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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  September 9, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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grab light jacket before you head out the door, bit of cool start to the day. let's check your trackin jessica and kate knit house. >> i feel like it is so much dependents upon where you are, ukee, some spots just barely out of the 70s right now, others are stuck into the mid 507's -- 50's, very location dependents forecast. some of you seeing some rain, some of you seeing nothing, we will break down the details you need to know coming up. jess? >> thank you, katie. ill 'd need my jacket here in just couple of minutes. 5:30, checking out the construction we've been looking at all morning. crews out on the scene just pick that up, get that out of the way, headed northbound 95 towards the airport. see everyone moving along nicely. we'll check out the rest of the majors coming up in just a couple every minutes. >> jess, thank you. still wait to go hear from ray rice after new video surfaced knocking out then fiancee, knocking her unconscious, in a atlantic city hotel elevator. >> this morning the running back is out after job, and possibly out of his football career. >> "eyewitness news" reporter
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jan carabeo, joins us to tell us more about it. >> good morning, ray rice, the fall-out for him, continues this morning. rice released from the ravens, suspended indefinately from the nfl. his jersey's have been pulled from store shelves, can't find those jerseys on line at officials sites either, us a ball -- all because after video that has surfaced now from an incident that actually happened back in february in atlantic city. nfl officials say they just hadn't seen this video until now. that's what has prompted their action. this is the video, from "tmz" sports, shows him getting into a con frayings with his then fiancee, the pair walked into elevator at revel hotel and casino in atlantic sit i am 1 inches side rice appears to shove palmer, moments later he hits her knocking her out with a punch to the face. as the video continues, rice seen dragging this woman from the elevator, and then shows no immediate signs of trying to get help. now, palmer married rice just weeks after this february incident. and at first the nfl only
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suspended rice for two games. but, after seeing this video, coach harbaugh says the ravens decided to release rice from his contract, nfl changed course, as well, suspending rice from the league indefinately. >> when someone that you care about does wrong, you know, and is faced with the consequences of doing wrong, and rightfully so, it is tough. it is hurtful. and in my opinion, for both of them as a couple, you know, in going forward, my hope is that they can make it work. >> now, the big question that remains this morning is who knew what and when. again, nfl officials say, they hadn't seen this video until just yesterday. "eyewitness news" has done some digging, we contacted reb toll see who has this video, person for the closed casino say police, prosecutors, rice's attorney all have copies. rice has not gotten any jail time. reporting live in the sat center, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". all right, january, thank you. seems like a lot of people are
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talking about this ray rice video including president obama. his press secretary released a statement saying, quote, the president is the father of two daughters and like any american he believes that domestic violence is contempt recall and unacceptable in a civilized society. hitting a woman is not something a real man does. philadelphia fire fight is her recovering after getting hurt battling a fire in the city's fox chase section. from chopper three, see the charred spots on the home on the 900 block of griffith street. we're told firefighter was taken to the hospital with possible smoke inhalation. investigators are not sure what sparked that fire. 5:33, here is your traffic and weather together. katy? >> ukee, casino of much like yesterday. >> this will ends up being a forecast that depending on your location, you might see something completely different than somebody else does. here in the delaware valley. what i mean by that, it is a storm system, that will actually be bringing us generally the pattern that we see here today, but it is a system that's clipping our region, so, just isn't going
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to be widespread for one thing wash out, or forecast that we can say you can spread across the region as a whole. let's explain, start things off, taking you out to "skycam 3", things actually pretty quiet over philadelphia. definitely some cloud cover to work with. helping to limit the amount of cooling taking place, 69 the current temperature, but breeze is definitely noticeable. i was out on the skydeck myself. i can definitely a test to that northeast breeze at 13 miles per hour, humidity mid upper 60s generally, not terribly noticeable, but there is moisture to work with in our atmosphere, storm scan3 shows cloud cover that has start today build in as a result of that. talk about moisture, you have got some really heavy rain, soaking portions of virginia, and then across the southern most branch of the delmarva peninsula. that's going to be lil rounds of rain, very likely, at least, has a slot to clip sussex county and delaware, future rain and the generally tell the story. you know, again, it is model, you can't take it as gospel, but does show how vast after difference you are tacking
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about here, you might end up with inch of rain in rehoboth versus barely even a hundred of an inch up in mount pocono. this will be a storm system completely splits our region in two, in philly we split that difference, with some clouds, very likely a shower or two, but nothing that would qualify as a wash out by any stretch. meanwhile, at the shore, put it this way, the further southeast you are of philadelphia here today, you may want to think about umbrella the breeze kicks in, we've got coastal flood advisory in effect, whereas up in the poconos might actually see little sunshine. solo case, just location, location. that's it. >> i do like some sunshine, i know i'm complaining about it because i do love the fall. i'll take some sunshine, though. good morning, 5:35 a.m. how quickly things can change. we go outside right now to our cameras here on 95, where just minute ago things were actually really starting to stack up here due to the overnight construction. but they just actually moved that out of the way. not everyone is free, sailing right on down northbound 95, headed toward the airport. otherwise, vine st. expressway, starting to pack
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in little bit of volume there. everybody moving along great, there as well, headed westbound toward the schuylkill where the taillights are. eastbound toward 95 you should have no problems going there as well. some travel times, blue route, 95 to the schuylkill expressway headed northbound still real clear, 18 minute trip. seven minutes on 422 from oaks into 202, headed eastbound. new jersey turnpike, we just had word completely closed, northbound, just near exit eight at hightstown, all lanes completely block there. so, your alternate there is take 130. truck fire on the scene completely blocking out all roadways. ukee, erika, over to you. >> thank you, mayor michael null letter sign revised version after bill to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana. the bill calls for a 25-dollar fine for people caught with less than an ounce of pot. part of the compromise with the mayor is an addition of 100-dollar fine or community service for public consumption of marijuana. your time is 5:36. in business news, why pizza prices are on the way up.
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>> also, what huge chain is battling hackers, and how it is going to impact customers. money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange with those stories and more, jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee, erika. home depo now confirms that haak ers broke into its payment system. this breach has exposed credit and debit cards information for shoppers in all of its 2,000us and canadian stores going back as far as april. customers according to home depo will not be liable for fraudulent charges. yesterday, was mixed here on wall street, the dow finished down 26 points, the nasdaq, though, was up nine. today is the big day at 1:00 o'clock eastern time apple will be rolling its new product line up. experts predicting two my iphones, one with much larger screen, and a wearable i watch device for your wrist there is event being held in coopertino california where founder steve jobs first unveiled the original mack 30 years ago. and, just before the iphone announcement, a.m. zone said
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it is blasting the price of its fire smart phone. the on line retail is her selling the fire for 99 cents. that's 99 cents. you did not miss hear me, down from $199. you do need to get a two year contract with at&t. and it could soon cost you more for slice every pizza milk price haves jumped, in part, because of more demands in china. that could sends the price of pizza higher, and this comes just in time for football season. when pizza orders tend to peak. ukee, erika? >> oh, man, the grub going up. >> would they ever charge so much that i won't want it? i can't see it coming. >> it might. >> never. >> other news this morning, could be just what atlantic city needs to turn around its casino industry. soon you can bet on sports. the directive comes same day as summit with chris christie on the city future. three casinos have closed this year, two more are expected to shut down over the next two
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months, many are banking that sports betting will be the boost the casinos need. >> fabulous news. great news. just what we were looking for. need some good news these days. >> experts say directive will be court challenged by professional and collegiate sports leagues. new this morning, princeton holds onto its spot as the country's best college. us news and world reports just released the rankings overnight. and princeton finished on top for the third, or rather, the second straight year, beating out some ivy league rivals. now, there aren't too many surprises, some familiar names here on this list, harvard number two, followed by yale, and penn tied with duke for eighth place. well done. some delaware county schools also have reason to brag this morning. swarthmore college ranked the third best liberal arts college. and the magazine put haverford college eighth on that list. a lot of bragging rights. >> indeed. you got t hey, new face is coming to the cbs late night
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line up. see who set to replace craig ferguson on the late late show. >> also, george clooney is tying the knot. the hollywood star spills the beans on some wedding secrets, including where they're getting hitched. that's coming up. >> and we've got incredible video to show you. eleventh story roller coaster catches fire. we'll tell you where this happened when we come back. katy? >> lots to talk about weather wise, ukee, several systems that we are track that will have impact on our area nationwide. so we will talk about that, and also doing little weather 101. what do you know about cold and warmfronts? we'll test you coming up.
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a woman in critical condition after shot in the face and arm in queen village. they say the victim's live-in boyfriends is a person of interest in that case. nfl player ray rice has been suspended by the league, and released by the ravens. he was seen in a video hitting his girlfriend in a elevator in the revel casino. >> rain and gooding to the dessert southwest. at least two deaths blamed on the flood watters in arizona. there could be more rain in that area today. flames devour the highest point whatever was once the
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fastest and tallest roller coaster in the entire world. fire broke out high atop the ride at magic mountain in southern california yesterday afternoon. amusement park closed at the time. no one injured. it was shut down last month, so it could be converted into a modernized wood and steel coaster. it is cents 5:43, here's your traffic and weather together. katy? >> good morning, ukee, so all week long, doing sort of weather 101 series, basically in honor of all of the kids for the most part now being back at school. so, let's talk about fronts. you've got several kinds of fronts including stationary or occluded fronts. take about the main one, cold and warmth. start off with cold front. when we show these surface maps on television, we show these blue lines, these are cold fronts. soap, what do they do? it is basically in the name. it is bringing in a cooler air mass. and essentially fronts will accept rate the air masses from one another. so out ahead of it a lot of times you have warmer more humid air mass, then cooler and drier air in its wake.
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and that's what typically takes over. in addition to that, with cold fronts, you tends to get more after rising air effect out of this. that can lead to stronger bouts of severe weather, as well as heavier rain, that kind of thing. meanwhile, when you are talking about warmfronts, you're also going to be dealing with some wet weather. however, again, cold sinking air behind the front, clearing, cool breezy conditions in its wakes, when talking warmfronts, that's where you see these red fronts roll on through. you're dealing with warm air basically taking over. and it is pushing into the cooler air. so that typically would lead to portrait i form precipitation, in other words, sort of just a light rain that throughout the day. and it is feeling kind of warm, muggy, that a lot of times comes from a warmfront. so it is clear, mild, humid conditions, in advance of it, but a lot of times you do end up with some steady but light rain or drizzle in advance of it. behind it, cool, retreating air, and clouds and showers as well as cooler temps to go along with it, we do have cold
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front we're tracking right now, it is well off to the north and west, currently, pent up across central canada, and the prairies, and yes, if you look closely, there is snow out there. this will be the next front that actually rolls through our area, but no snow. i promise. no snow. not for us anyway. but it will pack a punch across the us, brinking in pretty significant drop in the thermometer for quite a few locations as far as texas. here is a area of low pressure also going to be affecting us here today. it is basically clipping our region, but bringing with it some steady rain, through our south and east most counties. so, what that means is higher rip countries being it, also means coastal flood advisories, up and down the jersey shore points, through all of the bay areas, and again, through cape may county, sussex county, delaware, i think you have pretty decent shot here toned up with soaking rain. let's look at the seven day forecast, tomorrow we actually catch a break in the wake that far system, thursday marks the arrival of our next cold front, the one i just showed you up in canada, before it gets here, though, we heat up.
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86 degrees, with more humidity as well. jess, over to you. >> thank you, katie. good morning, everyone, just 7:46. we go outside right now to our cameras right here on the blue route, just at mid-county. where you can see everything still moving along nicely, so southbound toward the schuylkill expressway where you see the taillights, moving on through, quite easily right there, then we go over to the vine st. expressway, actually no we're not, but we will talk about the new jersey turnpike, northbound just near exit eight. which is hightstown. all lanes completely blocked and closed due to truck fire to get around that your best bet for alternate there is to take route 130. also, allentown road, completely closed at reinert road, majority of the rush hour, your alternate there take tomlinson road. gas main break out on main street and ninth street. your alternate there, take new walnut st. a loft problems, though, talking out this morning, especially right there in delaware county. and don't forget. when you are on the road, you can get updated information about traffic backups, with the new your drive app.
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download the app for the iphone and android devices by going to drive. erika, ukee? >> the words this morning is replacement. naming new host to take over for craig ferguson on the late show. >> british comedian james will fill the slot at 12:30 every night here on cbs-3. the 36 year old is relatively unknown to americans, but he is a major star in england, and has even won a tony. he'll start sometime next year. >> i'm sure he's fun. >> i we'll find out. yes, looking forwards it. ferguson tweeted congratulations to the spec tack already talented james cord on who will take over the late late show after me. great chills. i hartley endorse and approve. well, this is one of the most highly anticipated weddings of the year, and soon to be groom, george clooney, giving away some of the details. clooney recently spoke at an event in florence. people magazine reports he hinted he would be getting
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hitched in a few weeks in venice. now, that's where he met his fiancee. clooney proposed to the london lawyer earlier this year. tonight is the night. music and fashion come together as one. big names will be on hand for the 11th annual fashion rocks concert. ryan seacrest set to host the event from brooklyn's barkley center. there is plenty of action tonight's line up including big stars, miranda lambert, pilt bull, usher, and jennifer hudson. >> this is something that has a little bit of flavor for every music fan. >> not just a concert, but raises money for international charities. watch the two hour show right here on cbs-3, starts at 9:00 tonight. and really, from your tow miranda lambert, i think you got everyone covered inbetween there. >> everybody. it is all good. before you walk out the door, we'll get another check of traffic and weather together. we do it on thehe three's, first though, here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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and then voila. here are your options for this week. cardinal o'hara, washington township at cher tee, ridley at garnet valley. could not get any better than this. you tell me where to go live. your town, your team, your kids on tv. the friday football frenzy. all right, hey, the alarm clock's about to go off for many students head today school this morning. we ask for your back to school pictures on twitter. and we got great one featuring a pose on her first day of second grade yesterday. >> adorable. >> check it out. >> go ahead, now. >> i think she even has her eyes closed, bursting the limbs, the hip popped. >> what's up, girl. >> this this may my my favorite one today. workingworking it. love it. going back to school. >> snap and share your best back to school pictures, i would like to see the one that will rival this. >> i know it. >> send it to us on twitter with hashtag cbs-3 morning. love that. what a great way to start the
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day. >> was awesome. >> katie, lou we looking weather wise? >> weather wise we have to tell you, not the most ideal forecast, yesterday also kind of dreary but got through it overall without too much after hitch. today will be little less ideal, tracking area of low pressure to our south. see the heavy rain starting to creep in across the delmarva peninsula, very likely, at least going to clip sussex county, but the rest of us, further northwest you go, you might actually even see little bit of sunshine here today. mainly shore issue here. minor tidal flooding. there are coastal flood advisories posted up and down new jersey shore points, with gusts expected to peak as high as 35. there will be periods of at least showers, but very likely some rain. and surfers love it, rough surf, so many lifeguards off duty, 74 today with couple of showers in philly for the err north he is west you go. >> good morning, just 5:53. a lot of things to talk b so we will get right to t start off with cameras here on the street street expressway, you
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can see, everything pretty much seem to go move along nicely, so far this morning. so headed eastbound toward 95 where the headlights are, westbound, toward the schuylkill expressway, you can see that back there. looking real nice. otherwise, new jersey turnpike completely closed, northbound, just near exit eight due to truck fire, your alternate there take 130, stay there, there take 130, stay there, coming right who's morthe ladies?bout back to school savings at staples these guys? or these guys? when you get guaranteed low prices on everything you buy the most everybodygets excited! staples. make more happen for less.
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and now try new progresso chili. slow-simmered, homemade taste. >> prince william and his wife kate middleton expecting baby two. >> so prince harry used the happen/case to poke a little fun at his big brother. >> yes, great news. >> good to have siblings. only siblings can say stuff like. that will prince harry made people new he was kidding, of course, before adding i hopes his sister-in-law is feeling better soon and that they get a little bit more peace and
5:57 am
quiet this time around. because really, any end she was under a microscope last tight, kate middleton, what is she wearing, where is she, how much weight did she gain. >> that's what brothers do. >> miserable, haha. >> coming up: following several developing store frist overnight, including the search for gunman who fired 19 shots and killed a teenager. >> also the nfl takings, after a violent video emerges, right here, of ravens running back, ray rice, knocking out his future wife with single punch. we are live with the fall-out. >> and it has parents worried. doctor jen is in the house to talk about the virus that's affecting hundreds of children across the united states. and how to tell if your child has it. we'll be back.
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>> developing now, shooting in south philadelphia queen neighborhood leavings a woman in very critical condition. it happened around 10:00 last
6:00 am
night at the courtyard apartments on fifth street near washington avenue. police say the 32 year old was shot twice in her face and arm at point blank range. police tell us her apartment also showed signs of a struggle. the first floor, as well as the second floor, sign every violent struggle. we found furniture overturned, furniture broken, several flat screen tv's pulled from their stands, and pulled from the wall, and in broken condition on the floor. >> so far no arrests, but right now, authorities are considering the victim's live-in boyfriends a person of interest. also, developing right now, a lilt night run to chinese restaurant in north philadelphia ends in violence. police searched for clues on the 3600 block of north broad street. that's where investigators say a 38 year old man was stabbed in the chest after an argument. he was returned to the hospital in critical condition. police are checking cameras in that store to id the suspect. in north philadelphia, po a