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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  October 2, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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and today it is thursday october 2nd good morning, i'm ukee washington. i'm erika von tiehl. here are stories we are following today. a teenage girl is gunned down sitting on her grandmother's porch. we have new information a live report is straight ahead. new revelation about the fire that killed a cooper health system ceo and his wife ape it is putting their neighbors on edge. this philadelphia native is taking over secret service after a recent security breaches have the agency under scrutiny. >> we will tell but joe clancy in a bit. but lets start with the forecast. >> it seems look a cold front is coming our way. >> it is. this cold front will be living up to its name, it will be bringing us a real dose
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ovulate october, if you can believe it, with the temperatures by secondal half of the weekend but when you factor in the breeze, it feels more like november. bottom line is, eventually our temperatures will take a nose dive here. let's enjoy warmth, while we have it. we have seasonable conditions. today overall a quiet forecast until that front gets here. we will break down details in the next couple of minutes. the guys, back to you for now. bullets fly in northeast philadelphia leaving a teenage girl hospitalized overnight. >> police say an argument may have sparked the gun violence. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry joins us live from police headquarters to tell us more about the investigation, syma. >> reporter: imagine sitting on a porch and shots or fired. that happened last night to the 17 year-old girl who is recovering this morning after being shot in the arm. police say she was sitting on, with a man on the porch of her grandmother's house on the 5900 block of cottage street around 11:00 last night. the shooter approached them
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getting in a verbal argument with the girl. police say that is when the gun man fired five shots, one at point blank range hitting her right in the right arm. the girl ran, the shooter chased her allegedly firing more shots hitting several homes in the process. the shooter did flee on foot but police caught him. we are told suspect was wanted on a warrant, several witnesses helped police id him. >> we have numerous witnesses on this mainly residential block and fortunately these numerous witnesses did cooperate with police not only telling us a good description so we were able to apprehend this individual but also positively identifying our suspect when he was brought back to the location. >> reporter: the 17 year-old girl was taken to st. christopher's hospital. she's being treated for gunshot wound and subsequently a broken arm. man that was sitting with her was not hurt. so far no word on the motive of this shooting. we are live at police headquarters, syma chowdhry
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for "eyewitness news". >> same, thank you. coming up at 4:33. lets get back to katie, good morning. >> good morning everybody. we will start off with a quick check of sky cam three lit up in pink with the casinos in support of breast cancer awareness month. out in atlantic city at this hour it is very quiet. we have nothing more than some clouds filtered throughout there on storm scan three at this point. we're keeping things pretty tranquil here for next few days to round out the workweek but weekend some big changes are heading our way. all is calm and quiet at the moment, again we will keep that it way all day. we will have to track, the next big thing and that is our next very potent cold front. the here's how we stan right now in terms of temperatures. still off to a relatively mile start, 64 degrees, you'll see surrounding community where clouds started to thin out more, and dropping down in the mid 50's already. probably another couple degrees off of getting taken off of those numbers here before the sun comes up and
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closer these numbers get to the dew point, moisture content in the atmosphere more likelihood to see fog develop. today, i would say, in the poconos these outlying suburbs like a quakertown or pottstown could see a few patches on have that fog settling in but it is not terribly widespread. we have a hint of the breeze out there to limit amount of fog formation but looking forward in the the forecast expect it to be a partly sunny day. depending how you see it. few clouds around, sunny intervals, no matter how you put it we are looking at the same weather icon throughout the day. 72 degrees where we should be for the day time high, vittoria, good morning. >> good morning everyone. if you are traveling on i-95 you you will run into an earlier tanker truck fire that has been extinguished but it has new been blocking the right lane for quite sometime as it is disable. we are wait fog that are to get out of the way. police are on the scene. it is blocking right-hand lane. it will not set you back that much because generally speaking our roadways are
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calm, normal and wide opened for this time of the morning. lets look at the schuylkill expressway making what you are any downtown philadelphia in the a problem at all heading in your western suburbs. also no major delays. looking at our wide speed sensors are high. fifty on the schuylkill 567895 on 476, as well as i-95. pennsylvania turnpike is nice and green, however you do have construction westbound between bensalem and fort washington. give yourself more time there. 295 north bound some overnight work around the black horse pike route 168 until 6:00an. no delays for mass transit. new this morning flames break out in a historic school building in north philadelphia. "eyewitness news" on the scene at the old simon mayer school in germantown and allegheny avenue. fire fighters responded just after 1:00 and quickly placed it under control. school has been closed for some time and building was for sale. we now know more about the man diagnosed with the first case of the ebola a in the united states. the cdc is investigating why thomas duncan was not admitted
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earlier. duncan first visited the hospital on september 26th with the fever and stomach pains. nurse using a checklist asked whether he traveled from africa. he answered yes but was still released. the cdc says duncan flaw you from liberia to the u.s. on september 19th. >> regretfully that information was not fully communicated throughout the full team and as a result the full import of that information wasn't factored in the clinical decision making. >> reporter: health officialness north texas are monitoring as many as 18 people who may have had direct contact with duncan and that includes five children. they have not shown symptoms of ebola. neighbors in somerset county new jersey are on agave learning a deadly house fire was intentionally set. cooper health ceo john sheridan and his wife joyce died after flames broke out in the bedroom of their somerville home early sunday morning. officials are awaiting lab
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results to determine the cause of death as that investigation continues. we are learning more this morning about the accidental shooting that killed a pennsylvania state troop inner montgomery county. flags are at half staff for 26 year-old david kedra, the the trooper based at skippack barracks was killed during a training exercise in the the montgomery county public training center. sources say another trooper was demonstrating a new weapon when it accidentally went off and hit the trooper in the chest. >> he was highly motivated and you could tell that every single day that he walked in. he was extremely proud to be a pennsylvania state trooper and he showed it. >> trooper kedra was a graduate of temple university's criminal justice program and roman catholic high school of philadelphia. pennsylvania has closed portions of the delaware state for necessary monroe county as police tinman hunt for accused killer eric frein. game commission has also banned hunt nothing that area police found two pipe bombs in the wood where frein is believed to be hiding.
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he is wanted for last month's deadly ambush at the state police barracks in blooming grove. when one trooper was killed and another was wounded. more fall out is likely at secret service, julie pierson is out and man from our area is taking over for now. the pierson's resignation follows revelations of have white house security breaches and eroding confident following her testimony before congress. now we have learn president obama shared an elevate the or last month in atlanta with an armed guard not authorized to be around him. >> over the last days we have sceneries event and accumulating reports raising questions about the performance of the the agency and the president conclude that had new leadership of an agency was required. >> new temporary head of the secret service is joseph chance friday a havertown delaware county. clancy work for secret service before and served as head of the president's protective division until 2011 and then became director of corporate security at comcast. clancy is a graduate of
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villanova university and teacher at father judge high school in fill. there is much more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" pro democracy protesters in hong kong raisee steaks in the standoff against authorities. how will eagles offense fix what is broken? we are back
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developing right now a live look at hong kong where pro democracy protesters are issuing an ultimatum. they are threatening to occupy key governmental buildings unless their leader steps down. china meanwhile is losing its patients. communist newspaper is warning of it calls unimaginable consequences if the protests persist. demonstrators want freer elections. the the st. louis county prosecutor's office is investigating, possible, grand jury misconduct in the michael brown case. a twitter user says someone on the grand jury told her there is not enough evidence to indict ferguson police officer darren wilson.
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spokesperson for the prosecutor's office says that it is too early to determine if the information in that tweet is valid. and chicago air traffic control center is getting backup to speed following last weeks sabotage. a lot of travelers are still scrambling to get to their destinations, the faa say departures in o'hare yesterday were 85 percent above its normal average, at midway it was 80 percent. coming up at 4:43. how is it looking, katie still fall-like. >> it feels very seasonal, so fall like but a little dose of early october as opposed to what the the the weekend will bring which is more like halloween and in time for that eagles game in less. >> great football weather. >> great foot the ball weather but shock to the system if you are not ready for it. we want to give thaw heads up. be ready it will be a lot cooler out there no matter what your plans include on sunday whether you are tailgating, going to the stadium or hanging out and
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tossing the pig skin around in the backyard. the it will feel cooler outside. let break it down and get you out there and start off with what is happening today and right now. we're believe it or not still tracking the retreat of that very same area of low pressure. it is gone. it is done with us at this point but you you can still make it out and still hanging tough here across southeastern new you england bringing us at this point residual light win. off to the west, that is the the next system that we are waiting for. it does look like by the time it gets to us it will have lost its steam but this system is responsible so far for couple days of severe weather and very likely another round through the central plains and mississippi valley. when this moves our way we're talking about say overnight friday into saturday. we have two more days to enjoy before not only does the rain move in but temperatures starting to on that little, nose dive right down here. so lower 70's today, very much on par with where we should be, low to mid 70's tomorrow,
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seasonal with sunshine. nice weather. but then comes that frontal boundary. clouds will move from west to east but overnight, it is lag to be the timing here for the rain. we will get the whole day in i think on friday without a hitch. into midday saturday, the rain, the stiff breeze will be around, those are the big two when it comes to the factors of the system but i could see an embedded thunderstorm nothing severe for us. temperatures in the upper 60's on saturday. lower 60's on sunday, did despite abundant sun returning. i want to jump to your eyewitness weather seven day forecast to give you a sense of is what to come here. sixty-three at best on sunday. at best. we will start off in the 40's. when you factor in that breeze it will feel like early november, technically 63 is reminiscent of say halloween standard, ukee, back to you. eagles and rams this sunday afternoon at lincoln financial field. the rams are coming off an early bye week. eagles are hoping to get shady mccoy going this week.
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shady is averaging under 3 yards a carry through four games. he averaged 6-yard after four games last season but he is working with a banged up offensive line and not letting the stats get in his head. >> i know who i am, i am still confident. it doesn't really about on the mere he that much. we're winning games, we're three-one. it can be frustrating but at the end of the day i know hoy i am joy san kelce is back on his feet after under going surgery for that sports hernia. he hopes to be ready november 10th, which is when guard evan mathis hopes to be back as well. >> i don't want to get too a head of myself. i think right now it is a very active recovery. you are up and moving day after surgery. we are trying to get swelling and inflammation out of the area as that goes and as that heels you start to get to work again. >> get well, big guy. from we get to the bird on sunday, there is a prime time football game tonight, a classic rivalry from the nfc
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north with the minnesota vikings facing the green bay packers at lambeau field, pregame coverage gets underway at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. lets talk baseball, san francisco giants are advancing in the national league playoffs. brandon crawford's grand slam was part of the offence as giants beat pittsburgh eight to nothing. it was first ever post season grand slam by a short stop. madison baumgartner went the the distance. they play nationals in the nlds tomorrow afternoon, in washington. we knew it well once. we will be back. we will be back. not worried. still ahead this morning what scares wall street in october. >> but first here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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chicken imported to the u.s. has been in the news a lot lately. and many food labels don't even mention where they came from. one way to get chicken that hasn't crossed an ocean is to look for the label with my name on it. perdue is the first company to have the usda go beyond what's required to verify that our chickens are raised on farms, right here in the usa. because we believe that's what it takes to bring your family a fresh-tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken. here's another look at the headlines, a 17 year-old girl is recovering from the gunshot
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wound to the arm after a shooting in wissonoming. police say a man walk up to her on her grandmother's porch and after an argument shot her five times. a suspect is in custody. there are no injuries in a fire at a former school building in germantown and west allegheny avenues in north philadelphia. the cause has yet to be determined. new interim head of the secret service is joseph chance friday havertown, delaware county. clancy graduated from villanova and taught at father judge high school in northeast philadelphia replaces julia pierson who resigned after several recent security lapses. our time 4:49. lets check business. >> jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange. a bit of the scary start to october on wall street. what is driving down the the markets. >> reporter: that is right, good morning. the do you fell 238-point on wednesday, nasdaq finish 71 points lower, ebola fears are basically sending airline stocks way down, there is concern americans could get too nervous to travel.
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stocks for drug makers testing ebola vaccines are climbing. october has a spooky reputation on wall street. the it is men for huge market swings including 1929 crash, black monday in 1987 and tipping point of the 2008 financial crisis. hopefully we can get through this one without too many changes, ukee and erika. >> speaking of october, it is looking like americans have pumpkin fever, um. >> reporter: that is right, pumpkin sales have jumped 34 percent in just the last five years and companies are pretty much adding pumpkin flavor to just about everything. so we have pumpkin beer, pumpkin beef jerky, pumpkin butter and, of course, star bucks famous pumpkin spies latte, ukee ander contact i also was a little concerned about the pumpkin beef jerky. i don't know if some flavors need to find each other. >> tell me about it, i agree with that.
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>> thanks, jill appreciate it. > coming up, after a short break traffic and weather on
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let's get our traffic and weather together, good morning, vittoria. >> good morning everyone. if you are traveling on i-95 you will run in the tanker truck that is disable. it was an earlier tanker truck fire that we were experiencing. obviously it has been extinguished for quite sometime. we have the tow truck as well as police on the scene working on this blocking the right lane northbound i-95 at cottman avenue. it may set you back a touch as you glance over. just a gaper delay but not too much to worry about. not only on i-95 but anywhere. taking a look at 476, it is like it is sleeping. it is very quiet. in the delays on the blue route, in delays on the northeast extension, pennsylvania turnpike, so on and so forth your western suburbs are great, average speed sensors in the 50's, 55 on i-95 elsewhere, also 55 traveling on 476, a lot of green out there. we have construction however on the westbound side of the
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pennsylvania turnpike, this is between bensalem and fort washington so be mindful. also traveling in new jersey overnight work that is ongoing until 6:00 a.m. to 95 northbound at black horse pike. another area just to try to maneuver this morning but items to be we don't have too much to maneuver around weather-wise. it will be nice. >> definitely not, at least for next two days, both am and p.m. commutes look totally fine but we have continued to sort of warn you and give you a heads up as to this next approaching cold front, and you have been hearing a lot about it. it has been buzz worth of the forecast lately and here's y we're quiet for now, still tracking the retreat of believe it or not that same area of low pressure that brought us showers, clouds, fog over last few days but off to the when is the the beginnings of some really nasty thunderstorm actually crossing over the mississippi valley. that will be the next system that moves in for us. meanwhile, we will take you up to that thursday night forecast forecast and it does appear that this very same system will be messing with the folks out at lambeau field here tonight. so we expect to see at least a
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couple of showers, very likely a thunder storm as this frontal boundary has a lot more gusto as it moves through central portion of the united states. by the the time it reaches us, however we will start to see it weakening at least a little bit. let's time it the out for you, friday evening, expecting to see, some quiet weather all daze tomorrow but you can see the beginning of the rain through western pennsylvania. it is a slow system. so not until the overnight, do we begin to see the really cloud cover thickening up as well as rain making its arrival and it does look like this is at least with us through midday. so nine, ten, 11:00 a.m., or p.m. rather and heading in the early afternoon you might still be stuck with some rain. but sun starts to go down at 6:45 on that particular day, and we're going to at least start to see skies clearing out by that point. much cooler behind it on sunday, as the breeze continues to kick in. it will feel more like november, with those temperatures, ukee, back to you. katie, thank you. here are stories our sister
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station kyw news radio 1060 will be following today. two citizens groups plan to take tredyffrin town ship to court over raw sewage spills in valley forge national historical park. immigration advocates warn of a new tactic by conn men who pray on people seeking citizenship. and tips from a retired air force colonel about the special needs have of female veterans. check in two, three, four times a day kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial, erika. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we have stories you did not see overnight, including an fire inside a school. and a young boy killed by a koran his way home from school, now neighbors are demanding change after the tragic accident. and apps on your phone can make your life easier but you may want to think twice about the the information you share on them. how you they could end up costing you. we're back at the top of the hour.
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new this morning a teenager sitting outside of her home is shot overnight at point blank range and amazingly she surved. find out what police necessity about the shooter. plus a secret service shake up, now a delaware county native is taking over agency's top job after several high profile security scares involving the president. it is thursday, october 2nd, hello everyone good morning, i'm ukee washington. aim erika von tiehl. also new concerns about the first case ofe bowl at in the u.s. after a texas hospital admits it made a mistake treating the sick patient. how some children could have been exposed to the dangerous virus, katie. today will be a pleasant day overall. we are catching a nice break through the rest of the
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workweek but a very potent cold front waits in the wings for the weekend. we will time it out coming up. i feel like our rush hour is waiting in the wings because everything is calm, serene, we have an incident on the north bound side of i-95 at cottman involving a disable tanker truck. we will get to that in a bit. stay with us, you you key. a teenage girl is shot sitting on than her grandmother's front important inch northeast philadelphia police say teen ran as gunman chased her down the street firing several shots along the way. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is at police headquarters to tell us more bit, syma. >> reporter: ukee this teenage girl was taken to the hospital have after being shot in the arm and police say, witnesses helped them fine the shooter. a 17 year-old girl is recovering this morning after being shot in the arm, police say she was sitting next to the man on the porch of her grandmother's house on the 5900 block of cottage street in wissonoming around 11:00 o'clock last night. that is when the shooter approached them. after a verbal


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