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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 29, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> developing right now at 11:00 joan rivers rush to the hospital. we have the latest from her family on her condition. also right now the search for a suspect. teen sexuallily assaulted near a school now community is on edge. >> and breaking tonight an incredible crash.
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a tractor trailer plows into home at a busy intersection in northeast philly and this isn't the first time. good evening, i'm jessica dean. chris may is off tonight. >> it was a wild scene that rattled the neighborhood. it all happened on levick and farnsworth streets in mayfair. matt rivers is there live tonight with the latest. matt what's happening now? >> reporter: jesse, you can see the truck has actually been towed out of the house hyped me. you can see that truck just down the street over here on levick street. it was leaking diesel fuel a little bit earlier so officials are making sure that that has stopped but here you can see the damage that that truck left behind. you can see right into those poor people's living room here. no one was injured in this crash at least the people inside the home. no one was home so no one was injured inside the hem thankfully as everyone out here agree that is this crash could have been a lot worse. >> tractor trailer and a dangerous intersection. police say it was right around 7:15 when an suv blew a red
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light at farnsworth and levick slamminslamming in tractor traid forcing it into the home. no one was and side the home. both drives were injured, though, as neighbors and police got to the seen to help. >> he got out of the car. his arm was all bloody. i talk to him. i said are you okay? >> do you know who you are? do you know your name? he's like yeah. >> both drivers were taken to the hospital where they remain in stable condition. tonight's scene was dramatic it wasn't entirely unfamiliar to those that live on the street like barbara whose been here 14 years. >> this is the fourth accident that has occurred here at this house. >> while none of the first three crashes were this dramatic, neighbors say something look this happening was only a matter of time and they'd like to see some changes. >> reduce the speed. i don't think tractor trailers should be allowed on this street because they're so big and stuff like this can happen. it's a hazard for everyone. >> reporter: the people living inside this home were apparently aware of the dangers of this intersection. you can see right there they had
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installed those small concrete posts called bollard around their home in an an accident like this from happening the concrete post might have stopped a small car but no match for this tractor trailer. we're told from neighbors out here on the scene that three children also live inside that home. no one inside at the time of the crash. so no injuries to anyone inside. we're live in northeast philadelphia tonight matt rivers cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right. matt, thanks so much. developing to night a man is robbed and shot in the parking lot of a northeast philadelphia supermarket this happened around sick outside the pathmark at large street and bleigh avenue. the 37 year old victim who police say was carrying 70 thus san dollars in cash was targeted on his way into the bank inside the pathmark. we're told that man was shot in the arm but is expected to be objection. right now police are searching for two suspects who fled in a white van. >> if you are shore bound think weekend there is a warning you need to hear tonight much
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meteorologist kathy orr has more on the rip current risk you need to watch out for kathy. >> it is amazing. i was down the shore today and we saw many folks who were going into the water but weren't going all that deep. that's why we are continuing to watch the shore for that dangerous rip current risk. these folks not loud in past they are waste open as we headed toward ocean city the same goes because of the threat of rip currents. the guards had said only venture in during those afternoon hours and once the guards went off duty, of course, everyone was pulled in from the water. the same goes along the beaches in new york where spectators and visitors took pictures of the swells and the rough surf but that was about it. stayed along the shore in the quieter weather because these swells will continue over the course of the next couple of days. the culprit is cristobal. of course, this hurricane right now with a mack mum sustained win at about 85 miles an hour is accelerating toward the north
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northeast at 46 miles an hour and at that speed it will be long gone over the next couple of days but we are watching it because even though it is over 700 miles away its impact will continue along the jersey shore and the delaware beaches with that high risk of rip currents for friday and at least a moderate risk for saturday. so coming up we'll have the latest from the city to the shore to the poconos on your holiday weekend forecast. for now i'm meteorologist cath kathy orr. we'll zen back to you, jess. >> kathy, thank you. a chester county community is on alert tonight after police say a 16 year old was sexually assaulted near a school. that attack happened in a wooded trail near 11th avenue and foundry street in cowan township. diana rocco has more on the search for a suspect tonight. >> reporter: police in cowan township are looking for this man. they say he sexually assaulted a 16 year old near coatesville high school wednesday morning. >> there's considerable amount of kids that walk this area in
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addition to schoolbusessing in and out. for mott evident most part we not to let them travel by themselves. >> that really scares me. >> the victim was walking on wooded trail between eight and 10:00 a.m. when police say the man attempted to rob the student and then attacked the victim. holly, has a veneererred daughter who sometimes walks the same trail. >> she will definitely be catching the bus. i will even talk to my neighbo neighbors. >> e-mail went home to parents and police released this sketch. >> i was shocked. like it's hard to believe that, you know, this stuff happens. >> reporter: it left many uncomfortable with that are kids walking to and from school only in the% week. >> she knows. you don't walk i was roane loan. you always travel in groups. >> the kids aren't safe walking to school. i mean, what else can they do? report roar the man is described as in his early 30's with a mustache about 5-foot nine with a thin build weigh about 140 pounds. he was last seen wearing a black
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hooded sweatshirt and blue jea jeans. because of the close proximity to coatesville high school police have notified all of the schools in the are a. they are asking parents to talk to their kids and asking anyone with information to give them a call. in caln township, diana rocco cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> developing now comedian and tv host joan rivers is in critical condition at a new york city hospital. she stopped breathing while under going a minor surgical procedure on her throat this morning. reporter dave carlin from our sister station wcbs is at mount sipe night hospital in with the latest tonight. >> joan rivers appeared robustly healthy at this wednesday night appearance in man money called on cell phone individual 83 taken boy a fan. >> but hours later she went from what was supposed to be routine endoscopy sources tell cbs two the procedure on her throat was underway when the 81 year old stopped breathing. they say she in cardiac arrest when taken from the yorkville
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cling to sounder sigh my hospital. her daughter melissa was in california. she arrived at the hospital. soon after the hospital released this statement from me list. >> i want to thank everyone for the overwhelming love and support forme mother. she is resting comfortably and is with our family. we ask that you continue to keep her in your thoughts and praye prayers. >> howard johnsons again, hooray, houri. >> brooklyn born comedian shot to fame on the stand up circuit of the 19 exacts and on tv talk shows. >> oh please. >> lately she's been busy doing her fashion police tv segments, reality show with melissa and making the rounds at numerous new york city events and shows. meeting cast members back stage. her neighbors here the upper east side joined fans all over wishing her a speedy recovery. >> joan get well because we miss you. we love you. >> i expect her to go on forev forever. >> cbs two dr. max gomez says
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says --ing. >> it could be heart arrhythmia. breathe asking stop. you never know. the elderly tendotome tabliers medications differentl differen. >> that was dave carlin reporting there. you can be sure to stay with us for the very latest on joan rivers condition. we'll have the latest developments overnight on eyewitness this morning that starts at 4:30. you can get them any time at >> ocean county community is mourning after the body of 23 year old aaron so for was found in israel. sofer was from lakewood. he disappeared last friday while hiking with his friend in jerusalem forest. police believe he fell and do not suspect foul play. >> there are new developments in the investigation not bodies dumped into the sue skill river. homicide detectives he can cuted search warrants in southwest philly this morning on south 72nd street. they removed several buckets similar police say to those used as make shift anchors tied to the bodies.
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two bodies were recovered from the river yesterday morning. a third person escaped and is currently in critical condition. police have not named any suspects. >> city inspectors are investigate a case of hoarding i l andism inspections with face masks removed debris and trash from a row home there. no word on who the home own are in is or what they found inside. >> it took months of negotiations but today the u.s. department of health and human services approved the healthy pennsylvania plan. this means half a million low income pennsylvanians will have access to federally funded health insurance. federal agency agreed to governor corbett's plan to use medicaid funds to extend private health coverage to adults win the state. enrollment in that plan begins december fir. coverage will begin januar january 1st. >> outrage and shock tonight after vandals spray painted racial slurs all over a south jersey sports complex.
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we've blurred out the offense suv words here that covered the track and buildings at memorial field in cape may courthouse. police believe as many as eight juveniles spray painted those racial slurs. tonight they're using surveillance video to try to fine them. >> i'm appalled frankly because it's just such a nice community. >> hob ribble. i don't think it was right for what they. >> that damage is estimated a the $2,000. >> apple's next big move tonight we know when the new iphone and i watch are expected to be revealed. also, on the way tonight the unforgettable video of an nfl star and his wife and side an atlantic city hoe physical. how that case sparked a major change in nfl policy today. and beasley is live at the linc. beas? >> it was a successful exhibition season for the eagles. next up the jaguars september the seventh right here at the link long but couple of tense nights ahead for players on the bubble. we'll talk about that in sports. kathy? >> beasley we're looking ahead to the holiday weekend.
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but there will be a threat of rain. i'll show you the best time to be outside coming up with the seven day forecast as "eyewitness news" at 11:00 comes
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>> he got it wrong when punishing running back ray rice for domestic incident involving his wife. rice was suspended for two games. it's a punishment nfl commissioner roger goodell now says didn't go far enough. from now on the league will have zero tolerance policy for domestic abuse. todd quinones is live at the linc to explain what happens now. todd? >> reporter:. >> jessica, under the nfl's new domestic violence policy after the first offense players will now be suspended for six games and then after the second offense, they'll be kicked out of the league. this video from tmz of ray rice's then fiance' now wife unconscious after he allegedly hit her during trip to the revel
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casino were startling when it was followed boy only two game suspension by the nfl that drew the ire from fans. adam berg moyer brought his two kids out thursday night to is he their first eagles game. >> it's not all right to play. it's a privilege. >> in a letter made public thursday receiving to the rice incident roger goodell said i didn't get it right. simply put we have to do better and we will. now the new policies states minimum six game suspension after the first offense and banishment from the nfl after a second dee mess tick violence offense although that can be appeal. >> i don't think they should be able to play and i don't think they shall be a able to be paid just like anyone else in any other job. >> now that i've seen the outcry from everybody else he realizes that it's a much mr. serious issue. >> janine is executive director of the philadelphia based women against abuse. as an outpatient critic of the ray rice punishment, she believed goodell needed to do more. especially since she claims one in thee women during their lifetime will be subbed to serious physical abuse.
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>> it sends a very strong message and we're going to be watching carefully to see what happens and we hope that it does came the way people behave. >> at least one parent in football fan we talk to believes new p.m. see by the inform fl may be too harsh. >> i believe that there should be some kind of infraction involved, but, you know are it's a little bit steep. >> reporter: and during any of these suspensions the players will not be paid. reporting live tonight at the linc todd quinn nope cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we want to know what you have have to think about the new nfl p.m. see on domestic violence. you can connect with us on our facebook page and send us a tweet. >> one of the most famous couples in the world has made it official. brad pitt and angelina jolie got maryland in secret ceremony last saturday at their home in fran france. the couple's six children played rolls in the ceremony. oldest son maddux and packs walk jolie down the aisle.
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two girls through the rose metals and she'll will and knocks safe as rain bearers. >> i will make its next release on september 9th. they didn't release any details but text insiders say that's when apple will debut a couple of new i phones and possibly the i watch. >> philly will close out the summer in style with made in america festival on the ben franklin parkway. that event features nearly 50 performers including conway west, jay cole and kings of le leon. but that party will also force the closure of roads around the parkway starting tomorrow morning. make note of that all streets including the inner lanes of the parkway from 22nd street to eakins oval will be shut down. we have complete list at >> kathy, a lot of people with an eye toward the weekend already. may have they've got it started. >> i think so. i was coming back from the shore this evening and i was coming toward philadelphia and it seemed like everybody was going
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out toward the shore. looking good. a great night out there. down the shore in atlantic city we'll take you to steel poor where there's a lot of action and why not? it's beautiful night to be outdoors. little bit on the cool side come tomorrow morning. our live neighbor network takes us to boardwalk plaza in rehoboth, delaware. 72 degrees right now but a great beach day and evening fell lights are a little bright but still some folks on the boards at this late hour. our eyewitness cam comes from ocean city. frank tom sue ski our co work consider zen this in with a rough surf because of hurricane cristobal the surfers loved it this afternoon. unfortunately that rip current risk will persist over the course of the next couple of days even though that hurricane will be hundreds of miles away and accelerating out to sea. philadelphia excite warm at 71. but look at atlantic city at the are a port 61. 52 in the poconos. 62 in allentown. the poconos temperatures will fall into the 40s overnight tonight. shore temperatures very similar
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to inland temperatures. in the lower 70s. the warmest number on this board the ocean at 76 degrees. so it will be a comfortable weekend for shore. storm scan3 is showing a clear sky to fight very very pleasant but as we wide didn't out you can see some clouds to the west. and some showers and a few thunderstorms. this next system will move our way over the course of the weekend and as it gets closer, it will bring an increasing threat of a shower or thunderstorm. it will feel more like fourth of july weekend than actually labor day weekend. high pressure brings us a gorgeous day friday with high temperatures in the lower 80s. it same goes for saturday as that high slides off the coast. by sunday, this frontal boundary gets closer. we have heat, we have humidity. a lot of moisture in the atmosphere and a chance of a shower or thunderstorm late in the day toward evening as this front gets close sr. especially north and west of the city. as it moves even closer oh on monday the threat will continue into the labor day holiday. overnight it will be clear, very pleasant crack the windows if you have the chance. let all that fresh cooler air
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in. the low 61 this the city. 50's in our suburbs. friday sunny low humidity just a picture perfect day. the temperature 81 degrees. if you'red whenning down the shore perhaps for the weekend, 77 degrees will be the air temperature uv index sitting at 9:00 the water almost as warm as the air at 76. the rip current risk high remember those guards are on duty until about 5:00 o'clock on the weekdays. 5:30 on the weekends. and then everybody has to get out the water. saturday 79. the air temperature water temperature 76. the rip current risk still will be moderate. pock notice no problems. friday, saturday beautiful with golden sunshine. warmer more humid sunday with a chance of an afternoon storm. and on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast and shore of the cast, temperatures turning steamy sunday, monday and tuesday. and we see that storm threat as well. it will be an official heat wave by tuesday only our third of the summer. and it's september. amazing. wednesday 88. and then next thursday
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87 degrees. get an update on the forecast any time especially if you're on the go this weekend with the cbs philly weather app check life radar, severe thunderstorms perhaps, and share your pictures with us. download the app on i tunes. of course, no severe weather expected at the -- according to the forecast for the weekend so far. >> that's great. we like the summer to go out nice and peacefully. >> very peacefully. kathy thanks. >> beasley reece with "eyewitness sports". beasley. >> jessica. the players on the bubble put their best foot forward tonight. in the case of the kickers literally best foot. we might have kicker situation. we'll have eagles highlights and a nascar update that's all coming up in spo
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>> i'm beasley reece at lincoln financial field. they are shutting it down here the preseason is over. it was successful for the eagl eagles. let's take look at some of the his lights because there were players fighting for their last shot at the nfl.
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matt barkley rough start interception and that stop the opening drive. but he would redeem himself just few minutes later. first and 10 from mid field he connected on a 43-yard pass to ben and that put the birds up seven to nothing. meanwhile, former he gel michael vick got the start for new york he only played one play. coach letting him do so so that the he guess fans could recognize him and thank him and it was warm. but tonight was mostly about the younger guys trying to earn a roster spot. men tee of competition among the running backs henry josie made case for himself with 18-yard rush for first down and did he marius johnson also having good night. including a 46-yard dash for the touchdown. overall a good performance by the backups. wiping this one the eagles 37 37-seven. >> now let's talk more about the kickers. it was a heated competition there. they have a decision to peak because kiddie parkey hit a 54
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yarder, back that up with a 53 yarder and i know you're saying that's just preseason, but the kid was kicking for his life. that's as pressure pack as kicking to win game. here's the kicker and the coach. >> i knew i had the first kick coming in no matter how far it was. and i just figure, hey, make the best of my opportunity. they brought me in to compete with alex and my job is to makefield goals that's my goal every time. >> tough to make any decision when you're cutting anybody that's the one thing they're still human beings on that side of the ball. it's not i don't look at it that way. i look tomorrow is not real good day and saturday is not a real good day. you go the to tell 22 guys they're not going to make the team. >> temple owls kicked off their season tonight the road against vanderbilt. they are ahead of the commodores seven to nothing. they had late start because of bad weather. also in sports news nascar driver tony stewart is getting back on the track in at land to this weekend. he missed three races since he
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was involved in that tragic crash that killed kevin ward, jr., in upstate new york. that crash of course is still under review. >> so the next game right here at linc is september the seventh against the jaguars and it is for real. there's more new
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>> next friday mark the stand up to cancer tv event and tonight a philadelphia sky scape per is lit tup bring awareness in the fight to find cure for cancer. the tower of one liberty place in center city was bathed in red lights one of a dozen structures across the country illuminat ilg in united show of support. stand up to cancer a live commercial free one hour fundraising event that airs september 5th at a.m. simultaneously across all networks including right here on cbs. >> we'll be right back.
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>> thank you for watching cbs-3 eyewitness news at 11:00 tonig 11:00 tonight. we return tomorrow morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and erika von tiehl. for beasley, kathy and everyone
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here i'm jessica dean you can always fine us at up next is the late show with david letterman. tonight's guest is mike myers. have great night. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪'s >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for luminess air. >> people have said to me, "you look amazing. what have you done?" >> people ask me if i've had a face-lift. >> people asked if i got botox. >> announcer: these women all switched to a new foundation. >> people come up to me and say, "your skin is beautiful." >> announcer: it's not a skin-care lotion or potion. it's not even plastic surgery. >> i will have people say, "what are you doing? you look younger." >> announcer: it's a huge leap forward in makeup technology. >> this is what i used to look like 10 years ago. >> announcer: and it can help you look 10 years younger instantly. >> i've had two people actually tell me it looks like i have


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