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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 1, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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syma chowdhry joins us at that scene with the latest information, syma? >> reporter: good morning, fire fighters are still, battling, this fire, as you take a look you can see flames, and smoke, shooting from the the buildings. it has been eight hours since this fire has started and fire fighters are having a hard time containing it. flames light up the sky just blocks from the boardwalk and casinos. three alarm fire burns for hours, here in atlantic city. fire fighters have been having a hard time putting it out. >> we felt probably a million or 2 gallons of water on it and we're still going. >> reporter: it started 10:00 o'clock on atlantic avenue between north carolina and pennsylvania avenues. five buildings affected. witnesses say the fire started quickly. >> there were flames shooting out at once. >> two of those buildings have have collapsed. first floors are mainly storefronts with apartments above. about five families have been displaced. the fire started in an alteration shop which is on
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the first floor, and it spread throughout the building, shooting out of the have roof front to back. luckily in one was injured in the fire but fire fighters have been having a hard time containing it. >> wind has been a factor all night, fire got up in the second floor and have roof area, and it is going in the direction of the wind. that is our issue tonight. >> reporter: wind was a factor last night and this morning and still windy out causing problems for fire fighters. new red cross is assisting with five families that is a total of 17 people, six of them children, they have been taken to a nearby hotel. fire fighters say it is still too early to determine what caused this fire. we are live from atlantic city, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". pennsylvania state troopers, state police are calling shooting death of the troop inner a local gun range an accident. trooper david kidra was shot in the chest during a training exercise at montgomery county public safety training complex
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in conshohocken. troopers join with philadelphia police to solute the 26 year-old as his casket left temple university hospital, last night with a police escort. state police have not released details saying the investigation is still ongoing. he was a two year veterans assigned to troop k, skippack station. state police commissioner frank noonan says that the trooper died serving the people of the commonwealth of pennsylvania and men and women of the pennsylvania state police mourn his loss and extend our sincere condolences to his family and friend. philadelphia police, fired at a suspect they believe may have been link to a homicide. chopper 3hdd over wistar and germantown last night. he got away we're toll. police do not believe he was hit. no officers were hurt. just about 6:03. lets get traffic and weather together. here's katie. >> good morning, everybody. things are quiet out here on
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the cbs-3 sky deck. not too much in the way of wind, that is not the case depend ing on your location, and we also are seeing just a little bit of fine drizzle or light shower here and there as we start things off with the quick check of storm scan three. more than anything we are dealing with clouds right now but you can see over last couple hours as we look at a three hour loop there have have been speckles of green out there and most noteably we came out from that live report from syma chowdhry in atlantic city there was light rain and drizzle that will fell in atlantic city. it has since moved out to sea, however, wind is still an issue. taking a quick look at a couple area observations. notice difference in that wind flow, so much calmer in mount pocono for example verse atlantic city. depending where you, further inland you head here other next couple hours you'll have a lighter wind and that could lead to some fog as well. down the shore that wind still sustained at 10 miles per hour, and definitely hindering
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the fire fighting efforts. notice visibility difference in lancaster, under a mile, you need light wind and moisture that combination to create the fog and because wind picks up as we go closer to the shore you won't see as much of it. taking you through your day planner, it is a decent day all things considered. we will see clouds out there that will limit warming that can take place here. we are shooting for 72. you will see sunshine and some could pick up on a very isolated shower. all that said do you need an umbrella? i think you can getaway without it on a daze like this. vittoria, send it into you. if you are traveling out and about, really on the schuylkill, vine street expressway, 476, we're moving okay. would i say problem areas will be 95 and then jumping on i-95 from 476. lets take a look at i-95 south in delaware county, are they taking away these cones?
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lets hepp so. this is construction zone southbound approaching 476 and continues down through commodore barry. they are starting to pick up these cones which would be great naus because this is backing up. blue route something severe, approaching route one, all the way down to 95 is basically nothing but taillights ahead of you. you will need to give yourself more time. if they are picking up that construction zone that is a good thing especially since they have not even begun the rush hour. fifty is your average on the schuylkill. forty-nine we are seeing a slight drop on i-95 through construction zone at girard avenue. approaching the vine street expressway will definitely start to feel a touch of the rush but keep in mind this accident in new jersey closing cross keys road at new freedom o. your best alternate is taunton road. not delays for mass transit, erika. thank you. teams from the cdc are in dallas doing their part to make sure ebola does not spread after the first case is diagnosed here in the u.s. cbs news correspondent omar villa franca tells us what
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happens next. >> reporter: as an unidentify patient under goes treatment in isolation at texas health presbyterian hospital in dallas health authorities are now tracking down relatives or friend to patients may have visited after exhibit ing sim tops of the the ebola virus are. >> it is certainly possible that someone who had contact with this individual, a family in member or other individual could develop ebola in the coming weeks but there is no doubt in my mind that we will stop it here. >> reporter: ebola spreads through direct contact with bodily fluids from an infect person showing signs of the virus. the patient didn't have symptoms of ebola when flying from liberia to the u.s. on september 19th. >> we do not believe there is any risk to anyone on the flight at that time. >> reporter: officials here at texas health say they have a plan in place to handle ebola cases and there is no risk to other patients coming here for treatment. still people in the community are worried.
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>> i would just want to make sure if we have kids going to doctors and it is a safe place to go. >> crew members who transported, patient to the hospital on sunday is not showing symptoms of ebola but will be quarantined in home. ambulance they carried the patient in was in use of afterward but now out of have service for extensive decontamination. omar villafranca for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". is there much more about the ebola case in texas and out break in africa on cbs we have a set up a link to the cdc just click on links and numbers. happening today a bill that decriminalizes possessing small amount of marijuana in philadelphia will get mayor nutter's signature this afternoon. philadelphia is first big city to pass this type of legislation. person caught with less than an ounce of pot would receive a 25 doll are fine. smoking marijuana in public would garner a hundred dollars fine or community services. philadelphia's new you cigarette taxis now in effect,
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$2 per pack taxis in addition to the state tax but only in philadelphia the 45 million-dollar generated by the taxis already incorporated in to the school district's budget for the year. it is helping philadelphian 80 million-dollar budget gap. drivers who go through red lights in the montgomery county community will no longer get warnings. abington police are writing tickets. fine for running that red light is a hundred dollars. there are cameras the three intersections, old york and susquehanna roads, old york and old welsh roads and fitzwater town and moreland roads. our time 6:08. the excitement is growing here in "eyewitness news" as we are preparing for a major president here in our studios, breakfast with the candidates. it will be wonderful affair. larry kane, cherry greg, our chris may will be involved. >> light went on an hour or two ago. i saw you rupp in there and get a picture of it to put it on twitter. we want your questions if you have any question hash tag cbs philly debate, we'd love to
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know what you would like those candidates to answer. lets go to pat ciarrocchi in the studio. >> with five weeks to go before election day this is a critical opportunity for candidates. at 8:00 on the cw philly and live also on kyw news radio you will want to listen for specifics. will tom corbett be able to articulate his first term success, will tom wolf dig deeper in to his proposal perhaps to raise taxes on higher income levels. it is a conversation, breakfast with the candidates and the studio is ready. pittsburgh ace birmingham bridge became a saying for tom corbett's campaign, connecting, voters to his record. with the hope of closing a polling gap. >> we said that we would fix bridges, fix the the roads, this year, we have already begun delivering on that promise. 18,000 jobs will be created for this year alone by this legislation. the republican incumbent has been looking for a new footing
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against his democratic challenging tom wolf, the york county businessman running as an unconventional alternative. >> i am a unconventional candidate. i don't look like candidate you have seen before but these are unconventional times for our commonwealth. i'm running as a citizen in a democracy. this is what we're supposed to do if we want to see a change and i want to see a change. >> reporter: wolf's message to restore education funding, improve pennsylvania's is environment and impose a gas tax, has resonated with voters. looking at all seven independent polls taken between august 18th and september 24th, wolf has a nearly 16-point advantage, polling at a favorable 52 percent to corbett's 36 percent of registered voters. will well, as political candidates say the only polls that matter are on election day so today's meeting is billed as breakfast with the
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candidates, a conversation, a debate, we will see at 8:00. ukee and quarter back to you. >> less than a couple hours, pat, thanks very much. you can watch that debate live on the cw philly or listen as you are driving to work on kyw news radio 1060. cbs will stream it live, and now if you have a question for the candidate we mentioned this earlier tweet it to us using the hash tag cbs philly debate, we want to know what questions you want answered. another round of layoffs in atlantic city. and a difficulties ducker discovery if the pocono woods. this is as manhunt for eric frein enters day number 19. millions suffer from allergy so what if i told you you could get relief just by brushing your teeth. the easy allergy treatment coming up in the healthwatch when we come back.
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let's focus first and foremost on the here and now as we get you outdoor here this morning. we are still dealing with low pressure which will continue to trigger a very isolated, keyword isolated shower for some of you: over the last few you hours this has fist old way. we have to turn our attention to the next big thing which is a few days away but this guy, you can see the comma-like formation taking shape here with this le pressure. severe weather potential through central plains, probably light snow on the back side of this through the great lakes. for us we're jumping in all the way to friday, noon hour, and bright and sunny, beautiful day overall but you look at this solid line of heavy rain, thunderstorms, gusty wind start to move in overnight friday into saturday and that is when we are
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dealing with the brunt of that system. so that is you're witness weather seven day forecast, we have clouds and a shower out there, overall pretty quiet, tomorrow and daylight hours look the same. by friday, night and saturday we will dodging rain for sure here at home, vittoria. >> just made me want to do that when you said dodge, i don't know. i really, wanted to go like this anyway good morning, anyone, this is just what i justice how you will be feeling in your cars traveling on i-95 because you you want to get around it but you cannot. i-95 traveling this is southbound direction approaching ridley park all the way down to the commodore barry bridge. you are delayed because of construction project that was only allowing one lane of traffic. previously i did see them pick up some of the cones but we are not there just yet and because of this volume southbound on i-95 in delaware county we have backup 476 something awful. this shot here is south wound side of the blue route and folks trying to make their way approaching route one down to
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i-95. definitely try to avoid this if you can but with that said i would say it will only get worse because now it will start that rush hour traffic. that is just residual traffic from construction. so, still looking great on the schuylkill expressway, 50 miles an hour there. we will see dip of i-95 right around girard avenue, little bit of rush hour traffic there traveling pennsylvania turnpike and northeast extension and moving well and in major problems for mass transit, ukee and erika. there is breaking news at the the top of this look at the headlines on cbs-3. live picture of the aftermath of last night's huge fire in atlantic city. four buildings destroyed and 17 people are in the care of the red cross there were no injuries to report. also authorities are investigating the death of pennsylvania state trooper, two year veteran trooper david kidra was shot in the chest yesterday during training in montgomery county. unidentified patient in the dallas happies first ebola case in the united states, and the man returned last month after a trip to lie beer y we will be right back.
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have you seen tom corbett's ads attacking me... get real. it's tom corbett who's been sticking it to the middle class on taxes. corbett cut a billion dollars from education... almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. meanwhile, we're the only state that doesn't charge oil and gas companies an extraction tax. but corbett raised your gas taxes through the roof. i'm tom wolf, i'll be a governor who stands up for the middle class for a change. good morning everyone manhunt for eric frein, continues, the day after police revealed they found explosives in the woods. search teams found two pipe bombs in the woods, that could be link directly or a trip wire. they continue to focus their, effort near the town of candances in the poconos. at a press conference yesterday state police spoke directly to the suspect. >> i'm calling on you, eric, to surrender.
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you are clearly stressed, you are making significant mistakes. >> there has been at least one credible sighting in the past few days. he is wanted for ambush on the blooming grove barracks on september 12th that killed one trooper and seriously injured another. another round of layoffs is looming in atlantic city toy day as more workers learning that they could lose their jobs. city plans to ask the state today for permanent mission to layoff some city workers. they won't say exactly how much jobs are in jeopardy but the city's tax revenue is shrinking after four casinos folded just this year. and one of those closedded casinos could soon have a new owner. building war for former revel casino went in the early morning hours. a canadian firm offering more than 110 million-dollar, for the the now you closed casino. they are battling with the florida developer who buy the building that was atlantic city's most expensive casino, when it cost more than
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$2 billion to build. >> still a head this morning how you can fight your allergies just by brushing your teeth. >> also diet is tough but you there are help the way. see how your plate and even your fork are going high tech to help you lose weight. got something for you twilight fans, word is, new twilight movies are on the way. blank we will be right back.
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theredelaware just like us. fire companies in the state of something went wrong with the new health care law that threatened to shut us all down, and then chris coons got involved. chris did one heck of a job. he got senators in both parties to see that there was a problem. they fixed it, so now volunteer fire companies can stay in service. most guys in washington just want to argue. but our chris coons got results. i'm chris coons and i approve this message. it's not easy to get things done in washington, but i'm working hard to find common ground.
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more on our breaking news, in atlantic city, thinks 1100 block of atlantic avenue where a three alarm fire has burn through five buildings overnight more than ten hours later fire is still not under control. they are assisting five families displaced including six children g news, in one
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was injured. 6:23, here is traffic and weather together, katie. >> this morning has been a morning that has featured a couple different issues here, very minor problems but it is all courtesy of an area of low pressure that is retreating and weakening as it retreats. lets take you outside. very quickly if we can. we have been dealing with light drizzle down at the shore. you can see haze out there. sort of the low lying cloud cover over casinos but too breezy for fog to settle in. lets go next to storm scan three where we have few signs of life here in the way of speckles of green out there but other than just a very spotty shower or light drizzle here and there we are looking at generally more clouds then sunshine and quiet day overall. high of 72. tomorrow and friday both look nice throughout the daylight hearst but friday night into saturday morning we are tracking a very potent cold front with heavy rain and gusty wind. vittoria. >> that doesn't sound like fun. >> no. >> no. neither does i-95 in delaware county reason being southbound
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i-95 what you will notice is we have one lane of traffic moving by construction, taking out rest of those lanes. this is ongoing right now approaching commodore barry bridge and this delay is stemming back to ridley park at this point. because of such high volume on i-95 it is affecting blue route southbound in a big way as you will notice by these headlights this is southbound side of the blue route where you're jammed approaching route one down to i-95. traveling i-95 through construction zone and girard avenue would i anticipate that rush hour delay there but no delays for mass transit, ukee ape erika. thanks, torey. on the healthwatch this morning health officialness new jersey confirmed two more children diagnosed with the entero virus d68. >> children living in essex and passaic count writes hospitalized but have been released. officials are waiting for test results to see if a four year-old mercer county student who died last week from a possible respiratory illness had entero virus d68.
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allergy sufferers this is for you, relief could be as simple as brushing your teeth. doctors at cornell university are testing a toothpaste called allergy dent that is more effective than treating allergy symptoms than weekly shots or sprays. it is custom made for each patient and contains extracts of what they are allergic too. >> so if you can contact those extracts, with the lining of the mouth, then you candy sensitized a patient from those allergens and cure them of their allergies. >> we are told toothpaste can treat up to ten different allergies at one time. side effects including itching and tingling in the mouth. >> how about that. >> that is amazing. >> coming up in the neck half an hour, an update on breaking news huge fire burning for hours now, syma? that is right, ukee, fire fighters have been bat telling blaze for more than eight hours, i'll have a live report from atlantic city coming up. plus we are learning of yet another security breach involving president obama,
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find out how a man with the gun ended up in an elevator with the president. torey and katie return with your traffic and weather. they will do it together on the three's. the we are back at the bottom of the hour, good morning.
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updating our breaking news from atlantic city. this is video of the three alarm fire that swept through five building leaving several families homeless.
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right now fire fighters are still working to get that blaze under control. >> "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry joins us from the scene with the latest details, syma. >> reporter: erika and ukee it has been more than eight hours and fire fighters are starting to make some progress. erika and ukee earlier during our live shots i focused on an area behind the tree talking about flames and smoke from there. in the past half an hour fire fighters started breaking cutting down those branches to get closer to the flames. the flames have been shooting out all morning long, we are just blocks from the boardwalk and casinos. this fire, startedded around 10:00 o'clock last night on the atlantic avenue between north carolina and pennsylvania avenues, about five buildings have been affect. two of those buildings have partially collapsed. first floor are mainly storefronts with the apartment above, five families have been displaced, fire started in an alteration shop on the first floor and spread to the second floor eventually shooting out of the roof, front to back.
6:31 am
luckily in one was injured but fire fighters have been having a hard time containing this because you of the weather. >> in injuries to civilians or fire fighters. we have had two partial collapses, at 1114, 1116 and in the rear of 1118 have been collapsed. wind has been a factor. fire got up to the second floor area and roof and it is going in the direction of the win. that is our issue tonight. >> reporter: that issue has been a problem all night even up until now, wind has in the let up. red cross ace cyst continuing those five families, a total have of 17 people, including, six of them children. they have all been taken to a nearby hotel. fire fighters say it is too early to determine what caused this fire. we are live from atlantic city, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in other news a two-year old delaware boy remains in
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critical condition after police say he shot himself with the gun found in his home. family members identified the child as two-year old aj graves. police say he shot himself in the head at valley run apartments in clay machines on tuesday morning. boy is being treated in the intensive care unit at ai du pont hospital for children. >> he was cute. sweet as could be. he used to play out there with his dad. >> the two-year old and his mom were only ones inside the residents at the time of the shooting no one has been charged and police are investigating how the boy got his hand on that gun. coming up at 6:33, here's traffic and weather together, katie? >> as we have within reporting all morning long here in atlantic city with the fire going on we will give you an update on the conditions town there and across the rest have the board as well but specifically when it comes to atlantic city you will notice looking at current wind speeds atlantic city tops them all here with the observations right now. looking over last several hours wind have not change all that much, generally between eight to 10 miles an hour out
6:33 am
of the north/north east for the last several hours and that is sustain wind. so it is not necessarily a really strong win but it is enough that it will hinder the fire fighting efforts. further inland you go light their wind becomes and we have seen a little bit of fog developing in the couple areas as well. this is all courtesy of a weakening retreating area have low pressure which continues to bring in a few bits of green here on storm scan three even in atlantic city over last few hours some light rain, mist, drizzle and fog has been reported. now that pocket has moved out to sea but he'll find that around the board today. while you do not need an umbrella eighties not a necessarity, don't be surprised if you see a couple rain drops from the sky really at anytime today but it is so isolate that had many may not even see a drop. meanwhile expect some clouds, limited sunshine in most locations and that also limits the amount of heating. we are shooting for lower 07's in most spots today, vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie.
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good morning. speaking of spots you'll have spotty delays all over the map. lets see what you are dealing w traveling on i-95, 95 southbound is absolutely, jammed as you maneuver through delaware county, the reason being southbound i-95 between 476 and commodore barry we have been having construction only allowing one lane of traffic, now they have been slowingly but surely picking up those cones but bad news because it was such a long stretch they are still working on it. this is delay we are running into, again southbound i-95 anyone commute nothing to delaware this will be a big problem this morning. as a result of the high volume on i-95 we are seeing high volume build trying to get there using southbound side of 476. do you see taillights merge ago approaching route one down to i-95 is a big old problem. taking a look at the the map other areas we are traveling 55 miles an hour, 50 on the schuylkill but we are starting to see that slight drop on i-95 approaching allegheny down through vine street
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expressway. it is spotty, however mass transit is looking great. we will see how things develop, erika. man accused of jumping over a fence and running in the white house is due to appear before a federal magistrate later today. omar gonzales is charged with entering a restricted building and carrying a dangerous weapon. prosecutors say he had a knife with him when he storm past secret service and into the east room. charges were announced as lawmakers on capitol hill grilled the secret service director about the security breach. >> it is clear that our security plan was not properly executed. this is unacceptable and i take full responsibility and i will make sure that it does not happen again. >> i wish to god you protect the white house like you are protecting your reputation here today. >> we're now learning about another potential security breach just three days before the fence jumping incident. a private security contractor with the gun shared an elevator with president obama at center for disease control
6:36 am
and prevention in atlanta and that is a violation of protocol. less than two hours candidates for pennsylvania governor face off for their only debate in philadelphia and we are hosting it right here in our studio. >> republican governor tom corbett and democratic challenger tom wolf will talk about the i go issues during breakfast with the candidates. you can watch it live on the cw philly. "eyewitness news" reporter pat ciarrocchi joins us in the studio where that debate will be held in an hour and a half, pat. >> eric contact awe key the debate studio is ready and set. candidates are expect to be her before 8:00. what should voters be looking to, who will be on the offensive and who will be the on the defensive. is it a conversation, sit a debate? with five weeks to go before election day this is a critical opportunity for these two candidates to sell their agenda. five weeks to go before election day, could democrat tom wolf, york county businessman, unseat republican
6:37 am
incumbent governor tom corbett. looking at seven independent polls taken between august 18th and september 24th, wolf is registering 52 percent support. corbett is at 36 percent. an advantage to wolf of nearly 16 points. governor took his campaign to pittsburgh where a 28 million-dollar bridge repair project is to begin. >> we said that we would fix the bridges, fix the roads this year, we have already begun delivering on that promise. >> reporter: promise of education reform headlines the first corbett/wolf debate, on september between the second. >> i don't know if $27 billion is enough. i know if i were doing this i would sit down with the educators and say let's fix this and make sure we are delivering full/then promise. >> reporter: wolf's campaign launched an interactive web site contrasting the candidate's vision for education in pennsylvania. corbett has been targeted for cutting a billion dollars from pennsylvania 's education budget. at the the first debate the governor defended his reform
6:38 am
efforts. >> mr. wolf's supporters and public sector union, particularly teachers union has spent millions of dollars putting out the lie that i cut education. i didn't. >> reporter: in the meantime the challenger is taking aim. >> i think we need a fresh start. >> reporter: as the candidates as all political candidates say, only pole old that matters is one on election day. today's meeting is considered breakfast with the candidates. you candy side whether it is more of have a conversation or a debate, we will learn more at 8:00 o'clock this morning. ukee and quarter back to you. thanks, pat. you can watch the debate live on our sister station the cw philly or listen on kyw news radio 1060. cbs will stream it the live if you have a question for candidates tweet it to us using the hash tag cbs philly debate. new jersey governor chris christie is criticizing president obama over his handling officeis. >> in an interview on cbs this morning governor cited the president's 60 minutes
6:39 am
interview in which he said he under estimated isis. >> when i was talking about specifically in that answer in wisconsin is, don't say they under estimated, we underestimated his administration. he under estimated. you know, you need to be accountable for those things. you are not always directly responsible when you are leader you need to be the accountable person. >> gayle king asked the governor about the 2016 presidential election and g. p future. cbs this morning is coming up in 20 minutes on cbs-3. first case of ebola is diagnosis s in the united states and it is sending shock waves across the nation. how did this happen and what did the cdc do to keep it contain. still to come doctor rob is here to talk about the patient and the threat that it poses to the general public. plus most celebrated olympian of all time busted for dui, this morning we are hearing from michael phelps coming up next.
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i've lived hewith my mother, forty--four who is ninety--nine. people who do not live in delaware county need to know that tom mcgarrigle raised our taxes five times. five times in seven years. meanwhile tom mcgarrigle gave a million dollar subsidy to an energy company. tom mcgarrigle is not looking out for regular families or seniors at all. we need john kane in the senate. he gets regular families.
6:42 am
dieting is no easy task but there are new products on the market to keep you on track. >> place your plate on the scale. >> wow, okay. talking scale tells us how much food to eat over how much time and warns you if you eating too fast. that is counter counts each tile you take a bite during a meal and it send the results to your wrist. nutritionist say gadgets help but they can only do so much. >> definitely can be some value but does not help you decide what food choice toes
6:43 am
make or when to eat. those two things are extremely important. >> you might want to try the happy fork, it vibrates and flashes a red light if you take by the less than ten seconds apart. it has a mobile app that helps keep you on track. how about it, all kind of gadgets today. >> nothing can do what you do, what is our forecast looking like. >> thank you. human interaction is valuable too storm scan three, we will show you this latest area have of low pressure doing two things. it is retreating and weakening. we will still see a couple speckles of green firing up on storm scan three anytime today but by tonight this is completely out of here and we are in the clear at least briefly. i want to show you tail of two views in the live neighborhood network outside middletown ship high school. you can see clouds rolling through here at cape may courthouse. you can see the fore ground of the shot. much different scenario going further inland. it is allowing fog to settle
6:44 am
in. you need light wind and moisture content and atmosphere. it is patchy but where it is, just where we saw outside in west lawn pa very dense at times. pollen report remains low in the next couple days, we will see heavy rain moving in friday night into saturday. first half of saturday. that will be when we have to dodge rain drops and i think everybody gets in on it. mainly for first half of saturday you'll deal with the heavier rain, gusty wind as well and also probably thunderstorms with that next front coming in. many love to see weather roll in. if you love it, join our team have of eyewitness weather watcher. sign up by heading to cbs vittoria, over to you. >> thanks very much, katie, good morning. >> we are experiencing a few delays and bigger than your usual rush hour traffic for sure. we are taking a look at i-95 southbound the delays start ago approaching ridley park and continues to haunt you down to the commodore barry
6:45 am
bridge. we have had construction only allowing one lane of traffic only approaching that point of the bridge but that set tone for i-95 commuters. any within trying to get in delaware give yourself more time and traveling on 476, because of so much traffic on i-95 it is affecting blue route as well. this is southbound delay and this starts approaching route one and continues to drop speed sensors in the teens all the way down to i-95. it is in the great. fourteen is our average on the schuylkill. we are seeing pocket of traffic on city avenue. seventeen on the i-95. i-95 southbound is slow out you of northeast philadelphia down through vine street expressway. we will live you with this accident in new jersey, closing cross keys road at new freedom road taunton road is your best alternate but you good news no major problems for mass transit. probably better idea to take that right now, ukee and erika. >> there is breaking news in the head lines on cbs-3, a three alarm fire has destroyed five buildings in atlantic
6:46 am
city and forced 17 people in the care of the red cross. this is video right now of the situation, fortunately there are no injuries to report. investigation is underway after a pennsylvania state trooper was killed during a shooting training in conshohocken. trooper david cannedra was shot in the chest and died at temple hospital jed. state police found pipe bombs likely left behind by the man accused of killing another pennsylvania state trooper, eric frein has been hiding in the poconos since september 12th. well, as we told you at the the top of the hour u.s. has its first confirmed case ofe bowl a unidentified man is listed in critical condition and is now in isolation at a hospital in dallas, texas. >> there is no cure for ebola only an experimental vaccine so news is alarming to many. family physician doctor rob danoff joins to us talk about the threat this case poses to the rest of us good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what is the cdc doing right now. >> they are monitoring. first of all inn in came in contact with this person while
6:47 am
he had symptoms is being tracked down. they are all going to be monitor. they believe they have found pretty much everybody. family members, also some medical personnel, transports from the emergency medical technician that is brought them to the hospital. so all these people will be machine toward for 21 days because that is time symptoms could occur if they don't they're okay. also they will mobilize with units down there in dallas, also the state is working directly with them. so cdc alerted all hospitals not just today but for past many months we will all get alerts aboute bowl a so hospitals are preparing for this and they have isolated patients suspect of having this disease. health department sent us notices, physicians are aware, health care personnel. >> this patient recently traveled from an infect area in africa but people on the plane back with him aren't being tested, how is this spread. >> that is a great point. first of all, you have to have contact with their body secretions, it is in the by coughing or sneezing.
6:48 am
if you are around them like that it is okay. if you direct contact with their body secretions vomiting, blood or diarrhea and it comes into open skin that is how it can be transmitted. now people on the plane they do not believe are at risk because he did the not have symptoms. this can only be transmitted when a person has active symptoms f they are walking around and exposed with no symptoms they don't believe it can be transmitted. they are not recommending testing or notifying any people on that plane. >> what do you think dallas happies doing now when it comes to priest cautions and treatment just for that hospital in itself. >> they are prepare. whenever someone comes this with a suspect disease they are put on isolation precautions right away. we put them in the private room with a private bathroom. is there a special sign on the the outside with the door shut in, one can put in that room unless they put on gowns, mask, eye and happened protection and they limit amount of people to go this there. it is called isolation
6:49 am
precaution when someone comes in with an illness. that is what is happening right now. they are getting fluids, monitoring his heart, liver, kidneys and he is in critical care unit right now. he is significant illness but they are stabilizing him. they may or may not give experimental medications or a serum from someone who recovered from it from their blood. they are looking at those options right now. biggest thing is surveillance of anyone who came in contact while he had had ago i have symptoms. there is no need to panic. got news is our health system works really well. they have identified it. when symptoms occurred and they have isolated him. >> no need for concern in our area. >> no, not at all. if you are exposedded to someone from the someone from the west africa and they have symptoms they go right to their physician. but walk around carry burr normal every day business no need to panic. cdc is on it. health officials are on it. >> appreciate it, doctor, thanks so much for coming in.
6:50 am
6:49. time to see is what coming up on cbs this morning. >> gayle king joins us from new york. she has a preview. >> hello ukeelee and erika, i want to know what your guest just said, no need to panic. >> indeed. >> scary stuff to hear. ahead we are at hospital in dallas where first victim of ebola diagnosed with the virus is being treated. we will talk to the cdc director about how the agency is tracking down people may have come in contact with the virus. plus cia, insider mike more l on how intelligent community is pushing back after president obama said they under estimated the isis threat. we will sit down with the new jersey governor chris christie we will have his reaction to that 60 minutes interview and reason he has in the yet decided on a run for the white house. news is back in the morning, we will see new about ten minutes at 7:00. thanks very much. great show. >> you got it. >> well, olympic great michael phelps is apologizing after
6:51 am
being arrested for driving drunk for the second time. police in baltimore pulled over phelps after they say he was going 84 miles an hour in the 45 miles an hour zone. officers say he also failed a field sobriety test. phelps late's pol guyed on twitter saying i understand severity of my actions and take full responsibility. i know these word may not mean much right how but i'm or toy everyone i have let down. your time is now 6:51. another check of traffic and weather together on the other side. thought you had seen last of edward and bella from twilight, think again, word is blockbuster series is making a come back we're talking about new twilight movies, yeah, that is coming up next, we will be right
6:52 am
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traffic and weather together with k-fell. >> ukee, it will be a day that features a variety pack, overall a quiet forecast, expect some clouds out there as we track on storm scan three the retreat and weakening area have have low are pressure. there could be a stray sure, we have seen fog issues through our western most suburbs this morning. more than anything but overcast, outside kutztown area middle school at this her limiting amount of warming that can take place now that the sunnies up. even in philadelphia that is the story. more clouds then sun, spotty shower, i'll give thaw but you not enough to need an umbrella tomorrow and friday look good throughout the the day, torey.
6:55 am
thanks very much, katie. i wanted to use this shot because even though it definitely reflects rush hour it is still really pretty. trying to make it seem better out there for you. traveling i-95 look at this southbound delay, wow, northeast philadelphia down to the vine, a sea, a stream of headlights from northeast philadelphia down through to center city. give yourself more time. traveling southbound that is another delay ridley park down to the commodore barry bridge. construction set us back. as we look at the schuylkill expressway 76 eastbound and western suburbs is not great and neither is westbound side at city avenue where we drop down to 10 miles an hour. watch out for delays on 476 southbound heading down to i-95. no delays for mass transit, ukee. hey torey word isabela and edward are back together again. >> and it feels so good. >> new twilight mini movies are heading to facebook. lions gate is teaming up with
6:56 am
the social media giant to finance five short films that will be based on twilight characters. none of the films, will star the original cast, and it premiers though exclusively on the social network next year. and ban mates as they launch into and and play the wells fargo center on friday october 15th and 29th, ticket are still available still sounded so good. our breaking news of the three alarm fire, continues on the cw philly so, stay with us for very latest developments and we will start in a few minutes at 7:00. >> also a reminder at 8:00 a.m. it is breakfast with the candidates. you can watch it live on the cw philly and listen on kyw
6:57 am
news radio. next up on cbs this morning gayle king talks to new jersey gown often chris christie about a possiblee presidential run. >> new continuing to follow your local news weather traffic abe sport, keeping it the live and local on the cw philly good morning hope to see you in a bit.
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v good morning. it is wednesday, october 1st, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." ebola in america. the first victim diagnosed in the united states. the head of the cdc is with us. new details of yet another secret service failure. plus, governor chris christie on the president's isis response, 2016, and his own dramatic weight loss. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> the bottom line is that i have no doubt in my mind that we will stop it here. >> the ebola epidemic hits home. >> the first case of ebola