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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 29, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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details coming up. >> 5:00 straight up on a friday, here is video from the news van on the scene, of the overturned tractor-trailer, that's causing some havoc, and detours this morning, all of the details coming up next. and we will check in with mass transit, as well. back to you. >> bob, thank you. just incredible crash in northeast philadelphia, an accident, sends a tractor trail near a home at busy intersection. it happened around 7:15 last night at levick and farnsworth streets in mayfair, that's where "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson joins us now with an update. steve, good morning. >> thankfully able to say it could have been whole lot worse, this is one of those cases, now, you can't tell by all of the destruction behind me, l & i's been here, the work has been done, and a lot of that wall has been sealed and shut up. but it was really bad, taking a look at it, yesterday. but i want to show this. look at this traffic light, still in use, people still using this light, but it
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almost looks like part of the war zone, under it, though, you will see these concrete supports, and an offense that's been built all the way around the house that's because this is not the first time this has happened, not the second or third time, but the fourth time there has been an accident near this home. >> it hasn't been this bad. showing you video, police say it happened around 7:15 thursday night, the mayor fair section of philadelphia, police say here's what happened. ford suv runs a red light, essentially just slams into the back of a tractor-trailer, crossing farnsworth and levick streets. the suv again hitting the back of the tractor-trailer it, goes across the street, plunging into the brick wall, into the home, destroys part of that wall, and goes right through the home. thankfully, again, nobody inside at the time. but the two drivers were hurt. talking to neighbors, they say this isn't the first time this has happened. they're telling people to use caution when driving around
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here. >> all the time, it is not like an once in a time thing. >> it is a never ending thing for the family. all the time. >> so the family out of the home at the request of the licenses and inspections department as they figure out what they can do with the home as far as continuing to seal t meanwhile 55 year old truck driver, 28 year old suv driver, were taken to the hospital. but they were just treated for minor injuries, they're expected to be okay this morning. it is the latest from mayfair, i'm steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> steve, scary moments in northeast philadelphia parking lot when a man is robbed and shot in broad daylight. it happened outside the pathmark at large and blie around 6:00 last night. they believe the 37 year old victim may have been targeted. police say he was about to go in the bank and deposit $70,000 in cash when two armed men approached his van.
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>> the robbers then took a bag full of cash, and threat the scene. they got bad in their van, and they fled the scene, south through the parking lot toward cottman avenue. >> the victim was shot once in the arm. but is expected to be okay. police are now reviewing surveillance videos in the area, to try and identify the suspects. it is 5:03. here's your traffic and weather together on the 3's, kate? >> very happy friday being sent out to everybody, as we kick start our holiday weekends, some gorgeous weather to go along with it, personally, i love this kind of weather, it is so comfortable outside. and actually going to end up with some more fall-like temperatures, than anything, so speaking of fall, officially, according to the astronomical calendar, atom numb equinox begins monday september 22 at 10:29 p.m. so we have 24 more days, guys, until the official beginning of the season, at least again, according to the calendar, but our first full day of fall doesn't come for 25 more days again as it begins later at night when the sun's already
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long gone down. so that circumstances i mean, sort of good segway what it is looking like out there right now, it is cool, it is comfortable, it has been some great sleeping weather, most of the week, and storm scan3 shows why. there is not much happening. we continue to keep high pressure on our side here outside whitt fields elementary school where school far from inch session just yet, obviously still dark, still cool, winds flow out of the south, and it is very, very light. so the winds flow more so, opposite the general pattern, that said, off to cool start. >> bright, sunny, all day today, if you have any outdoor plans, they are an absolute go. you may, however, want to think specially through the outlying suburbs, think about perhaps bringing along extra layer, maybe if you are going to the gym or something like that, it will be a little cool to kick start this morning, but shooting for 81 degrees later today. just a shy of where we should be for temperatures, and again, with full soul shine -- sunshine, low humidity,
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doesn't get better than this, not bad, bob. >> great day for ukee to buy us lunch and sit outside this afternoon. >> game on. >> you know what you said during the report? i think so. >> let's roll that back. 5:05, tgif. good morning, everybody, do you have great start today except for little mishap, overturned tractor trail, one of those cargo containers you see come in on the shims coming down the delaware river. but the truck overturned this morning, and it is blocking the ramp from the roosevelt boulevard, to the westbound schuylkill. expressway, little tricky in this part, because the same ramp is also used as the exit ramp to city avenue. so, let's go to our live traffic camera, penndot camera here, that funnel ramp that has barriers on either side. and it is the feeder ramp for city line avenue so here is the deal. stepping out the front door, coming down the roosevelt boulevard.
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you go west on the schuylkill, you can either get off at the kelly drive, make a right, and then get back on the schuylkill that way, or you are going to be forced to come in toward the city, flip u-turn at montgomery drive, then go back west if you are headed west, the off ramp where would you typically get off for city avenue it, says closed, scoot past the accident, you will be able to take little quick short cut off to the left and be able to gain access to sit avenue. disable vehicle, out along west 422 right near route 363, of course, a friday, holiday weekends, crunch time headed to the shore. probably starting with the holiday weekends around noon. good to go on all of the majors heading to the beach. ukee, back over to you. >> thank you, bob. more breaking news, iceland reports small erruption at the volcano, so far, no detection of ash. the country has raised its aviation alert to red now. >> this concern that major erruption could single a
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replay of the global travel chaos four years ago. another icelandic peak blew, with massive ash cloud across the earth. >> philadelphia firehouse destroyed in this devastating blaze last year, officially reopens today after months of renovations. an ambulance exploded inside the ben franklin firehouse in old city last september. improvements to the restored building include new doors, windows, ceilings, flooring, and garage floor heaters, among other things. all of that work cost the city about $475,000. >> former elementary school teacher will be charged with sexually abusing a relative. he could end up spending the rest of his life behind bars. he used to be a teacher at leslie p hill elementary school in strawberry mansion. president obama says there is no decision yet on whether to order air strikes in syria against isis. the us is already striking isis targets, inside iraq,
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but, the group's base is in syria. as susan macinnis reports, the president does not yet have a strategy. >> president owe became a, not imminent, calling on the pentagon to draw up plans to take out the group known as isis. >> i don't want to put the cart before the horse, we don't have a strategy yet. >> that comment drew fire from critics, including republican senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, who said in part, the president needs to use the full extent of his authorities to attack this enemy force. the president needs to present this plan to congress and to the american people. democratic florida senator bill nelson is calling for targeted air strikes. >> the head of the snake is in syria, and if you want to kill the snake, you need to cut off its head. >> president obama discussed military options for going after isis with his national security team last night, he's
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also sending secretary of state, john kerrey to the middle east to build support. >> in order for us to degradeisil, we have to build a regional strategy. we won't do that alone. >> us has already launched more than 100 air strikes to hit isis tarring nets neighboring iraq. but the president admits action there is not enough to defeat the group. in washington, susan macinnis, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". sources tell our sister station wcbs legendary entertainer joan rivers is in medically induced coma at new york city hospital. right now she is list in the critical condition. the 81 year old comedian was returned to mount sinai hospital from a doctors office yesterday morning after going into cardiac arrest. sources say she stopped breathing during what was supposed to be a routine procedure on her throat. now, joan rivers daughter melissa issued this statement. she said quote i want to thank everyone for the overwhelming love and support for my mother. she resting comfortably and is
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with our family. we ask you continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers. we'll have a live report from the hospital in new york coming up in our next hour. erika? >> jay-z made in america festival kicks off in philadelphia this labor day weekends with two days of fun filled music. want to give you live picture of the main stage from eakins oval at last minute preparations get underway. a block buster roster of nearly 50 performers will entertain crowds on four different stages. they include kanye west, jay coal, kings every leon, ferrell williams, to name a few. but now that in its thirds year, not everyone so excited about the concert. >> too much going on, too many, too many people, too many inconveniences for us, living down here. >> big problem for us, we honestly can't go anywhere. we're kind of trapped. >> we want you to enjoy the environment, enjoy what's going on, and we're going to -- look forwards to very nice show. >> concert proceeds benefit the united way.
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which is always nice to hear. >> no doubt about it, it is on, it is finally here. our time 5:11, subway scare, see the close call when a woman falls on the tracks. >> also, you probably have seen the video by now, nfl star dragging his fiancee out of atlantic city hotel t outraged people across the country, now it is forcing the nfl to make a big change. and community on edge, as police look for this man. we'll tell you about the attack he is accused every committing near a school. katy? >> ukee, today looks like absolutely fantastic friday. but we are starting to heat up. we turn the page on yet another month. temperatures are flirting with or hitting 90 degrees, we'll also be dodging some wet weather. more of summer like forecast coming upment we will talk all about it com
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who may need depend underwear. show them they're not alone and show off a pair of depend. because wearing a different kind of underwear, is no big deal. join us. support the cause and get a free sample of depend at >> good morning, everybody, we are actually going start this forecast off on just fantastic note. bright sunshine, low humidity,
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comfortable air, this is one of those banner days, it is a good hair day, just going to be so nice outside. my advice enjoy it while you've got t show you what's going on here, nice big old zoom on storm scan3, to kick it off. okay, so high pressure in place, cristobal long gone, still moderate rip countries being. here is the combination of our next system, still way out over the planes. so another two days really before this is going to bring us any hint of wet weather, so it is really not even until the p.m. hours of sunday that are next shot for shower or storm comes into play, but we will start to heat up in advance of it. now, that said, we sort of switched up the predominant pollen here, guys, ragweed, chenopod, still the issue, but switched out nettle for grasses. >> rough couple every days for us, i think i have grass and ragweed allergies, this could be rough couple of days. levels start to drop off a bit. we'll see some wet weather moving in, sunday, monday,
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humidity starts to climb, but levels regardless of the pollen stay at least medium to high throughout the next four days. today, so nice, low humidity continuing overnight, great sleeping weather to leave that ac off. head to bed with the air conditioner off. windows open. really really comfortable. little warmer tomorrow. touch steamier. but really sunday, monday, tuesday wednesday, even into thursday, the heat returns, and we've got to dodge shower a storm sunday, monday or tuesday, as well. >> i'm tired of this grass. you know what, i'm going to cement the backyard and make a basketball court. this cutting the grass is for the birds. to the news van, this overturned tractor-trailer on the westbound schuylkill expressway, ramps, right at city avenue. it happened earlier this morning and tying us up here. >> were able to upright the tractor-trailer, so we're getting there, going to the live traffic camera for penndot here. it is right on that funnel ramp, that takes the
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schuylkill to sit line, carries the traffic, so what is closed is the southbound boulevard ramp to that westbound schuylkill expressway, and exit for the kelly drive or you'll be forced to go toward the city and have to flip a u-turn at montgomery drive. all gone down this weekend, all hang rights here, here is our map of the yellow lines indicate the closure points, for the concert this weekend. big tip, in and out of the sit, all of that extra volume will be using the vine expressway, and the schuylkill expressway, and as you heard that woman tell our reporter this morning, they feel casino of trapped, and here's why. because access from the neighborhood to the art museum circle even to out of town is going to be a little difficult through the entire weekend. erika, back to you. >> bob, thank up. we have breaking news topping headlines right here on cbs-3. an overturned tractor-trailer on the schuylkill expressway could be an issue for the
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morning commute. the driver is in stable condition after his truck tipped over on the expressway near city avenue. >> also, the driver after suv and a truck driver are recovering after both were injured in this crash yesterday in mayfair. police say the suv ran a red light, hit the truck, and the truck hit a house, fortunately, no one was home. and police are searching for the thieves who shot a man in the arm and then robbed a pathmark in northeast philadelphia. that victim is expected to be okay. the thieves got away with about $70,000. time right now 5:17. back on the track. we'll let you know when tony stewart will start racing again after killing another driver. also, if you went to bed early last night, you missed some temple football history. see what the owls just did for the first time in more than seven decades. be right back.
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>> roger gidel says players will face stricter punishment for violating conduct penalty. comes after penalty of race rice's two game suspend shore for dom dom exhibiting incident with his wife seen here in it. mz video. will face six game suspend shore first offense, banishment from the league after that. eagles fans have some different opinions on the new policy at last night's game. >> i don't think they should be able to play. i don't think they should be able to be paid just like anyone felony other job. >> there should be some kind of infraction involved. but that is little bit steep. >> gidel's statement did not stipulate if the commissioner will impose penalties before a player is formally charged. rice's two game suspension will take effect this saturday. nascar driver, tony stewart, will speak in public today for the first time since he killed fitter driver. stewart's returning to the racetrack in atlanta this weekend, he sat out three races after he hit kevin ward, jr. afterward got out of his car during a race.
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the sheriff says it will take at least two more weeks to finish investigate that deadly accident. well, closing time for several atlantic city casinos, they are getting ready to fold in just a matter of days. >> what you need to know if you want to roll the dice one more time. >> also, bruce springsteen born to write books. we have the word on the boss' new project, and, it is for a much younger audience. be right back.
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>> long weekends, and generally pretty good werth. good morning, everybody, we do have some cool nare place right now, though, and depending on your location, you might want to think about a light jacket or a sweatshirt, at least, as you walk out the door, especially going to be taking your morning jog or something like, that only in the 50's in
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trenton trenton, cinnaminson, the list goes on, still beautiful day. we jump ahead to the made in america festival, this is your philly forecast for the weekend, as well as the festival. >> sunday, though, does get pretty steamy as we flirt with 90. and we will also have to dodge just stray shower or storm. around the region for labor day then, yes, shower or storm will be out there. but it is not a wash out. a lot of times these icons can make it look a lot worse than it will be. more after heads up you might have a little delay on some of the outdoor plans, bob, over to you. >> you should put a smile face, lighten it up. 5:24, good morning, going outside, hello to the 42 freeway, ukee will be singing on the way to cape may at around noontime. heading to the shore, that's when we hands out the song sheet. >> ♪ on the way to cape may
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uncle al alberts, there you go, towards the shore later today, crunch time start around 12:00 specially holiday weekends, but looking good coming in from new jersey, dealing with this overturned tractor-trailer, on the schuylkill expressway, the ramp from the boulevard, to city line avenue, blocked, this morning, and it will also cause for detour for anyone coming down the boulevard. do you have come east on the schuylkill, then flip it around at montgomery drive or you can exit for the kelly drive. that will give you access to the westbound schuylkill. disable vehicle, out along 422, it is westbound, right near the trooper road interchange. otherwise, mass transit looking good. here's ukee now with a look at sports. >> folks falling in love with the birds. finish pre-season schedule man handling the jets in front every rowdy crowd at lincoln financial field. pre-season no more. none of the eagles starters play, but back up quarterback barkley hits ben with 43 yards touchdown to start the
5:26 am
scoring. lincoln leap. i love it. right into the stands. kicker codey parkey hit three fold goals including two for more than 50 yards out. the birds win big in the last practice game 37 to seven over new york. >> my job is to make field goals. that's my goal every time. >> tough to make cuts, tomorrow's not real good day, you got guys that will not make the team. >> the birds have to cut the roster down to 53 players by tomorrow afternoon. the regular season starts a week from sunday, at lincoln financial field against the jackson jaguires, and it is right here on cbs-3. college ball, how about the temple owls. they ran all over the van err built commodores in the first game on the local college schedule. the owls defense forced seven turnovers. and scored a touchdown on a 73-yard fumble recovery by avery robinson. tell edge wins big, 37 to seven. first time owls have beat
5:27 am
answer sec team since 1938. pen states plays tomorrow, in glands, ireland, rather, to play ucf. kick off, 8:30 a.m. eastern time. well the phillies open three game series with the mets tonight in flushing, david buchanon goes for seventh win of the season, game time is 7:10. erika, back over to you. >> all right, thank you, coming up in the next half hour every "eyewitness news", disturbing case of vandalism at local sports complex. also, an overturned truck, causes a mess on the schuylkill expressway, this morning. we have the latest on the clean up effort. steve? >> and, a tractor-trailer slams into the home. but thankfully nobody was home. we'll tell you the latest on the clean up effort here, bizarre story of how it all started that's next. >> bob and katie return with your traffic and weather together on the 3's, looking liver at center city, still dark out. katie also has your forecast for the made in america festival. kicks off tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. we're back in two minutes.
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we follow breaking news this morning, getting ready to head out the door this morning, there is temporary closure that could affect your drive if you are in this area. the route one onramp, on 76 west, is closed for now, police are on the scene after overturned tractor-trailer, the accident happened around 1:00 this morning, the driver was taken to the hospital in stable condition we'll check for an update on the back up in just a moment. stay with us. another crash in the northeast philadelphia neighborhood, to tell but, that says they've happened too often. this morning, police are investigating how a tractor-trailer slams into a house, "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson joins us mayfair until the latest on this. that investigation continues, meantime, neighbors here al


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