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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  August 25, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a murder mystery in the northeast. two elderly women known and loved by neighbors are found dead inside a home. how the search is on for their killer. we're live with the latest developments. >> good morning, everyone, also this morning, recapping the highlights from the m tv vma's. >> ♪ >> yes, beyonce, queen bee of the vma's with knock out performance, then she took things to another level. in a apparent attempt to squash rumors after divorce from jay-z. we'll tell you more in a bit. >> still want to get traffic and weather together with katie and bob. >> good morning, everybody, happy monday first and for most. pretty decent weekend, at least the second half pretty
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decent weekend. >> most of the week looking really nice, but will start heating up. talking temperatures coming up. >> 5:32, on a, what's today, monday, hold on, you know what? i'm going to come from that ends of the studio, to this side of the studio, and there is a live look, at audubon road at trooper road. where there is still construction underway there, no problems or delays on that schuylkill expressway, but later on today, the schuylkill expressway going to go down to one lane, we'll have all of the details coming up next. ukee, erika, good morning. community on edge after the mysterious murders of two elderly women over the weekends. >> their killer still on the loose. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry at police headquarters right now. same, a what's the latest? good morning. >> good morning, well, police are still looking for the person responsible for fatally shooting two women, leaving family, friends, in mourning, and on edge. now, this happened saturday on the 4700 block of vista street. police found 67 year old dolly
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evans, shot once in the head, on the living room couch. the second victim, 59 year old ruby thomas, was found upstairs on a bedroom floor, also, shot once in the head. family members say evans always thought of others before herself. >> my sister, she never bothered a soul. she would come, she would clean your house, do anything in the world, just to get by. the homeless, who ever needed, you know, she helped them, you know, took them in, help them as much as she could, living with her, you know, she was helping her. >> reporter: police have not identified a suspect, but we're told evans had been receiving death threats, possibly, in connection to an ongoing dispute involving a family member. now, police are continuing to investigate. live at police headquarters, syma chowdhry, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". syma thank you. right now 5:33, we want our traffic and weather together. katie, how are we looking this
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morning? >> not bad. very comfortable in most locations, and depending on the location you might think it is a little cool outside. might want to think about a light extra layer if you are taking the dog for a walk or taking a bike ride, whatever it might be. the wet letter hold for it, again, little on the cool side on the more remote suburbs. quick check on storm scan3, no storms in site. we continue zero have high pressure on your side, will continue to keep control. that will means more sunshine expected here today. the winds predominantly still slowing out of the northwest it, will probably turn bit more northeasterly here today, with that said because we still have more of northerly component to the winds it, keeps us in that nice comfortable air mass, so, real nice day underway here, guys, 51 out toward mount pocono, mid 50's, even atlantic city, 64 by comparison at philadelphia international, means it will feel pretty comfortable if you are maybe waiting for the shuttle out in the economy lot to get out to the airport, something like. that will the next couple of hours, featuring more sunshine, well, we wait of course for the sun to rise over the horizon, will happen
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right around 6:30, 6:45 or so, then as we move forward in the forecast, we continue to keep that sunshine, couple of puffy white clouds, beautiful day overall expected i think the daytime high will hit about 84 degrees, by days ends. now, that said, just keep in mind with time here we start heating things up here, mid upper 80s expected in the next couple elf days, average high we hit today. actually we exceed that for a change come tomorrow and specially on wednesday. bob, over to you. >> good morning, everybody, monday morning, getting back to work, back to school, 5:35, our news van on the way to a story this morning, had the cameras rolling, as they caught someone going the wrong way on the schuylkill expressway. take a look at this. look to the left side of your screen, see that blinking signal there? that's a vehicle going westbound in the eastbound lanes. we were heading from south, in toward center city, and we caught this fellow on the opposite side of the -- look,
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here comes a motorcycle coming by, couple of near misses, but luckily this guy was able to make it to the south street off ramp and no problems, no injuries, and nobody hurt. but that was a scary piece of video that we got in this morning from our news van, looking good here on the vine st. expressway, no problems or delays coming into or out of the city. good news more motorists, both directions open, completed the construction, so 495 open, through wilmington, that will ease that congestion on 95, but as we head south on 495, there is a disable right near route 13. a fatal accident on the overnight in lansdale, broad street closed right at cow path ryan, line road your best bet through the first half of the morning rush hour, otherwise speedometer readings, on the majors, coming back from the shore bike a lot of folks like to do on a monday morning, expressway, parkway, even the back roads all looking good. ukee, erika, back to you. >> time now 5:36.
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in business news this morning, what you need to know if you want a starbucks pill pumpkin spiced latte. >> almost that season. also, which app is tops on the i tune charts, who is behind it? money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange with those stories and more, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee and erika. lots of economic news for investors to digest this week, report on new home sales out today. and durable goods tomorrow. on friday, the dow finished down 38 points, the nasdaq rose six. overall good week for the markets. well, burger king may beheading north. the fast-food franchise is in talks by the donut cha,h, burr d move its headquarters there which would let burger king take advantage of new tax rate. new company would be the world's third largest fast-food restaurant chain. well, oscar winner tom hanks has another hit on his hands. literally. the actor newly launched
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typing app now at the top of apple i tune charts, app free, lets users replicate the experience every using a manual typewriter including that clinic sound of typing each letter. of course there are some of the comforts of modern technology, delete button, no need for white out if you make a mistake. not even labor day but starbucks thinking fall. the coffee company moved up the launch date for its popular pumpkin spiced latte to today, but there is a catch. customers can only get one if they know the secret code word, so starbucks tweeting out clues. if you can't figure out the code, you will have to wait until the official launch date in september. they are making us work for it, ukee, erika. >> code? >> a loft work for a latte. >> dude, give me a latte. >> give it up!
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>> california's governor delayed state of emergency, an earthquake in nappa valley. tremor knocked out power to thousands sparred fires, water mains, authorities report more than 170 injuries, including a young girl who was critically injured after fireplace fell on her. >> i thought it was the end every the worlds, it started out rolling, then shook violently, and i actually gave out a scream, and i thought this is it. >> well, the quake couldn't have come at worse time. struck near the peak of tourist and harvest season. the violent shaking cracked dozens of tanks and barrels ruining millions of gallons of top quality wine. >> this will be truly, puts a lump in your throat, that much going down the drain and not down yours. >> inside businesses there is
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lots to clean up with aisle after aisle of damaged emergency. >> now, a woman from our area was visiting nappa valley when the earthquake hit. patty has and told us over the phone what it was like. >> the beds were shaking, the house was shaking, the sounds was deafening. it was absolutely terrifying for -- it felt like it was forever, probably lasted 202nd at most. >> now, making matters worse, patty told us transformers were also blowing all over the place, leaving the entire neighborhood pitch black. yesterday's quake was the largest to shake the bay area since 1989. the 6.9 earthquake interrupted the third game of the worlds series between the san francisco giants and the oakland a's. the earthquake killed 63 people, buckled highways, caused estimated $6 billion in
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property damage. well, a man under arrest for scaling the brooklyn bridge. video from the nypd shows a man walking down the cables of the bridge. police say the 24 year old russian tourist reached the top of one of the towers to take photos. minutes later, he was taken into custody. the bridge now has additional security after american flag there was stolen and replaced by white flags last month. i remember our man pat croce that in our area but legal for the sixers thing. man, that was something. >> not the best move there. still ahead this morning, his death sparked riots and protest in herring son, missouri, today michael brown will be laid to rest. we're live in st. louis for his funeral, and a message his father wants everyone to hear. >> also ahead, in entertainment, ladies night the vma's, arianna grande took home top award, nicky minaj almost had wardrobe malfunction. kae h. see what happened on sta. katy? >> well, we can expec see
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pretty nice day out there, guys. >> this will ends up being real nice week in general, in fact, courtesy of pretty quiet weather pattern, but few hiccups along the way, one of them our latest tropical storm. i'll have all of the details for you coming msbut they meet them withts determination and drive. chanelle: teachers like ms. harris made me feel like i'm part of a team. not just on the basketball court. but in the classroom. ms. harris: chanelle is not just a star athlete. she is a star student. chanelle: i headed to clemson university where i can combine my love of sports and learning- and maybe even win a championship. ms. harris: i wouldn't bet against her. or any of my students reaching for their dreams.
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5:43, full sunday, hoping for nice monday. >> absolutely, we can expect
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to keep high pressure on our side throughout the course of the day today. see it is not bringing us anything in the way of wet weather at the moment. we continue to keep high pressure, so clear skies, however, off to the west, there is another frontal boundery that's eventually going to roll through. when it does, it is going to potentially brings us shower or storm. but that wouldn't be until wednesday. so you have time to kill before that's an issue. meanwhile, tropical storm cristobal has formed. and currently it is well off to the south, current and central pressure at 994 millie bars, lower the pressure the stronger and more intense a storm will be, but, we do expect that eventually that pressure will lower, the win also going to increase, and as a result that far, dow think that we will eventually see this become a hurricane, looks like that would happen by wednesday. so, even though the current cone of movement here would keep it out to sea, remember what this does, whenever you have large storm like this out to sea, will start to kick up the surf. that will means dangerous rip currents, despite what looks to be nice beach forecast for better part of the entire
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week, even today, even though the wave heights three-5 feet, not terribly hi, rip currents, that is the problem for us. so, just make sure that if you do dip your toast in the water you always do it near the lifeguard. but specially on a rip countries being day like today. next seven days, overall, not bad. again, i have got at least throw in mention that there may and shower or storm by wednesday, generally looks like p.m., but we will let you know it it should change. meantime it heats up. flirt with 90 by that point, once it is through, temperatures drop off gladly even though we might see shower or storm by the weekend overall it looks like it will be a pretty decent forecast, so, no major swings on the thermometer, but pretty hot for us specially wednesday, compared to what we have been very used to as of late. bob, over to you. >> sounds good. last week of summer vacation before the kids go back to school. live look at i-95, right near the commodore barry bridge, starting to see volume pop in the 5:00 hour, northbound toward philadelphia international. using the platt bridge to or
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from the airport good shape here, the sun begins to rise over southwest philly if the backgrounds of the ellie morning crash in lansdale, broad street still closed at cow path road. at least the first half, line road would be your best bet, as the alternate. then get ready for some midday delays on the schuylkill expressway, here is the deal. coming into the city, penndot will be working between gladwynn and belmont, beginning at 9:00 all the way up to three, down to one lane, ouch. coming into the city, after 9:00. so, factor in that, into your travel plans, and if you are trying to get to the airport on time, i would use the blue route out of saints dave's down to 95. ukee, back to you. >> bob, thank you. today the family of michael brown will say good-bye to the teenager shot and killed by police, in missouri, more than two weeks ago. >> as the community prepares for its funeral, his father says he just wants one thing: peace. cbs news correspondent danielle nottingham joins us now from st. louis with the very latest, danielle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
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erika, good morning, ukee, michael brown's father calling for day of silence, after weeks of violence, and tense protests, he wants this day reserved to honor the life of his son. thousands of mourners will pay tribute to 18 year old michael brown, at the friendly temple missionary baptist church in st. louis this morning. his life was cut short august 9th, when he was shot by police officer darren wilson. the incident kicked off days of protests, and ignited tensions between demonstrators and police, in ferguson. >> a number of celebrities and politician also expected to attend the service here today, including three white house aids. the reverend al sharpton is also scheduled to speak. >> on sunday, brown's parents attended an annual peace rally in st. louis' largest city park, calling for calm today. >> please, take a day of silence so we can lay our son to rest.
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>> were joined by tray tron martin's parents, killed in florida by neighborhood watch volunteer. >> michael brown had a right to live. he had a right to see another birthday. >> church goers at the greater saint mark's missionary baptist church reflected on the circumstances surrounding brown's death. a grand jury is weighing possible charges against officer wilson, while the fb icon ducts its own investigation. and ferguson's schools plan to start classes today, the start of school was delayed over safety concerns because of the protests. live in st. louis, missouri, danielle nottingham, ukee, erika barks back to you. >> we heard michael brown's father call for peace today. anyway to know if the protests will continue after today? >> reporter: ukee, it is hard to tell right now. of course today is the funeral, but that does not ends, what's going on, here in st. louis, here in ferguson,
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missouri. there is still component of this that's left. many people want to see officer darren wilson charged, and it is still up in the air if charges will be brought against him. also, many people calling for the prosecutor to be removed in this case because of his involvement with the police in the past. so, there is still a major part of this story that has hasn't ended. see in the coming days, coming weeks, what will happen if officer wilson is indicted or if isn't, ukee. >> thank you. well, parking signs can be little confusing. but if you think we have it bad in philly, just wait until you see a sign in california. that's coming up. >> just quite confusing, see why they took it down. also, taylor swift shakes off country roots at the vma's when she takes the stage for her new pop hit. but, it was beyonce who stole the show. all of those memorable moments coming up next. >> ♪
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maroon five took to the stage for the m tv music video awards, for spectacular outdoor performance. bands performed new hit single surrounded by hoards of fans, and the forum in southern california. the old forum. back in the day, i remember. that will and there was no twerking, foam hands, or lap dancing for miley cyrus this year. >> no nude bathing suits either. the pop star still had people talking after the vma's. >> thank you all. my name is jesse. and i am excepting this award on behalf of the 1.6 million run aways and homeless youth in the united states who are
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starving, lost and scared for their lives right now. i know this because i'm one of these people. >> miley sent formerly homeless teen named jesse to except her video of the wards for wrecking ball, his speech put highlight on youth homelessness. >> ♪ >> beyonce closed the awards show with an epic nearly 20 minute performance. the diva very formed medically of all 15 songs from her latest albumn. she sang and danced in metallic leo tarred, while blue ivy and jay-z enjoyed the show from their seats. we'll seymour of them and hear more from them coming up in our next hour. >> twenty minutes performing? >> how about that? >> also, wasn't twilight janet janszen at the superball, but nicky men age had wardrobe malfunction at the vma argues,
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she had to hold herth together. she bus add move and busted right out of her outfit. men age has also made many appearances on the vma's becomes this one might be the most eye popping, you might say. >> oops. >> put together. >> in more ways than one. >> literally and figure tiffly. >> all right, guys, let's take a look out there. starting off on little cool note. nice and clear outside, temperatures have dropped off readily, some of you starting school today. and we welcome you back to school, bob is thrilled about it. that means look what time it is! >> boom, no lightning strikes today. lots of sunshine, it is an a-plus kind after day, you give me a f because i put that lightning strike in by mistake. 84 degrees the expected high in philly, just nice couple of days coming up, bob?
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>> now the lightning because i got an a-plus today! >> all is not right with the world. >> good morning, everybody. let's go outside. live look at the ben franklin bridge, coming into downtown, no problems at all, if you are coming in from south jersey, in through center city, so crews still working on the northeast extension, the northbound side near the q town interchange, and then midday work coming to county line road right outside every king of prussia here, county line at gulph road. working during the day. phillies playing some baseball, south philly, washington coming to town tonight. so see a lot of extra volume during the evening rush hour, and septa is adding extra trains and service on the broad street subway. stay there, coming
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>> check out one in silver city, california, this stands 15 feet tall, each sign has different rule. the signs sit outside elementary school, and were meant to clarify, i love these, meant to clarify, a new drop off and pick up procedure when classes begin, or resume.
5:58 am
however, neighbors just found them confusing. did not take long for city officials to act, as quickly as the signs went up, half of them were taken right back down. >> that's just crazy. >> 15-foot sign? how many rules can you have for picking up kids? >> oh? >> on tuesday's, wear blue, please, and only right-hand turn
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>> more than within hundred people hurt in california's wine countly. >> now state of emergency, as officials assess the damage. >> the jolt had people out every


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