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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 15, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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neighbors are paying their respects but they say they are still in disbelief that she has gone. new family's dreams broken but one bullet allegedly intended for someone else. >> i just knew she wasn't going to make it. >> reporter: police say eight months pregnant mega doto was relaxing in the 1500 block of adams avenue. friend say she was looking after a neighbor's child as she often did. >> i loved her. i like that long black hair. girls like to do hair. >> reporter: but in broad daylight investigators say that ten to 12 shots were fired in the 26 year-old's direction. >> one of the bullets struck the the decedent about a block away. >> reporter: police believe the gun man was aiming at white four door sedan when he struck doto instead. >> it could have been one of the children but it is sad it happened to her and baby as well. >> reporter: doctors were unable to save her or her baby galore died just hours after an emergency c-section, but police are hoping to catch her
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killer by working around the clock. >> i have several detectives out there right now canvassing the whole area we're knocking on the doors and looking for video. >> reporter: a $40,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to an arrest and conviction, if you know anything, police ask that you call them. we are live from frankford tonight noel mcclaren for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you very much. pennsylvania state police held a late afternoon news conference today they are hoping that a sizable reward will lead to a tip that lands whoever has those two troopers behind bars. shooting at a station in pike county left one trooper dead and another seriously hurt. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is tracking the latest from the cbs-3 sat center, syma. >> manhunt continues as officials look for the killer, state police did not give many details about what took place, when a gunman ambushed two troopers, killing one and injuring the other. before updating the media one official took the unusual step of sending a message directly
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to the shooter. >> you are a coward. you committed this spineless act and then attack defense less troopers. >> reporter: deputy commissioner george bibins did not hold back with his words. it has been three days since a shooter ambushed two state troopers during a shift change. police say gunman opened fire at blooming grove barracks late friday night. that is about 35 miles east of scranton. corporal brian dixon was pronounced dead at the scene. he and his wife just celebrated their ten year anniversary. dickson was a u.s. marine before he joined the pennsylvania state police, assigned to philadelphia for a time. he leaves behind two young sons. dickson was leaving the station as trooper alex douglass was coming in. douglass was injured, and remains hospitalized. >> he is making steady improvement every day. he was very seriously wounded. he will have a long road to recovery. >> reporter: over the weekend police questioned the person
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of interest but he was not considered a suspect. police say the shooter used the rifle and may have military or law enforcement experience. the gun man may have an issue with police, particularly with an ongoing investigation at the blooming grove barracks. but police did not give more details but they are determined to find the killer. >> we will find you and we will seek justice. >> reporter: corporal brian dickson's funeral will be held thursday morning in scranton. he will be buried with full on are. police say they have received hundreds of tips that they are following and the reward has increased to $75,000. live from the sat center, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. cause of the major crash in gloucester county new jersey is now under investigation. chopper three over the scene this morning at sprinklerville road and green briar drive-in monroe township. two people were injured in that accident. one of them were flown to the hospital. their condition is unknown at
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this time. well, in weather now it is a picture perfect fall day but we are tracking some showers. meteorologist kathy orr is live on the cbs-3 sky deck with when that rain will arrive, kathy. >> we're talking about some morning, chris so in the great timing with these showers. the clouds though not moving in just yet. that will wait until late night hours but at least clouds will keep a cap on the temperatures. it won't be quite as cold as tomorrow morning as it was the past couple of mornings. see what i mean, the morning low in philadelphia, yesterday and today 53 degrees. that is the coolest since may 19th and some spots to the north and west waking up to the 40's. right now we're in the 70's. philadelphia 71. seventy in wilmington, trenton, dover and millville but cool in the poconos. sixty-two. sixty-six in atlantic city. the the average high is 78, for this time of the year. we are watching showers approach from the west with the weak cold front, clouds will roll in overnight the tonight and during tomorrow morning between 4:00 and 6:00 a.m. we will watch
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showers move from west to east and by the noon time hour they will be moving out of the region. now coming up we will talk about when the sun will return in the wake of these showers and how long these below average temperatures will last and giving a sneak peak at weekend weather, i will join you with the seven day, parents lawmakers and educate are rallied for increased funding for cash strapped school district of philadelphia. >> fund our schools. >> school is back in session, but those gathered to day say kids are not getting the education that they deserve. they want the government to step in and help bridge the financial gap. >> if you put more emphasis on the education, on the staff, if you give the staff the help that they need then we would have more children getting high school diplomas. we will have more children going to college. >> many hopes the the house would vote on the $2 per pack cigarette tax in harrisburg today but that did not happen.
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we're told it could be taken up tomorrow. it could generate 80 million-dollar for the school district. a shooting outside a north philadelphia charter school is now under investigation. this shooting happened around 3:00 o'clock this afternoon at kipp charter school on park and lehigh avenue. no one was injured. a teacher at a princeton boarding school has been charged with sexually assaulting a female student. thirty-nine year-old noland johnson is a technical theater teacher at h u.n. n school. he engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior with a 16 year-old female student multiple times between june 2014 and july of the same year. there is growing concern over domestic abuse to spur lawmakers in the new jersey to protect women from their abusers. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in trenton this story for us, cleve? >> reporter: chris, long before the the ray rice elevator video became public,
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lawmakers were working on six bills to address domestic violence but now with all of this attention, they say they want to send a clear message that new jersey is not tolerant of abuse. >> this issue of domestic violence isn't just about ray rice. >> reporter: turning outrage to action the ray rice abuse case has acted as a catalyst for new jersey lawmakers to address domestic violence. >> we can height even the conversation, we can address some of the issues. >> reporter: monday the new jersey general assembly considered six domestic violence bills that include greater legal protection from victims who fight back in self-defense. is there a measure allowing victims to testify through video rather than face their attacker. is there a bill mandating counseling for offenders. each passed unanimously. >> it is in the enough today to keep silent. it is not enough to do nothing. >> reporter: assembly woman gabriel mascara silenced flooder when she spoke about her mother surviving domestic violence. >> my family was very lucky
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because my mother was able to get out, seek help and be strong enough to get out of a very abusive relationship but not many victims do that. >> reporter: mascara hopes that resolve for ending domestic violence endures. after passions subsides over the the ray rice case. state police reports show that new jersey sees more than 07,000 cases of domestic violence a year. >> it has to stop. cycle has to stop. >> reporter: new jersey state senate the has to a have prove those bills and mascara says her next movies to address the ray rice case she was very critical of the guidelines that landed him in pretrial intervention. she may introduce a bill to change those guidelines. we are live in trenton i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve, thank you. adrian peterson is expect to be back in the uniform for the vikings. peterson was deactivated friday after being charged with child boost in texas. the running back ace accused of spanking his young son with the tree branch.
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today vikings said decision to reinstate him was made after quote significant thought, discussion, and consideration. >> this is a difficult path to navigate regarding a judgment of how a parent discipline his child. >> peterson, released a statement on twit their read i'm in the a perfect parent but i'm without a doubt, not a child abuser. i'm someone that discipline his child and did not intend to cause any any injury. peterson went on to say no one can understand the hurt he feels for his son and for the harm that he caused him. former ravens star ray rice is reportedly appealing his indefinite suspension from the nfl for domestic abuse. players union believes his suspension violates its contract saying the league cannot punish a player twice for the same actions. rice was initially find a half million-dollar and suspended for two games. after video surfaced last week of rise punching his future wife the ravens cut him and nfl suspended him.
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meantime when eagles running back lesean mccoy left a 20 cents tip at a local restaurant he had no idea it would end up on ebay. that receipt has become so well known that the owner is offering you a chance to own it. at last check the top bid was over $90,000 for that momento. there is still four days left in the auction, if you have the money to blow. well, parents in one area school district are upset after students were ordered to take breathalyzer tests before a football game. we will that have store coming up. one for the guys if you want to live a happy life make sure you have a happy wife. we will tell but a new study on love and marriage, kathy? in weather we're talking about clouds and showers moving in the delaware val which some terrible timing, i'll explain, plus we will have the weekend weather coming up, beasley. golf in wilmington country club today for a great cause, the ronald mcdonald house of
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delaware and they raised a lot of money doing it right new through an auction, peter costas is here and we will hear from peter and shady on monday night football coming up in guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up
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to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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coming up 11:00 this bucks county baby is excted to die soon and mother says a simple test could have saved her life. she's worried now that others are at risk and she's on a mission to change the law. health reporter stephanie stahl could explain how this will affect other families at 11:00. atlantic city casino is closing its doors. today was last full day of gaming at trump plaza tomorrow at 6:00 in the morning is when all operations will stop. layoff notices went out to workers friday this makes four atlantic city casinos to shut down this year along with the atlantic club, show boat and revel. in november the trump taj mahal is also expect to close. bankruptcy judge has approved a september 24th auction date for fate of revel casino hotel. florida developer, glenn straub, has already offered 90 million-dollar in cash for the building. revel cost more than 2 billion to build. creditors are looking for
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competing bids tonight. the judge ruled that straub would be paid a three million-dollar break up fee if the sale to him does not go through. st. christopher's hospital for children hosted its grand opening today for center for urban child. "eyewitness news" was there assenter opened, and centers for urban child is a community focused primary care initiative for st. christopher's and what it does ace dress issues that contribute to health, disparities in children and families throughout the the city. >> this particular building will care for over 26,000 children, by primary pediatric care for 26,000 children. in mostly in the neighborhood immediately surrounding saint chris report. >> center brings together pediatric medical experts, social workers, nutrition specialist and others to help those children. well, some parents in phoenixville are expressing their disappointment on social media after their kids are administered breathalizer tests. this happened friday night, before the the phoenixville--
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even j roberts football game. district says it has been doing this at extracurricular activities for years and designed to check for under age drinking and policy is written out in the student handbook. still some parents think they have gone too far, there were no arrests made, nor were any citations issued. well, if you are in the mood for college party the university of pennsylvania is apparently the place to be. a playboy magazine has released its 2014, top ten party school rankings and for the first time, penn takes home top honors. issue of the magazine hits shelves in october. this by the way first time an i've i league school has ever made the list. you might have heard saying happy wife, happy life. it turns out that is true at least accord together rutgers university study. that study found what drives men's overall satisfaction with wife was their wife's marital happiness. interesting to note here the reverse was in the the same. a happy husband did not necessarily make for a happy wife. >> what? >> um.
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>> what? >> equal opportunity. >> and we have known this for years, that is not exactly breaking news. >> maybe take a walk, and, everybody wins, quality time. >> get a baby-sitter. >> yes. >> quality time alone. >> weather-wise we are looking at a very fine evening to get outside and enjoy. no weather issues here. tomorrow morning will be the sticky spot, outside we're looking at a mainly clear sky especially down the shore. we're looking at a pretty evening. temperatures are cool though in the 60's and lower 70 ease. our live neighborhood network takes to us pope john paul, ii high school in royersford and what a picture perfect day. the temperature now is only 66 degrees. wind out of the west at 3 miles an hour, fair weather couple rust clouds building up over the course of the day and as sun gets lower in the sky you can see those clouds beginning to build from the west. on storm scan three we are verifying that right here moving through central part of the state and they will be
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continuing to move eastward. a line of showers that will be moving through tomorrow morning, still well off through western pennsylvania in philadelphia it is 71. sixty-eight in allentown. sixty-two in the poconos. waking up to 38 degrees there this morning. really feeling like fall. as you can see to the south there is some warmth that will be building in this week, before move cool air, begins to move in the the rager part of the week. this cold front will swing through though during tomorrow morning, during the morning rush. not a lot of rain but a couple of ten's here and there but still some showers and slow things down and clearing out during the day. wednesday looks nice with high pressure building in, northerly breeze. temperatures in the 70's. sun will stick around through the workweek as high pressure continues to build in over the course of the week. as far as rain is concerned we're talking about scattered showers for morning commute, mainly between 5:00 and m and 9:00 a.m. the most steady rain between city and suburbs. between a tenth and quarter inch. sky is cleared during the
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afternoon from west to east. overnight clouds increase, showers by dawn, temperature in philadelphia 59. little bit milder then it was this morning but still some sweater weather to start the day and unpam umbrella because we will showers in the morning. here's what we will wake up to. fifty-nine in philadelphia. fifty-five in allentown 567891 in the poconos. fifty's north and west. sixty's to the south and east. much more comfortable with that cloud cover. for your tuesday we will rebound by the afternoon into the 70's with the westerly win. it will be breezy. skies gradually turning sunny in the afternoon. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast, morning lows staying in the 50's. afternoon highs in the 70's. we will have those mild, sunny days and those cool, crisp nights. perfect ingredient for fall foliage something to look forward to. the coolest day of the week will be friday, the mildest day on saturday when we make up to 77. average high 78. most of the week, below average. >> love watching those colors
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change bringing those on. >> kathy, thank you. good afternoon, just turning 6:20. we're at the tail end really of our afternoon rush hour, so you can see from the ben franklin bridge from when we picked those cameras, it has lightened up. this is from the new jersey side with westbounding over the city. we have light here but still taking out these right two lanes for that ongoing construction. moving nicely westbound into the city. can't really see same story for schuylkill expressway just at 202, eastbound toward the city, hardly even moving nicely westbound heading towards king of prussia otherwise out in new jersey on 295 heading northbound just at route 42 interchange an accident there taking out right-hand shoulder. we have a crash on route 422 westbound at route 100 mass transit great alternate afternoon. new jersey camden and dart running on time with no reported delays. stay there
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i'm beasley reese at wilmington country club for a great cause, we will talk about that in a few minutes. let's talk football. eagles in the national spotlight on monday night football in indianapolis. colts defense will to have deal with that fast paced eagles offence, last week they wore down the jaguars, in the first half, and then put up 27 points, the defense scored, shady mccoy says that is the game plan, tonight. >> a lot quicker. quick surface. i think when we will getting a little bit moving the ball, tire them guys out, and they are big group. big groups they get tired. the thing we want to does tire the defense out. so, we have to wait and see how it happens. >> all right. go get them, bird. phillies will start a seven
6:25 pm
game west coast road trip, they start that tonight, in san diego. jerome williams will take the hill for fightins. here at wilmington country club it is 26th annual ronald mcdonald house of delaware, charity tournament, they have raise add lot of money, great time had by all on this beautiful golf course, peter costas, golfing great, is here helping us raise money, and, we have so many wonderful golf courses in this area, i asked peter why don't pga stop here. >> we have tremendous golf courses. it is an area that i think has a lot of golf fans. it is just disappointing we don't come here on a consistent basis. there are a couple parts of the country pacific northwest, philadelphia northwest area we have to figure out a way to get here. >> wow. >> i met peter costas. we will have a helicopter in the air in a matter of minutes, they will drop balls for 50/50 more money raised for ronald mcdonald house in
6:26 pm
delaware. i'm beasley reese at the beautiful wilmington country
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. "cbs evening news" comes your way next. they will have ratees from the the white house and uk as u.s. tries to form a coalition to fight isis. death toll rise west more victims being blamed, on gm's faulty ignition switch. here new from new york is the "cbs evening news" is scott pelley.
6:30 pm
>> pelley: western hostages. v ladimir duthiers on the nfl and doe pest, abuse. ray rice is appealing his suspension. adrian peterson, accused of disciplining his son with a switch will bek with -- be back on the field. and honored for bravery against the enemy and more.