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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  August 29, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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. we begin 4:30 with breaking news, busy off ramp on the schuylkill expressway is shutdown right now after tractor-trailer flips on its side. i just thank god that those people were not home and everyone's okay. >> more tractor-trailer trouble. this time, a big rig goes crashing straight into a home in the northeast. >> and a live look at the parkway where workers are busy putting finishing touches on the made in america set as final preparations continue, we have important traffic detours to he will you about. it is friday, august 29th, good morning, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. quick check on the forecast right now, actually more about the breaking news. yes, drivers who use 76 west to get onto route one should plan alternate route this morning. route one onramp closed right
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now as police investigate single vehicle accident. a tractor-trailer overturned just before 1:00 this morning. the driver was taken to the hospital with head and chest pain. there is no word yet on when that ramp will reopen. bob has an update coming up in a couple of minutes. meanwhile, crash cause as tractor-trailer hit a rowhouse in northeast philadelphia. >> it happened at the intersection of farnsworth and levick in mayfair. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson joins us now. he is at the scene to tell you more about it, steve, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, looking at this shot sitting at home you may think i'm doing a live shot from nap a, california, no, northeast philadelphia, one person's home. see the devestation behind me when that tractor-trailer slammed into the side of the home taking out the brick wall. a lot of work has been done since last night. but if you want any indication that the word on the street here is that this could have been a whole lot worse, see the children's play set inches from the path of the
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tractor-trailer. we have video of the incident last night, the scene, police say it happened about 7:15 thursday night. the mayfair section here. here's what police say happened. ford suv runs a red light at the corner hereof farnsworth and levick streets. the suv slams into that tractor-trailer. that forces that into the north side of the house, pushing it right through the brick wall. thankfully, again, nobody inside at the time. but both the 55 year old truck driver and the 28 year old suv driver both taken to the hospital, both treated for injuries. i'm told the injuries were minor. we got on scene, spoke to few neighbors, saw the drivers, right after the accident. you have to hear this. >> he got out of the car, his arm was all bloodied. i talked to him. i said are you okay? do you know who you are? do you know your name? he's like ya. >> i just thank god that those people were not home and everyone's okay. >> reporter: believe it or not, this is not the first
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time this has happened, not only in this neighborhood but to this specific house. there is an indication all around here, we'll talk about that in the next half hour. for now live in mayfair, steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> 4:33, a loft folks looking forward to long holiday weekend. >> i think overall we're definitely going to see pretty nice weather out there. also, going to start heating up. sort of traditionally the last hooray of the summer season where you want to get in the beach plans, you want to get in the pool plans, picnics, all of that awesome stuff that we sort of classify and categorize in summer, right? right now, "skycam 3" very quiet over atlantic city, we've got clear starlit sky out there. it is comfortable, the winds has basically calmed down. and it is actually kind of cool outside. you will see that. but there is still this silent hazard in the way of rip currents. now, they were at the worse yesterday in terms of how it related to the hurricane. but, currently, storm scan3 obviously still empty here. but you don't see rip currents
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on saturday light or radar obviously, so another thing do you have still contends with, if you are going to any of the area beaches or shore points today. surf thankfully lower than it was yesterday. it is only at about 3 feet. but, there is still moderate risk, again, not as high as yesterday, but it is out there. so, heed the lifeguards, always swim near them. meanwhile, here you go, talk about difference 24 hours can make, easily mid upper 70s this same time yesterday. fifty mount pocono, probably going to drop down into the 40's before the morning is owl said and done, up in the highest terrain. but today you just don't get better than this. so nice outside. 84 degrees, with full soul shine, low humidity, just watch out for the rip countries being down the shore, bob, good morning. >> morning, everybody, 4:34. look here, overturned tractor-trailer we have been talking about that occurred on the overnight here. it is blocking the ramp from the southbound roosevelt boulevard to head west on the schuylkill expressway, one of the tractor-trailers caring one every toast cargo
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containers like you typically see on the cargo ships. live look of our traffic camera, right above the scene here, it is actually in that funnel ramp, the ramp that comes from the roosevelt boulevard, and puts folks west on the schuylkill. the schuylkill itself right here not impacted at all. you can go west, on the schuylkill, you will drive by it of course, but as we go to the maps now, it is really impacting the boulevard ramp to the westbound schuylkill expressway. so if you are coming down the boulevard, and you typically go west out toward conshohocken or king of prussia, you have to go eastbound, flip u-turn laverne there at montgomery drive, then come back west. they hope the next couple of hours to have it cleaned up, have uprighted the tractor-trailer, that's good news, we'll keep an eye on, that light volume so far this morning. not causing too much after problem. coming into town on the schuylkill good shape. no problems on that pennsylvania turnpike, but it is going to be busy weaken here in philadelphia. of course, with the made in america concert, yellow lines show the closures that will be
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in effect, actually, for the concert. right now the inner drives of the ben franklin parkway are closed and i would suggest that through the day you avoid using the kelly or martin luther king drives to gain access in and out every center city. ukee, back over to you. >> in the news couple of arm thieves shoot a man in northeast philly and get away with $70,000. it happened outside the pathmark at large and fly around 6:00 last night. investigators say, the 37 year old victim was on his way to the bank to make a deposit. he suffered a gunshot wounds to the arm and is expected to be okay. >> the bank and the pathmark right where this robbery took place, do have exterior surveillance cameras. detectives have viewed those recordings. those recordings do clearly show the suspect vehicle. >> now, police describe that vehicle as a white van, possibly a dodge, with custom rims, and a roof rack. it was last seen driving south out of the parking lot toward cottman avenue. police continue their search this morning for a
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child preditor in chester county. this after a 16 year old sexually assaulted near a school. it happened yesterday morning, along a wooded trail near 11th avenue and found dray street in cohen township. police say the man depicted in the sketch also attempted to rob the victim. the news left many residents uncomfortable letting their kids walk to and from school. >> kind of scared. if the kids aren't safe walking to school, i mean, what else can they do? >> now we are looking like we may have to take our things little further, extends it more, since the situation has occurred. >> the suspect is described as in his early 30's, with thin build. he was last seen wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and bluejeans. >> police do not suspect foul play in the death of 23 year old aharon sofer. ocean county native found dead in israel, from lakewood, new jersey, stud being, dis a periods a week ago while
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fighting -- hiking with his friends. they now believe he fell to his death. president obama has dialed back the possibility of imminent us military action against isis in syria. the us has already launched more than 100 attacks on tarring nets iraq. but the president said defeating the militants there is not enough. administration officials are considering similar action in syria. your time 4:38. comedian joan rivers remains in new york hospital this morning, as we learn new details overnight about her condition. >> we'll have the latest for you, plus this: >> everybody's going crazy over this thing, i guess they want to see whether or not it is my real hair. >> finds out as donald trump takes the ice bucket challenge. he has been challenge add couple of timeses now. let's see what happens to that
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good morning, back on "eyewitness news" this morning, philly plans to close
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out sumner style. made in america festival kicks off tomorrow on the ben franklin parkway. you are looking live at some of the last minute preparations the event showcases nearly 50 performers like kanye west, jay coal, kings every leon. but that party will force the closure of roads all around the parkway, starting this morning. all streets including the inner lanes of the parkway from 22nd street, to the oval, will be shutdown. we have complete list of road closures on our website well, sources tell our sister station, wcbs tv, joan rivers is in critical condition at new york city area hospital. the comedian and television host was rushed to mount sinai hospital yesterday where sources say she is now in a medically induced comb a the 81 year old stopped breathing and went into cardiac arrest at this new york clinic while undergoing routine surgical procedure on her throat. the hospital released this statement from her daughter, melissa, and it says, quote, i want to thank everyone for the overwhelming love and support for my mother.
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she is resting comfortably and is with our family. we ask that you continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers. stay with us for the very latest on the condition of joan rivers. new developments are always available around the clock for you at he's been challenged by mike tyson, vince mcmahon, even homer simpson, now donald trump is taking the als ice bucket challenge. oh, proving his hair is real. >> let's go, ladies. (applause). >> what a mess. >> oh, with the help of miss universe and miss usa, did the challenge where else, trump tower in new york. i will admit, i heard ice in the buckets two, buckets worth, he challenged his sons donald and eric and president obama. >> see the water bottles, he
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uses trump water? >> did i see that. >> i love how he goes what a mess, like that's a mess to you, water, pure, from the earth? >> perhaps that warrants a mess? >> it is true, you have to give it to him. >> big weekends for the sit. >> i oh, yes, so much going on. outdoor plans, picnics, made in america, beach plans, all of that good stuff. and generally, i think we're looking good. >> all right. >> we'll start heating up, though, i would say probably the biggest story here, even though eventually dealing with couple of showers, maybe thunderstorm along the way, which we have to dodge sunday, labor day itself. it should be pretty scattered in nature, the big story again, starting to heat up. just wait until you see this seven day forecast, but we will get you through the next couple of days with beautiful weather. high pressure once again regained control, and we are continuing to see our hurricane. it is still a hurricane. very quickly retreat. even at this wide zoom, not even visible on the radar. so high pressure back in place, but the problem is a lot of times get delayed
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reaction on the heals of large storm like cristobal was. we will continue to see that moderate rip countries being continue. this is just a nice day. low 80s, low humidity, and also, you know, just abundant sunshine. just doesn't get better than this. now, tomorrow, also, bright, sunny, but will start heating up, little hint of more humidity for us, then come sunday warmfront is through, actually going to start to see temperatures flirt with 90 degrees at this point. and there will be a shower or storm to dodge along the wayment not just sunday, but also monday. meanwhile, here's where we stands with the temperatures. it is so much cooler by comparison to yesterday. almost everybody is at least 15 degrees cooler from one day to the next, since yesterday at this time. because remember, still waiting for cold front to completely cross, it has crossed, and temperatures have taken a hit because of t but in a good way. we like when temperatures take a hit this time of year t means beautiful weather, 71, comfortable air in place, drop to 63 tonight, good excuse to leave the ac off.
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why not? next few days starting to heat it up here. i think best shot to actual actually get heatwave would be monday, tuesday, wednesday, right now not forecasting it, but things may change as we move forward. guys, back over to you. >> all right, katie, thank you. nfl commissioner roger gidel offers public, he said he didn't get it right with the two game suspension for ray rice after domestic incident with his wife seen in that surveillance video. now, domestic abuse punishments will be more severe. players will be suspended for at least six games for a first offense. but, that suspension could be long fer a weapon is involved. this new policy also states, players can be panicked from the league after a second domestic violence offense, but that can be appealed. that -- these changes had plenty of football players talking. >> i don't think they should be able to play, i don't think they should be paid just like anyone else in some other job. >> there should be some casino of infraction, but it is a
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little bit steep. >> gidel's statement did not mention if the commissioner would impose the penalties before a player is formally charged. rice's two game suspension starts this weekend. the eagles wrap up pre-season with nice showing gets the jets last night, and they show they are ready for the season opener ten days from today. back up quarterback matt barkley started the game for the birds. he tossed 43-yard touchdown pass to ben, to give the birds an early lead on the jets, the lincoln leap into the stands, love it. kicker codey parkey he made his case to make the team, made, and competing with last year's kicker alex henry t looks like he may have lock up a roster spot. eagles beat the jets in the last tuneup practice game 37 to seven. there he is, vick would start against the birds last night, decks but lifted after
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one play. the philly crowd gave micah big ovation as he left the game, nice move by buddy's son recommendation ryan, he will be the jets back up this season. temple owls against vanderbuilt in nashville, tennessee last night. most of the game probably went down while were you asleep. the owls defense forced seven turnovers, including a 73-yard fumble recovery for a touchdown by avery robinson. temple rolled over vandy, 37 to seven. kick off delayed 90 minutes by lightning and the game ended about quarter after 2:00 this morning. penn state plays ucf in ireland tomorrow, 8:30 a.m. our time. well, the phillies hit the road tonight after seven and two home stand, david bow can and for the phillies against the mets at city field. phils are just a game behind the metropolitans in the national league east. erika, back to you. >> ukee, thank you. delivery drones could be one step closer to reality. we'll tell you which major company is hoping to compete with amazon. first though, here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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the driver after tractor-trailer in stable condition, after this crash on the schuylkill expressway west near the route one ramps. the situation could be an issue for the morning commute. and two drivers are in the hospital after this crash at levick and farnsworth in mayfair. police say an s.u.v. ran a red light, hit a tractor-trailer, and forced it into the wall after home. no one was home at the time, fortunately, we're told that's not the first crash at that dangerous intersection. and live look at the made in america concert area. the festival starts at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, it will feature kanye west, the kings of leon, and 50 other performers over the weekends. you can get updates on the show and also road closures, there is a number of them, all of that information for you at the only time it will be
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that empty, right now. >> right now, you got that right. friday morning, let's get a check of the business news. >> money watch's wendy gillette, and we hear there are concerns about the ukraine yesterday. wendy? >> reporter: yes, ukee, erika, investors will be watching for reports on consumer spending and sentiment that will be released this morning. the us economy rebounded in the second quarter growing at annual rate of 34.2%. -- 4.2 percent. yesterday stocks were down partly because every concerns about the conflict in ukraine, the dow lost 42 points, the nasdaq dropped almost 12. ukee, erika. >> we know about amazon. what's this about another company designing drones to deliver packages to the doorstep? >> yes, google, a fleet of drones, in development to carry merchandise, to customers from its on line store. test flights in australia recently delivered a first aid kit, candybars, dog treats and water to two formers, after traveling about a half mile. that puts google in a race with amazon to use a
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self-flying vehicles to deliver packages. ukee, erika, so destined. >> it really is. >> how about it? >> your own personal drone delivers your personal groceries, coming up after a short break, traffic and weather togethther, we do it on weather togethther, we do it on the 3's, we'll be hi. i'm shawn johnson of the 2008 u.s. gymnastics team. i'm here with our friends from "veggie tales" to say... all: be a player. get up and play an hour a day. besides gymnastics, how do you stay in great shape, shawn? i love to dance and rollerblade. cool. cool. you don't have to be an olympian to be a player. just do the things you already love to do, like jump rope, ride a bike, or even play freeze tag. now, that's something to flip for. well done. for fun ways to get healthy, visit
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just past 4:53, getting traffic and weather together. >> got a problem here, we kick it off this friday. overturned tractor-trailer, blocking the ramps from the roosevelt boulevard, to the schuylkill expressway. here is a live look, from our penndot camera here, the truck overturned earlier this morning, so there is a lot of activity, it is kind of -- it is in that stretch, between the boulevard, and city line avenue. the week schuylkill is open. you will not be able to use that first ramp for city avenue, because that's the ramp the accident scene is on. go past. that will you will be able to gain access to city line
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avenue. for the folks coming down the roosevelt boulevard this morning, you will not be able to go west on the schuylkill expressway, and you have two options, either get off the kelly drive, and access the schuylkill, from the drive, or you will be forced to go eastbound on the schuylkill, either u-turn at montgomery drive, then back on your way. so hopefully, katie, they can get that cleaned up before the beginning of that tight morning rush hour, so at least not raining for the clean up crew. >> it is so nice outside. very, very comfortable outside for any of the construction guys, anybody that is out and about right now, you notice, it is very cool. it feels like fall, storm scan3, totally empty, at least here at home, and we're going to keep it that way for you in the next couple of days, so when you are talking dew points below 50, you know you have got a dry air mass in place. and on top of it, all, we ends up with lighter winds than what we had yesterday. so this, my friends, is a perfect hair day. let's take you to the next few
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days. check it out, flirting with 90 by sunday, also when our next shot for shower or storm returns to the forecast, ukee, back to you. >> here are stories our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 will be following for you today. city of philadelphia working with local business toss install security cameras that could help police solve crimes. the streets department steps up their efforts to stop illegal dumping and business owners at the shore say they had a profitable summer season. "kyw news radio" two, three, four times a day, 106 off on your a.m. band. >> coming up in the next hour, latest on tractor-trailer crash that forces family out of their home. we will be live for you. also, ahead, passenger falls off busy subway platform, and all of it is caught on camera. >> then graffiti so hateful, we have to blur it out. how police hope to capture the suspect who spray painted racial slurs at local sports complex. we're back at the top of the hour. good morning, family, see you in a bit.
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major traffic mess on the schuylkill this morning after this truck flips over. the area to avoid in just a few minutes. >> also, check out huge hole left behind after a tractor-trailer plows right into a home. and it is not the first time they've seen an accident like this at the busy intersection go it is friday, august 29, good morning, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. also this morning, it will be a party on the parkway this weekend. what you need to know if you are headed to the made in america festival, and the roads to avoid in case you're not starting this morning, katie, good morning. pretty nice weather as we kick off the festival, in this is nice long weekends for you, overall, the holiday weekend forecast is looking pretty good. but we're heating up, we've got wet weather issues that we
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have to talk b all of the details coming up. >> 5:00 straight up on a friday, here is video from the news van on the scene, of the overturned tractor-trailer, that's causing some havoc, and detours this morning, all of the details coming up next. and we will check in with mass transit, as well. back to you. >> bob, thank you. just incredible crash in northeast philadelphia, an accident, sends a tractor trail near a home at busy intersection. it happened around 7:15 last night at levick and farnsworth streets in mayfair, that's where "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson joins us now with an update. steve, good morning. >> thankfully able to say it could have been whole lot worse, this is one of those cases, now, you can't tell by all of the destruction behind me, l & i's been here, the work has been done, and a lot of that wall has been sealed and shut up. but it was really bad, taking a look at it, yesterday. but i want to show this. look at this traffic light, still in use, people still using this


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