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tv   Eyewitness News at 6am  CBS  August 31, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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breaking news on a busy morning here in cbs-3, four people are hurt after a hit and run in the parking rot of the local supermarket. and the the question this morning, did someone intentionally run those people down. and a somber mood down the the shore this morning today first of three casinos shuts its doors for good in atlantic city. today is a sunday, august 31st, good morning to you i'm jessica dean. it is 6:00 a.m. here in center city philadelphia. here's meteorologist carol erickson with eyewitness weather. >> it is a humid start to the day. we have a holiday weekend. you are up early. i know you love to do that on a holiday weekend. we are looking at really nice weather conditions today if you like showers, storms, heat and humidity. summer is definitely hanging on. lets see what we have right now.
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notice ben franklin bridge and looking closely you will see some of the clouds up there. we are looking at a temperature that is very mild for this time of the morning. look at this in reading, 76 degrees right now with wind south east at 7 miles an hour. a muggy start to the day and it will be a warm day to day. storm scan three notice we have clouds in the area right now. there are no showers but notice off, and, through punxsutawney we are looking at some showers, we are finding some of those coming through later this afternoon, any shower or thunderstorm you see later today can contain gusty wind and some, downpours. so just watch out for those and make sure you have another plan and you have have your ear to the sky as well on the the second you hear lightening just go inside. seventy-three or hear thunder go inside. 73 degrees right now in philadelphia. seventy-one in trenton. seventy-two in wilmington. it is mild to say the least. our temperatures today will be getting fairly close to that 90-degree mark.
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we do pick up humidity much more than then it was yesterday. yesterday's high was 81. we are warmer than that and it will feel warmer than that. i want to do a quick time line and let you see when we're expecting showers this model had has 4:00 o'clock and then this he they make their pass through the other. we will continue that time line and we will check out your neighborhood and see how it might be impacting some of your neighborhood plans. breaking news in northeast philadelphia police say a driver in a black suv, mode down a group of pedestrian in the 8200 block of the roosevelt boulevard. all of them were rushed to the hospital, no word on their condition. they are looking for the hit and run driver. a domestic dispute overnight in lower bucks county evened with a deadly shooting this happened around 3:30 in the 4,000 block of fey yet drive-in bristol. investigators tell cbs-3 that at least one member of the
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family was shot and died at that scene. police are trying to determine now just who pulled the trigger. the show end today for the show boat casino in atlantic city. at 4:00 o'clock show boat will close for good after more than 27 years in business. it will also be revel's last day of normal operations before it shuts down on monday, and tuesday. the trump plaza is set to close, on september 16th. hundreds of residents in several pennsylvania counties say that they are showing a strong odor of gas. peco received more than 900 calls from concerned residents from montgomery, chester and delaware counties. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers has this story. report report no audio. >> you could have smelled gas in towns around greater philadelphia on saturday.
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we settled on mount pleasant road in havertown. >> we have lived here 33 years and it is first time anything like this has ever happened. >> reporter: that is a man who smells gas in the basement in his morning but then like all good husband do he listened to his wife. >> couple hours later she came in and said i don't want to worry about i smell gas. >> reporter: he could not figure out where smell was coming from. when they didn't answer right away he reluctantly called 911. >> when the cop came and firemen came and said there was nothing in our basement specifically i stop worrying. >> reporter: when gas smell left his house. >> strong smell in our house. >> reporter: it just went right across the street. karen submit lives next door. she said she smelled gas too. we said call peco. do you remember alex could not get through. we chatted why they were on hold. >> they have a high volume of calls. >> reporter: the situation had people in havertown, people
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concerned. >> does it make you nervous. >> oh, yeah, it does, because the smell of gas in my house. >> reporter: has that ever happened before. >> a couple years ago we had a gas leak. >> reporter: her thoughts mirrored throughout the the area, on a cloudy saturday afternoon. peco says they will continue to investigate every call that does come in and they are encouraging people to call if they smell gas they say they have opened up a temporary emergency operation center and brought on additional staff members, to handle the the extra request. we're in center city, matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the european union is giving russia an ultimatum to scale about a back intervention in ukraine or face tougher sanctions. wendy gilette has the details. >> reporter: the european union is giving russia an ultimatum, scale back troops in ukraine within a week, or face tougher economic sanctions. >> we are very close to the point of no return. point of no return is full scale war. >> reporter: nato estimates
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1,000 russian troops currently occupy ukraine. there are 20 though more at the border. moscow has denied sending them in, only saying that some troops may have entered ukraine by accident. russia has also repeatedly said it is not supplying weapons to remember else. >> we have to address the completely unacceptable situation of having russian troops on ukraine soil. >> reporter: members of the european union declined to impose new sanctions, some are worried about the financial implications that sanctions will bring to their countries. but there was still plenty of tough talk. >> in the war against europe. >> reporter: pro russian forces killed and injured several ukraine soldiers on saturday as they were passing through a humanitarian corridor. after retreating from a city now controlled by rebels. ukraine's national guard says that the soldiers were given corridor to exit and then fired upon. ukraine president, is still hoping for a cease-fire, he
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meets monday with representatives of the kiev, moscow and the european union. the wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the pentagon says that the u.s. military conduct more air strikes and dropped humanitarian aid in a small city in iraq. officials say aircraft from australia, france, britain joined u.s. in that aid drop. meantime a stern warning from the king of saudi a rain, yeah king abdul a says terrorist group will attack europe and the united states unless they are faced with a collective power from the international community. the comments come as the islamic extremist group isis seized a wide territory across iraq and syria but abdul a did not mention any terrorist groups by name. a few hundred people gathered in ferguson, missouri remember michael brown, three weeks after his death. a rally was held on the street where the unarmed 18 year-old was shot and killed by a police officer. participants are drawing attention to what they say is just the beginning of the movement.
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there was a muted police presence. the highway patrol captain ron johnson was even seen posing with selfies for rally a ten ease. still to come on "eyewitness news" fighting heart failure, break through discovery that could fight that disease. details air head in the healthwatch. these mankins are no dummies, how stores are using smart technology to capture the attention of shoppers. we're try right now but get ready for a chance of showers and storms this afternoon, carol erickson has your holiday forecast when we
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back on "eyewitness news" with the new view of the powerful earthquake that shook northern california's wine country. this video here was taken from the camera at the train yard for napa a valley wine train. the 6.0 magnitude quake was the strongest to hit the bay area in 25 years. no one was killed but more than 200 people were injured and several buildings were damaged. on the cbs-3 healthwatch this morning it could likely be one of the biggest advances in cardiac medicine. cbs news correspondent jim axle rod reports on a new experimental drug that could countless people from suffering from heart failure. >> reporter: heart failure can happen for a variety of reasons but the result is that the heart loses it's a built to pump blood at a normal rate. it can affect every organ in
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the body including the brain, kidneys and the liver. the new drug, actually a combination of two drugs, works to rebalance the rebalance the blood's chemistry and bring circulation back to normal. more than 8400 patients diagnosed with heart failure participated in the trial. some were given the the new drug, some were given ace inhibitors. the patient's taking ace inhibitors reduced their rate have of mortality by 18 percent. the the patients taking lcz696 reduced their mortality rate by about 20 percent american that. doctor milton packer, at the university of texas southwestern medical center, was a consultant on that study and presented its findings to cardiology conference in barcelona. >> there was not only a reduction in the risk of death, there was not only a survival benefit, but there was a very meaningful reduction in the risk of hospitalization and an improvement in quality of
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life, a reduction in the symptoms, and physical limitations of heart failure. >> that was jim axlerod reporting. novartis announced it will reply for f.d.a. approval by the end of the year. a group of fire fighters is praised for going above and beyond in response to the man who suffered a heart attack while mowing his lawn. this photo has gone viral and shows the texas fire fighter finishing up man's yard work after taking him to the hospital. >> just happened to get off the truck first and we were all fighting over it. >> i just could not believe it they took time to do that. >> reporter: fire fighters took turns. they did the backyard too. they left a handwritten note saying we felt bad that your husband didn't get to finish the yard so we did. he did die two days later and his family says they are thankful for the fire fighters and this simple random act of kindness. in an effort to conserve water during annex stream drought in california one man
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in california comes up with an interesting idea. he put out a sign that says brown grass is sexy. then posted it to social media his friend loved it the so much he and his sons started a sign business, they are sharing the signs with the neighborhood and cashing in at the same time. no brown grass here, carol we are getting rain today, carol. >> we will be seeing some showers especially to the north and west, jessica, where they could get, there is a slight chance they could get very strong. so we will have to continue to monitor that system as we watch a front approach our area. notice this morning, we do have some clouds, out there. we have got some humidity out there as well this morning. i think we will hang on to that humidity over the the next couple of days, at least, atlantic city, well not the brightest start to a beach day but it is a tart to the beach day and that is not all bad. 76 degrees is temperature in reading right now. the these are some very warm temperatures for this point in the morning. and it just kind of shows how
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much moisture is out there, how much heat is out there and if you get a front, it is very able to work against all of that. notice just the cloud we are seeing on the cameras ape that you can see, if you felt like looking out your window but this is what we are watching for and you can see that already, we will off to the west, they are get something downpours out of these and key cannot totally rule those out. i will be going hour by hour for a little while. 73 degrees in philadelphia. everybody in the 70's at this point. poconos one exception at 68 degrees. look at these dew points, they are way up in the 60's and to the lower 70's, and that is a very uncomfortable range with the dew point right now in philadelphia at 68 degrees, it will be going up to about 70 degrees and on that scale, of how comfortable it is, it is all the the way up here at oppressive. so we have a day that will be, uncomfortable and might even be stormy later on. high pressure is situated right here, and that is going to be pumping up that tropical
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moisture. temperatures today, well into the 80's. yesterday 81. today we will be 88, 89 degrees and we have the showers and storms that will be working their way through here, by the time we get to monday we could be dealing with a couple of showers but i think today and later on this afternoon and tonight, that we're going to be dealing with the bulk of what we are finding. now, we will start with our computer models at 6:00 o'clock, pretty right with the clouds we are seeing here. by noon time we are still dealing with clouds in some spots, sun break or two in a couple of others and then at 4:00 this line starts to come through. again we don't set our clocks by this but get the idea that it is a line that comes through and we will see this later this afternoon. thinks by 6:00. a lot of plans are going on by 6:00 o'clock. notice red color. that means that we will start to see enhanced precipitation through here. even some thunderstorms out of this. gusty winds as well. this is a look at 7:00 o'clock. this is a look at
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10:00 o'clock at night as this thing goes through south jersey. through millville by 1:00 a.m. we are not deathly -- totally out of it and then monday arrives. the by monday afternoon we could be still dealing with a few other showers but they do not seem to be anywhere as vigorous as the ones we are going to be finding later on today and tonight. but then later on tuesday we could be finding more showers and early on wednesday before that leaves. and if you are going to the beach it is an isolated chance of the shower or thunderstorm during the daylight hours today. but just watch out for that anyway and make sure you are park near the life guard. no risk of rip current though. 38 degrees. warm, sunny and the ocean is continuing to be very, very warm. it is in the 07's still. 88 degrees the temperature in philadelphia with that chance have of afternoon showers, and thunderstorm, and evening too. 38 degrees at the shore, poconos 78 degrees with that chance of a shower or a thunderstorm. you may be finding some sun breaks out there today but just note we will see clouds
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too. seventy-two tonight with the heavy shower, gusty thunderstorm, certainly possible as we go through tonight, and then tomorrow we are going to be starting with some more heat and humidity, and then again a chance of the shower or thunderstorm as we move in the afternoon. tuesday, hottest day of the week where it is september, and 92 degrees, we're practically at 90 on even wednesday with you less humid, jessica. >> carol, thanks very much. rapper kanye west draws in quite a crowd of fans on day one in the made in america music festival. at least 44,000 people pack ben franklin parkway where there were four stages filled with artists. the two day extravaganza, cure rated by jay-z has been held annually in philadelphia over the labor day weekend since 2012. >> we've got big names coming. can yah, i can't wait. >> i'm so proud that the city got this festival. so proud of it. >> this year jay-z added a second event in los angeles and kanye west is head lining that concert today.
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here's a look at people enjoying performances at the made in america festival in l.a. in addition, iggy azalea and kendrick lemar will take the stage today. this is third year in that festival but first time l.a. was added in the mix. for more on made in america go to cbs while through can check out all of the labor day weekend activities and events happening around a the the region. a manikin make inner england has come up with a way bring his dumb toys life so they can connect with shoppers a and close a sale. cbs news correspondental fans owe van marsh has that story. >> reporter: some mankins in london's busy shopping district are using cutting edge technology to sell the clothes off of their backs. these dummies have have sensors that linked to a smart phone app allowing customers to shop for the sidewalk. >> right from the app and up pops all of the mankins in the window. you can see more detailed product with prices. you can share with your friends and family.
6:20 am
and then you can, find trekly from the retailers web site. >> reporter: manikin make shore developed the app for that says smart mankins appear to shoppers who don't like the heart sell. >> there ara lot of people that don't want to talk to salespeople, even shop a who will innings. >> reporter: smart mankins are always selling even after the stories closed. if you are passing by and see something you like in the window you can just click and have it shipped to you. >> it is in the nightclub on your way home and my gosh this will work. it helps me but it is hurting my bank account. >> reporter: some shoppers prefer to keep it simple. >> i just walk in the store and buy it. >> reporter: app can also collect a shopper's location, gender and true clothing size. that smart manikin is no dummy. in london, alfonso van marsh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it that is time of the year again. new school year about to start and one local church is making sure children have supplies they need to succeed.
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the church hosted event handing out things like notebooks, pencils and pens. funds were raise todd hand out more supplies in the future. concerns about the cloud, coming up next on "eyewitness news" why this woman's attempt to go high tech to store her records turned into a nightmare. thirty-nine on your side to prove a point about internet speeds, we slowed down an up escalator this is crazy like i don't get it, this one is working ladies, shouldn't up be as fast as down?
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a three on your side report now it is called the cloud and by the even of the year it is estimated we will spend more than $13 billion to
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store our document and photos there but three on your side reporter jim donovan found out there are some things you need to know before you jump in to digital document storage. >> reporter: like many small business owners jacqueline armani has plenty of paper. >> a lot of clutter, even hard to get up to my office. >> reporter: not many places to put it. >> eight drawers of customer files, and, three drawers of accounting files. >> reporter: when she took over her husband's car repair shop after his death, she decided to move all of these to the clouds. >> okay. >> reporter: except it is not a cloud. >> the the cloud is actually a set of services that are willing to store your documents on their servicer, and make them available to you. >> reporter: karen mcsherry of the electronic frontier association says while the cloud is convenient enabling users to access their documents anytime, in anyplace, they first to have get their documents on to those servicer and therein lies one of the risk. she hired a company to do it
6:25 am
for her but when her $3,600 bill ballooned into more than $12,000 she contested the charges and she says the company held her documents hostage. >> all of my files were gone. i said what is happening? >> it may not be so safe. >> reporter: mcsherry says there is a risk in giving another company access tour sensitive documents documents that coble hack, subpoenaed or lost if the services shuts down. most user agreement like hers, reserve right to suspend or tell nate your service at their discretion. >> convenience comes at a price. >> reporter: all of the more reason to choose your cloud companies wisely and keep backups of everything. >> it was supposed to simplify my life but it hasn't. >> reporter: the company she hired to up load her document has given her access to them again but it is suing her. before hiring a service like this always get a quote in writing up front and keep a backup copy of everything. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. we're following breaking news, coming up in the next
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half an hour here on "eyewitness news" police are searching for a driver after a hit and run injuries four people in the supermarket parking lot. we are live gathering the latest information. also ahead new troubles for a college football player after he is caught in the lie. he is under investigation for domestic violence. >> if you have outdoor plans today carol says to keep an eye to the sky, she has latest on some showers this sunday when we come so i'm trying hellmann's with olive oil.
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philadelphia police are investigating a hit and win. i'm syma chowdhry with that story coming up. also breaking news at this hour one person is dead after a domestic dispute end with gunfire in bucks county. also ahead a mother and three children remember how a community is coming together to honor the victims of a carjacking crash. today it is sunday august the 31st, good morning to you, i'm jessica dean, it is 6:29 here in center city philadelphia here's meteorologist carol erickson with eyewitness weather, hi carol. >> i hope everybody has a second plan if they have plans later on today especially north and west of philadelphia because this is typical summer-like weather where you get showers and then are storms and we may find some of those later today. lets take a look outside right now and we will head to the
6:30 am
east in atlantic city. while we have clouds right now probably you are least likely along the shore areas to be picking up these showers and thunderstorms until much later tonight. i think your daytime hours for the most part should be fine. however, when you go outside to reading where we are closer to the action sooner you may be fining these showers and thunderstorms, as early as 4:00 o'clock. 76-degree is the temperature right now, that is a mild, muggy, start to the day. you can see on storm scan three we have these high clouds and some of those low clouds out there this morning and also your eye is probably automatically drawn over to the west near state college and punxsutawney, some showers and some storms going through that area we are going to be getting into some of that later on today, a temperature right now of 73 degrees in philadelphia. seventy-one in trenton. seventy-two in wilmington and humidity is coming up as well. so with all of that and a front in the area you can see why we anticipate a chance of stormy weather later on today.
6:31 am
temperatures will be warmer then yesterday up to 88 degrees with the humidity, it will feel like the 90's today and there is a slight risk of severe heather for our area notice this is basically i-95 corridor to the north and the west, some strong wind, some heavy rain, thunderstorms, with the lightening, so just watch out for that and then again, primarily it will be later on this afternoon and it is in these areas north and west of i-95. the computer model right now seems to be right on target with what we're actually seeing on our radar so when they match up this early, that is great because it means that they are probably more likely right later on and then by noon time we've got some clouds, sun breaks and then by four or 5:00 o'clock we will see a line of showers and storms moving through the the area i will finish that time line when i come back and let you know what we expect for the labor day holiday, jessica. breaking news right now in northeast philadelphia. police are looking for a hit and run driver who plowed through a group of pedestrians in the shopping center parking lot, and then just kept going.
6:32 am
syma chowdhry picks up the story from the scene. syma, what have you learned this morning. >> reporter: jessica, police are still investigating and they are still on the scene height here right now. this happened around 2:00 this morning. police are still on the scene canvassing the area for clues. there is very little information at this time but we know it took place in front of the wells fargo bank and acme strip mall. police are looking in the possibility that the victims could have been intentionally targeted. now after 49 were hit, three were taken to temple university and within to nazareth hospital. we're working to get an update on their conditions. right now police are looking for a black chevy trail blazer or gmc envoy. again about four people have been injured in a hit and run and police are continuing to investigate. now with this incident happening in the bank parking lot chances are high that it was caught on surveillance video and, of course, police will likely review that and
6:33 am
hopefully get a better description of the suspect but again, right now, jessica, very little information but we do know that four people have have been injured in that hit and run. we are live from northeast philadelphia, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right same, thank you. domestic dispute overnight in lower bucks county end with the deadly shooting. that happened around 3:30 in the 4,000 block of fey yet drive-in bristol. in this, investigators tell cbs-3 at least one in member of the family was shot and died at that scene. police are trying now to determine who pulled the trigger. more than a month after a local family was kill in the hit and run crash, family and friend gathered to honor their memory. a memorial cook out was hell at charmers park for keisha williams and her three children. on july 21st police say two carjacking suspects lost control and hit the children and their mother on the corner selling fruit for their church. that event honored robert rivers a family friend killed in separate crash last may.
6:34 am
police are trying to figure out what cause aid deadly crash in south philadelphia. "eyewitness news" was on the scene shortly after it happen at columbus boulevard abe oregon avenue. you can see the car was wrecked, coming to rest, against a utility pole in the side of the road there. the driver has in the yet been identified. a lot of questions, surrounding the death of the man in philadelphia's hunting park neighborhood. the victim was found in the middle of ninth and wyoming avenue. police say that he suffered severe head trauma but could not confirm what actually caused his fatal injury. police say right now they are saying the the death is suspicious. one person was rushed to the hospital, after a crash involving their route 36 septa trolley. that happened around 3:30 saturday morning at south 54th and lindberg boulevard. septa says two cars were involve in the accident and somehow collided with that trolley. no one on board that trolley was injured, the accident is now under investigation. the show end today for the
6:35 am
show boat casino in atlantic city. at 4:00 o'clock show boat will close its doors for good after more than 27 years. it will be the revel's last day of normal operations before it also shuts down on monday and tuesday. the trump plaza is set to close on september 16th. rapper kanye west pullness quite a crowd in the first day of the made in america festival. at least 44,000 people pack ben franklin parkway where there were four stages filled with all different groups. two day extravaganza was cure rate by jay-z and was held annually in the philadelphia over labor day weekend since 2012 this year jay-z added a second event in l.a. for more information you can go to cbs you can also check out all of the labor day weekend events and activities happening all around the region. hundreds of residents in several pennsylvania counties saying they are smelling a strong odor of gas. peco received more than 900 calls from concern residents from montgomery, chester and
6:36 am
delaware counties. one home owner in havertown said he smelled gas in his basement but thought little about it until his wife, pointed it out, again. >> a couple hours later she came in and said, i don't want to, you know, worry but i think i smell gas down the basement. when cops and firemen came with his meter and said there was nothing in our basement, specifically i stopped worrying. >> a spokesperson for peco tells cbs-3 so far they have in the found any problems within their system, they are still trying to determine the the source of that odor. and a fire moves through a mobile home in eastern north carolina killing all six people inside. neighbors saw the the fire, they tried to help get the people out but the flames were just too intense. identities of the victims have not been released and that causes still under investigation. tragedy on a organ beach police in the lincoln city say a nine year-old girl died after she was trapped by a collapsing sand cave. the the group of people and
6:37 am
first responders trying to dig the girl out. police began cpr after she was pulled free but she was pronounced dead at the hospital. museum officials are fixing a sink hole at national corvette museum in bowling green, kentucky. that 45-foot wide hole opened up and swallowed eight cars back in february. the number of visitors jumped since the hole opened up but it turns out it would actually cost a million-dollar more to preserve the hole, then to fill it. after taking a few week off veteran nascar driver tony stewart will make his return to the race track today. stewart took a few practice runs at atlanta motor speed run on friday. this is first time he has driven professionally since he was crashed and killed kevin ward junior and that crash is still under investigation. one of the nation's top college football teams, the university of southern california, started its season without its captain. josh shaw has been suspended for lying about how he got hurt. and now, aster i okita
6:38 am
reports, shaw is being investigated in a domestic violence case. >> reporter: one week after his fumble off the field, los angeles police still have have questions, that u.s.c. football star josh shaw, apparently isn't ready to answer. lapd sergeant barry montgomery. >> we just need to talk to people and get the facts and him choosing not to do so it does hamper the the investigation, however the investigation will continue. >> reporter: police are looking into claims of the domestic dispute last saturday at the apartment where shaw's girlfriend lives. witnesses heard a woman screaming, and say a man fitting shaw's description jumped from a third floor balcony. shaw told his coaches he sprained both his ankles jumping from the balance conn toy save his seven year-old nephew from drowning but on wednesday, after the story of hits valiant rescue went national, shaw admitted he made it up. team suspended him indefinitely. u.s.c. head coach steve. >> when he came with the story, i didn't have a reason not to believe this guy.
6:39 am
when he admitted he was lying it was in the presence of his attorney. >> reporter: not just any attorney renowned defense attorney donald etra who has represented rihanna and snoop dog. >> life does not always work out the the way you plan. >> reporter: shaw spoke at u.s.c.'s commencement ceremony, the star athlete with the great future and an amazing story of heroism which turned out to be too good to be true. in los angeles terry okita for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". rebounding at the jersey shore, still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning how beach businesses are doing compared to last year and the aftermath of hurricane sandy. also a live look down the the shore, with some clouds to start the day, the quo now will showers affect your plans. carol returns with your holiday forecast, up next.
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back now on "eyewitness news" this morning a summer of good weather has meant great business for the jersey shore. many may be watching from there right now. it is a much different story then this time last year, first sum are following hurricane sandy. vladamire reports. >> reporter: weather has been terrific this summer at the jersey shore. at harvey cedars shellfish company on long beach island good weather has been great for business. john and his brother mike, own the restaurant. >> we have more customers coming in, so, you know,
6:43 am
business is up. we're selling more dinners every night. that is always a positive thing. >> reporter: the jersey cher has had 19 weekends of clear weather with temperatures rise ago above 07 degrees. >> only times it rains is nighttime and sunny in the daytime. it has been a good summer. >> reporter: this is exactly what business owners needed, it has been two years since sandy barreled through the jersey shore tearing through homes and businesses, and causing $37 billion of damage. >> ♪ stronger than the the storm ♪ >> reporter: last summer state kick off a ambitious 25 million-dollar ad campaign with governor chris christie declaring the shore was opened and ready for business but bad weather cut the the sum are short and recovery stalled. in september, a fire destroyed the boardwalk in sea side park. >> the fire was a punch in our gut. >> reporter: michael is a member of the seaside heights chamber of commerce where beach revenue is expect to be over one million-dollar this year. >> from a projection
6:44 am
standpoint we're right where we hoped to be, for this time of the year. it is in the where we ultimately want to be but we're very happy with how it is going. >> that was vladamire, reporting. most of the business owners say they hope to be up another 20 to 30 percent next year. tourism is a 40 billion-dollar industry in new jersey and most of it comes from the jersey shore. and carol is with us now and if you are at the jersey shore you may want to get to the beach earlier, carol. >> although you have a longer day with precipitation than people well to the the north and west. you are not deathly out to the woods but, dryer day is on tap for people further east you go today. tomorrow, everybody can be getting into these showers and basically at any point but today it is north and west, primarily, that you will see the earlier showers. but a lot of the day in much of the area will be fine. it is just as we get to later this afternoon and tonight and
6:45 am
maybe overnight in some spots that you will pick up those showers. notice the glummy start here as we look at philadelphia, and new jersey. and then we will move to the shore and notice the fog that we will see here. while you may not be dealing with any showers you are also in the dealing with any sunshine in atlantic city. you will go out to reading hoping it is better and it is not. we still have have the clouds and mild. 76 degrees. you've got to have clouds why not have them at 76 degrees. the it is a lot more pallet an that way. the the clouds start the day in every location, the mild temperatures started in every location, we're in the 70's and we will be going in the upper 80's later today and humidity will be very high as well. you can see the the clouds on storm scan three, the other thing that you will notice and this is what we're watching for later this afternoon is these showers that are occurring right now going through state college at this point. they are going to be moving in our direction, so that is why areas to the north and west, will be finding those first. high pressure is in just a position to bring up a lot of
6:46 am
warm, moist air and we will be boosting these temperatures to the upper 80's tomorrow. tomorrow we will be finding them in just about the same spot. by tuesday we are warm around here as well. so, severe threat, yes, is there a severe threat, this is from the storm prediction center in norman, oklahoma where they know what they are talking about and they believe there is a slight risk, the i-95 corridor to the nor and west for picking up any of these really stronger storms, which would be, some gusty wind, some maybe a downpour, and then just a lot of lightening associated with the thunderstorm. the rest of the area is also, just in the risk forgetting a thunderstorm but this is where if you see any enhanced storms, that is more likely where you will find them. and here's y receipt me just show you now when you see that set up you will see this&more clearly. this is at 5:00 o'clock this afternoon and you can see going through reading and allentown areas at this point according to this computer model we will see some of these heavier storms but they do move into the philadelphia area. this is around 6:00 o'clock. and around 8:00 o'clock
6:47 am
everybody is off the beach. that is why i said most of the beach should be fine most of the day and much of new jersey most of the day. not all but much of the daylight hours and then tonight we will continue to see these showers and storms through south jersey, through delaware, and they will get out of here. and then by monday afternoon we have some sun, some clouds and maybe a return to some showers, as we move in the afternoon hours. we will continue to monitor that and then there is another system that by tuesday night, could be bringing in some showers and some storms coming through. although, the day on tuesday, it looks okay. it is a confusing forecast. we've got temperatures in the middle 70's, that is in the water. we have them in the air. it is starting the day. eighty-eight for our high temperature. eighty-three at the shore. poconos 78. all locations especially philadelphia and poconos, picking up these showers earlier and then at the shore areas maybe late tonight. 88 degrees, mostly cloudy, some warm days. clouds are out there sun breaks too. 72 degrees tonight. heavy shore, gusty thunderstorm certainly possible as we move through
6:48 am
the area, looking like they are probably going to be in a line of those storms away where they are looking now. 88 degrees for monday, still showers and thunderstorms around. still downpours cannot be ruled out even on monday. tuesday is the hot, should be dry during the day. we will pick up showers and then are storms later on and then even though it is warm wednesday on, at least it is not as humid as it is today, guess contact. >> all right, carol, thanks very much. it is 6:48. time to check the roads. we will go to ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center, hi ann. >> good morning, jessica. this is ben franklin parkway site of the made in america concert as that concert continues today. it is shut down in both directions between logan circle and the art museum circle. it will be shut down until tuesday, september the second. kelly drive shut down in both directions for the concert between fairmount avenue and art museum circumstancal long with spring garden street between 20th street and 13th street and 25th between winter street and spring garden street. moving the traffic cam here to
6:49 am
the schuylkill expressway, a little bus think morning between spring garden and girard avenue n delays on the schuylkill through philadelphia or suburbs yet. we are in good shape. and on to the blue route at the the in mid county tolls, there you go, both the blue route is in good shape. mid county tolls and pennsylvania turnpike looks good heading to the poconos, no delays, on the pennsylvania turnpike, or the northeast extension. and if you are heading to the shore, in delays this morning on the area bridges, the 42 freeway last good, so does 55, in problems on the ac expressway or the garden state parkway. that is the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans now jessica, back to you. >> all right ann, thanks very much. a surge in beef prices is being felt in kitchens and restaurants all around the country. bigad shaban is in los angeles to explain how higher cost could impact menus at your favorite restaurants. >> reporter: cost of doing business has never been, higher for chevies ra, his los angeles restaurant, taco and company, is paying a you this dollars more a in for its
6:50 am
beef supply, compared to just two months ago. >> it is such a huge hit on us because we focus on meat. everything we service pretty much beef. so we're just trying to figure things out. >> reporter: he has increased his menu prices up to 5 percent. on average, beef now costs $5.56 a pound in grocery stores. that is a 47 percent increase from 2009. >> so you are trying to push more non-beef dishes. >> yes, we're trying to push maybe more sea food, it is easier to keep our price sows what low. >> reporter: restaurant is a cross the country are also feeling the pinch. chipotle raised prices on beef entrees by 8 percent and texas road house chain increased them by a percentage and a half. agricultural professor shawn hyat says drought is mainly to blame for the the rising cost of beach. >> in texas and oklahoma where most of the beef in the united states is raised they need grass and the drought in texas has really hurt this. >> reporter: u.s. cattle supplies are at lowest levels
6:51 am
since 1951 and less beef means higher prices. he hopes to launch his new menu items next month. his beef prices are expected to rise for at least another year. bigad shaban for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at the eagles 53 man roster is set, birds released 19 players yesterday with a few surprises. long rumored release of alex henry happen. eagles will go with codey parkey who was perfect thursday night against the
6:54 am
jets with two, 50-yard field goals. also released demaris johnson who played in 27 games and had a good preseason. matthew talk her split time between practice squad and active roster last year. also henry josey gets cut after finishing second with 225 yards. eagles general manager howie roseman spoke about the the cuts at the novacare complex. >> as you get better and improve talent level it gets harder. we had some tough cuts, but as coach goes through what he is looking for in each position and what he is looking for in backups some of those things become clearer to us. >> michael sam, first openly gay athlete drafted by the the nfl was cut by the rams yesterday as team trimmed its roster. he have jeff fischer says it was a football decision and he fit in well. he still has a chance to make practice squad or get pick up by another team. penn state opening up the season yesterday in dublin, ireland against the university of central florida.
6:55 am
first game under new head coach james franklin. pregame ceremony in the classic in dublin with many loyal penn state fans there. there is the coach hoping for a good start to the year. first quarter, christian hack evenberg goes deep to sean hamilton. this is a 44-yard connection. they later scored to go up seven to nothing. we go to the third quarter and this time it is hackenberg again finding geno lewis wide open somehow. this is a 79-yard score and penn state, will take a 20-ten lead. now ucf making this game very close. tonightly lions needed this 36-yard field goal at the the buzzer to win this one and, and james franklin wins game number 126-24 the final. early start to the game about to the bother penn state faithful who started the season in style. penn state alumni association held a watch party in center city. nothing like a tailgate party
6:56 am
at eight credit 30 in the morning. phillies continuing their three game series with the the mets in new york. phillies have have won just three of their last 14 match ups with the mets. phillies able to get on the board first thanks to the birthday boy marlon byrd turning 37 years old yesterday. he hits this solo home run in the fifth inning. the his 25th of the year for a career high, and phillies are up one to nothing. then phillies open up the flood gates. ryan howard singles to right. ben reveer and jimmy rollins score. that with make it three to nothing. not done just yet. do m brown singles. chase utley scores. phillies scored five runs in the sixth to win seven-two. now that is all for sports, i'm leslie van arsdal have have a good day. professional sand sculptors gathered in san diego for an annual competition. look at some of those things they have created. artists created sculptures using the water and san all for a shot to win $60,000 also some serious bragging rights.
6:57 am
spectators get a chance to enjoy some heart and the beach as well. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 6:00. up next at 7:00 more on our breaking news, several people run down in a northeast philadelphia parking lot. then, slip and falls can do major damages specially for senior citizens. so why is a doctor helping patients fall, we will explain in the healthwatch. and a surprising revelation about a little league player, and how it has led to an act of kindness. plus carol has your labor day forecast all of this when we come right back.
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we begin at 7:00 o'clock this morning with several breaking news stories. four people hurt in a hit and run in the parking lot of the local shopping center. we're live as investigators try to figure out if they were hit on purpose. more breaking news this time in bucks county where a domestic dispute ends in a deadly shooting. a tough day in atlantic city. while shore towns elsewhere celebrate labor day weekend, the the first of three casinos going out of business closes its doors. today is sunday august 31st good morning to you i'm jessica dean at 7:00 o'clock in center city philadelphia here's meteorologist carol erickson with you're witness weather. >> can you believe it is already last day of august. >> unbelievable. >> this summer like every summer, time will start to slow, however, as we all know from last winter. we are looking at an absolutely, kind


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