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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 23, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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police say 19 year-old darren person was, in their words, the muscle, a gunman, brought into a feud among high school students that started on social media, and, accelerate todd gunshots and murder, outside of the einstein medical center on monday afternoon. >> became a war over twitter, instagram, lot of threats were made and ultimately they arrange a set to fight at broad and olney. >> reporter: person charged with opening fire as a group of 20 to 30 students battled near the olney transportation center. one bullet, killing 15 year-old iisha roman an innocent victim walking home from the delaware valley charter high school, two other bullets critically wounding a 19 year-old man. >> one of the bullets traveled a half block away and killed iisha a sweet very bright tenth grader. >> reporter: investigators say person has a history of arrests and violence, and they are asking help to locate him
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in order to solve a crime that left an innocent young woman dead. >> so something very small and trivial ultimately ended up in this young lady being killed. >> reporter: manhunt, underway right now for person, he was not at the home where he lived, that house, hit as you just saw within the hour, police saying that they hope that he will make arrangements to surrender that anyone who knows where he is will report it to detectives, but the the bottom line, they say, he will be captured for this crime. we will have much more coming up at 6:00 live from homicide headquarters at police headquarters i'm walt hunter, "eyewitness news". thanks very much. there are many heavy hearts today as friends, loved ones, come to terms with the loss of this 15 year-old girl. our team three coverage continues with "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson who talk with some who were very close to this promising young would man.
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>> unaudible. >> one stray bullet, causing more pain in the lives of more people, then one teenage gunman could possibly comprehend. >> i'm going to miss her, miss her keeply i love her. >> reporter: fifteen year-old karl jordan stayed home tuesday, day after he says his best friend was murdered, just down the street from delaware valley charter high school where they both attended classes. >> i was just talking to her, you know, it is so sad. >> reporter: his neighborhood friend and classmate 15 year-oldisha roman was shot in the back shortly after 4:00 monday afternoon half block away from the fight between students. she died at the hospital. >> when i found out i just broke down because i could not believe it. >> reporter: tuesday students mourned with the moment of silence for a girl they say was sweet, intelligent and outing. on wednesday admit stars or calling on those students to wear purple a personal touch in memorial. at school, a memorial spring
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to go life at roman's lock tore mark her death. principal eric mccollough says he is haunt by their last conversation. >> i keep running it through my mind that may have been last thing i said to her was just be safe out there, see you tomorrow. she nodded. >> reporter: one stray bullet striking one innocent student devastating everyone around her. >> she's always there for you. she will always there been for you. >> reporter: gone too soon but friend say never lost. in olney, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". breaking news right now the philadelphia district attorney files criminal charges in the attack of a same sex couple in center city. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live at central detectives with the breaking details, syma? >> reporter: that is right, jessica it is a story that spark national outrage, now three people are facing charges in a brutal beating of a same sex couple in center city. victim told police a group of people attack them as they used gay slurs, and today, two
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men and one woman are facing charges. we are waiting to see if they will turn themselves in at central detectives. the attack happened around two weeks ago near 16th and chancellor streets. surveillance video shows several men and women in the group. beating left one of the men hospitalized, with his jaw wired shut. outrage on social media web sites led to the identities of the ome of the people in the video. since then, some were named, persons of interests as they spoke to police. today the district attorney's office has charged, three people. twenty-four year-old philip williams, 26 year-old kevin ha rrig an and 24 year old catherine knot, all three from bucks county and all charge with two counts of aggravated assault, two counts of simple assault, two counts of recklessly endangering another person and one count of criminal conspiracy. the victims, released this statement saying quote, thank you to the community for their help and support, as well as
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the the detectives who did a great job gathering details. we are thankful that the d.a. is working so hard to make sure that doesn't happen again in philadelphia police say this was a complicated investigation. >> central detectives, they did a tremendous job. they had to do over 20 something interviews in terms of, between the complaintant, the other individuals that were involved, other people that just came forward, so there have been a number of people that have been interviewed over the past week or so. it is a tremendous amount of work time and evident has been put into this investigation. >> reporter: one of those people interviewed, includes an assistant coach from the archbishop wood high school basketball team who resign after being named a person of interest, but he has not been charged, in this case, again, right now we are waiting to see if the three who are charged will turn themselves n we are live at central detectives, syma chowdhry cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, syma, thank you. also breaking news right now a teacher and football
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coach ace accused of having a sexual relationship with the student. this is a suspect bill barber, a health and physical education teacher at garnett valley middle school. he also coached middle school football. he was hired in 2002, authorities say he had a sexual relationship with a garnett valley high school student. president obama is joining leaders from nearly 200 nations taking part in the week long event at u.n. general assembly. of course, overnight u.s. led coalition air strikes begins islamic militant in syria tops the agenda here's the latest from our jericka duncan who is at the u.n. >> reporter: president obama came to the u.n. tuesday, to talk about climate change. >> we know what we have to do to avoid irreparable harm. >> reporter: but before he left washington the president spoke for the first about the the overnight attacks. >> this is not america's fight loan. >> reporter: he praised the five arab countries who participated calling them friend, partners.
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>> america's proud to stand shoulder to shoulder these nations on behalf of our common security. >> reporter: in his address to the general assembly here at the u.n. on wednesday, the presidentathath
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news". we will have the latest, on the bombing campaign begins isis on the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley that broadcast is tonight at 6:30 right here after "eyewitness news" at 6:00. an overturn trash truck caused big traffic messes on i-95 today, that accident happened around 3:30 this morning when the truck hauling crash flipped on to its side in the southbound lanes of i-95 near bridge street. the truck driver was taken to hahnemann hospital with unknown injuries. crews work much of the day to clear the scene and repair damage to a guardrail. off-duty philadelphia police officer was injured this morning in a motorcycle accident along kelly drive. that officer was transported to temple hospital but at this point official does not the know the officer's condition or what caused that accident. three people are hurt after this row home fire in north philadelphia. this fire, broke out late last night, on the 3,000 block of north ninth street. the fire was quickly placed under control, the causes now
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under investigation. welshing still to come here on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 septa's refusal of a bus ad is triggering a free speech fight. we will have more on the shocking anti islam photos that could becoming to a septa bus near you. caught on camera an unrulely passenger hauled off in handcuffs what he did to force the pilot to make an emergency landing. also a warning about items that could explode inside of your home, just minutes from now hear from the local family put at serious risk when they were watching their tv, we will tell you what is causing or could be causing the household explosions. kathy? high clouds are rolling in, we are tracking a coastal storm on storm scan three, it means rain and wind, and it will disrupt, the morning commute on thursday, we will talk more about that and show what you to expect coming up
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well, three people are dead, after a shooting at a ups facility in alabama. police say that the gunman, a former ups employee, opened fire at the company's warehouse in birmingham. two workers died, police say gunman then shot himself before officers could get inside the warehouse. police say gunman had been fired from the job just a day earlier. caught on camera some scary moments aboard a virgin america jet when a passenger tried to open up a cabin door this happened on a flight from boston to l.a. authorities say that the passenger jumped up from his seat and tried to open up that cabin door. luckily an off-duty officer was also on that flight and
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subdued the the passenger. the plane landed in omaha where authorities removed the passenger. >> he had been mum blink about not trying to be violent and how i don't want to be a violent person and we're sitting in the front row. we're both concerned and watching what is happening. >> once the unrulely passenger was removed the flight continued to los angeles. questions, are being raised by cockpit security, a former air marshall tells "eyewitness news" that even were four to five cockpit doors, airplanes are still vulnerable to the terrorist attack. tonight at 11:00 charlotte huffman exposes the problem he and many other aviation experts say is a major risk. well, a piece of 9/11 history is a step close tore becoming a permanent in memorial. bucks county commissioners unveiled this design in doylestown. local non-profit, travis manion foundation donated an ibeam from the world trade center wreckage. it will sit outside the new bucks county justice center.
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mani on a marine first lieutenant died in iraq in 2007. >> when the beam was delivered the travis manion foundation dough knitted it to the county of bucks in 2011 in hopes of erecting a fitting monument for the the entire community to observe. >> the sculpture will show the ibeam suspend by a large slab of rock symbolizing a solder carrying another to safety. estimated cost is about a quarter million dollars. well, developing news tonight out of atlantic city, the city will ask the state of new jersey to have permission to layoff city workers to help resolve its budget crisis, but sit difficult not indicate how many workers might be targeted. they also want to reopen mess of their union contracts to try to achieve salary and benefit reductions. atlantic city will file that layoff plan on october 1st. management at crozer-chester medical center has reject an offer from nurses for a one year pay
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freeze, those nurses officially ended their two day strike at 7:00 o'clock this morning. they have been working without a contract since june, among the key issues unresolved pay, pensions and staffing. the nurses can't return until friday because crozer-chester hired replacement nurses and had to guarantee them five days of work. good afternoon, a pretty typical slightly early start to the afternoon rush at 5:15. outside on the blue route just at macdade boulevard, northbound is where you can see most of that volume crawling up toward route one, southbound side seeming to be moving along nicely and same story on the roosevelt boulevard where typical have afternoon delay there northbound heading toward northeast philadelphia and southbound towards the schuylkill, starting to jam up a bit in certain spots. you can expect that to slow up as rush hour is heavier on toward the 6:00 o'clock hour as well. in montgomery county, an overturn dump truck closing
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cedar grove road at hector street. your alternate take north lane and you can expect other local detours, and, new jersey transit river line, and 30 minute delays due to a disable train in camden but rest of the mass transit seem to look okay. septa and dart running on time with no delays there and rest of the traffic slowing up 422 into oaks. westbound slow 14 minutes. super heavy so far heading southbound from the schuylkill into route 30 a 27 minute trip there heading out on to 202. the currently no problems at the air poverty, chris and jessica, back over to you. still ahead here on "eyewitness news" how you can own a piece of royal family history. >> if you don't have time to shop there is a way to get an outfit tailored for you without stepping in the store. we will tell but on line retailers who are getting in the business of personalized shopping, leslie. this week i will sit down with former eagle to who talks about his time here in philadelphia and dishes dirt on what actually happened
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between him and former eagles on what actually happened between him and former eagles quarterback donovan
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it is gorgeous out there, kathy. >> hook it up, chilly start, very nice afternoon, soak it up is rise, paw we are in for some rain and some rain and the clouds are already moving into the delaware valley.
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lets look at that, let's soak in some of those last beautiful views of this afternoon, the sunset shortly, around, 7:00 o'clock. we have a few more hours to enjoy at best. in center city philadelphia looking good, high clouds filtering in. we have a strong area of, high pressure developing to the south of us, and we will continue to filter clouds in the region over the next 24 hours. if you were out this morning you know how chilly it was. the coolest morning since last spring in may, allentown bottoming out at 40, same in millville, doylestown 42. mount holly, home of the national weather service in our area 43. wilmington 43. philadelphia 50 degrees. rebounding nicely in the 70's across most of the region. on storm scan three there is clouds especially thick through south jersey and delaware but more well to the south. we have an area have of low pressure that is developing and it will move across our region, bringing in some heavy rain and some gusty win. right now a beautiful afternoon philadelphia 72.
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poconos. sixty-nine. trenton 71. millville, dover, wildwood, even in atlantic city and wilmington temperatures still in the 60's with those clouds that i showed you on storm scan three. average high in philadelphia is 75. so close to normal, but close to normal going down a degree a day, as we get in the fall season. high pressure to the north, and that will give way to the developing low. it moves quickly toward our region over the next 24 hours. by noon time tomorrow, some showers moving into extreme southern delaware, and by dinner time at 5:00 or 6:00 o'clock we will see it get closer through south jersey and delaware. by 11:00 p.m., we will be seeing some showers beginning in philadelphia, and then overnight, the rain gets heavy through thursday morning, and the morning commute, that is going to be a real slow morning. so please be prepared for that. rain will continue, to move toward the north and the east, and drying it out friday. and, we expect skies to clear by friday afternoon and for
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temperatures to rebound. as we zoom in on that particular time period, wednesday overnight the through thursday, periods of rain, the the heaviest thursday morning in the philadelphia area, between one and 2 inches on have rain expect. win gusts to 20 to 30 miles an hour. the those are concerned we are looking at right now. taking a closer look at these win gusts, no issue during the night time hours, of tonight, even into tomorrow morning, but you'll see down the shore winds gusting to 25 to 30 miles an hour. and tomorrow afternoon, those wind picking up, just to 30 in philadelphia. thirty through south jersey. thirty-six in wildwood and by thursday morning you can see some high wind gust as cross the region. we are expecting gusty wind from the city, down the shore. overnight, high clouds, it will be comfortable. low temperature of 56. we are looking at some sun, increasing clouds during the the day wednesday, showers to the south through south jersey and delaware and that rain lifting northward over the the course of the day and evening. high temperature on wednesday
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75 degrees. on the exclusive eyewitness weather three day forecast, thursday looking for rain and wind. friday, clearing skies, by the afternoon we should be seeing some sunshine, temperatures jumping up 10 degrees to 78 and then looking at a very interesting weekend for the first week end of fall, kate will have that next half an hour we will take a short break and be back with sports
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at well, this week i sat down with former eagle to as he reflects on his time here in philadelphia he also talk about what really happened between him and donovan mcnabb.
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>> former eagles wide receiver terrell owens says he will always look back at his time in philadelphia as a memorable one especially his relationship with the fans. >> given years have passed i have heard bits and pieces. i have run into philly fans. a lot of them have just been opened and candid and just you're loved in philadelphia. >> it noise secret the receiver had a rocky relationship with then quarterback donovan mcnabb a feud that ultimately led to his departure. >> do you have any regrets. >> i hate the way things went downhill and even donovan thought i was taking a stab at him and his abilities. if donovan really knew me and if the world knew who i was in my heart that was definite, i didn't have any malicious intent towards him. when i started getting attacked by the media, any normal person would want to defend himself and go on defense. >> he said donovan mcnabb was his friend and instrumental in bringing him to philly so what
5:27 pm
happened. >> he started to get jealous and i started to hear those whispers. to some degree i think he felt slighted because the city em breezed me. >> other thing he needs to work on. >> you know, relationships, that is what i haven't been good at. >> he didn't really elaborate on that. >> does he need to. >> he didn't answer everything. >> to. >> he is one of a kind. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> leslie, thanks. well, still to come in the next half an hour an image of hitler on the side of the septa bus? well, that could soon happen if one group has its way, we will have more on a free speech lawsuit that is creating a uproar. then tv fans exploded, three is on your side with the danger inside some homes. new at 6:00 o'clock tonight an "eyewitness news" exclusive our pat ciarrocchi talks with the founder of
5:28 pm
twitter. we will tell you why he was in twitter. we will tell you why he was in philadelphia today
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i've lived hewith my mother, forty--four who is ninety--nine. people who do not live in delaware county need to know that tom mcgarrigle raised our taxes five times. five times in seven years. meanwhile tom mcgarrigle gave a million dollar subsidy to an energy company. tom mcgarrigle is not looking out for regular families or seniors at all. we need john kane in the senate. he gets regular families.
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i'm jessica dean with the day's top stories. prosecutors charged three people in the attack on a same sex couple in center city on
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september 11th. those suspects are philip williams, kevin ha rri gan and catherine knott all from bucks county. search is on for darren person, police identified him as person in the suspect in the shooting that killed a 15 year-old girl in olney on monday. the u.s. and arab allies have launched more than 200 air strikes begins isis rebels in syria. u.s. also targeted an al qaeda cell that officials say was plotting imminent attacks on america and western interests, kate. thanks, guess contact good evening, everyone. we are tracking changes in the the forecast. it has been a beautiful first day of fall today but we are on borrowed time. take a look at this coastal storm developing off the coast of the carolinas today. you can see clouds making it into south jersey and delaware and this storm will move up the coast and bring us impact late tomorrow but especially into early thursday. i will have complete details coming up in a few minutes, chris. we will see you then, thank you. new hampshire based anti islamic group filed a federal lawsuit begins septa after the
5:32 pm
agency refused to run anti muslim ads on septa buses. reporter cherry greg of our sister station kyw news radio 1060 has the details. >> reporter: ads are incendiary, they include images of hitler and american journalist james foley, kneeling next to his executioner, just moments before he was beheaded. >> the highest function when it creates conditions of unrest so to speak. >> reporter: robert news representing the american freedom defense initiative an organization founded by conservative blogger, pam geller, the the group has sued to run these ads in new york and d.c. and won. philadelphia is next. >> we're not new to this litigation. we know our way through the law. >> reporter: jacob want to share philadelphia a group that wants to fight, and it will support... unaudible. >> the content of the ads is bigotry, prejudice, islamic
5:33 pm
phobia. >> reporter: burton cain says first amendment makes clear all speech, even allege hate speech is protected. >> it is wrong. people suing it are right. it could not be an easier case. >> reporter: lawyers for afdi said they plan to file a motion with the court and they hope to have those ads on septa buses by the end of the year. spokesmen for septa declined to comment. in center city, cherry greg for kyw news radio cbs-3 "eyewitness news". there are new developments in the search for the suspect who shot two pennsylvania state troopers, killing one of them. authorities have have narrowed the search for eric frein to a rural area in the poconos where he grew up, and his parents live. frein has managed to evade capture despite hundreds of law enforcement officers looking for him. police moved in an armored vehicle with the robotic cameras to aid in that search. world leaders are promised to go take better care of
5:34 pm
planet earth on climate change. leaders made pledges of at least $5 billion to help the world become more sustainable. president obama said u.s. will do its part but adds that no nation can get a free he pass. >> we recognize our role in creating our problem, we embrace our responsibility to combat it. we will do our part but we can only succeed in combating climate change if we are joined in this effort by every nation. >> the president says that the u.s. will meet its goal to cut carbon pollution by 17 percent by 2020. a boom, a crash, pieces flying in every direction. ordinary items in your home exploding, without warning. we told but it in the past and it is happening again. kyw news radio jim donovan says this time it involves tv sets. >> reporter: it happens without warning, catching
5:35 pm
people off guard. toppling tables, shattering shower doors, exploding ovens, and now we're seeing it, happen with tv's. >> i hear this screaming, mom, come here, there is glass every where. i said what happened? they said the tv just blew up. i said what do you mean the tv just blew up. >> reporter: glass base of denise young's phillips tv shattered into hundreds of tiny pieces. >> it was a mess, when it exploded, it went in every single direction. >> suddenly glass will break all by itself with nobody there. >> reporter: glass expert mark, heard the horror stories >> my tempered glass break age is a wild men even if on. >> reporter: it caught doylestown mother by surprise. >> i actually thought my tv stan was made of plastic because that is what it looked like. i never would have thought in a million year it was made of glass. >> reporter: the base was made of tempered glass. instead of split nearing to
5:36 pm
jagged cards as plate glass will do if it is breaks, with tempered glass. >> it breaks in very small pieces inn inn and so yes you might get cuts but it will not be deep serious laceration. >> reporter: what can cause break age? sometimes microscopic imperfections can occur during the manufacturing process of tempered glass. while it is not clear what caused the young's break age imperfections in the glass can grow, and migrate weakening the the glass until it suddenly shatters without warning. phillips wouldn't tell fuss others reported similar problems with their tv sets, but hundreds of complaints have been filed with the consumer products safety commission, involving different tempered glass products. >> it was the words feeling in the world to have something like that to know their kid could have been hurt. they think that people need to be made aware of this that could happen that could be in their home. >> reporter: when young's reached out to phillips they replaced the family's tv set with another television one without a tempered glass base. phillips tells us all tv bases
5:37 pm
or tv stand as they call them are now being manufactured, using a combination of acrylic and plastic. i wouldn't even know. you tab the thing, it seems like it is plastic. >> that is right. >> that is serious. >> it is happening in other products, so it is just something to be aware of. >> imagine your shower door going, when you are in there showering, that would be a nightmare. >> it would be. >> i'm just saying. >> bad news. >> bad news. >> exactly. >> bad, bad news. >> thanks, jim. >> you're welcome. once you are in the shower you can rinse right off. good afternoon, 5:37. we will go outside we have a lot of bad news to talk about. jammed up pretty much every where, you can see on 202 at 29, heading north bound toward the king of prussia area really slammed due to a disable vehicle off to the right-hand side. they need that had disabled vehicle to be jam up because southbound side towards 29, is really slow going as well.
5:38 pm
out on i-95 just at girard southbound toward center city typical afternoon delays there headlights aring northbound toward northeast philadelphia, slow go as well. now in montgomery county still that crash there cedar grove road closed at hector street. take north lane and deal with some local detours there as well to get around that overturn dump truck. new jersey transit river line 30 minute delays due to a disable train down in camden. rest of the mass transit currently no problems. 422 from 202 into oaks westbound really heavy a 17 minute trip and schuylkill expressway in the so bad but pretty we have any some spots eastbound from the blue route in the vine street expressway a 20 minute trip. chris, back over to you. >> jessica, back over to you. employees of american airlines and u.s. airways flexed their collective muscle today at philadelphia international airport and it was all for a great cause. those workers join forces for a jet pull event. teams competed against one another for the shortest time pulling a 50-ton air bus a319.
5:39 pm
the the money they raised goes to the united way. jet pull events are a long held tradition at u.s. airways which is in the process of merging with american. that looks like hard work. >> they are tough. >> they are tough. >> wow. >> still to come here on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 it is your own personal styles free of charge, a new trend in shopping where you never to have step foot inside a store. governor christie shedding pound. he opens up about just how much weight he has lost since having surgery, kate. a fantastic first day of fall but we need rain and that is exactly what we will get, we will track a coastal storm. i'll tell you when it hits and what its impact will be
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well, now it is time to check your philadelphia job market report. >> "eyewitness news" jobs expert steven greenburg is here with more. >> employers don't usually tell a candidate why they did not get the job. here's what some hr managers say are the the most common mistakes candidates make and how to fix them. liberty mute toll insurance has dozens of openings in the philadelphia area one of their global hiring managers say candidates often list their accomplishment but don't quantify results. he advisees candidates they need to be specific and show impact, rather than simply saying i increased sales for my unit. say increased sales by 10 percent, delivering x dollars to the the company's bottom line. 1hr manager does a great deal of hiring in the philadelphia area and preparing for an interview candidates should practice saying out loud, three specific examples of their experience that align to the open job. at kimton hotels a fast growing hotel and restaurant chain with openings at four
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philadelphia area locations, their panel of hr says personality and attitude they count more than experience. candidates are due their homework and demonstrate passion for their business are more likely to be cold, you've got the job. that is a good approach for any job you seek. i'm steve greenburg for cb
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new jersey governor chris christie is really shedding weight. he told donors at the a recent g.o.p. fundraiser that he has lost 85 pounds, the new jersey governor was said to be responding to a question about his health as a potential presidential contend inner 2016, of course, governor had lap band surgery back in february of 2013. well, on the latest addition of the n cia franchise premiers tonight on cbs-3. >> this time a new n cia team tackles cases in the big easy, new orleans. >> i can get you more if you'd like. >> i thought since were you personally involved, you might want to take a pass on this. >> you think i'm just going to sit on my hands. >> new ncis series stars tv veteran scott backul a, our own ukee washington talk to him today to see why this is so popular with fans.
5:48 pm
>> everybody loves a great mystery, everybody likes to try to solve it as it is being involved solve. we deliver all those things i hope as well. >> you can catch premiere of ncis new orleans tonight at 9:00 right here on cbs-3. and that sound great. one thing that has been great, the weather today. take a look outside at our campbell's feel cam on sky cam three looking out over ben franklin bridge to a sun dabbled evening this first evening of fall looks really nice, to be out and about in the city. it is on the cool side but not too bad. we are still in the 07's here at cbs broadcast center. down the shore we will see some cloud starting to filter in. still a lovely evening bus though clouds bringing the arrival of the coastal storm which we have been talking about all afternoon. lets look at the time lapse as well. the this is rehoboth beach. you can see as the day goes on, clouds get more pronounced throughout the afternoon as that system starts to approach. you can see a few more clouds moving in right now, all together it has been a
5:49 pm
beautiful first day of fall. storm scan three you can start to see the the clouds mainly through coastal area, this is all associated with this developing low, right now off the coast of the carolinas. you can see it it is producing heavy rain off shore. this storm, right here will lift to the north, and, the to the city east but it will brush by our area late tomorrow night and into thursday morning. so tomorrow the clouds increase, you can see by 10:00 o'clock tomorrow night already seeing some rain and extreme south the jersey and southern delaware, rain will get here in the philadelphia by midnight and heavier rain will be early thursday morning. we will wake up to soaking downpours here thursday morning. it does plant good for thursday morning commute and even in the afternoon, showers try to linger as the system moves away. heavier rain early thursday but showers may link inner to friday morning before we finally start to see some clearing later friday afternoon and we will set the stage for what looks to be a gorgeous weekend. as far as the rain is concern you can see future rain amounts. notice a tight gradient this is a coastal low. it will affect the the shore
5:50 pm
points and more accurately that is where rain will last longer from late tomorrow night all the way through to thursday afternoon, so we are looking at two and a half inches for the shore points. closer to an inch to an inch and a half towards philadelphia, and then lesser amounts in the western suburbs. we do need the rain, we're 2 inches below average on the month so far but again you never need it as quickly as this plans to come down. rain arrives between 8:00 a.m. and midnight on wednesday. heavier rain between midnight and 10:00a in m thursday, gusty wind as well especially at the coast and lingering showers thursday and afternoon and evening into thursday evening. mention the coast lets look at impacts down the shore. that is where it will be hardest hit across our area. storm path goes from north carolina to southern new england, close toes new jersey early on thursday and with rain and gusty east wind. they will gust over 40 miles an hour at times. high tides is just about 9:00 o'clock in the morning. we will see threat again for some minor tidal flooding. temps in the 60's and 07's. we have a nice night to look forward to here tonight before
5:51 pm
things begin to change, and as we get into tomorrow and thursday especially. 56 degrees the overnight low tonight. clouds will increase throughout the day tomorrow and watch for that rain late tomorrow night and then thursday, rain and wind, heavier early but we will try to clear it out on friday and then a nice warm up look at weekend temperatures in the 80's, the sunshine both days. we will send it back to you in the desk. it is shopping, without actually shopping. >> there are on line retail their will send you clothes, based on your personal preferences. sounds easy. cbs reporter marley hall shows us how it works. >> reporter: sharon bar owe has never enjoyed deciding what to wear but what she really hates is shopping for clothes. >> i'm lazy. i don't want to go to the store. i don't want to go through racks of clothes. i don't want to dress myself. >> reporter: so now, now she has someone tolls clothe her. she sign up for stitch fix, customers fill out a survey with dozens of questions
5:52 pm
including age, size, and budget. you can also pick out your favorite kind of styles. a computer algorithm crownes the the data. every mile stitch fix send her a box with clothes and accessories and instructions on how to wear them together. >> i don't to have think about clothing now i have choice toes wear. >> reporter: they are one of several companies that offer this type of personalized shopping. retail analyst wendy liebman says it appears to be a growing trend. >> it is something that is becoming more main stream, more establish as retailers see the opportunity. >> reporter: nordstroms sees the the opportunity, it recently bought mens personal shopping side trunk club for $350 million. >> i like. >> reporter: she says she keeps 90 percent of what she is sent which cost her $250 a month and she can ship back items that she doesn't like free of charge. marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
5:53 pm
still ahead on "eyewitness news" we will go to lunch with very generous people. >> this weeks story of brotherly love meet a group of volunteers and college students who reach out to serve meals and smiles, to people who need them when we come back.
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
well, every week students from lasalle university head to germantown to help a non-profit serve food to hundreds of people. >> the meals don't cost anything, but as "eyewitness news" anchor ukee washington shows news this weeks story of brotherly love, those meals are valuable. >> reporter: face-to-face germantown is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping anyone who walks in the door, for years, students from lasalle, have lent a helping hand. it looks like a cafeteria but to the people here, this is family meal time. >> play around and joke.
5:57 pm
>> like another family. >> reporter: four times a week face-to-face opens its doors at 12:30 to anyone who would like a meal. they can serve 100 to 325 people a day, mostly men, sometimes homeless, sometimes transients, but always greeted with open arms. >> even if their home situation is a little chaotic they come here for some stability. >> people come here because you think you need food. that is not why i come here. it is just socialization of people and talking to people. >> reporter: today students from lasalle university are serving the food as part of their campus service group. feed philadelphia. >> the goal to raise hunger and homeless awareness on campus as well as in the community. we serve meals and we talk to people here. get to know them. >> i would want the same thing. >> reporter: face-to-face germantown has been serving food since 1985. it only has two full-time staffers. every other employee is part-time. their only sources have of funning are donations and
5:58 pm
grant. >> we would not be able to survive without our volunteers. >> reporter: face-to-face also offers art classes, children's programs, legal help, and a part-time health clinic. but perhaps the most funnies lunch. by the way face-to-face germantown can always use donations both of money and things like toilet supplies and grocery gift card. if would you like to help out go to cbs to find out how. see you in the morning. i'm ukee washington cbs-3 eyewitness nice. that is "eyewitness news" 59:00. >> now at 6:00 a swat team raids the home in the shooting death in the innocent 15 year-old girl. charges have been file in the center city attack on a same sex couple, kathy. we go from sunny to stormy, just like that, tracking a coastal storm that will bring rain and win. we have not seen something like this in quite a while. we take a look at that plus the seven day. plus he is found are of
5:59 pm
twitter, now in a tv exclusive jack dorsey sits down with our pat ciarrocchi. she was a great child. great every day. never had any problems, always had friends. >> a community in mourning, family and friend, forced to deal with the loss of a loved one an innocent 15 year-old girl, hit by a stay bullet. tonight police say that they are hot on the trail of the gun man. good evening i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. just a short time ago the swat team stormed the home of that suspect in nicetown but no one was there. walt hunter joins us live from police headquarters with the very latest, walt. >> reporter: manhunt is on, homicide investigators hearsay it began with a feud, a battle, if you will on
6:00 pm
instagram and facebook and tweets. violent tweets and messages leading to violence in the the streets yesterday outside einstein medical center, that left an innocent, 15 year-old high school student, dead. the lock's signed to 15 year-old iish a roman now became a sad memorial, teacher, students, friends remembering the the the sophomore, gunned down moments after she left school walking home with a girlfriend on monday afternoon. >> ran through my mind thinking the last thing i said to her was just be safe, see you tomorrow but she nodded. >> i was just talking to her, you know, it is so sad. >> reporter: twenty-four hours later homicide detectives and swat teams arrived at the home, of roman's suspect killer 19 year-old darren person, the alleged gunman, police say recruited as part of the battle among scores of students had arrived at the olney transportation center to