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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 2, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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the next seven, talking temperatures, coming up. victoria? >> thank up, katie. i have a feeling coming offer the holiday weekends and headed back to school our rush hour will heat up. as of right now the vine st. expressway looks pretty good. overnight projects, made in america festival clean up. so lots to talk b we'll have all of that in a little bit. let's head back to the desk. >> thanks, torrey. in the news the gaming floor at revel casino. >> atlantic city attraction shutting down a mere two years after its grand opening. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins you now with more on the closing, jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, ukee, good morning yes the final countdown, revel will clothes its doors for good in one hour, people here all night soaking in the sites, playing their last hands, and you see those lights on the casino gaming floor, this morning, well, at 6:00 they go dark.
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>> signifying the end of the biggest failure on the board walk, revel casino, and hotel, after only two short years, checked out its final guesses monday morning and dealt its final hands on tuesday. even so, its beg he is fans, those here at the beginning and the end, are still hopeful. >> i hope someone will save this hotel, the most beautiful hotel in atlantic sit. >> i devastating. my favorite casino, whenever i have friends coming from out of town we come to the revel. >> but the a tractors are quick to point out the casino short colt action. >> the casino is on the sixth floor. so a lot of people, you know, a heals, either go up the elevator, or park on the sixth floor. >> too big to maintain. the two and a half billion dollars casino never turned a profit. its closure means more than 3,000 employees will now be looking for a new job. >> i'm so upset, best place i ever world. i don't want to work in another casino after you work here. i don't think, i don't know. >> revel's closure comes days after its neighbor on the board walk went dark.
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i the day for showboat ended, and in two weeks, trump plaza will follow suit. will bring four casinos gone from the atlantic city boardwalk in eight months. atlanta club shutting down shop earlier this year. >> sad to see this happen. but still have hope and fate in the city and hopes it turns around. >> it has been rupp couple of days and rough couple of weeks. i just checked out the casino floor, it is almost empty up there, a lot of people had been filing out. there is an hour left. in the meantime, the biggest impact that's going to be health fear here today of course the more than 3,000 people that will be left without a job. reporting live in atlantic city, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news". >> thank you. resource center for those laid off workers will open tomorrow. it will be at the atlantic city convention center and will stay open until september 10th. from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., work stations will be set to up help people file unemployment claims and get other assistance.
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now, new this morning, police are looking for the gunman responsible for an overnight shooting in man too a officers responds today calls of shots fired, at 41st and lancaster just before midnight. authorities say that is where a man was shot once in the back. he was taken to the hospital in stable condition, and there is no word yet on motive for the shooting. and now one was hurt after this building partially collapse in the southwest philly last night. it happened at the dominion christian fellowship center woodland avenue in kingsessing, see the entire second floor completely caved n no one was inside at the time. we're told two cars suffered some minor damage. 5:03. we want to head outside to katie on the skydeck. little muggy out there? >> to say the least, yes. when i came out here, first thing i noticed was that my hands got really moist all the sudden. you know that feeling, my hands like slipping along the mike right now, it is very, very sticky outside with these high dew points, plenty of moisture to work with in the atmosphere, so may not end up
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being the best hair dare, but shouldn't have too much winds to contend with, rather, it is the humidity. friz factor will get up, ladies, and gents, be red foyer t we take you taught storm scan3, show you what's going on out here. basically empty. had little pocket of showers, and storms, long since sort of filled recalled out across south central new jersey there. when we zoom out couple of times there is will be the next colds front that moves n man it looks menace being right now over inched ann a by the time it reaches us, it is probably sunset or later, which means that we may not have as much of the nasty weather to contend with. i do think we'll see showers, storms, but will be a while before it all arrives. so most of the day to enjoy or maybe to enjoy in climate controlled environment. seventy-seven the current temperature, it is muggy in philadelphia right now. i can tell that you from experience. meanwhile we are right on par with the current temperatures, and the climatic feel as is they are in birmingham, as they are in charleston, very warm, very muggy in the deep south. we're essentially borrowing
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air mass from the deep south here throughout the day, before the next cold front crosses. so as we hit the 3:00, 4:00 hour we should hit daytime high. it will be hot. it will be steamy. easily i think going to get you to the low 90s today. about 10 degrees above the average for this day of the year. victoria, we send it into you. >> i don't like all this talk about bad hair days, just saying. good morning, everyone, i also don't like to talk about delays and so on, so for the, but you got to do with a you got to do. right now headed out and about around the parkway, do you want to be mindful they are still cleaning up from the made in america festival. you will still want to anticipate the closures on parts of kelly drive, martin luther king drive. even the area of the parkway itself, we'll let you know it opens up. difficult to see in this shot here but do have flashing lights here and there. as we continue, talk about the ben franklin bridge, construction here may set you back this morning, if you are traveling on the ben in the direction of westbound, making your way into philadelphia,
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two lanes are being blocked right now. so, two lanes are only getting by. when that rush comes in and the sun comes up, i am telling you it will be heavy. let's plan accordingly for, that specially back to school and back to work today. speed censors, still looking pretty good overall, a 595, 55 the schuylkill, 55676. 422, 202, lots of green. if you are traveling however in reading, 422 near old swede road we do have an accident here. be mindful of that. if you are headed back from the shore, our new jersey majors look pretty good. erika? >> torrey, thank you. first day of school an at council rock south will be a mournful one as they mourn three fellow student. sophomores killed in a tragic accident when the suv they were in overturned in wayne county saturday morning. tonight the school community will gather with friends and family to remember ryan lesher, seamus digney, and cullen keffer as they try to come to terms with the loss.
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>> the last 76 hours has been rough. >> three fine young men, student athletes, academically, they did out standing work. >> tonight's vigil will be held at council rock south at 7:30, grief counselors will be available at the school for any student who may need it. well, happening today, preliminary hearing is scheduled for 4:00 or five philadelphia educator charged in a alleged cheating scandal. tie ewing an elementary school principal, evelyn cortez, along with jennifer hughes, airy sloan, accused of giving students answers to standardized tests. rita waived her right to a hear. this prisoner accused of stabbing bensalem police officer due in court today. matthew miller attacked the officer during his work release program in june, then stole his carp. the officer was stabbed in the stomach but his bulletproof vest absorbed most of the blows. a judge will decided to if there is enough evidence to
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put miller on trial. developing right now, the us military takes aim at terrorists in some al y this is file video of the extremist group, affiliated when al died a the pentagon says its targeted the militants with air strike and we could learn more about the bombing today. that comes a day after the terrorists unsuccessfully tried to pull off a prison break. >> president obama heads to europe this afternoon to meet with nato allies, threats from isis and iraq and syria along with pro russian rebels in ukraine will dominate the talks. the president will meet with troops serving in usual. ukee? >> well, a special moment in the phillies tough season phils pitchers cole hamels, jake deet man, kenny giles, pap he will bomb, tossed the 11th combined no hit nerve baseball history. when an outing by phils pitchers, i'm telling you, comb hal else struck out seven no six innings on steamy hot day in hot hand did a. jay followed, ken struck out the side in the
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eighth jonathan papelbon would ends up slamming the door. they win it seven-nothing, first combined no hit nerve phillies history. >> you know, hand over to those guys, i had all the fate in the worlds. >> no idea until i ran out and looked at the scoreboard. just get those three outs and get us back in the dugout. we just do, we try to do every night, go out, there preserve wins for starters. >> nicely done, gentlemen. and lost in the hoopla, a five run batted in game by phillies center fields err ben revere. cole hamels says the phils will give the game ball to team president david montgomery who is battling cancer? 5:09. bear with bucket caught on his head roaming around a pennsylvania neighborhood. see the dramatic rescue to save this animal. also, talk about a rude awakening, people are stunned to see their cars damaged by vandals, imagine waking to up. that will now they are not the only ones target in the this neighborhood. plus: how but that, cars
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bombarded by hail, mother nature pound the midwest by storms. now seeing some of the worse damage left behind. katy? >> and the very same system, erika, actually rumbling through portions of the midwest as we speak. you can see right over my should i am. we will talk about how it pertains to our forecast, are we also looking at a severe weather threat. i'll have that answer on the other side.
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>> it was anything but a quiet labor day in the midwest. take a look, this poor through route part of can as, and in michigan, wow, people spent the day cleaning up after trees smashed into homes. the cbs news correspondent susan macinnis reports those storms are headed our way. >> a tornado touched down in
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kansas, as damaging storms swept across the midwest. golf ball size hail fell and wind set debris flying, disrupting labor day celebrations. shelby ville michigan man recovering after he and his wife were trapped in their home after a tree crashed onto it. neighbors rescued them. >> i ran out the door, and hollered down there, and i saw her climbing through the wreckage. and coy hear him yelling for help. >> in southwest iowa, dozens evacuated after levee on the boyer river broke. >> all the stuff going in several garages all over the place, where we sleep tonight i don't know. i thank the lord i have flood insurance. >> the threat of severe weather now turns east. >> storms will continue to move eastward out of the midwest toward the ohio valley, and eventually into the northeast, up-state new york under the gun, as well as much of central and western pennsylvania. >> the main threat now, damaging winds, large hail, flooding, and possible tornados. susan macinnis, cbs-3, "eyewitness news".
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gist a mess out in the midwest. >> this is the very same system seeing the damage left behind from. this will actually be the combination of the front that crosses through our ', waist good, though, by the time it gets here, i think the sun is basically down. you would want that solar heat to go get the instability going. so that's part of what is going to save us from the worse of this. but let's break everything down, we go outside. >> brick it down, kate. >> i yep, break it on towel down, show you what's happening. these storms are nays, mean business, louisville, cincinnati, about ready to get slammed with these storms. by the time it reaches us, it looks like it will have a chance to maybe fizzle little bit. so at the moment still sitting in the clear, it is very steamy outside. that's part of why some of this rain is so heavy, because there is so much moisture to work with. by the time it reaches us it, doesn't appear as though this will be a major severe weather threat. that will said, right on the outskirts of where that severe weather threat is here today, in fact, it extends anywhere
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from kentucky straight up into up-state new york, we are right on the outer most edge. and we have seen it all too often where these little cells survive past this slight risk zone, we could potentially see. that will it is a possibility, definitely not guarantee, but something i want to make you aware of. if you hear thunder, stay inside, but i don't think until the very earliest the afternoon we start to see anything firing up even close to us. meanwhile the next couple every days, medium to high levels of your pollen, main issues still ragweed, chenopods and grasses, so you get a pass for mowing the lawn. the next couple of days it stays warmment check it out. we have the colds front crossing but whimpy 4 degrees gets shaved off for tomorrow's daytime high. the big difference that you will notice is that it doesn't feel as humid. that's really the big thing that's going to be different for us tomorrow. but the shun also shine for the entire day. it will continue to do so right through the end of the work week. victoria, over to you. >> thank you, katie. good morning, everyone, if you are headed out right now, it is pretty quiet.
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just going to be honest with you, it real i outside, take a look how you are doing on 95. right around the area of broad street and south philadelphia. after that amazing phillies game, that was kind of crazy, but as we take a look at 95, no delays in either direction. really look great northbound, southbound, northeast philadelphia, even far northeast philadelphia, headed into delaware county, delaware itself, really the roads are very, very quietment take look at 309. this is 309 right around the area of the pa turnpike, if you are making your way back from the poconos, this morning, heading now to work, no major delays at all on the northeast extension, lots of good news, again, great speed censors all over, no delays for regional rail, as well. we head back to the to the desk. >> torrey, thank you. breaking news in today's headlines, the rival casino on the atlantic city boards walk shuts its doors for good in less than an hour, the latest casino to close the showboat closed down over the weekend and also the trump last will close september 16th. police say 36 year old man was shot in the back about ten minutes before midnight last
5:17 am
night near 41st and lancaster in mantua. investigators say, neighborhood cameras could help them identify the gunman. >> and council rock south high school in bucks county opens today for the first time since three student were killed in a car crash in the poconos. the school will have grief counselors available and a vigil will take place tonight at the school. your time now 5:17. are you trying lose weight? three's on your side with the diet most likely to help you shed those pounds. >> plus, talk about a wedding to remember. but for all of the wrong reasons, this is the correct video here, the big night ends, early, when the groom gets hauled away in handicuffs. we'll tell
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>> the search on for the van as who damaged hands full of cars there is happened in the city's lawncrest section. neighbors tell "eyewitness news", that someone smashed the windshields on about ten cars, this is on the 5200 block of f street early yesterday morning.
5:20 am
one of the victims says this is not the first time her car has been targeted. >> i'm really frustrate. we work hard for what we have. you know? i work at social services, my husband is a contractor, so we buy on everything that we have, we buy ourselves. and we are frustrate that some people just come and just destroy our property. >> we're told about 20 cars also had acid thrown on them near that block on sunday night. police are not sure if the attacks are connected. >> montgomery county% nerve back behind bars this morning, after brief prison break. you're looking at police arresting yesterday afternoon. he was on the run for about two and a half hours after escaping from the montgomery county correctional facility in eagleville. convicted drug fell on, and supposed to go through a program to prepare him for his release. now he's possibly looking at more jail time.
5:21 am
>> this groom spent his wedding night in jail. police say he harrass add female service and fight broke out when her boyfriends pick her up. at the end of the night, three people were taken into custody including the groom and the groom's brother. >> not good when officers show up at your wedding. >> not good. >> 5:21, eating health is he not always easy. but guess this, you can train your brain to crave healthier foods. we'll show you how to do it coming up. >> also, major invasion of privacy. hackers publish make pictures of some of hollywood's biggest stars, the best way to protect your personal information. we'll be b
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casino every funny, both saying september but feeling like summer snow. >> how about. that will talk about the
5:24 am
irony, we kick off meteorological fall yesterdayment all the sudden we heat up. feels like the dog days of summer, it is what mother nature sometimes tends to do. it does look like this week overall will be the hottest we see since mid-july probably. storm scan3, right now, quiet. but the last two hours, quick lil rounds of showers, thunderstorms, rumble through new castle county, long gone. so we wake to up sunshine out, there outside whitfield elementary school, currently very mild, very muggy but not terribly breezy. so nothing really to help cool you down in the way after nice light breeze. seventy-seven still at philadelphia international. we haven't veered much in the last few hours, we will as a result heat up easily today, drop another agree or two before the sun comes up, still starting off real warm, which means, we easily get you to the low 90s in philly today. 92 degrees our expected high in the city. by tomorrow, once our cold front crosses cents, temperatures do get held back, a little bit, but still hot. upper 80s, both wednesday, thursday, meanwhile later today with the front, there will be some scattered showers, and storms to track.
5:25 am
victoria, over to you. >> thanks, kate l. i feel we're sort of just waiting for the rush to common in. it is 5:35, 25? twenty-five, thank you shall everybody. outside, see how you are doing at this time. we take a look at the schuylkill expressway, no major problems in either direction, the trends. as we take a look at our wide speed censors look great, back to work, back to school after the holiday weekend. no major problems anywhere. do you want to be mindful around the parkway, still dealing with clean up in the made of in america festival. martin luther king drive, kelly drive, be mindful of the closures. last accident, in reading, 422, near old swede road. so be mindful of. that will also, traffic lights are on flash, the roosevelt boulevard at holme avenue. definitely want to proceed this area with caution. ukee? >> thanks, torrey, in sport the phillies play the braves tonight in atlanta the phils will have tough time you might say topping yesterday's history making labor day pore form ands. phillies pitchers cole hamels,
5:26 am
jake teak man, kenny giles, jonathan papelbon, first ever combined no-hitter, the 11th in major league baseball history. pitching overshadowed 5rbi game for ben revere, who is third in the national league in hitting. phils win it, shut them out, seven to nothing. >> the eagles set to go over the game plan today, they continue preparations for their season open they are sunday, the jaguires are in town. the eagles week one match up with jacksonville is right here on cbs-3. eagles, ya, baby, i'm so ready. kick off 1:00 p.m. erika, over to you. >> thanks, ukee, coming up in the next half half hour of "eyewitness news", for second time this week, atlantic city casino gets ready to shut its doors for good. jan? >> the final countdown is on here at revel in atlantic city. the security just putting up chains on the board walken trans. i'm jan carabeo, the latest coming up.
5:27 am
plus, a controversial name change. the vote hang tonight to rename a local building. and, victoria and katie return, they've got your traffic and weather together on the 3's, looking live outside center city feeling kind of stick you out there. we'll be right
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litz roo on, almost no one home, looking right now video from the casino floor at revel where we're just minutes away from closing time. the much hyped casino getting ready to shut its doors for the final time this morning. >> we are live at the casino for that final, and also we'll let you agree to do if you are still holding onto some of the un cashed chips. >> good morning, everyone, you have to see there is the ultrasound going viral. after pennsylvania couple posts the picture on line. why, baby, already earned the nickname as you might imagine see the thumbs-up? ponsy. >> i think i figure it out
5:30 am
there. >> mystery solved. >> first though let's check traffic and weather together. katie and torrey in the house. >> that's awesome. good morning, everybody, well, if this is your big day back to school or your big day back to work after nice long weekends, looks right now like it will feel very summary outside. so, perhaps you can still clock a little bit of pool time later today. but it is hot. it will be steamy. also going to be tracking some more wet weather, so lots it discuss, we will de that in the next few, victoria? >> thank you, air feeling traffic will heat up a lot this morning, coming offer the holiday weekends, and then definitely with that morning rush, with school now in session. i can't even believe it. we take you outside quickly, here is a look at the parkway made in nerve still yapping up. we'll have all of the details coming up in a little bit. let's head back over to ukee and erika. >> revel casino with minutes away from saying good-bye after only two years on the atlantic city boards walk. >> $2 billion resort opened with high hopes of revitalizing the shore