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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 31, 2014 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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with, your 24/7 celebrity news conversation. take care. >> one outfit does not make a woman, but tha was a bad one. >> yeah, don't do that again.
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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> now on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 the holiday weekend is in full swing. right now the party is still going on on the ben franklin parkway as tens of thousands pack the area for the made in america festival. many more are down at the shore this weekend to celebrate the unofficial end to summer. so far, the weather has cooperated. but showers and storms may be in our future. live storm scan3 showing a system that is moving in our direction. question is, when will it arrive on our doorstep? good evening everyone, i'm diana
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rocco. the weather is top of mind no matter what you have planned for the labor day holiday weekend. let's get right to meteorologist justin drabick. he's been keeping an eye on the radar for us. hi, justin. >> that's right, diana. dry weather but we'll be tracking the threat for thunderstorms tomorrow and into labor day. no need to cancel outdoor plans just yet. we're in the low 70's many spots. 75 northeast philadelphia. 73 quakertown. 72 in pottstown. little bit of a change in our air mass. we're bringing back that humidity so typical summer like feel over the next several days. dewpoint temperatures which gauge how much moisture is in the air starting to climb. upper 60's in wilmington, 63 in philadelphia so that humid air starts to come in and those numbers are going to be on the rise over the next few days. just some clouds streaming through the region overnight so we'll keep things nice and dry. dry start to your sunday. but again, late in the day could see a threat for a
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shower and storm. sunday up are 60's for the cool spots, 70 degrees in center city, little warmer down into southern new jersey and delaware. watch out for late day showers and storms in philadelphia, humid with a high of 88 degrees. looks like we'll keep it dry at the shore, warm and breezy 83 and some afternoon showers maybe even a thunderstorm up in the mountains with with partly sunny skies. it gets hotter with temperatures returning into the 90's in the seven-day forecast. i'll show you coming up in a few minutes. diana. >> thanks justin. at least 44,000 strong music fans packed the ben franklin parkway for the first night of the made in america festival. rap artist kanye west is tonight's big headliner. he took the stage just a short time ago. "eyewitness news" reporter noelle mclaren takes us inside. >> reporter: summer's final act is in full swing. >> packed. >> reporter: thousands flocked fill streets to see the likes of j cole, kanye west and cut snake, a new
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popular duo from australia. they tell us it's their first time in philly and they're quite fond of our city. >> loving it so far. pretty much had the best meal of our life last night. >> what i think of philly it's rocky balboa. yeah, i'm going to run those stairs already, mate. that's what i'm going to get to, those staressism the festival has a total of four stages with a total of 24 performers going on them tonight. grammy award winning artists most would normally have to travel miles and pay big bucks to see just steps away on the ben franklin parkway. >> i like the fact that we got big names coming. kanye, can't wait. >> i'm so proud the city got this vest festival. >> reporter: that's just one night. most of the people you see here are sticking around to enjoy day two of the festival tomorrow including some of the
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talent. >> tour around the streets of the city and hang out. >> reporter: most of the people you see are hanging out forehead liner kanye west who just took the stage moments ago. we're on the ben franklin parkway, noelle mclaren, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> and for more on the made in america festival head to while there you can also check out all of our labor day weekend events and activities around the region. it is a sad weekend for thousands of casino workers in atlantic city. tomorrow at 4 o'clock, the showboat casino will close its doors for good after more than 27 years. it will also be the revel's last day of normal operations before it shuts its doors on monday and tuesday. then in a few weeks, the trump plaza will close on september 16th. well, some of you watching tonight may have noticed a strange smell sweeping across your neighborhood. if so, you're not alone. in fact, more than 900 calls have been made to peco from concerned residents throughout
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the greater philadelphia area. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers takes a closer look. >> reporter: you could have smelled gas in a whole bunch of towns around greater philly saturday. we settled on mount pleasant road in havertown. >> we've lived here 33 years and it's the first time anything like this has ever happened. >> reporter: that's alex heart. he smelled gas in his basement in the morning but that was the little of it. but like all good husbands do he listened to his wife. >> a couple hours later he came in and said i don't want to worry you but i think i smell gas in the basement. >> reporter: he called peco. when they didn't answer right away he reluctantly called 911. >> and when the cop came and the firemen came with his meter and said there was nothing in our basement specifically i stopped worrying. >> reporter: but when the gas smell left his house. >> strong smell in our house. >> reporter: it went right across the street. karen smith lives next door. she saw our live truck and told us she smelled gas, too. she said call peco.
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remember how alex couldn't get through. karen couldn't either so we chatted while she was on hold. >> they have a high volume of calls. >> reporter: the situation had people in havertown concerned. does it make you nervous. >> oh, yeah, it does with the smell of gas in my house. >> reporter: has it happened before. >> yes, a couple years ago we had a gas leak. >> reporter: it's mirrored throughout the area on a cloudy saturday afternoon. peco says they'll continue to investigate every call that does come in and are encouraging feeble call if they smell gas. they opened up a temporary emergency operation center and brought on additional staff members to handle the extra requests. we're in center city, matt rivers, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> and tonight police are trying to figure out what caused a deadly crash in south philadelphia. "eyewitness news" was on the scene shortly after it happened here at columbus boulevard and oregon avenue. you can see the car was wrecked coming to a rest against a utility pole on the other side of the road. the driver has not yet been identified.
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a lot of questions surrounding the death of a man in philadelphia's hunting park neighborhood tonight. the victim was found lying in the middle of the street at ninth and wyoming avenue. police say he suffered severe head trauma but could not confirm what actually caused his fatal injury. right now they are investigating this death as suspicious. one person was rushed to the hospital after a crash involving the route 36 septa trolley. it happened around 3:30 this morning at south 54th street and lindbergh boulevard. septa says two cars were involved in an accident and somehow collided with the trolley. no one was on board the trolley at the time. the accident is under investigation. more than a month after a local family was killed in a hit and run crash, family and friends gathered today to honor their memory. a memorial cookout was held at charmer's park for keisha williams and her three children. it was on july 25th when two carjacking suspects lost control and struck the kids
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and their mother who were on the corner selling fruit for their church. today's event also honored robert rivers, the family friend who was killed in a separate crash last may. the crisis in ukraine is escalating tonight. now the european union is warning russia that enough is enough and it's threatening new economic sanctions. cbs news correspondent wendy gillette has details. >> reporter: the european union is giving russia an ultimatum. scale back its troops in ukraine within a week or face tougher economic sanctions. >> we are very close to the point of no return. point of no return is full scale war. >> reporter: nato estimates 1,000 russian troops currently occupy ukraine and says there are 20,000 more at the border. moscow has denied sending them in only saying that some troops may have entered ukraine by accident. russia has also repeatedly said it's not supplying weapons to rebels. >> we have to address the
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completely unacceptable situation of having russian troops on ukrainian soil. >> reporter: members of the european union declined to immediately impose new sanctions. some are worried about the financial implications that sanctions will bring to their countries. but there was still plenty of tough talk. >> russia is practically in the war against europe. >> reporter: pro-russia forces killed and injured several ukrainian soldiers saturday as they were passing through a humanitarian corridor. after retreating from a city now controlled by rebels. ukraine's national guard says the soldiers were given the corridor to exit, then were fired upon. ukraine president petro poroshenko is still hoping for a ceasefire. he meets monday with representatives of kiev moscow and the european union. wendy gillette for cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> new at 11:00 the pentagon says the u.s. military conducted more airstrikes and dropped humanitarian aid in a small bell league erred city
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in iraq. officials say aircraft from australia france and britain joined the u.s. in the aid drop. meantime a stern warning from the king of saudia arabia. king abdullah said that terrorist groups will attack europe and the united states unless they are faced with a collective power from the international community. the comments come as the islamic extremist group isis seize add wide area across iraq and syria. however, abdullah did not mention any terrorist groups by name and tonight on the cbs3 health watch a medical break through involving a first of its kind heart drug. still ahead on "eyewitness news," we have more on the experimental drug that many doctors are calling a game changer in the fight against heart failure. plus, tragedy on the beach. bystanders rush to the help of a little girl trapped by sand. justin. >> and we have a dry start to the holiday weekend. now get ready for the chance for some showers and storms. complete forecast coming up. >> and ahead in sports, the
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eagles made some tough choices as they had to trim their roster. lesley van arsdale has the details comi
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>> ♪ got a story you would like us to investigate? e-mail your ideas to i-team at >> back now on. i we're getting a new view of the powerful earthquake that shook northern california's wine country. this video was taken from cameras at the train yard for the napa valley wine train.
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the 6.0 magnitude quake was the strongest to hit the bay area in 25 years. no one was killed but more than 200 people were injured and several buildings there were damaged. a fire sweeps through a mobile home in eastern north carolina killing all six people inside. neighbors saw the fire and tried to help get the people out but the flames were just too intense. the identities of the victims have not yet been released and the cause is still under investigation. tragedy on an oregon beach. police in the coastal town of lincoln city say a nine-year-old girl died after she was trapped by a collapsing sand cave. this video shows a group of people and first responders trying to dig the little girl out. police began cpr after she was pulled free but she was later pronounced dead at the hospital. a few hundred people gathered again in ferguson, missouri, to remember michael brown three weeks after his death. today's rally was held on the street where the unarmed 18-year-old was shot and killed by a police officer.
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participants are drawing attention to what they said is just the beginning of a movement. there was a med police presence there today in fact, highway patrol captain ron johnson was seen posing for selfies with rally attendees. tony stewart will make his return to the racetrack tomorrow. stewart took a few practice runs at the atlanta motor speed way yesterday. it was the first time he's driven professionally since he was involved in a crash that killed fellow driver kevin ward jr. that crash is still under investigation. on the cbs3 health watch tonight, it could likely be one of the biggest advances in cardiac medicine. a new experimental drug that could save countless people from suffering from heart failure. right now the drug doesn't have a name since it's still in the early stages of development but studies show it could cut the chances of death or hospitalization in nearly 20 percent of patients.
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>> this is one of those results that's very surprising, very important and when i reached out to various cardiologists, experts around the country i got the same types of reactions, wow, this is huge, this is a game changer. >> right now statistics show nearly 6 million americans and 24 million people worldwide suffer from heart failure. not a horrible start to the weekend weather highs wife but i think we would like to see a little more sun today. >> yeah, looks like we'll get some sun tomorrow but now we'll talk about the chance for a few showers, maybe even a thunderstorm as we head to labor day. even though it's labor day we're going to keep the heat around. summer is not giving up. as we head over the next seven days i'll show you that in the seven-day forecast. overall not a bad weekend to head down to the shore. take a live look at atlantic city. it was dry today with some clouds around. looks like tomorrow stays dry, a little more sunshine, temperature in the low 80's and the ocean has calmed down with the passage of cristobal well off to the northern
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atlantic right now so better conditions if you plan to do some swimming in the ocean, water temperature very nice, in the mid 70's. current temperatures right now, mid 70's for the inlands spots. low 70's near the shore. it's warm and muggy tonight. humidity making a return. check out the temperatures compared to this time yesterday. five to even 13 degrees warmer so that's a sign of that warm and humid air mass building in and the dewpoint temperatures on the rise. we're now up to 63 degrees. this tells us how much moisture content is in the air. tomorrow we should be around 70 degrees so that's an oppressive feel to the air mass and dewpoints hang right around that 70-degree mark pretty much through the next three days or so, so a hot and humid forecast coming in. certainly feeling like summer as we kick off september. some clouds rolling through the delaware valley right now but we're dry along the east coast and midatlantic. notice the cluster of showers and storms down across kentucky and tennessee. little disturbance in the jet stream will move through our region later on sunday
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bringing a threat for a scattered shower or storm. most of the day is dry sunday. it's later on in the afternoon and evening, watch out for the scattered shower or storm in some spots. not a big severe threat. no need to cancel the outdoor plans. temperatures warmer in the upper 80's. same deal on labor day. not a big organized system but a disturbance passes by could trigger off a shower or thunderstorm any time on labor day. tuesday i think that's the hot day. low 90's returning to our forecast before this cold front moves through late tuesday night. most of tuesday dry. it's tuesday night we could see a shower or a storm. all right, break it down for you. tomorrow morning starting off dry. we'll see partly sunny skies through much of your sunday afternoon so at least the first half of the afternoon will be dry. late in the day here we go, five 7 o'clock or so could see showers or maybe even a thunderstorm. labor day itself again starting off dry, still not a lot of sunshine expected on monday and there could be that scattered shower or storm and then things quiet down monday
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evening. into tuesday we go back to mostly sunny conditions. it will be hot and humid. so, here's the forecast overnight. it will be on the muggy side. partly cloudy skies with a low near 70 degrees, south wind at five to 10 miles per hour. much warmer day than today for sunday. upper 80's. that's well above average for this time of year. and late afternoon or evening scattered shower or storm not out of the question. skies partly sunny. here's your labor day forecast. some sunshine. i think we'll see more sun tomorrow than on monday itself. watch out for the shower or storm on labor day with a high of 88 degrees. not a bad looking shore forecast. new jersey shore, delaware beaches, air temperature in the low 80's. water temperature feeling nice, the mid 70's, partly sunny warm and breezy. rip current risk is low. u.v. index still very high this time of year. make sure you have the sunblock on. here's the extended forecast. check it out. very hot and humid. sunday, monday upper 80's with a shower or storm possible. 92 for the high temperature on tuesday. wednesday still hot but less humid with a high near 90. we'll keep those temperatures
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above average all next week. upper 80's through friday. very warm start to september. >> not a bad week. >> okay. >> thanks, justin. lesley's next with sports. >> yeah, james frank kin era at penn state begins in ireland. could the nittany lions start the season with a win and it's cut down day for the eagles. we'll talk about some of the
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>> ♪ >> the eagles 53 man roster is set. the birds releasing 19 players today. few surprises. the long rumored release of kicker alex henery happened. eagles go with rookie kicker cody parkey who was perfect thursday against the jets with two two 50-yard field goals. also released damaris johnson. also matthew tucker who split time between the practice
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squad and active roster last year and henry josie gets cut after finishing second in rushing for the nfl for the preseason with 225 yards. howie rows man spoke about the cuts at the novacare complex this afternoon. >> as you get better as you improve the talent level it gets harder. we had some tough cuts but as coach goes through what he's looking for in each position and what he's looking for in backups some of those things kind of become clear to us. >> michael sam the first only gay athlete drafted into the nfl was cut by the rams today as the team trimmed its roster. head coach jeff fisher says it was a football decision. he was pulling for him end fit in well. still he has a chance to make the practice squad or get picked up by another team. penn state opening the season today in dublin ireland against the university of central florida. the girls inners game under new head coach james franklin. pregame ceremonies at the croak park classic in dublin with many loyal fans.
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first quarter christian hackenberg goes keep and he's able to find desean hamilton for the 44-yard collection. they later score and go up seven-nothing. third quarter hackenberg this time he finds geno louis wide open, beats three guys there. this is a 79-yard score and penn state will take a 20-10 lead but ucf making a game out of it. the nittany lions needed this 36-yard field goal at the buzzer. penn state wins. college football season starting in style. penn state alumni association holding a watch party at the field house in center city this morning. nothing like a tailgate at 8:30 a.m. the phillies continue their three game series with the mets in new york. the phils have won just three of their last 14 matchups with mets. phils able to get on the board first thanks not birthday boy, marlon byrd turning 37 hits
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this solo home run in the fifth inning, his 25th of the year for a career high. phillies up one-nothing. to the sixth, the phillies open the flood gates. ryan howard sing goals right field, ben revere and jimmy rollins both come around to score. that will make it three-nothing. not done yet. still in the sixth dom brown singles to right, chase utley comes around to score. the phillies scoring five runs in the sixth. they win it seven-two. we'll be right back with more
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>> ♪ >> well, you've heard about the taney dragons but the delaware valley has another group of young sluggers to celebrate on thursday night the broomall newtown 13 to 15 team won the babe ruth world series championship in long view, washington. and the week before that, the 13 prep team won the title in their age group, too.
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that's two national championships, same local baseball program. early this morning they made their triumphant return home. >> it's a great feeling. you know, it's great pride, the young men that have played for us this season. >> we are all just trying to win states and then just kept winning. it was amazing. and we finally got here and just worked hard and finished it out. >> broomall newtown is now the sixth youth baseball program to win two babe ruth titles in the same year. congratulations to them. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> well, that's "eyewitness news." i'm diana rocco.
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