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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 21, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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they are good trend. they hang out together. their coaches eat together. the just two city teams getting a long in the league dominated by the suburbs. >> kids are kids as long as you talk about playing, they are down. i go to the game room, i see them playing with each other, against each other. >> reporter: that is what ryan howard saw when he stopped by team dorms earlier today. we could not go inside but we did see howard interact with other teams outside and kids had some questions for the phillies first base man has seen his share of big game. >> what do you do when you are nervous, and things like that? i just say what you try to does visualize the situation before you get to it. >> reporter: that situation will look something like this. 30,000 plus fans, under the bright lights of williamsport with two cities hoping their kids can pull it out. >> both teams playing styles are very similar and i think it will be a good, hard for the game, it will come down to the wire. >> reporter: once again first pitch tonight scheduled for 7:30 p.m., in the meantime coming up at our 6:00 o'clock
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show find out which taney little leaguer challenged ryan her to the home run derby. very interesting to go find out who that is. live from williamsport, matt rivers cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, matt. she captured hearts of the people across the country but for some mone davis is a ticket to a quick buck. new at 6:00 how people are cashing in on the 13 year-old phenom, and is it right? our todd quinones has the the story. taney faces a a team from chicago tonight at 7:30. if they win the dragons get the a rematch against las vegas in the u.s. championship game on saturday. let's talk weather now. sun and clouds have given way to showers and storms, unfortunate liz and some parts could be in for drenching rains tonight. meteorologist kate bilo is slipped out on the cbs-3 sky deck and she joins with us that first forecast kate. >> reporter: one of of the spots that could get hit with strong storms tonight will be williamsport.
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they have to keep an eye to the sky. we may see a rain delay for those dragons tonight. we will keep you posted but showers and storms heading in our area as well as at the moment. lets look the at storm scan three which shows showers and storms breaking out over central pennsylvania. they do look to be weakening slightly as they move in but some of these storms turn severe earlier today and we do still have the threat for severe weather later this evening, new in our area especially south and west of philadelphia, you can see that area of rain and thunder, west, now of lancaster county near harrisburg area in york there was a severe thunderstorm warning for that area those storms are drifting to the south and to the east. that batch probably will miss the city of philadelphia, to the south and west, you can see the entire region has been placed in the slight risk for severe weather and that goes through tonight. that means any storm could produce damaging wind rain and also the threat for hail. timing it out on future weather showers and storms move in about 7:00 o'clock tonight. we will see them at anytime even through overnight hours some showers rumble of
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thunder as you can see off to the south and west and we don't get out of it tomorrow once again tomorrow afternoon start the day with sun but in the afternoon showers and storms, break out again and we will track those cooler temperatures in the wake of these storms as we head into the upcoming weekend. things going downhill just a bit as we watch the skies potentially open up tonight and tomorrow. we will have much more when i join you inside but for now, back inside to you. >> thanks, kate. shocking surveillance video emerges of the teenage suspect planting an explosive inside a chinese take out restaurant. even the commotion was caught on" reporter walt hunter talk with the owner tonight and joins us live walt. >> reporter: the suspect sim my walk in the store detective here at north central division say t walk in with anxplosive device into a hole in the wall and then ignited the device after ihe took off. it caused a tremendous amount of damage and the resulting blast and had a customer walk
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into the store at that point they could police say have been hurt or possibly even killed. looking at first like a customer, the suspect captured on surveillance cameras enters the oriental kitchen take out store, placing an explosive device in the wall opening lighting it and then taking off. seconds later, it explodes. >> it was very sudden and then my ears, i could not hear anything. i was very scared. >> standing behind the counter as the blast, shatters the wall punching a hole and sending debris flying, owner so young wong said any customer could have been seriously hurt. >> like someone could have passed by and it is very dangerous. >> customers could have come in and this could have been a catastrophe. >> reporter: lieutenant path doherty explains based on the damage from the blast it appears that the suspect ignite aid powerful homemade
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device. >> we believe it is what a homemade device, maybe an m80 m100 illegal device, that has in other purpose then for something like this. >> if i had not been standing there i could have got hurt or i had my grandchild with me they got hurt. >> reporter: regular customers grateful they weren't hurt says owners who operated this shop for the past two years have an excellent relationship with neighbors leaving the motive for the blast a in mystery. >> we are friend a with everybody. we have good relationship with them. why would they do that. >> detectives say that the suspect appears to be around 14, they are hoping a family member will see this and turn him into north central detectives here. they say that he is from the neighborhood. if you have any information, call police immediately, we will have much more on the story coming up at 6:00. live from the north central detective division i'm walt hunter cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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one person is recovering tonight after a crash involving a philadelphia medic unit and a car it happened around 2:30 this morning at broad and tioga in north philadelphia. the cause of that crash is still under investigation. two american aid workers infect with the ebola virus have now been released from an atlanta hospital. after blood tests came back negative for the virus nancy wrightbol whom you see was released earlier this week while doctor kent brantly here was released to day as correspondent danielle nottingham report brantly credits doctors god and a experimental drug with his recovery. >> reporter: doctor kent brantly emerged from weeks of isolation to cheers at emery university hospital. >> i'm thrilled to be alive, to be well and to be reunited with my family. >> reporter: he and his wife exchanged hugs with a large team of caregivers who nursed him back to health from the
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deadly ebola virus brantly called it a miraculous day. >> i cannot thank you enough for your prayers and your support. >> reporter: the doctor is one of the few people who contract people and recover. the disease in west africa killed 90 percent of victims. whole towns and villages are under strict military quarantine and more than 1300 people have died. brantly and co-workers nancy wrightbol got sick in hard hit lie beer y both received doses of the experimental drug zmap. doctors say recovered ape was released earlier this weeking were privacy. >> all of us that have work with them have been impress by their courage and determination. >> reporter: doctor brantly says he and his family will take sometime for themselves now and he had a special request. >> please continue to pray for liberia and the people of west africa. >> reporter: doctors emphasize both patients are healthy, no
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risk to the public. danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> a temple student ace tack during move in day and university police are looking to see if the a involved racial slurs. syma chowdhry is live on campus tonight, with details syma. >> reporter: temple officials are investigating an alleged attack that took place between a pro israeli and pro palestinian student. there are claims that anti sematic remarks were made but officials have have not confirmed that. both sides have different accounts, although we spoke with two eyewitnesses. >> yesterday was my first day of college. i just moved in and i saw this happened. >> reporter: this woman join students for justice as pala signed organization moments before an alleged attack took place. >> i waso4 actually for my safety. they were at this table during temple fest wednesday when a student approached them making racial remarks. >> saying that we were terrorist and, that our table
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supported hamas or other violent organizations. i started laughing. that was such an absurd statement. >> he came close tore me and started yelling look at you, you are such a idiot over here laughing at me. >> reporter: table was only manned by girls at the time but one of their male friend not a member of their group started arguing with the student. >> i think he also, said it was all young girls including myself standing at the table. it was a combination of that, it seems like he lost his cool. >> reporter: that is when witnesses say man slapped a student but they incessant i sematic remarks were not made because they didn't know the the student was jewish. >> outraged by what had gone on yesterday. >> reporter: hanna getterman is with a temple and even though she did not witness the incident she said victim told her organization, a vastly different story. >> he approached in a very nice way and they responded with anti sematic slurs. >> reporter: temple police are
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trying to piece the stories together. >> there has been a lot of representations from a lot of different individuals we'd love for them to come talk to us. >> reporter: temple university officials are continuing to investigate. they say that the school does not tolerate racial slurs or violence against any member of the temple community. now both students involved in the incident declined to comment. we're live at temple, syma chowdhry cbs-3 "eyewitness news". syma thank you. pastor of st. martha par niche point pleasant, new jersey has been arrested tonight. the pastor ace accused of sexually abusing a 16 year-old. the diocese of trenton says the complaint was received three days ago and says allegation has no connection to his current parish. the the was immedi :00 an out ofcar plows deli now, get an exclusive first look inside the moment it happened. and a peaceful night in ferguson missouri but will it last, calls for justice in the
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fatal police shooting of michael brown are being heard in cities around the country. digitally savvy college students are more susceptible to identity theft these days. our consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with i am is many ways to keep your personal data safe on campus. plus this isn't your typical aquarium experience see how a playful belluga whale gives two children the surprise and scare of their
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ñi college students will get lots of reminder on how to keep personal belongings safe. >> a different kind of theft could be far more costly three on your side consumer
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reporter jim donovan has advice for keeping personal data safe, on campus. >> reporter: student passed around a lot of personal information on the first day of the school year every where from the register's office to the bank, they have a clean slate in the credit world and they are not likely to check their credit history or have have their credit history check until they graduate from college. >> reporter: it is not just keeping an eye on the wallet, a smart phone tablet or lap top can give a thief access to valuable information so keep certain pieces of data, especially secured. >> college students are very opened and trusting and they want to trust everybody and we want them to to a certain point, but we want them to specifically with those three items, bank account number, credit card number and social security number. >> reporter: also get a sense of the college or university's privacy policies and whether they could leave an opening for a breach. >> any new college student, ask, say what are you doing
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with my information how do you store my information. will you lock that file in the cabinet which i leave here. these are basic things that keep information safe. >> reporter: credit card offers are less prevalent due to changes in federal law but applications students should keep the information secure and i suggest, just because you are in college doesn't mean you cannot pull up your credit report. a lot of times relatives do shady stuff with your credit report when you are a kid. >> good practice to get the the rest of your life. >> jim, thanks. >> you're welcome. today, a lot of eagles fanson down to the link for that preseason game with the steelers. i-95 southbound is basically jammed academy down through the the vine street express waste and extra heavy volume around south philly. watch out around the link as well. anyone heading to the link, i don't know if you are doing pregaming but it will be busy, good news an earlier accident
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was just cleared south of academy but still dealing with residual traffic, game day traffic, and rush hour. lets look at the schuylkill expressway eastbound delayed from 202 all the waste down toward center city. we will look at our wide speed sensors in the teens on the schuylkill and look at 476 southbound not a good ride at all between mid county tolls all the way down toward 95, 12 on i-95 lots heading out of northeast philadelphia lots going on. all to the market frankford line there will be shuttle busing between erie and berks there was police activity at umer on the. that will be affect. broad street line looking good, sports express is running every ten minutes until game time at 6:08. now back to the desk. still to come here on "eyewitness news" marriage trouble for another celebrity power couple. >> um-hmm. >> and the the truth about fish mercury and pregnant woman, consumer reports look at the the kind of fish that are safer to eat, if you are expecting. beasley. and the eagles finally get a chanc on their h turf. they are behind me doing
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these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and seek immediate medical help if your breathing suddenly worsens your throat or tongue swells,... you can get hives, vision changes or eye pain or problems passing urine. other side effects include dry mouth and constipation. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. sfx: blowing sound. does breathing with copd... ...weigh you down?vd(p-v well, it looks like a stormy night could be ahead kate. >> yeah, we may hear rumble and rain, storms won't be every where but plan for them tonight, last night we got stormy, a little stormy looking, ominous outside and then storms didn't materialized but i don't think it over chester county and lancaster county where we are seeing storms head at the
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moment. lets look at what is happening right now. we will go outside our camera here, just outside and looking good at ben franklin bridge from campbell's feel. you can see clouds drift ago cross the area, not a big deal, it looks pleasant outside at the current moment but we do have these storms moving from the west. i want to show you a live neighborhood network cameras, at beach patrol in margateere it does look hazy b perhaps a few storms rolled through that area late tonight and especially into tomorrow. the lets look at storm scan three and see what is happening right now. all across pennsylvania these storms are breaking out from northwest, pennsylvania, all the way down into south central pennsylvania and up toward williamsport area an area you may have heard a big game is happening tonight taney dragons will play tonight but hopefully the storms will not impact their play time. i do want to zoom in as we go back to williamsport and see this line of storms getting very close and could impact the the game, later this evening. we will have that taney forecast in a minute. the closer to home things are
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quiet here in philadelphia for now but you can see storms are brewing back towards harrisburg moving into western lancaster county and this one just developed over i-95 and northern maryland and that one could head into delaware here within the next hour or so. so temps are in the 80's, cooler in dover at 77. cooler down the shore with that east wind, showers and storms popping up throughout the the area this evening and even into the overnight hours we will have some showers and storms, tomorrow morning showers down the the shore and then everything fills in throughout the the afternoon and evening hours. even on the saturday we will have the risk for spotty showers, at anytime, so it looks like a showery pattern here tonight, tomorrow, and as we head into the weekend. i want to draw your attention to the tropics, this area has a 50 percent chance of tropical development but model spread is pretty insane. look at this getting hit with some have of them bringing it in the gulf of mexico, others take it way out to sea with no consensus just yet that is early next week we would be looking for a threat with that system. we will keep you posted. your taney dragons forecast 74 partl a
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chance for thunderstorm tonight and we have showers and storms in, town for the eagles game as well 78 degrees at kick off. so in the city we are looking at a low of 70 with showers and a storm tomorrow mostly cloudy unfortunately with showers at anytime 82 degrees. your cbs-3 eyewitness weather three day forecast clouds and showers friday couple showers saturday and then turning brighter on sunday stay
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well eagles fever returns to philadelphia birds host the steelers at the link just about two hours from now. >> "eyewitness news" sports director beasley reese and leslie van arsdal are both live at the link tonight with a preview of the big game hi guys. >> well, we are really excited, because for the
5:24 pm
football players it is first time on their home court, they are behind us doing stretches and all of the little drills, that the football moves that i love to see but it is also an exciting time for the fans. >> the the fans have been waiting, waiting, for this day to come they came around noon today to get ready for the game. this is the the game to go to because most of the starters will play well into the third quarter, but the big question everyone wants to see riley cooper and jeremy maclin on the field together. beasley, we don't know what that looks like. >> it is unfortunately that riley has been hurt all camp and maclin has had soreness but both guys are back. it is difficult for a quarterback to do what he needs to do if he doesn't have his two starting receivers out there. maclin and cooper playing tonight is a fan focus it is focus for coaching staff and for these two guys because they know that they are responsible, for really getting it going. >> we also need to see a little bit more out of the defense.
5:25 pm
bill davis has to show us something tonight. >> it has been tough to watch. little disappointing in the secondary, they let a few guys run free in a couple of the games. i expect them to step it up. they have not been tackling, they have not been doing live drills so they have two preseason games to do that and that is what we are looking forward to tonight. so, from the lincoln financial field for leslie van arsdal i'm beasley reese now back to chris and diana. >> we can see smoke coming from the tailgating from here, guys, thanks enjoy the game down come an "eyewitness news" exclusive we will get our first look as a car smashes through a elphia deli, a frightening scene all caught on camera. 400 free cups of an act of kindness at a star bucks drive through inspires an 11 hour chain of paying it forward.
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okay.. and the iconic beetle... and the powerful tiguan... okay you can't forget the cc... guys, this is going to take a while. avo: hurry in and you can get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card when you purchase or lease a new 2014 turbo model. i'm chris may with the day's top stories we are two hours from game time as taney dragons face chicago in the little league world series, in williamsport the dragons have a must win tonight to keep their hopes of the championship alive. well, caught on tape a teenager places device in the service panel at oriental kitchen take out restaurant in fairmount and moments later it explodes. now search is on for that
5:29 pm
young suspect. and two american aid workers sickened with the ebola virus have now gone home from the hospitals. doctors say they are virus free and they pose no threat to the public. kate? showers and thunderstorms are breaking out all over the state of pennsylvania. they have not quite reached our area just yet but we are seeing some head for delaware and also williamsport, where you mentioned taney dragons will be playing. we have a severe thunderstorm warning northwest of williamsport. here's williamsport and here's lycoming county. this goes until 6:30 tonight as these storms start to move south and east. coming up we will let you know if they make to it williamsport by game time, diana. >> thanks, kate. new close, lphia, and a 86 year-old man was behind the wheel, "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao has video you will see only on "eyewitness news". captured the moment ofas a 86 year-old driver smashes through the front
5:30 pm
doors of the northea deli, glass flying doors dangling and nearly two dozen people inside employees and patrons alike running for cover. >> it could have been a whole lot worse due to the fact that thisdouble doors and ended autopsy begins the the rear counter of this deli. >> reporter: this is what was left, car mangled and those front doors carried all the way to the back of the building. as car made its way you can see how close it comes to the employee working register. just feet separate her from serious injury they felt the vehicle strike her but she refused the hospital. >> it is surveillance obtained news" around 4:30 at steve stein's famous deli restaurant in the 1600 block of grant avenue you can see this 86 year-old driver attempting to pull in the front parking spot. for some reason he doesn't stop, he takes out front counter and everything on it. once crew as arrived they help the man he walks away dazed
5:31 pm
but no injured. this was not a first, in the past year another car crashed in the restaurant section of the business. since then, pillars were put into place hoping we wouldn't see a scene like this but it seems like this driver found a perfect spot. we only have inch toes get in the building. like th needle. >> injured and that driver was not ticketed but state will reevaluate his driving skills to determine if he was keep his license. famous is back opened today. front doors need to be replaced and owner hoping insurance covers that cost jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> developing right now, a search is underway for serial robbery suspects targeting mostly elderly people in northeast philadelphia two men watched victims at the bank followed them home in a silver chevy malibu or a white vehicle and then robbed them. there have been 11 robberies since june 3rd most recent happened, on august 13th.
5:32 pm
>> one man you will see in most of the video is 45 to 50 years old 6-foot, heavy build, he wears a white t-shirt in most of the jobs that he is involved in, he has a grange beard and one of the videos he has a gray patch on top of his head. >> the oldest victim is 96 years old, anyone with any information is asked to call philadelphia police. >> demonstrators angry over handling of the michael brown case are taking to the streets in cities across the u.s. tonight. cbs news correspondent marley hall tells us why many are calling for the prosecutor in ferguson missouri to step aside. >> you don't stop a per reporter: protestce as they tried deliver petitions calling for removal of the st. louis prosecutor bob mccollough from the mike brown case. have after the brief conversation organizers were allowed to deliver the documents, which they say contained 70,000 signatures. >> we know that bob not step aside, to do so, it is toay that he i buy
5:33 pm
assed and that he cannot be fair and impartial. that. but weill.tics say they have no confidence in mccollough has family members on the police force. why do you think he should step down? >> because he has a history of showingódwe don't think that this case will get a fair trial. >> reporter: in a statement mccollough reiteratedrom his responsibilities. >> it is expected to take months before the grand jury darren charged for teenager. many in fe wednesday's visit by attorney general eric holderredustice will be. >> long after thisf2 story l levepartment will ferguson. >> the unrest seems to be calming down. last night's protest were smaller and only a handful of arrests n clayton missouri for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> u.s. officials say family of the james foley received a ransom demand from isis militants of more than 132 million-dollar. it was revealed that american special operations forces
5:34 pm
tried to rescue foley and other captives earlier this summer butt teen swoops in prisoners were not there. isis released video of foley's execution on tuesday the the group warn that a second captive american journalist steve satloff would be condemned to die if the u.s. meettiem in miami caught up with satloff's mother. >> the united states of america will continue to do what we must do, to protect our people. we will be vigilant and we will be relentless. >> satloff is a freelance reporter for time magazine, kidnaped in august 203 while on assignment in syria. a nearly one and a half million-dollar pilot program aims to make camden's biggest high school safer from the inside out. a camden high school walk through reveals dozens of digital cameras and electronically monitored doors controlled by access passages. high tech security advancees
5:35 pm
were made atwood row wilson high school. >> new measures are being taken today to ensure that camden students are safe when their journey to and from school. as they arrived, ready to learn, and in a secure, motivating school environment. >> there are no plans at this time to extend the new security measures to the district's elementary and middle schools. we will, good evening everyone. major delays on i-95. a lot of that has to do rush hour and birds game tonight. heading on i-95 northbound you will be held up approaching commodore barry bridge to just beyond the blue route and things starting to build around the girard point bridge area making your way down toward broad street. not too heavy yet because game time 7:30 but eagles fans like to get a head start. looking at 202 traveling southbound we are dealing with just rush hour approaching area of 29 through 401 a big hold up here. no incidents again just
5:36 pm
volume ape really we have a lot of rush hour volume all over the board, is 12 your average on 95. high volume southbound back towards bucks county. traveling on 476 southbound is jammed mid county almost all the way down to i-95. your usual northbound delays as well. schuylkill expressway in the great eastbound heavier between 202 and gladwynn and then again making your way approaching the vine. we are dealing with an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound at fort washington that is adding to volume there at broad street line looks just great with additional sports express for tonight's game, chris and diana. >> still to come tonight another big data breach, this one at ups. >> then measuring the memory, in fish, three is on your side with an eye opening, look at different types of sea food and which ones are safe if you are expecting. an aquarium experienced a couple kids will never forget, their surprising playful interaction with the belluga whale goes viral, kate. >> we are tracking storms moving in the area, part of the region are under a slight
5:37 pm
risk for severe weather tonight i'll tell you where latest storms or on storm scan three and where we can expect
5:38 pm
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5:40 pm
bank of america has reached a record settlement with the government tonight. >> the department of justice has reached an agreement, with bank have of america totaling over $16.6 billion in penalties and consumer relief. this constitutes the largest civil settlement with a single entity in history. >> part of the settlement the includes $7 billion in mortgage relief for affect homeowners, the u.s. government has accused bank of america and affiliates merrill lynch and country wide financial corporation of duping buyers into purchasin mortgage securities before the financial crisis. forty-one ups stores including this one on route 07 in cherry hill were infect by a computer virus. as a result, names, card numbers, mailing addresses and e-mail over 100,000 transactions were exposed. ups says that their knowledge, none to their knowledge, none of the information was used to commit fraud.
5:41 pm
e!three on your side's jim donovan blogged about the data breach, check it out at cbs well, trend to go day a puppy who conquers his fear, remarkable act of generosity at star bucks and belluga whale tease sows kid. lets get started with this puppy. this is rocky the french bull dog a first he is not so sure about jumping off the couch but eventually he takes the plunge and he likes it so much, he gets backup and he decides to do it again. everybody loves a bull dog. there goes rocky for a second time. >> now to this remarkable act of generosity at a florida star bucks month. man started this off at 7:00 o'clock yesterday morning, paying for her drink and customer behind her. by the time it was said and done, 378 consecutive customers, had done the same thing. pretty remarkable. finally to this belluga whale having some fun with the kids.
5:42 pm
>> lots of laughs as this playful whale talks and teases the the kid pretend to go love this way. that whale is june owe at the the mystic aquarium in connecticut. that video has been shared more than 360,000 times. let us kout what is trending on the web, join our conversations on both twitter and z22g
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so brian at citizens said one deposit a month waves the monthly maintenance fee. he's so good to me. mom! this is amazing! i know. no fee. no. brian at citizens bank. he gave you a special deal? he's into you. sounds like it's time to get back out there. honey, anyone can get one deposit checking. besides, he's younger than your brother. eww. you got that right. one deposit checking. only from citizens bank. one deposit of any amount each statement period waives the monthly maintenance fee. most of the day has been quiet across the delaware valley but clouds are rolling in and we
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are tracking showers and storms off to the west. lets start off with a look at how things are shaping up in our beach communities rehoboth beach in delaware and throughout the day we set this time lapse in motion mostly blue skies, no problems, beach was packed and a few more clouds rolling in this evenihe beach and boardwalk is starting to get busy as well. seventy-four in rehoboth. take a look, things really lighting off to the west, we have showers and storms moving through central pennsylvania from williamsport north of williamsport at the moment down into south central pa and york and dauphin counties and these are moving to the south and east. it looks like this batch of storms will generally miss us here in the philadelphia area. watch what happened right here, how quickly that storm popped up. a storm could pop up like that in the next hour or two. keep an eye to the sky. we will be looking at threat for storms. this one is moving toward williamsport. this is a severe thunderstorm warning. that storm could try to get into williamsport around the
5:46 pm
time of the first pitch or the at least first pitch for taney dragons game this evening. we will keep a close eye on that. right now 82 at the airport. eighty in million will. cooler down the shore. we have had a east win. wet weather has returned as rape moves into the area. showers and storms tonight, again tomorrow with this low pressure system overhead again like today in the a complete wash out but cannot rule out showers and storms especially in the afternoon. saturday that low tries to push to the south but showers will linger especially in the western suburbs, down the shore and into portions of delaware but what happens on sunday, that storm pushes well to the south, and still a cool day with an on shore flow. but highs only in the 07's here in the city as well. speaking of your shore forecast lets take a look at it, not the best beach weather for friday, mostly cloudy scattered showers 79 degrees for daytime high. saturday we will see some sun try to peak through but cool, breezy, wind off the water from the east ten to 20 miles
5:47 pm
an hour keeping it 75 degrees for a high on saturday. in the poconos cloud, couple showers for friday, some sun tries to peak true saturday. better chance to see sun he day and partly sunny and pleasant. here's your overnight the forecast mostly cloud which showers and a thunderstorm around 70 degrees and for friday mostly cloudy, showers again really at anytime 82 will be the the day time high for our friday. here is our eyewitness weather seven day forecast and shore cast, cool weekend but looks brighter especially on sunday your better day. monday 82. look at next week lots of sunshine highs in the mid 80's tuesday and wednesday and getting warmer in to thursday. a remind their summer isn't quite over yet, as you saw the heat will muke a come back. for more on that here's meteorologist justin drabick. temperatures so far have been on the confidentable side, so
5:48 pm
far only 3 degrees below average with only one 90-degree day. we will hit 90 degrees at the beginning of the month and low temperature at 60. next week we could be tracking changes. our temperatures will stay on the cooler side for this time of the year, in the weekend jet stream stays to the south, more northeasterly wind flow, keeping our temperatures below average for upcoming weekend. by middle to the ladder half of next week, we will see a change in the jet stream as that jet stream rises to the north, more southerly wind and temperatures returning back or even above average as we finish off the month of august. here's the outlook for end of august possibly into labor day, much of the east coast, it is above or much above for the average high temperatures. here on the east coast near delaware valley close to average so that is what you can expect for end of august. reporting from the cbs-3 studio, aim meteorologist justin drabick. federal government recently released,
5:49 pm
recommendations telling americans to eat more fish because of health benefits. >> but according to a new article pregnant woman need to be careful. correspondent jericka duncan explains. >> reporter: susan snyder change her diet and started eating healthier when she got pregnant. >> it is really hard and i gave up caffeine and i used to have five cups of coffee a day. >> reporter: she tries to eat fish when she can. >> fish is good for the baby. >> reporter: f.d.a. recommend pregnant woman eat 12 ounces of fish per week which can include some small amounts of canned tuna but consumer reports did its own analysis and they are telling pregnant woman to avoid tuna completely. >> tuna can have some very high mercury levels. >> consumer reports say the problem is mercury levels in canned tuna can vary so we don't know what we're getting. most tuna is safe but f.d.a.'s own research shows 20 percent of cans tested had high levels of mercury.
5:50 pm
>> fta is standing by its recommendations and tells cbs news, the the consumer reports am sissies limited and that it focuses on the mercury levels, in fish without considering the known positive nutritional benefits attributed to fish. consume are reports say there are plenty of fish besides tuna that are better options for pregnant woman. >> choose low mercury fish. >> reporter: low mercury fish include wild sal machine shrimp sardines and scallops. group believes these fish can give pregnant woman the health benefits without the risk. jericka duncan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", trouble in par died for another celebrity couple. >> insider thea andrews will be along with the scoop on mariah carry and nick cannon
5:51 pm
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celebrity marriage mariah carry and nick cannon, over and out. >> insider thea andrews joins to us talk about these latest break up rumors. >> reporter: chris and diana, couple at center of today's celebrity split rumors here's haveha 's bk andbr t serial over sharer. >> is what sex3!e. wortnts and agreements over the the÷d8ént2[
5:54 pm
it is win or go home forunrtre ty are preparing foth gam >> we are tracking showers and storms headed for williamsport and for philadelphia and suburbs. i'll have the latest on storm scan three at 6:00. frightening scene all played out on cameras an explosive device goes off inside a chinese restaurant and philadelphia police say a teenager triggered the blast. plus video you will see only on "eyewitness news", surveillance video captures the moment a car crashed through the front of a northeast philadelphia deli. well, with the cinderella story continuing, will taney dragons roll through the u.s. championship.
5:55 pm
or will chicago, send them back to philadelphia. >> well, it is do or die time in williamstown tonight i'm chris may. i'm diana rocco. jessica dean is off tonight little league team from south philadelphia has captured the heart of this city, matt rivers is live in williamsport tonight where taney is hoping to stay alive, matt. >> good evening to both of you, for the first time the taney dragons are now facing a win or go home situation, but a little bit earlier today they have got advice on how to do well in games like these from someone who has been there before. sure, kids are nervous, but parents are really nervous. >> he doesn't sweat anything. i'm not that way. i'm more like most of the parents. i get extremely nervous. >> reporter: his son eric junior plays for taney a team as resilient as they come. >> everybody was okay they were upbeat, and ready to play today. >> reporter: but before baseball ping-pong with a
5:56 pm
certain first base man for philadelphia phillies. >> the kids are great. it has been an awesome experience, awesome day. >> reporter: subway provided video to us as howard promotes their sandwiches. he says, kids were relaxed and happy loose enough for zion speakerman to challenge howard to the home run derby. >> size me up a little bit and like okay, we will have some conversations. >> reporter: but first here's hoping zion hits some home runs tonight against a tough chicago team. >> we have a great team and unbelievable talent on our team and if they play as well as they can play i think we can beat anybody. >> reporter: win lose or draw they have come a long way already and they are in the done yet. >> i
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