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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 30, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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♪ good morning. it is tuesday, september 30th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." new allegations about an armed intruder got deep into the white house than first reported. a standoff in hong kong where demonstrators are demanding reform. and one of the most storied teams in college football. how michigan's quarterback was allowed back in the game with a head injury. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> we are now learning that the man you saw in this video got a lot farther inside than we were led to believe. >> troubling new details about
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the white house fence jumper. >> omar gonzalez ran through the white house into the east room before he was stopped. >> this comes as the direct of secret service is scheduled to testify before congress. >> we've got to address this. it's extremely upsetting and very disappointing. >> demonstrators in hong kong are giving the government until tomorrow to respond to their demands. >> undoubtedly, this is the biggest moment for hong kong. >> nasty september storms swept through dropping hail, heavy rain and snow. the suspect of the missing university student hannah graham is now connected to the 2009 disappearance and murder of virginia tech student morgan harrington. the coach of the michigan wolverines criticized after leaving a player in the game after a major blow to the head. >> what he called serious lack of communication. >> was anybody not watching what was going on on the field. >> when a cruise ship runs
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aground. fishermen rescued all 190 people on board that vessel. >> the deputy quickly grabbed a knife. >> all that -- >> the patriots blown out here. kansas city 41-14, the final count. >> my first dance was do you know kelly clarkson in a moment like this. >> do i. >> and "all that mattered" -- >> neil diamond back in brooklyn. the music legend put on a free surprise concert at his old high school. >> yes! >> on "cbs this morning" -- >> chelsea clinton and her new baby girl check out of a new york hospital. bill and hillary were there to make sure. >> hillary clinton was really excited until she remembered that you have to be 18 to vote. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota, let's go places. captioning funded by cbs
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welcome to "cbs this morning." secret service director julia pierson testifies in a few hours on capitol hill. she faces tough questions about a white house security breach, far more serious than officials originally revealed. and a troubled iraq war veteran with a folding knife in his pocket ran through the president's home. he ran through the hall and raced through several of the mansion's famous rooms. bill plante is there with the revelation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, 32-year-old omar gonzalez evaded the secret service long enough to run through the front doors but also secret service learned he was able to do it because an alarm which sometimes goes off was disabled because it annoyed the staff when it went off accidentally. this is allowed gonzalez to get much deeper into the building.
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gonzalez raced unobstructed for 70 yards across the white house lawn. he brushed by a secret service officer who had a drawn gun and entered the mansions. sources well cbs news, he ran than past the cross-hall to the entrance. he confronted a female secret service agent, overhouring her and then ran another few hundred feet to the cross-hall and into the east room where he was ultimately brought down at the door of the green room. in a statement the next day, the secret service tried to minimize the invasion saying that he was physically apprehended after entering the north portico doors. on monday, the agency cited the incident. and then said it will further enhance security. pressure for stepped-up security increased this week as new details emerged about a shooting incident at the white house in november 2011.
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that nice oscar ortega-hernandez fired multiple rounds at the family's residence with a semi-automatic rifle. the president and first lady weren't at home but their daughter sasha was. >> morning, guys. >> reporter: the shots that hit the white house weren't discovered for four days. when the president and first lady found out what had happened, they were fear use. julia pierson will appear on capitol hill today where members like jeff chaffetz is pushing for reform. >> every single one failed. that goes to leadership, it goes to protocol and it goes to training and she needs to answer those questions. >> reporter: in all of the string of embarrassing incidents the secret service has tried hard to keep a lid on information that's been made public. as one administration official put it to me, there are dwhaes we don't want to answer but it will be difficult when pierson
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appears before congress later today. >> juan zarate worked inside the white house, he was a top aide to president bush. juan, good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> let me begin with helping us understand how this could possibly happen. >> well, this is a serious and troubling breakdown in security. the secret service' core mission is protect not just the president but the 18 acres that the white house sits on. and this was a breakdown at every level. a breakdown in judgment. a breakdown in the layers of security. and certainly, a breakdown in protocol. so this is a very serious moment for the secret service, a crisis of competence, if you will. and i think you're going to hear a lot of this on capitol hill later today. >> crisis of confidence but what about what we heard from the secret service. they told us he was apprehended after he entered the north portico doors. and now we learned he made it all the way past the residence of the first family and made it all the way to the green room?
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>> the fact that he got so far into the white house premises without getting taken down is incredibly serious. he could have been armed. he could have had a bomb. >> he had a knife. >> he had a knife, he could have been the part of a broader assault on the white house. so that's a serious issue. the other thing to keep in mind, norah, this is a bad demonstration for copycat artists so they've seen what is potentially a vulnerability in the secret service protection of the white house and that's very serious for the moment of threatening crisis for the country. >> and, juan, as bill plante reported, this alarm box was turned off? >> yeah, that's a very serious rupture in the security protocol. you have layers of security, both the perimeter security. you've got the dogs, you have the snipers. you have the alarm system. you have lockdown system for parts of white house. this is as secure as you can get. and this was a perfect storm of failures. and the secret service is going
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to have to answer for it. >> juan zarate, thank you. isis forces in syria are on the move this morning, close to turkey's border. they are targeting the border town of kobani with artillery fire. kurdish troops are trying to hold isis back and soldiers and tanks are station ted border a few miles away. officials said u.s. air strikes over the weekend did little to stam the isis advance. a new isis propaganda video uses british to kriz size american air strengths. john cantlie appears to be reading a script, and it is the snird video featuring cantlie. a former challenger is backing president obama for telling "60 minutes" the intelligence community underestimated the threat from isis. republican senator john mccain said intelligence experts did warn that islamic state did pose
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a threat it if the u.s. pulled all of its troops out of iraq. mccain lost in the presidential election, but the white house said the president is not trying to blame everyone. >> the president of the united states is the commander in chief. and he often talks about how is he is the one ultimately responsible for protecting the security interests of the united states of america all around the globe. there's no question he relies on important advice from leaders in military, leaders in the diplomatic corps and leaders in the community. >> and also hard to predict the will of security forces. remember that the president told "60 minutes" that the u.s. overestimated iraq's ability to fight off isis. and, charlie, usyou've heard it. i've heard it. and intelligence bristled saying that the intelligence community might have underestimated the threat. publicly, there's a paper trial of intelligence officials before congress saying isis is a
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problem. >> starting in february. and the interesting thing to me is so many people said it publicly. but we're also now hearing from high-level intelligence officials off the record, you know, that they think it was wrong. and in a sense some of us suggesting to throw the intelligence community under the bus. i'm not sure the president would do that. but clearly, there is a pushback, on the part of the intelligence community. saying we tried to tell you. >> all right. the story continues. >> indeed. no end in sight for pro-democracy protests in hong kong. here's a look at demonstrations block major roads. protesters want china to back out of screening for elections. seth doane is in hong kong. >> reporter: good morning, we are in the heart of the protest zone. you can see protesters lined up on the overpass behind me here. we're seeing people restocking these protesters with food and water. there is a sense that they will be here for a while. and with china's big national day holiday tomorrow there is a
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sense that these numbers will grow. tens of thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators are digging in, while protesters are taking a more peaceful tone -- ♪ >> reporter: -- some even singing in hong kong streets they're also getting more specific. setting an october 1st deadline for democratic reform. and demanding that hong kong's chief executive step down. in a show of solidarity overnight, protesters waved cell phones in a sort of electronic vigil. over the weekend, police in riot gear used tear gas to try to disperse crowds. the heavy-handed response may have only encouraged others to join. >> we are not armed. we are not using violence. we are just on the streets. >> reporter: at the core, demonstrators want the direct election of their chief executive in 2017. beijing's communist government
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has decreed that the only candidates permitted on the ballot must be vetted by a committee filled with beijing loyalists. these scenes are leading some to draw comparison to another student-led prodemocracy protest in china 29 years ago, ti tianan square. the pictures around the world have spread but not many are making to mainland china. take a look at this. this is one of the major hong kong papers, it talks about democracy on the front page. then look at the english language "china daily" out of beijing which does mention the protests but does it very briefly. and only talks about the inconvenience with snarled traffic, the stock prices down and the inconvenience for people here. so two very different takes on this protest.
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norah. >> absolutely fascinating, great report, seth. new developments overnight in a college football player who took a hard hit saturday. this morning, we know that university of michigan quarterback shane morris is left with a concussion. his coach brady hoke put him back in the game. don dahler looks at the controversy. >> overnight, michigan admitted that quarterback shane morris was diagnosed on sunday with a probable mild concussion. he suffered a blow to the head on saturday's game against minnesota. released the contradictory remarks made sunday afternoon by head coach brady hoke saying he had no knowledge that his kwfqb suffered a head injury. when michigan quarterback shane morris took this vicious hit to
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the game. hadal appeared dazed. the play by play announcers -- >> he can barely stand up. >> boy, they've got to get him out of the ball game. >> reporter: morris was removed after the next play and moments later, returned to the field. >> we talked about player safety in this game. this is atrocious to me. >> reporter: head coach brady hoke addressed it. the entire 15-minute session devoted to his handling of morris' injury. >> we would never, ever, if we thought a guy had a concussion keep him in the game and never have. >> reporter: the athletic director dave brandon blamed the decision to play morris on a lack of communication with confusion on the sidelines. the michigan medical coaching staff did not see the hit, leading them to believe shane stumbled because of his ankle injury sustained earlier in the game. since saturday's game, outrage has been leveled directly at hoke. >> this is about a coach an a
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sideline that had no idea what was going on. >> we saw the incompetence of brady hoke one more time. >> what part of possible brain injury do you not get? >> a lost people are concerned about player health. and they understand that there's a lot more that we know about concussion. >> reporter: john sullivan who covers college football for cbs news said the coaching staff and the university mishandled the situation. >> even if there's no concussion at all how did they properly evaluate and keep him in the game and then return him to the game? we don't know the answer to that question. >> the university of michigan announced two immediate changes in medical policies. one, michigan will have a medical professional in the press box or video booth with ability to communicate with medical personnel on the sidelines. and, two, the school plans to examine its sideline communication processes. they say they have learned from what happened and will, quote,
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continue to improve ways to keep our students' health and safety. and tightening air traffic control this morning. jeff pegues is at chicago's o'hare airport with what the faa administrator is saying about the changes. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we are seeing more delays and cancellations here, once again at o'hare. now the federal aviation administration has launched a review, trying to prevent this from happening again. over the next 30 days, the federal aviation administration will review security measures at air traffic control centers across the country, after a 36-year-old man single-handedly, according to investigators, damaged the equipment which manages some of the nation's busiest airspace. micha
7:17 am
micha michael juartes. >> reporter: investigators will review plans. the national air traffic association acknowledged the chicago center doesn't have a backup plan. >> we never put a contingent plan in place. >> reporter: according to investigators the suspect brian howard posted a threatening message on facebook friday morning before the fire and control center. a friend of his saw the post and called 911. >> i don't know what to do. he said he's is about -- he's going to create some sort of outage. >> reporter: howard was later found in the basement of the control center. he had attempted to commit suicide. on monday, he was in federal court in hospital scrubs with a bandage around his neck. he was overheard telling his family, i'm sorry for all of this. ronald safer is howard's lawyer. >> brian tried to take his life.
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that he did so in a way that inconvenienced many, many people is unacceptable, and he deeply regrets that. >> reporter: since friday there have been more than 6,000 delays and cancellations. that say number that will rise today. the faa is bringing in those replacement parts to fix the control center, and that will take two weeks. charlie. >> jeff, thanks. severe weather brought snow to colorado's central and western mountain ski areas and today, could bring the possibility of strong thunderstorms in the plains. list ton that. in the denver area, golf ball size hail slammed parking lots and back yards. monday's hailstorm damaged more than 500 cars and shattered windows. now, an update on the story we've been following a leading breast cancer doctor found guilty of poisoning her former lover will serve a ten-year
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sentence. she was convicted of aggravated assault for putting an antifreeze chemical in her ex-boyfriend's coffee. prosecutors say gonzalez was jealous after george bloomenschein chose another woman over her. he suffered permanent kidney damage. she will likely lose her medical license. coast guard officials say a sightseeing ship off the south korean coast today, in april, a ferry disaster left more than 300 people dead or missing. and it is now 7:19. and ahead on "cbs this morning" -- soaring atm fees. the surprising
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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tracy morgan nearly died in a devastating crash. >> ahead, how walmart is trying to hold him responsible for his injuries even though he wasn't driving. >> the news is back here in the morning on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me, and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage in many adults. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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good morning, i'm ukee washington, your forecast on this final day of september 2014. katy? >> i can't believe the month is already almost over at this point. but we are still in the midst of just little bit after active pattern right now, after basically two straight weeks of some real nice weather, with few minor hiccups along the way, storm scan3, also, showing a little baby hiccup here in the way of some very light rain, also cents some fog issues for you, through our west most suburbs here, and off toward the pocono region, so watch for that if that's where your travels take you. currently outside, live neighborhood network, temperatures generally flirting with 06 in haines upon, bethlehem, pa, drexel hill smidge miler at 62, what you are finding in philadelphia. should end up with enough sunshine to heat things to up flirting with 80 later today,
7:27 am
just watch for stray shower, today, or tomorrow. tory? >> thank you, so much, katie. good morning, everyone, definately not going to find delays a stray. they'll be really everywhere, looking at 95, definately big old back up, northbound 95 approaching cottman, still have an accident, blocking left-hand lane. delays stretches down to center city southbound side not looking great either out of northeast down through the vine, average 14, 14 on the blue route, also, be minds full after accident, montgomery county at huntington pike and red lion, ukee? >> thank you, neck un date at clock 55, up next on cbs this morning, bank fees at all time high. what you need toto know to keep your monday any your wallet. your monday any your wallet. we're on the "cw phill
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♪ >>it was revealed today that the white house fence jumper, he got deeper inside the building than previously reported. unbelievable. yeah. in fact, for 20 minutes he was acting secretary of commerce. [ laughter ] >> yeah, now, it's a big joke for a lot of people, but it really is no joke. it's shocking you all were talking about at 7:00, how far he got. >> so shocking. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, is walmart now blaming the victim? one of its trucking plowed into a limo van carrying tracy morgan and others. why the retailer said the actor and comedian shares responsibility for his injuries. and shaking up hollywood
7:31 am
again. why the streams site is sharing new release. the dallas morning news said a hospital patient is in strict isolation for showing signs of ebola. preliminary test results are expected today. doctors at texas health presbyterian said the unnamed patient's symptoms and recent travel history is raising concerns. "the wall street journal" said a supermarket has been hacked for the second time. supervalu with hackers who may have stolen credit card information. the new software may limit the damage a similar breach happened earlier this summer. "usa today" said federal safety official, taking a new look at toyotas built from 2006 to 2014. earlier, this year, you may recall that toyota paid a $1.2 billion fine for failing to disclose a similar problem. "the new york times" said
7:32 am
the federal communications commission is going to loosen black outrules. the wants to allow satellite providers to show the game rarldless. even if the fcc loosens its rule you the nfl rules remains in effect. so it doesn't necessarily mean that blackouts will be lifted. and the indy star said tony stewart released his first statement in the crash of ward. stewart said he hit ward by accident, but the memory will be with him forever. >> it's going to be a part of my life. it's going to be a part of kevin's family's life. it's never going to go away for any of us. hopefully, it will get easier for all of us. >> stewart is seeking professional help for ward's death and said he would be willing to talk to the ward family.
7:33 am
jesse matthew is being held for the disappearance of the university of virginia sophomore hannah graham, but investigators believe forensic evidence links matthew to the death of virginia tech student morgan harrington. wyatt an zrus tracking developments from washington. wyatt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the case of missing student morgan harrington was among the most an kwishing unsolved murders in memory. police now believe jesse matthew is connected to her abduction. the break in the cold case comes five years after 20-year-old morgan harrington disappeared in a circumstance similar to graham's. harrington was last seen hitchhiking after leaving a metallica concert at the university of virginia. 18-year-old hannah graham was last seen having a drink with jesse matthew, the man charged with abducting her. both cases led to intense community searches but harrington's body was found
7:34 am
three months later with police saying she'd been violently murdered. >> we're fairly confident this time that the remains are those of morgan dana harrington. >> reporter: police searched matthew's house and car and said they found a aforensic link to morgan harrington and sources say that typically means dna. >> we are relieved but a roller coaster. >> reporter: harrington's parents together to wdvj. >> they've got plenty of time to sort it out and make sure this is indeed the person who kid morgan harrington and is responsible for the disappearance of hannah graham which is paramount. >> reporter: matthew was not charged with harrington's murder, but the links to both graham and harrington now makes hum a suspect. matthew was set to appear for a video for a bond hearing this thursday in chart lotsville.
7:35 am
walmart is making a countercharge against tracy morgan."the third rock" star is suing the retailer over injure tlas he suffered in a profound accident. walmart put out the statement we are profoundly sorry that one of our trucks was involved. if it's determined that our truck caused the accident, walmart will take full responsibility. vinita, good morning. >> good morning, walmart is answering morgan's lawsuit with a variety of sentences but one in particular stands out. one that says tracy morgan's injuries were caused at least partly because he wasn't wearing a seat belt. >> oh my god. oh my god. >> reporter: walmart said actor tracy morgan is at least partially responsible for the injuries he suffered when their company's tractor trailer rear ended the actor's limb know on the new jersey turnpike almost four months ago. the six-car pileup kid morgan's friend leave two others in
7:36 am
critical condition. morgan sued walmart, arguing the company should have known that its driver kevin roper was fatigued. he'd been awake more than 24 hours before the crash. now walmart is answering morgan's lawsuit with an accusation of its own. in a court document obtained by "the hollywood reporter" walmart said the plaintiff's injuries were caused in whole or in part by plaintiff's failure to wear an appropriate seat belt restraint device. >> it's fairly typical, what is known as shifting the blament. the people involved in causing the accident, walmart or their driver was trying to find something done by the passengers or passenger to get them off the hook. >> reporter: at last report, morgan remains at home recuperating from his injuries. morgan's lawyer issued a statement to cbs news. tracy morgan is struggling to recover and they answer and blame him and the other victims for what they caused. that's despicable.
7:37 am
>> whatever they may say now will look a lot worse if they're on the penalizing end of a multidollar lawsuit that says they wrecked tracy morgan's career. >> now that walmart has answered morgan's lawsuit it may be a matter of weeks before a judge begins taking depositions but it could take another year before the case actually goes to trial. vinita, thank you. and we're paying more than ever to get our own money. a new study shows that fees for out-of-network atms jumped 5% this year to an average of $4.35. jill schlesinger is with us. good morning. this seems outrageous, $4 to get your own money? >> part of it is our own fault, we don't walk the extra few blocks to go to our atm, overdraft fees up by $15 this is the fifth consecutive year that we've seen overdraft fees. we're up to 32 bucks for
7:38 am
overdraft fees. a lot of people just don't need to be doing this and they're signed up for these services and it costs them lots of money. >> listen, i think we're now going to start walking. i remember when the charge was a dollar. there is something wrong about paying to get your own money out of your account. so what can we do to avoid the fees other than walking? >> besides walking, you do want to check with your banks before you go out. there are banks that offer free atm charges. that's the onus on us. to avoid overdraft fees you can get an app or text alert when your balance goes below a certain level, you know that, you don't run up the charge and pay the fee. by the way, experts say debit card universe should not be enrolling in auto draft protection because it really costs so much money. the other thing i want to be clear about, you've got other options. you need to shop around. credit unions have very cheap fees. online banks, brokerages, mutual funds they have keep fees.
7:39 am
check this out, walmart led introducing last week, new banking services you can get a checking account if you're 18 years old with an i.d., no credit check, for less than nine bucks a month. >> so the thing is to continue to look for better opportunities. but are the fees going to continue to rise? >> i think they are. i think we're looking at 3% to 5% increase. look, banks are under pressure. the relagulators are clear, the can't do things to get money. so i think we're going to see a continuation. the thing is what we don't know whether banks will feel pressure from these alternatives so that people will actually have better choices. >> this is fascinating to me. according to the federal reserve there are an estimated 10 million people who say they won't bank with a bank. what's that about? >> what that is about is interesting. those are the unbanks. that is because 25% of them say they can't meet minimum balances and they have poor credit so
7:40 am
that leaves people out of luck. >> thanks, jill. netflix is about to break the mold again. and mike hogan of "vanity fair" will show us the plan to ever go back to a movie theater. that's next on "cbs this morning." ♪ what shall we do for dinner? pizza! with a little help, it's easy to whip up a great meal on a week night.
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now, with more fruit! don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds. ♪ next summer will bring a milestone in movie history. the weinstein netflix teaming up for the premiere of crouching tiger hidden tiger green lerchsd. it's the first time the movie will be released on streaming networks and theaters simultaneously. michael hogan of "vanity fair" is joining us, so you're a movie company, what does this mean for you? >> it means you're going to have
7:45 am
to figure out a reason to get people to go to the theater, other than they can't watch it at home yet, and netflix and imax are teaming up to say, what if, just like netflix, you can stream entire seasons on a tv show, all at once, something you had to wait until much later to do. but if you could watch it the ahome and say, you know what i'd also like to see this in the theater. shaking up the whole idea that there needs to be a three-month window of something coming out and watching it at home. >> netflix compares it to watching a football game at home or watching it in the stadium. they said it's two different experiences. do you think that's a good analogy? >> i think that's a good analogy. there are people who would watch movies if they could choose where to watch them. >> that includes me. >> and trade neal, hollywood has been increasingly focused on how do we get 17 year olds to come to the theaters on thursday or friday night. and let's try to figure out parents at home, people who
7:46 am
don't get to go out to the movies all the time or don't feel like it it. >> is this going to hurt the theaters, though? i still like going to the movie theaters. >> i think it will hurt the traditional business for the movie theaters and have them be much more creative to compete which is why they don't want this. netflix has teamed up with imax and harvey weinstein. these are all independent people that can do what they want. >> how smart is harvey weinstein to do this? >> well, he's, i'd say, very smart. and i'd agree. he's a guy who basically operates like a studio chief but independently. he doesn't have shareholders to answer to. he has business control and creative control which is rare. >> it's inevitable. as soon as we realized that the quality was possible, this was going to happen. >> i feel like it's going to eventually happen. give the people what they want. you got a number of companies
7:47 am
that don't want to do that. >> you can't stop technology. >> people there are saying harvey weinstein, stop coming up with ideas. >> i love "crouching tiger." i'm very excited about this. thank you, mike. an nfl player scored a touchdown and said a prayer and it cost his team 15 yards. we're going to show you before we craft it into a sandwich. the amazingly tender roasted turkey -- always raised without antibiotics,
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7:52 am
a penalty. people are like, what, that doesn't sound right. and we're celebrating ben affleck returns to studio 57 this morning. we're going to talk about how this smile landed him the lead in "gone girl" and how he almost passed up the chance to play batman and wear that suit. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." ♪ it's eb. want to give your family the very best in taste, freshness, and nutrition?
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good morning, i'm erica von tiehl. we kick kick things off with katie, forecast for the day, little unsettled, right? >> fast flow in our atmosphere, so helping to bring in few additional systems, quicker than what the last few weeks have brought new systems in. where we just had high pressure anchored overhead, brought beautiful weather. but storm scan3, it is again yes, just little active. some light rain continues to fall across portions of southern new jersey, but, that's really all you're dealing with here, little built of damp road, little bit after damp boardwalk, obviously, out out towards the shore, we should start to brighten up, any fog you might be finding should be lifting. sixty-one later tonight under cloudy sky. temperatures will not drop all that much once again.
7:57 am
back to the mid 70s, wednesday, thursday, by friday, pope end front. waits in the wings. vittoria? >> thank you so much, katie. waiting in the wings for you, whole lot of rush hour traffic. let's start first, if you are traveling on harbison avenue, right at torresdale, we do have an accident which is blocking the right hands turning lane onto torresdale avenue as well as the center lane. so you will need to give yourself more time here. also, need additional time traveling on 95, northbound, we have an accident, cottman, southbound, major rush hour traffic, and really anywhere that you would usually find rush hour, it will be there, and watch out for delays for mass transit. erika. >> tour, thank you, next update at 8: 25, next on cbs this morning, making tv history, but the first all female sports talk show. your local news, weather and your local news, weather and traffic co ♪ this flu season...
7:58 am
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♪ it is tuesday, september 30th, 2014. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including a murder case where the verdict may be the result of a 48-hour interview. but first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> this is breakdown at every level. a breakdown in the layers of security, and certainly, a breakdown of protocol. >> the secret service has tried to keep a lid on information that's been made public. but it will be difficult when director pierson appears before congress. >> you can see protesters lined up on the overpass behind me. there is a sense that they will be here for a while. >> brady hoke said he had no knowledge that his qb had
8:01 am
suffered a head injury during the game. many are calling for him to be fired. >> we are seeing more delays and cancellations now. the federal aviation administration has launched a review trying to prevent this. >> walmart said tracy morgan's injuries were caused at least partly because he wasn't wearing a seat belt. >> okay, this seems outrageous, 4ed to get your own money? >> part of it our own fault because we don't walk the few blocks to the atm. we don't stay in the network. >> so you're a movie company, what does this mean for you? >> it means you're going to have to eventually figure out how to get to the theater. >> kim jong-un, there are reports that he is sick due to too much cheese and beer. sounds like someone is applying for american citizenship. [ laughter ] i'm charlie rose, with norah o'donnell and gayle king.
8:02 am
the united states secret service explains what happened with security. julia pierson is testify, on capitol hill. officials say omar gonzalez was not caught at the door. >> an official tells cbs news that the iraq veteran ran past the staircase which leads to the family quarters. gonzalez overpowered an agent and ran 100 feet in the east room where the president makes speeches on tv. and the agents tackled him out of the green room. >> in hong kong, wet weather isn't stopping the crowd of mostly high school and college students. take a look at these pictures, they want china to knock down the idea of screening candidates in an upcoming election. hong kong's leadership said that won't happen. more protester, expected tomorrow. americans have a new way of checking on their doctors. a financial database lists financial ties between medical
8:03 am
company and drug companies. the physician payment sunshine act is part of the affordable care act under the obama administration. dr. laurie glimcher is the dean of the medical school and also on the board of drugmake glaxo klein squib. >> what will it show? >> it will reveal the relationships that physicians have between certain drug manufacturers, medical device companies and equipment companies and those will be posted online so the patients can go online to check to see whether their physician is involved in a relationship. >> those connections aren't monitored now? >> they are monitored now, very stringently by academic and teaching hospitals. we have very strict rules. i would encourage patients to ask their doctors. because sometimes, the information on the website can be confusing.
8:04 am
and it's not put in the context that one can understand where the money is going to. whether it's going to research or whether it's going personally to the physician. >> let's talk about the possibility of conflict of interest. i mean what benefit is it to a company to have you or someone on the board what benefit for you is it to serve on the board? >> i can advocate for patients as a member of on the board of a pharmaceutical company. and i can help provide advice and help guide that company to investigate in medications that i think meet currently unmet medical needs that are very important. we're all in this because we really want -- >> you talk about the consumer. for a consumer, when they go in and see a doctor and a doctor prescribes them a certain medication that may be a brand name rather than a generic name, they have to pay more. and they don't know that maybe their doctor is getting a cut. >> that's why i think it's very important to be transparent. it's all about transparency, as
8:05 am
the justice said, sunlight is the best disinfect tangt. i believe this is a good step in the right direction. at some point, the website will be up, it's still going through glitches. >> that's good news for consumers. thank you so much for being here. and new mom chelsea clinton is waking up at home for the first time this morning with her 4-day-old daughter charlotte. that's assuming she got any sleep. chelsea left the hospital with her newborn in hand. charlotte's dad marc mezvinsky was nearby. and you there see bill and hillary beaming. >> beaming is the world. i love this picture. two-time oscar winner ben avenue afleck jus
8:06 am
affleck just arrived here at the cbs center. we'll talk about
8:07 am
two of the smartest women in sports are in our toyota green room right now. there they are. amy trask in the middle. and telling us about the new sports show and bringing a different perspective to tv. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." ♪
8:08 am
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8:11 am
get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. ♪ now, a major update to a story "48 hours" has been following. a north texas woman was found guilty yesterday in the 2011 shooting death of her husband. the report was featured on "48 hours" back in may. correspondent peter van sant looks at the trial. >> if she thought she could go
8:12 am
on "48 hours" and say this outrageous, crazy -- >> reporter: prosecutor jack strickland where michele williams stood trial for the murder of her husband greg. it was a world away from their once glamorous life. there was a mansion. exotic cars, lavish parties. >> greg treated me like a queen. he was the most amazing father to mikaela. >> reporter: the life of privilege came crashing down in october 2011 when michele says an intruder attacked her then shot greg dead in his own bed with his own pistol. >> it's my husband! >> reporter: when police interviewed michele, they found her story hard to believe and after hours of interrogation, she changed. >> if you did it, if you covered up, just tell me. huh? >> reporter: she told police
8:13 am
that greg had committed suicide and she cleaned up the scene and staged as a murder to protect her daughter. but cops weren't buying that story either. michele, they believe, was the killer. but with no evidence, prosecutors offered her a plea deal, up to 18 years in prison if she admitted she tampered with evidence and wielded a firearm. >> who shot greg? >> i have my assumptions, and that person is letting me sit here. >> reporter: but in the interview with "48 hours" just before her plea was finalized, michele changed her story yet again back to the intruder theory. >> i'm saying he had his own weapon. >> reporter: the judge was furious. he revoked the plea deal and ordered michele williams to stand trial for the murder of her husband. >> and if not for me -- >> if she's talking, she's usually lying. >> reporter: michele's sister laura told "48 hours" she's been
8:14 am
a pathological liar her entire life. almost three years after gregg williams was shot dead, michele went on trial last week. with no forensic evidence, the case was purely circumstantial. >> gregg williams left behind a substantial estate. >> reporter: the defense surprisingly never raised the intruder theory but was back to claiming it was a suicide. >> i'll say it again, michele panicked. >> reporter: during the trial and in closing arguments, michele's interview with "48 hours" came back to haunt her. the jury deliberated for seven hours. the verdict, guilty of murder. michele williams could get life in prison. for "cbs this morning," peter van sant, napa, california. >> well, "48 hours" strikes again. it could be a good or bad thing when "48 hours says we want to talk to you depending on your
8:15 am
point of view. you don't have to be risch to listen to prince's new song. ahead looking at not one but two new albums dropping today. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ because the aarp fraud watch network means everyone can protect themselves and their families from scams and identity theft. with local alerts, tips from law enforcement, and the inside scoop from former con artists. real possibilities to stay ahead of the bad guys. if you don't think beat con men at their own game, when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". find more surprising possibilities and get to know us at sir, we're going to need you on the runway. (vo) theraflu starts to get to work in your body in just 5 minutes. (vo) theraflu breaks you free from your worst cold and flu symptoms. (vo) theraflu. serious power.
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8:18 am
♪ i'm a believer not a trace no
8:19 am
doubt in my mind ♪ believe this, neil diamond singing at his old high school. the 73-year-old legend had a surprise free concert last night in brooklyn. it was diamond's first ever headline performance in his home borough. he announced it monday morning on social media. it was held at the high school where diamond and barbra streisand sang in the choir in the 1950s. diamond has hey new album next month. >> what a great thing to do. >> at the high school. >> "sweet caroline" in honor of the boston red sox. >> there you are. >> let's introduce you. let's introduce you, right? you have a new show "we need to talk." a launch of "we need to talk" on the cbs sports network.
8:20 am
it's the first all-female sports show. you just saw amy task and andrea kremer, welcome to both of you. what was the idea for this show? >> a long time in coming, finally, that was my reaction when i heard about it. it will be a rotating cast of 12 very impressive women led by my longtime friend amy trask, over a quarter century of the leading female executive in the nfl. as you said, it's your friend list on -- >> there are 12 participants on the panel. each week, there will be four different women. we may overlap from time to time. you have a distribution list of 12 on your phone, and each week a different group come. gold medalists, olympic winners, wnba champions. >> why the all-female show? >> well, it's historic.
8:21 am
there's never been -- you may have a woman that appears on another sports show, never have you had all of these women from all these different backgrounds, bringing their opinion, their knowledge to a show like this. >> you know what, guys, i like the title "we need to talk." most times when a wife says that to her husband, he wants to run through a plate glass window. but you say it's produced by women, run by women, it's not strictly a women's sports show. >> no, it is not. the a sport show and it just happens there are 12 women talking sports. you know, we've always talked sports. this is nothing new for us. something would happen in the nfl or nba, i get an e-mail or text, we've got to talk about this. now, you all have to listen. >> you raise an interesting point why would there need to be an all-women show. as you as you indicated this is not a show about women sports it's about all sports and the intersection of sports and society with women participating.
8:22 am
but ultimately, the show needs to judged on its quality, not on its gender. >> when the nfl scandal broke, were you thinking, gosh, i wish we were on the air now? there's always something happening in sports. >> there is always something happening in sports. sports say reflection of society in many regards it's a microcosm. sports offers us in society moments where progressive, pivotal societal change, transformative change for many years. it's in society and i think we always have issues to talk about. >> when that monday hit, the ray rice video came out -- she and i, if only our show debuted tomorrow. >> we're excited about the show debuting at that time. i was soaking in the whole matter and thinking this is a pivotal moment. but there will always be pivotal moments. i'm sorry? >> how do you assess how the nfl has responded? >> disappointing initially. on the road to the right direction, i hope.
8:23 am
and i hope very cognizant that there's now an opportunity for the nfl to lead and to really foster transformative social change. >> have they begun to change that leadership? >> i think we're going to watch to see but it appears the ship has turned and headed in the right direction. at least from my perspective. >> being reactive, you have to be pro active. you can't sit back and wait for something to happen and be proactive on the issues. as amy said, sports say microcosm of society. it's not an nfl problem. it's a national domestic violence problem. and because there's so much happening with who did what, who knew what, it obscures the big issue, domestic violence is a big problem. >> and what to do about that. the big story, we've been talking about is michigan coach brady hoke. will you all be giving your opinion, for instance, will you say he should lose his job or not lose the job or just talking
8:24 am
about the story? >> i think we'll be sharing facts, sharing facts from our varied experiences in and around the sports world, as well as giving our opinion. the whole concussion head issue is something i've been working on for years and years. amy is also instrumental with that. look, the trickle-down effects from the nfl to the nba must happen. there are specific protocols in place from the national football league since 2009 on how to manage protocol, how to manage concussions on game day. >> it has not trickled down? >> it's not yet trickled down. and you cannot let the player or coach decide if the player can play. you need an independent neurologist on the sideline, get him out of there. >> i think sports as girls, it was boring, were you athletes, did you like it? >> i have loved football since i can remember. and i did not grow up in a family of avid football watchers, but i have loved that since a child. >> love sports. be able to talk about it tonight
8:25 am
on cbs, in historic form, pretty >> in is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, i'm ukee washington, an update on breaking news we've been following for you. shooting in burlington county. a live look at the active police investigation. "eyewitness news" has learned off duty police officer shot a man in the back, several times, now, that victim is in the hospital. it happened about 3:00 this morning, near stevenson and sheree avenues in edgewater park. the circumstances of the shooting still are not clear at the moment. time for your forecast with katie in the weather center. >> good morning, everybody, overall, not bad day. we do have couple of side issues that we've got to discuss out there, some fog a problem, for a lot of the western suburbs, northwestern suburbs, outside of philadelphia, especially head in the toward central pa, and in addition, we go to storm
8:26 am
scan3, also going to find little green. bulk of it, thankfully, out to sea at this point, but you might still have couple of damp roads or damp boards walks, if you are headed out taking morning walk. as we go through the day, dow expect we will brighten up, in fact, already doing so in philadelphia, for some sunshine, which will help us still flirt with 80 degrees today. we drop to 61 month. -- tonight. tracking low pressure, so i still have to throw in potential for a shower tonight, and very likely have something out there, as well. thursday dry, next potent cold front comes along friday night. vittoria. >> thanks, so much. good morning, everyone, still dealing with this accident on harbison avenue at torresdale. i can only imagine what happened travel on harbison avenue almost every single day, if you are traveling in this direction here, notice police officer, seems like blocking the right turning lane, for sure, but also blocking the center lane, torresdale avenue, approaching torresdale avenue, rather, at harbison, blocking the center and right hand lane. this is going to be if you are
8:27 am
traveling right around 95, delays there, as well. ukee? >> torrey, thank you, next update 8:55, up next on cbs this morning, ben afleck with preview of new film gone girl. preview of new film gone girl. a place where luxury and nature is so hand in hand. ♪ a place where by doing nothing you can get so much. how to explain a beach hidden by the earth?
8:28 am
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♪ there's only one. that's prince. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, he stars in one of most anticipated movies of the year. that's you ben affleck. he's in the toyota green room. how his smile -- let's see it, ben -- the smile -- leading him in the big screen thriller "gone girl." prince is out with new music. the artist is releasing not only one but two albums. let's show him the way he's getting the word out, that's ahead. first time to take a look at the morning headlines. san francisco chronicle saying
8:31 am
the university of california is adding more gender-neutral restrooms. "people" and "hello" magazines are sharing new photos and details of george clooney and amal alamuddin star-studded wedding over the weekend. in venice, sthey exchanged a kiss. the bride's mother said the couple radiated love all night. and forbes looks at the richest people in america. to make the list you have to be worth $1.55 billion. facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg worth $34 billion. thanks to the stock market. third-year-old elizabeth holmes is the youngest woman worth $4.5 billion. and gopro founder nicholas
8:32 am
woodman he was just here yesterday with his new cameras. woodman worth $4 billion. and he scored big at the box office, earned critical acclaim, by the way, won two oscars, and did we mention, this guy as directing. >> nice try, freshman. >> reporter: he played a bully in the 1993 classic "dazed and confused." starred in a string of kevin smith's indy films. but in 1997, ben affleck earned movie star status when he and childhood best friend matt damon wrote and appeared in "goodwill hunting." that movie earned nine oscar nominations winning affleck and damon best original screen play. >> pay attention, will you see how genius creates a legend. >> reporter: affleck's career skyrocketed. >> go ahead, go ahead! >> reporter: and the blockbusters followed. >> all i have to do is save the
8:33 am
world. >> reporter: he made a directorial debut in "gone baby gone" in 2007 followed by "the town" in which he also starred. in 2012 affleck directed and starred in the political tli thriller "argo." >> my wife disappear three days ago. >> reporter: now he plays a husband suspected of having something to do with his wife's disappearance. >> you don't know what she does all day, you don't know your wife's blood type. >> are you sure y'all are married? >> where are her folks? can they get here in time for the press conference. >> you haven't call your wife's parents. >> i can't get a signal on a cell phone. >> well call them in, nick, please, now. >> and welcome back.
8:34 am
we laughed at the picture of you. where's that ben affleck picture of you. >> there it is. i see sandra bullock must be coming in. >> we'll take a walk down memory lane in just a second. let's start with this movie, ben. i read the book, i saw the movie, loved them both and i love that david fincher, one of the reasons he cast you, was because of your grin. what was it, because the grin comes the a very creepy time in the movie. >> yeah. i was never quite sure which smile he meant but he was obsessed with the relationship how the media shows up and what's really going on with us. and that this nice guy who sort of a people pleaser, is accused of murdering his wife. and he's standing in front of the missing persons and they say smile, he kind of smiles. but that image is used to kind of condemn him throughout.
8:35 am
not unlike actually that segment you ran about the "48 hours" interview. >> yeah. >> very similar type thing with the interaction of media and real life. and the fixation with cases that tend to be about spousing murdering one another. >> but i think you said something i don't feel connected personally to nick dunn. definitely, though, i was looking at a version of my life that i didn't recognize through the prism of the media. >> yeah, in my life, i don't think i'm -- i don't hold myself out there as the only guy who experienced this many folks who do this work know who it is. but i have felt i'm looking at versions of myself. some of the stuff you showed -- oh, this is 19 years ago old. but, you go ahead, and you do something. and you see the way it gets covered by tabloids and folks wanting you to look unduly bad for whatever reason. you go, there's no relationship to who i am. it's like a whole other person.
8:36 am
it's like watching a soap opera. and an actor and reading lines that i don't want to play and an act i don't want. so i use that frustration and kind of helplessness and irritation to connect with a guy who is obviously on another level being accused of murder and who can't control that. and if you don't act sort of the right way in these cases, you tend to get judged. >> yeah, people jump to conclusions. >> it's a great story line with a twist in it. but also, it's a great story about a marriage, too, right? about the complexities of people's marriages? >> i think that's really what the movie is about. most interesting to me. there's a plot, whodunnit, there's a thriller. at its heart. the thing that david pitched to me which is the most interesting. it's about how in that i don't know if you want to call it courtship, seduction, dating. we tend to show our partners the
8:37 am
side that is the most attractive and that they might like the most. eventually, when it's because you get tired of holding up that way or you get married and close the door you find out who you really are. >> what turned out for you? >> i got lucky. first, getting married was better than i thought. i'm not sure what she thought of me, you know. luckily, neither one of us has been accused of murder. >> i can tell you what she thought of you in batman. i saw an interview the other day. she said he's in the best shape he's ever been and i'm enjoying all of it. when you were first announced as batman. i saw a thing, one random person said no! when you read something like that is it i'll show you, or
8:38 am
does it give you pause? >> one, i know, i'm older than what people expected the batman person to be. i don't take it totally personal at 42, you expect batman to be 25. and a little bit more rock 'em sock 'em type. this is a guy a little bit more at the end of his time. which i thought was interesting. i think i'm coming in here today, there was that live shot, in all the movies that i've done combined, i've never had so much enthusiasm for it. people come up to me on the streets and say, i can't wait, i'm so excite obviously, there's plenty of negativity. this is sort of a sign how fans work. "gone girl," there were a lot of expectations. none of it is meaningful, to be hotel honest. what's meaningful, you got to go out and do your job. if it works, they will love it. >> you're going to love this movie.
8:39 am
it's so well done. >> where are you now that you've had such success -- there has been evolution in your life. but directing and acting. where do you look to the future? take what interests you? >> i look to the future to work with directors that i think are interesting as an actor. that's become my focus. it was david fincher it was an opportunity of something that appealed to me. this is a guy -- your big fear as an actor, you're going to work really hard and you're not going to see it in the movie. and you'll say, wait a minute, this isn't what we talked about or what i hoped for. with a guy like david, you anticipate that it will be better that you know hoped for which in this case it is. being an actor has afforded me an opportunity to be a little more selective about that. i'm going to go direct a movie a movie that is a novel that will take about a year and a half. just take my time directing. i'm in an optimal place. i couldn't have hoped to be. i'm very lucky. >> are you a better actor
8:40 am
because you directed some? >> absolutely. you get a perspective -- i don't know if being a producer up in the booth and watching what people do and how they're good at it. being a director, you see how it works and how it doesn't. you see actors who tend to try to sell things, you know the push. and how photographic, there's things in the camera, doing the work. and some work is minimal. i have a feel for it and casting. >> your lovely wife jennifer, she's such a doll. she was on the forefront, her and halle berry to get the paparazzi to stay away from the kids. she told me one time your kids would walk outside looking down because they were freaked out. >> yeah, it got really bad because our kids were kind of becoming celebrities which i think is really poisonous. really for no reason. and then also you feel inadequate.
8:41 am
and then you feel crazy. it's just -- you know, it's awful. so it makes you crazy. and i think what happened was, and halle deserves so much credit. she took this on like by herself. got the lawyers, started the whole thing rolling. went to sacramento. brought my wife into it. and my wife got dedicated and started work. and kristen bell did a lot of the work. it's basically you can't stalk the children. and it helped change a great deal. i think we understand that children deserve special protection under lot. i'm very grateful for it. >> what did you get george and amal for a wedding gift? >> just silverware at kmart.
8:42 am
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♪ in 1989, "rolling stone" declared perhaps more than any other artist prince called the tune for pop music in the '80s. imprinting his minneapolis sound on an entire generation of musicians, both black and white.
8:46 am
showing how the artist is back this morning. elaine, good morning. >> good morning. prince has broken his longest ever recording drought with two new albums released today. and like always, he's doing it on his own term. ♪ tonight i'm going to party like it's 1999 ♪ >> reporter: he's the prolific and enigmatic musician who ruled the air in the 1980s and '90s. ♪ purple rain >> reporter: prince is out with not one but two new albums. artificial age, an album of new material, and central, a compilation. correspo corey groh has been covering
8:47 am
prince. >> you have one that capture the rock side that everyone has wants since '80s that he diverted from for a little bit. ♪ >> and then you have the other that really captures the soul party, the sort of r&b sound that he's doing. >> reporter: the ever-elusive prince has done very few interviews or appearances to promote the album. instead, he's cashing on his inherent mystery and the strategic roll joust his new song via twitter and youtube pages. ♪ oh baby ♪ >> reporter: since breaking on to the scene in 1998, prince has held a close connection to his hometown of minneapolis. invited music friend ron breen. in typical fashion, there were surprises. >> there were members of prince's bads. people that work with him. husbands and women of third eye
8:48 am
girl. and me, but no prince. we got to listen to prince's album but he was not in the room. i later found out he was probably in the other room watching what i did in the other room. he likes to be in control so he likes to quality shots. >> reporter: a master of control when it comes to all aspects of his image and his new music and his mystique keep him firmly in place. >> prince likes to keep people guessing even though you hear classic rock record or classic soul, it's one of those things that you have a handle on and it's exciting and surprising. >> tonight, prince will hold a live streaming album release party through livenation and ya hoo. it will give an inside look at his complex at paisley park in minnesota. gayle. >> all right, elaine. thank you. some of the best in the business got their start at syracuse. we'll show what you brought
8:49 am
oprah to the home of the orange, ahead on "cbs this morning." ♪ working part time in a five and dime my boss was mr. mcgee ♪ come on! let's hide in the attic. no. in the basement. why can't we just get in the running car? are you crazy? let's hide behind the chainsaws. smart. yeah. ok. if you're in a horror movie,
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theredelaware just like us. fire companies in the state of something went wrong with the new health care law that threatened to shut us all down, and then chris coons got involved. chris did one heck of a job. he got senators in both parties to see that there was a problem. they fixed it, so now volunteer fire companies can stay in service. most guys in washington just want to argue.
8:52 am
but our chris coons got results. i'm chris coons and i approve this message. it's not easy to get things done in washington, but i'm working hard to find common ground. ♪ -- the new generation of innovation. >> oprah helped dedicate the newhouse, home to the broadcast center. it includes the dick clark studios, that's right, he went to syracuse also. the media center for innovation. oprah said that place is so amazing that it puts some tv stations to shame. and the best part -- >> yes, i know, i'm waiting, go ahead. >> -- the producer of the show, she called him a visionary for putting us all together.
8:53 am
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>> good morning, we're following some breaking news this morning, a shooting in burlington county, new jersey. we have a live look right here, at the active scene, this is near stevenson and shero avenue in edgewater park. "eyewitness news" learned off duty police officer shot another man several times in the back, it happened around 3:00 this morning. the circumstances of that shooting are not clear, but you can get the latest on this breaking news, on talk philly at noon on cbs-3 or any time on >> get to go katie for our forecast for the day. >> we have few little minor hike ups along the way, had fog issues, especially through the north and west most
8:56 am
somebody, however, that's starting to get a lot better now that the sun has been out, helping to mix away cloud cover, and yes, little bit of light activity on the radar here, too, mainly at this point, though, southeastern new jersey issue. stray left over shower for some of you, otherwise, starting to brighten up as promised, high hit 79 degrees as a result later today. got another little area of low pressure will roll through here later today into tonight. and even into tomorrow. >> still helping to trigger a residual shower. thursday dries out for everybody, i promise, by friday, friday night, especially, see the next potent front makes its way on in, tory? >> being that you, good morning, everyone, speaking of residual, definitely are experiencing high residual traffic from this incident still out there. >> travel will be a bummer, watching live right now the oak of the tac-pal bridge. seventy-three closed.
8:57 am
anticipate delays, when it does get put down zero back down the ship not too far away. saw it a little before i got up there. special rush hour delays all over the place, nine on the schuylkill, 13 on 95, 21 on 476, 20 minute delays on the market frankford line, erika? >> thank you, that's eyewitness fuse for now. talk philly coming up at noon on
8:58 am
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9:00 am
>> 3, 2, 1. >> here's what's coming up today on the doctors! >> announcer: infertility. >> we want to have babies. >> two miscarriages, 5 rounds of cumed, two rounds of vicodin . >> the let-down. >> patients get lost and demoralized. >> how would you feel if the next time your child played with dolls you saw this? [ audience oohs ] >> what would do you with this as a kid? >> here's what's breaking in today's news in two. >> the latest video surrounding an nfl player that has everyone talking in a positive way . >> i am ready for today; you ready for today? >> is the ebola vaccine closer than we think? ♪ doctor, doctor gimme the news ♪ >> heal