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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 21, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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forecast and the georgia they are moisture showers and storms are inevitable. we will track them for you coming up, bob. 5:00 o'clock straight up. we are still working on the boulevard. live look at the roosevelt boulevard northbound crews are out here near ninth street and we will check with the couple other construction spots and mass transit, coming up next, erika and natasha, good morning. bob, thank you. there is, still a breaking news, first right now one man is in temple hospital after a car crash involving a philadelphia medic unit. it happened 2:30 on north broad street at west tioga street when the ambulance was hit by another car. now one person was taken to temple, and investigators are figuring out what caused that crash. their investigating right now. your time is 5:00 o'clock straight up. is there still hope for little league world series title. >> despite last night's loss philadelphia's taney dragons can still take home the hardware. last night lets take you back to hard hitting mountain ridge team from las vegas jumped on
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the dragons for a run in the first inning. it was first run mo'ne dave ace loud in 13 innings and nevada's defense robbed dragons again and again. las vegas beat dragons eight-one. it is all or nothing for taney dragons facing a tough chicago team in the singlee limb nation game that is tonight in williamsport. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan joins us at city hall where fans have been gathering to rally behind the home team, cleve. >> reporter: those fans are finally getting to sleep after a very exciting note, a little bit disappointing night. taney came up a little bit short but the good news it is not over just yet the taney dragons took the field in front of the rocking crowd in williamsport wednesday night as they went to work against hot hitting team from las vegas. with 34,000 people on hand and many more watching in the city. it was an up and down night for pitching sensation mo'ne dave hoist struck out six but gave up three early runs.
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after the loss dragons manager talked about davis and moving forward. >> there is no question she didn't have her a game today but she's certainly entitled to that. we're at this point playing to get to the saturday. >> in the city large crowds cheered in public viewing parties. many fans, took buses out to williamsport and returning early this morning, they remained upbeat. >> it was really fun and we are so happy for taney and city of philadelphia. >> reporter: dragons may be down but they are not out. today they will face chicago in thee limb nation round with the winner going on to play vegas in the championship. >> i think it is great. i think they have the potential to win it, win the whole thing. >> you can only go forward from here. so, i mean, we're still behind our team. we will not let them, you know, give up. they are not giving up. so we're just going to stay right behind them. >> reporter: dragons manager talk about this being a very unique opportunity to see 29 inner city teams face off tonight, they have been looking forward to it throughout this tournament.
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the game starts at 7:30. live from center city, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will be cheering for them, cleve, thank you. once again as cleve said, the team to beat is chicago at 7:30 tonight f they win the the dragons will get a rematch against las vegas in the u.s. championship game on saturday. let's get our traffic and weather together. it feels like summer, finally, katie. >> how about that, isn't that weird how that can happen once in a while. it actually starts to feel like the season in which you find yourself. this willie think be a very classic, sort of a summer-like forecast for us. we will start off with some clouds, we will get some sunshine too. but there will be eventually some showers and storms that fire up. so sort of that classic type of a the pattern. atlantic city right now sky scam three, calm, collect, not too windy but our wind flow has certainly shifted. it is more out of the south east which means it is generally coming from not just a warmer place but also, from, you know, more moisture rich
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location. so drawing in on that atlantic moisture. we have an approaching system. so while storm scan three may be generally quiet we have had a few showers rolling through northern new jersey, eventually we will start to turn more active. i would say p.m. time frame is going to be your best bet to get hit by anything. it doesn't look like severe weather is a concern but there could be a strong thunderstorm with this. heavy downpour, gusty wind to send your trash can flying down the road. i cannot rule that out. it does look like we will have lingering showers on friday, maybe, even saturday, and you can hear my voice, maybe on saturday, just a question mark right now but we have to at least cover for. sixty-nine currently at the airport. zero seven in am even town. mild start obviously and still muggy out there but nothing terribly oppressive. as the day progresses we should hit 84 degrees but that happens within the window of noon and three. we will hit our high somewhat early before the wet weather starts to move on through, bob, over to you.
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5:04 on a thursday morning, we're still cleaning up the construction crew from his last night. the lets go outside and take a live look at roosevelt boulevard, northbound, paving crew is still out there. there is a live look right here near ninth street. from ninth street all the way up through rising sun, whether it the kerr avenue a combination of the paving crews and then uneven surface from where they were working yesterday. be ready to hit the brakes and delays north bound. the lets go to i-95 heading towards the airport. it looks like they have pick up the cones here. they have been on time. heading north bound into the airport this morning you're good to go. if you are heading southbound you good are to go as well but an accident we have been talking about here, broad street closed from tioga up to venango right there in front of the temple youth hospital, it is all because of a crash and an investigation, 13th or 15th would be your best bet, a fire location, blocking thorndale road right off of the springfield road, so traffic is using providence road earlier this morning. a crash outside in collegeville along lewis road and yeager road, south jersey
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roadways looking good and mass transit no delays. natasha, back over to you. developing right now philadelphia police investigating two murders blocks apart in the grays ferry section. "eyewitness news" at scene as investigators search for clues in the 2500 block of south manton street. police say when officers arrived on the scene, they found the victim unconscious in a car with two gunshot wounds to the head. he was later pronounced dead. there is no motive just yet, for this shooting, still investigating. less than a mile away another shooting takes the life of a teenager this happened on the 500 block of south 21st street. authorities say that the 16 year-old boy was shot in the back, and stomach, there is no description of the suspect and no mote any of this case either. new this morning, temple university police are investigating a possible hate crime against a student. the the student told police that he was attack, late yesterday afternoon. he was beat up and the attackers also made anti sematic and religious slurs. now temple did release a statement saying quote, temple
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university, unequivocally condemns the disparagement or assault of any person based honorary lincoln or nationality. the university will not tolerate violence of any kind direct against members of the temple university. temple tells "eyewitness news" the university officials have reached out to leaders of the temple jewish and pro palestinian communities to discuss this incident. and also, try to figure out the best path forward. the trial starts today for a woman accused of kidnapping a five-year old girl from her west philadelphia school. cristina regusters is accused of posing as that girl's mother and taking her in january of 2013 from bryant elementary school. surveillance video captured the girl walking out of the school with the woman. police say that girl was abused before she was found in the playground a day later. the the young victim is expected to testify. also today, pennsylvania state senator is calling for an investigation, now into the conditions at philadelphia
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public schools. state senator vincent hughes has discussed school funding, live with us before. now this have afternoon hughes is releasing a report on how state funding cuts have impacted the city schools. he has a detail on how parents can file formal complaints with the state department of education. also some new developments this morning in the crisis in the middle east. hamas officials say three senior military leaders were just killed in an israeli air strike in the gaza strip. dozens of people were also trapped in the ruble of a building targeted bias rail. it was a more peaceful night in ferguson, missouri after two weeks of violent protests there. six people were taken in custody last night but police did not fire any tear gas. u.s. attorney general eric holder met with community members and fbi investigators yesterday. a grand jury also began hearing evidence in the shooting death of michael brown. but it could take weeks to determine if whether or not to charge officer darren wilson in brown's death.
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closer to home, dozens peacefully marched from love park to philadelphia police headquarters last night. they are calling for justice, in brown's death. some say they are concerned about the growing tensions between police and citizens, in ferguson. viciousl, still a attack when a man is sucker punched inside a local chinese restaurant. we have surveillance video that police want to you see. neighbors are on edge after a rash of break ins where these thieves are striking and how they pick their targets. plus, we were just looking for simple needs. >> suspended from school over a sneeze, why that teenager was pun ished for something we may do several times every day, katie? today will end upstarting off on a nice note but maybe finishing with some wet weather issues out there, it could affect the eagles game and it might affect your own outdoor plans so we will track these storms for you and tell you when it will brighten
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philadelphia police need your help finding two men wanted for a brutal attack. take a look at surveillance video right here you can see one guy sucker punched the other man standing inside lucky garden chinese restaurant on frankford avenue. police say the the fight started after the attacker canned for a lighter, to light a cigarette, as he beat him up, another man grabbed the victim's wallet and both men ran away. police every also asking for neighbors to stay alert after a recent rash of robberies in burlington county. eight homes have been targeted by thieves, "eyewitness news" reporter elizabeth hur spoke to police about what neighbors can do, to stay safe. >> reporter: it is horrible. the another week, another home, hit by a burglar. >> it is an awakening.
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>> reporter: this time it happened in the hundred block of pancoast avenue in moorestown. >> the alarm we feel, stopped the burglary. >> reporter: according to police, latest home owner fell victim last friday night, that marks the eighth home hit since june, on friday, and saturday evening, and high end jewelry police say, the thief targets. >> usually they are not actually targeting a specific house, they are looking for a house that is dark and they will go stop, knock on the door, nobody answered and they will burglarize the residence. >> our master bedroom was hit and bathroom all of the drawers were pulled out. >> reporter: rj mar calls it lesson learned and he is not alone. >> i bolstered my alarm system. >> you don't leave packages. >> for us, we have put in a new motion sensor light. >> reporter: police say consider signing up for the the department's, twit era alerts and not only keep your house looking occupied, but remain vigilant at all times. >> quite often if somebody just calling and seeing something out of the ordinary, that looks suspicious, that
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ends up solving the case. >> reporter: simply put police say alert neighbors are the best defense begins burglars. so if you have seen anything out of place do the not hesitate to call the police. reporting from moorestown, i'm elizabeth hur, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right. it is time for traffic and weather together, good morning, katie. >> good morning, natasha. today will be is what of an active date weather-wise. not starting off that way certainly. it looks like it is in the afternoon and evening, and overnight issue for us, as our sluggish storm system, well, while not a major storm starts to creep on through. when i say creep, boy, will it. it will be a slow mover. we may be stuck here with two days straight of some wet weather issues to dodge out there we will start off with a look at the live neighborhood network. we will take you back here to lime lapse. a couple of folks out late last night and as we continue overnight we can see waves still pretty strong. but a modest win. wind isn't helping too much to
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crank up that wave action, for us. we have a lose rip current risk thankfully heading to the shore and won't be a terrible day at the beach but a late day shower or storm. you can see that firing up, out here outside williamsport and it does look like it may still be a lingering shower for our taney dragons here in to tonight, but it shouldn't be enough to cause any kind of a delay even if it were a delay it would be very, very minor but i don't think we are worried too much in the way of stormy weather out there today. it is more of an issue for us. looking at the pollen report until the rain gets here the pollen levels do stay high and they will drop off here tomorrow with rain moving on in and then spike right backup as skies start to dry up. we will end up with sunshine here. today and tomorrow are the the most active days, stronger storm potential for us especially into the evening and into tomorrow, it is mainly lingering showers out there with clouds and temperatures will be held back as a result of the cloud cover for the entire weekend really, bob, over to you. thursday, 5:15. waking up grabbing your coffee and keys and heading out the front door. the let's do that before you
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get it, i open up my door before you open up your door. roosevelt boulevard, construction crew is still with us here at ninth street. we're down to one lane as everybody is pushed off to the right. thinks as a result of the overnight paving operation that is still underway here, you know, whether he they put down the new asphalt they have to wait until it is completely dry before they pull the cones up. and they will allow cars to start rolling on them. let's check with king of prussia, schuylkill expressway looking good as we begin our trip out near 202, in problems or delays at all, in or out of the city we're looking good on i-95 and 422 as well. we have some good news, broad street reopened right in front of the temple hospital, that investigation of the crash, complete, so we are good to roll up and down broad street, and yesterday was hectic with move in day there on the campus of temple. eagles football tonight, pittsburgh is in town. 7:30 for the first home preseason game, so we will if the parking lot tailgaters a chance to kind of work out their preseason. it will give the grills a test. they will be down there in the
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parking lot, the gates opened up sometime this afternoon for the football crowd tonight, erika, back over to you. bring your own grill, thank you bob. here are the headlines on cbs-3. we have some breaking news. a medic unit and another vehicle are involve in the crash and a nasty crash, this is in north philadelphia. one person was injured, and investigators are looking into the cause of that crash. and developing this morning, philadelphia police are investigating two shootings, a 16 year-old was killed in point breeze and another man was wounded in grays ferry. so far, no arrests have been made. and the taney dragons were beaten by a team from las vegas last night in williamsport but all is not lost. the if the dragons beat chicago tonight, they will continue their march through the little league world series tournament. >> yeah. >> down but not out. >> i know. a met or cycle driver goes for the ride of his life here, you have to see this wild way that he survived what could have been a terrible crash. >> we believe he was murdered
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for freedom. >> the grieving parents of the murdered journalist speak out as we learn more about the failed rescue attempt by the
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authorities are searching for the man with a british accent who killed american journalist james foley. u.s. special forces tried to rescue american hostages, but that mission was in the successful. isis says foley's death was in retaliation for u.s. air strikes against isis militants in iraq. foley's parents said he felt compelled to go to dangerous places to tell untold stories of those living in syria. >> he was very loved, very proud to be a journalist. we're so proud of jim. he had deep courage, courage worth struggling for. >> militants threatening to kill a second hostage steven
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satloff if u.s. air strikes in iraq continue. a friend of one of the boston marathon bombing suspects is expected to plead guilty to day to obstructing the investigation. he was dzhokhar czar enough's roommate and accused of taking a lap top and backpack from tsarnaev's room, those items were found in a landfill. tsarnaev is scheduled to be on trial in november. well, you know, we have seen bad weather delays, sporting events all the time but what about a volcano. how mother nature could ruin penn state's plans for their first game of the season. >> also ahead, this morning serving up something new for eagles fans, get the dish on tasty new snacks on the menu this season. >> i like where we're going with this. >> this is not your typical stadium food. >> that is coming up, we will be right
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we want to get traffic and weather together. feeling summer like. >> absolutely we're in summer and it feels like it. it is so funny that they have got this actually feels weird to us because we have been dealt such an autumnal type of a hand here lately with that crisp, cool air now it is just classic august, storm scan three is quiet but we are tracking a sluggish storm system that fires up showers and storms. by this afternoon it will look like it is scattered but we will see active on the radar. i can tell you this much the guidance here continues to flip flop just a half an hour ago at 7:00 or 7:30 we have a big cell over south philadelphia. it is one of those things. i think we will see a shower or thunderstorm, locally heavy storm around game time but question have of is it over south philadelphia. we are just going to have to keep an eye on the radar and
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expect mid 80's and scattered showers and storms in the p.m. time frame, bob. >> 5:25. good morning. there is still paving on the roosevelt boulevard. we have cones down, police and penndot on the scene here. lets go outside to a live look to the north bound lanes of the boulevard from ninth street on up down to one lane push over to the right, otherwise, i-95 and schuylkill looking good, coming in towards philadelphia. no problems or delays at the moment. a crash out in king of prussia prince fredrick right at cross field road and it is moving day, part two for temple university, so we will see some delays there, along broad street and natasha, grab your mini fridge and football light and lets go, university of penn also moving the kids in today as well. so that will tie us up there along spruce street. here's natasha brown with a look at sports. >> all right, bob, thank you. lets talk sports here eagles play in front of the hometown fans tonight, bird host steelers at the the link in preseason game number three.
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starters will see a good bit of playing time tonight, fyi, birds fans parking lots open up at 2:30, gates at 6:00. forbes magazine is out with their nfl team values, eagles are rank number seven with one point $57 billion they were number seven last year as well valued at 1.3 billion. jeff laurie paid 195 million for the team in 1994. cowboys are on top here worth $3.2 billion. the the phillies will open up a week even series with the cardinals tomorrow night. card are just a game and a half behind the brewers in the national league central division. also, the phillies cheering on the taney dragons from their dug out at citizens bank park yesterday afternoon. that was very nice. chase utley broke a tie with a blooper, into right field, in the fourth. jimmy rollins scores and phillies take the lead in this game. cole hamels got the win thanks to a great job by phillies reliefers.
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phillies win four-three and take two of three from seattle. right now 5:26. the it is do or die today for those taney dragons as they fight to stay alive in the little league world series, cleve? >> reporter: we're live in center city and i have got reaction from fans who made that trip to williamsport. find out if they are nervous about tonight's game. we are also learning new information about plans to honor legendary actor robin williams. bob and katie return with traffic and weather together 309's. we have changes to talk about in terms of your forecast, katie has details coming up, we will be right
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back opened right now, and investigators are trying to figure out what caused that crash. well, big story this morning the winning streak may be over but taney dragons are still in the hunt for a little league world series title. >> they have to win tonight against chicago to keep the dream alive, and a big, tough team from las vegas took a one to nothing lead in the first inning last night. mo'ne davis has not allowed a run in williamsport until that one. vegas team had hitters and great defensive plays as well and beat dragons eight-one. it is okay they still have hope. fans are in the losing their faith, hope or pride despite last night's loss. >> "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan joins us at city hall and cleve, really do or die time tonight for dragons are fans nervous. >> reporter: i don't think fans are necessarily nervous because they knew last night was tough. las vegas has within really hot in this tournament but they see it in as another opportunity. the phillies stunning this year so everybody wants to root for


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