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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 5, 2014 11:30pm-12:06am EDT

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> right now on "eyewitness news", a grieving father remembers his four year old son. a live taken too soon by a deadly respiratory illness. good evening, i'm diana rocco. natasha has the night off. health officials in hamilton township, new jersey, say eli wahler died after contracting enterovirus. tonight concerned parents gathered to talk about how they can protect their children.
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"eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers has the story. >> reporter: for the first time we're seeing photos of the child who died as a result of this virus. four year old eli wahler a student at yardville elementary school passed a it way his leap 12 days ago. his dad released a statement "he was a beautiful mix of eagerness and tendency, need and striving, caution and surprise grounded in a pure unconditional love. sunday as hamilton township continued to mourn one of their own, parents gathered for a town hall meeting to another dress the threat that remains. >> very sad denning i just want to know, you know, is there a risk of it spreading? is there a risk of it spreading amongst the community. >> reporter: health officials answered questions from the community at steinert high school their concerns centering on what happens next. >> everyone is worried for their children and that's where we are now with it. certain steps they can take and whether they follow what procedures, what protocols are they putting in place. >> reporter: the school diss has ramped up cleaning adding
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extra staff to make sure all surfaces and spot less and beyond that's about education. >> talking to students about how to throw tissues away. making sure that they get to wash their hands. >> reporter: because this is a virus preventing it spread is the best way to combat the issue moving forward parents say they have expect to be kept informed of what the district is doing. >> the communication in this district needs to be better. >> reporter: we also know that an additional three children are being testified for this particular strain of the enterovirus here at the children's hospital of philadelphia. over the last several months, nationwide, over 500 such cases have been reported. we're in university city tonight, matt rivers cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> breaking right now, we've learned a child from liberia is at bay health kent general hospital in dover, delaware. the child was brought there because of possible ebola symptoms. the hospital tells us that the cdc is not testing the child because the likelihood of ebola is low.
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we'll continue to keep you updated on this breaking story. meantime, there is new information about ebola in the united states. officials are monitoring 50 people in texas that may have had contact with the only patient diagnosed with the disease on american soil. thomas eric duncan remains in critical condition after being put in isolation. also, health officials say massachusetts dr. rick sacra does not have a recurrence of the ebola. he has been admitted to the hospital this weekend with a cough and a low grade fever. and an american cameraman is on his way back to the united states after being diagnosed with ebola in liberia. the cdc says the goal is to stop ebola in its tracks. >> as long as the outbreak is continuing in africa there is a risk in other places. outbreak anywhere is potential al threat everywhere. >> officials are also monitoring this homeless man who did share an ambulance with duncan for symptoms.
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the director of the cdc is scheduled to brief president obama on the ebola situation tomorrow. you will want to grab that extra blanket tonight but our autumn chill is about to come to an end. meteorologist justin drabick joins us now with the first faux cast. hi, justin g evening diane inform it felt more like november today. high temperatures upper 50s and low 60s. this time of year we should be around 70 degrees. another chilly night going on. we have 40s in many suburb. 44 in allentown. 38 degrees currently in mount pocono. 51 at the airport in philadelphia. and wilmington. so again another chilly start oh our monday. >> we will dip down into the 30s and we are seeing the 30s already in the poconos. carbon and monroe county under a frost advisory that goes in effect all the way until 9:00 a.m. monday morning. here's the temperatures when you wake up even for the city upper 40s. 45 for wilmington again low 40s
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and some 30s in the northwest suburbs. so a cool start to our day. all compliments of clear skies over the region but rebound nicely tomorrow. highs will get back into the low 70s with partly sunny skies. we'll talk about even warmer temperatures this week in the seven day forecast in a few minutes. die nan. >> thanks, justin. see in you a bit. eagles fans once again found themselves on the edge of their seats as the birds win yet another nail biter. >> a lot of excitement. relief. >> they played a great first half. second half dizzy. >> at first nick foles and company looked like they were going to win by a huge margin against the rams but then st. louis came back. sports direct beasley reece is live in the sat center tonight with the highlights. hi, beesly. >> well, unnecessarily dramatic is the way i would put it. another heart pounding finish to game that should have been a blow out. still special things are happening like the improve manies on special teams. 23 seconds into the game james casey gets the block.
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chris geragos accident took place it up and another another punt touchdown. >> for most of the game the defense was really good. third quarter trent cole force add tumble james thornton recovered in the end zone. they a 34 hiv seven advantage. the rams scored 21 unanswered points austin davis looked pretty good down the stretch. final minute of the game davis throws an incomplete pass and that will do it. the birds advance to four and one on the season with a 34-28 win. >> obviously offensively we have to do better job of finishing people off. we're up throw-seven talk to the guys on the side line not being complacent with that score and let's finish this thing off. >> the nfl is a tough league. to win it's a blessing and we do have to learn how to finish better. we're not there yet. >> all right. lane johnson's return to the offensive line did help. nick foles wasn't sacked and the
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running game produced 145 yards. the giants are up next. diana? >> thanks, beasley. loved ones stand together with members of law enforcement to celebrate the life of pennsylvania police trooper david kedra. the viewing was held tonight in the northeast. the service will be held tomorrow at christ the king church. kedra was accidentally shot in the chest during firearms training in plymouth meeting last tuesday. >> a member of the philadelphia highway patrol is hospitalized following an accident on i-95. it just before 6:00 in the northbound lanes near the academy road exits in the northeast. the unidentified officer was not seriously hurt. no one else was injured. >> controversy on campus as mumia abu jamal speak to class of college graduates. he was convicted of the 1981 murder of a philadelphia police officer. but "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson tells us the
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wound is still just as fresh all these year later. >> reporter: 30 minutes without a sound. the philadelphia police department and fraternal order of police projecting silence as a response directed at a vermont college looking to a convicted killer for words of inspiration. >> it's something we shouldn't have be doing. but, again, we're here to show support for maureen faulkner, for the philadelphia police officers, and actually police officers around the country. >> reporter: sunday about 20 graduating students from the low enrollment goddard college in vermont where they can choose their own commencement speakers listen to the word of jamal. >> this is your commencement. as such, i will dwell on the world that you are about to enter into inhabit and true to goddard's founding ideals hopefully trance perform. >> reporter: the story is well do you meaned. the political figure formerly on death row for the 1981 murder of philadelphia police officer
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officer daniel faulkner now serving life after years of court battles, activism and media attention. for faulkner noses widow maureen she says it is a constant three year reminder of her hub's murder. >> more than half my life i've been dealing with this much i've tried so much to go on with a normal life but, but when this man, he may be physical until a prison i'm mental until prison. >> faulkner calls the students decision disgraceful. she spoke to us by phone from her home in california. >> it's a slap in the face to all officers across america and in philadelphia. >> sunday the college released a statement from their interim president bob kenny saying "choosing mew mule me as their commencement speaker to me shows this newest group of goddard graduates expresses their freedom to engage and think radically and critically in a world that often sets up barriers to do just that. harrisburg lawmakers will introduce a bill to the state senate aiming to prevent
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speeches from inmates and education at times like these. in center city, steve patterson cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> philadelphia police are investigating a triple shooting in cobbs creek that left one man dead. shots were fired just after midnight outside cousin danny's lounge on the 5200 block of delancey street. a second victim a 47 year old man was shot in the legs and is stable. 24 your year got got him toll to the hospital much he's recovering from a gunshot wound to the leg. >> investigators found in indication of arson or other foul play in the fire that destroyed buildings at the flight 93 memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania. a national park spokesman says the investigation is not over, and it may be weeks before officials determine the exact cause of the fire. the memorial itself was not damage. the revel casino hotel auction may be over but the man who lost isn't giving up. brook field asset management won
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with a $110 million bid. a 95% discount on the facility that costs $2.4 billion to bui build. florida developer glenn straub claims the winning bid was accepted after the deadline and arrival's attorney didn't share information on competing bids as promised. he'll argue his case in camden courtroom on tuesday. >> repaving verbal to begin tomorrow on springdale road in cherry hill. the southbound lane will be closed in a detour will be posted. northbound will remain open. the detour is expected to be in place all of this week from 8:30am to 6:30 p.m. >> one second customers are enjoying coffee and doughnuts. the next second this happens. >> still ahead tonight on "eyewitness news", see more of this incredible video of what investigators are now trying to figure out. plus, a surprising
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announcement from olympic swimmer michael phelps following his second dui arrest. justin? >> we had a brief shot of normal like temperatures today now get ready for some warmer numbers for the up coming work week. the details whe
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we all got together and we are having a great time. kend. there is everything to do. you've got restaurants. you've got shopping, oh my gosh fabulous shopping. bars too, although i'm married and i don't know if my husband wants me in any bars. i don't think it is just for girls weekend. i think it's great for couples. it's great for families. i was also was talking to my girlfriends saying i would like to bring my husband back. it's a great weekend.
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>> some pretty unbelievable video of a deadly crash at a los angeles donut shop. footage shows the destruction as a the driver plows through the store. one man was sit tag table when the suv hits him. he was able to escape with only cuts and some bruises. one person was killed and four others were seriously hurt. the driver of the jeep was taken to the hospital and released. it's still not clear what caused her to lose control of the vehicle. >> the search for malaysian airlines flight 370 resumes more than six months after it went missing. the first of three assigned ships is back in the indian ocean much this time with more sophisticated sonar equipment
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and newer maps of the sea bed. video shows rough waters searchers are dealing with. crews are focused on an area roughly the size of west virginia. the police chief in charlottesville, virginia, says the search for a missing college student has intensified following a plea from her pan. hannah graham a sophomore at the university of virginia disappeared on september 13th. a team of about 100 law enforcement officers are a aggressively searching that country side. graham was last seen with jesse matthew, jr., who has since been arrested and charged with her abduction. >> michael phelps takes to social media to announce plans to enter a six week inpatient program. the 22 year old olympian was charged with second -- his second dui in maryland last week. he told his fans that swim tag major part of his life but he needs to focus his attention on getting himself help. >> the first national memorial honoring disabled veterans is now open in washington, d.c.
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president barack obama helped dedicate it in a special ceremony today. the american veterans disabled for live memorial honors those alive and dead who are injured seriously while serving their country. it features walls of granite and glass and a star shaped fountain with a ceremonial flame. >> this memorial tells us what we must do. our wounded veterans set out on that long road to recovery we need to move heaven and earth to make sure they get every single benefit, every single bit of care that they have earned. >> congress authorize thed memorial back in 2000 san. it was signed into law by president bill clinton. dozens motorcyclists all over took a ride to the shore this morning to make sure children can head to the beach, too. the ride to rebuild took off from deptford as riders raised money for the children's fresh air home. the home is a non-profit that allows children from camden and
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philadelphia to take a free trip to the shore during the summer. it had had been around for nearly 100 years. closed in 2005 after decades of wear and tear. the ride will help the home rebuild. >> this allows the children to get outside of their environme environment, experience something totally different. something totally foreign they may never get to experience. opens their eyes a little to the world. >> the children's fresh air open was built in 1923 and opens to reopen by the end of next year. hundreds attend a very special walk today and this one went to the doing. "eyewitness news" at the the 15th annual paws for the cause dog walk. the event supports research at fox chase cancer center date it's raised more than $2,025,000. >> the philadelphia college of osteopathic medicine is glowing pink tonight. it's part of lights for the cure, a joint effort by cbs- cb3 and the cw philly and the susan g. komen philadelphia.
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the pink light is a reminder for women to schedule a mammogram. october is breast cans sr. awareness month. >> it seemed to start off with quite a chill. pretty chilly. actually it felt more like november today. with high temperatures struggling to get to 60 degrees. again tonight good sleeping weather. but this week we're actually going to warm it up a little b bit. if you're not a fan of the cold weather just yet, i think you'll like the forecast the next few days but the outside already, it is on the cool side. live look at center city. and mainly clear skies much that's allowing the temperatures to drop. a little heat we had today escaping right back up to the atmosphere if you step outside right now and compare this to yesterday at this time we're 2 degrees colder in philadelphia. nine in millville. so, yes, chilly air mass still in place tonight. but overnight low temperatures will not be as cold tomorrow morning as they were this morning. the reason we have a southerly breeze starting to slowly bring in milder air. we're at 51 at the airport in
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philadelphia and wilmington. 44 in allentown and trenton and some mid fours even towards south jersey right now near the shore. storm scan3 you can see where the cold air is. just south of the hudson bay there's big swirl here in the atmosphere. you can see the clouds and shows moving along it the core of the cold air. it had moved south but now it will move back to the north. over the next few days. maybe a few fair weather clouds will pass by overnight much these showers should stay to our west. it's not until tuesday we see our next shot for some rain showers. so we do have this jet stream change coming up this week. right now, it's pretty far south. there's that cool air spilling in from cap in a today. watch what happens over the next 24 hour. that jet tries to move further back north allowing milder air to return tomorrow. that's the trend into tuesday, wednesday and thursday that jet stream lifts farther back north push the cold air back north into canada and allows the milder air to return. looks like temperatures get close to average over the neck 24 to 48 hour. now, with the cool nights and
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warm afternoons that's good ingredients for good fall color starting that see high color up towards the northern poconos on the low side across philadelphia and surrounding suburb this is going to quickly change over the next several days with the type of temperatures we're dealing with. south winds over our region right now that's the 10. notice the arrows are pointing northward. a southerly breeze. it will be breezy tomorrow. 15 to 20 miles an hour win at times. that south wind continues into tuesday. that's allowing the temperatures to return to average or even biff average for the middle of the week. not much going on overnight. mainly clear skies. not a bad day to be outdoors tomorrow. a mixture sun and clouds. tuesday a little disturbance that comes on in. there could be couple of light rain showers in here late morning early afternoon tuesday and then a better shot for some scatterescattered showers comine tuesday night around 11:00 o'clock tuesday night into midnight. good shot for few showers around but it's gone by wednesday morning. so the commute looks good
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wednesday afternoon. mostly sunny skies. temperatures tomorrow, closer to average right around 70 degrees for inn pond land spots. upper trend continues into tuesday. reaching the low 70s in most spots for tuesday afternoon. forecast tonight, chilly for center too. low temperature 48 degrees. mainly clear skies. empty suburbs will get into the 30s. milder tomorrow. partly sunny. 71 for the afternoon temperatu temperature. that's close to average. warmer on tuesday, 73. there could be a shower in some spots. wednesday 75 with a mix of sun and clouds. thursday we're back to 70 with mostly sunny skies. friday is our best shot to see wet weather. storms come in a period of rape temperatures cool there in the 60s. >> all right. thanks, justin. >> beasley is here now with what's coming up in sports and the eagles had it us sweat dag. >> i can't believe how close these games. they should not be but they hung on and got a win. it was not pretty, but, hey a win is a win, folk.
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take a look at it when we come back. ♪
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>> the eagles won their seventh straight game in the linc. almost blew it but got the job done. let's take look. rams head coach jeff fisher was worried bout birds special team. that became a reality. there's that blocked punt for touchdown. they done it in consecutive days. they scored a touchdown in the last three games much that's a team record. the return of lane johnson did help the offensive line. shady mccoy finally saw some daylight rushing for 81 yards. and nick foles wasn't sacked in the 34-28 victory. >> good having lane in there.
11:57 pm
you know, lane has always been a player to get the done. he's fast, he's physical. very intel jen. i was happy to have him out there. >> it was definitely weird just coming in off the street like i said earlier, um, not having the reps like you want to, but, you know, i felt i played pretty decent. some plays you want back. other than felt decent out the there. >> more of the eagles win plus we'll get you ready for the flyers season opener. we'll inquire's mick phil ski and will join me and lesley in a few minutes. we'll be right back.
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with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years.
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why would we give tom corbett four more years?
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>> dozens of artists and crafts men put their work on display at the annual fall for the arts festival. "eyewitness news" in chestnut hill where the business district celebrated the 30th anniversary of the autumn street fair. everything from paintings to skull tours fine crafts were available for purchase. it was fun for the whole family including festival, foods and amusement rides for the kids. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> justin is back now with look the your work week forecast. we'll warm it up a little bit this week. getting closer to average even above average. will 70s tomorrow. partly sunny skies. a couple of shower chances during the day tuesday then again late tuesday night. highs on tuesday 73. up to 75 wednesday we'll keep it dry. better chance for rain end of the week on friday. that could linger into saturday. >> after this weekend, 75 is going to feel good. >> there you go. >> thanks. that's "eyewitness news" tonig tonight. thanks for joining us. we're always on at cbsphilly.c now let's hand things over to cbs-3 sports zone. good night. ♪
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♪ >> this is the cbs-3 sports zone present beside nissan. it's the game that almost got away. the eagles survive a scare at home. >> the birds jumped out to a big lead. then watched it disappear. chip kelly's team improves to four and one with a lot of issues to talk about. all right g evening everyone. i'm sports director beasley reece. >> i'm lesley van arsdall. lots of questions heading into this game. could the birds revive the running game with nick foles look a little more comfortable and how about that banked up offensive line? >> it was a sloppy game. the eagles and rams combined for six turnovers, 14 penalties on the afternoon.