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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 1, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs- cb3 "eyewitness news". >> right now at 11:00, the final countdown for revel atlantic city's newest cass zen know and its most expensive failure prepares to close the doors for good. a scare for local community when a prisoner escapes. we're there for the capture. and the heart-breaking loss of three local students. they were supposed to start their sophomore year tomorrow. instead their families are
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mourning their deaths tonight. >> good evening, i'm jessica dean. chris may is off tonight. the castle rock south students were killed saturday when the suv they were in overturned wayne county. tonight "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco spoke with those dealing with this incredible loss. >> reporter: outside council rock south high school children share hugs over the death of three sophomores. >> everyone is being quiet. the last 72 hours has been pretty rough. >> reporter: 15 year olds cull license keffer, shamus digney and ryan lesher were killed late saturday morning when in crash outside the poconos where ryan lesher' family has a home. >> one thing i know i do weren't to express their heartfelt condolences for the familiar of the other two victims who were ryan's friends. they were buddies and they were wept out for breakfast with some friends. >> the teens were visiting from the week went the suv the boys
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were passenger flipped the suv with six inside was driven by a juvenile. ryan' uncle tells "eyewitness news" that he has three older brotherbrothers and he had justt the garter at his cousin's wedding last week. >> he touched so many lives. he was the youngest of both sides of the family very athletic and very smart. great grades. >> mount students are remembering cullen, ryan and shamus as full of life and promise. >> they were three fine young men. student athletes. academically, they did outstanding work. >> cullen was in my class and i was on his bus and stuff and i played basketball and soccer with ryan. >> fourth friend survived the crash along with two other unnamed juveniles. >> monday the entire council rock south basketball team showed up at ryan lesher's house each with a carnation for his mother. and there will be a vigil outside the high school 7:30 tuesday evening for all three teens on the eve of the new school year.
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in holland, bucks county, diana rocco cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> new tonight at 11:00, police on the scene of a deadly crash in delaware counsel too. a vehicle overturned after it hit tree on folk road in bethel township tonight. one person was killed. no one else was injured. >> we just learned new information about a montgomery county prisoner who escaped custody today. this is video of hanker son's recapture 5:00 their this afternoon this was not far from the prison. police tell us tonight he's a convicted drug felon had was on the run for about 2.5 hours. he was supposed to go to a program to prepare him for his release. now he's back in jail. police from lower providence and plymouth townships aided in that search. >> on this labor day evening we take live look at atlantic city where the rides on the steel pier are all lit up still. we also saw people enjoy jig their last bit of surf and sand
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on the beach this evening. plenty of people walking in the boards taking in the ocean hour and cherishing the last few hours of long holiday weekend. a lot of people head back to work and some back to school tomorrow and it will be steamy. kate bilo is live the sky deck. kate it is certainly steamy out there right now. >> it really is jessica. the humidity not doing any favors hair wise and unfortunately out at the bus stop tomorrow morning if you're heading back to school, you've got to take that into account. not going to be able to break out the fall clothes or hairstyles. the heat and humidity will be with us as we head to our back to school back to work tuesday. the weather we were waiting for all the month of august. the summer eat and humidity wanted that wait until september to get here. on storm scan3 we did have storm pop up over chester county couple of hours ago. it fizzled quickly. dumped pretty heavy rain that flood advisory has been cancel canceled. showing you our neck front moving through the great lakes region storms headed for buffalo
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right now that front will get here late tomorrow evening but out ahead of it we'll be dealing with very warm and very humid conditions as we head into our tuesday. here's a look at future weather again can't rule out a shower or storm overnight tonight. future weather tries to bring in a few in around 1:00 a.m. and eventually that could come through the city. if you hear a rumble of thunder or wake up to flash of lightning overnight, don't be shocked. those move on out. we start tomorrow with sunshine but then tomorrow night, after nightfall really, we see that next front start to approach from the west. and around 10, 11:00 o'clock especially to the north and west a couple of hunter storms could pop up. temperatures right now, still near 80 degrees and we're not going to drop much below the mid 70s tonight. very steamy night on our with to a hot and humid tuesday tomorrow going to stay hot through the week but humidity will drop. midweek and then some changes by the weekend. i'll have the seven day forecast coming up when i join you insi inside. jess cash back inside to you. >> thanks so x right now the revel casino is dealing some of its very final hands. the $2 billion gaming bet on
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atlantic city's future busted. last guests check out their hotel rooms today. and just few short hours in the early morning of september 2nd the casino will close forever. new jersey reporter cleve bryan explains what went wrong. >> reporter: it was an unceremonious end for an unsuccessful casino. employees row moved the revel's boardwalk sign labor day after hotel guests check out for the last time. >> very hard to think we'll walk out of here today and not come back to the revel. >> reporter: jane lord and her friend lucille stayed on the first and the last time and more than a dozen times in between. >> i hope someone will save this hoe physical because it is the most beautiful hotel in atlantic city. they're quick to point out reasons it didn't work out. >> it's geared toward the young people. they're not the ones gambling. we're the ones gambling. >> at $2.5 billion the revel was supposed to be a mega rei sore. building at a time when the
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economy was tank the property fell into enormous debt and never able to become profitable after two rounds of bankruptcy they decided to shut down. >> it's sad because you make good money here. >> that is woman stopped by to turn in her waitress uniform with the revel now closing the showboat yesterday and trump plaza finished in about two weeks, she and sick thousand other laid off employees will have to find a now way to support their families. >> i'm so upset. best place i ever work. i don't want to work in another casino. i don't think. >> by 6am the casino floor will be closed and revel cass zen know shut down. the northern end of the boardwalk here will look lick ghost town. but for how long? experts say this building is too nice, too new to go to waste. they're just not sure if it will be cass soon know in the future. in atlantic city, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> important to note a resource center for laid off workers will be available later in the week. that center will run from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. it starts this
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wednesday it will go until september 10th at the atlantic city convention center. there will be more than 100 work stayings to help former employees file claims with the state depth of labor as well as other agencies. a show of solidarity from union members across the delaware valley on this labor day. >> we are the union! >> the mighty, mighty union. >> groups joined together for a rally this morning at the sheet metal workers local 19 union hall before parading up columbus boulevard to penn's landing followed by a labor day picnic. tonight we learned lightning killed a young boy in southern lancaster county this weekend. fulton township officials say that boy was swimming with three others at a creek when this happened. when the storm rolled in the boys left the water and went into an open field and that's when the lightning hit the 11 year old who later died at a hospital. >> got to be hard on them. you can only imagine how it is
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to lose one of the kids and if i lost one of my kids i'd be going through some stuff. >> another boy who was injured is now home and recovering. tonight investigators are trying to figure out just what caused this early morning fire that gut add roxborough dry cleaners. flames broke out about 5:00 this morning at award dry cleaner at ridge avenue and schers lane this business was part the community for nearly five decades. that fire heavily damaged the building. but did not injure anyone. >> the big party on the parkway is now the big cleanup on the parkway. tonight workers were still cleaning up the mess left behind by thousands of people who attended this weekend's made in american festival. eyewitness was there as crews broke down the stages and hauled away that equipment. that concert is being called a big success much the city says the ben franklin parkway should open in time for the morning drive but just to be sure you can get the latest word with "eyewitness news" when you wake up in the morning. >> the phillies did something today they have never done before.
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a no hitter that included four different pitchers. "eyewitness sports" director beasley reece is here now with beasley what is a bright spot not so bright season. >> they needed this. the fans needed this really. >> you never know when something special is going happen and baseball game. from this day forward, hamels, diekman, giles and papelbon will be forever linked in the phillies record book. here's why cole hamels didn't have his best stuff. we were six no hit innings struck out seven but allowed six runners to get on base. then the bullpen came in and kept the know hitter going. jay diekman took care of the braves in the seventh. in the eighth ken giles took the mound and struck out five. jonathan papelbon finish off the braves in the ninth. getting local product phil gosselin to line out to darrin ruf for the final out and the no-no was complete. phillies blank atlanta seven to nothing. it was 12th no hitter in phillies history and concluding roy halladay in game one of the
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divisional series. first combined no-no. cole hamels talks about it coming up in sports. >> something fun and positive tack about. beasley thanks so much. >> exciting sports action just like that could sabotage your diet and just a couple of minutes why what you watch to influence what you eat. also on the way tonight hackers leak dozen of celebrity's private nude photos. tonight how those images were accessed and what you can do right now to protect sensitive information. >> kate? >> and it was a steamy labor day and it does stay steamy for our tuesday and it stays hot all week long. i'll tell you the numbers and when it does cool down and start maybe feeling a little more like september again coming up. >> and look closely here. there's more than just body borders in that water. what a drone captured lurking just feet away next.
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>> drone cam are captures scary shadows along the shore in florida. look closely at this spot under the water near daytona beach. it's not clear what they are but some suspect they were sharks because this took place not far from where a shark attack happened yesterday. 13 year old girl was bit tepp on
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her calf in weight deep water much she is expected to be okay. >> the fbi is now looking into one of the biggest celebrity hacking incidents ever. hundreds of nude photos taken from celebrity's phones were posted oh and line for everyone to see. among the victims here oscar winner jennifer lawrence and swimsuit model kate upton. many are asking how this could have happened, and how can we protect information on our phones? >> celebrities private nude photos now on the internet for all to see. how did hackers get those images? >> i feel like it may not be one person. it maybe group of people and these may be photos were put together over course of months or years. >> c net senior editor dan ackerman says it's not just celebrities at risk. >> it's almost impossible to bullet proof your life. we share so much stuff and use cloud services. it does add to the vulnerability because it out there somewhere. >> in this case it appears hackers accessed a cloud based storage system and stole the
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images. apple reportedly patched anism cloud security gap following the breach, but ackerman says the photos likely came from all kinds of devices not justism phones. to protect yourself, he suggests these tips. use different passwords for different accounts. check privacy settings. opt out of cloud sharing. change your password frequently and use a two step verification system. in the meantime some celebrities are reacting to the leak. publicist for oscar win are in jennifer lawrence released a statement calling it a quote flagrant violation of privacy. >> those hackers claim to have more photos but the authenticity of those image has not been confirmed. >> there is an important food recall you need to know about before you make lunch yourself or your children. more than 7,000 cases of craft american singles were pulled from store shelves. apparently a supplier did not store inn agreed yen at the correct temperatures and some of the cheese may have spoiled. the recalled products have best
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use by dates of february 20th and 21st of 2015. so far this recall is simply precautionary no one has reported getting sick from that cheese yet. >> on the health watch tonight, watching action pack tv shows make you back. people who watched a thriller snacked more and 8354 calories of various snack. almost 140 calories more than another group that watched a talk show. the conclusion here, faster paced tv seemed to distract viewers and contributed to mind less eating. you neff know what you might see while you're shopping. take lock at this. this is one sight that turned some heads in erie colorado. he likes to shop, too. bear cruising around businesses did window shopping. maybe looking for some snacks. this was all caught on surveillance video there. after he took some peeks in the window, he thought maybe it would be easier to get to the ones in the dumpster he headed around back there.
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>> at least for the summer. so when summer is ending i get very upset. a little depressed because the winter is very long. >> kind of depressing seeing a lot of people go. >> i'm ready for winter. i'm tired of heat. i don't like summer. i'm a fall child. i'm summer person. i'm not really looking for the summer to end, no. >> everybody hat got their opinion. >> yes. >> good thing we get all seasons here. >> we do. we get little bit of everything. summer has been cool by many standards so we haven't had whole lot of heat to deal with until today and tomorrow when some of the worst heat we felt all summer has been upon. >> isn't that ironic. it is to start the month of september. fall will come soon enough and really going to start feeling like fall through the up coming weekend. let's at a ick a quick look what's happening outside right now take you down the shore and this is atlantic city and it's late but the boardwalk is still hopping little bit. i see a few folks out there walking all lit up still certainly atlantic city pretty
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much hopping some spots at all times of the day or night that's what's going on right now. pretty nice beach weekend all things considered and it will be a pretty decent week ahead as well. here's skycam3 live now let's take look at the time lapse we'll see how the day moved through here in margate. the day shaped up pretty nicely we had sun and high clouds and you can see a lot of cars going by through the day people packing up and leaving the beach sadly as the unofficial end to summer labor day weekend comes to close. right now still pretty bright there at municipal building in margate. it's 89 degrees at the moment. that temperature certainly dropping. actually not sure that temperature is correct for through. storm scan3 right now showing our next front moving through. showers and storms approaching the buffalo area. this is going to come in tomorrow in the meantime we are seeing some scattered showers and storms. we had some pop up earlier this evening you can see that one that moved through portions of the chester county. now we're seeing few lighter showers and storms develop near york and harrisburg. these are moving toward lancaster county so even through the overnight hours, we're not out of the woods just yet as far
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as shower and storm activity is concerned. there could be a rumble of thunder or flash of lightning tonight while you're sleeping keep in in mind. otherwise it's very warm and very humid outside. 79 at the airport. 78 degrees in wilmington. and the heat and humidity stickie round for tomorrow. 90s again tomorrow. if it's the% day of school again you definitely want to keep the summer clothes handy you don't want to wear those new fall clothes you do not need them tomorrow that front comes through tomorrow night and then it's less humid but still very warm. wednesday and thursday highs in the upper 80s. it is sunny and dry though with high pressure overhead. so quick look at future weather we start off tomorrow fine and watch for another round of showers and storms perhaps after neat fall around 10 or 11:00 o'clock. down the shore tomorrow 88 degrees a mix of sun and clouds. hot and humid. 88 degrees with a water temperature at 78. very warm. overnight tonight, can't rule out a shower or storm. warm and muggy otherwise 74 degrees. the overnight low and tomorrow into partly sunny very hot. and humid. southwest winds call that the
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blow torch wind all that heat and humidity gets carried in from the gulf of mc company from the deep south tomorrow is hottest and most humid day of week. warm through friday with highs near 90. our next cold front comes in on saturday and sunday and monday start to feel more like september should feel with highs closer to 80. >> the blow torch wind. >> yes. >> that is about appropriate. >> kate, thanks so much. >> beasley is back. more on phillies. >> phillies got a lot stuff going on. they called up their best pros spec we get a chance to see his work and we still remember what happened today. combined no hitter. very rare. i'll tell you how many it's happened coming up in sports.
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tom wolf. he'd be a different kind of governor. he served in the peace corps in india. and then got a phd from mit. and as a businessman he gives between 20 and 30 percent of his profits back to his employees. when he served as pennsylvania's secretary of revenue. he turned down the perks. and donated his government salary to charity he refused take a state car, he drove his old jeep instead. can't argue with that. tom wolf. he'd bring a fresh start to pennsylvania.
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>> combined no hitters are rare in baseball. it's happened just 10 times before hamels, diekman, giles and papelbon turned the trick think afternoon in steamy atlanta. here we go. most of the phillies offense came from ben revere. he drove in a career high five run. two for three and now batting .310. third best in the national league. cole hamels got the start he wept six no hit innings, struck out seven. through 108 pitches in the hot and humid weather in atlanta. then the bullpen came in to keep it going. jake diekman took care of the braves in the seventh. in the eighth ken giles took the and struck out the side. freddie free man had no chan at the ball, and the current closer jonathan papelbon finish off the brave in the ninth getting local product phil gosselin to line out. to finish the know-no. the phillies throw their first combined no hitter in franchise hitter seven-zero. >> it's found see the pitching
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staff as hole because the bullpen has been lights out. i was able to get away with six innings and, you know, i didn't have much stroll as i would have like but to have these guys come in and shut the door in the fag we did, i would say it's probably pretty impressive, you know, sort of day. >> i think cole set the tone today. they had chance to get them early. they didn't and he settled in and handed the ball off to us and we just do what we try to do every night go out there and preserve wins for starters. >> cole hamels says that the game ball will go to phillies president dave montgomery who is fighting cancer. >> all right phillies called up seven players from lehigh valley including their top prospect miguel franco. this season the slugging infielder hit .257 with 16 homeruns for the iron pig. the final two months of the sit he .324 with 11 homeruns, 41 runs batted in. he can get his first major league tomorrow against the braves. >> the game plan goes in tomorrow when the eagles start
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preparation for the season opener sunday against jackso jacksonville at the linc much here we go. you can watch the game against the jaguars right here on cbs-3 kick off time is at 1:00 p.m. it's on now. >> you'll be there? >> i'll be there. 11:00 o'clock show. >> pre-game show ready to go. >> i think everybody is ready to go. >> let's see what happens. >> still ahead and i were news local volunteers are turning labor day no day of service. how their helping those in need labor day no day of service. ho[ gecko ] what a lovely night in philadelphia. look at all these people. imagine a world where they all switch to geico. a world full of savings. imagine... ♪ hold on, still imagining. ♪
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all right, i'm done. [ male announcer ] geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> dozens spent their labor day holiday serving others. they prepared special meal for the citi' homeless. chosen 300 ministries on spring garden street hands out more than 100,000 meals every year. that money industry helps the hungry in nations all over world. >> this friday had mark the stand up to cancer tv event. take a look at the tower of one liberty place in center city all lit up in red to bring awareness to the fight against cancer. it's one of a dozen structures all around nation illuminated in united show of support. all leads up to that one hour tv special it's happening friday september 5th stand up to cancer is fund raises from the dole bee theater in los angeles and you can see it right here on cbs-cbs-3 this friday at 8:00 o'clock. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> thank you for watching cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00 tonight. "eyewitness news" returns tomorrow morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and erika von tiehl. for beasley, kate and everyone here i'm jessica dean. you can always fine us at up next the late show with david letterman ton note's guest is joseph gordon levitt. have a good night and we'll see you tomorrow. have a good night and we'll see you tomorrow. ♪
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