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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 20, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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here and there's also these yellow pillars that would have blocked anyone else from driving in. so it went in to the spot where it could get into. it's unclear at this point whether the driver went in because he was parked and stepped on the gas, got confused and went in or whether it was already driving and not parked yet. if you take look at chopper three over the scene a short tim ago. you can see another vantage point of this crash it happened right around 4:30 in the afternoon. we're told it's an 86 year old male driver who ended up in the middle, again, of this deli and restaurant. there were 20 employees inside at the time. and fortunately none of those employees or customers in total 20 customers and employees in total none of them were injured. now the driver was by himself. he got out of the car and he made his way by paramedics to torresdale hospital with again no serious injuries. back here live on scene this is still a developing story. l andism is on seen to make sure this building is structurally
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sound as well as health department and seen to make sure everything is still okay to resume business inside this though is closed for the evening. much more on air and online live in northeast philadelphia jan carrabeo cbs throw "eyewitness news". >> jan thank for the update. >> we are about 90 minutes a a it way from the biggest game the taney dragons have played so far. if the little leaguers from philadelphia within tonight they'll advance to the u.s. final of the little league world series. our matt rivers is back with the team in williamsport and, matt, it's almost time for that first pitch. >> reporter: chris, it is almost time for that first pit pitch. the rain has stop. the sun has come out. beautiful night for little league baseball here in williamsport and when mow any davis and taney dragons take the field a little bit later on tonight, there's going to be thus sands of people in the stands cheering them on. you can't go two feet here in williamsport without seeing the mid atlantic t-shirts. these kids from taney have taken this town and this country by storm. >> we went in to get our mid atlantic t shirts they were in
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the back corner everyone was just funnel link there. >> these players are just like phenomenal. they're just like phenomenal. they're all top grade players. >> reporter: if popularity these days is measured in facebook friends and retweets, phillies little leaguers are the coolest kids on the diamond. jason king started the team's twitter account just over week ago. thousands of followers later he's blown away. >> tweeted with michelle obama, chris rock, mike trout even lism l wayne. so everybody is on the band wagon. >> reporter: while this team is certainly inspiring people throughout the country, they mean the most to the people who have known them all along a lot of them were on the taney fan base that took off for william port. mary kate and son matt included. >> it feels great it's about time our city is loved the way it should be. >> are you proud of your friends? >> i really am much it's been really great. >> reporter: rain or shine and win or lose these kids from south philly know they can always go home where those who love them couldn't be prouder. >> it's just great innocent story about baseball, and
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inclusion. so, um, you know it really represents taney very well. >> reporter: and despite a rain delay here in william pour the taney game is expected to be on time scheduled at 7:00 that's right p.m. the only way that could change the game going on behind me right now runs long. live in williamsport, matt rivers cbs-3 it were the news. >> matt, thank you very much. the taney dragons number one fan no doubt philadelphia mayor mikail nutter he told us today he'll be watching tonight's game and is already planning celebration for when this team comes home. >> certainly we will have a appropriate celebration to honor them and recognize them for that are efforts. at the same time, remind folks these are young people. they're 12 and 13 years old. >> mayor nutter went on to say, he hears that las vegas has heff 53 hitters but he says he has confidence that mo'ne will mow them down. we will see tonight. our coverage of the taney dragons continues throughout this newscast. a little bit ladder on our pat chiarocchi will talk with the
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last surviving member of the philadelphia stars that was a negro league team in town. he offers a unique perspective on the taney dragons and on mo'ne davis. of course the big question will the weather be a concern for tonight' game? meteorologist justin drabick live at city hall where fans are going to be watching tonight and he has the first pitch forecast for us. justin. >> reporter: chris, good evening. that's right. pretty cool place to watch the game out here. we're in the courtyard of city hall where the pep rally kicks off at 6:30. that will be hosted by mayor nutter and of course 7:30 you can check out the game as well here the tv set up as welly everybody starting to get here. starting to set up for the pep rally again that's at 6:30 then folks will hang out and watch the game tonight. they got food here. everybody is getting pumped up. music going. should be good evening here in city hall to check out the game. let's talk about the forecast a little bit. and we'll go to our graphics check out storm scan3. looking dry here in
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philadelphia. there will be some clouds passing through notice most of the rain right now well to the north and west so that's going to impact the poconos over the next few hours. can't rule out stray shower overnight even here in the delaware valley but it looks like the steady rains have moved out of williamsport so looks good for the game with the taney dragons. temperature wise, we're in the low 80s still. allentown, philadelphia, wilmington and trenton. cooler along the coast, it will be a muggy night tonight. check out the planner 7:00 o'clock temperatures in the upper 70s. mid 70s by 9:00 o'clock. that's when we could see a shower perhaps some spots and by 11:00 o'clock, mostly cloud dough in the low 70s and of course let's check out that forecast for tonight's game taney dragons up in williamspo williamsport. first pitch right now at 7:30. 74 degrees, skies mainly cloudy. still can't rule out a shower perhaps a thunderstorm. but i think they shall get that game in on the dry side. again, here center of the courtyard city hall, tonight' pep rally hosted by mayor nutter. check the out. watch party also at 7:30.
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come on down and hang out. more on the forecast coming up ladder on with kate. we'll zen it back to you in the studio. >> justin drabick, thanks very much. in other news night moments after he was shot in the head philadelphia police officer steven korpalski got very welcomed and unexpected help. it came from father steven wet sell he was doing a ride along with fellow officers and was among the first on the scene. tonight, he shares his story of those frightening moments exclusively with our walt hunt hunter. >> only on the street maybe 10, 15 minutes when this call came out a man with gun. >> reporter: father steven wet sell is a priest not police officer. but during a ride along with 15th district officers monday night, the chaplain who wears a stole with the fraternal order of police emblem instead of a badge suddenly found himself among the first on the scene when officer steven korpalski was shot in the head and wound wounded. >> i immediately needed to get to officer korpalski, and to see, you know, what his
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condition was so that i could, you know, pray with him. >> reporter: as korpalski was picked up carried by his brother officers, father was at his side trying to administer the sacrament of the app noping of the zig. >> formally i would try to annoint him at that point i gaff him absolution and blessing. >> he prayed the officer 14 year old veteran and father of a three week old baby girl would survive. the suspect had shot him police say killed when officers returned fire. >> we were expecting the worse. with gunshot wound to the head. >> at the hospital father says, great news. the bullet grazing the officer's head less than an inch from doing serious or deadly damage. korpalski greeting father wet sell by name. >> he said, hey, padre, how you doing? i was smiling and kind of joking with his friend. >> reporter: whenever he rolls out with police father wet sell says he always make it a point to first stop here in the chapel at his residence to say a quick prayer that on that shift all
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the officers will be safe. >> i pray for police on the street and i pray for their families and i close that door and i leave and i go back on the street. >> reporter: in those dark violent moments when officer korpalski needed them the most, father says his prayers were answered. walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> philadelphia mayor michael nutter could be among those called to testify about last year's building collapse atnd and mark. contractor griffin campbell and equipment operator sean ben chop are charged with third degree murder in that case. today dough fence attorney summited their witness list and the first name on that list is mayor nutter. the attorneys say they're not implying the mayor is seasonsly for the tragedy that killed sick people last year but they believe he has information about the investigation that could aid their case. >> six people were hospitalized after this three vehicle crash in involving an ambulance this morning. chopper three was over that scene at the corner of chew
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avenue and east washington lane that's in the city's east mt. airy neighbor. a building that houses a laundromat and several apartments was injured. the occupants there won't be able to return until the damage is fixed. >> well police and prosecutors in pennsylvania now have a new tool that hope to use to catch child predators online. this is the state's newest mobile forensics lab. it can process digital evidence on the spot. police say that this will allow them to interview suspects in the back wool analy cell phones, computers and other electronics can simply be plugged in and immediately reviewed by investigators. evidence that can then be sent wirelessly to wherever it needs to go. >> the s10 err rec holder is in ferguson missouri to note getting a first hand look at the federal investigation into the deadly police shooting of an unarmed teenager there. holder's first stop today was community college where he told
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students that quote change is coming. meanwhile protesters gathered outside of the prosecutor' office there as a grand jury began hearing evidence in the shooting death of michael brown. prosecutors expect it will take the grand jury until mid october to decide whether officer derr rin wilson should be --, darrin wilson should be indicted. >> you are looking live at love park where people have gathered once again in support of michael brown. the shooting and the violent protests followed in ferguson have prompted vigils and prayer services like this across the nation. >> scott pelley will have the latest on the unrest in ferguson tonight on the cbs evening news that begins at 6:30 right after "eyewitness news" at 6:00. >> still on the way here, thousands of jobs are on the line in atlantic city as three casinos are set to close. now some of those workers are appealing to a higher power. kate? >> and we are continuing to track showers and a few storms
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that moved through central pennsylvania earlier, but now it's really fizzling out few sprinkles but more showers chances coming up later this week. i'll have your full forecast in just a bit. >> the phillies throwing their support behind the taney dragons night. and so is one man who's career in baseball here in philadelphia takes us back decades. our pat chiarocchi with the last surviving member of the philadelphia stars and his thought on the dragons and their star pitcher. >> beasley? >> the phillies are big taney fans and they actually played like their philadelphia counterparts today against the mariners. clean sweep a rare a accomplish many for the phils this season. highlights coming up in
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>> workers from three atlantic city casinos are praying for their jobs tonight. revel and the showboat are due to close over the labor day weekend while trump plaza is set to shut down september 16th. the union representing thousands of casinos workers in the city organize this prayer rally which has just gotten underway. >> well when the taney dragons take the field tonight, duck duct will be watching every pitch. duck is the last surviving member of the philadelphia stars. philadelphia's team in the old negro baseball log. tonight he sits done were our pat chiarocchi to talk taney and
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their incredible pitching if he nom. >> reporter: into year old duct knows good baseball when he sees it. >> % time i saw them i couldn't believe my eyes because they didn't look like kids as ball players. they looked more like they was professional. >> reporter: taney dragons have captivated duct. first by their play. >> they know the game and they play the game like experienced people. so much discipline on the team. >> reporter: the bond of their team work and friendship got his attention. >> it's like one big family and they all love each other and like you said they from all over the city. >> reporter: but it's mo'ne davis the pitcher with the long braids, the girl that stunned him. >> she's a girl. i just never thought that she could pitch like this. she throws a good fast ball, curve ball. i don't know who taught her the game but she just outstanding
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when i first saw her i said wow she's like an old pro out there. report roar bass ball field where mo'ne and the taken 93 drag gans learned to play ball is the same south philadelphia playground where duct learned the game almost a century ago. then for duct the big league was the negro baseball league. where he played for the philadelphia stars from 1940 to 1950. >> in our league we played for the love of the game. we was out there we want to do win. >> reporter: taney dragons could say the same thing. >> this is something that very outstanding for the city. they all are kids listen, willing to learn. and just keep on winning. that's what i say. >> reporter: that's what philadelphia is saying, too. pat chiarocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> keep on winning. well summer is winding down and that means it is back to school time for some colleges in our area. it was move in day for about 1600 freshmen at villanova
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university. they spent this day moving they are belongings to their new home away from home. new student orientation at villanova continues through sunday. >> it is also move in day for new students at widener university. "eyewitness news" was there as upper classmen faculty and staff helped those new students get settled in for the new academic year. they all capped off their day with an ice cream social this afternoon. well not a bad day for college move in day across the area. my alma mater penn state completely different central pennsylvania got slammed with heavy rain and thunderstorms think afternoon. we saw them with the rain delay in williamsport now those storms are moving east but they're dying as they do so. you can see it's turned out a bit overcast here this evening as we look live from skycam3 campbell's field forward toward the ben franklin bridge you can see the low cloud deck over the city. that's about it for now. you can see we're also watching some clouds build in in our northern suburbs take look at a time lapsed video from nazareth area middle school.
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the clouds blue sky earlier today, but then the clouds really started to stream and now it's starting to get darker there. best chance to pick up steady showers will be in our far north and west suburbs as this line notice it's really falling apart but as it moves not poconos and lehigh valley still showers holding together maybe a sprinkle moving in to portions of chester county her over the next hour are so. but not seeing any real thunderstorm activity out there you should be fine if you're out and about tonight. just maybe dodging a quick sprinkle or shower in your neck of the woods tonight. 82 degrees right now at the airport. a little cooler down the shore thanks to that 75-degree ocean water and the on shore flow temperatures right now in the mid 70s. wilmington delaware at 80 millville and 80 as well. heading down the shore for thursday not a a bad beach day. partly sunny. afternoon shower. 80 degrees will be our high for thursday. then friday a better chance for shower or storm and it does stay mostly cloudy at 78 degrees down the shore. in the poconos better chance for showers and storms thursday and friday. even perhaps little steadier
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rain as we head in friday notice how cool it stays on saturday clouds some sun and some spots in the pocono region may not get out of the 60s. cool start to the weekend. showers and storms as we move through the day tomorrow and again on friday as the storm just lurk overhead. like an unwelcomed house guest it just doesn't want to get out of here even saturday you think he's leaving but he's not. clouds hang around. couple showers saturday as well and highs only in the 70s. so quick look how future weather is handling this, maybe a sprinkle tonight. fg dries out. notice tomorrow 3:00 p.m. we start to see more scattered showers maybe a thunderstorm. not a complete wash out tomorrow but on friday showers look numerous in the afternoon and they start to push back to the south and west. try to get clearing as we start off the weekend especially saturday night and into sunday. so overnight tonight mostly cloudy with showers possible. 68 degrees. for your thursday most cloudy with a few scattered showers maybe a thunderstorm. 83 locks like friday is the wetter day of the next two. clouds and showers around the high 80 on friday.
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saturday mostly cloudy, i can't rule out a shower. i don't think it's a huge deal but we'll try to brighten in the afternoon sunday looks better and neck week starts off fantastic monday, tuesday, wednesday we'll be watching the tropics early next week there's trouble down there right now the model spread is anywhere from out in the atlantic ocean to the gulf coast we'll keeping a close eye on that. >> the farther the better. yes. >> kate, thank you very much. >> good evening everyone. still major rush hour delays let's talk about the vine street expressway heading in the westbound direction you'll notice a very very heavy hold up approaching broad street through the schuylkill and guess what once you get to 76, yes, it's that bad, too. if you are heading in the eastbound direction you loose season unbetween 76 and rhawn. down 95 you may hit a touch of traffic because 95 itself is still slow in that northbound direction out of center city maneuvering through squid rash avenue. southbound side picked up quite a bit. southbound 95 in delaware cun tow not so much still slow, 18 miles per hour on the northbound side blue route
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between 95 and media. watch out for slow downs on these three new jersey majors in the southbound direction specifically and also an accident in delaware county on 420 at 95. stay with us much cbs-3 ms. winnie earle: kids inse paterson face lots of obstacles - but nothing can stop their determination. mara: my dream is to be a pediatric nurse. ms. earle taught me if i work hard - i can do anything. ms. winnie earle: mara had so much potential, it was my job to help her reach her goals. mara: now, i'm headed to college to study nursing! ms. winnie earle: there are so many talented kids like mara - and they all deserve to live their dreams.
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>> mo'ne davis squaring off against one of the best hitting teams at the little league world series tonight. it's philadelphia versus las vegas at 7:30. the phillies have the fever check out manager ryne sandberg rocking the tape knee hat and t-shirt at the post game press couldn't friend. all the phils played little league baseball and they consider the game tonight must see tv. >> a big day here in philadelphia. i feel like we did our part winning game one here. so a big game tonight for taney.
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so we're all pulling for them. >> extraordinary story about all the kids not just mo'ne davis but all the taney kids and the philadelphia phillies organization and me as a philadelphia native we're very very proud of them. >> fighting looking to take the series from the mariners. comb hamels got the start. weren't five innings, gave up three runs on nine hits and struck out four. game was tied in the fourth. chase youly at the plate his blooper fell in for hit. jimmy rollins scored from second on the play and phillies took the lead. jonathan papelbon got his 30th save of the season. the phillies won four to three. >> former phil and red sox pitcher curt shilling revealed for the first time the type of cancer he's been battling. it was a form of mouth cancer and the treatment and recovery process caused him to lose 75 pounds. 30 years of chewing tobacco caused the disease he believes. cancer is in remission. doctors visits and scans on
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regular basis going forward. >> all right. preseason game number three tomorrow night when the eagles host the steelers at the linc. chip kelly has not said how long the starters will play but usually the third exhibition gap they play into the third quarter. forbes magazine out with their nfl team values and the eagles are ranked seventh worth $1.75 billion owner jeffrey lurie paid 195 million for the team in 1994. dallas cowboys top list with a whopping $3.2 billion. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> we thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 o'clock. "eyewitness news" is back at 10:00 on our sister station the cw philly and then we're back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. stay tuned for the cbs evening news.
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scott pelley reports from new york. ♪ >> pelley: tonight, president obama angry and defiant. >> the united states of america will continue to do what we must do to protect our people. we will be vigilant, and we will be relentless. >> pelley: the president vows justice for the murder of an american by isis. >> we're truly humbled that jim was our son. we're so, so proud of jim. >> pelley: holly williams and jim axelrod on the first casualty of a new war on terror. the attorney general goes to ferguson as a grand jury hears evidence in the police killing of an unarmed teenager. vladimir duthiers and mark strassman are there. and she throws like a girl. elaine quijano with the the little league sensation throwing 70-mile-per-hour heat. captioning sponsored by cbs


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