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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 30, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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the labor day weekends is officially underway. thousands are expected to pack the parkway for the made in america music festival t gets under nay just a few hours. also, this morning, thousands more will unofficially send off summer at the shore while closing out two atlantic city casinos. good morning, today is saturday, august 30th, i'm erika von tiehl. right now feeling pretty comfortable outside. first check on your forecast with carol erickson in the weather center. labor day weekends, a lot of folks hoping to be outside watch do youy? >> can you believe it is labor day weaken already? >> summer flew by. >> just awful. labor day weekends, weather not bad at all today. yesterday was absolutely gorgeous, as everyone got their plans ready and thought, you know what, we really
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should spends this weekend outside. you can see on storm scan3, not dealing with any precipitation whatsoever. so it looks great out there today. that may be changing through the course of the labor day weekend, however, so we will have to talk a little bit about at least chances of some showers, some thunderstorms, 62 degrees in philadelphia, notice how much cooler it is specially to the north, where the temperatures are in the 50's, and right along the shore right now, at wildwood, 57 degrees, atlantic city out at the airport, 56, so, it is a cool start to the day. we've got very nice finish to the day, though, by noon, it is 77 degrees, by 3:00 p.m., 82, and it is not too humid. and it won't be windy. you will be seeing the sky may behalf and half with the clouds, this is nice looking day today t does get a lot more humid today. put this into motion, our future weather. what's it see by 1:00 it barely says even finds cloud out there. but just know there could be few clouds that come by. then tomorrow, there could be
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more than few clouds coming biment we could be looking at some showers, as well, so we time it all out coming up. erika? >> carol, thank you, before sum kerr unofficially end, we have to have one last party on the parkway, right? this weekend's big bash the made in america festival. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson joins us now, he is out on the parkway, where right now, just give it few hours, right, steve? >> it is em tip, but the set up here is incredibly massive. it is insane. talking about 50 acts on four stages, for two days of live music, and the security is so tight, i'm surprised we were able to get this close to the actual set up. to prove it to you, we brought some video along, take a look at the stage, there but take a look at this video, as well. final preparations underway here in the fairmount park area, the third year of this huge, huge convert and show. as you can expect, neighbors say it is something of a double edge sword. the neighbors also saying this
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is grown over the area, so many people in the area just talking about a combination of the insane traffic because of all of the road closures, not to mention the constant pounding noise, that some of these people will ends up hearing, so when we talk to people about this, there is generally two camps, the windows open crowd, and the windows closed crowd. one camp saying this is really part of city life specially here on the parkway, and it contributes to the overall art, and revenue of the city. the others saying the noise really isn't worth the headache. we spoke to both. >> i love music. i love live music, i love the art museum. why not have it here. >> it is horrible if you live here, it is a mess, it screws up your entire labor day weekend, you can't get in, get out. i think most of the residents in the area feel the same. >> look, there are way too many road closures to go over right now, if you want to check those out go to our website they've been happening for the
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the final ten days. in case you want to check, we have been there. also have the performance times, every day, and yes, today and sunday, the gates will open ought noon, and the performances are expected to be over by midnight. but go ahead, check out for all of that information. meantime live at the art museum, steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thank you, steve. and for more on the re vick sons on what you can and cannot take with you, to the made in america concert, and for other labor day weekends events, just go to our website of course labor day weekends means plenty of folks are headed to the shore. soak up those last rays of summer sunshine. "eyewitness news" right here in wildwood, where you can see those beach bags are packed, people grabbing what's left of their summer vacation. fall almost here. also, somewhat somber labor day weekends down the shore where during the ends of the line for two atlantic city
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casinos. showboat and revel are closing their doors this weekend taking with them thousands of jobs. our matt rivers is in ac where many are remembering the past and wondering about the future. >> labor day weekends is the unofficial ends of summer but this year the holiday marks the ends after era. in atlantic city. >> this is a shame what happened to the city. i could cry. >> the showboat casino and its gleeming, tax subsidized neighbor to the north, revel, will be closing down this weekend. friday, there were spars crowds at both. >> what do you think about the fact it is closing down? >> well, it is really a shame, a beautiful place. >> when the two casinos closed, they'll take thousands of jobs with them. >> but beyond just employee, when casinos close down it, hurts the people who live here, too, back in 2010, the city's tax base was around $20 billion. next year, it is estimated to be about half that. at around 10 million. because that far atlantic city citizens will be paying about 30% more than their property
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taxes. >> and higher taxes can also lead to higher prices. >> prices of booze, everything, going up around here. like i notice even cans every soda went from 50 to 75 cents. >> people like governor chris christie are trying to stop that from happening, and hanging his hat on new plan to make ac less about gambling, more about nightlife, shops, restaurants. >> atlantic city one of the best features in the state. that's where i see the general direction going. >> though we've certainly heard revitalization talk before. in fact, that is big reason the revel was built in the first place. as we wait to see if ac can rebounds, optimism on its boards walk. >> with or without the casinos, the city has been here since 198 -- 1850's, a place for everybody to come. so i think it will survive. >> matt rivers, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". the investigation continues into this two alarm fire down the shore. it happened friday morning, in what used to be a deli at park boulevard and west oaklane and wildwood. firefighters shut off
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electricity to battle those flames, which temporarily left about 1800 people without power. no one was hurt. and, renovated fire station in old city is now reopened. the house, the firehouse, at fourth and arch, was heavily damaged in a fire last september. a peak inside shows there is no windows, floors, doors and air-conditioning, along with upgraded exhaust system. you may remember this scene from last year. it cost about $475,000 to rebuild. a warning now, to women after what police are calling a serious inch vision of privacy. a man is accused of secretly taking leud pictures after woman with his cell phone and he was caught after an incident at a giant foods store in radnor township. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter has the disturbing details. >> police say brian bailey was busy in the produce section of the giant supermarket last friday morning, but he wasn't shopping. he was pointing his iphone camera up a woman's skirt.
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>> he had the iphone under her skirt. she was wearing a skirt at the time. this is a classic example of what you may know as up skirting. >> mr. bailey can you tell us why you did this, sir? >> i didn't do anything,. >> i bailey, police say, was quickly identified, after police analyzed surveillance video from the supermarket. using newly purchased facial recognition software that revealed a match. >> we just gun using it, this is the first investigation where it proved to be very beneficial. >> you're accused of up skirting, sir. >> i didn't do anything, sir. >> records show he pled guilty at up skirt to go a woman in a bang in 2012 getting $200 fine and probation but no jail time. >> can you tell us why did you this? >> i didn't do it. >> you're cured of doing it. >> police say following that arrest, 72 improper images of women were found on his iphone, and now, following his new brush with the law, they are concerned he could be a serial offender.
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>> we have reason to believe there may be other incidents in the region, and we've notified the philadelphia police department, as well. >> investigators near radnor say they'll be busy going through the suspect's iphone and computer looking for any improper images of women. and, think say, if you think you recognize the suspect, contact police here immediately. at radnor police headquarters, walt hunter, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> the crisis in iraq is putting authorities in the uk on high alert. that country raised its terror level threat to severe indicate ago attack is highly likely. prime minister david cameron said the islamic state of iraq and syria could pose serious threat to the uk. however, at this time, leaders say there is no evidence of an imminent attack. the threat level here in the u.s. remains unchanged. the an ebola outbreak in west africa is spreading, announced first case of the disease, a student from guinea. at least 1500 people have died
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in guinea, sierra leone, liberia, nigeria since that outbreak began. worlds health organization says the epidemic grew last week at the fastest pace since it began. there is promising news about the search for the first effective treatment. cbs news correspondent david begno, reports on this experimental new drug. >> human tests are expected to begin next week for an experimental vaccine for ebola. researchers say the drug called z map successfully treated 18 monkeys infected with the deadly virus. >> all the other monkeys, the control monkeys, that were given a lethal dose of ' bowl, a all died. all of the animals who were vaccinated survived, so the results were pretty crisp and clear cut. >> ebola spreading across west africa. ebola has already killed more than 1500 people in guinea, sierra leone, liberia and nigeria. two american aid workers who were treated in the u.s. were given the vaccine, and both
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survived. but not every patient has. >> two people in europe had been given the drug, and have not survived. but, of course, those persons may have been given the drug later in the course of the infection, we don't know how severe the infection was. >> still, doctors are optimistic. >> at the moment it, looks like it can cure ebola in monkeys, my fingers are crossed for people. >> tests will begin at the national institute of health in maryland. then in britain, and africa. david beg know, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". coming up here on "eyewitness news", a 20 year old murder mystery solved with leggo's, plus, armed robbers attack, a store owner fights back, but we'll tell you why some don't agree with his actions. we'll also have this: >> a british doctor invents an emergency app he says will save lives. i'm alphonso van marsh in london, that
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>> broomall team returned home, to marple newtown high school. now in addition to the 15 year olds, the 13 year old team also won a world series championship. welcoming them off the bus there. a parade is planned for
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tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 starting at the newtown square shopping center. well done, guys. meanwhile, philadelphia's own mo'ne davis is in chicago. the star pitcher of the little league taney dragons was in the windy city for a dinner honoring the jackie robinson west team. they were called that team from chicago went onto win the little league world championship. that will dinner hosted by the reverend jesse jackson. a lot of kids having great time. student will be back to school one last weekend. how are we looking, carol? >> looking just terrific today. yesterday i think was probably the most stellar day. and each day, a little bit different than the next day. so our weather is not giving up on summer. don't you give up on summer either. look at this, in atlantic city, the ferris wheel, absolutely george thus morning, casino of its own fireworks out there. we have some pretty comfortable temperatures, as well, if you slept with your windows open last night, you may have don't to up close them. some of these temperatures are in the 50's, 57 in trenton, 55 allentown, reading 59 degrees, cool up in the poconos,
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57 degrees. but that number is matched down in wildwood at 57. so, the air is cool this morning, but we are on an increasingly warming trends over the next couple of days. storm scan3, nothing. we love that. we could use some rain. but at this point, for a holiday weekends, maybe we could just skip it today. and i think we probably will. with high pressure where it is, looks like nice day, gorgeous yesterday, it will be beautiful here today, with temperatures getting into the lower 80s, yesterday, just barely 80 degrees, around here. and then, by sunday, we start to warm up a little bit more. the humidity really starts to pick up tomorrow, though, dew points today, maybe about 60, 61 degrees, tomorrow they will be in the 70s, that's pretty uncomfortable level. future weather, this is key, i know we all love this, this computer graphic right here, you can see by 2:00 this afternoon there is one says we don't even have any clouds. but i think you should probably just factor in some clouds moving by from time to
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time. now, tomorrow afternoon, we do have more in the way of clouds, coming into the picture, and also we start to watch other features moving in, as well. ie, we are looking at some showers and some storms. now, at this point, by 8:00 tomorrow night, they are off to the north and the west. but i think over this whole holiday weekends the best chance of the heaviest rain would be sunday night and early on monday. and that's pretty much born out with this. this is 1:00 in the morning monday, and then by the time we get to monday afternoon we pick up chances of some other showers. but it looks as if the very heaviest would be coming on sunday night and monday, if we were to see any of these showers and thunderstorms, in your particular neighborhood. seventy-eight, at the beach today, this will be lovely beach day, it will be windier tomorrow. and along the beach, you will be definitely want to go get into the water. look at these water temperatures, they're in the middle seven's, absolutely beautiful, we have a low risk of rip current, you know how to lower even more? go by a lifeguard. because one in 18 million
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chance you will have a problem in a rip current if you are near a lifeguard. soap, that is lot higher if you are out there swimming on your own. we have temperatures today, 83, 78 at the shore, poconos 74 degrees. beautiful in all locations. light winds, relatively low humidity. tonight, 68 degrees, temperatures start to warm up. this is the look at labor day. notice that the temperatures are warm and each of those days we feature at least a chance of picking up a shower or a thunderstorm. and so kind of unsettled specially later on sunday, monday, tuesday, again, but then after that, even though it is still warm it, looks like the sun comes back. erika? >> we look forward to that, thanks, carol. dramatic moments caught on camera as fed up liquor store owner fights back against some crooks. when two suspects pulled their weapons on him at his store in connecticut, the owner pulled his own gun. see it happen right here. now, he points it at the suspects, but doesn't shoot. those suspects, as you see, run out the door. the owner was robbed recently, and said he had had enough.
5:19 am
so he decided to fight back despite what police recommend. also, caught on camera, swat officers with guns drawn barge in on a video gamer in colorado in his office. this is all part of a scam called swatting. someone calls police, and tells them there is an emergency there. they show up, then much to the surprise of the gamers, sometimes they're just at home, they aren't doing anything wrong, they're shot. police are still searching for the person who reported that phony tip. more than 20 years after a woman is murdered inside her utah home, authorities say, they've stalled that cold case with the help after children's toy. lucielle johnson was bludgoned to death back in 1991. investigators recently re-examined leggos found at the crime scene, and they reveal fingerprints of five year old child, the son of accused killer john, with that clue, a clearer picture began emerging. >> while in that home, it is clear that mr. sansing, bludgeoned lucielle to death,
5:20 am
leaving his five year old apparently in the living room of the home to play with leggos. >> samsing already on death row for arizona murder. johnson's family says they are happy the case has finally come to an end. well, this is neat. turning every day people into heroes. a new smart phone app in britain's connecting good samaritans to people who need help in emergency cents. cbs news correspondent alphonso van marsh reports from london. >> london dr. seuss ann hendricksson spends her free time in cooking class, but always on stand by for nearby emergency. the michigan native download dollars new app that uses gps to connect her to someone in trouble. >> usually all that's needed in this scenario, would come in, maybe cpr, and before the ambulance arrives -- >> the good morning sam app links good samaritans to those with medical training to those who need help.
5:21 am
the victim or someone who witness as emergency press as call button, at a medic should come running. >> the green is a responder. >> brain surgeon mark wilson said he created the app to save lives. >> we have a great ambulance response, but unfortunately no one can provide response within a minute or two minutes. >> the app creators say in most cities, somebody with first aid skills is also only a few hundred feet away when disaster strikes. >> and it is able can anyone help, getting the right person who has the skills to come next-door to help. >> to make sure ship just an app alert an away, good sam needs more off duty to become good samaritans. and ton so van marsh for "eyewitness news". >> i'm nancy odel, coming up, peers brosnan back in action as ex cia agent as november man. uncover haunting
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>> peers brosnan on the run and something scary un the streets of paris. nancy odel from entertainment tonight shows us what's new in theatres this weekend. (movie clip). >> a group of students climb beneath the streets of paris in search of lost artifact in the new horror movie.
5:25 am
but as they dig deeper, they get turned around and things get creepy. >> tell me we didn't just ... >> while shooting in the real under paris, help actors get in the right mindset for the scares. >> first time we went down thereto have a look and a walk around, it was very spooky. >> we're really down an ancient caves. we're surrounded by spiders, and bones, and old rock, and it is a lot of fun. it is really cool. >> and there are more thrills at the theatres this weekends, with double 07 himself back in the spy game. >> we're going to play a little game. >> peers brosnan is an ex cia operative on the run with former bond girl, olga chased by the younger, but brosnan still has the moves when it comes to stunts. >> i did the fight and a lot
5:26 am
of epsom salts, and i didn't visit any surgeries or anything like that, just aches and pains. there is always aches and pains one way or the other with making movies? tell me about your target. >> male, old, used to have skills. >> used to. >> for entertainment tonight i'm nancy odel, now back to you in the studio. you you can keep up-to-date with all of the celebrity news by watching entertainment tonight week nights at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. coming up in the next half hour, right here on "eyewitness news", last minute touches are being done to the stage for a party on the parkway. what you need to know about this year's made in america music festival. and fans hold out hope. john rivers remains in a new york hospital. we have the latest from the comedy legend's family when we have the latest from the comedy legend's family when "eyewitness news" continues. to prove a point about internet speeds, we slowed down an up escalator this is crazy like i don't get it, this one is working ladies, shouldn't up be as fast as down? yeah. shouldn't internet speeds match as well? yes.
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good morning, saturday, august 30th, i'm erika von tiehl. can you believe it, labor day week send here. carol erickson joins us now, a lot of outdoor plans this weekend, carol, how are we looking today? >> you know, it went from one day, memorial day, then the next day it is labor day. >> you blinked and it was over? >> just unbelievable. winter, just don't. >> why did you stay word, carol? carol, do you want to be kicked out of the building, come on, winter. >> you know, i think it is what everybody thinks of as we approach labor day, oh, no.
5:30 am
but, let's enjoy this weekend. we have a week toned enjoy, as women. looks beautiful out there. ben franklin bridge, from the campbell's field camera. "skycam 3" doing the honors, then head down to the shore, look at this, i love there is this is just like on-ground fireworks, that just won't stop. this is down in atlantic city with the ferris wheel there. temperature of 62 degrees out in reading, it is cool in a lot of locations on our neighborhood weathernet work. see very dark in reading and everywhere else. storm scan3 nothing. looking very hard to see even cloud there. you may find if you look really really close, get knows print on your television, you might be able to find just one or two clouds going by. but that's it. 62 degrees, in philadelphia, right now, that's out at the airport, 57 in trenton, 61 degrees in wilmington, 55 in allentown, though, and 57 down in wildwood. so temperatures are cool this morning, in a lot of locations, but we will be warmer than yesterday by several degrees, as high as 83 degrees, sun, clouds, not
5:31 am
that windy, not that humid. this looks like a really nice day for any outdoor plans that you might have. and i think much of the rest of the weekends will be fine, too, but let's take a look at this, and we put our future weather into motion, notice, just brief, one, two clouds, then by tomorrow we start to pick up few more clouds. but if you are going to that two-day music festival called made in america, on the parkway, you have got some pretty nice weather today. 83 degrees, tomorrow, chance of a shower or thunderstorm, later on in the day on sunday, and we will talk more about that and time it out for your neighborhood coming up. erika. >> carol just talking about it, for the third year in a row, made in america festival brings party to the parkway. acts like kanye west, kings of leon, and tons more, they are here for the holiday weaken. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson, joins us now, owns the parkway where the fun will kick off in a few hours, good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, erika, well, the fun has already started, especially, if you are talking about commuters and traffic and people that live in this area.
5:32 am
it is because the set up is so huge. >> this has been happening for nearly two weeks in this neighborhood. we are talking about, again, 50 acts, four stages, over two days of straight up live music. you are taking a look at the set up right now. it is unbelievable. crews have been out working, the final preparations underway for this neighborhood, and neighbors are telling us basically it has grown expediently over the years. times where you had small stages, now massive cranes out a and about, which of course is kind of like it is a good thing and it is a bad thing, especially if you live here. people in the area talking about a combination of issues, like parking where they usually leave their cars in the street. they can't do that any more. the road closures, the traffic, that comes about in the area, because of this, you have a lot of people that just simply go down the shore or simply try to get away for this weekend's, specifically, because of this event. so, we are talking to people in two camps, a lot of people saying, look, this is a good thing, because it is a big city, or bringing more art
5:33 am
here, bringing more revenue in, and other people are saying, this is a lot of noise, and a lot of headaches to deal with. and we spoke to both of those people, listen to what they had to say. >> i'm happy to see the interest in the revenue that to bridges into the city. i think that's really exciting. i would like to see some compensation for some additional parking for the neighborhood. maybe in some reduced rates in the lots or something for resident stickers. >> it is an inconvenience for like two weeks, not even just the labor day weekend, i mean, they've been doing this for over a week now it, ties up traffic, you know, i would love to know if it really bridges in a loft money for the city, great, but i don't know if that's the case either. >> so, made in america, the event starts today at noon, is when the gates open, the acts will start playing around 2:00. and then those acts will go and they'll play until midnight. but of course, people in this area worried about the ancillary ensuing kay has to will happen, we'll of course
5:34 am
be here to cover everything as it happens starting today. it is the latest from fairmount park, steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", back to you. >> ensuing chaos, hopefully not that bad, steve. thank you, there are some road closures just like steve mentioned. here they are for you, the highlighted routes indicate the closures that will be in effect all weekends long, center lanes of the parkway shutdown, spring garden street access from eakins oval is closed off. only the outer lanes will remain open. police have set up some detours around that area too. and you can find the very latest made in america information on our website. while you are there check out the latest labor day weekend events just in case you are not planning on attending made in america so much else going on, you can find it all there. for two atlantic city casinos, the un official end every summer marks a very official end of business. the showboat and revel casinos are closing this weekend, showboat has been on the boardwalk for 27 years. revel, just two years.
5:35 am
by the ends of september, nearly 6,000 employees will be out after job. atlantic city's mayor is urging the community to pull together in support. >> this is a time for everyone, faith-based organization, union, government, all to come together, so we can fight some immediate services and help for those people that are losing their jobs. >> trump plaza will close september 16th. officials will open a resource center wednesday at the convention center to help unemployed workers find a job. philadelphia police hope that this video will lead them to two people who robbed and shot a man trying to deposit $70,000 in cash. it happened thursday in the pathmark parking lot at large and fly avenue. police believe the victim who owns four businesses in the area was targeted by robbers. the victim was shot if the arm, is expected to be okay, though, and if you know anything about this case, you're asked to call police. meanwhile, officers are reviewing surveillance video looking for clues in a deadly
5:36 am
hit-and-run in north philadelphia. police say a woman was crossing broad street at belfield avenue, when she was hit by three cars. she was reportedly crossing against the red light a white car heading south hit her and then kept ongoing. two more cars struck her after that. >> visually, experience in is a different feeling, you know, one that i won't forget. if you didn't see it, you should have felt the impact. >> there must have been somebody that saw something, or knows this car, would really help us out in the investigation. >> two of the drivers are cooperating with that investigation. meanwhile, authorities condemned a mayfair home damaged by a tractor-trailer in a accident. police say the driver of an s.u.v. ran a red light and hit the red truck then that truck slammed into a row home at levick and farnsworth. both drivers were hurt. no one was inside that row home at the time of crash. it is considered one of the most dangerous intersections in the country. time magazine just released a
5:37 am
study on. >> this the intersection of knights road and street road in bensalem, bucks county was at the top of their list. >> over the past ten years, there have been seven deadly crashes there. experts blame it on heavy traffic, lack of signs, dim lighting, and the lack of sidewalks. after missing the last three races, nascar driver, tony stewart, making his return to the track this weekend. sunday will be his first race since he was involved in a crash that killed kevin ward, jr., in up-state new york. stewart made a few practice runs at the atlanta motor speedway. he also spoke to the media for the first time since that incident. >> i've taken the last couple of weeks off out of respect for kevin and his family, and also to cope with the accident in my own way. it has given me the time to think about life and how easy it is to take it for granted. >> the investigation into that crash is still ongoing.
5:38 am
as of right now, authorities say, there is no evidence of criminal intent. as comedian joan rivers remains in critical condition, her daughter, melissa is thanking supporters for their prayers. john planner fry our sister station cbs2, the latest from mount sinai hospital in new york. >> reporter: a block line line of tv trucks, lights, and cameras, can be seen on madison avenue outside mt. sinai's main entrance. >> joan, i love you and wish you the very, very best. >> reporter: entertainment giant and new yorker through and through, rivers, 81, is said to be in a medically induced coma. thursday morning, she was at an upper east side clinic for what was described as a procedure on her voice cords when she stopped breathing. >> i can't believe it. i feel so bad. she is a lovely lady. >> i'm pulling for her. >> everybody's pulling for her. >> yes. >> reporter: the comedian's daughter melissa who flew in from california issued this statement friday afternoon. my mother would be so touched
5:39 am
by the tributes and prayers that weaved received from around the wormed. one of her last appearances was wednesday in manhattan. >> fashion should be fun, not taken so seriously. >> reporter: rivers known for herself deposition dating humor is host of the e celebrity show fashion police. >> remarkable, very intelligent, very funny, and very groundbreaking. >> reporter: competing against men in the 19 60s, rivers was a trailblazer for women who wanted to get laughs. former judge lee first hopes for the best. >> i love her humor, i love her, i like her books, everything, she wonderful, very nice. i used to see her on the con course. >> she is a fighter. she will be able toll do it. >> her spirit, she will probably wake up during something and be like are you kidding? >> reporter: that was john flannery reporting, as you can see, fans are waiting for further word on her prognosis.
5:40 am
the philadelphia police department welcomes 36 new rookie officers. "eyewitness news", at the temple university performing arts center, that's where the graduation ceremony was held for police academy class number 368. officer christopher among that graduating class, his father, jay, is a police detective, and his grandfather, larry girard, retired homicide detective. he spent more than four decades in law enforcement. i'm excited to be a third generation, you know, follow in my father and grandfather's footsteps. it is just a privilege. i'm excited to start my career, and everything i do is for my family and this little guy. so i'm excited for monday. >> oh, and if you saw that little guy also in a little tiny police officer uniformment so cute. those new office letters start out on foot patrol in three districts in north and northwest philadelphia. congratulations. still ahead this morning, celebrating a anniversary for the us space program. thirty years ago today, the
5:41 am
launch of the shuttle discovery. we'll have a look back at its made encouraging mission. also ahead, the new video viral sensation, the philly cancer patient and his rap par odd i, has social media buzzing. and nice start to the holiday weekends, but carol tells us some showers are in the forecast. when should you watch out for them? stay tuned.
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space shuttle discovery
5:44 am
launched for the first time, came to the re sill genes. more on the anniversary now from chantilly, virginia. >> reporter: when space shuttle discovery blasted off for the first time it, wasn't all smooth sailing. valerie kneel, curator of the smithsonian space museum, says the first launch came on the fourth attempt. >> immediately shutdown, just 42nd before launch, and a problem had been detect in the one of the main engines of the computer shut down the launch. >> but discovery's made encouraging mission was a success. and 38 more followed. discovery carried the hubble telescope into orbit, and took a 77 year old john glenn back to space in 1998. after the challenger and columbia disaster, it was discovery that returned the nation to flight. >> america is going to space again and we're going thereto stay. >> yet the shuttle programs days were numbered. after completing its last
5:45 am
space flight, in march 2011, this beacon of hope landed at the smithsonian. >> it is bittersweet to have discovery here, nothing like a space shuttle has flown before, and it is unlikely that anything will fly again that is as large as and as versatile as a space shuttle orbiter. >> now, discovery's mission is to help millions of museum visitors learn about man space flights. many who never got to experience the exilleration after shuttle lift off. kylie atwood, cbs news, chantilly, virginia. right now 5:45. carol, what a peach after day yesterday. i'm homing for more of the same today. >> you know, yesterday, was just stellar. i don't know, erika, if we can do exactly that. but we will come very close to it. >> all right. >> i think we get farther away interest that ideal of friday, every day we get past friday. so tomorrow not so much. monday not so much either. but, boy, yesterday, and
5:46 am
today, really nice daysment looks great in center city philadelphia. first thing this morning, if you are out and about, or maybe going to made in america, and you're already trying to get a place right next to steve patterson, who is great, great by guy, by the way, i'm president of his fan club, 62 degrees out in redding this morning, loverly start to the day in all locations, of course, it is starting dark, if it didn't, we really would be alarmed, i think, but we don't have to be that alarmed. because nothing is going on that's really out of the ordinary. 57 degrees in the poconos, we have 62 degrees philadelphia, 56 degrees atlantic city, and that's at the airport, about 10 miles inland, and the winds are calm this morning. so it feels really nice out there. and, cool, so if you like the cool, you have got that. if you like slightly more moderate temperatures, we have that, too. 62 degrees right now through the airport area in philadelphia. storm scan3, nothing going on. we don't expect anything to go on today, with high pressure where it is, keeps things very nice, sort of the policeman for the area, doesn't stay forever, however it, moved
5:47 am
down the block. and that can open the door to trouble maker. you can see that we do have front that's going to be hanging off to the west, it starts to move on through. temperatures warm up tomorrow, they get well into the upper 80s, the humidity picks up, and chances of showers and thunderstorms cannot be ruled out, and the same deal on monday. so sunday, and monday, pretty similar weather conditions. our jet stream is riding up to the north. that means that the heat is definitely going to be returning, and as long as it goes to the north, we're also looking at the humidity coming in. here's our future weather, not really too many reasons to stop it, until we get to tomorrow afternoon, when by 3:00 this computer model says there are going to be few clouds around here. and then as we pick it up after that, by 9:00 this is sunday night, chances of showers and thunderstorms, coming into the pictures, and you might find one, two overnight, then you may be finding some again on monday afternoon. so, we're not totally out of the woods, i think, if we do see precipitation the heaviest would be that sunday night,
5:48 am
and early on monday. but we'll have to continue to monitor that. seventy-eight at the beaches today. high uv index. we have low risk of rip currents, but high risk of sunburn today. look at these water temperatures, they're in the seven's, so it will be very, very comfortable if you are there. again, low risk of rip current, stay with the lifeguards, anyway. looking at temperatures today 83 in philadelphia, shore, 78, and the poconos, 74 degrees. this is ideal, so i hoe you have got some outdoor plans or go ahead and make them. take your pets outside enjoy the day with them, as women. 68 degrees tonight, becoming mostly cloudy as we lock ahead temperatures tomorrow picking up 88 degrees, monday, 89, monday, 91, chances of showers, thunderstorms, sunday, monday, tuesday, but by wednesday, erika, it is just hot. but it is sunny. >> hot but sunny, i'll take it, compared to snowing and cold.
5:49 am
>> absolutely. >> we opportunity share a great viral sensation with you, sure to make you smile. >> this video shows a cancer patient at children's hospital of philadelphia than egg his inner rap superstar. take a look here. >> ♪ hey my head got shiny, what's a bad hair day, can you please remind me, what's shah poo? you what down? you done lost yours too. stop by drop off an oreo shake. ♪ >> putting his own spin on the daisy hit with the parody bald so hard. that's well written, well done, guys. that tune offers some comic relief to his tough chemo treatments. tom says he made that video to put a spotlight on the life of a cancer patient. he also invited jay false hang out the next time he's in town, i hope he sees this and stops by. good for them. >> well, hey, speaking of chop, the building lit up in red last night, did you see at the? in honor of the stands up to cancer movement. children's hospital is one of
5:50 am
more than a dozen buildings across the us and canada that are illuminated bringing awareness to the fight against cancer. it is the seventh year of the movement. and, it is all leading to up this, september 5th, can you believe it is almost september. they have a one hour stand up to cancer fundraising special from the dobee theatre in los angeles, you can catch catch it right here, it will happen on friday, kick off at 8:00 p.m. 5:50 right now, the phillies start three game series in new york, and it is cut down day in the nfl. a lot of dreams are on the line, as the eagles get ready to trim down the roster today. we have that and more for you coming up in sports.
5:51 am
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the phillies visiting the mets for three game series. and coming off that sweep of the nationals, we had high expectations, take a look at this, basically a comedy of errors in the seventh inning, with bases loaded, grade i size more calling everybody out. i got it -- oh, my goodness gracious. that made it three to one. it was one-one. then, something you rarely see, the double steel. the mets stole home on the phils take it up to four to one, that's how it ended. the phillies lost four; road trip off to bad start. long night, tense morning for eagles on the bubble. that bubble may pop for one established player, alex henry, watch the man after his job put on a clinic. young codey parkey hit 54 yarder, then 53 yarder, henry's career long 51 yards. parkey kicks were in a pre-season game, but there was the added pressure for kicking for his nfl life. coach kelley was asked about
5:54 am
making the hard coast cents. >> tough to make any decision when you are cutting anybody. that's the one thing, still human, on that side of the baum. so it is not -- i don't look at it that way. i look at that time as tomorrow is not a real good day. you have 22 guys that will not make the team. >> all right, football is coming. how do we know? well, there is a giant helmet on the schuylkill river on a barge. right by the boathouse row. so check it out. birds put that up. they will start that season on cbs-3 hosting the jacksonville jaguires. all right, penn state rallies its players. they kick off their season at 8:30 a.m. on saturday, versus the university of central florida. thanks to all of the photographer, and penn state alum, stopped to unload this -- up load that is this cell phone video at sad news to report, jack craft, who led villanova basketball to 238 victories, had appearance in the 1971ncaa
5:55 am
championship game, as their head coach died on thursday, he was 93 years old. all right, villanova taking on syracuse. not great start for the wildcats, first quarter, breaking 65-yard touchdown to. to the wildcats, nap out of it makes a game of it, in the third, poppy with a nice punt return. sixty-seven yarder, look at him go. but nova lost double overtime, syracuse won the game 27 to 26. high schoolings, lasalle visiting north penn, on "eyewitness news", get him. they try. 56 yards for the touchdown. lasalle the winner 29 to seven. the original friday football frenzy kicks off next week cbs-3, your town, your kids on tv. that's sports, i'm beasley reese, eyewitness sports. some smooth music fills the air last night on penn's landing.
5:56 am
>> ♪ oh, many turned out for the smooth jazz summer nights concert. valerie simpson of ashford and simpson fame performed, there she is, and cbs-3 anchor, jessica dean, she was host of last night's event. busy gal, that jessica. coming up next on "eyewitness news", we have a live report for you on the final preparations made to the made in america music festival. our steve patterson is live. plus, two cars collide with a septa trolley overnight more details ahead. a teacher some say went too far on social media. what she said about her students that has a lot of people outraged. and lovely carol erickson, she returns with your saturday forecast, and your holiday weekends forecast, which is the best day for that barbeque? she'll let you know. we'll be right back.
5:57 am
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just hours from now, big party on the parkway gets underway. >> this morning, the finishing touches are put on the stage for the made in america music festival. thousands, i mean, thousands of people are expected. and we are live with the preview coming up. it is going to be crowded down there. meantime, thousands of others are sending off summer at the shore.
6:00 am
while posing out two atlantic city casinos, we have the latest information for you. good morning, it is saturday, august 30th, i'm earl kay von tiehl. want to get your labor day weekend forecast right now. >> we've been saying it all morning, already talking labor day weekends. >> i know, the summers always fly by. but here we, are so-called last summer weekend, erika, but as we all know, the warm weather continues, and the official summer season continues, on, until about the third week in september. >> weaver perfect, beautiful looking day. we expect to find dry day over the entire area today. that will can change, however, as we get late near the weekends, especially later on sunday night that we could be dealing with some showers, some thunderstorms. right now it is cool


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