when it comes to weather. we've got more disorganization here, but possibility that could turn into something too. but this is the one that the national hurricane center is keeping an eye on. no immediate threats. actually, it is interesting, we haven't had heck of a lot to talk about in terms of hurricanes or any kind of tropical systems. but now entering into the heart of hurricane season. mid august to late september. that's the window, strong ridge every high pressure typically since, get active trade winds, nice warm water for the storms to develop, but we just had too much dry air and too much wind shear. so, in other words, it has been slow start to the season as we all know. but, we'll see how things develop with the one disturbance that i showed awe second agoment back to dry
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land here, back at home, looking pretty good. 83 degrees, sunshine, later tonight i think the disturbance could clip delaware or new jersey, might wake up to couple of damp roads. no huge deal there. tuesday touch more humid but not oppressive. wednesday is the next best chance to see couple of showers or a storm move in. but even then it, looks like it would mainly be for the second half of the day. no major storms in site for most of the week here, just little more unsettled later on this week. >> all right, not terrible. thanks, katie. we can handle t we can handle the traffic, too, right about now? >> traffic is great today. really is if you are head the from the shore off the beautiful weather coming back from the monday start to work, looks great outside. we jump now to the schuylkill expressway, you are traveling on the suing in either direction eastbound or westbound. maybe you're headed from the atlantic city expressway down the 42, up and over the walt whitman bridge, down to the schuylkill expressway to grandmother's house we go, you look great. both sides of the schuylkill no matter how you cut it looks
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awesome. vine st. express expressway, 59 looking great. 202 moving further in your certain one, look great. no delays around the malvern area. no delays making yourself out to west chester, even around the schuylkill itselfment look at the speed censors. traveling 422, 202, northeast extention, pa turnpike, averaging in the 50's, great news there. do you, however, want to watch out for new traffic pattern on the southbound side of the 42 freeway, that just went into effect. >> this will be between the area of 130 and 295. so definitely want to keep that in mine for your commute this morning. and also as we head throughout the remainder of the work week, vehicle fire, mount carmel avenue at maple avenue. use extra cautious maneuvering around the scene. we will continue to keep you posted when it does clear out of the way. >> thank you, zoo's are battling for entertainment dollars with shrinking budgets. now, the philadelphia zoo has a new strategy. as anne-marie green reports, the zoo makes its zoology with
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showmanship. >> a 20th century attraction trying to keep the attention of 21st century crowd. they arrive, smart phones and tablets in hand, so what's better than high definition? how about high drama? >> so we're a big cat crossing, the newest part of our zoo trail system, zoo 360. >> with shrinking budgets, more competition for ooh end tapement dollars, zoo's around the country have been trying to make the experience more exciting. >> is this what happens to the crowd typically? >> this is what happens with the crowd. everybody's just fascinated, seeing tigers in this completely new way. >> zoo 360 is a series of overhead walkways at the philadelphia zoo, that allow annulose stroll out of their enclosures, high above other animals. like us. andy baker is the philadelphia zoo's coo. >> whole idea zoo 360, zoo wide trail system, really re-inventing the way animals experience the, so by connecting areas together, just creating huge opportunity
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for their behavioral engagement, in a much wider erray of century experience. >> not an understatement. any issue with the call every nature over this bridge here? >> so far it hasn't add, but if it does, it is good for your complexion. >> the plan is to keep building, until a number of animals can crisscross the entire zoo complex. >> we could ultimately see a giraffe start here, and end up way on the other side of the zoo? >> that's exactly the idea. >> there are similar project underway at zoo's in jacksonville, wander have, but philadelphia's is the most comprehensive. big cat crossing cost $2.5 million. zoo keeper says her big cats seem happier. >> are you seeing healthier cats? >> we're seeing more energized cats. more interested cats, more engaged cats. engaged with the guests. >> and the guests seem equally
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engaged though many still haven't put down their gadgets at least now, they're looking up from them. anne-marie green, cbs news philadelphia. the word is neil patrick harris is handing over his glam rock wig to hbo star. >> harris dropped off his tony awards running run on broadway and the angry inch. andrew, from hbo girls; going to take over that part. great reviews and also one for tony awards. >> and couple alert. jennifer laurence and chris martin may and item now. according to e reports, has been dating the cold play front man since june. the hunger games star was recently seen flirting with the singer at cold play concert in london. the news just recently broke, but the couple already have the nickname, martin laurence. >> oh, what? >> you can't do that. >> role martin laurence.
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>> i know, probably hole on a second. >> i got bad boy three coming out soon. >> exactliment also christina aguilara gives birth to baby girl over the weaken, tweeted quote so proud to have our child enter the world. aguilara also has six year olson max from her previous marriage. >> teenage mutant ninja turtles hang on to the top of the box office, movie goers shell out cash for flick. movie brought $28 million, in itse wee galaxy came in second, in its thirds week, the buddy comedy let's be cops landed in third place, the expendible three out gunned in its weekend debut, the film earned weak 16.2 million. and the giver round out the top five, debuts at $12.8 million. >> that's yes want to see the giver still, having red that book growing up. >> oh, yes, i want to see that, too.
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>> still ahead this morning, your chance to win free tickets to one of the summer's hottest events, dinner on blanc up next. >> john bonn jovi takes the ice bucket challenge with a little help from his friends. see who poured that water over
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it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at thirds annual dinner end blanc thursday night. outdoor dining event sold out. just fun to say. but you have your chance to win some free seats. just head to the cbs-3 facebook page, where you can end tow win two tickets, coming up at 6:45, talking live to some of the special guests about this event. and tell you more about how you can win two tickets. >> loverly,. >> dinner on blanc.
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>> you love saying that. >> i do. >> every time you say that i want to go (talking another language). >> oh, so funny. let's start things offer here with a quick check on "skycam 3". sunlight starting to pop over the horizon, gorgeous sunrise underway, see the ferris wheel on the pier lit up here. quiet, few more clouds building here across delaware with time. overall it is a nice day. sun, clouds, in the city, 83 for the high, little cooler in the poconos, still dry, with high of 74. torrey? >> thank you, katie. and as katie was just saying, that sun's coming up. you know what into means in the rush will soon be coming inment as we head outside, let's see how you're doing so far. if you are traveling right now on 95, not too far away from the commodore barry bridge, both sides of 95 really looking great. traveling the schuylkill expressway, the vine st. expressway, all really moving well, not really dealing with any major problems, look at these speed censors, high up to the 50's, 95 southbound,
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you will start to drop down just a tad. as you approach the area of girard. stay with us,s, we'll be right back with a whole lot more.
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>> bon jovi is the latest to except the ice bucket challenge. >> got some help from a couple of famous friends. >> (laughing). >> and now i want to pass this along to david brian, teco torez, richards sambora. >> there go, keep paying it along. new jersey christies at this in the background, helped with the bucket, and posted it on his facebook page, that's robert craft, all of the money of course benefits the als foundation. really just catching on. we'll be right
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, this is attack caughtn tape when philadelphia park ranger tries to enforce the rules. >> it happened in love park. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan joins us now, with more on the video, police want everyone to see to find these suspect. cleve, good morning. >> good morning there is happened in the afternoon, plenty of witnesses around, one of them that we spoke to, captured the fight on video, and immediately turned it over to police. to aid their investigation. >> victim of brutal attack. >> normal voice i'm tacking to you.


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