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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 29, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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at police investigate a hit-and-run at broad and belfield in the logan section of the city. more breaking news could affect your morning commutement check it out. drivers who get on route one via 76 west should plan an alternate route. the onramp is temporarily closed because after overturned tractor-trailer. the driver was taken to the hospital in stable condition. the accident happened around 1:00 this morning, no word, though, on when that ramp will reopen. bob will have another update for you when do you traffic and weather together on the 3's. >> good morning, everyone, once again, just wild scene in northeast philly. naughts police want to know why a truck crashed into row home. >> it happened last night on levick and farnsworth streets in mayfair. police say an s.u.v. blew a red light around 7:15, then slammed into a tractor-trailer, forcing that rig into the north side of the home. the force of the crash punched a huge hole in the brick wall. this is not the first time an accident has happened at that intersection. they should try to reduce its speed.
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i don't think tractor-trailers should be allowed on that street because they are so big and stuff like this can happen. it is a hazard for everyone, not only the family, but if someone was crossing the street they do have been hit, they could have been injured. >> both drivers are in stable condition. no one was home at the time of the crash. police are looking for the two armed robbers, who stole tens of thousands of dollars from a man in broad daylight, happened in the northeast outside pathmark at large and blie around 6:00 we're told, investigators say the 37 year old victim may have been targeted. police say he was getting ready to deposit $70,000 in cash when two men approached his van, in the parking lot. >> robbers got back in the van, fled the scene south in the parking lot toward cottman. >> victim treated for gunshot wound to the arm. police now looking at surveillance videos in the area to get a better
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description of the vehicle. president obama said the us needs clear plans if it undertakes any military action against iciness syria. he also says those plans do not exist as of yet. >> but i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy yet. >> shift to go ukraine, the president condemned russia after new satellite images surfaced, showing russian forces inside ukraine. he says more sanctions could be on the way. a bidding war breaking neutral, small erruption near the volcano, but the radar system detects no volcanic ash. still, iceland authorities have changed aviation alert code to red. all airports in iceland are open. four years ago you may remember another massive ash cloud across europe. changing coming to malaysia airlines after two passengers jet disasters year,
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it is letting go of 6,000 workers, that's about 30% of employees. the government will also take complete ownership of the airline, as it continues to try to fix its image and revise its brands. 03:00, here's traffic and weather together. katy? >> good morning, everybody. roof to comfortable and cool start. dealing with the silent hazards of our rip countries being, we start things offer with tropical satellite, showing the very speedy retreat of what is still a category one hurricane, cristobal making its retreat, though, which is good news it, means rip countries social security going to begin to gradually diminish today. while it was at its peak yesterday, we had very rough surf for sure, it is still a moderate risk today, but the surf starting to drop off little bit, more like 3 feet, new jersey and delaware beaches, every single shore point today, you are going to have this moderate risk to contend w let's bring it back further inland. we're at 62 degrees currently at philadelphia international, very modest breeze, out of the
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north, generally at about 8 miles per hour, so it is comfortable, not too windy, humidity remaining nice and low for you here, and dew points tell that story. remember this is dew point temperature, and the closer it is to the air temperature, the more humidity you start to feel. so the lower it is, basically, the drier it will be. and these are some really low dew points, remember, 65 is about the benchmark for whether it begins to feel humid. now, actual air temperatures will hit six a, by 9:00 a.m. still real comfortable, though, fantastic weather if you want to dine alfresco this afternoon, at the lunch hour, and just a gorgeous afternoon, 81 degrees, the expected high later on today. just shy of seasonable by a handful every degrees, but with the low humidity, with the light wind, bob, tell you what, it doesn't get better than this. >> it does in the get better when ukee buys lunch alfresco outdoors on a friday. got to love. that will that's what you just said? >> no, no. >> we did. 6:04, get ready, pop that wallet and let's roll video from the news van on the scene when the overturned
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tractor-trailer occurred. how about some scramble eggs for breakfast? >> ya. >> that's what the tractor-trailer was caring. >> oh, no? >> a load of eggs. that's why they couldn't hand-off load it, obviously, how do you like your eggs, upside down, over light, over easy, how about on the side? that's what we're dealing with here on the schuylkill expressway. now good news-bad news. they are getting it cleaned up. going to the live penndot camera here, they finally got the overturned portion of it out of there. the clean up is still underway. but it is on that funnel ramp, that takes traffic from the schuylkill and the boulevard and gives you access to city line avenue. so, if you are coming down the boulevard, southbound, you want to exit at the kelly drive. go to the bottom of the ramp. make a right. that will put you back on to the schuylkill west. otherwise you are forced to come into the city flip u-turn laverne at montgomery drive then head back out west. so allow some extra time, eggstra time this morning. >> oh! >> that was stretch. >> it was.
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>> bad yolk. >> south on the boulevard, here's your back up here, from the kelly drive all the way down, because this fellow here, this is an accident in the middle of that back up. mass transit though at the moment looking good with no delays. erika, back over to you. >> bob, thank you, here is a look at things happening today. really neat. old city firehouse destroyed by fire back in june will reopen later this morning. station has been renovated and remodelled while it was closed. >> sentencing scheduled today for philadelphia elementary school teacher, sumo, convicted of raping a family member for eight years. and, the class of 2014 graduates today from the philadelphia police academy. ceremony at temple's performing arts center, there could be some traffic delays in that area. >> this afternoon. of course it is labor day weekend. you know what this means, right? you got that right. jay-z's made in america festival back to show philly thousand close out the summer season in style. the benjamin parkway where it all will be happening, crews very busy putting on the
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finishing touches. >> headliners, couple of them here, kanye west, kings every leon, nearly 50 performers will take the stage this weekend, the two day festival is sure to bring variety of musical taste, but not everyone's thrilled about it. >> just too much going on. too many, too many people. too many inconveniences for us, living down here. >> big problem for us is that we honestly can't go anywhere. we're kind of trapped. >> we want you to enjoy the environment. enjoy what's going on. and we're -- we look forward to very nice show. >> concert proceeds benefit the united way. such a fun concert, but i can imagine for folks living in the air, a headache. >> i understand. >> right now 6:07. serious health scare for legendary comedian joan rivers. >> in the hospital this morning after mishap during routine procedure. we will go live to the hospital in new york for update on her condition. >> and she is serial stow-away who keeps getting arrested at airports. now she is speaking out. why she says people are
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letting her get on planes without a ticket. >> ♪ >> it is here, kately let you know if your outdoor plans will be ruined when we do traffic and weather together on 39's or celebrating and having fun. stay with us, family, we'll be right back. glad you're with us. >> ♪
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rivers went into cardiac arrest after what was supposed to be routine throat procedure. liver at mount sinai hospital in manhattan where rivers is being treated. good morning, what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, ukee, erika, and to everybody. right now joan rivers is in the intensive care unit in critical condition, devastating news for fans who are wishing her the best from near and far. >> i truly believe more is better. >> reporter: joan rivers, seemingly strong and sassy at a wednesday night appearance in manhattan. hours later, she went for what was supposed to be a routine endoscopy. but sources tell cbs2, the 81 year old stopped breathing during the throat procedure, and she was in cardiac arrest when taken from the clinic to mount sinai hospital. river's daughter melissa returned there from california, arriving in this black car, through a private gate. soon after, she released a
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statement: i want to thank everyone for the overwhelming love and support for my mother. she is resting comfortably, and is with our family. we ask that you continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers. cbs2's doctor max gomez says even if the procedure promised to be routine, risks are always present. >> there could be heart arrythmia, breathing can stop, you never know, and also the elderly tends to metabolize medication as little bit differently. >> reporter: the brooklyn born comedian shot to fame on the stand up circuit in the 19 60s and on tv talk shows. her current schedule packed with fashion police segments, a reality show with melissa, making the rounds at numerous events, and shows, in new york city, and promoting a new book titled diary after mad diva. her neighbors on the upper east side joined fans around the world, in wishing rivers a
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speedy recovery. >> joan get well because we miss you, and we love you. >> reporter: and sources say doctors consider the next 48 hours or so to be very important, at some point they will bring her out of the medically induced coma to reassess how she is doing. for now live on the upper east side of manhattan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you so much for. that will we'll check back. 6:13, we want our traffic and weather together. headed into nice long holiday weekend? might be four day weekends for you if you are lucky enough to have today off. sort of piggyback it with the holiday monday. overall i would say it is pretty decent forecast. right now we have high pressure in place, this is at least personally my favorite day of the weekend here, because it will be so comfortable outside. eventually though, the combination of this next storm will start to move in for us, actually bringing in potential for severe storms across the higher planes over the next few days, heavy rain beginning to build, in across the gulf coast. so we're sitting pretty for now.
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eventually some of the moisture and heat for that matter starts to get drawn in. our forecast starts to heat up and steam up as a result. outside, live neighborhood network we go, outside beach patrol headquarters, sun is up. the waves still look relatively light. but we do continue to have that moderate risk for rip currents. headed to the shore, find lifeguard, stay very close by. low humidity continues today, though, the un i skies with us across the board, gorgeous afternoon, and real comfortable night. we drop to 63 degrees, couple of clouds, nothing more, cool, comfy, it is great sleeping weather. tomorrow just tad warmer, tad more humid. so also real nice by sunday and labor day, not to mention tuesday maybe as the kids are going back to school, it is heating up again the humidity returns with a threat of shower or storm as well. bob? >> did you say back to school is. >> i sure did. >> i was ready for the kids to go back to school the week they got out of school. >> okay, father. >> center city, made in america concert, here is a map, the yellow lines indicate all of the road closures, that will be in lock-down mode
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here, for the entire weekend. your best bet, avoid both the martin luther king drive and the kelly drive. because you will be pushed off into the neighborhood here. even from the neighborhood, access out of town is going to be difficult. head for the majors. give yourself some extra time. the vine st. expressway is your access in and out of the city with the schuylkill expressway, if you have to, work your way over to 95, try to stay well away from the closures, unless of course you are actually going to be going to the concert over the weekend. let's go outside, live look at one of our traffic cameras, here's the scene of that overturned tractor-trailer, in the clean up process here, but it is blocking the ramps from the roosevelt boulevard to the westbound schuylkill expressway. so if you are coming from the northeast, coming down the boulevard, exit for kelly drive. the kelly drive takes you at the bottom of the ramp there, you make a right, get right back on the schuylkill. otherwise you are going to be forced to sit in traffic and go eastbound on the schuylkill, and then make a u-turn. so a loft confusion with this
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closure of the ramp there with that tractor-trailer. an accident in the neighborhood, at broad and belfield. otherwise mass transit looking good. erika, back to you. >> updating breaking news right now, hit-and-run that's left woman fighting for her life. >> it happened in philadelphia's logan section, and "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson at the scene right now where police are actually looking for two cars, right, steve? >> reporter: erika, ukee, breaking news, here at the corner of belfield and broad, where a woman was hit multiple times. now, investigators are still trying it figure out how exactly this happened, how many cars struck her. we do know multiple vehicles struck this woman. she's in unstable condition at the hospital as we speak. we have an eyewitness here at jackson that pulled up to the scene. you said you saw everything happen. what did you see? >> me and my lady was coming down on our way to work, coming down broad street. so my lady says the car is going hit that lady. so as she was -- the lady was walking across broad street on belfield, a little white car
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was coming down broad going south. and he clipped her. she went up in the air like 30 feet. >> oh, my gosh. >> when she came down, she is looking like a manaquine, really looking like a main kin when he hit her. then a second car came, road over top of her with all four tires and kept going. both cars kept going. >> none of these cars -- >> none of them stopped up. >> did they slow down? >> they didn't slow down, none of that. >> what is the description of the second car? >> second car bigger black car, authorities say what it was because it was a black car. the first car look like little white charger. but the second car hard to describe what it was. >> so set the scene for me. dark? >> it was dark, it was like between 4:30 and 5:00 in the morning, you know, broad street is lit, but it is not bright. >> right. >> you know? so it is possible that they didn't see her. but my thing is if you didn't see her you could have felt it. >> we were going over the road. you said the accident was right over where we see that debris? >> right here. it is on that side of the street. >> so she wasn't in the crosswalk? was she crossing?
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>> she was crossing, yes, she was crossing at the same time. and when he hit her, he hit her so hard, he carried her all the way up here. >> my gosh. >> that's when she came down on the gown, this black car came flying and ran over top of her. >> i can't imagine. >> then after that, me and my lady we pulled over to try to see if we could help and call nine is one. at the same time there was an oil truck coming, he was push it g so i was jumping offer in the middle street to steer him off. police officer happened to come down at the same time and he just pull over. >> harrowing moments for you. i can't imagine what it must have been looking like. >> i didn't want to look it the as a hero, bus police said i probably saved her life too. but people don't stop. so somebody has to stop. you know? just can't leave a person like that in the middle of the road. >> but could you actually see. that i just figure they probably didn't see her. but, you felt it. >> you felt it. >> you felt it. >> that's what you've been saying all morning long? >> thank you so much. good talking to you.
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>> first car should have damage. >> we're glad you stopped. hopefully we'll get word on her condition in a few minutes, but we're hearing more about this hit-and-run at the corner every broad and belfield. as soon as we get more updates, we'll have more for you, we send it back to you guys. >> thank you both. thank you, steve, more? just a little bit. we'll takake a short break and be right b
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>> eagles ands yet last night, barkley tossed touchdown pass to ben if the first quarter, ben hauls it in, and dots the linc con leap. very nice. parky showed big time leg, two kicks longer than 50 yards. birds made short work of the jets, jets, jets, in practice play, 37 to seven the final. regular season starts week from sunday at lincoln financial field right here on cbs-3 against jacksonville. the temple owls started their football season in fine style last night. lighting up the vanderbuilt commodore's in nashville. the owls defense forced seven turnovers, one of them was 73-yard fumble recovery for touchdown by avery robinson. the game didn't end until after 2:00 in the morning. because the kick off was delayed some 90 minutes. by thunderstorms and lightning. penn state by the way plays tomorrow morning in ireland, against the university of central florida's 8:30 a.m. eastern time. the phillies on the road at flushing city field, face
6:23 am
the mets in three game weaken series, phils and mets only game apart in the national league east standings. erika, back to you. >> all right, thank you, ukee, call it the audacity of taupe. president obama ignites fire storm on the internet, all because of his clothes. also, ahead, big change at this year's september 11 tribute. what's happening at ground zero next month, for the first time since the terrorist attack. we'll be right back.
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>> traffic and weather together, and nice start to the day, katy? >> real comfortable outside at the moment. it is going to stay that way all day. depending on your location, yes, the more remote suburbs actually off to little bit of cool start. storm scan3, shows us why. you know, up until about the last hour or so, virtually no cloud cover out there.
6:26 am
so we had starlit sky. it allowed temperatures to drop even more readily, as we had high pressure building in the wake of our front. today beautiful. tomorrow little warmer, still nice, then we steam up, heat up, sunday and monday for labor day as well as sunday for that matter. shower, storms, to dodge along the way, but no wash outs for the holiday weekendment bob, over to you. >> sounds good. 6:26. overturned tractor-trailer, was caring eggs this morning, they cleared it out of the way. but the ramp is still blocked. the ramp from the schuylkill, i should say, the boulevard to the westbound schuylkill, and city avenue. here is a live look, folks are eggstremely difficult, the boulevard here, make no yolk about it, do you have give yourself some extra time. exit at the ridge and kelly drive. eggsit. there we go. >> keep it going. >> eggsit. let me write that down. your best bet, though, exit here at the kelly drive. it will put you down right here at the traffic light, make a right, and you'll be on
6:27 am
to the schuylkill. hopefully they get this ramp opened up shortly. mass transit looking good with no delays. erika, back over to you. >> thank you, budd. >> i a morning filled with puns. >> makes the friday even better. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", continue to follow break. breaking news, hit-and-run accident. >> live on the scene in the city logan section where police are looking for more than one car, right now. >> plus, you probably already seen this video by now, nfl star dragging his fiancee out of atlantic city hotel elevator t outraged people across the country, and now it is forcing the nfl to make big change. >> and bob and katie return with your traffic and weather together. we of course will do it on the 3's, back at the bottom of the hour. good morning.
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>> steve patterson at the scene right now to tell you more. >> breaking news here, woman, hit at least twice. now, investigators are still working through this detail still coming in. i want to take you back to the scene. here's what happened. a woman is walking sometime in the early morning hours. she's going east to west, broad of course, runs north to south. that's the way traffic was flowing, when a car strikes her, then another vehicle
6:31 am
follows up, runs her over, both cars keep going. you can see, back to the scene, where police are directing traffic, where the woman was first hit. i want to go at jackson, as we spoke to just few moments ago, an eyewitness, important to speak to you this morning, one of the few ice eyewitnesses here, you pull up, head today work. >> after he hit her, she flew until the air, then came down, then another car came, and ran over top of her. both cars kept going. nobody stopped. >> so i pulled over to call 911 at that time oil truck was coming. >> they know they hit this woman. >> this is my problem, even if
6:32 am
you didn't see her, dark complexion woman, and brought street pretty much dim, even if you didn't see her you should have felt the impact. >> i know the white car should have damage, the first car that hit her. second car ran over top of her. you should feel yourself run over top of something. no excuse for that. >> these cars should have known. how did she look after this accident? is she -- >> she was quiet, not making any sound. her breathing was like a panting, hard panting breathe, breath, and blood was running down her leg. her arms were gashed open from, i guess, under carriage of the car running over top of her. >> it was bad. spare us the details. we hear it was bad. >> bad. >> dark that time of the morning. no indication they are slowing down at all? >> no indication. >> how fast were they going? >> i'm going to guess 25, 30 miles an hour, down broad street. they had green light. and they was make that light. and everybody was in a hurry,
6:33 am
appears to be in a hurry, you know? >> how were you doing after seeing something like this? >> it is hard to describe, because i never seen nothing like that before. you know, you sty on tv, you read about it, you hear about it, but after visually experiencing it is a different feeling. you know? it is one that i won't forget. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. thank you for stopping, as well. so investigators continue to look over the scene, they are out here right now, speaking to more witnesses, who are on the scene, one of the things had mentioned is that there should be damage not only on the first vehicle, but the second vehicle, that's information that police will put out there to body shop area places see a vehicle you think has front ends damage to you it. if you see something please call police. the latest we send it back to you guys. >> steve, thank you. we have more breaking news right now that could affect your morning commute. bob has been covering this all morning for you. drivers that get on route one
6:34 am
via 76 west should plan an alternate route this morning. the onramp is temporarily closed because that far overturned tractor-trailer. the driver was taken to the hospital, we're told they're this stable condition. the accident happened around 1:00 this morning, the ramp, oh, just learn, just coming to us right now, that ramp has reopened. bob, just get that right now. so some good news that part of your morning commutement bob will have another update for when you you do traffic and weather together on the 3's, already the morning improving. >> very much so. >> more on the traffic and weather. >> our forecast continues to improve as well. guys, happy friday everybody. we made it to the beginning maybe for some you already today, nice long holiday weekend, and it really does look overall like it is going to be pretty decent weaken for us, gorgeous shot out over atlantic city, couple lower clouds well off in the distance, but generally going toned one more and more sunshine as the day goes on. >> pretty cool air this morning, we look at
6:35 am
temperatures in a second. tropical satellite, still close enough, it is still just enough that far delayed reaction, that we do continue to have a moderate risk of rip currents today. the water temperatures aren't too terrible, though, mid even upper 70s, depending on the shore points. so you know you may be very tempted to jump into the waves. but we continue to say, because this risk has been elevated all week, make sure to find a lifeguard if you're going in the water, heed their advice. six of two the current temperature at this airport, warmest spot of these locations, where we just showed you the camera in ac. 549 current temperature, low 50's at the moment up in the mountains, if you are maybe camming this weekend, you may be dodge ago shower or storm on sunday or monday. but everybody for now can expect full sunshine beautiful weather upper 70s down the shore, watching for the rip countries being and otherwise again just really looking to be absolutely beautiful day. say for the silent hazard on the area shore points, this looks great. bob, over to you. >> sounds good. 6:35, good news, that
6:36 am
overturned tractor-trailer, that has been tying us up all morning, has just been cleared. we take you back in time. we roll video. our news van on the scene, that tractor-trailer over turned, how do you like your eggs? caring a localed of this is morning. and that was the reason for the extra time needed to clean up here. it was from the ramp from the roosevelt boulevard to that westbound schuylkill expressway. going out to live camera. again, traffic starting to move. they reopened the ramp but within this delay, look at this fellow here, there is an accident right here. so even though they opened up the ramp, traffic is still clogged up here from pretty much broad street coming south on the boulevard down toward that schuylkill expressway. so getting ready to lever the house right now, give yourself extra time. southbound boulevard, you can exit at the kim i drive for little short cut. maybe use hunting park avenue. but again, all of the lanes are open. we just have to get through that back up, in order to clear things out there. an accident in the neighborhood, broad and belfield, that's blocking the lanes on the southbound side
6:37 am
of broad. but otherwise off to nice quiet start for the beginning of the holiday weekends, the schuylkill, the turnpike, and i-95, all looking good, and mass transit running with no delays. ukee, back over to you. >> ffl commissioner roger gidel says players will now pay stricter punishments for violating the league's personal conduct policy, comes after criticism of ray rice's two game suspension for domestic incident with his wife at revel casino. players will face maximum six game suspension for first offense, and banishment from the league after that. eagles fans had different opinions on the new policy at last night's game. >> i don't think they should be able to play. i don't think they should be able to be paid just like anyone felony other job. >> there should be some casino of infraction involved. but little bit steep. >> the commissioner whim post the penalties, before a player is formally charged. rice's two game suspension will take effect this saturday. for the first time since 2001 the public will be able to visit ground zero in the
6:38 am
anniversary of the september 11 attacks. memorial plaza will be open from 6:00 p.m. until midnight to allow visitors a chance to see the tribute and light up close. private is her moanly take place then inside the museum during the morning. the museum will remain closed for the rest of the day. the so-called serial stow-away march lan hartman speaks out from inside jail, accused of boarding several flights without a ticket. the 62 year old in custody in arizona now during rambling interview with reporters, hartman said her repeat offenses are the results of, quote, which is he will blower tram a. >> why has the government allowed me to get past security points until i force the issue back in february and pretty much had to beg to be arrested. >> we understand hartman never said why she continued to sneak onto flights. authorities have requested a psychological evaluation for miss hartman. the wait almost over for
6:39 am
iphone fans. we have new information about apple's next big product launch. >> and yes, we tan. the fashion police flagged, fire storm on social media. >> i'm digging it. >> looks good. >> bruce springsteen ... ♪ ... writes books. the word on brouse's new project, and it is for much younger audience. good morning, family, we'll be right back. (music playing)
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>> breaking news, 50 year old woman fighting for her life after she was hit by three vehicles at broad and belfield about 5:00 o'clock this morning. two of the drivers kept ongoing. also, the driver after suv and a truck are in the hospital this morning, after a crash in mayfair. police said the suv, and then the truck hit a house. no one at home at the time of the crash. >> live look at preparations at this week made in america festival. more than 50 performers will take the stage tomorrow and sunday. >> this weekend is the last hooray you might say for two atlantic city casinos. showboat will shut down sunday afternoon at 4:00.
6:43 am
ceasar's officials conducted tour of the showboat with what they describe as an interested party. then on monday and tuesday, revel is closing. it says sunday will be the last normal day of operation, before it starts shutting things down. >> headed into long holiday weaken, we of course have the made in america festival starting at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. a lot of folks have monday off, as well, some lucky devils getting four day weekend, waking up today, to nice start. >> absolutely, and you know it, does look as though we will keep some real nice weather around for you here today as well as tomorrow and then headed into the second half of our weaken, calling it a four day weekend, anyway, sunday, monday, where we may start to see wet weather kicking in here. that will be, you know, what helps bring our pollen levels down. meantime levels are awfully high. actually had little bit of tweak to the predominant pollen, now ragweed, chenopod and grass. keep that in mind if you have picnic plans coming up. we take it across the open waters of the atlantic, talk
6:44 am
about iceland, glacier volcano, was fisher erruption out there on that specific volcano, which is just little narrow crack, as the north american plane and the your asian plate separates. at the moment red alert issued for small zone across iceland. so there aren't any flights currently affected but there is no fly zone out there. that said, just about 900 miles away we've the classic going on for all of the penn state fans. we will all be up bright and early watching 8:30 our time tomorrow. but looks like pretty nice weather for now. 62 degrees under sunshine, modest breeze, great football weather for our nittany lions taking on the nights. meanwhile over the course of the next seven day day, see the temperatures heating back up. stateside in the home. flirting with or hitting the 90 degrees mark here, and i think we've got decent shot at least to maybe make it a heatwave monday, tuesday, and wednesday. so we will keep an eye on. that will today, tomorrow, great sunday, monday, share storms but should be kind of
6:45 am
spot any nature. >> monday of course you know is labor day. you know what today is? college color day. got our local teams here. penn state. >> put these together. and put those together. you got the blue and red of richmond. >> spiders! >> and then this is the second half of my outfit, my trusty cedar crest college sweat pants, which basically my pajama outfit come fall time. >> as long as you're comfy. >> i love these. try toy wear them for air today, but our executive producer steve lindsey said no. >> you have to throw them on. >> keep it classy, kate. >> i ready for national pajama day. >> that's right. >> i have two holidays on my side. >> love the college season, indeed. >> good morning, everybody, 6:45, we got busy weekend in town, right? we got concert, ukee has front row seats for this thing, and the barbeque, exactly. busy week end. >> i have to get my hat, though, i got one, because i'm happy ♪ >> ranger ukee they call him.
6:46 am
>> smokey the bear. >> there will be a lot of closures as a part of this whole concert that's going on, like a closure map we have around ukee's when we have a barbeque around his place. lots of septa buses will be on detour. yellow lines indicate the closures. here is your art museum circle, the stage, the inner drive, outer drivers of the parkway closed, some of the major cross streets. big one, martin luther king, will not have access to the art new are museum circles. for folks in the neighborhood, too, won't be able to get out of town using the kelly or martin luther king driver. get to know the two little roads through town, the schuylkill expressway, and the vine st. expressway, and give yourself a lot of extra time, if you are coming through the city, or in to or out of the city through the weekend. now, going outside to live look, at back up on the roosevelt boulevard here. still, back up from about broad street on down. we had overturned tractor-trailer, that is gone. that's old news, but we have disable here, that's blocking the right lane, this poor
6:47 am
fellow, tying everybody up behind him here. so if you are coming south on the boulevard, this morning, allow some extra time. otherwise, mass transit looking good with no delays. ukee, erika, back over to you. >> bob, thanks so much. well today marks nine years hurricane katrina hammered the gulf coast. you may remember the category four hurricane with winds of 140 miles per hour made landfall just outside new orleans. it devestated the mississippi and louisianna coast with wiping homes right off their foundations, katrina claimed the lives of 1800 people and caused at least $125 billion in damage. nine years ago. >> reminder we really are in the middle of hurricane season, fema launching campaign to help us plan for a disaster long before it happens. "eyewitness news" reporter carol ericson explains how to get ready. >> reporter: when it comes to stocking up for today's lunch, hungry landscapers jeff and josh are getting prepare. but their preparations for long lasting disasters, storms
6:48 am
with names like irene, or sandy, well, they're not ready. they have no supplies. >> no, i don't have it a kit. we don't even really any it. >> shore veteran bill only thinks he's red. >> i i have a flashlight and a bottle of water. >> but that may change after watching these dark and scary and all too real commercials from fema, federal emergency management. showing crowded emergency shelter life and family you can't locate. the spots designed to shake up people. >> do you know how to locate relatives in the event after storm and you get separate in the. >> yes, yes. >> east when family is standing right next to you. but the federal pushes to keep disconnected people connected and red way plan, as counties preparing, too. and in this atlantic county emergency management classroom, staff and volunteers learning how to run one of the shelters so early but accurately portrayed in the commercials that run in
6:49 am
september's national preparedness month. >> shelters are the last place you want to be. it is simply to get people out of harms way. >> shelters, equipped with only bear bone supplies, evacuees might need to supplement, while the sun is out, make your disaster plans. in atlantic county, carol erickson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". your time now 6:49. ready for apple's next big thing? coming september 9th. of course the company has not released any details, supposedly apple unveiling couple bigger iphones. tech insiders say apple may also debut the long anticipated eye watch. erika? >> lots to look forward tonight president obama has his share of critics. but the jabs, the latest ones, aren't about political i president appeared before cameras yesterday to discuss us military action, in syria. but it was his suit that caught many people talking. the president who usually wears dark colors could be seen in taupe. tweets like taupe and change yes, we tan, quickly went out, poking fun at some of his old
6:50 am
campaign slogans. but catches your eye. used to seeing him in very dark colored suit. >> change is good. i'm digging it. >> he looks great. it is summer. you're allowed to wear taupe. >> exactly t looks good. i like. >> do enjoy those hash tags on twitter. >> i think i have one just like it. >> maybe you should break it out. >> right. our time 6:50. before you walk out the door, katie has another look at the holiday weekend forecast for you. we'll do traffic and weather together on the 3's.
6:51 am
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6:53 am
>> we have jesses' mugshot after he turned himself into oregon last night. became famous sunday night after awards ago awards for cyrus and talk about teen homelessness. fifteen minute of fame, also made police realize he was wanted for probation. released after posting bail. >> we've been rocking out to song for 40 years now, but now bruce springsteen is turning the page, springsteen is the latest rock star to turn writer. his first children's book is called outlaw pete. may sound familiar because that's the same title after ballad that frist 2009 albumn working on a dream. >> springsteen says the book due out in november is about a bank robbing baby. >> this has got to be great.
6:54 am
>> ought law pete. >> just puts that mental image in your mine. most adorable thing ever. let's take a look outside, first and for most, little cool start for us out here this morning, we did have cold front roll through. sort of in transition mode this same time yesterday. so way cooler this morning, than we were yesterday morning, jump ahead to labor day monday, warm social security tore of a storm. it will get hot out there, i think dodging shower or storm, but, it should not and wash out. that will also goes for sunday when i think we'll also have shower perhaps thunderstorm to dodge. and that's just it, scattering variety of shower or storm either one of the days. meantime, today, as well as tomorrow, featuring sunshine, and featuring some really nice weather overall. bob, over to you. >> we begin with a look at the boulevard, from fox street on down, right lane because of this fellow here, sitting out
6:55 am
here for over an hour, and i think the police have been handling that earlier overturned tractor-trailer, but, that right lane, back up, all the because of this one fellow disable there, as you try it approach the schuylkill. another disable along monument road near city line. quiet start to our labor day weekend, south on 95, little slow at girard avenue. all the bridges look fine, mass transit running with no delays. ukee, erika, back to you. >> thank you, thrill seeing ers will soon have brand new attraction to check out at six flags great adventure. >> unveiled plans for newest roller colder calls looping dragon, 07-foot tall, 360-degree ride. now you spin around completely that circular track couple of times. you even get suspended upside down in mid-air. >> oh,. >> take the change out of your pockets before go on this ride. >> not happening. >> looping dragon opens in the spring of 2016. >> you know what that remind me of, the hot wheels loop. >> that's right. >> the loopdeloop there?
6:56 am
>> they can have t i get a stomach ache on the a tilt a whirl now. >> you get sick on the tea cups. >> you guys are hilarious. >> coming up more local news weather traffic and sports on sister station the "cw philly" up next live on the scene of breaking news. >> a woman struck by not one but three cars overnight, and two of them fled the scene. live on that scene with the latest for the search for those two drivers. >> and don't forget you can now find the "cw philly" on comcast, xfinity, channel 13 or hd811, also, on verizon fios channel 16 or hd516. or on rcn channel 17 or hd1017. >> and reminder to join us bright and early, calling us to remind us, you know? things kick off here cbs-3 at 4:30 a.m. we hope you will join us. >> president obama addresses conflict in eastern ukraine and ice us. >> more on health scare for
6:57 am
joan rivers. nancy odel has an update on the comedian's condition. now to continue following your local news weather traffic and sports of course keeping it live keeping it local on your "cw philly" station. we certainly hope you can join us as you look live, made in america, just about set to go, have a safe holiday weekends, family, we'll see now little bit.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it's friday, august 29, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." president obama admits we don't have a strategy yet to fight the terror group isis. a life-threatening health crisis for joan rivers. nancy o'dell is watching the legendary comic's condition. >> roger goodell said he didn't get it right. the new action to correct course. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy yet. >> the white house says no to immediate military action against isis in syria. >> isis militants claim to have carried ou


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