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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 19, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is tuesday, august 19th 2014. another night of protesters and police trying to end the violence. we're live in ferguson. police in california said they stopped a mass school shooting just days before it started. >> and verizon with a look at cell phone bills. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> i dropped down on my feet. >> violence continues to flare in ferguson. >> at least two people were shot and there were more than 30
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arrests. >> i am not going to let criminals define this neighborhood. >> president obama is sending eric holder to ferguson tomorrow 0 to meet fbi and other officials. >> the wildfire is threatening hundreds of homes near yosemite national park. thousands ordered to evacuate the california foothills. police in southern california say they've arrested two students who allegedly were planning a shooting at a south pasadena high school. >> i would never imagine something like that happening at our school. >> 33 days of u.s. air strikes have helped kurdish and iraqi air forces retake the mosul dam from islamic militants. >> the united states will continue to carry out the limited missions that i've authorized. >> go baby! >> steve ballmer a new era of basketball. >> do we have any clippers fans here? in mexico city the hail was enough for people to shovel. it piled up to nearly two feet high.
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heroics on the highway in mississippi. a grandmother and baby girl trapped inside a car until a stranger came to the rescue. >> all that -- >> taylor swift going hot. in the first single of the new album. >> washington and johnny to the bench. >> you'll be sorry for that. >> "all that mattered" -- >> "saturday night live." >> legendary announce don pardo has died. >> he did everything from "snl" to "jeopardy!." >> i've loved everything i do. >> this is called the bruce willis hand free corn eating system. >> at aboy! yeah. [ laughter ] >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs
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welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose and gayle king are off. jeff glor is with us. >> good to be back. the nightly protests in ferguson, missouri over a deadly shooting are not letting out. at least two people in a crowd of protesters were shot, two businesses were burned and four officers were injured by rocks or bottles and police arrested 31 people. >> and all of this started just hours after national guard troops arrived in ferguson. vladimir duthiers is also in ferguson where locals blame a small group of agitators for triggering last night's violence. vladimir, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm here at the command center and behind me are members of the national guard. their presence have many here hoping the streets will remain calm. for eight consecutive nights demonstrators had clashed with police in ferguson but monday
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night, the two marched together peacefully. until a small group of protesters instigated the violence. he told us they were working against the crowd. >> we moved those back. we grabbed them literally. >> reporter: protesters turned their back forming a human barricade to prevent the violent queue from reaching police. they pulled back and formed their own line of defense. arrests remained with the help of protesters. but the flare-up led to an hours-long standoff which meant heavily armed and demonstrators many clears out amid the scene of tear gas, smoke bombs, rubber bullets, riots and looting. >> i sat there and listened on the radio and heard the screams of officers under gunfire.
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and i saw a man dazed walking down street. we can't have that. >> reporter: monday marked the first night without a curfew since the worst of the riots began. missouri governor jay nixon the lifted the ban. >> we should be able to walk on the streets. we should be able to go to our stores without having the threat of being killed in cold blood. we should have that right. this ain't no community. this is a hood. we don't feel safe in these streets. >> reporter: now we're told public schools remain closed in ferguson for the second day in a row. district officials saying they're doing that because of the continued unrest in the region. norah. >> vlad thank you so much. attorney general eric holder will go to meet with leaders. president obama made that announcement after a series of
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talks. major garrett is at the white house. >> good morning. president obama is sending eric holder for everyone involved. don't prejudge the case and don't use selective leaks to manipulate or selection of the fact. the president urged everyone in ferguson missouri to spend more time listening. >> let me call once again for us to seek some understanding, rather than simply holler at each other. let's seek to heal, rather than to wound each other. >> reporter: some in ferguson for days have ignored the president's pleas. fronting this defense of law and order. >> while i understand the passions and the anger that arise over the death of michael brown, giving into that anger by looting or carrying guns and even attacking the police only serves to raise tension and stir chaos. it undermines rather than
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advancing justice. >> reporter: for the first time mr. obama described the chaos in ferguson in a broader context of race upward mobility and prejudice. >> in many communities around the country, a gulf of mistrust exists between local residents laundry enforcement. and too many community, too many young men of color are left behind and seen only as objects of fear. >> reporter: the president also said it is time to re-examine the post-9/11 trend of equipping local police departments with military-style vehicles and riot gear. >> there is a big difference between our military and our local law enforcement. and we don't want those lines blurred. that would be contrary to our traditions. >> the president said the events in ferguson missouri lay bare the surroundings. norah. >> all right major, thank you
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so much. and rap star nelly is helping community leaders to try tonight the nightly violence in ferguson. we're going to look at some of the local efforts to try and keep the piece. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." this morning, police have upscaled the suburbs and broke up after alleged shooting plot just in time. two teenagers are under arrest accused of trying to kill residents and fellow students. john blackstone is there with how investigators stopped another possible tragedy. good morning. good morning, south passadena high school are assuring people that the threat is over. the death toll could have been devastating. >> reporter: administrators at south pasadena high school said they received what they thought was a credible threat and alerted police. according to a statement by law enforcement officials two male students were plotting to kill
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three of the staff members and as many students as possible with firearms. focusing on two unidentified students in particular. their motive, police say, personal reasons. >> might have killed me it's hard to swallow. >> reporter: police quickly set up surveillance on the two incoming seniors and started recording their conversations. no weapons were found when they searched their homes but police confiscated computers showing the two were researching a variety of weapons, rifles handgun, submachine guns even bombs. while one student was taken into custody without incident, the other resisted but was captured when he tried to run away. >> if they clearly arrested somebody with evidence it's particularly worrisome. >> reporter: there's no word exactly when the two planned to carry out their attack. first day of school is still scheduled for thursday this week. south pasadena police are planning a news conference for later today. school officials say
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psychologists and counselors will be on hand if students or employees feel they need the support. norah. >> john thank you so much. also in california near yosemite national park people in 13,000 homes and businesses were told to get out because a fast-moving wildfire. the junction fire another oakhurst already burned 10 square miles. the evacuation orders include all four hotels in oakhurst which is near the southern entrance to yosemite. south thereof near walker heights a fire damaged or destroyed an unknown number of homes and another 200 are threatened. in iraq isis militants are fighting in tikrit. the advance that could have killed thousands and u.s. embassy in baghdad. charlie d'agata reports from atop mosul dam where u.s. allies
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are in control for now. >> reporter: good morning. we are standing right on top of the mosul dam. and that is what provides electricity for much of northern iraq. there isn't much structural dam to the after the fight here but signs of what went on. kurdish soldiers tell us this is a burnt out tire that isis snipers were using as a smoke screen. we're finding lots of shells on the dam itself. now, it's under control of kurdish peshmerga soldiers but to reach here it took fight and air cover from the united states. on the drive in here, we saw plenty of evidence of the battle that took place to retake this dam. there are cars that have been bombed out. isis vehicles we're told had been hit. they were barely recognizable. the whole buildings have been demolished and craters presumably from air strikes. taking this damage is one thing and holding on to it is another. and kurdish forces have said they're going to need u.s. air
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power in case isis intends to launch a counterattack.s this morning" i'm charlie d'agata on the mosul dam, northern iraq. and also this pope francis said it's okay to use force to stop militants from stopping the attacks iraq. francis was asked if he approved unilateral force against isis. the pope says the international community, not just one country should decide how to intervene. and texas governor rick perry has a dream team of lawyers on his side. the potential presidential candidate faces felony charges of abusing his power. jan crawford is here with the next step. good morning. good morning. the special process for it they expect the governor do turn himself some time this week. which means he'll be fingerprinted, get his mug shot taken, as you'd expect perry and
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his new lawyer are fighting back. >> reporter: this is the video that led to texas' governor rick perry's indictment. >> you ruined my entire career so tomorrow morning the state's going to say i was drunk and in jail all night and they'll restrain me. >> reporter: after travis county district attorney rosemary lehmberg was arrested in 2013 for drunk driving, perry, a republican, called on her to resign then he cut morning $7 billion from her budget when she refused. last friday he was indicted on two felony charges for allegedly trying coerce her to quit. perry called in on the sean hannity show. >> i intend to fight with everything that i have against those who would erode our state's constitution purely for political purposes. >> this is outlandish. it will never, ever stand.
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>> reporter: ben ginsberg. >> how wrong this indict is. >> reporter: among those advisers is david axelrod who suggested that the indictment is pretty sketchy in a tweet over the weekend. still, criminal charges now threaten perry's legacy and his hopes for a secondou want is some kind of a trial. >> now perry is expected to be arraigned in the next few days but he is free to continue traveling around the country gearing up for another possible presidential run in 16. he plans to visit three presidentlial battleground states in the next two weeks. >> not slowing down. nearly 1100 lives could be saved every year on roads by cars that talk to each other. the government is out with new
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findings on v-2-v. or vehicles to vehicle technology. jeff pegues, good morning. >> good morning to you. a lot of the cars that we drive already have the technology that can help you avoid accidents. but vehicle-to-vehicle technology is expected to make the cars we drive even safer. cars will literally transmit messages to each other. all you'll have to do is drive. car accidents kill more than 30,000 people every year. vehicles equipped with v-2-v are expected to save lives. on board divisions will transmit messages about speed, brake status and direction. in this demonstration, two cars up, the driver's about to slam on his brakes. we can't see it but the car can. with the release of this 300-page national highway traffic safety administration report, the government is taking another step forward on a plan
7:16 am
that within three years to mandate v-2-v in new cars at a cost of $345 per vehicle. it reports that can could work on actual roads with actual drivers. confirms what david freeman told us earlier this year. >> one of the things we've done already is put 3,000 vehicles on the road in ann arbor michigan to make sure the technology works in congestion in rural areas, in urban areas. >> reporter: but there are many concerns about privacy, whether vehicles will record and track personal information. in addition, clarence ditlow doesn't drivers. >> most accidents are single-vehicle crashes. it's not a head-on crash between two vehicles that's the most common. >> some automakers like ford have already been studying and working on this technology.
7:17 am
but according to the government's own research there are automakers are concerned that v-2-v exposes them to legal risks because they'll be relying on information from other vehicles that they do not control. norah. >> jeff, so interesting. thank you so much. and new numbers this morning show another spike in the ebola outbreak. the world health organization now says the virus killed 1,229 people. that's out of more than 2,200 infections. meanwhile, 17 ebola patients who escaped a quarantine center last weekend have been found and returned to isolation. >> and these photos come after david and nancy writebol saw each other for the first time since the virus separated them. nancy is being treated for the disease in atlanta. she spent time in liberia helping ebola victims. david said in a statement we both placed our hands on opposite sides of the glass.
7:18 am
moves with tears to look at each other again. she was standing with a radiant smile, happy beyond words." of television's most famous voices is being remembered this morning. don pardo, the iconic announcer died monday. he was 96 years old. pardo spoke on many broadcast but he's best known for one program "live from new york." >> this is "saturday night live." >> reporter: for nearly 40 years, don pardo is responsible for introducing manllywood's biggest stars on thepular sketch comedy >> drawn-out syllables were a fixture on "snl." but in the course of his six-decade long career he also served as announcer of some of america's most popular ogright" in 1956. >> this is don pardo. >> reporter: in 1964 he went on to voice "jeopardy!" for more than a decade before introducing the first episode of "saturday night live" in 1975.
7:19 am
>> nbc's "saturday night." >> reporter: he voiced for 38 seasons missing just one. he was heard from in the last time in may. >> andy samberg! >> reporter: he into hollywood's arts hall of fame. one of the highest honors. >> i've always tried to do my very best and i've loved every minute what i do. >> test test
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by the buypower card from capital one. your card is the key. some big names in ferguson to save the city in crisis. >> the news is back here on the morning on cbs.
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>> meteorologist, katie fehlinger keeping her eye on things for us. >> looking pretty good. good morning, everybody, now southern most counties, cape may, sussex county, delaware, you have been delta hands of couple of showers out there when we go to storm scan3 full screen, see that rolling disturbance, the culprit there. otherwise, many of us are starting off with sunshine today, really overall looks like decent day. it is going to feel little steamier, though, that humidity starting to go to go on bit of uphill climb. you may want to think about the air conditioner for tonight, tomorrow, essentially carbon copy, watch for more showers, storms, by thursday. bob? >> 322 up toward philadelphia international. volume some sun glare thrown in there. we have disable on 295 this is northbound, 295 between 42 and the black horse pike. and that's causing delays through the bellmawr interchange. crash along lancaster avenue, villanova, right near warner avenue, with some delays. otherwise, delays on the schuylkill between city avenue
7:25 am
and center city, 95, heavy like normal through girard. and the blue route little slow near route one. natasha, back over to you. >> thank you bob. next update at 7:55, up next on cbs this morning voices calling for calm now in ferguson missouri. for more local news weather and traffic continue to watch us, on the "cw philllly" on these channels. i'm natasha brown have good morning.
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♪ >> whoa whoa, whoa, hang on, hang on. >> the wrong direction. >> look at this a heart-stopping scene where a woman driving with
7:28 am
her 1-year-old granddaughter tee boned a tractor trailer. a trucker captured the crash and the rescue on his dashboard camera. he used a fire extinguisher to push the flames away. others pulled the woman and child from the vehicle. the grandmother had a broken leg, but everyone is okay. >> wow. >> just wow. >> the truck driver says the passenger in his car was really like you're not going towards that, are you? and he said i have to help. and other people helped also. >> incredible all she had was a broken leg. welcome back to "cbs this morning." charlie and gayle are off. sven nita nair and jeff glor are with us. good to have you here. coming up in this hour cell phone price wars are under way. mellody hobson is joining us in studio 57 with slashing deals and trying to steal customers.
7:29 am
you now steve ballmer wouldn't stay quiet long about buying the l.a. clippers. this guy gets a little excited at times. a one-man cheerleading squad. first ben tracy is here. we begin with "the new york times" which says the u.s. has now destroyed all of syria's most dangerous chemical weapons, and this is now several weeks ahead of schedule. syria agreed to give up its stockpile last fall after it used sarin gas to kill 1,000 people in a damascus suburbs. the faa issued bans on u.s. flights over syria. eck treatmentists are equipped with anti-aircraft weapons. >> the "washington post" says more defense witnesses will take the stand today in the trial of bob mcdonnell and his wife. they called him mr. honest and the first lady was diva-ish.
7:30 am
the mcdonnells allegedly accepted more than $150,000 in gifts and loans from a supporter. and this is interesting, when you read the testimony of all of these witnesses in the trial, they certainly seem to be going down the road of blaming the wife. >> the one that everyone is watching right now. >> exactly. and "time" magazine has a letter from trayvon martin's mother to the family of michael brown, the teenager killed by a missouri police officer. is he head it was a never ending pain unlike anything you could imagine. fulton went on to write, honor your son and his life, not the circumstances of his alleged transgressions. i've always said that trayvon was not perfect, but no one can convince you that michael deserved to be executed. >> thank you so much. continuing in ferguson, mark strassmann shows us how last
7:31 am
night's chaos erupted in spite of efforts there to restore the peace. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. overnight, there were 31 arrests, two shootings and what the police commander here called a dangerous dynamic in the night. all that despite the best efforts of some protesters to keep the peace. ♪ >> reporter: as another night of uncertainty fell on ferguson monday, nearly 100 ministers marched in the hope of leading a path to peace. ♪ >> our goal is to speak some calmness, to take the heat out of the situation. to encourage people to wait while the wheels of justice move. >> reporter: tempers here ignited more than a week ago with the fatal shooting of 18-year-old michael brown. but a vast majority of protesters trying to take a different approach. ♪ >> reporter: last night, one woman armed demonstrators with roses to honor brown.
7:32 am
>> make everybody come out here. don't be so mad or angry. >> reporter: as ferguson perched on the national stage. rapper nelly urged the crowd to stand down. the call for calm can be heard from the streets to the airwaves. >> all we want is peace in our street ares. ♪ >> reporter: deejay jowcol is known as the deejay for the town's listeners. >> we're not immune to what's happening. >> reporter: in between the latest hits. ♪ first things first ♪ >> reporter: the station opens phone lines. >> we are not broken. and we are mike brown. >> asking for peace in the streets. >> reporter: it also aired public service announcements
7:33 am
trying to minimize the violence which he blames on a small minority. >> it's bad individuals taking advantage of the situation. and they're hijacking the message for what those out there have been doing for the past recent years. >> reporter: there's a general and genuine worry here that someone is going to get kill on the streets. captain ron johnson, the police commander here is now urging protesters the peaceful ones to demonstrate during the day and stay home at night. jeff. >> what comes next? the national guard comes in yesterday. nothing changes overnight, what does happen next? >> right. and as they were saying overnight, that if some of these agitators last night were from out of town new york and california, and were arrested. >> and we'll keep watching that of course. and a big shake-up on the cell phone industry on friday. sprint will launch a new share
7:34 am
pricing plan for 100 bucks a month. you can get up to ten lines of unlimited talk and texting. customers will get $350 bucks for switching to sprint. verizon is fighting back 60 bucks a month with unlimited tox and text. cbs contributor mellody hobson is here. good morning. >> good morning. >> if any industry was set for a shake-up, maybe this was this. why is sprint doing this now? >> they are trying to stop the bleeding there's no question about it. in the last two quarters they've lost 2.8 million subscribers. they saw their market share drop this year. they know they have to offer a compelling package of data. budget friendly and making it very easy for people to switch. they've got to turn it around. >> a new ceo, right? >> new ceo, boliviaen
7:35 am
billionaire. entrepreneur. he lives in miami. he'll have to transition to kansas city. we'll see how that goes. it will be the first time since he'll be running a public company, we'll see how that goes. >> i think it means so much that he's being described as a street fighter. someone to get in there and give the deals that they're looking for. it it seems that everyone is taking a page out of t-mobile's phone deals. >> i absolutely agree. they also know this is going to be war and the consumer is going to win because it's going to be an honest race for market share. and they're going to go after each other. and by bringing in this new ceo, i think sprint is saying we're ready to go but they have to do more than just play defense. they're going to have to play some offense as well to really turn this story around. but at the end of the day, the consumer is going to be in the cat bird seat as these telecoms
7:36 am
fight it out for market share. >> bottom line it means better prices for us? >> better prices for sure. i talked to a telecom executive yesterday he said because of what verizon and sprint have done watch for at&t and t-mobile to follow. but the big question is how are they going to price this later. the question will be how will they charge us for add-ons later, in order to try to make up for these lost profits. >> oh how i wish this happened to the airline industry. thank you. and the candle industry. ahead, steve ballmer is officially a baller. >> baby! hard core the hard-core clippers, that's us. >> that woke us up. >> billionaire owner and new era for the nba. that is next on "cbs this morning." ♪
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the nba's new season doesn't tip off for more than two months but in los angeles, it's already game on. former microsoft ceo introduced or thrust himself on clippers fans monday. he finally took control of the team after the donald sterling nightmare. ben tracy is back with the sports tycoon. >> steve ballmer replaces donald sterling as the owner of the clippers after sterling was banned from the league for making racist comments. as for ballmer's style, well nobody will accuse him for lacking in enthusiasm for his new team. >> do we have any clippers fans here? i can't hear you! >> reporter: steve ballmer sounded less like the billionaire owner of a pro sports team and more like a pro wrestler. the new clippers boss enthusiasm
7:42 am
enthusiasmically addressed the crowd. >> we're going to keep on coming and coming and coming. hard core baby nothing gets in our way. keep coming hard core! >> reporter: the 58-year-old ballmer is worth an estimated $258 billion. promising a trophy known as the larry. >> i've got it but it's a long day. these guys bust their butt for you one more time. >> reporter: in an event normally reserved for team stars such as blake griffin and chris paul clippers head coach doc rivers who helped navigate through the controversy said this rally was for another guy. >> today is not about even us. today is about this other guy, all right. that just happens to have $2
7:43 am
billion in his pockets. >> reporter: ballmer is known as an eccentric billionaire and the former head of microsoft. he historically has a penchant for this type of expression. >> come on! we're vilified! >> reporter: for $2 billion, he bought an nba team that gives second bills to the l.a. lakers not just second billing in their home arena but in their home city. >> great people, making the point of view committing excellence, being bold. those thing, i think, work for winners. and that's what we want to be. >> see, he doesn't scream all the time. e-mail address. then he made the promise that he's not going to move the clippers to his hometown of seattle. he said his style is fitting for los angeles. >> how long did that go on at that level?
7:44 am
>> he went on for a half hour talking to these folks. and t thi test test he introduced the most important people in the world, but all charlie rose needs this morning is a towel. ♪ >> let's do it! >> whoo! >> charlie and barkley. he took barkley, there, too, for the ice bucket challenge. that's next on "cbs this morning." you're finally here. long way from the sandlot. first game in the majors?
7:45 am
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♪ the ice bucket challenge is still going strong this morning. huge donations are pouring in for research to stop lou gehrig's disease. as we showed you yesterday, i accepted the challenge. and gayle also got her drenching done. that left one man high and dry until now. >> i accept the challenge of nancy o'dell. and i challenge for a very good
7:49 am
cause. sam, paul needham and evette davis. let's do it! >> and charlie brought his cute dog barkley along. that's why he's got the leash on. and barkley was licking up all the water. you can see there. he's a great dog. joined in the cause. >> as chris noted a random stranger in central park asked for the to dump the water. >> you won because i could see the ice chunks in yours. >> i'm told there was definitely ice in charlie's bucket they were just walking around central park and it melted a bit. $15 million for als, let's keep it going. >> have fun. add vanishing deductible from nationwide insurance and get $100 off for every year of safe driving. which for you, shouldn't be a problem.
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,l >> right over to katie for the forecast. v; >> actually, feels pretty steamy depending where you are waking up this morning down through southern most counties, already feels pretty steamy outside. because we've got some cloud cover, got disturbance nearby, but the further north you go, still feels crisp. uncle see couple of showers fired upright on the northern branch of that disturbance that's nearby. i love this picture. it shows basically the story of the day. partly sunny see the clouds in the distance, sunlight casting shadows over the sand, that's basically what we will find out there today. so call it partly sunny little more humid today and
7:54 am
tomorrow. by thursday, we've got more widespread showers storms, that will be out there to dodge. bob, over to you. >> sound good. 7:56. 8:15 is the time to beat. when we expect bridge opening here at the talcony palmyra. live look right now, so again if you are getting ready to grab your coffee and keys and headed out the front door, head for the betsy ross bridge. that will be your best bet. accident in delaware, south along i95 just south of route 141, as you work your way from wilmington on down. also, an accident in north jersey i195 westbound right near hamilton square. otherwise, delays on both i-95, in the schuylkill, really nothing out of the offered area coming into center city. erika, back to you. >> bob thank you. next update 8:25. next on cbs this morning new report on how much an average family will spend to raise a child. your local news weather and traffic continues with
7:55 am
7:56 am
have you seen tom corbett's ads attacking me... get real. it's tom corbett who's been sticking it to the middle class on taxes. corbett cut a billion dollars from education... almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. meanwhile, we're the only state that doesn't charge oil and gas companies an extraction tax. but corbett raised your gas taxes through the roof. i'm tom wolf, i'll be a governor who stands up for the middle class for a change.
7:57 am
♪ it is tuesday, august 19th 2014. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including the rising cost of raising a child. we'll show you why it's getting harder to pay the price. but first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. behind me are several members of missouri national guard, their presence had many hoping that the streets would remain calm. >> president obama is sending attorney general eric holder to missouri with a message to everyone involve. >> police say it's if the plan itself had been carried out the death toll could have been devastating. >> taking the dam is one thing.
7:58 am
holding on to it is another. and kurdish forces have said they're going to need u.s. air power in case isis intends to launch a counters. >> vehicle to vehicle technology is expected to make the cars we drive even safer. cars will literally transmit messages to you. all you'll have to do is drive. >> one of television's most famous voices is being remembered this morning. don pardo the iconic announcer died monday. >> in the last two quarters they've lost 2.8 billion subscriber. >> you had to know that steve ballmer would not stay quiet long. >> do you want these guys? that was hard core. >> let's do it! >> they've sent season ticket holders. not to outdo the cleveland browns who have sent their
7:59 am
ticket holders apologies. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" is presented by panera bread. i'm norah o'donnell with jeff glor and vinita nair. charles rose and gayle king are off. there's no school this morning in ferguson missouri after a night of heavy fighting. >> four officers were hurt and gunshots wounded two other people. vladimir duthiers is in ferguson where many people want to stop the shooting that started ten days ago. vladimir, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're here at the command center where the missouri national guard has been deployed. you actually see some of the members behind me. they're hoping that their presence and the peace protests but it actually turned violent monday night. we saw a group of people walking with police. but a small pocket of people
8:00 am
showed up looking to disrupts the peace. they formed a human barricade which actually prevented the few from reaching the police officers. as the officers pulled back they formed their own line of defense this led to demonstrators and heavily armed police station. followed by what we've seen smoke bombs, riots, tear gas, and more unrest. and missouri highway patrol man ron jon urged people to march during the day. opening statements in the trial of a texas man accused of shooting an alleged drunk driver to death. he saw the driver hit and kill his two sons. now the father from suburban houston could spend the rest of his life in prison. as anna werner reports the case is dividing the small town. >> reporter: david's family
8:01 am
insists the grieving is not a murderer. >> already losing half of your life and accusing a man of what they're only speculating is not right. >> reporter: in december 2012 he and his sons were driving down a dark road when their truck ran out of gas. the two boys got out to push. they. tests later showed that banda had a blood alcohol that was twice the limit. david jr. died at the scene, caleb passed away at the hospital. >> i have to keep hope and faith, pray for that day that i will see them again. >> reporter: prosecutors allege+w nw aftercrash, barajas went into his house, retri that killed banda were found in the barajas home.
8:02 am
but no murder weapon was ever found. barajas's lawyer said he was optimistic about his client's chances. >> i look forward to presenting this case in front of a jury. >> reporter: supporters point out that he doesn't own a gun nor that gunshot residue found on his clothes. they say following the crash barajas was trying to do everything he could to keep his sons alive. they have now taken to facebook to show what is unjust prosecution. police say the 20-year-old who became a father two months before the accident deserves justice, too. for "cbs this morning," anna werner dallas. this morning, we have a new way to measure the cost of living. commerce department shows how much $100 is worth in each state. your mother goes the farthest in mississippi where a c-note is worth the equivalent of $115.74. >> i like calling it a c-note. >> arkansas missouri and
8:03 am
alabama are next on the list. 100 bucks gets you the least in new york hawaii and washington, d.c. where your benjamin is only worth $84.60. cleveland browns rookie johnny manziel is in line for his nfl fine this morning which will be significantly more than $100. during last night's preseason game against the redskins then he threw something else apparently suggesting that the redskins are shall we say, number one. johnny football did apologize. >> i had words exchanged with me throughout the entirety of the game. every game week after week. should have been smarter. it was a "monday night football." i just need to be smart about that. >> cleveland coach mike pettine said that did not sit well. the browns lost 24-23. not the first time he's made some awkward hand gesture that's gotten him in trouble on the
8:04 am
football field. >> that's poor sportsmanship, right? >> i would say so yes. >> just checking. the little league team we've been telling you about from the south side of chicago is celebrating a big win. last night, the jackie robinson squad beat cumberland rhode island. but the biggest hit may have been the touching speech given by the losing coach. >> it's okay to cry because we're not going to play baseball together anymore. but we're going to be friends forever, okay? friends forever? and our little league careers have ended on the most positive note that could ever be okay? there's only going to be one team that's going to walk out of here guys world series champion, only one, okay? only one. okay. we got down to the nitty-gritty. we're one of the best teamsworld. think about that for a we could. in the world. >> ahh, the coach says his team
8:05 am
gave him the summer of his life. you have to wonder if he remembered he had that microphone on during that touching speech. >> i've been watching all of the coach's speeches. there's really good coaches and s out there. anyway, there's no crying in on "cbs this hu by panera introducing new flat bread sandwiches in three bold flavors. of c-notes.a with the biggest jumps. good morning, jill. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." jake and i have been best
8:06 am
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♪ we promised your mother that you're here to work hard straighten out and learn good
8:10 am
old-fashioned american values. >> dad, i need $300. [ laughter ] >> hillary, your cousin willis is here. >> hi. dad, i need $300. >> that's a lot of money, hillary, what for? >> i need a new hat. [ laughter ] >> for what? >> the top of her head. [ laughter ] >> on the "fresh prince of bel-air" raising a child can be pricey. a report shows the average middle class family will spend more than a quarter million of a child born last year. that's a 2% jump from 2002. cbs analysis jill schlesinger is here. good morning. why has it gotten harder? >> first of all, the numbers are pretty stark. 245,000. a lot of this is just your housing costs. about 30% attributed to housing. there's food education. i'm really preaching to the
8:11 am
choir to parents. you know all of these expenses. >> yeah. >> they do add up. and what's pretty remarkable is that as these expenses have increased there are some areas that have gone up way more than others. health care has doubled. and we noticed child care costs up dramatically as well. >> and are those long-term trends continue ogg on that same path? >> well they are long-term trends that we've seen. because if you look at health care we know those costs have gone up dramatically. let's go back to 1960. right we go way, way back. and we say what was the cost of health care then? it's doubled now. then we look at the child care costs which have gone up some 2% back in 1960. get this it's now 18%. so that's why, if you look in today's dollars the cost of raising a kid in 1960 $200,000. that's 20% less than today. part of the problem is that household income has actually
8:12 am
been dropping. >> that's right. since 2000 right, the average household income has dropped about 6%. so people feel like they're not getting ahead, that they're falling behind and it's actually true. they're making less money and everything costs more. >> that's exactly right. and i think that this is the notion of the unrest you that feel below the surface where people feel, okay there's a terrible economy. we're in the recovery. why don't i feel better? because your median household income is kind of frozen. and as you say, down 5.8% since the year 2000. >> it's also interesting and not surprising that geography plays such a big role in how much you feel this. >> absolutely. well, there's a big difference between urban and rural, right? just the cost of housing is very different. an urban heading, housing is $73,000. rural is $45,000. if you go in the urban areas, urban northeast, the most expensive area. urban west is next. midwest then we go into the
8:13 am
south. but again, these numbers, they're staggering for most families. if you're really worried about it. start crunching the numbers early. don't let money dissuade you from having a kid, i have to point that out. >> and if you have three or more like i do you amortize the costs. >> that's right. what do you think your boss would say if you came in just telling him you just came from a rave? we'll take inside the workout. >> announcer: this morning's "cbs this morning" is sponsored by the buypower card. your card is the key. "i'm 16 and just got my first car" feeling. presenting the buypower card from capital one. redeem earnings toward part or even all of a new chevrolet, buick, gmc or cadillac - with no limits. so every time you use it
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8:17 am
♪ well, a way to jump-start your morning, go to a dance party. elaine quijano is here with the new fitness craze some call a rave. alution. we caught up with those 00 who spent nearly three hours trying to get a boost of energy without any drinking or drugs. ♪ >> reporter: it's a blur of technicolor aspect and sweat. the music is thumping and the
8:18 am
spandex is firmly in place. it's 7:00 a.m. in brooklyn. and this isn't the leftover party from the night before. it's a new day. and this is a spectacle known as morning glory. >> everyone has such energy. a great way to start your day. >> reporter: this is what organizers call conscious clubbing. it's a sober rave. there are no drugs, no alcohol. just good vibes. >> people are really warm. there's a really good vibe going on there. >> raving in a different way. >> reporter: the chief new york glory agent. she calls this monthly breakfast time dance part a rave-alution. >> we're doing it without alcohol. >> reporter: for a $20 entras fee, these people get their exercise through dance, get their center during yoga sessions and get their knots out in one of the events massage
8:19 am
station all before work. >> people come here in the morning and they go out through the day and it's for everyone around them. >> reporter: it's another way to wake up and get the blood flowing. men and women working out the stress downstairsing in this boxing ring. it's cardio in full force. >> it's a great way to work out in the morning without thinking you're working out. you're just dancing. like perfect cardio. >> reporter: the morning gloridom agenda is to boost spirits, smoothies and freshly ground coffee. anna simpson said for her, this experience is like a new york mardi gras. >> i'm going to go back in the boxing ring and do some kicks. and threat all loose, and maybe do some yoga afterward, and then i have a massage appointment before 9:00. i've got to wrap this up.
8:20 am
>> reporter: morning gloriville is growing. it's growing. it started in london last spring. parties like this have launched in four cities across four continents. for those accustomed to the typical after-hours dance scene, this is the rave. >> some of have a dark edge and this is all happiness. >> normally i don't wake up until way later. this way i feel productive. >> reporter: the new york producer said the warmth she sees comes from a mindful movement. does it work? ask nan. ask anna. >> i feel free i feel happy, i feel, yeah baby give it to me! >> give it to me! >> yeah when you get right down to it it's good cardio. >> elaine thanks so much. she carri gun and now a
8:21 am
philadelphia police officer released from the hospital after grades dollars from a bullet this morning happened near torresdale and magee avenues just before 1:00 in talcony: err stephen korpalski was grazed, officer korpalski returned fire. suspect hit several times and died at area torresdale hospital. we'll hear from woman who says that she was almost caught up in the middle of this gunfire coming up at 8:30 on the "cw philly". now the eyewitness weather forecast meteorologist katie fehlinger in the weather center overall pretty decent day unfolding, some of you down across the southern most counties, like sussex, delaware, like cape may in new jersey, and you woke up maybe with some clouds, couple of damp boards out there on the boardwalk damp roads as well. but we are starting to clear out here. there is disturbance here, see over the last two hours, much fizzled. that disturbance pulling out
8:22 am
to sea where you have sunshine, you will keep it for the better part of the day nothing more than couple of clouds, also notice it starts to feel little steam year outside. more of the summer like humidity. also means, you might want to think about the air conditioner tonight. we drop to 67 tomorrow. basically a carbon copy. and thursday, our next more widespread chance for showers or storms. bob? >> kate, morning everyone, 8:26. live look at the talcony palmyra bridge. traffic moving again here across the river but that freight is her head north and will hit that burlingtonp out the front door. otherwise 95 southbound under half hour. wood half mean downtown, and the inbound schuylkill little sun glare coming around the can you before about 20 minute trip. >> next update 85:00, a up next on cbs this morning, bonn appetite reveals the nation's bestsv
8:23 am
mams. 'snnasy to lose yourace lots of ob ms. winnie earle: mara had so much potential, it was my job to help her reach her goals. mara: college to study nursing! ms. winnie earle: there are so many talented kids like mara uá éééó (v. our'm really tired.nsfers. (vo) the co-pilots.[f introducing the all-new subaru legacy. designed to help the driver in you...
8:24 am for the passenger in them. the subaot just a sedan. it's a subaru.c ♪ hello, whale. >> oh my gosh. >> a wha columbia. new videohumpback with sailors more than an hour. the company who owns the touring company have never seen anything in its nine years. that's gorgeous. i would love to do that. >> i had a chance tod-> welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour a pregnant police officer knows her limits. she says it's time to go on des
8:25 am
duty. but the city she works for is standing in her way, she says. plus fake names, hundreds of mail it's all part of the job, bon appetit. two of their top editors are in our green room revealing the best restaurants. ben tracy is here again. good morning, guys. we're going to quinn with "the philadelphia inquirer" hoping for a visit from the pope. the world meeting of families in philly takes place 2015. the pope might alsozn down invited to address a joint session of ngre. e'dsthopeful. yain lot of yawning here in the morning. "the wall street journal" has the real reason why we yawn. researchers say stress and anxiety make our brain hot. so yawning keeps the brain cool and working at its peak efficiency. and yawning involves animals to
8:26 am
keep a group alert. "the boston globe" said mcdonald's is trying to shake its reputation for serving cheap and unhealthy food. a chef created a meal using ingredients from the menu. this included kung pao chicken using chicken mcnuggets. >> it's interesting, though, you keep seeing people push for local produce and meat without antibiotics, and now they have to realize they have to change the restaurants. "sports illustrated" shows us a bizarre statue of basketball legend9:'9 kobe bryant. it's o display in thlakehe's giant ci tendon. achilles bryant for ten days.
8:27 am
variety has taylor swift's brand-new single. it's from her first official pop album. the song is called "shake it off." ♪ ♪ shake it off shake it off whoo-hoo ♪ >> that new album is called "1989." that's the year taylor was born."shake it off" is about her haters but she's pretty confident shaking off herer favorite albu it interesting to hear her move into this new genre. >> a lot of '80s influence. a pregnant police officer said she's fighting her bosses because they only gave her twodqoice to go out pregnant or no money. that's the rights of expectant moms battling for their workplace. >> reporter: officer lyndi trischler who has been patrolling the streets of florence kentucky for 2 1/2
8:28 am
years is now pregnant. trischler said when she was five months' pregnant those two-hour shifts became physically demanding. >> we have to wear bulletproof vests. it was reallye and i had a time >> reporter: during her first pregnancy last year trischler's department allowed her to take a desk job. >> it seemed to work well last time. i didn't have reason to think it would be different. >> reporter: but florence has since issued a memo say is it would no longer allow light duty. the legal advocacy group, a better balance has filed a federal charge of discrimination on her behalf. arguing that the policy discriminates against pregnant women. >> it's already stressful, i feel like being pregnant. on top of that i'm worried about insurance and how i'm going to pay my bills. >> reporter: in a statement for
8:29 am
cbs news, an attorney for the city said in regard to the complaint, we do not agree with it but we respect the officer's right to bring it and we will defend it. trischler's former police officers have donated 160 hours of their own personal paid time off. she now has six weeks before those checking run out. rikki klieman is with us this morning. hello, rikki. >> hello. >> so many men and women are wondering what will happen to a case like this. do you think she has a case? >> i do think she has a case. and i think she has a case because the language of the policy that the city of florence kentucky has is just so basically overbroad. what they're saying anyone any city employee who is not getting injured are and getting a disability on the job, well we're not going to give you any kind of modified duty. we are not going to accommodate you. so i say when i look at this from a lawyer's perspective,
8:30 am
that that's against the americans with disabilities act. let's take pregnancy out of the equation. and simply say, well if you get injured and you develop a disability at home that'squ recognized under the americans with disabilities act, well we can't put you on light duty. so on its face i say the policy won't work. then let's look at her situation. this is a situation where they're saying okay we'll going to let someone similarly situationed who is a pregnant woman come to work and go on modified duty. so on its face and as a rule doesn't fly. >> it strikes people as cruel and nonaccommodating for a pregnant women. i think what everyone wants to know what protections exist for pregnant women under lot? >> there are a number. there are several good lawyers out there representing this
8:31 am
lawyer from kentucky. it's part of an advocacy group. we have the americans with disabilities act. we also have the pregnancy discrimination act. and now very eventually the eeoc the equal employment opportunity commission has come up with guidelines. and what those guidelines are basically saying is you cannot just say to a pregnant woman, you have to either give up your child. or give up your job. >> okay. but the number of these is up. and actually the supreme cou instance sort >> similar, but different. bus i think that the peggy young case is very very important because the high court will speak. now, we have to remember too, that the high court will be the law of the land. but what happened with peggy young was peggy young's case was brought long before the americans with disabilities ability was amended. so we may get off on a sidelight about her narrow case. and it may not become as precedential as we like.
8:32 am
if it becomes precedential for pregnant women who want to work. a work like lyndi trischler is saying i want to work and let me just work in a modified desk duty. there are jobs for her in desk duty. >> rikki klieman, always good to see you. thank you. big surprises from "bon appetit." a list of the best restaurants. we're going to be empassioned test test
8:33 am
8:34 am
k have you seen tom corbett's ads attacking me... get real. it's tom corbett who's been sticking it to the middle class on taxes. corbett cut a billion dollars from taxes. meanwhile, we're the only state that doesn't charge oil an but corbett raised your gas taxes through the roof. i'm tom wolf, i'll be a governor who stands up for the middle class for a change.
8:35 am
cé ♪ "bonldpetit"'s r editor andrew it's yot to ask my wife. buy her a nice gift whe back. make up fake names, bo dunwoody which would be my porn name, apparently. i always want them x-rated version
8:36 am
of -- >> number one new restaurant on the list is -- >> drum roll -- >> -- is a restaurant in washington, d.c., rose's luxury. >> i said where? >> bearic's row. it used to be a rough neighborhood, up and coming. they do the most amazing fried chicken. boneless fried chicken.line starts at 5:30 in the afternoon. >> no reservations. >> no reservations. >> did you wait in line? >> yeah i got there -- i was going to have a drink at the bar next door. i got there at 5:00 and i thought, well, i'm not having that drink because there's a line of 20 outside. you can get in. the game-changer is the hospitality side of it. we got away from it and it became all about the chef. and they're in the business of making people happy. sometimes, they've forgotten that. >> especially rose's they do such a good job.
8:37 am
the waiters and waitresses always give you a little something. they're remembering you. the waiter is telling you how to eat your dish. and then no no that's how the chef serves it. it got to be a little haughty like you were lucky to be there. >> you mentioned not being laugt haughty. a food truck made the list. >> a food truck, first time ever. >> a food truck? >> tycoon in austin texas. literally in the back of the bar. you pick up your lone star tall beer and go in the back and order from this food truck. thai food. some of the most fireiest stuff i've had. you're eating out of these paper boats almost. the beef panacure you'll remember for a long time. in a good way.
8:38 am
>> i want to make sure we get to these restaurants. what about new york? >> yes, a restaurant calls estela which is kind of mediterranean. the mad genius is the chef there. >> i think it's the most thoughtful one going right now. every dish inspires you. it's simple and delicious. from the food truck, the notion of days of white tablecloths and flowers, that's not there anymore. it's all about the food and ambience. and a lot more affordable places now. >> so many different entry points on how to eat. >> any l.a. restaurants? >> a food restaurant in downtown l.a., grand central market. it's been there since 1917. recently went with new vendors coming in. it's that mix of old and new. there's a restaurant called
8:39 am
eggslut. which has the most outrageous egg sandwich you've ever had. >> and the mexican joint, chinese, it's very l.a. something for everyone. >> we've got to go really quick one, do you guys veto one? >> i veto a restaurant. it's andrew's list. i respect that. he's a wonderful writer with great opinions. >> i will say that restaurant is very successful in multiple locations. >> thanks for bringing us samples too, guys. >> this is from tycoon by the way. if you want to learn about these top restaurants go to we're going to eat, right? this ad may be the best at being the worse. >> pants food -- >> get yourself an outfit. >> the commercial is burning up the internet for all the wrong reasons.
8:40 am
that is next. and tomorrow only on "cbs this morning," golf great phil mickelson. see how he's helping our troops and their families. i'm hoping he's going to have -- i'm going to see him this afternoon. >> you are? >> can i go? >> you know what it's all about you. absolutely, you can come. you're watching "cbs this morning." this is mary, a woman who loves to share her passions. grandma!
8:41 am
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while taking xarelto®, you may bruise more easily and it may take longer for bleeding to stop. xarelto® may increase your risk of bleeding if you take certain medicines. xarelto® can cause serious bleeding and in rare cases, may be fatal. get help right away if you develop unexpected bleeding, unusual bruising, or tingling. if you have had spinal anesthesia while on xarelto®, watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto® tell your doctor about any conditions such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. switching to xarelto® was the right move for mary. ask your doctor about once-a-day xarelto®. no regular blood monitoring; no known dietary restrictions. for information and savings options download the xarelto® patient center app call 1-888-xarelto, or visit
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♪ some proof this morning that there may not be a such thing as bad publicity. for st. joseph's mall in st. jo's missouri. >> getting back to school. >> haircuts.
8:44 am
>> backpacks, come get your backpacks? >> pants. >> get yourself an outfit. >> denim. >> boots and pants boots and pants. >> the commercial has more than 800,000 views online. we're not sure why. producer tells "cbs this morning" he made it for just 300 bucks. and the mall is loving the attention. >> i don't think i'm going to replay that one today. >> all right. that does it for us. be sure to tune into the
8:45 am
8:46 am
from the cbs-3 broadcast enter -- center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning i'm erika von tiehl. update on breaking news, a philadelphia police officer is recovering after he was grazed in the head by gunfire early this morning.
8:47 am
police respond today a call of a man with a gun just before 1:00 this morning in talcony. police track the suspect at torresdale and magee avenues. and during that confrontation the suspect shot at officer stephen korpalski. other officers including officer korpalski chet back. the suspect was killed. that suspect's name has not been released. we want to get your forecast now with katiement feeling bit more summer like today? >> absolutely. actually off to pretty comfortable start. i would say from philly on north, but eventually the humidity will start creeping in for everybody as it already has down toward southern community. couple showers around the southern most counties here since early this morning, but since cleared out. i tried to show this to you minute ago. let's show it to you nowment pocono forecast isn't terrible here today. looking pretty good. some sunshine, 77, i could see isolated shower or storm around tomorrow. but, generally we keep some sun around, and thursday looks like we actually all get in on the potential for more widespread showers or storms, not just the poconos but here
8:48 am
at home in philly, too 82 degrees there and again that will be when the next round of wet weather rolls on in, bob over to you. >> 8:56. live look at i95. southbound, delays from the betsy ross bridge, in through girard avenue. as the e morning rus well from sit hpening set to get unrlington aou b at 8:00.l see a lot of volume all day long, crossing that ben franklin, headed into the camden waterfront for the big concert later on erika, back over to you. >> thank you that'sssfor now, talk ong up ♪ go! go! ;< go, go power oats! go! cheerios! go power! go...power! yayyyy!
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>> camera read. >> 3, 2, 1. >> we are working on today. >> not cool for school. why kids heading back for fall are not happy. >> the big what ine bust that surprise police. >> caught on camera, a routine traffic stop gone wrong! coca ♪ ♪ doctor, doctor gimme the news ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> we are starting with a news story that captured the attention of people around the globe, because of this image: there's no photoshop here. this is a serious me problem! >> eye -- a 22-pound tumor was removed from the back and neck dical a chinese man. the benign softtissue tumor, appeared 10 years ago
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