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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 2, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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helped a pregnant woman who later died ofe bowl a liberian officials say he lied on a airport questionnaire. marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in other news tonight, one of philadelphia's bravees is accused of a cowardly cram. they are charged a lieutenant with sexually assaulting a would m walt hunter is live with more now, walt. >> reporter: chris, last night investigators here responded to a report, in logan that a man posing as a police officer, had lured a woman into his pick up and then sexually assaulted her before see was able to escape. the twist in the case, came when it turns out that the suspect who was arrested near the scene was a philadelphia fire fight department veteran lieutenant. pulling up in his pickup truck near 13th street, veteran philadelphia fire lieutenant jamal johnson allegedly ordered a woman to get inside, claiming he was a police officer. >> at some point in time
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throughout the conversation she asked him whether or not she will ab rested. he indicates that he was a police officer and she would not be arrested if she performs these acts. >> reporter: woman complied, and then managed to escape shall after being driven for several blocks. >> is there an indication that she hides between vehicles at some point while she exits the the vehicle and that he maneuvers around, several cars looking for her, drives around the block looking for her. >> reporter: police say the fire lieutenant, assigned to ladder company 14, in north philadelphia, was still wearing his fire uniform pants, which may have aided in his officer impersonation. while she was on the run, police say the the woman, using her phone, provided important information that led the police making an arrest. >> she notified 911. based on that information, officers responding in the area they are able to locate this vehicle in the 4800 block of 12th street where they were able to stop the vehicle will and stop the male for
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questioning. >> reporter: right now the lieutenant has been processed here. the he is awaiting arraignment on kidnapping and a number of sexually related charges. the philadelphia fire department through ace spokesperson says they will have no comment, as they allow police to conduct the investigation and the ongoing prosecution. we will have more on this developing story when we join you at 6:00 live from the special victims unit i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you very much. police say they have released a sketch of the suspect who attacked a woman along a very popular trail near wissohickon creek. the the at tempted rape happened in broad daylight, right under the mccallum street bridge in chestnut hill last friday. police say that the man walk past the victim gave her a nice greeting but then suddenly turned and threw her to the ground. she managed to fight him off and then she called 911. secret service has a new leader. joe clancy, a delaware county native takes over the post on a interest rim basis while president obama looks for a
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permanent replacement. mark albert is at the white house with more. >> reporter: joe clancy is taking over as interim head of the secret service following the resignation of the director julia pierson. clancy led the president's protective detail before retiring in 2011. >> right now i think what they need is stability. joe brings that. he had has been there. he had has been on the street. he is a perfect guy for this. >> reporter: pierson's step down follows a series of security lapses including the white house fence jumper who made it in the executive mansion with a knife. pierson also failed to notify the president of a security contractor with a gun, rode in an elevator with him in atlanta. >> the white house first learned of that incident yesterday afternoon shortly before it was reported. >> reporter: white house brought in pierson to clean up the secret service following a prostitution scandal involving agents in columbia in 2012. but problems persisted. >> is there a culture problem at the secret service. >> reporter: democrat eli a cummings met with pierson and told her she didn't think she
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was up for the job. >> when we have agents who are more willing and feel better about reporting problems with the agency to members of congress as opposed to her, that is a problem. >> reporter: cummings say more changes, including some resignations are probably needed at the agency. at the white house mark albert for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". interim director has ties to our area pat ciarrocchi has headed to the philadelphia school where joe clancy once taught. well, there were a few clouds around today but overall pretty nice, we could be dealing with some changes though as we move closer to the weekend, meteorologist kathy orr is tracking conditions from the cbs-3 sky deck, kathy. >> clouds earlier today but sun has broken out in center city philadelphia, chris and it is a beautiful afternoon with temperatures in the 70's. take a look at the stats from today, the high temperature so far today 71 in philadelphia with a good deal of clouds,
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during afternoon period and that is close to average. normal high is 72. right now we are still seeing influence of the coastal low that is keeping the the clouds around the delaware valley. they are expected to break overnight tonight. philadelphia 71. allentown 69. sixty-six with clouds in trenton. in atlantic city only 64. reading and allentown in the upper 60's where is there less cloud cover. persistent nor'easterly wind will continue to shift and change overnight, and we will be seeing a partly cloudy skies and during the day tomorrow some clouds mixing with sun but a very pleasant day, one more night before the rain moves in on saturday. so, coming up, we will talk about the pleasant day we have to end the workweek and help you plan around the rain this weekend before the the coolest air of the season settles in the delaware valley. that is coming up with the seven day. kate and i will have details later in the broadcast. >> we will see you then kathy, thank you. hrouda wakening for philadelphia neighbors in the
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juniata a park section. police are searching for suspects who punctured tires there overnight and they were all caught on camera. our todd quinones talked with some of the victims who joins us live, todd. >> reporter: chris, up and down this block here neighbors were greeted by sight of flat tires and now several of them are out a couple hundred dollars. in this surveillance video release by police group appears to be laughing and having a fun time puncturing peoples tires but for carol's dad who had to replace two tires on his suv and miss a day of work is there nothing fun bye the criminal behavior. >> it is absolutely disgraceful. they have no respect for anybody in the neighborhood or what they work for or how hard they work they just don't care. >> reporter: police describe the two women and one man as income their 20's, possibly white or hispanic but on surveillance video we have found there is a fourth person who was driving a light colored suv, watch as the driver waits and watches the
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suspects, including one of the women puncture more tires and then they pile in and drive off leaving people with hundreds of dollars worth of tam age. >> now i'm at $200. >> reporter: we were there when ed bush found out his tire was puncture. >> i don't know where the the hole was but he got me. >> reporter: this happened within a two block radius at 1600 block of east warel street and 4,000 block of potter street. police believe the the suspects cut the the tires late tuesday night into early wednesday morning. the owner of this surveillance video that recorded the suspects driving away did not want to appear on camera but he a has a message for the group. >> don't come around here no more because people are looking for you. >> reporter: neighbors here tell me they think up to eight different vehicles may have been targeted. police are asking anyone who recognizes these suspects to contact east detectives right away. reporting live from juniata park, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> todd, thank you. philadelphia police
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discovered a body and marijuana growing operation inside an olney home. thirty-four year-old victim was found on a couch with the single gunshot wound to the head. this happened on the 200 block of lindley street this morning. police say a large quantity of marijuana plants were found in the basement, so far no arrests have been made. pretty unexpect sight for resident in bucks county when a hot air balloon falls out of the sky. exclusive video from an eyewitness viewer of this incident that happened this morning on easton road ape lower barnes road. caroline ramierez used her cell even if to record the video as that balloon was coming down. she says that the balloon just narrowly avoided some power lines. >> they almost hit the roof, they went like this but behind the tree, they were stuck like this. and then i could not see no more because i went back home. >> fortunately no one was injured. still to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" some beer bandits turn into clumsy
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criminals caught on camera. also ahead we have got some amazing video of a volcano spewing laugh arc we will tell you how these unbelievable pictures were captured safely. plus hotels are becoming hipper why many are upgrade nothing hopes of get
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back on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 with spectacular video from iceland, the mountain volcano there, continues to erupt, and they were able to capture those amazing pictures you saw, using a drone, equipped with a go pro camera. the camera, got so hot, it actually melted but the memory card inside did survive. so, we have these pictures to show you.
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now this eruption began about a month ago, iceland of course is one of the most volcanically active spots anywhere in the world. that is beautiful and amazing. in florida the search is on tonight for a couple of clumsy beer bandits. >> surveillance video caught two men at a convenient store trying to get away with several 12 packs of beer. one thief tried to open door with the shoulder but could not make it, and then he slipped. then he put the the beer down and tipped it opened. it turns out their getaway car including the license plate was caught on camera. the the next time you stay in a hotel you might notice a big change. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan sure did, he shows us how big chains and boutique brand alike are working to lure tech savvy travelers especially these from the millennial generation. >> reporter: twenty something frequent traveler page woodborn looks for trendy places to stay when on the go and being connected is a requirement. >> when you stay at a hotel
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that is not as plugged in, you definitely feel the pain. >> reporter: that is something hotels are noticing, travelers page's age 18 to 36, now make up 43 percent of guests. >> if hotels were to miss out on this age group they would be basically missing on the future of hoteling. >> what they are doing, really changing the the hotel experience from check in, to check out. >> reporter: rooms wherever bed, even these bunk beds has its own tv. check out these in room lap top and personal tablets. this inter continental hotel features interactive tabletops in the lobby. at some properties checking in can be done on a touch screen kiosk or get this with an app. this w property will soon use smart phones instead of room keys and this boutique hotel is working on wifi that follows you outside when you leave. >> they will be logged into the wifi from the hotel and they are able to go a certain
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amount of miles within the city which is really cool. >> reporter: many hotels are focusing on common areas and social spaces for guest like this hotel with the lobby pool and swim up bar. others offer work stations or area for social media. hotels geared towards millennials may be less expensive, rooms may be smaller because hotels want people to enjoy their larger common areas. i'm the the complete opposite, i don't want to connect with anybody. that is why i get to the hotel, stay away from me. >> story of your life. >> it is. >> i just don't need to be plugged in, you are on vacation put the phone down. >> meet new people, friend. >> i don't need any new friends. >> thanks, jim. >> see you later. man, i'm never texting jim again. good afternoon, everybody. 5:14. a lot to talk b we have nothing short of the in mess
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outside. on the blue route ramp to the schuylkill expressway, heading southbound is there a crash up ahead. counter zooming in and out. you cannot see that. you can see police activity on the scene taking out left hand shelled tore that ramp and everybody squeezing by jammed pack through the right-hand side. in new jersey things are in the looking better. this is where we will see most of the volume southbound towards the atlantic city expressway just after walt whitman bridge. it gets stuff any there. we are looking at volume heading northbound in the city and possibly the 295 interchange you can see stop and go there. couple accidents to talk about as well, northeast extension on the pennsylvania turnpike northeast extension north bounce after lansdale exit number 31. pen lynn pike at wissohickon avenue. chris and jessica, back to you. still to come on "eyewitness news" a community is stun, high school football player is killed after a deadly on field hit in new york. search for an alleged cop killer continues in the poconos as we learn two
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troopers were injured while trying to track that susp
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time to get out the hoods, jackets, sweaters because here it comes. >> when it was in the 80's we talked about it being cool and 70. it is all relative. now we're in the talking about the 50's we're talking about, the 40's. >> wow. >> wow, kathy. >> don't say tight loud. >> it will cool down, coolest air of the season will be
5:19 pm
moving in this weekend. take a look outside where we have a beautiful afternoon. clouds are breaking up in some spots for some sun this afternoon, not much sun atlantic city though, looking live at our sky cam here. lets get to the palmyra cove new live neighborhood network welcome aboard to the network. you can see across the delaware, boats in the water, beautiful center city philadelphia in the background. the skies slowly breaking over the course of the day and persistent northeasterly wind keeping the clouds in, right now, temperature 69 degrees with some sunshine. and that will be the trend, those skies will be clearing a little bit later on tonight. you can see clouds pulling from the north and east with persistent wind out to the west, we have some sunshine, so we will get in on that during the day tomorrow with high pressure and then another batch of rain and severe weather out the through chicago and st. louis. this will be coming our way for the weekend. behind that the coolest air of the season. the right now in philadelphia 71.
5:20 pm
allentown 69. reading with more sun, 69. cooler, closer to the coast with temperatures only in the 60's. ocean water temperature at 69. as we traveled the northern plains and you can see through inter mountain west very cold, calgary 45, you can see billings, montana 42. bismarck 56. all this cool air will be moving eastward over the next couple of days. we will get one more nice day. we will squeeze one more nice day out. temperatures in the 70's for friday with the good deal of sunshine. then watching this front, that will be moving through saturday, so friday is rain free, and the rain comes early saturday morning, and the front will be moving through and then temperatures, just like that will be falling through the day and the cool air rushes in, it takes, no time, getting here, sunday, we will be cooler, northeasterly or westerly breeze and temperatures will be in the 60's. now here's what we expect. for saturday, between 4:00 and 6:00a m rain arrives from west to east making it into philadelphia and its suburbs. between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. is
5:21 pm
our heaviest rain with gusty wind and 11:00 and 1:00 it is out and sun comes out and then temperatures will begin to fall. so overnight skies will be partly cloudy, wind lighten up, temperature 57. during the morning hours of friday, basically the the 50's, wildwood 60, poconos cooler, at 49, and then temperatures warming up with the sunshine, high temperature is 72 degrees for friday. the birds will play under good conditions, on sunshine but cool conditions, only 62 at kick off with a northwesterly wind at ten to 15. on the three day forecast, saturday 70 for holiday and by sunday look for a temperature of 62 degrees. we want to remind you at cbs-3 we are starting something new if you love watching weather you want to join our team, we want you to be an eyewitness weather watcher, sign up now all of the information at cbs we will be right back.
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well, another division rivalry on tap tonight for thursday night football, maybe so the a vikings traveling to historic lambeau field to battle the packers. joining us live from green bay, it is sports special correspondent megan alexander, hi megan, what is the very latest. >> reporter: beasley, we're all pinching ourselves to be here. this is it, historic lambeau field from the fans to the food, lambeau field is the ultimate football experience. >> go pack go. >> reporter: packer fans flock to historic lambeau field even when it is not game day. >> they have big smile. >> reporter: we joined guy
5:25 pm
grant turner for tour of the stadium ahead of the vikings, packers game. green bay is nfl's smallest market but its fans just might be the league's most devoted. phil, traveled from los angeles to see the pack at lambeau for the first time. >> there is my dream come true to attend lambeau field. it gives me chills to be here. >> reporter: everybody agrees that the highlight was walking through tunnel used by packers legend like vince lombardi and quarterback bart star. even this vikings fan was impressed. >> it was awesome. unbelievable. my hats off to everybody, ever involved in the achievement that they have done and continue to do. fantastic. >> reporter: for many, seeing a game at lambeau field is the ultimate football experience, even if they root for the other team. these vikings fans a arrived on tuesday with a camper. >> we have been waiting a long time for people to show up. >> reporter: cbs sports analyst bill cooer expects a hard for the battle. former coach gave us hints on
5:26 pm
the best eats. >> i think you have to have brot worst if you go lambeau field. >> reporter: brots and football not a bad combination for a thursday night. you know, beasley, going into this game both teams have identical records of two-two. both had big wins over the weekend, aaron rodgers showcasing yes told everyone to relax. for vikings big question is will teddy bridgethe water play? at that moment it remains to be seen. regardless it will be an incredible night of football. back to you. >> that it will, thanks. we will talk to you next week. you can see the vikings battle the packers at lambeau field tonight, right here on cbs-3, coverage starts at 7:30. lets get it better in that place. >> you played there. >> i played there and you have that same feeling that they are talking about, you know you are walking where giants stood. >> the frozen continue that. >> i can't wait for tonight, thanks beasley. still to come in the neck half an hour talking about
5:27 pm
football, we're all about the birds in philadelphia ape we will tell you now, why you'll than seeing an eagle at bird home games, stay tuned for that. speaking of animals lets keep the theme going with this very large bunny, she's just one of a couple at a local zoo but they are in the exactly on display but we will tell you why officials say rabbits are helping with education. and then new at 6:00 a local mom was told that insurance would cover her daughter's tonsil surgery but then she got the bill, a big one, three on your side's stephanie stahl gets to the bottom of the paperwork mess up, it is a three on your side problem solved
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i've lived hewith my mother, forty--four who is ninety--nine. people who do not live in delaware county need to know that tom mcgarrigle raised our taxes five times. five times in seven years. meanwhile tom mcgarrigle gave a million dollar subsidy to an energy company. tom mcgarrigle is not looking out for regular families or seniors at all. we need john kane in the senate. he gets regular families.
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testing. this exclusive video shows a hot air balloon falling from the skies over bucks county, caroline ramierez recorded the video says the balloon just
5:31 pm
missed a power lines. no one was injured. and katie. >> thanks, chris. good evening everyone. we have seen cloud cover out there today but otherwise it is a pretty comfortable thursday and we are looking forward to a pretty fine fall friday tomorrow as well with a good amount of sun behind but then rain comes in friday night, soggy start to saturday and then first real taste of fall, that we have felt, this season will come in on a sunday with temperatures feeling more november-like then october like. i will have seven day forecast in a bit, jessica. >> new at 5:30 trenton's new marries making public safety a top priority and that means more officers are hitting the streets. "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live outside city hall in trenton with the details, cleve. >> reporter: jessica, city officials are just thrilled to have 12 new officers that will soon hit the streets. they say it has been a rough couple years since there was mass layoffs in the police department and record crime but this new leadership here and they say they are already
5:32 pm
seeing encouraging results. public safety is improving says trenton mayor eric jackson just three months in office. >> we have brought a sense of calm to the city. we have been i believe the middle of july, without a murder, which is good in the life of our city. >> reporter: last year trenton saw a record 37 murders and this year was off to a criminal start. criminals have been so brazen a church became a shooting gallery as bullets flew during a funeral service. >> paramount point where we felt we were in crisis mode where anything can go. >> reporter: police department suffered mass layoffs in 2011 but now the violent crime rate is stabilized, trenton pd is getting much needed help. the last week city sent 24 new recruits to the police academy and today federal lawmakers gathered at city hall to announce a one and a half million-dollar grant that will enable trenton to hire 12 more officers. >> tough times calls for tough choices but i believe public
5:33 pm
safety is our bedroom responsibility. >> reporter: newly appointed police director ernest perry says one of his objective is to promote engagement by restoring bike and foot patrols lost due to the layoffs. >> interaction has to be with the community, if the community, buys in along with the officers and officers buy in just as well, you build a partnership. >> they are looking at everything including new parking meters as ways to raise new money to help them replenish the police department. cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". funeral arrangements have been announced for a pennsylvania state trooper kill in the montgomery county training facility this week. twenty-six year-old david ked ra was shot in the chest during a firearms training session on tuesday. circumstancers sund ago this shooting do he remain under investigation but sources tell "eyewitness news", another trooper was demonstrating a new weapon when it accidentally discharge.
5:34 pm
celebrate of his life is set for 6:00 sunday night at john givnish funeral home on academy road in the northeast. funeral services are set for 11:00a m monday at christ the king church also in northeast philadelphia. trooper kedra's burial will be private. well, two state troopers are injured in the manhunt for the accused killer eric frein. police say those troopers fell from the tree stand yesterday and suffered minor injuries. they have been looking for frein, they were searching the stand to make sure it was unoccupied. frein has been on the run for almost three weeks after being accused of ambushing two state troopers, killing one of them. a philadelphia fire fighter and his girlfriend are now facing charges of domestic violence. take a look at the suspect 38 year-old michael lawson and 28 year-old sada greenlee. they assaulted lawson's ex-wife and her current boyfriend. both lawson and greenly were a
5:35 pm
rain, bail was set at $75,000 each. aaron hernandez and his attorneys are back in court in massachusetts. his attorneys are asking the court to toss out evidence against him in his upcoming murder trial. the former patriots player is accused of killing three people and he had has pleaded not guilty and expect to go on trial next year. well, new york community is in mourning after a high school football player is killed, after a hit during a game. this is the third football related death in the country just this week. cbs correspondent chris van crib has the details. >> reporter: grief counselors are on hand at awaiting river high school in new york after tom, a starter on the varsity team took a deadly hit on wednesday night. the 16 year-old was rush to the hospital where he underwent surgery and later died. school principal dan holtsman says students are devastated. >> a lot of crying, a lot of hugging, a lot of questions, a lot of shock.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: his coach spoke about what a great kid he was. >> there is just not enough words to describe the type of kid that this community lost. >> reporter: most students were too upset to talk to us about his death, but just up the street from the school, everyone at the hair salon was talking about what happened. >> it has been a deadly week for high school football. two other high school football players have died on the field in recent days. in alabama a 17 year-old died after collapsing on the field following a tackle on sunday. in north carolina a high school football player collapsed friday, during pregame warm ups. police on long island are waiting for the medical examiner's report as they investigate his death. in insuring, chris van crib for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a member of pennsylvania governor's tom corbett governor resigns in the wake of the porn e-mail secretary. christopher abruzzo was identified as one of several former employees of the state
5:37 pm
attorney's general office who sent or received interoffice e-mails containing pornography. in his resignation letter he wrote quote although i have not been afforded any opportunity by the attorney general to review any files supporting the public assertions against me, it is my concern that these assertions have been a distraction from the great record of this administration. school safety takes center stage in delaware county today. "eyewitness news" at the elementary school in broomall where officials demonstrate aid new panic button. they have been placed in every delaware county school following event at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. pushing that button directly alerts law enforcement of any situation. someone could push this button and this building could be evacuated and there is no reason for the principal, his assistant, a secretary to stay in this building and stay on the line with the 911. county, council used the grant to purchase alarm for every k through 12 public and private school within the
5:38 pm
county. the the franklin institute is gearing up to open up a new exhibit that gives you an inside look at various animals. body worlds, animals inside out, is literally that. the it is an inside look at anatomical inn trick catcies of animals. this exhibit features more than a hundred authentic specimens created using a preservation process called plasticnation. the exhibit opened on saturday and will run through april. now, on to some giant rabbits. we're talking about rabbits that are bigger than small dogs. some bigger than some children. these things are growing in popularity as pets. >> but as kyw news radio 1060's john mcdevitt tells us they could be more than just some bargained for. >> reporter: giant rabbits and german rabbits can grow to be 30-pound and live to be about five years old. these rabbits are about a year-old and weigh 15-pound appease. giant rabbits were bread in belgium in the 16th century for fur, meat. today they are sold mostly as
5:39 pm
pets. elizabeth is a educator at elmwood park zoo in norristown. she said rabbits make great pets but you need to know what you are getting into. >> they don't eat much. they need regular grooming. there is a lot have of things if you do your research, and, you know what you are getting yourself into they can be great pets and they do call them gentle giants for a reason they are very sweet. >> reporter: experts say animals have delicate spines and should not be handled too much. you can host them at your school. they are education ambassadors for elmwood park zoo. john mcdevitt for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> they are big. >> they might take over one day. >> we have check out mascots for two of philadelphia's favorite football teams at the elmwood park zoo. >> noah, the the bald eagle regularly flies around his enclosure at the zoo. he does have a permanent eye injury but that doesn't stop him from making the round. and now you can see noah during every philadelphia eagles game at lincoln financial field.
5:40 pm
>> it is a great opportunity for us to talk to the fans about wild life conservation and the eagles, and how the the eagles have made such an incredible come back from almost the brink of stinks. >> now stella the owl also called elmwood park zoo home and you can see her and home football and basketball games for temple owls. well, october we know is breast cancer awareness month and last night we kick off our annual lights for the cure campaign. >> you may have seen pink lights in center city ale around the the area "eyewitness news" was at kick off party for this years campaign at parkway central library. i was very proud to be part of the event along with the women of "eyewitness news" and representatives from toyota, the the proud sponsor of lights for the cure. outside the library, hey, how about this a special toyota camry wrapped in pink to commemorate this campaign. you'll see this car driving around the area to promote awareness. this is 13th year for the joint effort between cbs-3, cw
5:41 pm
philly and susan g komen philadelphia we want to remind women all across the delaware valley to stay vigilant in their fight against breast cancer and be sure to schedule a mammogram. still to come at 5:00 sprucing up the river front. >> carol. >> have we got a short cut for you and it is new in philadelphia and river is right there we have got that story coming up. it will be a pretty nice evening to take a walk by the river, even tomorrow, looking good but then rain comes in for saturday and it turns noticeably colder, by sunday, in your seven day forecast noticeably colder, by sunday, in your seven day forecast coming up when we
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...weigh you down? don't wait ask your doctor about spiriva handihaler. all right. it that is time, to check your philadelphia job market report. >> "eyewitness news" job expert, steven greenburg is here with more. >> reporter: of the 100 million americans who hold full-time jobs not even half say they are engaged in their work. nearly 72 percent of workers this pennsylvania say they are unhappy or uninspired about their jobs this applies to workers ranging from high school graduates to ph.d.'s and it helps explain why so many people continue to look for new opportunities. the job site,, tracks 140 million users a month but
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is there an exciting new addition to the schuylkill river park tonight, one of the most used parks in all of philadelphia. >> great one. trail call the boardwalk can now go from locust to south street and our carol erickson has details on the eagerly awaited extension. >> reporter: hold on, stop your begging, put the news on blast and move over, boardwalks in ocean city and atlantic city there is a new city with a boardwalk: philly city. >> everybody ready. >> reporter: on the backwards count of five the schuylkill river boardwalk opened, three years of work, millions in cost and not a splinter to be found the entire 2,000-foot, four block length of this boardwalk extension of the schuylkill river trail. >> when you look down, what do you think that this is? >> concrete. >> yes. >> but it is looking like a shore wooden boardwalk.
5:49 pm
their ocean views replaced by views of and right over the schuylkill river. that is why this pedestrian section, never existed before, all of the work. >> geography made this boardwalk necessary, because the the railroad is there, and the river is here, how do you hook into the trail. >> well, how about cement boards. and it is on that newly opened path that we will find the kaplan family having a slight disagreement about how they discover the new boardwalk, let's listen in. >> i sent you an e-mail i was just looking for stuff to do. >> you found a link to top ten things to do in philadelphia. >> no. >> reporter: tiny skirmishing skewed by great water views and everybody happy and so did tom. >> just a news stroll. >> reporter: river boardwalk opened to peddler's, walkers, joggers and stairers and down the road so to speak eventually even further south along the river. those big cyst ars can open up the world. in philadelphia, carol erickson for cbs-3 "eyewitness
5:50 pm
news". thank you so much, carol. >> that looks amazing what a good day to go for a jog, it is a perfect day not too humid, sunnies in the beating down, nice and cool temperatures in the 60's. clouds have won the battle out there today. we had more sunshine earlier but again just clouded up this afternoon. that is the case across the entire region. the here's center sit friday rooftop camera here at skies cam three. lets take a couple peaks down the shore one in rehoboth beach at boardwalk plaza where clouds have won there as well and take to you kutztown north and west where it looks ominous, blue skies, trying to clear out but it will not clear completely before sunset tonight. overnight turning partly cloudy and clouds should drift out. can't really see much on storm scan three. i want to show you culprit here this system still spinning off the coast of portions of southern new england and that is spinning cloud back in our area with that east wind. it is hard to break out of the included cover this time of the year. here is our next weather maker, this large scale front. storm is autopsy cross can
5:51 pm
inadequacies, cold front slicing through portions of the midwest and mid south where there are severe thunderstorms, behind that big changes at least for one day this weekend bye it is a quick little cool down and then we will warm backup. 71 degrees right now at the airport. sixty-seven in wilmington. sixty-nine in allentown. we are at 63 in mount pocono. you contact than see through tonight the month problems just some clouds. tomorrow a nice day. you can see by 9:00 we are looking at clear conditions but showers starting to creep from the west and heavier showers, north and western suburbs early saturday morning. the thinks 7:00a m allentown toward mount pocono, steady rain, around ten or 11:00. you can see it moving down towards south jersey. watch what happened by two or 3:00. rain lifts out. skies clear. breezy and turning cooler saturday afternoon. we may salvage, maybe even half a day. saturday morning looks like a wash out and then things improve. behind that front a big bubble of cold air that really settles in across the entire
5:52 pm
north east and great lakes region. it is going to be down right chilly saturday night and into sunday morning. look at these morning lows on sunday we will see morning lows in the 45 to 50-degree range in the city, up through poconos region we will see morning lows on sunday in the 30's in spots, and sunday afternoon we will feel like our first real taste of fall. we are seeing moderate to high foliage, still low in the city of philadelphia pocono region looking nice right now and we are seeing sunshine as we head through the next couple of days to day, tomorrow, and watch for that rain every where sat take morning. overnight tonight, partly cloudy and cool, 57 degrees. for your friday mostly sunny, seasonal at 72. rain holds off until after midnight. saturday event especially saturday morning when things will get wet. seventy the high and temperatures plumet in the afternoon, sunday 62 degrees, feeling more like early november then early october but then we will warm up to the 07's next week, best
5:53 pm
chance for showers coming on wednesday. we will send it back to you in the desk. >> kate thanks. former eagles relationship on the rocks, still to come on "eyewitness news" marriage crisis between hank basket and kendra wilkinson. >> insider's the a andrews will have details next.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
we thought our cable internet was fast. but, our uploads are half the speeds of our downloads so our internet is really half-fast. so half-fast. someone did a half-fast job of posting our vacation pics. when i post my slow jams, i'm a little half-fast. totally half-fast. stop living with half-fast internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - uploads as fast as downloads. so his homework won't be so half-fast. that is up to him.
5:56 pm
. kendra wilkinson is in crisis over her broken marriage to hank basket. we know this because they have a reality show. >> kendra on top premiers tomorrow night on wii tv and the a andrews sat down with the reality tv show star and asked is it all drama for real or is it just for ratings. >> i see what people think, they think this is all made up for show. the season was supposed to be about baby number two but it ended up being a completely different story. >> reporter: kendra was eight months pregnant when tabloids blasted out hank's cheating scandal and, of course, camera caught it all. kendra telling me she and hank are still estrange and struggling. where do things stand between you and hank right now. >> right new we're really trying to figure things out.
5:57 pm
this isn't something you can just fix overnight. >> reporter: recent report spotted the couple looking happy so is there status cliff hanger a ploy to get readings. sound like a page from torey and dean's handbook. >> do you love me. >> reporter: after cheating and constant fighting torey's now dropping this bomb. >> i may be pregnant. >> reporter: after her near death experience following the birth of her last child she told me her shop was closed. are you really done in your heart now. >> i do have five kids because i have my step kids. i have five kids. i'm done. >> reporter: another reality roller coaster relationship, mimi and greg. >> we go through highs and low. >> reporter: 3.6 million atlanta housewives fans watched couple divorce in 2011 and when they retied the knot in 2013, hello cameras and hello ratings. >> i want to say hello to my groom and my love. >> i want that feeling back the the way it was in 1997. so for me, it work. >> reporter: chris and jessica, back to you. >> nothing is private anymore,
5:58 pm
we can see insider tonight and every week night at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. hey, it is a big day here at cbs, as our family is growing. >> cbs radio has acquired two stationness philadelphia, 92.5, wxtu philadelphia's country station and wired 96.5, wrdw, philly's party station. cbs radio fill senior vice-president mark rayfield made the announcement this morning. three radio stationness miami are also included in the deal with the broadcast group. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 vandals are caught on camera and police are looking for these suspects who punctured several tires and left hundreds of local residents out hundreds of dollars. plus, a fire lieutenant is facing some serious charges tonight, authorities say he pretended to be a police officer and sexually assaulted a woman. we will have more on the shocking allegations against him, kathy. rain, wind and then cold, the coldest air this season moving in just in time for the
5:59 pm
weekend, we will help you plan around it, coming up. and a local mom was told her daughter's surgery was covered by the family's insurance but did the bill started coming in. three on your side got involved and solved the problem, now on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. that has no respect for anybody in this neighborhood or what they work for. >> right now at 6:00 brazen vandals caught on camera puncturing tires in the philadelphia neighborhood, and victims of the vandalism will have to spend hundreds of dollars to get their cars fixed good evening i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. vandals targeted two blocks in the juniata park neighborhood. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is live with some exclusive surveillance video of those suspects, todd. >> reporter: what has people
6:00 pm
outrage the most is you can see suspects actually laughing and smiling as they are puncturing peoples tires. it the appears to be all fun and games for the suspects seen on this video release by police. you can see a man puncturing the tire of the white pick up. it is owned by natalie's husband who miss aid day at work getting the tire fixed. >> they thought it was a game. but in the for us. >> reporter: carol's dad had to replace two tires on his suv and out $400. she called the act disgraceful. >> he could not go to work. >> they have no respect for anybody in this neighborhood. >> reporter: police describe two with men and within man seen on the video as being in their 20's, possibly white or hispanic but on surveillance video we have found there is a fourth person who was driving a light colored suv. watch as he waits and watches the suspects including one of the women puncture more tires, and then they all pile in the