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tv   Eyewitness News at 8am  CBS  August 31, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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we continue to follow breaking news this morning on cbs-3. four people are hurt after a hit and run in the parking lot of a local shopping center. police are looking into whether that driver intentionally ran these people down also breaking news a case of domestic violence end in the shooting in bucks county and this morning one person is dead. a somber mood down the shore today first of three casinos shuts its doors for good in atlantic city. good morning, this is sunday august 31st i'm jessica dean. it is 8:00 o'clock in center city philadelphia here is meteorologist carol erickson with eyewitness weather. >> hi carol. >> welcome aboard. we are looking at very mild temperatures, as you knew from walking in this morning. temperatures in the 70's then and they are climbing up through the 70's new. humidity is out there some clouds are out there. later on some showers and thunderstorms will be out there. we have a shot of the ben franklin bridge. notice cloudy skies over new jersey, philadelphia and then
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we will move to atlantic city. you can see the sun is just struggling to maybe make an impact felt, so you'll find a day i think where you'll probably least likely to find showers along the shore areas. further north and west you are the more likely you'll see them sooner. middletown ship high school, cape may court house, we have some clouds out there. 74 degrees. these wind from the south makes this air very humid. storm scan three these showers moving through state college and new heading up towards williamsport we will find some of those showers in our area later on today but they are not here now. we can certainly enjoy this morning. seventy-four in philadelphia. seventy-four wilmington. seventy-two in trenton. sixty-nine in the poconos. 75 degrees already down in wildwood. our temperatures will warm up, some 7 degrees or so, warmer then yesterday, and it will feel even warmer than that because of the humidity which will be higher then yesterday, the afternoon showers, chance, will start, especially, to the north and to the west, and here is our computer model, lets take a look at this and
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it is pretty on target so far. it says by 2:00 o'clock we will see one or to of these showers popping out in advance of the another line of showers coming through by about around 4:00 o'clock in the poconos, through lancaster and just to the west by 4:00 o'clock. by 5:00 o'clock organizing themselves through the reading area and then through allentown and starting to come through philadelphia, six or 7:00 o'clock. we will finish out that time line and talk about what is to come for the labor day weekend as well, jessica? >> carol, thanks. breaking news out of northeast philadelphia, a hit and run driver barrels through a group of people in the shopping center parking lot, and police think that this could have been intentionally. syma chowdhry has the details live from the scene this morning, syma? >> reporter: police are investigating a hit and run after four people have been injured. now this happened around 2:00 this morning on the 8200 block of east roosevelt boulevard. now there is very little information at this time but we do know that it took place in front of the wells fargo
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bank in the acme strip mall. police are looking at the possibility that the victims could have been intentionally targeted. have after the four were hit, three were taken to temple university and one to nazareth hospital. we are working to get an update on their conditions. right now police are looking for a black chevy trail blazer or gmc envoy. again four people have been injured in the hit and run, police are continuing to investigate. now with this incident happening, at a bank parking lot chances are high that surveillance video caught that hit and run on tape, and there are two cameras, facing the parking lot from the bank, and police will likely review that to get a better description of the suspect. we are live from northeast philadelphia, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> syma, thank you. also breaking news a domestic dispute overnight in lower bucks county, turns deadly are. it happened around 3:30 in the 4,000 block of feyyet drive-in brings will toll. investigators tell cbs-3 that at least one member of the family was shot and died at the the scene. police are trying to figure out just who pulled the
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trigger. police in lower merion township are investigating a home invasion. this happened at a home on the 200 block of edge hill road. police say two men were struck with the hammer several times, and no word on their condition or a suspect at this time. the show ends today for the show boat casino in atlantic city. at 4:00 o'clock show boat will close its doors for good after more than 27 years. it will also be revel's last day of normal operations before it the shuts down on monday and tuesday. and in a few weeks the trump plaza is set to close on september 16th. rapper kanye west draws a big crowd of fans on day one of the made in america festival. at least 44,000 fans pack ben franklin parkway where there were four staininges filled with artist from his all groups. two day extravaganza cure rated by rap mogul jay-z has been held here in philadelphia every labor day weekend since 2012. >> i like the fact that we have big names coming, kanye,
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i cannot wait for that. >> i'm so proud that the city got this festival. so proud of it. >> this year jay-z added a second event in l.a. kanye west is head lining that concert today. taking a look at people enjoying the the performance at the l.a. version of made in america. in addition to kanye wrappers iggy azalea and kendrick lemar will take the stage today. for more here in philly go to cbs and while there check out all of the labor day weekend events and activities around the region. there is a lot of them. hundreds of residents in several pennsylvania counties say they are smelling a strong odor of gas. peco received more than 900 calls from concerned residents from montgomery, chester and delaware counties. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers has that story. >> reporter: you could have smelled gas in towns around greater philadelphia on saturday. we settled on mount pleasant road in havertown. >> we have lived here for 33 years and this is first time
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anything like this has ever happen. >> reporter: that is alex h art, he smelled gas in his basement in the morning. but then like all good husbands do he listened to his wife. >> a couple hours later she came this and said, i don't want to, you know, worry you but i think i smell gas in the basement report are. >> reporter: investigating he could not figure war the smell was coming from so he called peco. when they didn't answer, he reluctantly called 911. >> when the cop cape and firemen said there was nothing in our basement specifically i stop worrying. >> reporter: but when the gas smell left his house. >> it is a strong smell in our house. >> reporter: it just went right across the the 3treet. karen submit the lives next door. she saw our live trick and smelled gas too we said call peco. remember how alex could not get through? karen couldn't either. we chatted while on hold. >> they have high volume have of calls. >> reporter: in short of real worry situation had people in half ton could. does it make you nervous. >> yes, it does, with the smell of gas in my house.
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>> has it happened before. >> yes, a couple years ago we had a gas leak. >> reporter: her thoughts mirrored throughout the area on a cloudy saturday afternoon. peco will continue continue on investigate every call that does come in and are encouraging people to call if they smell gas. they have opened up a temporary emergency operations center and have brought on additional staff members to handle the extra request. we're in center city, man the math rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the european union is giving russia an ultimatum when it comes to action in ukraine. cbs news correspondent wendy gilette has those details. >> reporter: european union is giving russia an ultimatum, scale back troops in ukraine within the week or face tougher economic sanctions. >> we are very close to the point of in return. point of in return is full scale war. >> reporter: nato estimates 1,000 russian troops, currently occupy ukraine, and says there are 20,000 more at the border. moscow has denied sending them in, only saying that some
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troops may have entered ukraine by accident. russia has also repeatedly said that it is in the supplying weapons to remember else. >> we have to address the completely unaccepteddable situation of having russian troops on ukrainian soil. >> reporter: members of the european union declined to immediately impose new sanctions, some are worried about the financial implications, that sanctions will bring to their countries. but there was still plenty of tough talk. >> for russia, it is practically a war against europe. >> reporter: pro russian forces killed and injured several ukraine soldiers on saturday as they were passing through humanitarian corridor. after retreating from the city now controlled by rebels. ukraine's national guard says the soldiers were given the corridor to exit, and then they were fired upon. ukraine president, is still hoping for the cease-fire, he meets monday with representatives of kiev, moscow and the european unions. wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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the pentagon says the u.s. military conduct more air strikes and dropped humanitarian aid in the small city in iraq. officials say aircraft from australia, france, britain joined the u.s. in the aid drop. meantime a stern warning from the king of saudi arabia. king abdul a says terrorist group will attack europe and the united states unless they are faced with a collective power, from the international community. the comments came as islamic extremist group isis seized a wide territory across iraq and syria. however, he did not mention any terrorist groups by name. a few hundred people gathered in ferguson, missouri remember michael brown, three weeks after his death. a rally on the street where the unarmed 18 year-old was shot and killed by a police officer. participants are drawing attention to what they say is a beginning of the movement. there was a muted political, or police presence, rather. highway patrol captain ron johnson was even seen posing with selfies, with rally with a tend ease. after taking a few weeks
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after veteran nascar driver tony stewart will make his return to the race track today. stewart took a few practice runs at the atlanta motor speed way on friday. it is the first time he has driven professionally since being involved in the crash that killed fellow driver kevin ward, junior. that crash is still under investigation. a rescue operation is underway this morning near paris, coming up next on "eyewitness news" what officials think caused an explosion that leveled an entire building. three years ago hurricane irene hit with winds and flooding rain, many people were unprepared for a storm of that magnitude, coming up next how you can prepare long before the next
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rescue efforts continue after a explosion causes a four story building to collapse. one child is dead ape 11 others are injury. officials think there are more people buried in to that ruble. at least 12 people, including five children are missing. a gas leak is believed to have led to that blast. take a look at a view of the powerful earthquake that shook northern california's wine country. this video was taken from cameras at a train yard, it was one week ago the 6.0 magnitude quake rocked nap, strong toes hit the bay area in 25 years. in one was killed but more than 200 people were injured. several buildings were also damage. and carol, we are keeping an eye to the sky this morning because we could get a little rainy this evening in some
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parts. >> it could, especially farther north and west you are, earlier in the day but even then it should wait until the afternoon. notice clouds though that we have through center city philadelphia right now, chopping off some of the tops of the building. we will go to the shore and it is less glummy at the shore but you can pick up all of the moisture they have in the air there and there are some clouds at the shore as well and i want to brighten things up in philadelphia, neighborhood weathernet work. notice how when the sun comes up, it stays glummy. 73 degrees. temperatures are mild. we will be in your speed owes later on today because temperatures are warm but we have got this coming. we've got some showers and maybe some thunderstorms. this is out through state college and it has a long way to go before you hit philadelphia area first people to he see it through poconos, lehigh valley, down through lancaster and then it will make its path east. a lot of the day, lot of the
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people especially east of philadelphia will be remaining dry. it is to the west you will start to notice it earlier. 74 degrees in philadelphia. seventy-four wilmington. seventy-two in trenton. it is 76 in reading. we've got, dew points to match. dew point s of 07 degrees today and right now we've got that dew point the at 70 degrees. that is an oppressive level of humidity and we have he got that all day long and it will make these temperatures feel warmer. plus it gives the the front something to work against when it comes in here and it is one of the reasons that the storm prediction center in norman, oklahoma has us in the slight risk category for picking up some severe weather today with strong wind, heavy rain, then are storms. i-95 corridor north and west and this would be, the timing of these computer models, later on this afternoon. lets take a look and see what it says. 2:00 in the afternoon we see showers popping up. it is possible, by 5:00 o'clock do we see them through lehigh valley,
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reading, out towards lancaster. by 6:00 o'clock, now this has changed a little bit because one of the earlier models has it coming to philadelphia around 6:00. the timing will not be exactly as you see it there but it won't be that far off, we hope and keep your eye to the sky. by 7:00 sit moving through philadelphia. 8:00 o'clock still around. hanging through new jersey now by 9:00 o'clock tonight. couple of our shores developing and midnight through south jersey, that is the the trend. we will go true tomorrow afternoon, this is tomorrow afternoon around 5:00 o'clock we will start to see these showers and thunderstorms popping up and we will finish out this time line. they will leave in time for a dry tuesday but not a dry tuesday night. by wednesday things are looking better. le risk of rip current, that is good news, lieutenant of the the day at the beach will stay dry, you will be the last one to see these storms later on this evening. otherwise 88 in philadelphia today. eighty-three at the shore. poconos 78 degrees. we will find your showers,
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before even philadelphia did his. eighty-eight, humid, wind out of the southwest at ten to 15 miles an hour. 72 degrees tonight. heavy shower, gusty thunderstorm, so we will continue to monitor that, monday, we're not totally out, we could still find showers and then are storms the scattered around. tuesday, hot hottest day, most of the day will be dry but by later on tuesday we will pick up chances of showers and thunderstorms that will start to get rid of the humidity but not the heat by wednesday. you know, hurricane season is we're right in the middle of it and fema is launching a new campaign so we can all plan for disaster long before it happens. by the the way have you planned for a disaster? >> reporter: when it comes to stocking up for today's lunch hungry landscapers jeff and josh are getting prepared but their preparations for long lasting disasters, storms with names like irene or sandy, well, they are not ready.
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they have no supplies. >> i don't have a kit. we don't even really think bit. >> reporter: shore veteran bill only thinks he is ready. >> i have a flashlight and a bottle of water. >> reporter: but that may change after watching these dark, scary, all too real commercial from his fema, the federal emergency management agency showing crowded emergency shelter life and families who cannot locate each other. the thoughts are designed to shake up people. do you know how to locate relatives in the event of a storm you get separated. >> yeah, yeah, josh? >> reporter: easy when family is standing right next to you but federal reports to keep disconnect people connect and ready with a plan has counties preparing too. in this atlantic county emergency management classroom that and volunteers are learning how to run one of the shelters so anotherly but ago writly portrayed in the commercial that is run in september's national preparedness month. >> shelters are the last place
8:19 am
you really want to be. it is simply to get people out of harms way. >> reporter: shelters equipped with bear bones supplies as evacuees might need to supplement. while the sunnies out make your disaster plans. a recommendation is for at least three days worth of food, water and medicine for you, and your pets, everybody, gets their own supply and that is bare minimum. i think people in weather like this when we are in the dealing with the disaster this is time that people don't tend to want to do it but we need to start. >> you can go to the grocery store just pick up water and just build on it as we go. >> perfect, that is exactly what we should do. >> me too. >> thanks, carol. >> well, it is 8:19, time to check the the roads, we will go to ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center, hi ann. >> hello jessica we are looking at ben franklin parkway site of the made in america concert, doors opening up at noon today. ben franklin parkway is shut
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down around art museum circle along with martin luther king drive outbound between ben franklin parkway and sweet briar drive and between falls bridge and ben franklin parkway. kelly drive shut down between fairmount avenue and art museum sickle with spring garden street between pennsylvania avenue and the schuylkill. off ramp is closed from the vine expressway westbound right at ben franklin parkway for the concert. we will move the traffic cam to the schuylkill at spring garden street. in delays or problems on the schuylkill expressway this morning. that is in good shape. martin luther kick drive to the left and it is closed to day for the concert. and recreational activities. and, we will, note there is no delays or problems on the schuylkill this morning. we will move the traffic cam one more time, to i-95, at the penns landing area, and we're picking up volume here on i-95 but a little will less then usual, a lot of folks are out of town. it is coming along fine through philadelphia and suburbs. that is the the latest, from the the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans, now jessica, back to you. >> ann, thank you. delaware county today is
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celebrating a group of championship sluggers. parade kicks off at 4:00 o'clock this afternoon at noon town square shopping center. broomall newtown 13 to 15 team won the babe ruth world series championship thursday night and the week before the 13 prep teams won their title in their age group as well. so two national championships, one local baseball program, congratulations, to them. we will be right back.
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some fearing the worst. here's a preview of what you will see coming up later on cbs this sunday morning. >> ladies and gentlemen, christopher cross. >> reporter: luckily reports of christopher cross's demise
8:24 am
have been greatly exaggerated. the six three-year old ace live and well and still touring. it is, when he isn't recording at his home studio in austin, texas. >> platinum, platinum, platinum. >> yes. >> i don't count, how many do you have. >> there is some, and they are from different countries. >> reporter: for a performer, it is hard to be modest after having a year like did he in 1980, his debut album christopher cross went platinum five times over in the u.s. alone. >> christopher cross. >> practically swept the grammys beating out billy joel, barbara industries an, pink floyd and frank sinatra for album of the year. >> it was an out of of body experience just to be able to go up there. i have no prepared remarks. >> reporter: that night he would take home five grammys in total.
8:25 am
>> ♪ >> reporter: three of the awards that night were for his hit, sailing. which, according to cross, isn't actually about sailing. >> i pick sailing as a word because i used to do some sailing with an older kind of big brother, person in my life. it was an escape of me as far as the the home and for me it was about transition to art. when i said canvas can do miracles to me the canvas is a painter's canvas. it business transition you experience through art whether it be dance, painting, music, that interacting with art. but i was joke to go people had he taken my bowling it would have been, like bowling but fortunately he took me to do something that was kind of fun. >> more on christopher cross, plus a story near and dear to our hearts here at cbs-3 because it is about one of our own how an immigrant family's american dream became a reality, that is this sunday morning right here on cbs-3 at
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9:00 a.m. we will continue to follow breaking news this morning, coming up in the next half an her of "eyewitness news" right now four people are recovering after a hit and run in the parking lot in the local shopping center. we are live with the very latest. also, trying to enjoy the last unofficial long weekend of the summer, but just how you leave the office behind, a lot of people can't. they are not alone. three on your side with ways to unplug and relax. looking to spend time outdoors stay tuned for the forecast we will have what you need to know coming
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>> reporter: philadelphia police are investigating a hit and run. i'm syma chowdhry with a live report coming up.
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also breaking news police investigate a home invasion and reports that the suspect used a hammer to attack a victim. and in the healthwatch a new drug is fining big potential in fighting heart failure. today is sunday august 31st, good morning i'm jessica dean, it is 8:30 here in center city philadelphia and here is meteorologist carol erickson with the eyewitness weather, hi carol. >> jessica, we are closing out august, about to begin september, it is amazing how fast these summers go. it will feel like summer today. we have a temperature that will be well in the 80's, humidity up and we will get one of those all too frequent showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. center city philadelphia net is the clouds this morning. it is in the necessarily what you need to see on a holiday weekend but it is what we have and we are looking at just a little bit brighter weather in atlantic city. the last place today that we will see any of these showers and storms a lot of the day at the beach will be fine and we will be dry but still an
8:30 am
isolated shower or thunderstorm, even earlier then this evening cannot be totally ruled out. the first place we are likely to find any shower or thunderstorm would be up through reading area, allentown, through the the poconos, and 78 degrees right now, we have have these clouds in place and you won't be finding any of these showers until later on. notice that we are, right now, dry in our area completely, but notice that there are showers by williamsport and this is a line of some showers that will be moving through and we will be watching for those later on this afternoon. temperatures in the 70's and getting in the middle 70's right now. already 77 degrees down in wildwood. humidity is on. heat is on. 88 degrees for our high temperature today which will feel warmer than that. thinks our future weather. it has a good handle on the clouds. it has hopefully a good handle on the timing of this. you can make your timing plans. throughout the poconos maybe a shower or two by 2:00 o'clock and then by the the time we get to 5:00 we are looking at showers through allentown area, reading, lancaster.
8:31 am
by the time we get to 6:00 o'clock we will see them press nothing to the philadelphia area. through 8:00 o'clock through south jersey and getting a little further inner case you still have your outdoor plans at 9:00 we are still looking at showers to the east. north and west of the city to the earlier hours, and maybe the stronger storms but cannot rule them out later this this evening through south jersey. we will continue that time line and talk about what the weather is tomorrow and is what to follow as we go into the month of september, jessica. >> carol, thanks. breaking news in the rhawnhurst neighborhood this morning, four people are rushed to the hospital after an suv slams into them and then flees the scene this happened at a shopping center on roosevelt boulevard and that is where syma chowdhry picks up the story, syma. >> reporter: that is right, jessica, police are investigating this hit and run and at least four people are injured. we do know it happened at 2:00 o'clock this morning on the 8200 block of east roosevelt boulevard. there is very little
8:32 am
information at this time but we do know it took place in front of the wells fargo bank in the acne strip mall. police are looking in the possibility that the victims could have been intentionally targeted. after the the four were hit three were taken to temple university and within to nazareth hospital. we are working for an update on their condition. police are looking for a black chevy trail blaze are or gmc envoy. four people have been hit and injured. police continue to investigate w this incident happening in the bank parking lot chances are high civil lance video did catch the hit and run on tape. there are at least two cameras facing the parking lot from the bank and police will likely review that to get a better description of the suspect. we are live, in northeast philadelphia, syma chowdhry cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> syma, thank you. also breaking right new police in lower merion are investigating a home invasion. this happened in the 200 block of edge hill road two. men were struck with the hammer several times n word on their condition or a suspect at this time.
8:33 am
a domestic dispute overnight in lower bucks county ends with a deadly shooting. this happened around 3:30 this morning in the 4,000 block of feyyet drive-in bristol. investigators tell cbs-3 that at least one member of the family was shot and died at the scene. police are trying to determine who pulled the trigger. american a month after a local family was killed, in a hit and run crash, family and friend gathered to honor their memory. a memorial cook out was held at the park for keisha williams and her three children. police say on july 25th 2 carjacking suspects lost control of the car they were driving and hit the children and their mother on the corner selling fruit for their church. this is an event that honored robert rivers a family friend who was killed in the separate crash last may. police are trying to figure out what caused a deadly crash in south philadelphia. "eyewitness news" on the scene shortly after it happened at columbus boulevard and oregon avenue. you can see the wreck car smash in the utility pole on
8:34 am
the side of the road but the driver has not yet been identified. a lot of questions surrounding the death of a man in philadelphia's hunting park neighborhood. the the victim was found in the middle of the ninth and wyoming avenue. police say he suffered severe head trauma but could not confirm actually caused his fatal injury. they are investigating the death as suspicious. the the show ends today for show boat casino in atlantic city. the at 4:00 o'clock they will close its doors for good after more than 27 years. it will be the reveles last day of normal operation before it shuts down on monday and tuesday. in a few weeks the trump plaza will close on september 16th. rapper kanye west pullness quite a crowd on the first day of made in america. at least 44,000 people packed ben franklin parkway where there were four stages filled with artist from his different groups. two day extravaganza created by jay-z has been held annually in philadelphia since
8:35 am
2012. this year jay-z added a second concert in los angeles. for more information on the made in america festival go to cbs, also through can check out all of the labor day weekend events and activities, happening all around the region. hundreds have of residents in several pennsylvania counties say that they are smelling a strong odor of gas. peco received more than 900 calls from concerned residents from montgomery, chester, ape delaware counties. one home owner in havertown said he smelled gas in his basement but thought little bit until his wife pointed it out again. >> couple hours later she came in and said i don't want to, you know, worry you but i think i smell gas down in the basement but when the the cop and fair men came with their meter and said there was nothing in our basement specifically, i stopped worrying. >> reporter: spokesperson for peco tells cbs-3 so far they have in the found any problems within their system. they are still trying to determine the cause of the
8:36 am
odor. on the cbs-3 healthwatch this morning a new experimental drug that could save countless people suffering from heart failure. it could likely be one of the biggest advances in cardiac medicine. drug is still in the early stages of development, it does not have a name yet, but studies show it could cut chances of debtor hospitalization in nearly 20 percent of patients. >> this is one of those results that is very surprising, and very important, and when i reached out to various cardiologist and experts i got the same type of reactions like wow, thinks huge, this is a game changer. >> right now, statistics show 6 million americans and 24 million people worldwide suffer from heart failure. there is still much more "eyewitness news" to come this morning including a live preview of today's face the nation broadcast, we will be right back.
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cbs's face the the nation will be coming your way later this morning at 10:30 right here on cbs-3. filling in for bob schieffer is cbs news chief white house correspondent major garrett. today, the world's eyes turning to isis and you will talk about that on the program today. >> absolutely, good morning you, jessica. we will talk about syria and ukraine. president admitted he does not have a strategy yet, he says to confront isis in syria. he hinted when traveling to europe he will press other western european nations for sanction as begins russia for what some are calling an invasion of ukraine. we will talk about this with senator mccain, peter king, congressman from new york, also a republican. and adam smith, ranking democrat on the house arms services committee. all that coming up this morning on face the nation. >> we are looking forward to it, major, thanks very much. still to come this morning, showers could interrupt some outdoor plans today, carol will tell us when
8:40 am
we might be seeing rain and where that is straight ahead. also rebounding at the jersey shore how beach business is bouncing back, two years after hurricane sandy. and on vacation, work distractions keep many americans from enjoying time off. three is on your side with ways t
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a surge in beef prices being felt in kitchens and restaurants across the country. cbs news correspondent bigad shaban is in los angeles to explain how higher costs could explain the favorite restaurants. >> reporter: cost of doing business has never been higher for cheviesra, his los angeles restaurant mexican taco and company is now paying a you this dollars more a month for its beef supply, compared to just two months ago. >> that is a huge hit on us because we focus on meat.
8:43 am
everything is beef for us. so we are trying to figure things out. >> reporter: he has increased his menu prices up 5 percent. on average beef now costs $5.56 a pound in grocery stores. that is a 47 percent increase from 2009. you are now trying to push more non-beef dishes. >> yes, we're trying to maybe push more sea food. it is easier to keep our prices low. >> reporter: restaurants across the the country are also feeling the pinch, chipotle raised prices on beef by 8 percent. the texas road house chain increased prices by a percentage and a half. agricultural professor sean hyatt says drought is mainly to blame for the rising cost of beef. >> in text a and oklahoma where most of the beef in the united states is raised they need grass. the drought in texas is hurting this. >> reporter: u.s. cattle supplies are at lowest levels since 1961 and less beef means higher prices. he hopes to launch his new
8:44 am
menu items next month. since beef prices are expected to rise for at least another year. bigad shaban for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". professional sand sculptors from all over the world gathered in san diego for an annual competition. artists created sculptors using water and sand for a shot to win a $60,000 grand prize and also some serious bragging rights. for spectators it is a chance to enjoy art and some perfect beach weather. a summer of good weather has been great business for the jersey shore, it is a much different story then this time last year. first summer following hurricane sandy. vladamire deutch reports. >> reporter: weather has been terrific, and at harvey cedars shellfish company, good weather has been great for business. john and his brother mike, own the restaurant. >> we have more customers coming in, so it is business that is up. we are selling more dinners
8:45 am
every night. that is always a positive thing. >> reporter: new jersey shore has had 19 weekend of clear weather with temperatures rising above 70 degrees. >> only time it rains is nighttime and sunny in the daytime. it has been a good summer. >> reporter: this is exactly, what the owners here needed, it has been two years since super storm sandy barreled through the jersey shore tearing through homes, businesses and causing $37 billion of damage. >> ♪ we're stronger than the storm ♪ >> reporter: last summer state kick off an ambitious 25 million-dollar ad campaign with governor chris christie declaring the shore was opened and ready for business but bad weather cut the summer short. the least coverry stalled. in september, a fire destroyed the boardwalk in sea side park. >> the the fire was a punch in the gut. >> reporter: mike is a member of the sea side height chamber of commerce where beach revenue is expect to be over one million-dollar this year. from a projection standpoint
8:46 am
we're right where we are hoping to be. it is in the where we ultimately want to be but we are happy with how it is going. >> reporter: that was vladamire reporting. mess of the business owners say they hope to be up another 20 or 30 percent by next year. tourism is a 40 billion-dollar industry in new jersey and mostly coming from the jersey shore. carol, people at the shore, you are saying they could get another day at the beach out of it. >> i think they will salvage most of the day at the shore. lets see, they are least likely to see these showers and storms. that doesn't mean you'll fine full sunshine any more than we are finding full sunshine in center city philadelphia look at this glummy start with the low clouds over the city but we will head the two shore and there is a little bit brighter down there your clouds don't look as om minute is in. there is an isolated hour or storm but you have good
8:47 am
chances as well. in the lehigh valley reading we are looking at chances of showers and thunderstorms that will show up before anybody to the east of you. 78 degrees. it was a muggy overnight and we will continue with the high humidity, even this morning and it will be here all day to daze and tomorrow. notice these showers, and they are working their way through state college. they are a long way from frustrates, but, obviously, allentown and reading with the progression of these are going to be in line for them before they will be coming to philadelphia. long before they are coming to the shore. so, with that said i'll be timing all that out and you can find out from the very latest computer guidance exactly when it may be starting to rain and or thunder in your neighborhood. seventy-four in philadelphia right now. seventy-four in wilmington. seventy-two in trenton. mild, muggy overnight and that will be the same trend through this afternoon as these temperatures get in the upper 80's. here we go, this and keep an eye on the clock, again, not to set your watches by it but we will give you an indication
8:48 am
of the latest thinking on the timing of this as it moves on through. this is a look at 2:00 o'clock this afternoon in the poconos. are you picking up showers, couple of downpours, it is possible, a bigger line to the west but by 5:00 o'clock we are starting to see it come through not through the philadelphia area but to the west of the philadelphia area and some of them were because you get that bull's eye look you will be finding some heavy downpours. localized heavy rain possible out of any of this. your neighbors may. then by 6:00 o'clock it is pushing in on philadelphia, wilmington, by the time we will get to 8:00 o'clock we are seeing it through the philadelphia area and moving over toward south jersey. notice that the cher has been spared according to the computer models. they are keeping it a fairly nice beach day but maybe not a nice beach night. this is at 10:00 o'clock. we are's still seeing these showers, through south jersey. and then by the time midnight arrives we are finding others lifting up from the south. south jersey again, wilmington
8:49 am
again picking up these showers. we will clear out tomorrow morning but notice we still continue with a few showers that may move on in and this is at 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning, then at noon time tomorrow, doesn't look bad at all but we are not out of the woods, the scattered showers will then be starting to come in again tomorrow afternoon with some sun breaks and also the scattered showers. thinks a look at 7:00 o'clock tomorrow night tuesday looks dry, much of the day, by tuesday night, we could be dealing with a couple showers before we clear out and get less humid. we do have a slight risk i-95 corridor to the north and west today and by that a mean strong wind, heavy rain, thunderstorms containing lightening so keep your another and eye on the lightening. today low writ being of rip currents at the beach. ocean is tempting with readings in the middle 70's but stay near those life guard. temperatures 88, shore 83 and
8:50 am
poconos 78 degrees. not a bad forecast. we have seen better, we have seen worse too. 88 degrees philadelphia tonight down to 72, could be looking at heavy showers or gusty thunderstorms as we head through late afternoon and nighttime hours. tomorrow by afternoon, couple showers, then are storm around again, tuesday dry, hot, humid by tuesday night, we will get some showers and thunderstorms and then temperatures stay warm but humidity drops, yes, sir contact. >> carol, thanks very much. it is 8:50. time for that we will check roads with ann evans in the cbs three traffic center. >> good morning, it is ben franklin parkway. it is shut down for made in america concert. doors are opening up at noon. these closures i will about to tell you take effect until tuesday, september the the second. kelly drive shut down in bound through fair mount avenue art museum circle a outbound from the circle to fairmount avenue due to the conser.
8:51 am
martin lieutenant are king drive shut down outbound and inbound between ben franklin parkway and sweet briar drive. spring garden street shut down between pennsylvania avenue and schuylkill. off ramp closed from the vine expressway westbound at ben franklin parkway. we will have move our traffic cam to i-95, this is right, i-95, right at the penns landing area. in delays or problems here, i-95 looks good through philadelphia and its suburbs. on to the schuylkill expressway thinks the schuylkill at city avenue. schuylkill is behaving itself, this morning, and lighter volume then usual due to a lot of folks being away. that is latest from the traffic center i'm ann evans new jessica back to you. were you able to getaway this summer? maybe on a quick vacation right now. recent survey finds even if you did take sometime off, many of us still could not leave the office far behind. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan says thanks to electronic devices many of us are still checking in. >> reporter: summer is coming
8:52 am
to a close and while many americans took a vacation, most of us didn't really getaway from it all. the recent survey by trip advisor found that 77 percent of americans confessed to doing some work away from the office. some, motivated by guilt, others by the boss. >> 20 percent said it is a guilt thing. they feel like they have this need to check in on vacation and then another one in five said they don't expect their bosses to be checking e-mail and work while they are out. >> reporter: most common activities, in the survey the in ten have check their e-mail while on vacation. 85 percent respond todd those e-mails. 45 percent confessed to checking voice mail, while 40 percent said they returned some of those calls. 42 percent said they created or edited a work document. aiding in all of they're electronic devices. >> it really sets this expectation for them that they are checked in even when they are supposed to be check out. >> reporter: experts say if
8:53 am
you do feel the need to check in on vacations. if you set aside 30 minutes to review e-mail and voice mail at least you don't spend the entire vacation looking at your phone or computer screen. reporting for three on your
8:54 am
8:55 am
ahead on sunday morning remarkable story of an iraqi war photographer who calls both u.s. and channel three home. his story is coming upright here. you certainly don't want to miss it very special story for all have of us here stay tuned for sunday morning that comes up here in a few minutes on cbs-3. don't miss it. also to recap our top stories before we go this morning police are looking for a hit and run driver who may have intentionally hit four people in the rhawnhurst neighborhood. investigators tell us that the victims were crossing a parking lot when that suv plowed right into them. all four victims were rush to the hospital. it is the final deal for the show boat casino in
8:56 am
atlantic city. that casino will shut its doors for g revel and trump plaza are also set to close permanently. thousands of fans will be on the ben franklin parkway for the second day of the made in america festival. kings of leon are one of the many artists set to take the stage. the concert begins today at 1:00. one last check of another tricky forecast, carol. >> it is a tricky forecast. we have glummy weather right now and maybe that is best of the day because we could be dealing with some stormy weather later on. it is a line of storms coming from the west, to the east, so areas to the west would see them first, say through the mid to late afternoon and then coming up through philadelphia area around dinner time the way it is timing out right new but that is subject to change and if you are out or have outdoor plans you need to be watching for that, so just note that we do have a line of storms that called company becoming through and some could be getting strongest specially 95 to the north and west later on this evening tonight, and it does go
8:57 am
through shore areas. tomorrow we will have another chance of showers and thunderstorms humid and 88 both days. >> nice and warm. >> yeah. >> that is "eyewitness news" for now, you can always fine us at cbs sunday morning is next, thanks for spending your morning with us, have have a great day. >> bye-bye. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at
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