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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 24, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> reporter: school district officials say three nearby schools were on lock down, parent were immediately a alerted and many rushed to pick up their children. they say the violence needs to stop. >> i'm upset with all this shooting in philadelphia it is every where. i'm angry because it is right in front of my kids schools. right there in front of the school. >> it is terrible this these kids are subjected to see all these bad things and just trying to get a hold on it philadelphia, for real because it is beginning to be out of control and out offhanded. >> reporter: parent did, applaud the school's effort to keep their kids safe and notify them of the lock down. again, one man is dead, two are injured. we do not know the the extent of those injuries but both are in stable condition tonight. live from fair hill, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> same, thanks very much. a short time ago police released mug shots of the suspect who have been charged in that attack in the same sex couple in center city philadelphia we have talked to both sides now, and yes, they
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have very different versions of what happened that night. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is live at central detective where the suspects surrendered today, todd. >> reporter: defense attorneys are arguing this was more of a mutual fight, and that it had nothing to to with anyone's sexual orientation. but those are points as you can imagine that the victim very strenuously disputes. twenty-four year-old philip williams turn himself into central detective this morning as did 24 year-old catherine knott and 26 year-old kevin harrigan. all three are from bucks county, police alleged that the three were a the aggressors in the group seen on surveillance video minutes before the attack of the gay couple in center city nearly two weeks ago. >> with respect to my client, he was not the agreeser, he did not initiate anything, only became involve in the incident after one of the reported victims in the case publicched one of the young girls in the face. >> reporter: knott, a neighbor confirms is daughter of karl
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knott, her attorney denied that she did anything criminally wrong. >> i represent a young woman who has never been in trouble. she comes from a wonderful family. she as a law enforcement background within her family. >> reporter: victims do in the want their identities revealed but a close friend argued that during the attack anti gay slurs could be clearly heard and that this was far from being just a mutual fight. >> a mutual fight is not telling your buddy, hold his arms, we're going to take turns punching you in the face to fracture orbital bones to fracture cheekbones, to necessitate someone's jaw being wired shut for eight weeks. that is annex stream amount of force. >> reporter: attorney josh, represent harrigan. >> my client's role is very limited. i think it is going to come to light he didn't deliver the blows that broke that guy's jaw. >> reporter: victims also deny that they punched a would nan face. as for the suspect, they remain here tonight in police
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custody as they await arraignment on several charges, including, aggravated assault and simple assault. reporting live tonight from central detectives, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right todd, thank you. clouds are rolling in, rain is also on the way. we are tracking a coastal storm that could dump heavy rain in your neighborhood. we have live team three coverage with meteorologist kathy orr and justin drabick. the justin is keeping an eye on the storm in atlantic city but we will begin with kathy on the cbs-3 sky deck. >> a cloudy afternoon but pretty comfortable out here, jessica with temperatures still in the 70's. rain has already begun in southern delaware, and as it is moving its way northward. lets look at storm scan three. we have a lot of rain moving toward the the the north and the east as part of the much larger system a coastal storm that is spreading, hundreds of miles, you can see the clouds going up toward boston, through new england and extending down through the mid-atlantic and even further south. heavy rain is expected
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overnight and through tomorrow morning. center of the storm over carolinas this evening pushing all that heavy rain ahead of it and strong northeasterly wind as well. it is not just the rain, it is also the wind, here's what we expect the rain will arrive in philadelphia between 8:00 p.m. and midnight and spread towards the north and the west, between 4:00 a.m. ape 10:00 a.m. thursday morning that is heaviest, peak of the storm with wind gusting to 35 miles an hour, terrible timing for the morning rush. then after 10:00 a.m. rain will linger and turn into showers for thursday afternoon. we are looking at heavy rain, and it will continue to accumulate over the course of the morning and into the the afternoon. you can see the highest amounts through south jersey and delaware, one to 2 inches of rain there, one to one and a half inch's long i-95 corridor and less's accumulations heading towards lehigh valley and reading berks county. half inch to an inch there. it is rain and wind but the the brunt of the storm will be felt down the shore and for more on that we will send to it my colleagues justin
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drabick live from atlantic city, hi justice. >> reporter: good evening, kathy. that is right. no rainfall just yet. we have a few hours to go yet. it is strong wind coming from the north east that is really chopping up the the water but wind in the strong enough to get rid of this guy hoist kind of just hanging out with me right now. surf is continuing to build three or 4 feet. off shore buoys are approaching 10 feet and that surf will continue to be on the rise. we see kite borders enjoying nice winnie conditions. coastal flood advisory issued for tomorrow morning. potential for minor tidal flooding and areas residents all along the coast are getting ready for some soaking storms. beach day in atlantic city, san is desserted, surf is choppy and wind is picking up. residents are bracing for a coastal storm which could cause minor flooding, wyndam age, waves as high as five to 7 feet and a high risk for rip currents. this office of emergency preparedness say that area
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residents need to be on alert for the possibility of flooding. >> if we get a lot of rain really fast our low lying areas along the down beach communities in margate and ventnor, atlantic city, even some parts of the longport, the streets that typically we see that kind of flooding they will flood tonight. >> reporter: wind gusts are expected to pick up later tonight and residents all along the the jersey coast are being asked to secure any items outside their homes that could blow around. >> worse of the storm will be later tonight at the coast. we can expect rainfall amounts up to 2 inches. poor drainage flooding not out of the question. wind gusting to 40 miles an hour. of course, minor tidal flooding. lets talk about our next high tides, coming in later this evening. this is not the big concern. it is really tomorrow morning. 8:42 rehoboth beach, delaware that is your next high tides. new jersey coast 8:55 cape may. wildwood 8:24. strathmere 8:52. right here in atlantic city we will see high tides at 8:21. be on the the look out for any
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area residents living along those tidal waters as wind will continue to increase tonight. of course heavy downpours. if you are just out traveling and walking around be careful tonight. reporting from atlantic city, i'm cbs-3 meteorologist justin drabick. >> you can keep track of all of them with the cbs-3 weather app. check live radar, get severe weather alerts and share your pictures with us, go ahead and down load that app on itunes. for the the second time in as many weeks a pregnant woman and her unborn baby have been killed, in a shooting in philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is live on this scene for us, in olney. the matt. >> reporter: chris, police tell thaws nearly two dozen shots were fired this morning on the sidewalk just behind me, as they continue their investigation. police tape, home remnant of the violent morning at corner of 20th street. police say it was just after 1:00 a.m. gunfire erupted. two people inside this car, a 26 year-old man and a 25
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year-old woman were shot and taken to the hospital. the man will survive but would the man who was eight months pregnant did not. >> the doctor did what they can and they delivered the baby, and they work on the baby for over an hour, the the baby was pronounced dead. >> reporter: those who saw the crime say it was a chaotic scene. >> all i heard was the gun fire. i turned the tv down and i'm like is that gunshots? >> i heard, some shots and i see two people running this way but shooting back. >> reporter: he wouldn't show his face for fear, but he is cooperating with the police as they interview witnesses and try to figure out what caused the shooting in the first place. they are working several theories as neighbors say they are frustrated because of the violence. >> whether she was innocent bystander or not, she didn't deserve that i don't think anybody should be killed, whether they are pregnant, old, young, or whatever. nobody has a right to go
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around killing other people. >> reporter: as we mentioned this is not the first time a pregnant woman has been shot and killed this month. it was just under two weeks ago a pregnant woman was hit and killed by a stay bullet in the frankford section of philadelphia a we're live in olney tonight matt rivers for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". pennsylvania state police say officers spotted the suspect accused of killing a state trooper just over 24 hours ago but he was just too far away to be apprehended. police are searching for eric frein in the rural area where he grew up and where his parents currently live. he is accused of ambushing two pennsylvania state troopers killing one of them in blooming grove. state police believe they are closing in on frein, and investigators found empty packs of cigarettes and soiled diapers believed to have been left by frein, in the woods. >> we believe he is in that area, and i believe, you know, a lot of these resources, a lot of talented people in this situation, and i hope that
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with everything we have brought to bear on this matter that we're making that luck and we will get that break. >> police say there have been multiple sightings of frein. 1,000 officers have have been involved in the search. a grand jury has declined to file charges against the nascar driver tony stewart in connection with the death of sprint car driver kevin ward this incident happened on august 9th at a dirt track in upstate new york. ward had climbed from his car, after it spun out while he was race ago long side stewart. the 20 year-old then walk down the the track, waving his arms and was hit by stewart's car. investigators say that ward had marijuana in his system at the time of his death. well, still to come on "eyewitness news" new developments in the case of the missing university of virginia student hanna a graham, police have issued an arrest warrant for the man they believe abducted it. you are getting paid to post on social media three on your side jim donovan all
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well, the philadelphia school district will get much needed help with that new cigarette tax. it is now law. governor corbett sign the bill today allowing philadelphia to tax cigarettes at $2 per pack, a tax that is in addition to the state tax but only in
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philadelphia. the 45 million-dollar believed to be generated by that taxis already incorporated into the school district's budget for the year and would help fill the 80 million-dollar budget gap. it takes effect on october the first. the revel auction will resume next tuesday, a florida developer we know has already offered $90 million for the bankrupt casino building. revel went out of business earlier this month after it opened just two years ago and the structure cost 2.4 billion dollars to build. facebook ender over $5 billion during the first half of this year alone but relative new comer to the social media industry believes some of that money should have gone to the people who used the site. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan takes a look at social media site where users post their thoughts, pictures and their videos on line but they get paid for it. >> hi, we're the besttes.
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>> reporter: nicole johnson and kara finkly are two actresses trying to make tonight hollywood. they used to post their videos on facebook and twitter but now they use a free social media site that pays people for their posts. users can attach video, pictures and text to their pages and earn a penny for every like, view or comment. nicole and kerry's ten posts earned them hundred dollars. >> we put time and effort into these videos so it is nice to get compensation for the work that we do. >> reporter: the create others of the bubbleou after they watch facebook make billion where users supply content without getting paid. >> we wanted to kind of put a stop to that rather than just have a network that is filled up on basically, the ideas of or people. >> reporter: they make money off of advertising, but nicole and kara say it is not just about the money. >> it is a matter of respect too. when we feel respected, then we also respect the work.
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>> action. >> reporter: until they catch that big break they are happy just collecting a penny for their thoughts. the company's main competitor ace web site called a web site that offers a similar services and gives 80 percent of the advertising to at to the members. and it pays out in $50 increments. depending on how viral your post becomes it could be a a while before you get your first paycheck, a penny at a time. >> go ease there i. >> yes. >> don't quit your day job. >> all right, thanks. good have afternoon, just 5:16. relatively early start, for a lot of problems that we have, all over the place. i will go outside and show you this is actually an accident really tying up woodhaven road heading westbound toward franklin mills area thinks coming off of i-95 on this ramp right here. crews trying to clean that up and get that out of the way causing delays there. speaking of the delays, ben franklin bridge in the looking
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much better. this is from the new jersey side. westbound in the city is where you will see that backup at this moment because we are compromising those two right-hand lanes due to construction but back into new jersey eastbound still moving along great. bunch of accident as well on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound, just near mid county on the shoulder. another one on the shoulder on the pennsylvania turnpike on the other side eastbound just near valley forge. a crash out in delaware, the two left lanes blocked, route 202 southbound just at naamans road, mass transit is a great alternate, september, new jersey transit and dart all running on time with no reported delays. chris and jessica, back to you. still to come on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 we will tell you how three american soda giants want to help the country slim down. television hopes joan london opens up about her cancer battle, she bravely posts her bold new look on the cover of people this week. we will have her story coming up. the grand jury decision involving nascar driver tony stewart and chip kelly speaking out about this hit that startedded the brawl on
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sunday afterno
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kathy is here with us now and boy, the beautiful blue skies, so long to them. >> um-hmm. the clouds rolled in last night really thicken up today. now we have rain in southern delaware, rerebeach, delaware already seeing rain and that is spreading north over the next several hours. take a look outside, down the shore, we are looking at
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conditions, that are going to deteriorate, as the the hours wear on. we have our eye on the storm and a coastal storm, possibly one of several, as we go through the the fall. the winter and into the springtime season. temperatures around the region are coolest specially down the shore where we're in the 60's with all that cloud cover and persistent wind out of the northeast. in at atlantic city only 68. wildwood 70. seventy-one in philadelphia. allentown making it to 07 degrees. our live neighborhood network takes us to the boardwalk plaza in rerow beach, delaware where camera is foggy here, some rain, some win, rough surf as well, wind sustained at 30 miles an her right now. that is sustain. that is not even a gust. temperature 68. the storm is already, in southern parts of the delaware and will be here tonight. a strong area of low pressure will track toward the north and east right along eastern seaboard bringing in that moisture and strong easterly winds ahead of this particular coastal storm. so we're talking about rain
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and some serious wind. right now gusting to 30 miles an hour, each. you can see already in ocean city, maryland 31. rehoboth beach, delaware gusting to 33. wildwood 26 miles an hour gust. look at inland we are looking at 24 miles an hour gust in philadelphia. it is in the just at the shore we will see teeing whipping wind it will be inland as well. come tomorrow morning for morning rush hour, wind gusting to 30 miles an hour in philadelphia, some 20-mile an hour gustness reading and allentown. look at this millville, atlantic city gusting to about 40 to 43 miles an hour. so winds swept rain that will really slow you down. future weather shows rain lifting up from the south, by about midnight hour, and we will move right through philadelphia heading in to northern parts of the burlington county. after that wenting northward and between 4:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. we will see very heavy rain where we see yellow, reds and orange. that will continue through the morning and it all lifts up toward the north and it will be spotty showers, during
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thursday afternoon. now that rain will fall heavy 59 times overnight with gusty wind. low temperature of 60 in the city. for morning commute these are the details. heavy rain, wind gusting to 30 in the philadelphia area reduced visibility. slow travel to say the least. poor drainage flooding and at some point you may have to pull off to the side of the road because your windshield wipers will not be able to catch up. for your thursday morning rain, wind which afternoon showers and the temperatures of 66. wind will be subsiding during the afternoon but early in the day gusting to 35 miles an hour. on the exclusive eyewitness weather three day forecast after the coastal storm friday a day of improvement, and the real mvp of the forecast is the weekend, saturday 81 degrees. sunny and warmer. feeling more like summer then first weekend of
5:26 pm
it was a hit that started a brawl, and got three players eject from sunday's thriller at lincoln financial field. chip kelly spoke out today on the hit against nick foles, former eagle and current nfl executive vice-president of football operations troy vincent ruled it a clean hit, but chip disagrees. he says he will ask the league for clarification on what is legal and is what not regarding these types of blind side plays. meantime birds are back on the practice field ahead of the sunday's trip to san francisco. michael kendricks did not practice, jason kelce is out for another week. bird go to the bay area without a number of the key players. five games left for phillies, two more begins the the marlins on the road and then season will come to a close. weekend series at home against the the braves. phillies are 21 and a half games behind the pennant winning nationals. there will be in criminal
5:27 pm
charges for tony stewart, nascar driver struck and killed another driver kevin ward, on a new york race track in august. grand jury determined that there is no basis to file any charges. a night off for the flyers, they lost to the mapel leafs to toronto four to nothing. preseason play continues tomorrow night at home against the new jersey devils. >> getting closer. >> yes. >> here we go. >> bring it on. >> thanks, beasley. still to come, in the next hour, air strikes continue in syria for a second day while the president address is the u.n. with some tough talk on terrorism. plus, sick of being known as most dangerous city in america camden says they are making progress. coming up we will tell you what the police department has been doing differently to cut what the police department has been doing differently to cut their murder numbers
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i'm chris may, here are some of the day's top stories for you breaking news out of the fair hill section of philadelphia, a gunfight eruptness front of the school, two people there are shot, and as we have learned one has died. amid chaos an innocent bystander was hit by a car. a total of three schools went into lock down after this happened. three people accused of beating up a same sex couple in center city surrendered to philadelphia police today. attorney for suspect philip williams says that the
5:31 pm
incident was a mutual confrontation and that it is in way had anything to do with the victim's sexual orientation. it is getting stormy down the shore at this hour, a coastal storm is whipping up waves in atlantic city. the biggest threats right now strong rip currents, heavy rain and possibility of coastal flooding. kate? hi chris, thank you. been a long time since we have talk bay coastal storm or nor'easter. that word brings back bad memories of last winter. this is a rain and wind maker. rain is lift nothing to portions of virginia, maryland and now into southern delaware. that rain poised to move towards jersey shore and even portions of the western half of the region could get hit with heavy downpours as this rain lifts northward tonight and especially tomorrow morning. we will have timing and break down as team weather coverage continues, coming up, jessica. kate, thank you. president obama condemns stream is in his address to the u.n. as that was happening, word of another beheading, this one involving a french hostage in
5:32 pm
algeria made its way to the world leaders at the the u.n. cbs news reporter jericka duncan has the latest. >> reporter: president obama made his case to world leaders for campaign begins isis and his words were blunt. >> knowing language understood by killers like this is the language of force. the united states of america will work with a broad coalition to dismantle this network of death. >> reporter: shortly after the president spoke, officials confirmed that algeria extremist, allied to isis beheaded a french hostage. president alan says victim was killed because france is fighting terrorism. u.s. led air strikes continued overseer use and iraq for a second day. the president asked the international community for their support. >> collectively we must take concrete steps to address the danger posed by religiously motivated fanatics and the trends that fuel their recruitment. >> reporter: terror threat in the mid east is just one of
5:33 pm
many globe willal crisis the president addressed. he criticized russia for what he called it might make right philosophy and urge iran's leaders to break stalemate over nuclear energy. >> we can reach a solution that meets your energy needs while assuring the world that your program is peaceful. >> reporter: president obama also sat down for his first face-to-face meeting with iraq's new prime minister. jericka duncan for cbs news, new york. "cbs evening news" anchor scott pelley will have latest on stopping isis tonight on the "cbs evening news" right after "eyewitness news" at 6:00. man who is now accused of kidnapping a missing university of virginia student has an attorney. jesse matthew was charged yesterday, with abducting hanna graham who was last seen on september 13th. matthew is still at large but attorney james says matthews hired him on saturday. >> that is the only thing i'm going to confirm at this
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point. the family and i, nobody is making my statements. >> the video has surface today showing matthew at a private school football game in charlottesville the night before graham disappeared. that school has confirmed that matthew volunteered there as a coach and says that he did pass background checks. well, this upper darby man has become the first person to be charged under pennsylvania's new law that tough instant penalty for human trafficking. authorities say 21 year-old renell inquire had sex with two yuck girls he met on the dating web site. he has been charged with sexual assault, unsalt contact with the minor, trafficking, and other offences. new jersey governor chris christie visits camden to highlight some improvements made in that city and governor says that camden is safer. "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live in camden with the details, cleve. >> reporter: jessica, officialness camden say this is the most safe summer they have had in camden in 30
5:35 pm
years. governor christie has been here a lot since they overhauled police and school system, he says that he very is proud of what is going on here and local officials report significant i am prom. police on bikes and foot have been normal in camden since county took over operations two years ago. directive was simple, get out of your patrol cars and engage the community. >> initially, of course, no one wants to do more manual, physical labor, however, when you actually start to see effects of it. >> reporter: officer michael harper has been patrolling camden for five years and he says he has seen lots of people that once avoided police and now they help him fight crime. >> now residents, are coming up, to us and giving us good information on good hot spots, in the area. >> reporter: crime so far this year are far fewer then same time period a few years ago. homicides are down 53 percent, rape 38 percent, and total violent crime 21 percent.
5:36 pm
>> i'm extremely proud of the work and the men and women of this organization, who have connected with the community and when you have the neighborhood, everything is possible. >> reporter: city officials say safe streets and better schools go hand and hand. today governor christie met with camden high school students, including the the the football team. he also stopped to congratulate police and community volunteers. >> we need every once in a while to remind ourselves we're making progress and that things are going better. >> reporter: also at christie's event mayor dana redd says there is another safety initiative underway to demolish, within 600 abandoned structures here in camden. reporting live from camden i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, cleve thanks very much. philadelphia police need your help identifying an armed robbery suspect. this robbery happen at the j and a deli on the 6100 block of elmwood avenue. armed with a gun, you can see that suspect demand money from the cashier. the suspect is said to be 15
5:37 pm
to 17 years old, and they left the the store with an unknown amount of money. not such a good afternoon outside for our afternoon rush this wednesday. it is 5:37. we're going to go check out the schuylkill expressway. really jammed solid, just a second ago it was completely stopped heading eastbound towards the city where you can see that volume starting to stack up just at montgomery drive. westbound side, moving along a little bit better. otherwise on i-95 the same story there. ridley park, southbound towards delaware a lot of volume and the same thing, heading northbound toward the airport, travel times, everything kind of really starting to slow up 422 westbound a little slow there still at 202 and oaks, 12 minute trip and 26 minutes on 202 heading southbound from the schuylkill expressway into the route 30. out in south jersey a crash on route 42 freeway southbound heading toward 544, being pushed over in the shoulder. another accident out in delco
5:38 pm
route 252 just at route one. mass transit a great alternate, september, new jersey transit and dart all running on time and this problems at philadelphia international airport, chris, back over to you. jessica, thanks very much. a lot of people are talking about our exclusive i team investigation from last night. we showed what you many believe is a flaw in airplane security, one that could lead to a terror attack. federal study revealed that it only takes two seconds to access the the cockpit when the door opens in flight. findings demonstrated in this video. charlotte huffman shows us there is a potential solution called a secondary barrier but stuck in congressional grid lock. someone who calls himself 747 captain writes the the lack of a mandate the for secondary barriers and lack of the willingness on the the part of the airline speaks volumes to the commitment to safety. terry wrote the threat is very real and we need the secondary barriers. if you'd like to see that simulation video and
5:39 pm
charlotte's entire i theteam story, log on to cbs team. still to come on "eyewitness news" counting calories, soda companies are planning to cut your sugar in take and find out how. also life after cancer, the television host joan london proudly graces the cover of people magazine without a wig and she opens up about her battle. some iphone six users getting all bent out of shape, the problem some people are noticing about their new gadgets, we will explain, kate. and we have got a coastal storm heading our way, bringing wind, and rain, and it starts tonight. the worst of the impact may be as you wake up and head out the door for work and school tomorrow. we will have you covered. we will have the the latest timing how much rain will fall and when nice weather returns when we
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well, there has been excitement over apple's new iphone six models but there are some customers getting a little bent out of shape, so to speak. look at this one nelson cardos posted this picture saying his iphone six bent in his pocket and he is not alone. twitter is lit up with pictures of other bent phones. the ieven if six does have a much bigger, thin's loom number body then previous
5:43 pm
models. so far apple has not commented on the bend. trend to go day, gidget's home coming. that is the jack russell terrier who disappeared in april only to be found clear across the country in oregon. >> are you a good boy. >> come here. >> i don't know, what he thinks about this. >> back to oregon. >> but she did return home to the philadelphia area last night. maybe she wanted to take a smell around. she was found thanks to the pet link id tracking chip and her owners say they live near the pennsylvania turnpike. they think somebody may have just pick her up while driving along the highway, welcome back. also trend to go day a little girl sure loves to sing the song from the movie frozen but one little will disney princess did in the like the crowd reaction that she was getting.
5:44 pm
>> unaudible. >> why are you laughing at me? she's performing. some are so cute you cannot help but laugh but as a parent, two-year old irish girl was not in the mood for that, when she was doing her elis sa impression. she kept getting interrupted. she put them in place and now her video has 2 million views. >> tough crowd there. >> you have to take it seriously. >> you do. >> listen, she's a born performer, they have to have the the right audience. >> the respect, that is
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
well, we are only a couple taste into fall now and we are already tracking our first coastal storm of the season. luckily it is all rain this time around and a lot of wind as well. here's a live picture from atlantic city where you can see the sea looking angry my friends. you can see crowd moving through. grasses blowing in the breeze. meteorologist justin drabick is live in atlantic city and we will check with him coming up at 6:00 but definitely not a beach day out there. down the shore or any shore points along the eastern seaboard as this storm encompasses a wide bit offshore line. we are seeing rain from north carolina, virginia into maryland. you can see heavy rain north of raleigh-durham moving in central virginia. we are in the seeing a whole lot just yet. we have a few showers moving through sussex county,
5:48 pm
delaware a few showers in cape may county as well but later tonight that rain makes it in. another thing i'm getting increasingly concerned about is this batch of heavy rain blowing up here over central virginia. that could lift north and even our western suburbs not out of the question you will see heavy rain overnight into tomorrow morning. even though this is a coastal storm it is not only coast that will see impacts. taking you through future weather frame by frame here's 1:00 a.m. heavier rain south of philadelphia, wilmington down through delaware and portions of south jersey as well. 4:00 a.m. everybody gets in the mix and that includes lancaster, york county here, dauphin county, chester county we are seeing heavy rain there as well. watch what happens right as we kick off morning rush tomorrow, and that is when the heavier rain begins to fall. here's 7:00 a.m. we can see a curving with this. very heavy rain and strong gusty wind around 7:00 a.m. in philadelphia and nearby suburbs. that last until 10:00. then we will see these showers taper off as we head through the rest of our thursday. it will not be a nice day.
5:49 pm
not that it clears out and sun comes out. we are looking at a nasty day from start to finish but worst in the morning. future rain amounts here again we are looking at over 2 inches possible especially in portions of south jersey but not too shabby back to the north and west with many spots getting up to an inch and a half and higher amounts possible in any spot that gets stuck in the heavier downpour. lets look at what we can expecting go through tonight. period of rain, one to 2 inches of rain across the area win will gust 25 to 35 miles an hour, watch for poor drainage flooding and reduced visibility. we may shall dealing with low clouds and even some fog issues as we head through our morning on thursday. a coastal flood advisory will go in effect down the shore. that pour cyst tenth on shore flow and we will see high tides early tomorrow morning as well and that will compound things. the coastal impact about 2 inches down the shore. wind stronger up to 40 miles an hour, that minor tidal flooding between eight and 9:00 a.m. at the time of high tides and rough surf and rip currents. suffice to it say not a very
5:50 pm
nice 24 hour period we're entering in to rain turning early tonight, heavy morning rain tomorrow and then wind which afternoon showers but if you made it through this far through this downer of the forecast you will like what we have coming up at the weekend. look at this seven day forecast and things get much better, clearing it out friday, weekend and early next week 80's, sunny and beautiful so it does get better, chris, back over to you. kate, thank you very much. on the healthwatch today war on obesity received an unlikely partner, soda companies. coke, pepsi, and doctor pepper say that they will reduce calories americans get from their beverages, by 20 percent over the next decade. they made that pledge at clinton global initiative in new york, saying that they will sell smaller portions and increase sales of bottled water, and low calorie sodas. also on the healthwatch today the loss of a loved one is an extremely difficult experience but for some, it can turn into a mental health problem.
5:51 pm
>> health reporter stephanie stahl has more on new research and the best way to treat it. >> reporter: when irish palely's 26 year-old son jeremy died in the car crash her grief was overwhelming and therapy didn't help. >> you keep thinking about the same person, over and over again. >> reporter: she was suffering from what is called complicated grief, a mental health problem marked by intense longing, sadness, difficulty functioning. >> a lot of kind of preoccupying thoughts and memories of the person who died and a tendency, very strong tendency to avoid the same time to avoid reminders of the loss. >> reporter: doctor catherine scherer led a new study that had patients repeat thely visualized the moments they learned that their loved one tied the approach works much better than traditional depression therapy. >> the therapist is there with them and also helps them afterwards to reflect on that experience and to start reflecting on the meaning of the death.
5:52 pm
>> reporter: iris says the treatment helped. >> jeremy is not here, he is not coming back and the only thing i can do is live, and honor him by being the the best person that i necessity how to be. >> reporter: researchers say millions of americans suffer from complicated grief, which if left untreated can lead to suicidal thoughts and substance abuse. i'm stephanie stahl, cb is s3 "eyewitness news". >> all right. still ahead on "eyewitness news" is blood thicker then water. it is an age old concept being put to the test tonight here on cbs-3. >> we will have a sneak peak of survivor.
5:53 pm
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is joan lon on as you have never seen her before, she appears on the latest cover of people magazine proudly showing off her bald head as she takes on cancer. >> the insider's thea andrews has more on joan lon on's brave battle. >> chris and jessica joan is a survivor in my eyes. she underwent surgery yesterday and she is just one of the many fabulous, fierce
5:56 pm
hollywood women who are living their life, after cancer. >> on her twitter cam joan posted no taking it back now, my people mag cover bold and. >> the mother of seven has documented every step of her treatment on the blog, a decision inspired by her late father a cancer surgeon whom she lost when she was young. we have seen joan at her most vulnerable undergoing chemotherapy treatments and just yesterday fighting strong and full of positivity following her lump removal. >> it went well and i'm awake and well. >> ♪ >> i think both of us have come away with going through the experience of cancer, with a greater sense of self. >> reporter: if joan is feeling down she need look no further than melissa it ridge and cheryl crow two proud breast cancer survivors now rocking life to the fullest after turning 50.
5:57 pm
>> we have had a great run and now that we're 50, we can sort of earn the right to make the kind of music that we want to make. >> reporter: joan faces four weeks of radiation treatment after which her doctors are hopeful her prognosis will be good and after all she continues to serve as a beacon of light. chris and jessica, back to you. >> thank you very much. catch thea and the insider weeknights at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. hit reality show survivor returns to cbs tonight for its 29th season. >> survivors ready... >> this season the familiar blood verse water theme returns, and loved won will once again be competing with and begins each other. we talk with host jeff probes about this season's new castaways. >> sometimes we bring back returning players, we decided this season let's do it with a fresh group and in fact we have some people had don't even know the game that well at all, and we added a couple
5:58 pm
from amazing race, these twinies, nadya, to play these two. it an uneven distribution of game have savvy and that makes it fun, because you have to play at the level of the other people. >> you have have to have the game savvy. >> um-hmm. >> catch season premiere of survivor tonight at 8:00 only on cbs-3. that will do it for "eyewitness news" 59:00. now at 6:00 the ocean looking rather angry down the the jersey shore as coastal storm creeps closer to our region. meteorologist kathy orr is busy tracking the timing. the rain has made to it southern delaware and it will move northward over the course of the evening, the brunt of the storm comes with terrible timing, i'll explain that plus we will talk about the details from the city to the shore coming up. well, developing right now a deadly shooting put three schools on lock down we will hear from young students outside at the time of the violence. plus all three suspects charged the in the attack of a
5:59 pm
gay couple in center city surrendered to police and tonight their attorneys speak out, they say that there is another side of the story. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. >> now at 6:00 o'clock high wind are here, heavy rains are on the way. storms scan three is showing us a big coastal storm that is heading right for us. good evening, i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. we will begin with live team coverage with our meteorologist kathy orr and justin drabick down the shore. kathy, lets start with you, what is the timing of this looking like. >> it is tonight through tomorrow morning. the brunt of the storm coming during tomorrow morning's rush hour. you can see the rain lifting to the north on storm scan three already touching southern delaware but part of the much larger system here in the center of circulation of the coastal storm that will continue to track off the eastern seaboard and as it does it will spread heavy rain
6:00 pm
but also, some very gusty wind. and, as we continue to roll through the evening that heavy rain will lift in fill late tonight and continue its trek in the northern and western suburbs during the overnight. rain arrives between 8:00 p.m. and midnight in philadelphia and then spread to the north. heavier rain brunt of the storm with wind gusting to 35 miles an hour between 4:00 a.m. and 10:00a m tomorrow morning during the morning rush. after that lingering showers, and a slowly will be tapering off but a glummy afternoon, at best. future rain amounts showing the higher accumulations through south jersey and delaware but still an inch to 2-inch's long i-95 corridor and lehigh valley and reading berks county an inch of rain virginia beach wind gusting to 30, same goes in ocean city. row rebeach delaware gusting to 30 miles an hour and winds gusting to 25 miles an hour, down the shore and even in philadelphia. our justin drabick is live in nt