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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 26, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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all know, about the the possibility of an abduction. >> reporter: stauffer's parents flew to israel over weekend and pleading for help. >> i beg of you, beg you, please if anyone has seen, of our son, please call the police immediately. >> reporter: current israeli palestinian conflict ignited in june with the abduction and murder of israeli teens in the west bank. the area where he difficulties appeared friday is within miles of the spot officials say a palestinian was fun on july 2nd after an alleged revenge killing. as the the days and hours passed, his family is devastated. >> please bring back my brother. everyone is doing everything they can to bring him back and in good health. >> reporter: silver's parents said that this afternoon, they said that there is a reward for his return, 100,000 scheck also which is 28,000 u.s. dollars. and we are live, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve, thank you.
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celebration in gaza tonight after a cease-fire deal between israel and hamas militants. the truce does not have a time limit, under the egyptian brokered deal israelis to ease imports in gaza including aid, and material for reconstruction. that seven week war has killed over 2200 people, the vast majority of them palestinians. it is an unspeakable act police say 50 to 60 veterans graves were desecrated and american flags were burn at two bensalem township cemeteries this most recent incident happened overnight. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live at bensalem police headquarters with the very latest, walt. >> reporter: police say they were buried with full military honors but in death, they have been dishonored by vandals, who desecrated 50 to 60 veterans grave sight is here in bensalem in the past month. the american flags flying next to those graves, piled up and
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burned. their grave markers list, the wars, and the honors that they earned fighting for our country. but here, in the garden of valor the at rosedale memorial park the graves of some veterans have been desecrated. vandals overnight, police say, piling american flags their holders and other decorations atop this cannon, and then setting them on fire. >> grave markers and just desecrating the cemetery is just i cannot explain it why would anybody do that. what goes through somebody's head, i don't know. >> reporter: over weekend at roosevelt memorial park more burn flags and vandalized graves, the the second time it has happened there in the past month. >> to desecrate someone's loved ones, cemetery plot, if there is a place for you one day and it would be below ground. >> apparently you don't care. it is sad. >> reporter: tom gate who work with vfw post 9220 placing thousands of flags, to honor veterans, expressed his outrage.
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>> i think it is a disgrace. how can anybody do that to veterans cemetery, it is sad, you know. >> reporter: gate promises while police work to catch those responsible, the members of his post are all ready organizing, to make sure that every burned flag is replaced. >> we will get a list together with what we need and we will go over and put them on. replace everything. we have to help them out, man. if it wasn't for them we wouldn't be here. >> reporter: you need only look at faces at people of bensalem when they hear about this outrage to see just how upset they are. right now police have no good description of the vandals, they have no video but they are hoping someone will come forward providing the information to bring justice to these veterans and to their families. live from bensalem police headquarters i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". fire marshals are investigating the cause of an overnight fire in northeast philadelphia. fire fighters responded to the grant meadow apartments around 11:30 last night.
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the those flames were under control an hour later. officials say fires started in the kitchen, luckily no injured were reported but nine families were displaced. four of those families are being helped by the red cross. vermont state police are investigating a single car crash involving former fbi director louie freeh on route 12 in bernard about 30 miles from dartmouth college. his suv went off the road, hit a mailbox and a tree. the the 64 year-old was air lifted to the hospital an underwent surgery for serious injuries. no one else was hurt in that crash, freeh was the director of the fbi from 1993 through june of 2001. he also led the independent investigation in the jerry sandusky penn state abuse case. a veteran longport police officer dies in a tragic accident, police say sergeant charles adams was off-duty when his motorcycle struck the side of the suv in franklin township last night. adams was a 21 year veteran of the force and that accident
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remains under investigation. philadelphia police are looking for three men who attempted to rob a parking lot attendant this happened sunday evening at park america, located at 1900 commerce street in logan circle. police say one of the men showed a gun demanded money and cell phone from that attendant. he refused and the man or men ran a away, if you recognize them call the police. temperatures continue to rise they are creeping to close to 90. meteorologist kathy orr is live on the sky deck with a first look at your forecast, kathy. >> noticeably warmer and more humid today, jessica and we see a few clouds rolling in but humidity and temperatures will max out during the day tomorrow. right now across the region you can see these numbers, impressive, feeling much more like summer. eighty-five in allentown. down the shore, some cooler temperatures with the sea breeze. dew point mainly around 60 and that is in the bad, not humid just yet but it will be
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climbing during the day tomorrow, with those wind this evening temperatures falling through 70's at 9:00, 78, and 74 degrees at 11:00p m with a mainly clear skies. all is dry on the home front on storm scan three but we are watching our hurricane cristobal out in the atlantic. it will pose a threat as far as rip current are concerned, down the shore. so coming up we will talk more about the summer heat, shore dangers and how long they will last and holiday weekend forecast when i join you inside with that seven day. for now back to you. all right kathy, thanks. thousands are expect to line up along broad street tomorrow to celebrate the mid-atlantic little league champions, philadelphia's own taney dragons. the parade will start at 20th and market and end at fdr park in south philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao is live along the parade route where things are set to begin at 2:00 o'clock, jan. >> reporter: it will be an
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exciting day but folks should be warned there will likely be traffic jams as well. this is a rolling parade which means police will be temporarily blocking off roads, as this team comes down this parade route and there are two planned stops. including one just outside the kimmel center here and during that time the surrounding roads could be block off for up to 30 minutes. the city they this will all be worth it. >> it is a parade route of champions, 2008 phillies feeling the love last, this time it is all about taney dragons and their incredible journey to the little league world series. >> unaudible. >> reporter: even though team fell two games short they will get championship treatment. >> they deserve it. >> i'm very excited. they have done well. >> reporter: starting at 2:00 p.m. wednesday, parade kicks off here at 20th and market streets in center city. the team and several floats will make their way around city hall to broad street with rolling roadblocks. the first of two stops is the
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kimmel center where philly pops will perform. then on to broad and washington avenue for a treat from the mummers. finally parade will end here with the rally at ball fields in fdr park. >> we want to make sure that we say positive things and give positive reenforcement to our kids when they do well. >> reporter: at what cost? officials say that is hard to calculate with donation from his local groups still coming in. >> visit philadelphia, peco, the mummers already mentioned, pops as well. >> reporter: they say police dealing with the traffic won't be working overtime. >> if we spend anything like everything else we do in this administration we are transparent we will put it up on the web site and you'll be able to see it. >> reporter: do expect some traffic jams, especially after two planned stops. >> get out of their cars and watch the par raid. >> reporter: we should also note that some septa bus routes could also be tea toward, check out cbs for all of that information. if all of these festivities aren't enough for you the team will go from that rally over
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to citizens bank park where they will be honored by the mayor and phillies on the field, before tomorrow night's game. reporting live from center city jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> quite a celebration, thanks very much. watch parade tomorrow live on cbs at 2:00 p.m. also on our web site get a look at that route as jane said. we want to know what you think of the taney parade. connect with us at philly. send us a tweet at cbs philly and join the on line conversation. still to come on "eyewitness news" crime fighting males we will tell but a new polish that claims to detect date rape drugs. more after shocks rattled nasa as they continue to clean up from the, strong and damaging earthquake that hit california's wine capitol. bringing out baby on a budget. three on your side's jim donovan has three easy things you can do to keep costs down. plus a new trend in child care all
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a recent government survey estimate the cost of raising a child from birth to age 18 at nearly a quarter million dollars. but as three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan find first time parents can cut some of the costs of bringing up babe which simple advice. >> reporter: raising a child born in 203 will cost parents just over $245,000, according to a recent governmental tally an increase of 2 percent over previous year. parenting and baby care web site the recommend using time before a baby arrives to craft a new budget.
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>> figure out what extra money you have each month, what money you can have have, what you can cut back on a few things and really start to keep track and put that monday a side, put that in a savings being, another account and live off of your new budget for a few months before the baby arrives. >> reporter: the bump advises 3b a's to keep cost down, buy in bulk from bill box and warehouse stores, bureau items from family and friend and bargain hunt among second hand outlets. better for items like closing, less for items like strollers and cribs that don't have up to date safety requirements. and don't be shy about putting big ticket items on a registry. >> you might think somebody isn't going to spend $500 on your baby shower but a few friend might go in together your mother and grandmother might go in together and get one of those items for you. >> reporter: now child care can make up the bulk of expenses, one trend the bump noticed splitting cost of the nanny or baby-sit's machining
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family and friend with children of a similar age. going back to the strollers and car seats, very important that you check if you're looking at one of those or a family member gives you one a few years out of date make sure it has in the been recall. they are always coming up on recall. >> that is good thing about hand me down clothes, they don't have safety regulations. >> for the most part, yes, keep them from flames. >> all right, see you at 11:00. good evening, everyone unfortunately during this rush hour, we will be dealing with a lot of the usual volume problems on i-95, schuylkill and so on. we have a serious accident in montgomery county. notice clean up crew on 309 southbound making your way beyond horsham road intersection. left lane is block and southbound side but you'll also know that the left hand turning lane on to horsham road on the northbound side of 309 is blocked due to police vehicles. they are clearing this incident, but still taking a little bit of time, delays in that area for sure. as we continue down to 202 you will notice rush hour and also
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some sun glare. traveling in the southbound direction of 202 approaching the the area of chesterbrook boulevard all the way through to 401 will be a slow go, north bound 202 expect delays approaching schuylkill expressway n regards to mass transit all and all we are not awful but patco is experiencing up to 15 minute delays, they are having some signal problems at ben franklin bridge so note that. as we look at our wide speed sensors are low, take a look as 476 traveling north bound between 95 and media swarthmore we are at 17 miles an hour. traveling southbound you slow down between schuylkill and route one. traveling on the schuylkill expressway eastbound we have delays throughout western suburbs and hold up on the vine street expressway to and from the schuylkill. i-95 is at two two. it is usual delays, expect heavier traffic throughout the construction zones, jessica. >> vittoria, thanks very much. still ahead on "eyewitness news" emmy fashions. we will have the big red carpet moment from last night. celebrating man's best friend why today dogs across the america are getting extra
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love, leslie. tennis star victoria as ran contact is playing her first match at u.s. open this afternoon, i will sit down with the former number within player in the world to talk tennis, her olympic win and
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today we celebrate man's best friend. today is the tenth annual national dog day, "eyewitness news", down by schuylkill river dog park earlier today a
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perfect day to get outside for a little quality time there with your fourth legged friend. is there still daylight out there national dog day started as day for dog owners to show their appreciation but it also serves to acknowledge work of service dog and highlights important answer of rescuing, and adopting dogs. it was so perfect, that is you got the dog. i have fin the dog. fin loves schuylkill river dog park. that is her most favorite. lots of places to run out there. >> on this day you have to take your k-9 kid out, i will tweet mine out in a few minutes. tweet along. as long as your k-9 kids. we will show you this gorgeous day. if you had a chance to enjoy it, good for you. if you haven't yet, there is plenty of time to go. we are looking at conditions, that are favorable over the next couple of days just enjoy the outdoors. looking pretty on the camden side of the river, it is looking across from philadelphia. down the shore, beach umbrellas are up, it is warm
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down there as well. cameras shaking in atlantic city. little bit of the sea breeze down the shore keeping things cooler and more comfortable. on storm scan three we are looking at clear skies and front to the west that will help to squeeze warmth up the eastern seaboard tomorrow and that means additional warmth. right now in philadelphia 88. waiting for the official temperature, may have hit 90 in philadelphia. that would make it second time this month that we have done so. it hads been on the cool side. allentown 85. trenton 85. sea breeze down the shore, temperatures at least ten, even up to 12 degrees below where philadelphia is with that cool on shore flow, ocean water temperature sitting at 77 degrees. fair weather high pressure will give way to some southerly wind, as this front approaches from the west, we will see warmth, we will see humidity as temperatures top 90 degrees on wednesday. this front moves through with scattered showers and a few extra clouds, possibly tomorrow evening, otherwise, pretty pleasant and little bit breezy on thursday as high moves from the northwest.
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northwesterly wind cooler, dryer, but temperatures will still be in the 80's. same for friday, and then we will get a little bit sticky again over the holiday weekend. here is hurricane cristobal, and you can see well defined eye as it continues to move towards the north east, minimal hurricane at this point. as we follow win probability hurricane wind probability it will be bringing some issues as far as rip currents are concerned to our area but the hurricane force wind well out to sea. hundreds of miles away. wave heights are three to 5 feet. going down the shore or their on vacation next couple taste that rip current risk will be high so only swim when those beaches are guarded. it is right until 5:30, nine more minutes to go. mainly clear and muggy, low of 67. during the day tomorrow 91, mostly sunny and very warm and then we are looking at dryer conditions. if you you are going to be out in the city for the parade, for our taney dragons tomorrow afternoon at 2:00, the
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temperature quite warm and humid around 89 degrees. bring a lot of water. three day forecast looks good but cool down, thursday 83. friday 81. next sun and cloud. shore temperatures in the 80's and 70's. i want to remind you orr at the shore is live from avalon this thursday for "eyewitness news" at 5:00 and 6:00 as we end our unofficial even to the summer season, we will be right back after this.
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well, first round of the u.s. opened is underway and 16th seat victoria asranka is playing as we speak. i sat down with lunch with victoria to talk about how she got involved and why she is fed up with people criticizing
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her infamous grunt. victoria asranka was born in belarus abe pick up tennis because her mother needed to keep her entertain. >> i started to play tennis when i was seven years old and my mom started to work in the tennis center and i just came after school and i would let her work because i wanted to be with her. then she gave me a racket. that is what brought me here today. >> 2012 was a good year for her, she won her first grand slam title and said she felt relief more than anything else. >> when i won my first grand slam it was like finally, lot of expectations, a lot of pressure, kind of came off, because i have always been a player with a lot of potential but i didn't win the grand slam. >> she's first woman from belarus to win a grand slam singles title. that same year she became world number within player and won two medals in the olympics. >> in 2012 the olympics were
5:26 pm
just incredible, when i won the bronze medal i felt so happy and so proud. >> reporter: she's also men for, well, this. >> i have done that since i was seven years old, just because the girls have a little higher pitch, it is maybe more noticeable but we all do it. we just got to let it go in tennis. >> got to let it go. >> you can watch u.s. open right here on cbs-3 at 11:00 a.m. on saturday. >> so much fun to watch. >> love it. >> she will love it. >> be a star i'm sure. >> leslie, thanks. coming up in the next half an hour help for iphone five users frustrated with bad batteries. u.s. drones flood syria as president obama weighs military action against isis militants. your nail polish can do more than just make a fashion statement we will show you how a new secret weapon for women tea techs date rape drugs. then new at 6:00. >> he says he was ridiculed,
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beaten and damage for no reason, coming up, a man who is suing the the philadelphia police department for police brutality and why it is a sim tomorrow a large
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ms. winnie earle: kids inse paterson face lots of obstacles - but nothing can stop their determination. mara: my dream is to be a pediatric nurse. ms. earle taught me if i work hard - i can do anything.
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ms. winnie earle: mara had so much potential, it was my job to help her reach her goals. mara: now, i'm headed to college to study nursing! ms. winnie earle: there are so many talented kids like mara - and they all deserve to live their dreams. i'm jessica dean. here are the day's top
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stories. an international effort is underway to find new jersey student aaron sofer, the 23 year-old disappeared last friday while hike nothing jerusalem. israel and hamas agree to an open ended cease-fire halting a seven week war. first gunfire erupt add cross gaza moments after that announcement. in this deal israel will ease imports into gaza. vandals strike two cemeteries desecrating the graves of 50 to 60 veterans. police say suspects removed american flags, flag holders and decorations and then burn them. kathy? jessica, with the heat and breezy conditions, part two of the pollen season will be getting underway. allergy sufferers, that suffer from ragweed, and chenopods and net will will be feeling the impact and those levels will be medium to high. ab wear of. that we will have the seven day forecast and look at the holiday weekend coming up, guess. >> u.s. is considering expanding bombing mission as
5:31 pm
begins the group known as isis. terrorist group has killed one american hostage and is holding several others captive. cbs news correspondent tara marginner has the very latest from white house. >> speaking on tuesday, president obama issued a strong warning to the sunni militant group known as isis. >> we have proved time and time again we will do what is necessary to capture those who harm americans. >> reporter: isis released video last week showing execution of the american journalist james foley, president obama says that the u.s. will not let his murderers go free. >> america does not forget or reach as long, we are patient, justice will be done. >> reporter: u.s. military began air strikes on isis targets in iraq earlier this month. the obama administration is now putting together plans for possible strikes against isis strong holdness syria. >> we need to stay mine full of doing what we need to do to protect american citizens at home and abroad. >> reporter: cbs news has learned fighter jets and
5:32 pm
drones are conducting surveillance missions overseer use. >> we will not hold ourselves to geographic bound drizzle to accomplish that job. >> reporter: president obama is still weighing his options. tara marginner for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the what it house says president obama is monitoring the situation but won't give a time line on when or even if he will decide to take action. after shocks continue to rock parts have the of the napa county, california. u.s. geological survey says 3.9 quake struck earlier this morning just 7 miles south of napa. luckily there were month injuries, it was just one of 60 after shocks reported since sunday 6.0 quake. california's wine capitol continues to clean up in the meantime, damage is there estimated to be at least $1 billion. >> a stray bullet narrowly misses a sleeping child and now search is on for two gunman who may have had opened fire. that shooting happened sunday night near fifth and walnut in darby boro. a stray bullet pierced bedroom
5:33 pm
wall inches from the crane. police say that likely came from a block away. if you have any information, call police. philadelphia police need your help identifying this robbery suspect. robbery happened early friday morning at a grocery store on the 800 block of west huntington street in north philadelphia. police say that the suspect broke through the ceiling to get in the store. the the suspect then took an unknown amount of cash and cigarettes. philadelphia police say a program design to help them solve crimes is working. safe camp program started back in 2011. it was an effort to give businesses and homes to register their video surveillance videos with police. that lets police necessity where to start looking for leads following a crime. philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey says it is helping put criminals behind bars. >> since we started in 2011, we have released more than 1,000 videos on our web site and that has led to 270
5:34 pm
arrests. >> there are more than 4300 cameras now registered with the safe cam programs, officials hope even more businesses and homes will consider registering their surveillance systems on the philadelphia police web site. philadelphia police have issued an arrest warrant for keith perkins and joseph donaldson, they are wanted for multiple robberies targeting mostly elderly people in northeast philadelphia police say men followed victims from banks and then robbed them outside their homes. if you have have any idea where they are, call police. nail polish may soon do more than just make a fashion statement it could actually help prevent sexual assault. reporter jacqueline kelly has the details. >> reporter: many say sexual assaults and use of of date rape drugs are all too common on college campuses and bars. >> it is an unfortunate kind of reality, when you go to college and you are a girl. >> reporter: it is so widespread four male college students decided to come up with a unique way to stop it before it happens.
5:35 pm
according to the group's facebook page they created a nail polish called under cover colors that can detect popular date rape drugs like xanax and ghb, and all you have to does stir your drink with your finger and nail polish will change colors if a date rape drug is present. >> it is scary, you hear store business things that happen to girls and drugs and anything like that. knowing that just because i'm wearing a nail pol i been and stick my finger in it and be safe, that is definitely a reason to buy a nail polish like that. >> reporter: while everyone agrees thinks a good idea experts say they can create a false sense of security because these types of drugs only test a handfull of the date rape drugs that exist. >> every day they are changing the chemical formula where labs are having a hard time keeping up with the chemical make up of these things. nail polish couldn't possibly cover everything out there. >> reporter: what experts do like it is bringing awareness to a crime that is happening
5:36 pm
more and more but students like mary claire, say empowering women is important, more need to be done in the way of prevention. >> we spend time teaching girls how to learn not to get raped, instead of teaching boys not to rape. >> reporter: students who are developing the nail polish say their goalies to shift fear from the victims to the perpetrators. experts say with coasters and straws coming on the market that also test for date rape trucks, it just might work. jacqueline kelly "eyewitness news". >> would you try this new nail pol ish. connect with us on the dot cbs philly or even sus a tweet at cbs philly and let us know what you think. good evening, everyone. as far as rush hour we are dealing with the usual out there anticipate the those delays in the usual spots, but we have followed this shot here of i-95 around broad street exit. we have phillies game tonight. if you are heading down right now southbound side of 95 at broad street looks good. north bound as well, not dealing with too much problems
5:37 pm
around this area. however, if you are traveling i-95 further south we do delays into delaware county. make your way from ridley park to 476, and southbound throughout the construction zones north bound as well as girard and cottman avenue. as we look now at schuylkill expressway eastbound we are jammed and heavy at approaching the area of gulph mills which is at this point here and making your way towards gladwynn westbound we are experiencing that usual pocket of volume approaching city avenue out through to gladwynn and prior to that approaching vine street expressway, through university. we are still dealing with 20 minute delays as a result of the signal problems for petco, really petco. patco, 20 minute delays here again they were ten to five. petco, really. as we move, new to the live view you will net is speed sensors are low. thirty-seven is your average on the schuylkill. drops down lower around 476, on the blue route southbound we are seeing delays approaching the area have of route one media swarthmore.
5:38 pm
sixteen on i-95. very heavy volume on the eastbound side of the vine from river to river. make your way down to i-95 is a problem. we will leave with you this watch out for this accident in new jersey, evesham road at kreson road compromising a lane there and volume on 295 approaching 70 down 492 freeway, jessica. >> vittoria, thanks very much. burger king confirms a whooper of the deal coming up why the fast food chain is in moving to canada. are you having trouble with the i phone five battery? you could be eligible for a free replacement. the awards great, we know that but half of the fun maybe merries the fashion. we will have the most talk about moments from the red carpet. kathy? warming up, into the 90's, finally feeling like summer when summer business to end for many of us, we will let you know how long heat will last and holiday weekend forecast coming up as "eyewitness
5:39 pm
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♪ go! go! wow!
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go power...oats! go! made from oats cheerios! cheerios! go, go, go! go power oats! go! cheerios! go power! go...power! yayyyy! it is a whooper of the deal,berg are king and can inadequacies's ken horton's are merging. burger king bought the company for $11 billion with the corporate headquarters for based in canada burger king
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operations will remain headquartered in miami. basing the new chain in canada allows the company to pay lower corporate taxes a move lawmakers and white house have called unpatriotic. good news for those of you frustrated by your i phone's battery life. you could get a free replacement. apple says percentage of iphone smart fence may experience shorter battery life or need to be charged more frequently. now this only applies to i thephone five sold between september of 2012, and january of 2013. you can also check your eligibility on apple's web site. on the healthwatch, aspirin may be an effective tool for preventing blood clots in veins. study in the journal circulation says hundred milligrams have of aspirin a day reduced risk of recurring blood clots by up to 42 percent. researchers say that anti drugs are more effective but aspirin may be an alternative for patient whose cannot take these long term medications. we will be right back.
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it is so good all the time.
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heat is on across the delaware valley, we are looking at conditions that are heating up, as the summer wind down. philadelphia today we did it, we made to it 90 degrees. the that is only second time this month, and only 16th time this summer we have made it to 90 or above. twenty-three is average. i don't think we will make to it 23 unless we have something
5:46 pm
extreme happening in our weather and it hasn't been that kind of a summer. so on the cool side this um iser. i don't think anyone is really complaining all that much. storm scan three we are looking at a clear sky and we have a sea breeze down the shore, cooling things off but inland temperatures well in the 80's. eighty-eight in philadelphia. eighty-five allentown. eighty-three millville. ocean water temperature sits at 77. shore temperatures are very similar. out to the west there is a huge bubble of heat, oklahoma city, 96. st. louis, 95. ninety-seven in houston, dallas, abilene. the these areas were in the hundreds yesterday. we will get into that during date tomorrow. making it to 90 for your wednesday, two, 90-degree days in a row. we will not make it a heat wave this front will move on through. could bring a few scatter showers late in the the day tomorrow and into the evening period of wednesday. and then behind it, fair weather high pressure, with the northwesterly breeze cooling things down keeping it comfortable with temperatures backing in the 80's.
5:47 pm
friday looks nice as well with temperatures in the 80's but not quite as hot. like most of the summer has been. here's future weather. wednesday morning we will start off with sunshine and we will stay that way through mess of the day. the front moves through possibly a few spotty showers and a few clouds, this would be the north and west of philadelphia during the evening and then it washes out, by thursday night and then it is sunny again, during the the day or i should say wednesday night it is sunny again during the day on thursday. tracking cristobal, now a minimal hurricane with 75 miles an hour wind moving north at 15, it is accelerating in its speed, moving around bermuda staying way, away, hundreds of miles away from the main land united states. but yet it will be impacting our weather with dangerous rip currents. that will continue, as the wave heights will be about three to 5 feet for your wednesday, and probably into thursday. so please be aware or that and only swim with those guard at the beach. that is until about 5:30 in the afternoon for most of our shore beaches. tonight will be clear, little bit on the muggy side, in the
5:48 pm
so bad, 67. curing the day wednesday mostly sunny very warm. we will call it hot. high temperature 91. we have in the seen that, that much this summer. down the the shore a pretty day wednesday. eighty-four. pack sun screen. uv index high, rip current risk high as well, and during the day thursday potential for dangerous rip currents, temperature 81. uv still high. on the exclusive seven day forecast and cher cast turning cooler for thursday, and friday, saturday pleasant a few the scatter showers and storms, sunday probably labor day and then hot gannon tuesday as many student go back to school. now, lets take a closer look at that labor day forecast. meteorologist justin drabick tracks what is in store for the holiday and lets take a look. >> thanks, kathy. labor day weekend ahead and that means unofficial end to the sum are season but we still have a lot of summer weather in the forecast. always a big weekend to travel across the delaware valley. lets check out specific forecast for hot spots to hang out labor day weekend.
5:49 pm
if you are taking trip up northeast extension in the mountains we have beautiful weather to kick off weekend saturday. partly sunny skies. mid 70's for a high temperature. little bit more humid on sunday. could be late day sure or thunderstorm and threat for shower on labor day itself, especially early. we should be back to sunshine for the afternoon. if you are in the a fan have the mountains trying to hit the shore. let check out that forecast. same deal. good weather to hang out on the beach on saturday. partly sunny skies. highs right around 8o humidity will build on sunday. a few clouds. nice day at eight two. labor day itself is thought to be more clouds with better chance for scatter showers and maybe thunderstorm, maybe prefer delaware beaches. cruising down route one checking out rehoboth, dewey, bethenny beach, same deal there. summer-like weather. eighty-two, partly sunny on saturday. humid with a chance of the storm sunday. labor day itself best shot to see scattered showers and then are storms. have a great labor day weekend
5:50 pm
everyone. aim meteorologist justin drabick in the cbs-3 studios. one of the most emotional moments from the 66th annual emmy award was tribute to late robin williams by his close friend, billy chris tall. >> it is very hard to talk about him in the past because he was so present in all of our lives. for almost 40 years he was the brightest star in the comedy galaxy. >> crystal remembers williams and family gatherings and performing an stages as well as their long friend ship. also, breaking bad walk away with a number of award including outstanding drama and outstanding lead actor in a drama series for brian cran stan. cran stan also had another of the night's most memorable moments this one was julie lewis dryfuss who starred in the episode of seinfeld with him. she walk to the stage to claim her em/are outstanding lead actress for comedy series for
5:51 pm
ve. p. other winners include modern family taking home outstanding comedy series for a record fifth time. bigagain series jim parsons took home his fourth for outstanding actor in a comedy. and julian a won for her role, in the good wife. you can see it right here on cbs-3. day after emmys everyone is talking about fashion. who won big on the red carpet? cbs news correspondent susan marquez has this years best dressed. >> reporter: sure, celebrities loving winning award but half of the fun at the emmys is the fashion. and guess what, i got what i want. >> i could have gone and i immediately new you this was the dress because it felt, very old hollywood and report of modern. >> reporter: leading men channel old hollywood with brian cranston's classic look and new mustache and kevin spacey coat and tail. but with the heat, water bottles were ultimate accessory. >> this is a pg what ther with a baby straw because celebrities are babies.
5:52 pm
>> reporter: unforgettable moments everyone is talking about dunnham's over the top colorful confections pared with her new platinum blonde hair and so fear aver gar a roberto that became part of the emmys as well. wardrobe malfunction, in way, everyone wants to look perfect on the red carpet, so when heidi klum train got twisted behind her, not only the designer got down on his knees to untwist it, but also modern family star jesse tyler ferguson as well. >> for more emmy coverage on and off the the red carpet you can check out the the insider right here on cbs-3 tonight at 7:30. still a head on "eyewitness news", meals from the heart. >> when we come back a group of woman who cook for a cause how they help thousands of people a meal at a time. that is this weeks story of brotherly love.
5:53 pm
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5:55 pm
a group of main line volunteers is feeding the the stomachs and the souls of people struggling to overcome long term homelessness. ukee washington introduces to
5:56 pm
us them in this weeks story of brotherly love. >> reporter: the bethesda project provides a home for people who otherwise would have in where to turn. volunteer cooks make sure that these people get a family meal >> and these women and many more, every in month to cook meals for the bethesda project shelter. >> fourteen bethesda project facilities, served more than 2500 people a year, mostly adults without children. many of mental illness or addiction. >> there are programs for women and children, not that many for men. we are serving those, chronically home less individuals that have in where to turn. >> reporter: to help, bethesda cooks whip up wholesome meals for residents. today's menu ham with mapel glaze, mint peas, stuffing, angel food cake with icing.
5:57 pm
karen and her husband pay for all of this themselves. once it is done the food is pack up to be trans port todd a freezer knee by for later deliver toy one of the bethesda project facilities. >> and i was just newly retired. >> reporter: maryann flynn not only volunteered to help cook but she and other cooks often join the residents for dinner. >> they love it when you take an interest when you sit down and ask men and women how they are. >> reporter: over the year karen contributes 7,000 meals and that helps bethesda stretch the dollars it already gets from government grants and contributions. and without them we would be, in a lot of trouble. >> reporter: 90 percent of the bethesda project budget goes to programs helping clients and biggest need is money. go to cbs and search brotherly love for more information. >> i'm ukee washington, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". that is eye witt the necessary news at 5:00.
5:58 pm
now at 6:00... >> reporter: he said he was ridiculed, beaten and damaged for no reason. coming up in his own word a man suing the philadelphia police department for police brutality and why he says it is a symptom of a larger problem in this city. a student from new jersey missing half a world away why his family fears he may have been kidnaped in israel, kathy. >> feeling like summer again and temperatures sore in the says how licensing will it last? holiday weekend forecast. and philadelphia drivers get a bad rap in a new report, are we really among the worst in the nation? "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. tonight at 6:00 we will begin with a family's fears and a community cries for help. and a new jersey student is missing, last seen during a hiking trip in israel.
5:59 pm
good evening i'm jessica dean. chris may is off tonight. there is an all out search now underway for 23 year-old aaron sofer from lakewood but disappeared hiking from jerusalem late last week. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in lakewood with more on the pleas for help, cleve. >> reporter: jessica, aaron sofer's congressman and both of new jersey's senators have pledge their support in trying to find the missing 23 year old. here at town hall earlier today hundreds turnout, their fear are mounting, they are very concerned about what has happening to aaron sofer. as day passes 23 year-old student aaron sofer disappeared in israel and his family fears grow. they have flown there to help in the search. >> i beg of you, beg you, please if anyone sees our aaron, please call the police, immediately. >> reporter: sofer left lakewood to continue religious stud is in israel this past
6:00 pm
year. friday he was on a hike with the friend in the jerusalem for es and disappeared after the two decided to take separate paths down an incline. this happened just miles from where a palestinian teen was found dead in july asiana alleged revenge killing for israeli teens murdered in june. officials have not ruled out sofer may be another victim in the israeli/palestinian conflict. >> there are concerns, as we all know, about the possibility of an abduction. >> reporter: elect and religious leaders spoke before some of the lakewood's large orthodox jewish population on tuesday and they are calling for u.s. israeli government to increase support in sofer's search. his brother mayer told "eyewitness news" he hopes policy makers will treat aaron their their own son. >> should have mercy on us and everyone should pray for him to make sure that he comes back to us. >> reporter: sofer's family says there is a hundred thousand scheck also, 28,000 u.s. dollars.


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