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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 2, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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saying please don't let me die. >> reporter: boy was rushed to children's hospital of philadelphia with a grazed wound to his head, eyewitnesses say gunshots erupted with no warning, right here at the intersection of torresdale avenue and k theare in streets. detectives are trying to piece together what led up to the shooting as they try to track down the suspect or suspects. >> we hear pow, pow and seen little kid running across the street, screaming. they say he is shot, he is shot. >> reporter: detectives right now are reviewing some surveillance camera in the area to see if perhaps any of them recorded a suspect or suspects. as for that nine year-old boy he was rushed to chop, i'm being told, he was alert and conscious and talking and indications are, that he should be, okay. reporting live tonight from tacony todd quinones cbs-3 "eyewitness news". islamic militants released , and beheading of
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american journalist steven, s is otloff, they are trying to confirm the authenticity of that video. isis threatened to kill him in the video released last month that showed beheading of james foley. s otloff's death comes days after his mother released a video, pleading for his release. cbs-3 is closely following details and get very latest on "cbs evening news" at 6:30, immediately following this newscast. criminal charges, could be filed in the car crash that killed, three bucks county, students in the poconos as investigators revealed today that a 15 year-old girl was behind the wheel. steve paterson is live at council rock high school south, with more, steve? >> reporter: chris, it is new information, it is disturbing information, and those investigators saying that in a car carrying six juveniles at the helm, a 15 year-old girl from a place where it is not even legal for her to have a learners permit.
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today, children here, continue to mourn as investigators continue to dig. >> i was very upset when it happens, i was shock like everyone else. >> reporter: students react to go what is, without a doubt, heart breaking in a new twist, also, investigating, with now criminal implications, tuesday, wayne county district attorney jeanin edwards with the bomb shell, driver of the suv that crashed killing three bucks county teenagers, a 15 year-old girl, from new york, the statement released, this afternoon says 2001 suburban was owned by the girl's father who also owned a home at a development in paupack township. early saturday morning that driver and her 16 year-old friend, also a female, near west chester, new york pick up the four council rock south teenagers near her father's home and drove to eat breakfast. around 11:30 the suv flips multiple times, after a witness says it took a curve
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too fast. three of the four boys ryan lesher, shamus digney and cullen keffer were killed. a fourth boy, also a council rock student was injured. >> just in a lot of shock, really, saddened. >> reporter: tuesday students continued to react the on the first day of school for council rock south freshman and last day, before sum iser break officially ends. these kids were close to a lot of people and everyone is very upset because they were liked and very popular at the school. >> reporter: now on the same week school starts, three memorials, as the investigation, continues. and we're getting new information, from from council rock and administrators there. they are saying as we speak right now there are counselors back inside of this school from 5:00 to 7:00 they will be there talking to students and parents and then at 7:30 a candle light vigil here for the students. again as this investigation continues, and one that may bring criminal charges. we are live tonight in who will an bucks county, i'm
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steve paterson, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new at 6:00, tonight, three people are hospitalized after a car crash at corner obviate and wyoming avenue this afternoon. police say that two vehicles collided this but they can't say exactly why, there is in word yet on the victim's conditions. wow, a very hot and humid day across the the area meteorologist, kathy orr is live on the skies tech where we are tracking some storms tonight, kathy. >> yes, heat and hood midty is firing up, activity to our west, and we are going to be seeing some of those showers and storms, make their way, our way, we're talking about temperatures still in the 90's, across a good part of the area with a lot of sun to go, late this afternoon. the high temperature, in philadelphia, did make it, to 90 degrees. that is 10 degrees above the the normal for this time of the year. normal being 83. right now in philadelphia, 91 in dover.
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eighty-nine in wilmington. even millville and atlantic city feeling like it is much warmer when you add on the humidity. earlier today the heat index was around a hundred in dover. right now 98. it feels like 97 in philadelphia when you add that humidity. on storm scan three you can see some showers and thunderstorms to the west popping up, making their way eastward. we have a few cells, they are not severe but we have heavy downpours and reading berks county and points to the north and west. the this is moving toward north east at two is one to 25 miles an hour, and at this speed it will be near exiter at 6:05. upper macungie at 6:47. and allentown at 7:03. we are looking at the scattered showers and thunderstorms throughout the evening. coming up we will time those storms and talk about how long the heat will linger and a cool change, that will bring things back into perspective and to reality. in that seven day forecast. i will have more when i join you inside later in the broadcast. >> kathy, thanks.
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cbs-3 i team exclusive reveals neighbors living near a montgomery county prison never got an alert about a prisoner who escaped yesterday. tonight iteam reporter walt hunter got answers from officials about what happened snow is live from norristown, walt. >> reporter: you may recall those old prison movies where escape was announced with sirens and flashing lights, not so here in montgomery county yesterday. in response to iteam inquiries, officials confirmed neighbors were never told, about the escape of the prisoner from montgomery county prison. neighbors want to know why, iteam got answers. >> reporter: ra him henderson found himself back in handcuffs two hours after escaping montgomery county prison but neighbors who lived just down the street are asking why they were never warned he was on the loose. >> actually we didn't know anything. we were trying to find updates on my phone and there was really nothing out there. >> reporter: police cars and armed officers flooded streets filled with children.
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neighbors say they were never told what was going honor what they should do. >> he was what, a hundred yards somewhere from here. our kids are playing ball. i think we should have been alerted. >> reporter: montgomery county officials confirmed no warnings about the person escaped were event to neighbors. county's community alert system did not release any e-mail, phone or text advisories throughout the the two hour manhunt, which ended only a few hundred yard from where worried neighbors wait todd learn what was happening. >> i would love to know. i think we should know. we should know. >> if i was having a cook out and i saw a police run through the yard or down the street i would be concerned as well. >> reporter: montgomery county officials say that they understand neighbor's concerns, and they are exploring the use of their alert system, for any future prison escape. >> this is one of the things we will be looking at and not having an escape in over 20 years, it is time to look at it. >> montgomery county officials say that although it is their
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web site, actually issuing the alert is up to, local officials, as of now montgomery county officials say they don't know or they are not releasing just how the prisoner, is able to escape. live, i'm walt hunt er, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". atlantic city's bankrupt revel casino, folded its hand today. revel closed its doors at 6:00 o'clock this morning leaving thousands of people out of work, in revel's two years, in atlantic it i it never turn a profit and twice filed for bankruptcy. this is third casino to close this year, another, trump plaza is scheduled to shut down on september 16th. as atlantic city grabbles with gaming issues the miss america pageant is coming to town and as "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan shows us some are hoping the competition could take peoples mind off the it i's woes. >> reporter: some see a role model for little girls this year miss america may help to inspire region down on its luck but contestant arrive in
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atlantic city, is the eye zapped. >> i'm still excited, i like it. >> afterthought now. boardwalk is not the same. >> reporter: this years miss america pageant happens within weeks of three contact even owes closing and thousands of employees losing their jobs. atlantic city tourism officials welcomed positive attention, rather than talk of the cities demise. >> it is particularly important because most people associate the closure of the buildings with an asses. that atlantic it i is not busy, you know, they are thinking these buildings are closing because at tracks is not drawing visitors. the reality is they are drawing visitors but they are in the spending money on gaming. >> reporter: officials estimate last year miss america events pull popped to 40 million-dollar in the local economy. this year looking to build on that success but simultaneously the unemployment rate could hit 20 percent is. >> real problem is in the near future where things are bleak. >> reporter: state senator jim whale even who was previously mayor, said drumming up more tourist i am is good but long term there needs to be r in
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technology, medicine and education. >> there is no one cure all whether it is miss america or stack ton or anything else. we need pieces to come together to get this thing going in the the right direction again. >> reporter: officials with trump plaza confirmed they will close two days after the miss america pageant. as a result when people come here to boardwalk hall they won't go past an empty casino. the arrival money is here on wednesday afternoon. in atlantic city, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new information about vandalism at a sports complex at middletown ship high school in cape may county. police say that five boys and four girls are responsible for spray painting racial slurs and hate messages, eight of the vandals are juveniles, one is 18 years old, police say they were able to identify, through surveillance video. most vandals attend lower township high school and a rival will school. cayuga elementary school principal evelyn cortez, ordered held for trial, jennifer hughes, lorraine rinse evente and ari sloan. authorities a philadelphia
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educators gave students answers to standardized tests, teacher rita wasinsky waved her right to a priest limb nature i hearing today. philadelphia teachers went back to cool today for a week of professional development, we caught up with some at fox chase elementary school on rhawn street. they sounded off there about budget cuts, they say they are hurting the district. right now the teachers union is holding a meeting at girls high school on olney street, union officials say they are addressing the funding issues and updating members on contract negotiations with the city. a surprising new study about an increasingly popular breast cancer treatment, still to come, on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 a local doctor on whether double mastectomies are the answer to preventive cancer treatment. also ahead, would you be ready if disaster struck? we will tell you how mayor nutter and other city officials are making sure philadelphians have a plan. >> kathy? we are tracking some sum iser time storms, on storm scan three, this line moving
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east at 45 miles an hour, that could fit, close to philadelphia, we will track those storms coming up and have seven day forecast, beasley. phillies back in atlanta tonight with the bull pen, that has been red hot and game two with the braves, plus five more days until the start of the eagles, regular season, some good news, concerning running back is interested in toy i'll take a closer look in
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today is national preparedness day, philadelphia's city officials, reminded residents to make sure that they've mergecy plans. mayor michael nutter says a team of surveys shows only 50 percent of americans have supplies ready to go in case of an emergency. >> your ability to respond smartly to a disaster is related to your preparedness, prior to that disaster: planning new before an emergency strikes will lesson the impact of any emergency on you or your family. >> the the philadelphia office of emergency management will provide 20 family preparedness work hospitals for city employees, throughout the month of president. well on the healthwatch tonight we will take a look at women getting potentially unnecessarily surgery hoping to guard against breast cancer. this is happening more and
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more right new but it is not necessarily saving lives. >> three on your side health reporter stephanie stahl has more on what this new research found. >> reporter: early stage breast cancer can be treated conservatively with a lump removal but growing number of women are choosing a more aggressive option, removing healthy tissue, double mastectomy, according to the new research they are up 14 percent. >> there is a definite fear of recurrence of breast cancer, there is a fear of death in breast cancer. owe patients sometimes feel by undergoing a mastectomy they will decrease those chances. >> reporter: doctor carla fischer a breast surgeon at penn medicine says decision to have double mastectomy as opposed to breast conserving surgery does not reduce death rates. that is confirmed in a sweeping new study. >> more isn't better in terms of saving a life. >> absolutely not. absolutely not. surgery is one very important component of breast cancer treatment but there are lots of other therapist that are just as good if not better. >> reporter: those other treatments can include
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radiation, new research covered 189,000 patients, after ten years, death rates were similar. between women having both breasts removed and those having lump removed. research did not address specifically like movie star angelina jolie who had both breasts removed. doctors say for patients like her with a family history double mastectomies could be life saving. >> people with the predisposition are different. we know there can be some benefit for those patients. >> reporter: now doctor fischer also says that some woman choose to have a double mastectomy because reconstruction can look more symmetrical but that comes with an increased risk of infection and other complications. this study shore to ignite lots of conversation. it was printed in the. we have reached the unofficial life of umer and, it was sweltering out there. >> this is one of of the
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hottest stretches of the entire sum is iser and we are talking about september is is, back to school, some schools don't even have air conditioning, we are not used to this. this is more like houston, orlando, you know, we want to get back to normal around here and get those sweaters back out for fat ball season. temperatures will stay hot. there is release, however in the seven day forecast. the lets look outside where if we booked a trip down the shore this week we have picked probably one of the best weeks of the summer. we are looking live, down the shore in atlantic city, steel pier, camera shaking a bit with breezy conditions down the the shore, and our live neighborhood network takes to us beach patrol headquarters, not so busy this week. with everyone back to school, or getting school supplies for that imminent return. we have an air quality alert, until midnight through the state of new jersey, including the shore for that low level ozone, that is dangerously close to unhealthy or for sensitive groups. keep an eye on that. make sure you don't exert yourself suffering from asthma because it will be a tough go
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with the heat and humidity and bad or poor air quality. right now still quite warm across the region, philadelphia 91. ninety-one in dover. reading 86. allentown 88. even down the the shore we are looking at temperatures still warm in the 80's. ocean water temperature at 78 degrees. warmest of the season. on storm scan three we are watching some showers and thunderstorms, best dynamics for a stronger storm up through north central, pennsylvania, we have a line that is progressing eastward and this one showing some rotation, thunderstorm that is, down in parts of the york county. this line is moving east at 45 miles an hour, these are really booking and at this speed storms moving through lancaster by 6:35. newark delaware by 7:08. they will be in a weak form. i anticipate lightening and heavy rains associated with those. we are watching the cold front that is producing these showers and storms inching east and during the day tomorrow in the wake of this we will see less humid conditions but temperatures still in the 80's. high pressure builds in for
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thursday and friday, but it is still quite warm with highs in the 80's and that increase in heat and humidity will build by friday afternoon we are back in the 90's and this will be the heat buster, a cold front that moves through late saturday into sunday and then, we will get back to normal, it will be cooler then average for a change. future weather shows this evening, watching those showers and thunderstorms pop up with the stronger storm to the north of the poconos into new york but still some spotty showers and thunderstorms right through late night hour. not everyone will see them but if you do see one, you will hear that rumble of thunder or have a downpour near you. tonight that scattered showers and storms will continue in the overnight, local downpours, gusty wind and frequent lightening in the thunderstorms. the late tonight we will get down to 72. it will be warm, muggy, during day tomorrow, less humid, sunshine high of 88. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast, look for temperatures that will continue to rise, after wednesday and thursday peak of the heat will be friday and then seeing more storms moving
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through saturday, look at sunday, monday and tuesday highs in the upper 70's, and 80 degrees. more like shore temperatures, feeling a little bit more like fall. >> looks nice. >> get through next few days. >> kate, thanks. >> we wi
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soups so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soups. well, kyle kendrick takes mound for phillies looking to clinch the series in atlanta tonight. team coming off that big no hitter, in game one, yesterday, cole hamels threw a lot and threw them early, 80 pitches in six innings but got job done with seven strike outs and five walks from there jake diekman and ken giles and jonathan papelbon would close it out for win at seven to zero. it was history. to the novacare complex eagles third string running back chris pol being return to practice today. good news with only five days left until the regular season,
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for some fans, there was concern coming into the season with only three backs on the roster. head coach chip kelly isn't worried. >> we always kept three running backs. but, we only had 46 guys that can go, if you over stock at one position then you will be under stocked at another position good eagles season opener set at the link this sunday. catch all of the action right here on cbs-3 beginning at 1:00 o'clock. friday football frenzy returns this friday night, and we need your help to determine the game of the week, down load our audio road show app and click on friday football frenzy, spot poll tho vote and this week the choices are conestoga at ridley, west catholic at north penn or abington at plymouth white marsh. we will have the results thursday, i'll be live there, on friday night. this year temple fat ball program is paying special tribute to one of their own, players will be wearing, loose stickers on their helmets in
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw philly we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. charlie rosies up next tonight in for scott pelley.
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>> rose: tonight, terrorists behead another american. isis maixes good on the threat to execute journalist steven sotloff. bob orr has details, major garrett the u.s. reaction. how did hackers get ahold the photos celebrities stored in private internet accounts. what apple is saying about the stars and the cloud. don dahler on powerful storms hitting the midwest with tornadoes, lightning, heavy rain, and flooding. and look out, broadway, jeff pegues with the next generation of theater critics. >> it's extraordinary, great, powerful, life-changing show. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose.