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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  August 28, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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download the xarelto® patient center app, call 1-888-xarelto, or visit a north philadelphia building comes crashing down. investigators are stunned to find that is not the only injury the driver sustain. we are told he was shot, several times as well. >> "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is at the scene right now hat this bizarre crash, syma, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. homicide detective are investigating after a man was shot multiple times in the the car and crash in this abandon homes. a man in the 2008 hyundai was this shot multiple times before he slammed in the abandon house with bricks crashing down on the car. this happened around midnight on the 1600 block of sayburt
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street. eighteen shell casings were found, about 100 feet west of the crash site. once first responders pulled a man out of the car then he noticed he was shot at least five times and pronounced dead at the scene. police say he was shot once in the face twice in the left shoulder and twice in the back. crews had a difficult time pulling victim out of car because of the debris. >> hundreds of bricks and the front of the building collapsed on to this vehicle. fire department paramedics and police had to struggle to get this unconscious male out of the drivers seed of the vehicle. they pulled them out through passenger side window because vehicle was so heavily covered with bricks and debris. >> reporter: that is right bricks and tea brings is exactly what we are looking at right now. this is what is left after that car crashed into the home. l and i was here on the scene because the building is considered a has air. victim has in the been identified but he was in his
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20's and 30's. several nearby businesses and homes have surveillance camera. police are hoping to review the videos in hopes of the identifying the shooter. we are live, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". same, thank you. police are looking for a motive after a deadly shooting in northeast philadelphia "eyewitness news" on the scene in frankford just after midnight. investigators say a man was found shot in the head in the 4300 block of penn street. police continued to search for suspects as the investigation continues this morning. u.s. officials say a second american has died while fight ago long side isis terrorist in syria. news comes as the life of another american held his stage biasis hangs in the balance. journalist steven satoloff went missing last august and new in a newly released video his mother makes a direct appeal to her son's captors. >> as a mother i ask justice to be merciful and not punish my son formatters he has in control over. i ask you to use your
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authority to spare his life. >> his mother pled with is is leader, to grant her amnesty for her son. steven was also pictured in the video released biasis that showed execution of the american journalist james foley. isis says he faces the the same fate if in military action does not end. search area is shifting again for missing malaysia airplane. investigators think plane crashed in the indian ocean avenue running out of fuel. now satellite phone data suggest flight 370 might have have turned south earlier then thought. plane vanished back in march with 239 people on board. 5:33. time to get traffic and weather to go. katie, i'm distracted by the heat. >> it vice warm outside, you are right erika. a lot of people were in the mid to upper 70's in this past hour and sun has long since gone over the horizon. the it business ready to come
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up in an hour or so. as it does it will will level off temperatures. we came from the warm place yesterday. if you look very closely you may see a modest shaking going on with our field cam why in atlantic city. ferris wheel lit up brightly on the pier, beautiful just view for us before the the sun comes up. i love this shot. there you see shaking on the cue. storm scan three is quiet. following the trail of clouds there from hageers town maryland down through del marva peninsula. that is retreat and passage of the cold front we have been talking about. it came through lackluster in terms of the precipitation but definite hi brought about a change for us. we are seeing that get underway, where temperatures are back in the 50's already but still very warm in philadelphia at 76. here's the thing, we may drop another degree or two if that before the sun comes up. anywhere else for that matter. then temperatures will balance out despite full abundant sun all day wege rou surf
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and rip current risk. we will be breeze a cross the board too but a really nice day coming up, bob. 5:35. waking up grabbing your coffee and keys and heading out front door, not bad at all this morning. live look at ben franklin bridge coming into philadelphia light volume right new but keep in mind as we get in the height of the rush hour the right lane is block here on the bennie coming into philadelphia. we have three lanes for the morning rush hour. we are getting ready for big concert this weekend. here's a live look at the art museum circle where the staging is set up in front of the steps. now everything is open. inbound and out bound parkway drives, the the circumstance circle but when sunrise i'll she you tenth and staging and things will get and get into some shut down modes as we get close inner to tomorrow and of course throughout the the weekend. just be ready for delays heading in and out of the center city using ben franklin parkway. north on 295 watch for construction working your way
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north of the 42 freeway, south on the new jersey turnpike they are working near burlington mount holly and vice-president joe biden is coming to town today that will leave us a met or cade and secret service action here in center city around that lunchtime hour. our time 5:36. in business news how you can get free tacos for the rest of your life. >> sign me up. also how government is fighting back against sign's tax, money watch's jill wagner joins us now from the insuring stock exchange, jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning ukee and erika. fbi is investigating sign's tax on jp morgan chase and other banks. according to the new york times the the hackers gained access to checking and savings account information. spokesperson for jp minister again would not confirm reports and says bank has multiple layers against the sign's tax. bloomberg is report ago this russian hackers may have been behind at tax possibly in retaliation for u.s. sanction as begins their country.
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here on wall street the s and p rose just 1/10 of a point yesterday but good enough for a third straight record close. dow jones gain 15 points, the nasdaq lost one. barbie the original fashion icon is taking her looks to instagram. she can be seen wearing decyber clothes, reading fashion magazines and hanging out in trendy spots like l.a.'s the the ivy restaurant. had matel runs the feed but it reportly is ken who is snapping mess of the photos. and how would you like free taco belfor life? the fast food chain is promoting it new dollar menu by giving up to 11 customers a life time supply of free food. for the contest the company will be choosing unique dollar bill serial numbers for 11 consecutive days. if a dollar bill in your wallet matches that number you'll get a ten you this dollars gift card, taco bell says that should be enough to keep you free tacos for
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eternity, idea and quarter. >> 10,000 tacos sound like a little bit much. how do i get through that. >> wow. >> thanks, jill. did you hear about this one a spanish clothing company is doing damage control, they are under fire for selling a shirt that remind some people of the holocaust. take a look here you be the judge. it is a stripe shirt with the yellow star. very similar to the uniforms worn by jewness concentration camps. retailer says shirt was inspired by sheriff star from classic western films. they apologized and pulled the shirt from the stores and web site. labor day weekend is coming up and these days labor day in philadelphia means made in america music festival. the city says this years festival willcally kanye west, ferrell williams and 50 more performers. they start at 2:00 in the afternoon on saturday. road closures along the parkway has already started and septa has announced
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detours. get all of the details on this made in america festival at our web site at cbs have fun, safe time too. little extra time to check out the cities new park, the the spruce street harbor park the on the delaware river was supposed to close after labor day weekend but park has been such a huge hit it will stay opened through september 28th. >>ity, wonderful. >> very popular. >> september 28th. >> people on stilts doing the hoola hoop what is not to like. new group of castaways ready to compete on survivor and one of those contestants should be familiar to philly fans. football players story of heroism turns out to be a hoax and now he explains how he really got hurt. a cartoon conundrum, get this hello kitty isn't really a cat? >> what. >> i know, i know, mind blowing. what is she? we will tell you coming up, katie? >> i'll say my mind is blown,
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wow. okay. can't look, i'm looking forward to this one what the heck? we are looking ahead my friends to very pleasant weather overall in the next couple days, few problems come with that as we track cristobal making its closest path to the area we are talking about rough surf and rip currents. we will haveve details you need to know for the
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a man is dead, shot four times
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and then buried after bricks when his car crashes in to a vacant building on sayburt street in north philadelphia police found 18 shell casings nearby but so far they have made no arrests. we have an update for you on news we broke yesterday morning, the murders of the two men found bound with duct tape stabbed and dumped in the schuylkill river. police are about to serve warrant on two homes we're told in southwest philadelphia this morning. those cold be connect to their investigation. six three-year old frank wychowanec is in critical condition, a day after police say he shot his wife to death at kennedy university hospital. police found body of the couple's 35 year-old son inside of their home, inside glenn dor a. a jury acquits a texas father of murdering a drunk driver who struck and killed the man's two sons. david bareras and their sons were pushing a truck down the road in december 2012 when a drunk driver slammed in the boys killing them both. the alleged drunk driver was then shot and killed. prosecutors say the boy's
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father pulled the trigger. >> there was a lot that went on that night and i think the cops needed to follow-up on the lead on the car that left the scene and then they didn't believe us. >> prosecution's case was hammered by lack of physical evidence. murder weapon was never found. this college football player claimed he hurt his ankle saving his nephew admits it was one big lie. we told you yesterday about u.s.c. cornerback's josh shaw's incredible story. said he sprained his ankles jumping to rescue his drowning nephew. now his lawyer says the team captain did hurt himself falling from a balcony but story about his nephew was bogus. shaw is suspended indefinitely, from the team. we will get traffic and weather together right now. here's katie. >> good morning, everybody. we are still tracking a storm system in the open waters of
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the atlantic. it is our hurricane cristobal and see on the tropical satellite. look the a this it has started to gather forward speed. talk about a time stamp over here we will go from 6:00 or 7:00 last night to five or 6:00 a.m. today and it has moved a substantial amount. it is moving right along. it will ride into cooler with water to allow to it diminish. this isn't a storm that is expect to have a direct impact on the u.s. kes line or the atlantic coastline. little different view, your storm on the satellite, and even though we just had this cold front rolling through it didn't bring rain, meanwhile more than anything it will clear out here. we have seen less humidity, refreshing breeze, but this storm chops up that is your f dangerous rip current once again for us out there and it will continue throughout the course of the day, courtesy of the storm system. thankfully out to sea. wave heights 5 feet today. you got to keep life guards on
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a day like this looking at current wind five to 10 miles an hour. notice these arrows more than anything. we are seeing these north to northwesterly component to the wind flow which means it is a dryer air mass. better hair day as a result. yeah, bob's hair is looking nice today. >> thank you. >> there is a breeze. we will have a breeze to contend w get instant freeze hair spray bob. eighty-four under full sunshine. tomorrow looks beautiful as we well. do hit 90 all three das that will make it a heat wave. it will ab a nice day. kathy is heading dunn to the 28th street beach in avalon, sound of the sea gulls, she will there been to show you what is going on this weekend. you can catch orr at the shore on "eyewitness news" today 59:00 and 6:00. bob. i found this bottle that says can of hair spray and it says instant freeze. what is instant freeze. >> i like that. >> give me my hair spray. >> instant freeze. ukee, do you remember dipty
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due. >> afro sheen. >> yeah. >> come on. >> live look at 42 freeway, coming into philadelphia in problems at all, headlights passing camera at 295. schuylkill expressway looking good at city line heading out of town, light volume, roads are dry and we are off to a good start. we have an accident though in the neighborhoods norristown, arch and freely street off of route 202. we have gas repairs underway here on the overnight easton road is still block at fitzwater town road. remember patco they are running with a new schedule. they had hiccups yesterday but grab a new timetable so you are set with that new schedule that went in effect last friday. big game tonight south philadelphia will impact our evening rush hour so give yourself some extra time out there on the roads. don't forget stay up to date with the traffic backups, we have an april 7 titled your drive and down load app for iphone or android devices by going to cbs
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drive. ukee and erika, back over to you. >> word is you may see a familiar face on a popular cbs soap opera. >> bob barker, come on down to the bold and beautiful. barker is coming back to the television screen doing what he does best. on today's episode he brings awareness to animal rights but former tv show host says he is not coming out of retirement to come back to show biz. >> if i had tried to do it every day i probably would last two and a half days and they'd carry me out in the middle of the second day. >> episode focuses on barker's well known fight scene in happy gillmore bye stay tuned to see who throws the first pitch. >> price is wrong. >> yeah. >> bob. >> that is fun. >> survivors getting ready to kick off it 29th season on cb. 36789 can you believe it. is there a new batch of castaways all ready to compete for the big prize.
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former pitcher john rocker will join 18 others in nicaragua including twin sisters natalie anderson from the amazing race. this new season starts september 24th right here on cbs-3. hello kitty creators revealed a shocking detail about the popular character. it turns out hello kitty is in the the a cat after all. >> what? >> ignore the pointy ears and whiskers she's a little girl from london. disclosure was made in advance of the first hello kitty convention set to take place in los angeles this fall. >> is everything a lie, hello kitty is in the a kitty. >> what is that. >> she has which is tears for pete's sake. >> i saw. >> cool down now. >> it is all right. >> i don't understand. it will be all right. >> before you walk out the door we have one more check of traffic and weather 309's. >> meet the the man turning heads at u.s. open but he is not a
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might have a safety plan in place in the event of severe weather but have you thought about what you would need to do if you had to make significant repairs. >> jim donovan shows thousands steer clear of storm chasing contractors who sets their sites on vulnerable homeowners. >> reporter: a storm can leave damage in its wake leaving you feel overwhelmed. if something storm chasers pray on. swooping in with than days of severe weather hoping to take advantage. >> it is when they have taken money and didn't do the work, they did shoddy work or they are not standing behind it after work is done. >> reporter: don't let your guard down before hiring anyone for repairs, do your research. >> important to understand how are working with. don't make the situation worse. once you have had a problem, had a storm coming through, had tree damage, make sure assess it and do same research
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would you when hiring a company under any circumstances. >> and take note of some of the signs you could be dealing with a crooked contractor. >> watch for whether the company's local, whether they have marked trucks and vehicle, have a local phone number. these projects you are having done, roofing for example, it is something that you need to last a long time. might come with a warranty as well. you want a company to stan behind that work. >> reporter: be weary of anyone who tries to strong arm you into signing a contract on the spot in return for a discount. a tiehl today should be a deal tomorrow. another red flag any company that demands full payment up front. for more advice on avoiding getting scammed by a storm chaser, visit cbs's list. i'm jim donovan. 5:53. time for traffic and weather together is a cool front arriving, katie. >> it is moving through, and another kind of storm chaser will likely be out over central and higher planes here
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this weekend, beginning of the next system that will start to move in for us. get something very nasty thunderstorms over omaha area and iowa this morning. i will show you this because we will see a warm front brought to our area because of it. that doesn't happen until saturday. next few days we have had a cold front, less humid, more sun, saturday looks nice too despite it heating up and jump to labor day. there could be a shower or storm but that icon makes it look worse. 90 degrees. steamy day, bob. >> we are talking about hair spray some people are tweeting me here, how about vital, do you remember that. >> yes, distinct odor too it to. >> yes. >> distinct odor that sound good. >> good morning everybody. lets go outside, it is hair spray thursday, live look at i-95 starting to see a quick early morning jam southbound heading in towards cottman avenue so if you are ready to leave the the great northeast go for that jumbo coffee. we will
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ball boy is serving as inspiration. >> todd read is there and he is doing a great job but not anything special about him. he lost his right food in the land mine, during desert storm and it is never slowed him down. he also spent decades as an under cover narcotics detective too. he says chasing tennis balls in the u.s. open is just another challenge for him. >> working up a sweat too, good for him. >> on top ur of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" we are following two breaking news stories, we are live with the shooting that led to the car crash and building collapse. >> i understand police are about to serve two warrants on two homes in southwest philadelphia and they could be connect to the murders of two men found in the schuylkill river, yesterday morning, that and more when we come back
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breaking news in south philadelphia where police are waiting to serve warrant. police are not saying much but somehow though homes could be related to the grizzly discovery in the schuylkill river yesterday. third man survived that ordeal this unfolded yesterday morning, all three men were abducted and threw them in the river. two of the men died but third managed to the climb to the banks of the schuylkill and waved down help on kelly drive. police say the the incident is drug related and hepp survivor can help them track down the persons involved. >> their hand and feet were bound, their eyes were covered, they were stabbed multiple times. two of the three i believe their throats were split and then thrown in the schuylkill river. one the of the more barbaric
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murders i have seen. >> police collected evidence from the survivors home on north second street, that man is in critical condition. police have not identified any of the other victims. more breaking news this morning police say a contrary that crashed in the abandon house in north philadelphia is in accident. >> lets get out to "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry on that scene the at sayburt street with more, syma, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. to you see this behind me? all of the bricks and debris? that is what is left after a man was shot multiple times in his car and


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