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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  August 21, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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we're following breaking news right now a philadelphia medic unit is involved in a serious accident at broad street and west tioga street in north philadelphia. it happened around 2:30 this morning and broad street is still closed as police are investigating the cause of the crash. one person has been taken to temple university hospital, and the extent of the victim's injuries are in the yet clear right new but they are in stable condition. today is it is thursday august 21st good morning i'm natasha brown in for ukee washington. i'm erika von tiehl. here are stories we are following today, down but not out taney dragons suffered a loss in the little league world series but they are still in the running. developing right now two fatal shootings just a few blocks apart, "eyewitness news" on the scene as homicide detectives look for evidence, we have got the latest on the
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investigation. and thieves strike again in one south jersey community, how are neighbors fighting back, details on that coming up. lets get our forecast and wow, certainly feeling humid this morning. >> i thought so, more so than yesterday but maybe that was just me, i don't know. >> it feel like it is about perception. were you in the climate control environment, for better part of the day? it ended up being an okay day. we he did zoo start to see a shower roll through as was expect. today will be one of the more activity day of our forecast and once the the sun starts to go down, we could be dealing with maybe some stronger storms. we are not in the severe weather threat, but strong gusts, maybe heavy downpours, with a scattered variety of storms. we will track that for you and especially because we have an eagles game coming up tonight, even more important for folks outside. we will have full details in a few. erika, back to you for now. like we were saying earlier taney dragons hoped to bounce back from a tough loss, they play a team new from
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chicago, illinois tonight. the the hometown team still has a shot at little league world series championship. dragons struggled here in williamsport. mo'ne davis gave up hits to the first two beater and las vegas took a one to nothing lead. she ended her night on the mound down three to nothing but with six strike outs in innings. last veg oz ended taneyes there with great defensive plays and added more runs. they beat the dragons eight-one. the taney's coach say mo'ne gave everything that they had. >> just heard to see that. >> yes. >> they are not out. >> no, they have another game tonight. fans made a trip to williamsport just got home to philadelphia. >> "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live at city hall as taney pride is still going strong. they are down maybe a little bit but not out, right cleve. >> reporter: that is right, doubly limb nation it is all good for taney dragons but they have to have a short memory to get over last
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night's loss. no audio. >> all right. welshing cleve is having a technical difficulties with his mike. a lot of those philadelphia residents heading back now from the game, maybe a little bit sad. >> i can imagine, a little tired and sad. >> but taney is not out just yet. dragons play chicago at 7:30f taney wins they will face las vegas again in the u.s. finals on sat the day. so, go taney. >> we can come back from it. right now lets check on our traffic and weather together with katee. it is warm out there. >> it is august. that is what we are supposed to be used to and we have not been given a chance to be used to this weather because of the fall like air masses settling n we will check in with sky cam three. where we're at 71 degrees. this is an observation taking front root top at cbs-3 but we will continue to see a generally just quiet pattern out there, for now. things are starting to just
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gradually go downhill as we go next to storm scan three, we will start to show you why here. there will be wet weather that starts to fire up with time, we have seen a couple of showers across northern new jersey. we have been sort of spared from the worst of it. i can see a spotty shower around this morning. nothing really all that impressive. it is mainly later in the afternoon and especially towards night fall that we will start to get in on the brunt of the system that is coming through. it is not a major storm but more disturbance that will take its time to get out of here. 70 degrees at the airport. we are 71 in center city. sixty-six in atlantic city. sixty-six in wildwood. list goes on. we are mild out there this morning. it is not terribly humid but note that is humidity and not too impressive. sixty-seven in doylestown. we are at 67 willow grove. over the course of time you can expect some sun but i would say as early as 1:00 p.m. that wet weather may start to fire up and will hit our daytime high between
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window of noon and three and we are shooting for 84 degrees. as these storms coming in they could produce heavy downpours and gusty wind and it is also going to help limit the temperatures with time. so by 3:00 p.m. you are down to 83. bob, over to you. 4:35. a live look at the roosevelt boulevard, part of that repaving operation here. this is the roosevelt boulevard. you can see that right lane taken out approaching that would be fox street there in the background. just watch for that uneven surface. i-95 right here near philly international airport only that far left lane is opened as you head northbound. coming from delco heading towards the airport look out and be ready to hit the brakes. right here, here is your quit exit that comes up on you fast there. you got to cut through the cones in order to get through the parking garages. at the top of the show we mention that had accident that involved an ambulance, broad street still closed between tioga and venango. it is right there in front of
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the temple hospital to give you a locker, 13th or 15th street would be your best bet. a fire location in delco thorndale roadblocked at springfield road. they are still working on the new jersey turnpike a crew southbound at exit number six. otherwise mass transit looking good. natasha, back to you. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan, again, live at city hall this morning as taney pride is still going strong. the lots of foulke getting back into town from williamsport this morning, good morning, cleve. >> reporter: a lot of people yawning getting off the bus but they have a smile on their face despite the loss much like the team everybody has to have a short memory because we will do this again tonight. looking at the game it was tough for taney dragons and fans. not a lot on cheer about with the las vegas team putting up a earl three i run team to start off with the rbi triple in the first inning over pitching phenom mo'ne davis. she did get her composure back together. davis struck out six batters but vegas just kept coming up
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big with the big defensive plays and then down the stretch it was their bats that helped them. is there teach power. final score eight-one. after the game the manager and fans that made that trip from philadelphia to williamsport reacted to the loss and talk about playing against chicago thursday for a second chance to get in the championship. >> i have been looking forward to playing chicago since we got here. so i think it will be a great afternoon. >> i think it will be great. i still think they have potential to win the whole thing. >> we will do this again tonight, 7:30 is the the game. mo'ne davis will not be on the mound, she's not eligible to pitch until saturday when that u.s. championship happens. should we get there we will have have another chance to see money, mo'ne davis. live from center city, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> developing right now, a pair of deadly shootings just blocks apart in philadelphia's
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grays ferry section. first officers responded to calls of shots fired in the the 2500 block of south manton street in grays ferry. that is where authorities found a male victim unconscious in the car with two gunshot wound to the head. and investigators interviewed witnesses hoping to id that shooter. then just a few blocks away another deadly shooting. "eyewitness news" on the 1500 block of south 21st street. investigators say a 16 year-old was shot twice in the back and stomach. he was rush to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. there is no description of the suspect or a motive. a burlington county community is on edge after a recent string of home burglaries. investigators say most resenter tempt was stopped by an alarm system. it happened on tan coast avenue in moorestown. according to police eight homes have been targeted by thieves since june. the break ins take place on friday or saturday's from dusk to midnight in empty homes around the area.
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>> usually they are not targeting a specific house they are looking for a house that is dark and they will go stop, knock on the door, nobody answers and they will burglarized residence. >> police increased patrols in the area. they are asking neighbors to stay alert and report anything that may look suspicious. protesters returned to the streets of the ferguson, missouri last night. religious leaders led a prosecutor to the prosecutor's office in clayton. this comes more than a week after the fatal police shooting of 18 year-old michael brown. demonstrators are demanding the officer's arrest and a grand jury hearing to indict him. now officers darren wilson, the man who shot and killed michael brown has his own group of supporters, some also marched last night. wilson has yet to speak publicly about what happened. attorney general eric holder has promised a thorough investigation while calling for an end to the violence. there is much more to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" soon to be job less casino
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workers in atlantic city are hoping the the power of prayer will help them out. who might be in the eagles line up when they host the steelers. we are back in two minutes.
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prayers in atlantic city for casino workers soon be out of the job. it doesens of workers attend aid vigil at new shiloh baptist church. show show both and revel plans to shut down labor day weekend. trump plaza shuts down september 16th. 8,000 jobs will vanish. mayor nutter and other philadelphia city officials could be called to testify in the center city building collapse. defense attorneys submitted their witness list. the the attorneys say they are not implying that the marries responsible for the tragedy though. >> i have always asserted my client was a scape goat. there are people in the higher
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up that know is what going on. the mayor and his e-mails can produce any information of other officials who knew what was going on and had more control of the building and facilities that will definitely help our case. >> mayor had in comment on being a witness in that case. six people died when a building under demolition collapsed on to a salvation army store at between the second and market last year. right now 4:43. and, wow, just felt extra stick think morning. >> yes, i think mostly because our perception has been that it is so crisp and fall-like. >> yes, this is reality though. >> absolutely. this is what we would be very much used to at this point. it is a quiet morning overall. we are seeing atmosphere moisten up. you'll continue to notice the humidity and eventually some showers and storms will fire up. this storm system that moved through it is not a major storm but it is sluggish. so, anytime a shower starts to pop they could be slow moving and that means it could get drenched by them. you know it is just a
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different scenario here. not a major storm. you will not deal with a soaking rain that will be moving through but if you get stuck underneath one of these pockets, at the wrong time, you might get drenched. so lets see what is going on here. at the moment it is quiet but mainly in the afternoon we will start to see things firing up on radar. lets walk through future weather, quiet, collected, boom, as soon as lunch hits or back in the office, one or 2:00 p.m. this afternoon through western suburbs and down into delaware you will see showers or thunderstorms beginning to fire up. nothing severe but you could get drenched and could have gusty win. this has me concern for you eagles fan. 7:00 p.m. and there is a giant cell right over philadelphia county. important to keep in mind this is just guidance, but i do think there will be a somewhat of a strong storm around in the early evening and it the is right over south philadelphia. you might need to bring it in the stadium from the tailgate earlier.
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keep that in mind and keep an eye on your cbs philly weather app to check radar and get good stuff then and there your arm chair meteorologist in your pocket, right. heavy rain looks like it will continue through southern new jersey before a fresh round of showers comes in friday. so, it is technically two smaller areas of low pressure moving through but one large system that will be slow to move out the of here. eighty for today. scattered but heavy storms tonight. tonight showers will be lingering. the saturday i could see a shower but generally we are starting to clear out and it looks nice as a result for next week. the guys, back to you. all right. well there is football tonight at the the link. eagles host steelers in the first preseason home game. it could be the first time we will see both jeremy maclin and riley cooper in the starting line up. maclin's back after a sore hamstring, cooper has been out with an injured foot. this is a big game for all of the starters. the link should be rocking tonight. the phillies are off tonight looking forward to a three game weekend series with
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a tough st. louis cardinals. it will be kyle kendrick against 15 game winner adam waynewright in game one tomorrow night. phillies showed their love for the the taney dragons in yesterday's daytime game, through can see it, taney jersey in the phillies dug out. that is love. phillies chase utley broke a tie in the fourth inning yesterday against seattle, he throws his bat at the ball and goes for an rbi single. cole hamels got his seventh win with help from a strong outing by the bull pen. jonathan papelbon saved his 30th game of the season. phillies win four-three and take two of three from seattle. 4:46. stay with us, still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning a company known for deliveries delivers bad news about a data breach to cusustomers. >> but first here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3. bl
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here's one more look at the headlines, taney dragons ran in the tough team from las
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vegas in williamsport yesterday. they lost, eight-one. taney still has a shot of the title, they play chicago tonight, win and they will get a rematch with those boys from vegas. and philadelphia police they are investigating a murder in grays ferry. a man was found shot in the chest near 25th and manton streets just after 11:00 o'clock last night. so far police have made no arrests. latest burglar a tempt in moorestown was foiled by an a alarm system but authorities warned eight homes in the town have been targeted by thieves since june. police say thieves go for dark unoccupied homes and they have stolen cash and jewelry. well, it is now 4:49 time for a check of business news. >> wendy gilette joins us from the new york stock exchange. banks reached a record settlement we are hearing in connection with the the economic melt down. what are the details here. >> reporter: yeah, we're talking about bank of america. officials say bank is expect to pay almost $17 billion to
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resolve an investigation into the sale of mortgage backed securities before the the 2008 financial crisis. the deal would be the largest settle amount rising from the economic melt down. back to you guys. >> wendy, another data breach announced by a major company, tell us about that. >> reporter: latest company to get hit is ups, and united parcel service say a computer virus was found on systems in 51 stores including two in pennsylvania, one in monroeville, other in edwardsville. the exposed information includes names, card numbers and postal and e-mailhe a attack. the it seems like every couple weeks we have a new company that we're talking about with these data breaches. >> yeah, it is scar which ups. >> yes, i know. >> crazy. >> thank you. coming up afafter the break, weather and traffic on the three's. >> we will be right back.
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here's traffic and weather together. good morning, bob. >> good morning. live lot at paving operation
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underway on the roosevelt boulevard northbound right here near ninth street. only the right lane is open. a couple weeks ago they came back and milled the roadway. last night they are putting down the new nice smooth layer of blacktop there. that is all part of the boulevard construction, all the the way up into the state line. here's a live look at i-95 right here near the airport where the cones are still down. if you are heading north on i-95, pay attention, and be ready to hit the the brakes as awe approach the airport interchange. updating our situation here along broad street, broad street blocked from tioga and venango right there in front of the temple hospital. that accident that involved a medic unit. stay with 13th or 15th. a crash in collegeville lewis road right near yeager road and a fire in delaware county thorndale roadblocked at springfield road so, traffic using providence road out of the gate, this morning. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles, home preseason game tonight. 7:30. so you know that will impact our evening rush hour, i guess
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katie the big question is mother nature going to impact the game tonight. >> it is a question mark. i've got to say. we know there will be wet weather around but it is always so tricky when we talk about scattered showers and storms. we're not going to have this slug of rain that moved through but rather a scattered variety of pockets of showers or even heavier storms and i have to tell you a model is picking up on a cell right over philadelphia, and south philadelphia, specifically. right around, that 7:30 kick off. we will have to keep a close watch on that radar. here is current conditions for you, 70 degrees at the the airport a very modest wind south east so we are starting to gather up the moisture, therefore, humidity is up there. storm scan three still remaining calm for the moment. would i say give it until the afternoon. it is a classic summer day out there we will start off dry, get a little humid and sunshine but that helps get that instability going and then eventually we will start to see showers and storms. so there will be activity
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around and that 7:30 tonight we have to at least allow for some showers and it might be a steady rain. you just got to keep an eye on it, eye to the sky, eye on your cbs philly weather app. you can get that for free in the app store. as far as the rest of the day goes you can expect to hit 84 degrees. get some sun and shower and thunderstorm. a whole variety pack. tomorrow more clouds than anything but there will be showers around and weekend starts to brighten up we should hit low to mid 80's here with time too. it looks like a gradual progression backup on the thermometer for us in the days ahead. so once again back to here and now. now is the the most active part of our forecast. we have to get through the next few days, natasha, back to you. well, now lets get a check of the stories our sister station kyw news radio 1060 is following. coalition of public health advocates is calling on the state to provide more information, about the impact of the gas drilling technique called fraking. and gas prices in south jersey
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are at their, lowest level in six months and they may not have bottomed out just yet. also one of the most unusual tax battles in philadelphia history is over. check in two, three, four times a day, on kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. coming up next hour on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", taney dragons suffered a loss in the little league world series but it is not over yet. >> not just yet. also a student sneezees, another says bless you and leads to a suspension there school. after all of the snow this winter what is next winter looking like? could you just scream. >> we will tell you what the farmers almanac has to say. >> 70 degrees right now. >> happy thoughts. >> we will be right back.
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breaking news right now a carries all smashed up, check that out after crashing head on into a philadelphia medic unit overnight. it is leading to a road closure on a busy street. this could affect your commute. dragons are down but certainly not the out, taney suffers a setback in the little league world series quest. so what is next for the team after a disappointing defeat, and new this morning, we are hearing from fans who just returned from the trip from williamsport. two murders within just a few blocks of each other, now we are learning new information about the victims including one hoist a teenager. good morning, it is thursday, august 21st i'm quarter von tiehl. aim natasha brown. ukee is off today. katie, still a little humid out there. >> it is, guys. we can expect that humidity to continue as well. as we go forward in the forecast and the georgia they are moisture showers and storms are inevitable. we will track them for you coming up, bob.
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5:00 o'clock straight up. we are still working on the boulevard. live look at the roosevelt boulevard northbound crews are out here near ninth street and we will check with the couple other construction spots and mass transit, coming up next, erika and natasha, good morning. bob, thank you. there is, still a breaking news, first right now one man is in temple hospital after a car crash involving a philadelphia medic unit. it happened 2:30 on north broad street at west tioga street when the ambulance was hit by another car. now one person was taken to temple, and investigators are figuring out what caused that crash. their investigating right now. your time is 5:00 o'clock straight up. is there still hope for little league world series title. >> despite last night's loss philadelphia's taney dragons can still take home the hardware. last night lets take you back to hard hitting mountain ridge team from la


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