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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 26, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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car. that young child was pulled to safety. hello, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. police say the passenger in that out of control car is the one who ran to rescue the child. the drama unfolded on aramingo avenue and somerset street in kensington. matt rivers spoke with our witnesses and has this story live from where it all happened. matt. >> reporter: chris and jessica, the victim in all of this remained in the intensive care unit here at temple university hospital with second and third degree burns. her three-year-old daughter, however, escaped this terrible accident unharmed thanks to the action of one man. the thursday night sky lit orange as flames engulfed the sunoco gas station at somerset and aramingo in kensington. "eyewitness news" video captures its intensity and in the middle of it all 21-year-old jacqueline lopez and her three year old daughter trapped inside her car. >> all i hear her screaming is my baby is in there. saw everybody running around scattering like everybody screaming. it was just chaos. like horrible, horrible.
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>> reporter: lopez, a student and single mother had been pumping gas on her way home from school when another car crashed into the pump. as flames engulfed lopez's car with her three year old in the back seat a passenger in the car that had lost control jumped out and went to work. >> he kicks the window in like pulling some karate stuff on the window. he gets the baby out and he didn't hesitate to jump in and just go save the baby. he put the baby's life before his own. >> reporter: that man likely saved the little girl's life as her mother remains in the hospital after being severely burned in the fire. no charges will likely been filed in the case as police are calling it an unfortunate accident. it's a situation lopez's family says could have been a lot worse. >> i'm very upset about the situation but at the same time relieved because she is alive. >> reporter: and we did speak to several eyewitnesses who spoke to the man that saved that child. they say he was wearing some sort of an official uniform but no word yet on that man's identity.
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we're live outside of temple university hospital tonight, matt rivers, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> matt, thank you. authorities say accused cop killer eric frein researched how to evade police. that's the new information in the manhunt for the man who allegedly shot two pennsylvania state troopers killing one. frein has been on the run now for two weeks. state police said today a search of a hard drive that free had access to revealed previous research on survival skills. >> the search of his computer hard drive indicates extensive internet research on topics such as how to avoid police manhunts, use of various law enforcement technologies and skills related to survival. >> they say they've concentrated their search in the area of the old inn at buck hills fall. state police say nothing indicates frein has left the heavily wooded search area. another arrest today in the shooting death of a 15-year-old girl outside einstein medical center. 15-year-old qadir gibson turned himself into police
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today. he's a running back on the father judge high school football team. so far police aren't saying what role he played in the shooting death of aisha abdur rahman. only "eyewitness news" cameras were there when the first suspect in that case 19-year-old darian person turned himself in to police on tuesday. >> well, a sex tape scandal is all the buzz on rowan university's campus tonight. two students and an entire fraternity chapter have been suspended after the tape was posted online. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan is in glassboro for us. cleve, what do we know right now? >> reporter: chris, university officials won't discuss what happened during the judicial board meeting today where they talked about these two suspended students. they say they can't talk until next week when the appeal process is over. meanwhile the national fraternity as has suspended this chapter of tau kappa epsilon while they do their own investigation into this sex tape. some rowan students are hoping for a severe punishment after one fraternity brother records another having sex and they put it online without the
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consent of the young woman involved. >> i think that's just horrible and i can't believe someone would from rowan university would put something up like that. >> reporter: according to a university police report the female students was playing strip beer pong at the tau kappa epsilon fraternity house when she and one of the brothers decided to have sex in the garage. another member of the fraternity recorded it on his phone. soon the brother having sex in the video posted it on a porno site and the news quickly circled on social media. >> i was going through the news feed and i see hey did you see the porno and i was like what. >> reporter: students concerned about the female reported the video to campus police. the video was taken off line at the female student's request but she is not pressing charges. >> since they're all adults the student had -- the female students had the right to file a complaint and she decided not to. >> it's very embarrassing for her. i feel bad for her. i feel bad for her family be friends. >> reporter: the male students are suspended for student conduct violations pending the result of a
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judicial process. the national fraternity is taking action. they say tau kappa epsilon has temporarily suspended the operations of the rowan university chapter pending the result of our own and the university's investigations. such behavior goes against our values and will not be tolerated. rowan says they'll still considering whether they'll file sanctions against this fraternity chapter. knife glassboro, cleve bryan, "eyewitness news." >> we're watching as our weather turns from fall back to summer this weekend. meteorologist kathy orr is live out on the cbs3 sky deck with the first forecast. kathy. >> chris, it is so beautiful out here. the sun is shining so bright, the humidity is low, there's a light breeze. it's extremely comfortable and we have about one hour left of daylight. i can even smell someone barbecuing. it's really feeling more like summer. take a look at storm scan3 because it's dry and it's beautiful for miles. this is our 150-mile radius and there's really nothing
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going on. we are looking at temperatures that are more reminiscent of june. in philadelphia it's 76. 76 in allentown and reading and even in trenton. 70's down the shore. 71 in the poconos. you can see how much warmer it is today than yesterday. this is the 24 hour temperature change. in reading, it's 12 degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday even as the sun gets lower in the sky. in trenton, 14 degrees warmer and in philadelphia it is still 13 degrees warmer than it was yesterday at 6 o'clock. this evening once that sun sets shortly before 7:00 those temperatures will fall quickly. by 9:00 p.m. in the 60's, by 11:00, 64 and comfortable. coming up, chris mentioned it, summer is back but not for long. some coastal concerns with clouds. we'll talk more about that coming up, plus the next chance of rain in the seven day. i'll see you with all that coming up later in the broadcast when i join you inside. >> all right, kathy, thanks. a tragic accident in delaware county. one worker is killed, another injured after the ladder they
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were using came into contact with power lines. ah emergency crews rushed to wynton avenue in havertown. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson shows us what happened. >> rest in peace. god rest his soul but yeah, shocking. i'm sorry for his family. >> reporter: investigator say they have a good grasp on what happened but how it happened is going to take some work. >> we're investigating as far as how contact was made with one of the wires. >> reporter: contact was made shortly after 9:00 this morning at this home on wynton avenue. police say two roofers were putting up a ladder on the home to start work when they lost control and made contact with one of the high tension wires above the home. one roofer in his 50's was electrocuted and died at the scene. the other, a man in his 20's was air lifted to the hospital in critical condition. >> at the time when he left here he was conscious. >> reporter: the investigation with haverford township and peco is centered on what you see behind me, that 14-foot aluminum ladder, it's on the ground and police
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have been taking measurements to finds out how it could have hit one of the energized lines above. >> we haven't had power. this happened like 9:45 so it's been about two and a half hours. >> reporter: peco officials say they had to dee energize about 90 customer in the area just as a precaution but have since restored power. no word yet from the springfield based roofing company as the investigation continues. in haverford township, steve patterson, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, a wrong way driver on the blue route is killed after crashing head on with a truck. that happened early this morning. the crash closed i476 near the schuylkill expressway for several hours. police say that the 22-year-old driver made a u-turn in the northbound lanes and slammed led on into a box truck. she died at the scene. the driver of the truck suffered minor injuries. well, the cause of a house fire that killed a mother in chester, delaware county, remains under investigation tonight. that fire broke out just before midnight in the 2800
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block of tenth street. the woman inside was killed, her son did survive. the fire spread to a second home before firefighters were able to place it under control. >> a common vitamin could be the key in the fight against cancer. >> up next here on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 our health reporter stephanie stahl will take a closer look at how vitamin d helps treat one of the deadliest forms of the disease. >> and we embark on a magical journey. you'll learn all about this special trip for two local children. kathy. >> clear skies means summer returns. it is going to be a winning weekend and tonight we are getting ready for friday night football. it's going to be mild, beasley. >> that's right, and it's wood versus ryan, wood one of the top programs in the can country. you'll hear from the wood coach and we've got an eagles update coming for you as we talk about the friday football
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don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds. >> got at story you would like us to investigate? e-mail your ideas to i-team at >> on the cbs3 health watch tonight, the growing power of vitamin d. it's showing promise in helping local patients as they battle one of the deadliest
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forms of cancer. >> three on your side health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on how it works. >> reporter: vitamin d which comes from the sun is known to make bones stronger and boost the immune system. philadelphia researchers are finding a potential new benefit. >> are you okay. >> yes. >> reporter: this syringe is filled with a special formulation of vitamin d. the supplement is believed to be helping new jersey residents chris battle stage two pancreatic cancer. >> it's just very exciting to not have a death sentence hanging over my head. >> this is something totally novel in pancreatic cancer. i believe there this will usher in a new way of treating the disease. >> reporter: oncologist peter zero dwyer at penn medicine is testing vitamin d injections in conjunction with aggressive chemotherapy. he hopes the vitamin can make the chemo more effective against typically lard to treat disease. >> more than 50 percent of patients relapse later so we know that the pancreatic tumor
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has already spread even when we see patients who are eligible for surgery. >> reporter: a new study published in the journal cell shows the vitamin chemo combo is very promising. it's believed that the supplement can help break down the extra layer of cells that surround and fuel pancreatic cancer. >> by making those support cells less active than the tumor cells become more sensitive to the chemotherapy. >> reporter: doctors think vitamin d-chemo combination can can help shrink tumors before surgery. >> i just think it's amazing. >> reporter: now chris is looking forward to moving past this ordeal. >> i'm looking forward to 20 more years after this now with my grandchildren who are 14, 12, 10 and six. >> wow. >> reporter: now patient in the study undergo the combo therapy for a month before surgery and a couple of months after. the study is not for patients who have metastatic cancer. coming up at 11:00 on cbs3 "eyewitness news," some generic prescription drug prices are skyrocketing.
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it's happening to all kinds of medications and you could be affected even if you have insurance. i will tell you thousand avoid paying more tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. >> it can get very expensive. >> we'll stay up late for that for sure. stephanie thanks. >> a magic adventure for two local children with life-threatening medical conditions. they took off today for walt disney world in orlando and mickey mouse himself greeted jack and ashley at philadelphia international airport. there's something magic foundation and american airlines are treating the children and their families to a week long vacation at disney y world and the families say they are very grateful. >> well, thousands of horseshoe crabs were released into the delaware bay today. all in celebration of national estuaries day. "eyewitness news" was there in north cape may. now, these crabs were hatched at the new jersey aqua culture innovation center where they have been working to increase
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the horseshoe crab population since 2012. >> hm. >> pretty big. >> happy journey to those guys. >> and a flies day for freedom for them. >> it certainly is. water is still a little toasty. >> i bet it is. >> it's always fun in the summer when you're a little kid finding the horse view crab. i was always afraid of them. weather-wise a great day from the city to the shore. it is liking like a spectacular weekend no matter what you have planned. please try to plan to be outdoors. outside right now we'll take you down the shore. this is the north end of the boardwalk in ocean city of course wonderland right there. the boards getting a little busy. a lot of people talking about going down to the shore this weekend and it will be what we call a shore bet and we haven't been able to say that every weekend over the course of the summer. on storm scan3, not a cloud in the sky. deep blue skies, low humidity, no weather issues for hundreds of miles. that's the good news. our live neighborhood network takes us across the region. i searched to find the highest highs across the delaware
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valley and this came up number one, warrington 81. of course tied with reading at when it field elementary school, 81. lehighton, look at that, 80 degrees and in newtown at george school, 79 degrees this afternoon. 76 in allentown, trenton, reading. temperatures bouncing up a few degrees in the past hour with the late afternoon sunshine. we're just minutes away from sunset but still quite warm. in wilmington it's 75. 74 in millville and some 70's down the shore. i want to draw your attention out through the plains and heading into the tennessee valley where temperatures are in the 80's and this is our future. we will be in the 80's over the next three days. high pressure builds in from the west. we get into more of a southwesterly winds and that means temperatures are going to soar feeling much more likeall and august than very late september. tonight we have that friday football frenzy. beasley is live with the teams. we have archbishop ryan taking on archbishop wood. kick jawfer at 7 o'clock right
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after sunset, temperatures are still going to be warm, in the lower 70's but right after that 7 o'clock hour, it will be falling. if you're going to the game, pack a sweater or sweatshirt because you will need it by half time. overnight mainly clear, cool and comfortable with a low 57 in the city. cooler in our suburbs. waking up tomorrow to 50's across much of the region. in the poconos little bit of a chill but we expect that this time of year. temperatures will be in the 40's. 51 in allentown, 53 in reading and 50's down the shore. during the day tomorrow, temperatures bouncing up very quickly into the 80's. a huge swing in temperature. almost 30 degrees in some spots. 82 degrees in the city and temperatures will be just as warm down the shore. on the seven-day forecast, check it out. sunday 83, monday 80. and then we have a coastal low that's going to try to give us some clouds, maybe a few showers for tuesday and wednesday into thursday. the jury is still out but our computer model, the european model which was very good predicting our coastal low
6:19 pm
over the course of this week is saying we think this is going to happen. we'll keep an eye on that. right now looks like tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week looking for some clouds and cool weather, little bit of a weather rut. so, enjoy this weekend. soak up every second. >> good advice. kathy, thanks. >> at 6:19 our rush hour is looking to be just like what we would expect at this time friday afternoon on the schuylkill expressway just past the vine street expressway headed eastbound towards center city, you can see a lot of slow moving here due to this accident and typical afternoon delays as well. so, that's pushed over to the right shoulder. everyone squeezing by to the left side but that's something we would come to expect. in jersey everything moving along nicely. this is actually headed southbound towards the a.c. expressway or 55. moving along great there. that's usually where we see most of the afternoon delay for your commute on the way home northbound towards the city or possibly 295 moving along great there as well. things starting to lighten up
6:20 pm
just a little bit but still heavy on 95 headed southbound from woodhaven into the vine street expressway. still a 33 minute trip there and about 23 minutes on 202 from the schuylkill expressway into route 30 if you're headed southbound. a few incidents as well. pa turnpike westbound an accident just past fort washington, right lane blocked there and on the northeast extension southbound just past lansdale an accident taking out left lane there. mass transit doing great. septa new jersey transit and dart running on time with no delays. chris and jessica back to you. >> cbs news is just a couple minutes away. >> scott pelley joins us with a look ahead. scott. >> reporter: hi, chris and jessica. great to be with you in philadelphia. we're going to cover that sabotage at the illinois air traffic control center that brought air traffic to a halt. we'll tell you how it happened and we'll look at the national impact. plus, we're going to show you how isis makes a fortune in black-market oil and how they smuggle foreign fighters to the front line. those stories just ahead on the cbs e
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only from xfinity. >> column to tenet high school. it is the site of our frenzy game of the week. it is archbishop ryan versus archbishop wood. wood undefeated. ryan two and two. woods one of the top program in the country. here's the wood head coach on playing on friday night. >> i think that these kids growing up this is the point in their life they want to be friday night football playing a game in front of their friend family school mates and they play under the lights on a friday night in great weather and playing a game they love i think it's an awesome experience. >> good luck to the kids. let's turn to the eagles now. michael kendrick is out for the eagles game and that trip to san francisco still recovering from the calf injury. it's another tough test for
6:25 pm
lesean mccoy. shady held in check by washington last week in part due to that patch work offensive line and my exclusive one-on-one with shady he says the birds have many ways to beat you. >> so a guy is going to come in and shut me down. i'm not saying i'm going to let him but if that's what you want to do then we'll have to make some adjustments and make some plays down the field in the air. >> see my entire interview with shady mccoy sunday mornings at 11:30 on sunday kickoff. in other eagles news offensive tackle jason peters was fined $10,000 for letting washington's chris baker know you don't need to be messing with nick foles. baker was fined $8,200 for grabbing peter's face mask during the melee. so, chris and jessica, we've got games from around the area. your town, your team, your kids on tv, the original friday football frenzy. now back to you. >> so fun. >> bleachers about to fill up. >> so fun. >> bleachers about to fill up. beasley y thank you very much. just by switching to progressive.
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>> ♪ >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we return at 10:00 on our sister station the cbsphilly. we're back here on cbs3 at 11:00. >> the cbs evening news comes your way next. tonight that air traffic control tower brings flights across its nation to a halt. plus, on the road with a peewee football team trying to break apart their greatest nemesis. here now with that and much more is scott pelley with the cbs evening news. >> ♪
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>> pelley: tonight, flights to nowhere. >> i'm disgusted with it, really. >> pelley: sabotage at a control center. how did one man halt traffic at some of america's busiest airports? jeff pegues and dean reynolds report. holly williams reports from the border where thousands of fighters are crossing to join isis. jim axelrod on the offbroadway smash with a hollywood ending. >> derek jeter ends his final game with a walk-off single! >> pelley: and steve hartman's on the road with the mighty mites training for a rematch with their toughest opponents. >> we have to keep on doing it until we break through. >> yup, it's payback. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.