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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 2, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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"eyewitness news" has an eye on the storm. you are looking at route 70 in cherry hill, camden county. the eastbound lanes at brace road are just now reopening. some strong thunderstorms brought tree down across that road earlier tonight. >> those storms came in hard and fast. "eyewitness news" cameras in old city tonight where a lot of people got drenched by the fierce wind and rain. >> and check out the scene from center city just one of many places tonight where lightning lit up the night sky. these storms were loud and they were powerful. good evening, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. let's get right to meteorologist kathy orr she's been tracking these storms all night in the weather center. >> we are still seeing the showers and thunderstorms rumble across part of the area and now focused mainly through south jersey. take look at storm scan3. we are looking at some heavy downpours with these. they have a history of gusty winds, frequent lightning and very heavy rain. one batch of rain moving right along the shore points right now a place where we haven't seen a lot of rain tonight but now we're getting it and you can see
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through little egg harbor township, brigantine, all the way down toward cape may some frequent lightning and when you isolate this you're looking at a lot of lightning about 100 strikes and even one of these cells. another line of storms moving from wilmington eastward right through south jersey to north of piles grove continuing toward glassboro and this is slowly moving toward the north and the east. another cell in south jersey focused right here with over 111 lightning strikes and that cell alone richard hall sent in this picture of a severe cell moving across wilmington earlier this evening just one picture from our eyewitness cam. rain amounts between a quarter of an inch to half an inch in some of these cells. some locally higher amounts as well. we will continue to track these storms with scattered showers and a few thunderstorms overnight. heavy downpours gusty winds and frequent lightning. coming up we'll talk about what comes in the wake of these storms a big change in our weather. for now chris we'll zen it back to you. >> see in you a minute, kathy. thank you. >> developing news to night
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philadelphia police are searching for suspects in the shooting of a nine year old boy. he is expected to be okay after a bullet hit him in the head. the shots were fired on nor street in at a kenny. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones has new information from northeast detectives. >> reporter: the nine year old boy was leaving the library with his family in tacony when suddenly he was shot in the head. >> this city is crazy like, i meaning when little innocent child can't cross the street or play outside, he gets shot in the head, just mindin minding hs business. >> reporter: eyewitnesses describe hearing two gunshots as think mom seen here was walking with her four year old child and her nine year olson. >> she was putting her four year old in the car. when shots rang out. on the corner. >> one bullet grazed the top of the nine year old's head. astonished eyewitnesses rush to the boys aid. he was bleeding and crying. his panicked mom yelling for help. >> the last words he said to me before ems came was "sir, please
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don't let me die. "i told him baby boy you're going to make it. >> it was around 3:20 tuesday afternoon police believe the shooter was aiming for another group of men who were behind the nine year old. >> it's absolutely insanity. there's total disregard for human life. >> the boy was rushed to saint christopher's hospital for children with a graze wound to the top of his head. eyewitnesses say the gunshots erupted with no warning. right here at the intersection of torresdale avenue and nor streestreets. detectives are trying to piece together what led up to the shooting as they try to track down the suspect. >> while we were in the store we heard pow pow. we came out and seen the little kid running across the street and he was screaming. next thing we know he's shot. >> fortunately that nine year old boy will be just fine. he was treated and released from the hospital. and is now recovering at home. reporting from northeast detectives, todd quinones cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> charges now pending tonight against a 15 year old girl who police say crashed an suv
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killing three bucks county students. this latest development comes as friends gathered to night to remember those victims. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco was at council rock high school south where a community is in mourning. >> reporter: in the morning a moment of silence will be held here at the start of school. but tonight was about remembering the lives of three teenagers who will never see the start of their sophomore year. on the eve of the new school year, a steady stream of paren parents, students of all ages and phacolite walk to the high school gym. more than 2,000 community members gathered to remember three council rock south sophomores. >> smiles on their faces and they were great kids to be around. >> our kids about to go something we don't even know how to manage three services and in three days. >> three teen rager 15 year old lesher, keffer, and digney were killed over the weekend. the suv they were passengers in overturned rolling several tim
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times. ryan had brought three friends to his parents poconos house for the weekend. >> just plaque with them a week ago at the civic center. just laughing and having good time talking about soccer. >> i mon all three of the boys they're great kids. smart in school. all very athletic. >> reporter: police now say a 15 year old unlicensed girl from west chester, new york was at the wheel. she and a friend picked the boys up and her father's suburban without permission. and drove off to have breakfast on saturday. on the way back, witnesses say they saw the suv speeding by moments before the wreck. the district attorney is still considering charges while an entire school community mourns three outstanding high school athletes. who had bright futures and their entire lives ahead of them. >> oy mean it's rough. i don't wept to believe it. >> reporter: two teenaged girls an fourth friend did survive the crash. the district attorney says when charges are filed, that 15 year old driver will be charged as a
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juvenile. >> outside council rock high school south in holland, i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> also tonight, we are following the very latest in the fight against the terrorist group isis and this new video purchase poured the group sewing the beheading of steven sotloff that is the second barbaric murder of an american journalist in recent weeks as it ratchets up its war again the west. the video titled a second message to america is horrific. it shows sotloff on his knees clad in orange prison garb on what appears to be endless desert plane. his purporte purported he can te looms nearby with a knife in hand. the masked pants taunts the united states and says sotloff' death is retaliation for air strikes on isis fighters. >> i'm back obama and i'm
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back -- >> the taipei managed two week after isis be headed another american journalist james foley. and shortly after sotloff's mother bleed pleaded for her mother's safe return. >> as a mother i ask for justice to be merciful and not punish my son for matters he has no control over. >> the family knows of this horrific tragedy it said and is grieving privately. >> president obama was told of sotloff' excution but said nothing about it public particularly he left washington for a nato submit oversees. the state department is working to verify the authenticity of the tape. >> if the video is genuine, we are sickened by this brutal act taking the life of another innocent american citizen. >> as political pressure builds on the president to act, the clock is ticking. isis claims to hold yet another western hostage british citizen david hawthorn haines and they say his life depends on the next move made by the british and american governments. >> back off and leave our people
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alone. >> and tell jones officials tell cbs news they believe sotloff was killed within the past few days. they also suspect a man on tape that the same isis fighter who be heed headed james foley. the president did approve sending hundreds of additional troops to iraq to combat isis. >> willingboro's town council reverse course on row naming a well-known building after president obama. the crowd tonight's council meeting voiced opposition to renaming the john f. kennedy school to president obama. >> i am an alumni of john f. kennedy high school. there's a lot of history here in willingboro. it pertains to john kennedy he visited this great city. we have the john f. kennedy center. we have ken dye way. i was not for changing the name. >> that center is currently
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under going a renovation. also new at 11:00, police are investigating a gold theft in west philadelphia. own are in of a vehicle parked on 52 and street near market street said a bag of gold jewelry was taken. no word on the value of that jewelry. but anyone with information should call police. >> the cbs-3 i team getting answers for montgomery county residents living near a prison who say they never received any alert about an escaped prisoner. this is video of convicted drug felon rah hobby hanker son being taken back into custody yesterday. he allegedly broke out of the montgomery county correct al facility in eagleville and was on the loose for a few hours. neighbors who live nearby enjoying labor day want to know why they were never warn. >> we didn't know anything. so we were trying to find updates on my phone, and there was really nothing out there. >> i was having a cook out and i saw a policeman run through the yard or down the street.
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i'd be concerned as well. >> county officials say they're reviewing their policies on prison escapes and the use of the county's community alert system. it's designed to send out phone, e-mail and tech advisories but it was not used yesterday. right now, police are searching for a rape suspect in wilmington. detectives say the mandi picked in that sketch assaulted a 29 year old woman in al bin park last wednesday. the suspect water driving an older model silver sedan with temporary delaware license tag. >> develop to go night, if you shopped at home depot recently, keep a close eye on your credit and debit card statements. a big batch of financial information believed to be from home depot was found for sale on website freaked biden at the thieves. experts believe this breach began in the spring and it could be much bigger than the security lapses at pf hangs and target. >> atlantic city's bankrupt revel casino fold its hand
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today. revel closed its doors for good at 6:00 this morning, and thousands of people are now out of work. revels two year history the never turned a profit and filed for bankruptcy twice. it's the third casino to close this year. another casino trump plaza is scheduled to shut down september 16th. >> philadelphia schools are set to reopen next week. tonight, teachers sounded off about budget cuts had they say are hurting that district. the teachers union held a meeting at girls high school on olney avenue tonight. where union officials addressed the funding issues and updated members on contract negotiates with the city. >> we are willing to sit at the table and to hammer out an agreement, but it has to be an agreement thats going to be fair to the students and fair to the staff. >> the district is facing an $81 million deficit this year. they have warned of massive layoffs unless state lawmakers approve a 2-dollar per pack on cigarettes. new tonight, fists fly at a
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pennsylvania wedding. coming up, why the groom spent his wedding night in the back of a police car. >> also, there are new questions about an increasingly popular breast cancer treatment. three on your side with whether it actually boosts survival rates. >> kathy. >> still tracking scattered showers and thunderstorms in the wake of this we kill the humidity but the heat will linger. i'll show you how long that will stick around coming up. >> and a bear with his own bucket challenge. his head stuck for more than a month. how some daring rescuers helped him out.
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in island tonight scientists are warning the locals they may be dealing with an erupting volcanoes. a series of earthquakes create add glacier allowing streams of lava to seep through. heavy clouds of smoke can be seen pouring out of the volcano early today. >> mid air scare is caught and camera. this is an a lee just a minute airlines flight passengers had to put on oxygen masks after the plane lost cabin pressure. it was en route from grand
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rapids michigan to or license dough at the time. they did manage to make a safe emergency landing in greenville, south carolina. no one was hurt. >> pittsburgh groom is in trouble with police and probably even bigger trouble with his bride after he was arrested at his own reception. police say the groom harassed a pregnant waitress over the weekend and when her boyfriend showed up, the fight was on. three people were arrested including the groom and his brother who's a pennsylvania state trooper. >> he ignored various commands from police to stay back. he ends up getting arrested, too f you're given an order from police officers the best thing to do is to obey it. otherwise you'll end up at al gain 93 county jail. >> the bride watched this all from the sidewalk. the three men are now facing charges of aggravated assault and resisting arrest. >> justin beiber has been arrested on assault and dangerous driving charges near stratford, ontario on friday.
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police say that beiber was on atv that collided with a mini van. and after the collision, there was some kind of altercation. beiber's attorney says that the singer was being chased by photographers when it all happened. >> apple says that its system was never compromised in the leak of hundreds of racey pictures that were stolen from celebrities. images of stars like jennifer lawrence and the model kate upton hit the internet over the weekend. some of those pictures were apparently swiped from apple's i cloud accounts. the company says that hackers acquired log in information for victims throughout side means. the fbi is on the case. >> tonight on the health watch, new research suggests double mass tech tomorrows do not decrease the breast rate -- death rate for breast cancer. >> surgery is one very important
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component of breast cancer treatment. but there are lots of other therapists that are just as good if not better. >> now the research did not specifically address women who have a family history of breast cancer. doctors say for them double mass tech tomorrows can be life saving. >> it was one of those hot steamy days that you just new could end in storms and kathy that's exactly what happened. >> absolutely. we had a few severe thunderstorms, but most of them just really set off by the heat and the humidity with some very heavy rain. and gust did he winds. we'll continue to see them rumble across south jersey and overnight tonight break in the humidity. but not a big break in the heat. not for while. take look outside where it was a steamy afternoon. but as the day progress, the clouds rolled in and then the storms. time lapse video outside our center city studios. you can see the rain, the lightning we captured it all but right now quiting down with clearing skies in center city
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live skycam3 temperatures that have cooled through the 70s and they will continue to fall overnight tonight. but it is apple's sap evening. looking at scattered showers and thunderstorm. the bulk of them moving offsho offshore. rei flaring up through southern parts of new jersey i'll take a zoom in you can see through gloucester counsel too, cutting right down towards winslow along the atlantic city expressway and this was moving toward the northeast but it seems to be expanding eastward as well. so additional showers and thunderstorms before this comes to an end. when we look at our live neighbor network you can see how temperatures have cooled significantly. right now in hammonton still raining at 69. over half an inch of rain nearly half an inch in penns grove. kennett square a third of an inch and the same in new castle at saint peter's school we did have severe thunderstorm rumble through earlier this evening. temperatures for the most part rain cooled with the exception of wildwood. in the poconos already down to
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69 degrees. this front is settering off the showers and storms. behind it it is not cool or cold but it is noticeably less humid. high temperatures will be in the upper 80s for wednesday and for thursday. as high pressure slides off the coast. and then we're waiting for our neck front when that moves a little bit closer on friday it will pull up the heat and humidity. temperatures back in the 90s for friday again. some of the hottest weather we've seen the entire summer season. but and that we will see an end of this heat. it's not going to come until sunday. the jet stream finally takes a dip and the cool air hanging out in the great lakes and in canada will finally move in and temperatures dip below average. so for the overnight, any scattered showers or thunderstorms will be ending. temperatures will fall and we're going to be seeing temperatures mainly in the upper 60s lower 70s. the humidity will break on wednesday. with a temperature of 88 degre 88 degrees. so still hot. and on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast, looking at high of 88 thursday.
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none on friday. and then saturday, the last day of the heat with a another front that will bust the heat. 78 for sunday and monday. 80 degrees for tuesday. the average high happens to be 83. not feeling like football weather. not yet. >> but we're getting close. >> check this out. the philadelphia skyline is turning green as the city grows with anticipation for the start of the eagles season. tonight the boat houses along boat house row were lit up in green. the birds of course face the jacksonville jaguars at the linc sunday afternoon at 1:00 and here's what's great. you can see the game right here on cbs-3. >> all right. >> can't get here soon enough. we have baseball in the meanti meantime. >> i think that's new, though. >> the green. >> it does look good. five days till the regular season start. there is some concern about the depth chart. we'll talk about that and kyle kendrick on the pound as the phillies try to take game two against the braves in atlanta. i'll have the hig
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tom wolf. he'd be a different kind of governor. he served in the peace corps in india. and then got a phd from mit. and as a businessman he gives between 20 and 30 percent of his profits back to his employees. when he served as pennsylvania's secretary of revenue. he turned down the perks. and donated his government salary to charity he refused take a state car, he drove his old jeep instead. can't argue with that. tom wolf. he'd bring a fresh start to pennsylvania.
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>> first inn ago problem for kyle kendrick. so far this season era of 10 against batters in the first three outside. how did he do tonight. bases loaded, one out, but this time kendrick balanced his way out of trouble. ba tuck back strike outs to end the inning. he a loud three hits for the night keeping the braves scoreless through seven. phillies bats gave him some he help. rue wiz with nice swing in the
11:26 pm
top of the fifth sending it deep to left. solo homerun to put the phillies and top one to nothing. to the end franco getting called up from the minors today. first major league rbi to extent the league even more phillies take the win four to zero. >> the eagles back to novacare complexion getting ready for sunday's season opener against the jaguars. last real point of interest was the rupping back spot. chris polk practiced for the first time that weeks. now the defense is forced to make adjust manies after travis long tore his acl in thursday night' game. it could be more reps for ricky marcus -- rookie marcus smith. >> i'm in the sure if they'll be calling on me more or what's going to happen. i'll just go out there and try to prove myself every day. >> travis is a versatile player and he both inside and outside for us and special teams guy for
11:27 pm
us. >> another player to keep an eye the new kicker cody parkey. who are in the starter spot with 250 plus yard field goals last week. >> preseason was big for me. obviously there's a lot more on the line for us. we node to win every game we possibly can and i'm going to try to give us the best opportunity to do so. >> friday football frenzy returns this friday night we need your help to determine the game of the week. download you are audio road show app click on friday football frenzy spot poll to vote. this week your choices are conestoga at ridley, west catholic at north penn or abington at plymouth white marsh. we'll have the results on thursday and i'll be live on friday night wherever you tell me to go. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> september 5th is the stand up to caps ser tv event a live one hour fundraising special brought to you from the dolby theater in los angeles. you can see the stand up to cancer event right here on cbs-3. this friday at 8:00. you never know what celebrities might pop up on that. >> somebody great. black bear in pennsylvania has new lease on life thanks to the help of some kind humans. take look at the video that shows this male cub he was spotted back in june with this bucket on his head. he walked around like this nor a couple of months.
11:31 pm
well, these brave souls finally decided to do something about it. they tracked him down, they used a saw to actually remove the bucket from that little guy's head. i say little. big enough, right? and then they sent that black bear on his way. everyone doing just fine. we'll be right
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