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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 29, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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philadelphia 84. saturday down the shore 79 with a high uv index. poconos will be comfortable at 74 degrees as well. the only fly in the ointment right now is over the midwest, it is an area of low pressure we have a warm front and an approaching cold front. we see showers and storms, that will be approaching the region over the course of the weekend. coming up we will talk more about the pleasant start to the holiday, also the heat and humidity making a huge come back this weekend, and timing this storm so you can make the most of your labor day holiday weekend. for now, jessica, back to you in the studio. >> kathy, thank you. with casinos closing and workers losing jobs it has been a summer to forget in atlantic city. going in the weekend shore resort town faces more uncertainty then ever before. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live at the atlantic city where many are wondering about the future, cleve. >> reporter: jessica, after labor day weekend the north end of atlantic city's boardwalk will look different.
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the first she both bet will close and then the revel. a lot of people say this is inevitable but that doesn't make it easier for customers and especially the employees. >> sad day down here in atlantic city toy day. >> reporter: mood has been less than festive outside mardi gras theme show boat casino as it prepares to close on sunday. >> terrible, very disappointed. i didn't think this within would close. >> hate to see it go. it is an awesome place. everybody here is down to earth, welcoming. >> reporter: martin is one of several hundred employees able to transfer within caesars entertainment group. laura gold's husband hasn't heard back if he will have a job or be unemployed. >> it is scary time for my family and i. >> reporter: monday revel casino will close as well with trump plaza to follow suit in mid-september. unemployment in and around atlantic city is expect to sky rocket. >> this is a time for everyone, faith based organizations, union, government, all to come together so we can find
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immediate services and help for those people losing their jobs. >> reporter: resort mayor don guardian and state leaders have been trying to put a positive spin on atlantic city transitioning from dependens. with you right now families like the gold's aren't feeling too positive. >> we have over 8,000 families that will work, if that is not devastation, i don't know what is. >> reporter: on wednesday there will be a large resource center set up at the atlantic city convention center where laid off casino workers will be able to find out bun employment and other assistance that will help them navigate these difficult days ahead. live from atlantic city, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve, thanks very much. fire investigators in wildwood are looking for cause of this two alarm fire, it happened this morning at the commercial structure at park boulevard and west oak lane. at one point up to 1800 customers in that area lost power. the electricity was shut off to allow fire fighters to battle the flames. power has been since restored and in one was injured.
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the annual made in america music festival is this weekend and crew is a long ben franklin parkway are busy at work setting up for that two day event. thousands of people are expect to turnout to see dozens of top performers. "eyewitness news" reporter noel mcclaren is live along the parkway this afternoon with the very latest, noel? >> reporter: well, jessica, finishing touches are being put here for the stages of concert, there are still a lot of concerns about what will go on over here. the the traffic build up, that could build up here in the next few days. ben franklin parkway is prepped for packed crowds. the stage is almost all set for kanye west and far he will williams and young philadelphians are excited to hear their music, just steps away from their doors. >> i love music, i love live music. i love the art museum. why not have it here. >> somewhere in the middle of the town we have multi platinum grammy award winning
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artists. >> reporter: thousands more flocked to philadelphia for made in america, organizers say the concert rakes in more than ten million-dollar for the city. but for those who live nearby, the sound isn't so sweet. >> it is a mess. the screws up your entire weekend. >> reporter: multiple roads have been shut down for days, during set up making the commute a real challenge. >> really can't get in and get out, i think most of the resident feel the same. >> it the is interrupting city life. >> reporter: still most are happy that philadelphians in the spotlight, even fit means dealing with some bumper to bumper. >> we will have a good time be patient, you'll make it through. >> reporter: there will be parking restrictions at multiple locations around the concert area. for a full list of those you can visit our web site at cbs we will bring you more in the 6:00 o'clock hour but for now we're reporting live near ben franklin parkway, noel mcclaren for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". take a look at highlighted
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routes indicate closures that will be in effect all weekend long. center lanes of the parkway are shut down and spring garden street access from eakins oval is also closed so right now only the outer lanes remain opened there. police set up detours around the area. for a full list take a look for yourself at our web site at cbs and while there check out other top lists of things to do over the labor day holiday weekend. serious invasion of privacy that is what one man is being accused of tonight after secretly taking nude photos and videos of a woman on his cell phone. he was caught after an incident at giant food store in radnor township. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter joins us live from radnor police headquarters where he came face-to-face with the suspect, walt. >> reporter: that is right, suspect's brian bailey and police say he was quite busy last friday morning inside of that giant store, in the produce section but he wasn't shopping, he was allegedly pointing his i thephone camera up a woman's skirt.
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mr. bailey, can you tell us you why did this, sir. >> i didn't do anything. >> reporter: heading to arraignment suspect brian bailey claimed he didn't do it. but police say, he was the man who slipped behind a woman, shopping in the produce section of this giant supermarket, taking pictures up her skirt with his iphone camera. >> he had iphone under her skirt she was wearing a skirt at the time. this is a classic example of what you may know as upskirting. >> reporter: you are accused of up skirting. >> i didn't do anything. >> reporter: police say they plan to search bailey's iphone for other pictures and video, concerned there may be additional women who may not even realize they have been victimized. >> we have reason to believe there may be other incidents in the region. we have notified the philadelphia police department as well. >> reporter: can you tell us why you did this. >> i didn't do it. >> reporter: you air accused of doing it. while bailey protested, record show he pled guilty to up skirting a woman in june 2012 at an ambler bank, paying a
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$200 fine and getting released on probation without doing any jail time. records show, following that 2012 arrest there were 72 separate images, improper images of women found on bailey's iphone. coming up at 6:00 we will have more on the new high technology crime fighting tools, that led police, to this suspect. we will see you at 6:00 live from radnor police headquarters, i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". pennsylvania men are facing serious charges following an under cover sting operation targeting child predators. the authorities say daniel stewart, barry burton and korean moss that used a network to allow them to share photos of children engaged in sexual acts. they are in jail awaiting hearings next month. philadelphia police hope this surveillance video will help them catch two suspects who shot and robbed a man trying to deposit money this happened in the pathmark parking lot at large and
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bleigh avenue. police believe that the victim who owns four businesses in that area was targeted. he was headed to that bank to deposit $70,000 in cash when the suspects approached. the victim was shot in the arm, and is expect to be okay but if you know anything about the case you are asked to call the police. tractor trailer hauling eggs, overturns injuring a driver, this happened overnight on route 76 westbound near the route one on ramp. the four two-year old driver in the truck was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and the cause of that crash is still being investigated. authorities condemn a mayfair home damaged by a tractor trailer in an accident last night. police say driver of the suv ran a red light, hit the truck, the the truck then slammed into a row home at levick and farnsworth. both drivers were hurt. no one was inside the row home at the time of the crash. still to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a woman hit by a car not once but three times. now search is on for driver of the first car, who took off, and left her to die.
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trying to enjoy the last long weekend of the summer but just can't leave the office behind, you are certainly not alone out there, three on your side with showing you ways to unplug and relax. and a crime fighting, family, three generations of philadelphia police officers and possibly a fourth there, we will take to you a special graduation ceremony when we come back.
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joan rivers remain in the hospital following cardiac arrest. her daughter said her mother is resting comfortably at mt. sinai hospital. she will not elaborate on the mother's condition.
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she was under going an outpatient throat procedure when sources say she just stopped breathing. well were you able to getaway this summer? maybe you are going this weekend. recent survey finds if you did take time off many just could not leave the office that far behind. three on your side reporter jim ton van says thanks to electronic tea advises, many of us are still checking in. >> reporter: summer is coming to a close and while many americans took a vacationer, mostly we did in the get a way from it it all. they found 77 of americans confessed to doing work away from the office. some motivated by guilt, others by the boss. >> 20 percent said it is a guilt thing. they feel like they have this need to check in on vacation. and, then another one in five said that they really think their boss expects them to be checking e-mail and working when they are out. >> reporter: most common activities according to the survey, nine in ten american workers have check their
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e-mail while on vacation, 85 percent responded to those e-mails. 45 percent confessed to checking voice mail, while 40 percent said they would return some of those calls. 42 percent said that they created or edited a work document. aiding in all of this are electronic devices. >> it really sets this expectation for them that they are checked in even when they are supposed to be check out. >> as we head in the final long weekend of the summer experts say if you feel need to check in while on vacation set parameters. if you set aside 30 minutes each day to review e-mail and voice mail you don't spend the vacation looking the at your phone or computer screen. >> yes. >> but i think people are probably checking so they don't end up with 2,000 e-mails. i go away for a weekend i have 1700 e-mails to respond to. >> you know what i did, i turn off facebook and twitter totally for a week. >> it was refreshing. >> okay. >> you feel like you have lived in a dark hole for a while. >> i will try that this labor
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day weekend. don't send me any e-mails. have a good one. philadelphia police department welcomes 36 new rookie officers. "eyewitness news" at temple university performing arts center where the graduation ceremony was held for police academy class members, 368. officers chris tore rippick, his dad jay is a police detective are his grandfather is a retired homicide detective who spent more than four decades in law enforcement. >> i'm excited to be the third generation and, you know, follow in my father and grandfather's footsteps. it is a privilege. i'm exited to start my career. everything i do is for my family and this little guy. so i'm excited for monday. >> maybe there is a fourth generation right there congratulations to them, new officers will start out on foot patrol in three districts in north and northwest philadelphia. did you see the little baby cop too? did everyone see that? good evening everyone.
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congratulations to all those new officers and if you are heading out and about right new to celebrate the weekend you will have the delays. as we look at ben franklin bridge, if you are commuting into new jersey, not awful, but into pennsylvania, a little different story. we have construction blocking the two right lanes so only two lanes get by. this delay is affecting 676, admiral wilson boulevard, all in turn just making it a very slow commute, trying to get into pennsylvania. maybe walt whitman bridge better idea, take betsy, tac, so on and so forth. if you are traveling in the westbound direction which is right here approaching that girard avenue off ramp you will be delayed on the ramp here but look at that wide notice speed sensors are indicating a heavier westbound delay approaching the roosevelt boulevard and then out through to just past gladwynn. would i continue as you continue, rather in towards your western suburbs, you are still going to be slow. i-95, not awful, 55, i-95 around the airport and southbound approaching 476, not great, into new jersey
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quickly, northbound 295, right around 42 freeway center lanes blocked as a result of the disabled vehicle and you will find delays from the 42 for anyone down the shore, jessica. >> vittoria, thanks very much. bruce springsteen born to write, coming up we will tell but his new you book project. then a teacher who says some say went too far on social media what she said about her students that has people outraged, beasley? coming up in sports in one minute eagles have to be down to 53 players tomorrow. phillies with the the new york series with the mets and temple off to an awesome start, that is all coming up
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incredible video coming from this area where a volcano has come to life, spewing hot lava and ash in the air. several nearby communities have already been evacuated because of this and some international flights have been diverted. the volcano is one of the most active in that region and in 1994 it destroyed the town of rubel. large plumes of smoke continue to pour out of another volcano in ice land. they issued a fly alert north and east of that mountain. this volcano has been erupting for nearly two weeks now. thankfully no volcanos here, but nice and warm. >> very warm. >> yes. >> we are looking at a reversal in this forecast for
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the summer. starting off cool with stormy in july, not so hot and now we are having the the heat at the end of august. >> go figure. >> it is a great time because of the holiday weekend. let look out identify where we have a picture perfect afternoon down the shore in atlantic city. some folks who dip their toes in the the water. it will be a great weekend to be outdoors but a few storms passing bias well. lets go to our live neighborhood network looking good, we will take to you pottstown senior high school, where it has just been a beautiful day with fair weather clouds, temperatures right now in the upper 70's and you can see town in the distance and won't be long until everyone is back at school but you that summer heat will make a come back, right in time for the first day of school, for many next week. on storm scan three we have a few clouds moving across the region, otherwise, just a lot of sunshine and pleasant temperatures. seventy-nine in philadelphia 76 in trenton. seventy-one in the poconos. if you are heading there this weekend make sure to bring some pants and also a sweater because some of these lows
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will get down in the 40's and 50's, so chilly mornings but pleasant afternoon. ocean the water temperature at 76 degrees. so, no issues there saturday will feature high pressure to the northwest. temperatures in the 80's. very nice day. as this front approaches from the west we will see an increase in the heat and humidity up the entire eastern seaboard and that means the threat of the shower and storm. that threat will continue, for monday, as the the front moves very closely, and it will be slow to go, and so that the thunderstorm threat, will continue into tuesday. here's a look at future weather. right now really nothing going on. no weather of any type. saturday still a mostly sunny day. by sunday clouds will roll in and then by 6:00 o'clock we will have a line forming through poconos and west of the lehigh valley. this is not gospel this can change but just to give you an idea the the shore would still be dry sunday and maybe a few showers to the north and west of the city. the most of that activity would move through during the evening and overnight, into monday morning, a few showers
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down the shore to start monday, and then continue to update and fine tune that forecast over the course of the weekend. tonight a few clouds, comfortable low 63 degrees. during the day on saturday, mostly sunny high of 84. town the shore a great day to be on the beach. seventy-seven saturday. uv index is nine. rip current risk stays at moderate. it will be slow on sunday with a high of 82 degrees. you are safe down the shore through sunday. poconos looks great but sunday there will be a chance of the afternoon thunderstorm, and then, possibly on monday with a high of 82. on the exclusive eyewitness weather three day forecast, saturday 84. sunday 89. monday 90 degrees for labor day and once again that thunderstorm threat will loom. that is latest from the weather center for now, coming up we will have have sports right after this.
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i'm beasley reese with your sports in a minute. let us start the clock. eagles with an impressive win last night over the jets final preseason game. they came away with a 37-seven win powered primarily by backup guys, fighting for jobs. cut down day is tomorrow, eagles have to be down to 53 players. one of the more noteworthy battles is for kickers job. codey parky was an awesome night, three field goals, two over 50 yards. question was alex henry survive cuts? only time will tell. temple football had a delayed start against vanderbilt at vanderbilt but strong showing to open up the season. they won 37, seven as temple's first win against sec opponent since 1938. the phillies are in the big apple for weekend series against the mets. fightins are having a nice run having won their last three series. david buchanan on the hill and penn state held a rally for its players today in dublin. they kick off their season tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m.
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against university of central florida. that is your sports in a minute. right on time. now back to the desk. now, thank you, beasley. coming up, a woman crossing the street is hit by a car, three different times. search is on for driver who first ran her down. and nascar champ tony stewart publicly breaks his silence. he is returning to racing for first time since he hit and killed a fellow driver three weeks ago. then new at 6:00 america's mess dangerous intersection is just outside philadelphia, where it is and why it is considered so treacherous.
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i'm jessica dean and here are the day's top stories, a man is in custody have after taking upskirt pictures of the woman without her knowing. after checking his cell phone authorities say there could be more victims. uncertainty over the future is looming in atlantic city think labor day weekend. the show boat closes sunday, revel closes monday with trump plaza following in mid-september. many are down the shore this labor day weekend. "eyewitness news" in ocean city cape may county where it was a beautiful beach day, kathy. >> there will be more. storm scan 3a beautiful day to day and storm but we are keeping an eye on a complex of showers and thunderstorms,
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moving towards the region. over the course of the weekend we will see threat of some rain but not a wash out by any means. here is your labor day holiday forecast, philadelphia with a chance of a shower or then are storm. down the shore the same thing in the poconos, chance of the thunderstorm and temperature of 82 degrees. it will be on the steamy side but this looks like it will be pouring all the time. that is not true. the just some scattered showers and storms as a cold front will be slow to move out of the region. i will have full forecast coming up later in the broadcast, jessica. >> kathy, thanks. search continues for a driver who struck a woman and left her for dead. woman was then hit by two more cars. this happened on broad street near belfield avenue in the logan section of philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson has the latest. >> experiencing it is a different feeling. it is one i won't forget. >> reporter: unforgettable series of events, a woman initially hit and left to diary petely struck, killed by on coming traffic.
5:31 pm
>> because you didn't see it, you could feel the impact. it hit your car. >> reporter: police say around 5:00 this morning a woman in her 40's was crossing broad and belfield avenue begins a red light when she was hit by a white vehicle heading south. that driver didn't stop. >> there must have been somebody that saw something or knows about this car and would help us out in the investigation. >> reporter: moments later, she was struck again. >> he stops and helps with the investigation. >> reporter: and again. >> she said that she heard a news report and that she thought she was there and she thought she may have hit the vehicle. so she's cooperating with the investigation. >> reporter: the the investigation is focused on the first driver, the one who didn't stop in a car described as white with front end and windshield damage similar to the dodge dart. >> we do need public's help, someone probably saw something or will see that damage on the vehicle. >> reporter: victim was pronounced dead at einstein hospital. her identity is being withhold until her family is notified. meanwhile police do say that there are about 15 camera along this stretch of broad so
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their next stop is to find out if there is video of the incident. the reporting from logan, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". nascar driver tony stewart is getting back on the track this weekend. this will be his first race since killing kevin ward junior in upstate new york. stewart spoke to the media earlier today. cbs news correspondent jericka duncan takes a closer look. >> reporter: nascar superstar tony stewart's votes trembled as he spoke in public for the first time about the deadly racing accident he was in just three weeks ago. >> this is something that will affect my life forever. >> reporter: on august 9th an upstate new york, stewart's car slammed into kevin ward junior and killed him. moments before it happened ward got out of his car and walk on to the race track trying to confront stewart. he was upset because stewart's car bumped his and sent his spinning in the wall. >> the pain and mourning that kevin ward's family and friend
5:33 pm
are experiencing is something that i cannot possibly imagine. every day i'm thinking about him and praying for them. >> reporter: investigators have said there is no evidence of criminal intent but the investigation is still ongoing. stewart says after weeks of reflection he is ready to race again. >> it has given me the time to think about life and how easy it is to take it for granted. i think being back in the car this week with my racing family will help me get through this difficult time. >> reporter: nascar officials say stewart has received all necessary clearances, to return to competition. in new york, jericka duncan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". pressure is mounting for the white house to take military action against isis tonight. the there is speculation u.s. might launch air strikes in syria, however, president obama said they have no plans for military action in that country at this time. in the meantime he is seeking international help. >> every element of his
5:34 pm
national security strategy is thought through. it includes a lot of important diplomatic work both with the iraqi government but also with governments in the region. >> the president says that if he does decide to take military action in syria he will consult with congress first. after a nearly year ago fire station in olde city is renovated and reopen. john mcdevitt from our sister station kyw news radio took a tour. >> snorkel tube, and medic 44b are back home. the fire department at fourth and arch went through major renovations abe upgrades after sustaining fire damage in september of last year. work cost $475,000. their new windows, floors, doors, air conditioning, and upgraded exhaust system where vent hoses hook up to exhaust pipes of the vehicles. philadelphia fire commissioner derrick sawyer. >> diesel emissions can cause cancer for the members and when a truck go in and out, although we didn't have the
5:35 pm
exhaust system this whole ceiling would be covered. >> reporter: commissioner says exhaust systems have been incorporated in all of the firehousees over past five years. olde city neighborhood was always protect when the the firehouse was closed with response times from nearby stations beating the national standards of five minutes or less. john mcdevitt for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new 59:30 delaware senator chris coons presents medals to the buffalo solder regimen. senator coons presented bronze star and four other decorations to first lieutenant james gill yam. fought to become a civil rights leaders. some of his medals were missing. he never received others he earned. good evening, everyone. making your way down through the poconos or up to the poke knows this weekend we are taking you to 476 at mid county tolls, commuting in the northbound direction in the northeast extension you shouldn't find too many problems but you may hit
5:36 pm
just a blip on the radar, even through the lehigh valley so be mindful of that. 476 itself, southbound or northbound, between the schuylkill and mid county toll plaza looking good. no major problems as well northbound between i-95 and media, speed sensors are at a nice average speed. traveling 42 freeway heading down the shore i think every is already there. 492 looks great. walt whitman bridge we are not seeing too many problems. overall as we look at our wide we will notice speed sensors for a friday afternoon look great in the 50's. ninety-five, 95 around the airport. we slow down southbound approaching 476 and schuylkill expressway 48 miles an hour, yeah, everyone has a head start. that is what i'm thinking. however if you are traveling in new jersey and we still have a disabled vehicle on 295 northbound right around 42. it is blocking the center lane, and causing a backup here approaching 130 down through to the 42. that has been out there for at least over a half an hour. also i195 westbound just beyond hamilton square road we
5:37 pm
have an accident here. only shoulder gets by. that is affecting traffic in that area. made in in america if you are making any plans this weekend you do want to watch out for closures kelly drive, parkway, spring garden, so on and so forth and visit cbs if you have any questions about those closures over the the weekend no major problems for mass transit, jessica. still to come on "eyewitness news" a teacher under fire for something she posted to twitter. it is not only threatening comment she made about students but how that teacher was disciplined that is raising eyebrows, plus... >> ♪ >> move over jay-z trend to go day see how cancer patient at children's hospital of philadelphia is trying to get the rap star's attention. >> cozy sweaters, wooly scarves all of the signs of fall do they have you saying bahumbug did winter ruin fall for you? i'm erika von tiehl, coming up
5:38 pm
we will have expert advice on how to beat those prewinter blues. it is feeling like summer, that is one way we are looking at the waning days of the summer season, feeling more like july or early august the hottest time of the year. we will have the forecast from the city, poconos to the shore to the holiday
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a california high school teacher is making headlines for some questionable tweets that she sent out about her students. students at newark memorial high school in newark say krista hodges is a popular history teach there are but she's losing favor for parents for tweet that is read i already want to stab some kids. is that bad? so happy to be done with school for ten days butes specially to be away from the ones who truly try my patients and make my trigger finger itchy. >> as a role model, that she could have had a better choice. >> she's a cool lady. i wouldn't have taken it seriously. she kind of jokes. >> district disciplined that teacher with a written republican man. while she's not tweeting anymore she's still teaching and apologized saying she never expect to take her seriously. imagine this deliveries
5:42 pm
directly tour door from a drone. it may not too far off in the future. right now google is working on a new delivery system they are calling project wing that uses small remote aircraft. this has been in development for years. creators are very excited about the possibility. >> project wing as expires to take another big chunk of the remaining friction on out of moving things around in the world. we can get to this future, i think surprisingly quickly. >> it is not clear when this kind of system could be put into place, right now most stays have tight restrictions on the use of drones. turning now, this next video is making round, a cancer patient of children's hospital of philadelphia channels his inner rap superstar. >> ♪ >> ♪
5:43 pm
>> that is an oncology patient at chop, putting his own spin there on the jay-z hit with the parity, fall so hard. comic relief to his tough chemo treatments. he made that video to put spotlight the life of the cancer patient and invited jay-z to hang out next time he is in town. for more what is trending on the web go to philly. the web go to philly. we will be right just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at
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back at the 5:00 with a memorial day, wreath lake in pennsauken camden county. every year the afl-cio central labor council hold the ceremony for peter maguire memorial. it is to honor the working men and women of new jersey. beautiful afternoon, will lead into a gorgeous evening. we are looking live at the waters of the atlantic from atlantic city, our sky cam, of course, very busy on the steelpy they are afternoon. our live neighborhood network takes us to another beach, very close by to ac, margate at beach patrol headquarters, you can see still busy at the beach but just a picture perfect day with low humidity
5:47 pm
and deep blue skies. that will change, as our weather gets sticky and steamy over course of the weekend. storm scan three we have a few clouds lifting through otherwise very dry conditions, and very comfortable conditions. but to the west we have an area of low pressure in the mid city that whip lift up toward ontario over the course of the next couple days lifting this moisture along witt. it will be progress i havely warmer and even more humid with a chance of showers and storms, as we move through the holiday weekend. right now in philadelphia 79. seventy-eight in allentown. seventy-three wildwood. seventy-one in the poconos. that ocean water temperature quite warm at 76. there is more heat to be had and all building through central part of the country and moving in the tennessee valley. nashville, birmingham 92. little rock 90. thinks all moving toward the the north east, and the mid-atlantic. that is what is in store for us as we head toward the month of september. fair weather high pressure keeps it comfortable for saturday and then all that moves eastward on sunday.
5:48 pm
best chance for showers and storms will be toward evening in philadelphia. that is how it looks right now but north and west is a different story. sunday temperatures well in the 80's toward 90 monday 90 still a threat of the shower or thunderstorm and it stays steamy right through most of next week. e heat index. when you add temperature and humidity it will turn oppressive next week. saturday heat index 85. no problem. sunday 92. by monday 95, and then next tuesday it could be even higher as many students go back to school. going to be traveling over the course of the weekend in problems throughout the northeast, in the mid-atlantic. saturday a few scattered showers toward western parts of the pennsylvania and also western new york. sunday here comes that moisture, pittsburgh in the morning and traveling very quickly towards us, by noon to 2:00 p.m. some showers, popping up, a line of storms, forming through central pennsylvania and here is a line that forms between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. heading through philadelphia and moving eastward down the
5:49 pm
shore. still monday scattered showers a lot have of instability maybe a thunderstorm and that threat will loom into tuesday. if you are traveling big time or a friend that has gonna cross the the pond to ireland, you know who is there the penn state nittany lions are playing tomorrow, university of central florida in ireland this game at 8:30 tomorrow morning eastern daylight time. it will be have afternoon in ireland. the temperature will be 62 degrees there. much warmer here across the pond in the states. wind west at 10 miles an hour if you are watching that game tomorrow or friend who are going to be watching it live. take a look at the forecast for tonight a few clouds low of 63. during the day saturday 84. really beautiful day. as we look ahead on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast and shore cast 89 sunday. ninety monday. tuesday still a chance of the shower or storm 91. shore temperatures at least in the mid 80's. then you can see what happens, next tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday, the temperatures in the upper
5:50 pm
80's, to lower 90's. thinks one of the warmest stretches we have seen the entire summer season and it is coming really as august ends, and september begins. it is pretty unusual around here. >> like ever ongoing summer, kind of nice. >> i love it. >> yes, stretch it out. >> kathy, thanks. for many summer was just too shortest specially after that long hard winter. think back to that. that memory of shoveling snow is enough to make you cringe when you think with the about the change of season but there is no reason to fear fall. "eyewitness news" anchor erika von tiehl has that story. >> reporter: labor day weekend one last chance to soak up summer. fall is around the corner as store after story minus about their warm cozy clothes but a season usually celebrated is now being met with trepidation. >> i'm kind of dreading fall. i love sum are time. >> dreading it. i love the summer. just very sad to see it go. big tears. >> reporter: last winter was
5:51 pm
our second most snowy ever and still fresh in many mind. >> i think people get to the point of saying fall and then means winter. winter means i can go through what i went through last year and i don't want to experience that again. >> reporter: making matters worse farmer'sal map access predicting another long cold winter but there is no need to fear change of season. therapist george james offered some tips, first plan fun. >> in the summer you just go outside and have have fun. when it gets cold, difficult, plan some of those fun activities. >> reporter: like a trip to the zoo, park or a favorite restaurant. just planning the activity can lift spirits. next up know yourself and your kids and notice if any within's routine is off. >> are you working out? what are you eating ? are you hanging out w pay attention because that can be a sign it is now changing from okay fall to something that is in the so great. >> reporter: finally and embrace the change of season. >> change in the colors. even the ability to change your wardrobe, some people can
5:52 pm
wear those sweaters or those jackets. >> one last bit of advice enjoy every nice day we have left, remember winter is cold for those with no warm memories. and this winter, looking to be a tough one. erika avon tiehl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". oh man looking at that snow enjoy weekend. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a new project for bruce springsteen. >> i'm nancy odell coming up pierce brassnannies back in action in the november man, and a team of explorers uncovers a haunting mystery in
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
msbut they meet them withts determination and drive. chanelle: teachers like ms. harris made me feel like i'm part of a team. not just on the basketball court. but in the classroom. ms. harris: chanelle is not just a star athlete. she is a star student. chanelle: i headed to clemson university where i can combine my love of sports and learning- and maybe even win a championship. ms. harris: i wouldn't bet against her. or any of my students reaching for their dreams.
5:55 pm
miley cyrus date to the vma's have have surrendered in oregon. jessed right there he became
5:56 pm
famous sun take night when he accepted an award from cyrus and talk about being homeless. his 15 minutes of fame made police realize how he was wanted for violating probation. he was released after posting bail. the boss is showing off his softer side, bruce springsteen's first children's book is due out soon called outlaw pete, name after a ballot on his 2009 album working on a dream. book business a bank robbing babe that i was inspired by a book his mother read to him as a child. outlaw pete will be public in november. pierce brassnannies on the run and something scary under the streets of paris, nancy odell shows us what is new in theaters over the weekend. >> 200 miles have of tunnel right underneath our feet. >> the empire. >> unaudible. >> students climb beneath streets of paris in search of the lost artifact in the new horror movie asabob still below but as they dig deeper they get turned around and
5:57 pm
things get creepy. >> tell me we just didn't do this. >> same thing. >> while shooting in the real tunnels under paris helped them get in the right mind set for the scares. >> first time we went down there to have have a look and walk around it was very sticky. >> we're really down in anxious caves. we're surrounded by spiders, bones, old rock and it is a lot of fun. it is really cool. >> and there are more thrills, at the theater this weekend but double 07 himself back in the spy game. >> we will play a little game. >> reporter: pierce is annex cia operative on the run with former one girl olga chased by younger agent he trained but brassnan still has a moves when he comes to stunts. >> i did it a lot of the stunts. i didn't visit any surgeries or anything like that.
5:58 pm
just some aches and pains. aches and pains one way or the other with making movies. i feel old. >> stand still. >> reporter: for entertainment tonight i'm nancy odell now back to you in the studio. >> nancy, thanks. catch nancy and rest of the team at entertainment tonight to keep you up to dayton everything happening in hollywood. catch it tonight and every week night at 7:00 on cbs-3. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00, now at 6:00 the holiday weekend is here, will mother nature cooperate, kathy. >> that is a great question, it will start off on a high note the but then the steamy and stormy conditions roll in. we will time out storms coming up. made in america festivales taking over ben franklin parkway. some of the biggest acts are set to perform but not everybody is looking forward to it. a with man shopping at a main line grocery store accuses one man of taking photos up her skirt, technology that helped police
5:59 pm
nab their suspect. suburban philadelphia intersection receives national attention as the most dangerous cross road in the country, we will tell you where, now on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. it is 6:00 o'clock on friday and for many of you out there the labor day weekend is officially underway. congratulations. we will start down the shore where beaches are pack with the sun lovers, celebrating the unofficial end to summer. here in the city, it will be one big party, right now, philadelphia is preparing for one of the largest outdoor concerts of the year. made in america festival. good evening to you i'm jessica dean. chris may is off tonight. there is so much to do on this holiday weekend. big question for many of you out there is will weather get in the way. meteorologist kathy orr is live on the skies deck with the first look at this holiday forecast, kathy. >> hopefully not for most of us, for most of the holiday
6:00 pm
weekend, but there are storms in the forecast. we have a beautiful afternoon with deep blue skies, still a lot of traffic on 16th street, with folks trying to get out and start their holiday weekend festivities. temperatures around the region are very pleasant. philadelphia right now 78. seventy-eight in allentown. seventy in the poconos. pack sweat ertz going north because they are experiencing some cool evenings, as of ovulate. millville 74. atlantic city is 72. down the shore 70's are wild, ocean city 76. at the shore, and cape may, right now 73 degrees. ocean is mild at 76 degrees. now here is a look at your holiday weekend forecast as we kick it off saturday. in philadelphia it will be 84 tomorrow. down the shore 79 with a very high uv index and plenty of sunshine and poconos very comfortable with lots of sun, high temperature 74 degrees. we will start off with pleasant. you can see just a few clouds moving through right now but storminess is to the west, thut


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