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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  September 1, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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roll through overnight, so have we seen the last of the rain for the day? let's finds out. >> katie has the forecast. >> i don't know. >> that's where i come in, i guess, right? well, in short, to answer your question, ukee, the answer is not. not done with the rain for the entire day. but also not a wash out. so we will track a little bet of of wet weather, but more than anything, the heat, and humidity, has absolutely made a return, to this unofficial ends to the summerment all of those details for you and much more coming up in the next few, guys, back to you for now. >> thank you. the showboat casino checks out of the atlantic city gaming industry after 27 years on the boardwalk. >> now to two other casinos are following in its foot stems. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us where operation also winding down, jan? >> reporter: ukee, erika, cruel irony this morning here on the board walk in atlantic city. you mentioned it, it is labor day, and now, more people are out of work. showboat closing yesterday, today is the revel's turn in
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part. the casino closes tomorrow, but the hotel closes this morning at 11:00 a.m. now once all is said and done, if everything goes as planned, at the end of the summer, four casinos will close here in atlantic city, eliminate being 8,000 jobs. casino experts have said this is painful but necessary to right size and stabilize this mark. revel opened little more than two years ago, amid high hopes of saving atlantic city crumbling market. but the $2 billion hotel and casino never turned approved. after filing for bankruptcy twice, qualified buyer was never found. >> this alone will leave more than 3,000 employees without a job but in all, these closures mean nearly third of atlantic city entire work force will be unemployed including thousands who lost their job just yesterday down the boardwalk at showboat. >> very difficult for the guests, very difficult for the employees, it is a sad time in atlantic city. level already sold at cut rate price. the new owner then could turn
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it into another casino, another property, with condos, and resort, gaming experts expect that someone will buy it very soon, and reopen it, in the near future. in the meantime, just another sad day, and a day that this whole community has been dreading. live in atlantic city, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thank you for. that will we have breaking news coming to us from the city roxborough city. battling fire at business at ridge avenue and sheers lane. told the fire is not under control as of yet. we do have crew headed over to the scenement we will bring you any updates as soon as they come in to our news room. right now your time 5:32. and authorities in bucks county are investigating what led to deadly shooting along family members over the weekend. it happened along the 4,000 block of fayette drive in bristol early sunday morning. investigators tell "eyewitness news", at least one meant of the family shot and killed at the scene. police are still trying to determine who pulled the trigger. one man is in critical condition and three others are hurt after a hit-and-run in northeast philadelphia.
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four men struck just after 2:00 yesterday morning, outside reds bar and grill on the 8200 block of roosevelt boulevard. investigators say, a black suv may vin tently rammed right into those men, possibly, a chevy trailblazer or envoy. police in lower merion are still looking for the suspect who broke into a home and beat two men with a hammer. it happened just after 4:00 yesterday morning, 200 block every edge hill road. investigators were seen collecting evidence from the home. police say the victims may have been targeted because they own a store. their conditions are not being released, so far no arrests. 5:33, here is kate which your wetter. >> ukee, actually see pretty solid rounds of rain rolling on through here, through the last couple of hours, in fact, see it right over my shoulder, thankfully since moved out to sea, but the problem is, this isn't just an once and done thing, obviously heavy showers, storms, came through last night, well, at least more toward the evening, and then this additional round came through through the overnight.
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we will see few more rounds, i think, not just today but also tomorrow. here's y go on outside. take a look at storm scan3 first and for most, as we continue to track that little heavy rain pocket, as it moves away, still few left over lingering pockets of showers, no huge deal, the bulk that far first rounds is done. bye the problem, see it zoom out once here, back through maryland, and portions of virginia, additional rounds of showers, and thunderstorms for that matter, continue to sort of fire up. so, we are going to eventually seymour picking up here in our area. i would say mainly into the afternoon and evening. now, as we take a look, how this is going to affect our humidity more than anything, this is really just going to be real steamy day. temperatures should easily i think make a good run for 90 today. probably surpass it tomorrow. on top of it, it is casino of oppressive humid that i we're dealing, with by wednesday it gets a little better so the beach is not the worse place to head. mid seven's, for the water temperatures, we check on wildwood for you, generally
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talking 75, 76 degrees up and down the jersey and delaware shore and beach points. meanwhile your temperatures are into the 70sment winds is light. so very likely going to run into patches of fog out there at least initially, but it feels so steamy outside. again, in philly, i expect the hyatt least flirt with 90. weep go for it in the forecast, 58 apiece, both down the shore, up in the mountains today. so yes, not bad pool or beach day. the problem is you hear thunder, you just have to head inside. so just watch for. that will but i would say if you have outdoor plans keep them. heads up to the skype, that's all. >> and big bottle of water. oh, the humidity, stay nice and hydrated. >> thanks, katie, appreciate t. well, developing right now, us led air strikes help iraq's military thousands of minority ethnic under attack by isringhausen militants. cbs news correspondent tells you, president obama facing mounting criticism for the lack of action against the terror group in neighboring syria. >> the us pressed on with its
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mission to rollback the games of isis militants in iraq launching more air strikes against the terror group in the northern part of the country. following air air strikes in the armorially area, iraqi security forces say they finally broke nearly two month siege of the town by isis. the us air drops humanitarian aid for thousands of people there who had been trapped in and left without food, water, medicine. the us has now carp i had out about 120 strikes against isis in iraq. but last week, president obama admitted the us does not yet have strategy to tackle isringhausen in neighboring syria. that has many lawmakers on both sides of the aisle concerned. senate intelligence committee chair democrat diane fine stein criticized the president's approach. >> i think i have learned one thing about this president. and that is he's very cautious. maybe in this instance, too cautious. >> arizona senator john mccain called for swift action. >> i think it starts with an understanded g that this is a direct threat to the united
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states of america. that will it may be one of the biggest we've ever faced. >> but some democrats are coming to president obama's defense. >> we can't simply bomb first and ask questions later. >> the pentagon drawing up plans for action in steer ya. michael bert, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". russian president vladmeere putin called on ukraine to start discussions on the crisis in eastern ukraine including talks about state hood for the region. some say the use of the word state hood could mean russia is raising steaks for regional independence. putin spokesman denies that. this sudden change in tone from moscow comes days after the european union threatened to draw up new economic sanctions against rush a. twitter trouble for texas governor rick perry. he says that this tweet from his personal account was unauthorized. it is an unflattering picture after prosecutor saying i don't always drive drunk at three times the legal blood alcohol limit but when i do i indict governor perry for calling me out on t
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prosecutors was convicted of drunk driving in april and perry vetoed funds to her wolfs she refused to resign. that will led to perry being indicted on abuse of power charges. that tweet was later deleted. a later post from perry's account says he does not condone the tweet. holiday weekends both ride turns frightening after boat explodes off the docks in ocean pines, maryland. flames broke out on the 24-foot boat on sunday afternoon, five people were thrown overboard. neighbors who live close by returned to pull them from the water and help put out the flames until firefighters got there. the calls that far blast is still being looked into. a rough return to racing for nascar driver tony stewart. he got a warm welcome from the fans in at lan tax failed to finish the race after hitting the wall several times. it is stewart's first time back on the tracks since its car hit and killed another driver three weeks ago. he left the track without talking to reporters. and, those race cars had to dodge an unusual obstacle,
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sue it -- see it out there? darting across the tracks? one of the drivers thought it was a cat. turned out it was a squirrel that came very close to becoming road kill there, too. that squirrel did make it safely to the infield, in time to catch some of the race. but imagine you're driving and see this little thing -- >> that type of race? wow. wedding bells ringing for several celebrities couples. the words on who got hitched over the weekend? warning before you answer your phone. three's on your side with a scam that's becoming more popular in our area. >> and the proof is in the x-ray. now, this picture is police of. we'll tell you about the unusual item a woman swallowed to hide the evidence. >> and if your honor hitting the road for the holiday, you can get your forecast on the road. check out katie in the radio boot there. updating weather this morning on "kyw news radio", talk radio 1210, and 99.5, wjbr. we'll be right back. male announcer: the magic of the bay is waiting. coastal villages,s
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scenic waterways and the land of our national anthem along the star-spangled banner national historic trail. there's an adventure waiting for you in maryland. land of discovery.
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male announcer: hit tmaryguide and mapyways to explore all the beauty, history and culture along our 18 byways and other driving tours. order yours today at land of wonder. >> ac revel hotel will close this morning, and casino tomorrow morning. atlantic city showboat casino closed yesterday and the trump plaza closes later this month. >> grief counselors on hand at council rock south high school from 1:00 to 4:00 this afternoon. three students from south were killed in a crash in the poconos early sunday morning. clean up duty today for the parkway, site of last weekends' made in america
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music festival, tens of thousands every music fans rocked the parkway where they saw superstars like kanye west, kings every leon, pharrell williams. right now 5:42. and a woman's accused of stealing a ring worth thousands of dollars then trying to hide the evidence. police in utah pulled over this pair. that is when investigators say the woman swaled old the ring whole. you can see it on the x-ray there. well, police charged both suspect with felony theft, and there is no word right now on how police plan to recover the ring. well, i can think of one way. coming up on 5:43, katie, good morning. >> oh, the mental image that everybody's got right now. oh, man. good morning. storm scan3, let's start there, guys there is actually looks like colds front rolling through, doesn't it? not actually what it is, rather more just showing you the flow of the atmosphere. but we actually have going on in the pattern today and tomorrow, for the most part at least the first half of tomorrow is large dome of high pressure actually centered
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over the atlantic. and because of that, around the rim of the hi, we draw the southwesterly flow, in other words, our air mass is basically like we're sitting down across at lan tax down in birmingham, so what it means it is hot, it is humid, it is sticky, and be dodge ago shower or under this earl storm specially this later this afternoon or evening. here is your front, actually still pent up across the northern and central planes, eventually going to move in later in the day tomorrow. this is two straight days of un settle or active weather, whatever you want to call it, for two separate reasons. today more of the southwesterly flow, just classic summer forecast, we head into tuesday, and once again be dodge ago couple of showers and thunderstorms there is time actually from the cold front. should still get you in the low 90s here, headed in wednesday temperatures take modest hit. more than anything we see the humidity begin to take a little bit after break here. so it is really muggy outside today. your high, flirts with, or hits, 09, depending on location, but will be shower or storm to dodge if you have barbeque plans, anything you are doing outside, going to
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the pool, great excuse to do it, just make sure, again, eyes to the sky, hear thunder head inside. i always beat that point home. you know me. but as we head into tomorrow, very similar forecast once again, maybe a loft kids headed back to school, welcome back. but hopefully the ac is working at the school because it will be hot and steamy out there as we head on back to work and school tomorrow. erika, back to you. >> thank you. three's on your side this morning with a scam alert about a con that's quickly spreading in our area. now it, starts with a phonecall offering help with an urgent computer problem. as consumer reporter jim donovan explains, these scammers can be very persuasive. >> the phone rang at 11 p.m. and the woman on the other ends said: >> something was wrong with my computer, and that i needed to go to the computer immediately. >> sandra hung up. then half hour later -- and a half hour after that, at 1:00 a.m., when sandra was
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asleep the woman claimed to be from a window server company. >> she kept insisting that someone was attempt to go hack into my computer. >> it should always and red flag if a tech support company is contacting you through the phone through an unsolicited phonecall claiming there is an issue with your computer. >> against her better judgement, sandra log on to her computer and gave the caller remote access and things went from bad to worse. the caller disable her perfectly fine computer, and in the end, sandra got hit with $300 in credit cards charges, for bogus computer scam. the better business bureau says they've been getting more and more calls about this lately. >> always remember that any time you hand over remote access to your computer, you're opening yourself up to identity theft and potential financial lost. >> now, three on your side gets at least dozen inquire business this scam each month. sandra got her computer next dollars by reputable, and the credit card company reversing
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its charges. if you get a call like there is just hang up. it is always a scam. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> updating breaking news now from the city roxborough section, looking live at an area where there is a fire burning in a business at ridge avenue and shurs lane. authorities as you can see are on the scene. we're work to go get more information. and there is the fire on the left side of your screen. with more information, as it comes into our news room. i'm being told that's a dry cleaning business, but as you can see, it is fully engulfed. they're fighting it with water cannons from just about every angle. we'll update this story and let you know waist going on in the area as we continue our broadcast this morning. >> ♪ >> two celebrities couples tied the knot over the week end. >> first, donnie wahlberg and jenny mccarthy got hitched yesterday outside of chicago. the marriage is the second for both stars. wahlberg has two sons from previous marriage, mccarthy
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also has a son. you can always catch wahlberg right here on cbs-3 as he stars in the police drama blue blood. the union is also complete for actress gabe re al union and miami heat dwyane wade. they he can changes dollars vows on i believe this weekend on saturday, in front of family and celebrity friends at the chateau art son, a secluded miami area castle. union and wade instagram some photos friday using hashtag the wade union and the night before. this is the second marriage for both of them. there is one other name you might know me by. star lord. who? >> guardians of the galaxy have become the highest grossing movie of the year. the band of space crusaders surprised many critics by staying number one for the third week in a row. the half develop film earned more than 06 mod to add to its massive total, to nearly $275 million. teenage mutant ninja further
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sals second with 11.8 million. if i stay thirds, 9.3 million, as above, so below, and the november man, rounds out the top five on your labor day weekend box office. >> good weekends to go see a movie specially with all of the humidity, sticky out. >> oh, yes. i didn't see thing but i'm going, i'm going. >> do you feel like you're always working, why the 40 hour work week is getting longer. >> and you have to see a college football team's entrance, that didn't exactly go as planned. we'll show it to you. first here's a look at what's coming up here on cbs-3. back in a bit.
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♪ hopefully you're enjoying the day off this labor day, but the days every working 9:00 to 5:00 quickly a thing of the past for many people. >> 9:00 to 5:00. >> love that song. >> what's that? 9:00 to 5:00? >> if only. new survey shows 40 hour work week is getting longer. >> in washington, d.c. right now this morning with a look at what's extending our time, at the office. good morning, young man. >> good morning, guys, this is not just working holidays like perhaps that labor day weekends, but really just throughout the year. >> this new survey showing we could be working additional seven hours in addition to that five day work week, do the math, an entire work day in addition to what we're seeing. here is why experts believe that's the case. gallup's work and survey found half of the adults it surveyed say they work 47 hours a week on average. not 40. nearly one in ten say they work even more, at least 50 hours a week, and then 18% of
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us who say we work 60 hours a week or more. so, if you're a full time worker but actually work less than 40 hours a week, you are in the 8% minority. now here's why some of those experts believe that these numbers could be the way they are. some people might simply be more resourceful. but then there are others, who, well it, might actually be part of their pay stricture. employees paid by the hour sometimes are restricted in the amount that they can actually spend on the job, because of limits on over time, and that is typically not issue for the salary employee, so more likely to log more hours at the offers, survey is also suggesting that people who get a salary, while they may get to enjoy little more income, well, they also have to pay the price by giving up more of their personal time. so it is one of those give a little, take a little situations, guys? >> all right, well, let's share the love watch about people in other countries, are they working more than they're expected to, as well. >> yes, the french actually cut our eye, looking over the survey, too, we did see that there is some potential talk that they might lift that very
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strict ban that they're in france on the 35 hour work week, which means, some people might work a little less, but they could also potentially work a lot more, which means, they would join us in being one of the busiest of course hard-working. >> you got to love france with their 35 hour limit. like no more than 35, that's just nuts. >> but always remember, if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. >> very true. >> come on, now. >> that's right. thanks so much. have a good labor day. all right, a loft folks have the day off. hoping maybe grill out, get to the beach. what do you think, kaley? >> i think you will be able to get your plans in. here is the thing, it will be hot. it will be steamy. we are eventually dodging some additional showers and storms, so, while we may be starting off here with nothing more than couple of little scattered showers, left over from the heavy rain that actually rolled through, one large pocket through the overnight, just keep in mind later today much like what we saw yesterday afternoon, evening, especially, these new rounds of showers and storms may crop up. right now, we don't expect
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anything would be severe, but may change, we'll let you know in it does. temperatures mid 70s, dew points real close to these values.
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>> looking at this crycheck business burning at ridge and shurs lane in roxborough section. fire not under control yet. we have crew on the scene give us this live picture. we'll get up days coming up in the next hour. this team hit a wall leatherly before the game over the weaken. three players took sledgehammer to the sinner block wall before they took to the fields. spent several second hammering away at the concrete before finally breaking it down
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enough to just push it over. pull little muscle through it, game on. i'm sure that pumped them up. that's new things. thrilled ago wall in front of the entrance? >> we'lling in this wall down, and just get our vibe on and play some football. >> must and guy thing. >> you got t. >> we do that every time we come through the studio. >> ukee does. that will i walk around the bricks. coming up in the next hour of cbs news, ends of era in the and lake ditsy, showboat shuts down for the last time n just few hours, revel will also close its doors. we're live with what it means for thousands of workers. and students aren't the only ones with black to school blues. why your dog might be built depressed? time of year. we'll talk about it end the other side. bark at the top of the hours.
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>> labor day weather may have addition ripped dollars plans yesterday. check out live mega doppler-3, tracking another chance of showers today. uqh. sore. >> i we check in with katie watch can we expect? >> checking storm scan, yes. >> so, thankfully, guys it, has actually moved out to sea, that's good news, right? but, you know, you're right. we ends up with more wet weather later today. you don't need to cans em your outdoor plans, you got barbeque, going to the pool, going to the shore, lucky you, i'm very jealous of you right now, but doesn't look like you will have to cancel any of the planes, rather, just have an eye to the sky. i always say that anyway on day like this. but anything we see, pretty scat nerds nature. let's go out there, i show you what's up. really heavy batch of rain that rumbled through here with lightning, embedded thunder d


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