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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 26, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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screaming. it was just chaos, like horrible, horrible. >> reporter: lopez was filling up her car with gas when another car lost control on the street. it slammed into lopez's car, a fire erupted and lopez was engulfed. >> she made it out on time enough to like do the stop drop and roll and get off of fire and everything but she was on fire for like a couple seconds. >> reporter: her three year old daughter was in the back seat but police say a man who was a passenger in the car that lost control calmly approached the burning car and took action. >> and all i hear is my baby is in there. he kicks the window in, he gets the baby out. >> reporter: the child escaped uninjured. police say the crash was merely an accident. no charges are expected to be filed in this case and the family of jacqueline lopez is grateful to the man who saved the child's life. >> we're grateful that he did that and we commend him for his heroism. i don't know if i would have been able to do the same thing am i probably would have been in shock. >> reporter: and several
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people we spoke to on scene said they saw the man after the scene happened, the man who was able to get the child out of that car. they say he was wearing some sort of official uniform but no word yet on that man ma's identity. live outside temple university hospital tonight, matt rivers, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> matt thank you very much. elsewhere today, one worker is electrocuted, another is shocked when a ladder falls onto a wire. this happened on wynton avenue in havertown. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson has more. >> rest in peace god rest his soul. shocking. >> reporter: it is the first word that came to mind for neighbor bob strickland after spending most of the morning way deadly accident scene across the street. >> i'm sorry for his family. >> reporter: investigators say they have a good grasp on what happened but how it happened is going to take some work. >> we're investigating as far as the -- as far as how contact was made with one of the wires. >> reporter: contact was made shortly after 9:00 this morning at this home on wynton avenue.
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police say two roofers were putting up a ladder on the home to start work when they lost control and made contact with one of the high tension wires above the home. one roofer in his 50's was electrocuted and died at the scene. the other a man in his 20's was airlifted to the hospital in critical condition. >> at the time when he left here he was conscious. >> reporter: the investigation with haverford township and peco is centered on what you see behind me, that 14-foot aluminum ladder, it's on the ground and police have been taking measurements to find out how it could have hit one of the energized lines above. >> we haven't had power and this happened like 9:45 so it's been about two and a half hoursism peco officials say they had to dee energize about 90 customers in the area just as a precaution but has since restored power. no word from the springfield based roofing company as the investigation continues. in haverford ford township, steve patterson, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> a woman is killed and driving the wrong way on the blue route. this crash happened early this morning on i476 near the
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schuylkill expressway. police say the 22-year-old driver made a u-turn in the northbound lanes slamming head on into a box truck. she died at the scene. that truck driver suffered minor injuries. and there's still no word yet on the cause of a house fire that killed a mother in chester, delaware county. investigators say the fire broke out on the 2800 block of tenth street just before midnight. the woman inside was killed. her son survived. the fire spread to a second home before firefighters were able to get it under control. >> well, after a wet and gloomy day yesterday, the sun is shining again and we could be in for one of the nicer weekends of our year. meteorologist kathy orr is live for us on the cbs3 sky deck with more now. kathy. >> funny you should say that, chris. as i stood out here this afternoon with the warmth of the sun at my back i was thinking the same thing. this could be one of the nicest weekends we have had. it is going to be comfortable and it is going to be very warm across the delaware valley. take a look at storm scan3 because there is not one cloud
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in the sky. deep blue skies, no weather issues in the near future. right now in philadelphia 78 degrees, the same in trenton, in allentown and reading, through berks county we're seeing the warmth, the poconos 73, 74 in millville, 77 in wilmington. there is not much wind but there is plenty of sun. here's a look at the 24 hour temperature change. this is how much warmer it is today than yesterday with the rain and wind. in allentown it is 14 degrees warmer today than yesterday. in trenton, 17 degrees warmer today and in philadelphia, so far 14 degrees warmer right now than it was yesterday at this time. this evening temperatures will be mild at the start at about 7:00 p.m., still in the 70's but once that sun sets, we'll fall quickly. by 9:00 p.m., clear and calm and cool, 66. 64 by 11:00 p.m. coming up, we do have a weekend that will be a winner for sure. then we have to be concerned about the coast. more coastal clouds are
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possible. we'll also take a look at the next chance of rain in the seven-day forecast. kate and i will be back with in later in the broadcast. for now, i'm going to lang out out here and we'll send it back to you. >> enjoy, kathy. thank you very much. two students at rowan university remain suspended tonight over a sex video that was posted online. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live at the school. cleve, there was some action taken today against the fraternity where these students were members. >> reporter: chris, the national officials with the ta u kappa epsilon fraternity at rowan and they have temporarily suspended the local chapter as they look into the sex video. >> i think it's actually kind of gross. >> reporter: rowan students disgusted with two fraternity brothers officials say conspired to post a video online with one of them having sex with a female student. >> i think they should be kicked out of the fraternity. >> if it was one of my friends or my sister i would be hurt. >> reporter: the female student was playing strip beer
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pong at the fraternity house when she and one of the brothers decided to have sex in the garage. another member of the fraternity recorded the sex on his phone. soon the brother having sex in the video posted it on a porno site. >> the female in the video was consented to the act itself but not to the video. >> reporter: rowan authorities learned about the video from several students who became concerned when information started floating through the social media site yik yak. the video soon taken down at the young woman's request but university officials easily identified the culprits due in part to the video's incriminating title. >> it says rush teak asian persuasion. it was mind boggling that you would put your fraternity letters on a web site that's not good for your image. >> reporter: even though the female student isn't pressing charges the male students are suspended for violating student conduct. the fraternity released a
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statement saying we have temperature rather thanly suspended the operations of the rowan university chapter pending the results of our own and the university's investigation. she say such behavior goes against our values and will not be tolerated. the university will not speak about the students' identity involved in this and we also don't know the results of judiciary board hearing that took place today. they say that the students will have a week to appeal any outcome from that judiciary board and then they'll release the information. the university also says they have -- they are still reviewing whether or not they're going to take out sanctions against this chapter of the fraternity t live in glassboro, cleve bryan, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. a computer search shows accused killer eric frein researched survival skills and how to evade police before the shooting death of a pennsylvania state trooper two weeks ago. state police said that computer was any other frein's. his own computer was missing its hard drive. however, they say he had access to another one.
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>> pennsylvania state police troopers ambushed by eric matthew frein. state police continue to search the areas. >> a search of an abandoned hotel in the poconos turned up nothing. state police say nothing indicates frein has left the heavily wooded search area. a second suspect is charged in the murder of a teenaged girl outside einstein medical center in north philadelphia. he's 15-year-old kadir gibson of park street. he's a standout running back on the father judge high school football team. that other suspect darian person turned himself in tuesday. 15-year-old aisha rahman was shot in the back when he was walking down the street where the suspects were fighting. >> prosecutors arrest and charge more than 30 people with distributing drugs in and around chester delaware county. law enforcement officials made that announcement in philadelphia today. they allege that william dorsey ran the operation called the rose and upland drug trafficking group.
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>> members of the rose and upland trafficking group would hide their drugs in various stash locations in order to avoid detection by the police. the stash locations included playgrounds abandoned houses alley ways, trash cans, mailboxes, windowsills and other locations in the neighborhood. >> investigators believe that drug operation generated nearly two million dollars. >> air traffic is slowly moving again in chicago following a fire at an air traffic control center that authorities say was intentionally set. more than 850 flights were canceled at o'hare and midway causing backups nationwide. officials say a contractor at an faa radar facility in aurora, illinois, slit his wrists and set a fire in that building using gasoline as an accelerant. the fbi is now investigating. >> the faa is going to be looking into this contractor, the company they works for, how he ended up getting this job and getting to have the opportunity to be in that
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facility. >> the damage from the fire is so extensive other air traffic control facilities are now handling planes in that area. the contractor is hospitalized. >> well, still to come here on "eyewitness news," we do have some breaking news for you tonight. a south jersey plea schooler dies of a respiratory illness. stephanie stahl is here. she'll have details coming up. >> and do you know the day of the week your favorite stores mark down prices? three on your side does and we will help you find great deals on clothing, electronics and more. >> and the bachelor hood of george clooney is about to come to an end. we'll have all the details of his weekend italian nuptials
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i've lived hewith my mother, forty--four who is ninety--nine. people who do not live in delaware county need to know that tom mcgarrigle raised our taxes five times. five times in seven years. meanwhile tom mcgarrigle gave a million dollar subsidy
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to an energy company. tom mcgarrigle is not looking out for regular families or seniors at all. we need john kane in the senate. he gets regular families.
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>> breaking news now. the death of a four year old boy in hamilton township mercer county is being investigated and a respiratory virus is suspected. this comes as doctors and hospitals around the region report a growing number of children with breathing difficulties. >> our health reporter stephanie stahl joins us here with the latest on this. >> reporter: that's right, chris and jessica, the new jersey health department is investigating along with federal health officials. here's what we know right now from a hamilton township health official. the little boy who died at home was a preschool student at yardville elementary in mercer county. no other relatives or students are sick at this point. the class was relocated today so the room could be cleaned. the cause of death has in the been identified. the cdc is testing. this comes as local hospitals are seeing a dramatic increase in respiratory illnesses among
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children and some are taking precautions. these are the signs that are now posted around cooper university hospital. it's restricting visitors because of the growing number of children sick with a respiratory virus. no one under 16 will be allowed to visit cooper's pediatric intensive care unit neonatal intensive care unit or the pediatric floors. >> trying to prevent visitors from getting sick and also trying the preventer adviseds from spreading it. >> reporter: pediatric patient volume is double its normal levels for this time of year. kids sick with breathing difficulties. there have been a few cases where preliminary testing has been positive for enterovirus 68 that's spreading across the country. >> it's been very busy. we're seeing so many patients that we can assume that a lot of them have this virus. some of them have been tested and are positive. >> reporter: the respiratory illness is contagious and spreads through coughing or sneezing, symptoms mimic the common cold but the virus can
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can quickly become life-threatening. children who need to be hospitalized are given breathing treatments and steroids to reduce inflammation. now we also want to tell you that dupont hospital for children in delaware has also instituted visitation restrictions in its pediatric intensive care unit. no visitors under the age of 16 are allowed there. health officials say most children will recover on their own and they stress the importance of careful hand washing now more than ever kids really need to wash their hands and kids with a history of asthma are most susceptible to this. >> it's a big concern for parents out there right now. keep us posted. >> we will. >> thank you very much. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news," now hiring, a new no tipping restaurant in our area holds a job fair. >> u.s. officials down play a subway terror threat as more countries join in the fight against isis. >> and police in new mexico are catching more than just criminals with their surveillance cameras. they say they're getting visits from beyond.
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we'll let you
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>> i can't believe we got kathy to come back inside. >> i know its so beautiful out there. >> you know, it was very nice. it was very tempting and we only have a couple more hours of daylight so get out there and enjoy it and if you don't have time, 'cause you may be working, don't worry because you have about three more days of this before things really begin to change. just a stellar way to start the week. outside beautiful from the
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city, even down the shore where we are seeing many people on the boards and temperatures warm there as well. in ocean city cape may county lot of people talking about going down the shore this weekends for fall festivals and it will be the perfect weather. not so fall-like. our live neighborhood network takes us to french creek elementary school in pottstown where it was quite a busy day. of course school started. then the kids had recess out there with their t-shirts on and the buses came in the afternoon to pick them up and what a way to start the weekend with plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. our storm scan3 is showing dry conditions, not a cloud in the sky and our storm that gave us the rain and the winds continues to move off shore and fair weather high pressure is building in. this high is coming from the west and it is going to bring some warmth from the west as well. in philadelphia and trenton, even into allentown and reading, 78 degrees. 74 in millville. you can see down the shore temperatures in the 70's. the ocean water temperature just dipping below 70. here is the warmth that that high is bringing toward us.
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86 in little rock, 86 in dallas, 84 degrees in oklahoma city. we may not get this warm but temperatures will be in the 80's over the weekend. and we'll watch this high build in. saturday lower 80's. the same goes for sunday. monday the high is still strong enough to provide temperatures that will feel much more like july, early august than the very end of september. remember, september ends next week. we're looking at very calm conditions overnight. mainly clear, cool and comfortable. the low 57 in the city but cooler in our suburbs. 51 in allentown, 53 in reading. in the poconos, in the 40's. you'll need the extra blanket but tomorrow we will warm up very quickly just like we jumped up over 20 degrees today. saturday gorgeous, deep blue skies, low humidity, the high 82 degrees with a northerly wind. and of course the heat will continue to roll on. of course tonight we have friday night football. if you're going to a football game pack a sweater though even though you may start off
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with the shorts. 7:00 p.m. temperature 73 but after that sun sets, 11:00 p.m. temperatures will be in the 60's. down the shore i mentioned warmth. temperatures will be in the 70's very comfortable for saturday, for sunday, even into monday with plenty of sunshine. enjoy it. and of course on the exclusive eyewitness weather three day forecast, 80's are wild. it's the first weekend of fall but nobody told summer about that. 82 saturday, 83 sunday, 80 on monday. that is a look at the eyewitness weather forecast. kate will have the seven day coming up next half hour. we'll be back with more news
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apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself. and now try new progresso chili. slow-simmered, homemade taste. >> well, some dreams are going to be dashed this weekend. george clooney is finally saying i do. >> he's off the mark. his 20 year reign as america's premiere bachelor comes to an end. the insider thea andrews join
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us live with more. hey, guys. >> reporter: chris and jessica of course we're happy for the beautiful couple but we would be lying if we didn't admit there was a small teenie tiny part of us that's mourning the death of clooney the single guy also known as hollywood's most eligible catch. >> we say far well to george the bachelor. >> reporter: any chance you'll ever walk down the aisle. >> no, probably not. >> reporter: and just five short years after making that pledge to the insider, clooney abandonment of bachelor hood is imminent. george and his bride were absolutely glowing on this boat in venice. his hollywood friends cindy crawford and matt dame nonmon have already arrived to the city of water the site of the wedding tomorrow. time to bid farewell to george the bachelor. back in the late 80's he was a struggling actor during what we call the years. it was during that period when
5:25 pm
he married thalia balance sam. the couple split in 1993 and the bachelor was back. the next year george stole hearts on an international scale as er's hot doctor. he pledged time and time again that he would remain on the market. >> it's really the end of an era. she has a career in london as a barrister. that's sexy to himmism deep in our hearts we knew that this was the beginning of the end. >> ♪ >> never say never. never thought it would happen. >> reporter: chris and jessica and i say this with no disrespect the ladies that george dated before but when rumors started to circulate he was going to settle down but when she came on the scene you knew he was done. it was done. it was over for him. >> we wish them the best and she certainly is not only beautiful but talented. thanks guys. >> once you find the right person what are you going to
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do? thank you very much. you can see the insider of course tonight and every week night at 7:30 right here on cbs3. well, still to come in our next half hour a-local restaurant is looking to hire but at this eatery workers won't get tips. they'll get something else instead. plussism monarchs on the move. thousands of butterflies traveling down the coast right now. i'm cleve bryan and we'll tell you about some important work to try to monitor this very venerable species. >> new at 6 o'clock, promising research at a local university is helping patients battle one of the deadliest forms of is helping patients battle one of the deadliest forms of canc
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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> i'm jessica dean. here are some of the day's top stories a freak accident at a gas station in kensington leaves a mother severely burned. the victim was filling up her car with her daughter inside when another driver crashed into her car igniting the fire. the child was rescued and is okay. two fraternity brothers from rowan university are suspended over a sex video posted online. their fraternity tau kappa epsilon has temporarily suspended operation at their rowan university chapter and one man dead another injured after a ladder comes in contact with wires. both men were working on a
5:30 pm
roof in wynton avenue in havertown. kate. >> it's been a beautiful friday, perfect. you almost can't believe yesterday was so gray and chilly. perfection continues right through the weekend. it is still warm on monday but then next week a repeat scenario. we'll have to keep an eye on the eastern seaboard once again. i'll have more information coming up in the seven-day forecast. chris. >> all right, kate, thank you very much. well, new at 5:30 tonight, more countries are joining the fight against isis in the middle east while here at home, commuters are seeing beefed up patrols in subway systems. the two are related. cbs news correspondent alphonso van marsh has more. >> reporter: u.s. central command says american and allied warplanes attacked 10 more isis targets in iraq and syria today. more countries are joining the fight including denmark, the netherlands belgium and britain. >> we appreciate all the contributions and commitments of our friends and allies. >> reporter: u.s. military officials say they've received no reports of civilian
5:31 pm
casualties from the airstrikes nor can they confirm if any terror leaders have been killed. >> what we do is we monitor various kinds of intelligence. we scan social media which is normally the first place you find out frankly. >> reporter: u.s. officials say there is no immediate threat from isis here at home but there is more security after iraq's prime minister warned captured islamic state terrorists revealed a plan to target american subways. here in new york, commuters are seeing a heavier than usual police presence but the nypd is down playing the threat saying that had new york city normally operates at a heightened sense of security. transit officials in boston, washington and los angeles also reassured commuters there appears to be no immediate threat to their safety. alphonso van marsh, cbs news, new york. >> well, stopping isis will be a major topic of discussion on face the nation this weekend. a little bit earlier i spoke with the moderator of the program and cbs's chief
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>> unfortunately that's in line with a dangerous trend throughout north america. >> estimated to be a 90 percent decline in monarch populationsism researchers blame the sharp decline in butterflies on destruction of the milk weed. >> milk weed has been eradicated from areas that previously were the marginal areas of farming. >> reporter: to help preserve the monarchs, new jersey lawmakers can considering several built to encourage the growth of new habitats. monarchs are important to the environment for pollinating and in areas like cape may they have become a popular attraction for nature lovers and eco tourism. >> a lot of people show up in the fall to see the monarchs. they've heard about them and they come to the shore to look at the groups of migrating monarchs. >> reporter: in addition to the new jersey legislation several environmental groups are petitioning the federal government to give the monarch butterfly endangered specie protection. i'm cleve bryan in cape may and this little guy is on his
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way to mexico. adios. >> idling get to mexico myself. good afternoon. 5:36. safe to say there's nothing short of a mess out on most of our majors. right now we're going to look at the roosevelt boulevard. we can see an asking right here taking out the right lane and part that of shoulder the onramp to ridge avenue. headed southbound towards the schuylkill expressway you can see a lot of slow going there. this is typically northbound where you see most of the volume during the afternoon commute now we have a double whammy on both sides. the ben franklin bridge an absolute today. i know myself i came through here a little earlier this afternoon around 4 o'clock and it was like this since that moment. so headed westbound over the city into the bridge from the toll plaza completely slammed solid. additionally losing out those two right lanes due to construction. you'll be sitting there for white awhile. majors messed up all over. 95 southbound really heavy from woodhaven into the vine street expressway, about 30 minute trip. it's going to take you 31 minutes if you're on the schuylkill expressway headed
5:37 pm
eastbound from the blue route into the vine street expressway and outer in chester county, traffic light malfunction. a set of traffic lights are out. police on the scenery directing around that. route 23 at township line road. an accident out in new jersey on the new jersey turnpike northbound just near exit 7a which is 195. so that's over in the right hand shoulder. mass transit a great alternate. septa new jersey transit and dart running on time with no delays and currently no delays at the philadelphia international airport. jessica back to you. >> jessica thanks. yoga with elmo. what else do we need to say? the popular sesame street character surprised children during a yoga for kids event at the franklin institute today. elmo performed some yoga poses and had lots of photos with the kids made. elmo's appearance was part of a new exhibit opening tomorrow at the franklin institute it's called sesame street presents the body. >> do you know the day of the week that your favorite stores mark down their prices? three on your side does. our consumer reporter jim
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donovan will show you those day of the week deals. next. beasley. >> well, it's friday, you know that means the friday football frenzy, it is wood versus ryan. thank you kids for logging onto our cbs road show audio road show app and voting for the game. we'll tell you the top 10 high schools in our cbsphilly top 10 poll and talk about the eagles coming up in sports. >> thanks, beasley and we'll have the forecast for that game as well. it is going to be beautiful, not a cloud in the sky here on storm scan3 and that pattern lasts through the weekend but can it last through the seven-day forecast? i'll have can it last through the seven-day forecast? i'll have that for you coming up when we
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>> well, it is friday night. time for the football frenzy. your team, your town, your kids on tv. >> and a lot of fun. >> yeah. >> sports director beasley reece joins us from warminster with a preview of the game of the week. beas. >> hey, guys, we had to pick a neutral site. this is william tenet high school. that's how big this game is. archbishop wood versus archbishop ryan. we'll talk a lot about this game at 6 o'clock. these are great program. wood one of the best in the nation winning two of the last three state championships. now let's take a look at the cbsphilly high school top 10 report. it's a first for us and that's
5:42 pm
saint joe's prep number one followed by wood. you wonder why prep is number one. with a one and two record, they play that national schedule. number three lasalle, saint joseph's and hammonton, pennsbury, shawnee, imhotep, timber creek camden and coatesville. for more check out eagles national football league reached out and they have fined our big guy, jason peters $10,000 for going upside the head of washington's chris baker in sunday's game after baker cheap shotted nick foles. you don't do that. baker was that fined $8,268 for grabbing peter's face mask. when i see you at 6:00 we'll hear from the coaches at this high school game and more about this friday football frenzy featured game of the week. there's more news when we come
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>> ♪ >> well, do you believe in ghosts? well, you might after
5:46 pm
this next video. take a look at the white blurry translucent figure moving around the police station in new mexico. detectives say that there's no way in or out of that particular secured area without an open gate and an alarm sounding. the police department has been at this location since 2006. they also say there have been some unsolved murders nearby. >> that creeped me right out. let's move to the weather. we'll start off way look outside over the city of philadelphia right now and it just doesn't get a whole lot better than this on a september friday evening. no wonder traffic is so bad trying to get into the city. everyone wants to get to dinner sit outside and enjoy this beautiful night. just a gorgeous day here in center city and all across the area. let's take you down one of our beach towns, the boardwalk plaza in rehoboth beach delaware. this a time lapse showing what a gorgeous day it has been. people are actually coming on
5:47 pm
the beach today. they said yesterday it was miserable, it was cold, cloudy, rainy now we're breaking out the umbrellas again and getting another beach day in and the boardwalk busy as well even at this hour lot of folks down getting their feet wet and enjoying what's going to be another lovely weekend and feeling more like summer than fall again. let's take look at storm scan3 which shows a whole lot of nothing and that's how we like it. big difference from yesterday but we had lot of green to track here on storm scan3 all thanks to this big dome of high pressure that's been centered over the midwest for really the past week and it's been bringing gorgeous weather to portions of indiana ohio all week long. the coastal storm unfortunately being close to the coast is not always the best for us. that ruined it but as we head through the weekend high pressure really exerts its dominance and the coastal low will continue to move down toward bermuda as the high takes over and centers itself directly above us bringing us really beautiful weather for the weekend. take a look at these temperature. yesterday we didn't get past the mid 60's. today looking at 78 degrees at the airport, 78 in reading, 77
5:48 pm
in wilmington and it's 78 degrees right now in allentown. this time yesterday that's an increase of 14 degrees here in philadelphia. it is 17 degrees warmer now than it was at this time yesterday in trenton, new jersey and it's been warming up really through the end of the week and will continue to do so through the weekend. our normal high for today is 74 degrees. yesterday we barely got in with a miserable 64 but today the official high reached 78 and for the next three days, highs will top out in the 80's and i got to say these averages are dropping quickly through the weekend and into next week, our average high will only be in the low 70's so it will be even more impressive of a departure as we get into next minute. but as you'll see in the seven-day forecast this is not going to last forever so i would urge you to enjoy it while we can because as those normals drop the chance of 80-degree days get slimmer and slimmer. here's that big dome of high pressure though moving overhead through the weekend. we're looking at lots of sunshine saturday and sunday. we're just kind of protect. the high acts like a dome,
5:49 pm
nothing can get in when this big high is overhead. it's not going anywhere for awhile at least until we get the threat for yet another coastal low and that comes in as we head through the middle part of next week. beasley just talked about the friday night lights game of the week. let's take a look at your forecast for it. boy, it is going to be a really nice night for football, really nice night for the phils as well taking on the braves tonight. 73 degrees at kickoff with that clear sky it will drop quickly into the 60's tonight so you may want to bring a light jacket or a sweatshirt a perfect september evening for football action. overnight clear and comfortable, bottoming out around 57 degrees. saturday sunshine, just a gorgeous day, 82 degrees a-blight blue sky just like today all day long. f if you're in the poconos thinks look fantastic, mid 70's just a little cooler with a few more clouds on monday and that's the story here in the city as well. here's a look at your seven-day forecast. a beautiful weekend. sun and clouds monday and then tuesday, wednesday, thursday more includes and the chance for a couple of showers especially tuesday and wednesday. so, enjoy this weekend while
5:50 pm
we've got it. >> does it ever feel like every time a store has a sale you're the last one to know? maybe the clearance racks get cleared out before you even have a chance to look around? well, pull out that calendar because tonight three on your side's consumer reporter jim donovan shows us how to get first dibs just by shopping on the right day. >> reporter: 50 percent, 60 percent, 70 percent off or more. discounts like that are a big deal. >> i have a family of five, three children, myself, my husband am i look for any bargain i can find. >> reporter: knowing which day a store does its marks downs leaves you with more merchandise to choose from. >> if i knew in advance i would probably take advantage of it. >> yeah, i would be more inclined to go shopping. >> reporter: kyle james knows. >> amazing how open employees were with the information. >> reporter: founder of rather be says many retail chains are just like the rest of us, they operate on a schedule.
5:51 pm
>> you can really get in there and shop the clearance racks and new mark downs when they actually have stuff there, stuff you can save money on. >> reporter: for example at macy's when it comes to marking down merchandise. >> they're supposed to be done by tuesday morning making tuesdays, even wednesday morning a great day to go in. >> reporter: james says over at old navy employees say wednesdays are best for bargain hunting because. >> usually by tuesday evening we have to have all of our new mark downs done. we add all the new stuff to the clearance section. >> reporter: at target it depends on what you're buying. >> they don't do all their clearance mark downs on one day. they break it up. >> reporter: for instance mondays are electronics, tuesdays women's clothing, wednesday lawn and garden, thursday house wear and friday house wear. j. c. penney is easy to remember. they mark down products on the first and third friday's of the months. at coal's it's the second and fourth saturdays and the gap. >> every two weeks on monday. so, employee told me that can change from store to store but
5:52 pm
almost always on a monday. >> reporter: figure out which monday and plan accordingly. >> the key is to be polite yourself. say i notice not a lot on the clearance rack. what day is a good day to come in. >> reporter: did you get that was? james says babies are us, cvs ross and joanne fabrics mark down items on a schedule. some schedules may differ from region to region am i post eddie tails on you can find the information on my facebook and twitter feeds as well. >> you just got to be patient and plan it out. >> yeah. >> that's right, ask 'cause they'll tell you. >> they tell me stuff all the time. >> so thor roosevelt i think you've got every potential -- >> i've printed it out. print out the list. >> good tips, jim. thanks. >> have a good weekend everyone. >> appreciate it. you do the same. hundreds of people turned out for a chance to come down and be the next contestants on the price is right. cbs3 hosting a contestant search at the sugar house casino. two winners will fly to l.a.
5:53 pm
for the taping of the show and one of them is guaranteed a spot on contestants row. you can see the price is right. she's going for sure. you can see the price is right at 11:00 a.m. right here on cbs3. still a great show. >> that could have been you. >> the contestant winning. >> one of these days. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news," now hiring. a local restaurant that doesn't allow tipping. >> we'll tell you why potential workers say they're happy about that policy next.
5:54 pm
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>> ♪ >> food and wine take center stage on the atlantic city boardwalk this weekend. >> the boards will play host to the second annual do ac boardwalk wine promenade. those taking part will be able to enjoy more than 100 specialty wines spread among
5:57 pm
10 different tents. there will be plenty of great food to try out. >> people are going sip and savor during saturday and sunday all afternoon up and down the boardwalk. >> tickets for the boardwalk wine promenade are $65 on saturday, $55 on sunday. how about dining out with no tipping? a new restaurant in our area is making national headlines with an interesting policy. >> it's not just peeking the interof diners. dozens of people are lining up to work there as well. our sister station kyw news radio has the story now from fishtown. >> reporter: here on girard and marlboro in fishtown is under construction but owner is getting more than your typical restaurant opening including the no tipping model. they'll be paying benefits. >> the owners make a lot less money. >> reporter: those who attended a job fair for the restaurant say mauer mora's bismol quite attractive.
5:58 pm
>> benefits, paid vacation days, sick days and that's wonderful, that's every worker's dream. >> i think it's better to make a living wage instead of not know whether or not you'll have a off night. >> the new concept will open the eyes of the residents of philadelphia to see that there are other ways of doing business within the restaurant industry. >> reporter: by investing in his employees mora tells me he'll be saving some money. he tells me from training to resources to hours, staff turnover is one of the biggest unwritten expenses in the restaurant industry. >> and then there are the intangibles, the fact that they know the menu better, the facts that they know the people better. it just makes for a better experience for the guests. there's less waste, less mistakes. >> reporter: girard brass reis expected to open at the end of next month. kyw news radio for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> and that is "eyewitness news" at 5 o'clock. >> now at 6:00 a fiery crash caught on camera. in the middle of those flames, a young mother and her three-year-old.
5:59 pm
eyewitnesses describe the dramatic rescue. >> also ahead, a sex tape scandal had a at a new jersey university and there are new developments in this case that have two students suspended so far. kathy. >> suddenly it will be feeling like summer. warm today, in the 70's. going higher over the weekend but it's not going to last long. summer is back for a limited time only. we'll take a look at the forecast coming up. >> and how philly is on the front line in the fight against one of the deadliest cancers. how vitamin d could play a pivotal role. that's now on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. >> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> everybody screaming. it was just chaos. >> right now at 6 o'clock, a fiery crash and a dramatic rescue. a mother pumping gas is engulfed by flames as her daughter sits in a burning
6:00 pm
car. that young child was pulled to safety. hello, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. police say the passenger in that out of control car is the one who ran to rescue the child. the drama unfolded on aramingo avenue and somerset street in kensington. matt rivers spoke with our witnesses and has this story live from where it all happened. matt. >> reporter: chris and jessica, the victim in all of this remained in the intensive care unit here at temple university hospital with second and third degree burns. her three-year-old daughter, however, escaped this terrible accident unharmed thanks to the action of one man. the thursday night sky lit orange as flames engulfed the sunoco gas station at somerset and aramingo in kensington. "eyewitness news" video captures its intensity and in the middle of it all 21-year-old jacqueline lopez and her three year old daughter trapped inside her car. >> all i hear her screaming is my baby is in there. saw everybody running around scattering like everybody screaming. it was just chaos. ke